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1, Report #1352428
Jan 27 2017
05:32 PM
Gobank Gobank lost money from account Internet
Gobank had a glitch in their system and took $300 from me and are not responding or returning the money. I was paid on Wednesday of this past week, when my paycheck was deposited, I moved an amount to the vault which is their equivalent of a savings account. When I did this, the money disappeared. I contacted go bank, and offered proof of everything and was told they would take 24 hours and review my account. I had not heard anything after 24 hours so I called again. I was told that my employer must have reversed my paycheck and that's why my $300 was gone. I called my employer and they denied this, it also clearly says on my account ledger that $300 was moved to the vault, it was just never credited. I am now at 72 hours and have not heard back and am no longer getting responses to my messages or calls. I am furious as $300 is a very large amount for them just to take out of someone's account with no explanation. It CLEARLY shows where the money was moved and not credited.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1400685
Sep 17 2017
09:36 PM
gobank gobank ripoff wont refund my money from closed account pasadena california Nationwide
I started a gobank account and before I recieved my debit card someone had already used it with a repeating transaction and the same dollar amount. We promptly closed the account. Ive been calling them faithfully to get my money back on this account and keep getting the same song and dance story. It was over 1K in my account and I am fighting a battle with them to get it back, on Sept the 8th the said I would get in the next week. That has passed I called again tonight and they said it was processed on the 15th and it would be another 2 weeks. I am calling again tomorrow and again and again. The account still shows my money is active in their banks hands.How do you ever get your money back from these crooks?
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1405142
Oct 09 2017
11:48 AM
GoBank GoBank closed my account then the checks cleared and they kept my money. Pasadena Internet
 I opened an account with GoBank about 4 or 5 months ago and had been using mobile check deposit regularly and one day they sent me an email saying they had closed my account due to unusual mobile check deposits. They closed the account then the checks cleared and now I'm out over $300.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1300504
Apr 19 2016
06:25 AM
GoBank Division of Green Dot corporation, part of Walmart. They are stealing money from people Utah, Internet, Pasaden California, Philippines Internet
I rent a car for my job each week and due to a glitch two weeks in a row I was charged twice. The second part of the charge were funds held like a deposit. I phoned Gobank to ask them how to get the funds released and it took me three tries to get to someone and their only reply was that I could have the money back on MAY the 24th! This was on March 31st! They tried to tell me it was because I had to give them 60 days to resolve the dispute. Falsehood. After struggling to explain to them that I was not disputing anything, simply trying to get the funds released, The woman I spoke with gave me instructions which I followed to the T. Mind you this was after being transferred three times to the Person who could best help me  on the phone I finally reached someone I could understand, she assured me that once the letter was received with pertinent info, the funds would be release in 2 days. I had to go and have the manager of the rental agency write the letter (time out of my work day) I had her email the letter to the address they gave me. Then there was a discrepancy of .43 cents on the letter, the difference between the actual charge and the funds that were held as deposit. $164 deposit and $164.43 the amount of the actual charge for the rental. I had to go back to the manager at the rental company and have her fix the letter, more time out of my week. I re-sent the letter and in two days, nothing. I called Gobank back ans was told they had never received the email! Just buying more time for them to sit on the money. This is all their method of confusing the issue to the point where I will never receive the money back. If all of that wasn't bad enough, I've had to call back more than 10 times. After I sent another copy of the release letter I phoned and talk to a young man, who was kind, he assured me that the funds would be there by the 16th of April. Another eight days from the day I phoned. Can you see a pattern here? Buying time. BUT, as we're talking on the phone, he realizes that Gobank inadvertently already released into my account $164.00 to which he said That was a mistake and within an hour they had taken that money out of the bank, PLUS the second pending amount that they owed me, disappeared from my account activity altogether! They took their money in two minutes, but weren't going to release my own money back to me for 60 days?? Something is wrong. Now they are trying to say that the rental company is at fault and Passing the buck, I spent another three hours on the phone yesterday APRIL 18th now, trying to get them to fix the problem. They transferred me six times to the Person who was sure to be able to help me all for me to be re-routed to the same call loop as the very first time I phoned. In the midst of those conversatiions I asked if there was a number in the USA that I could call and the woman on the phone told me No, we don't have that. Twice when I was transferred all I ended up with was a sound like a siren in my ear and had to hang up and dial back. This is just they way they do things, so that a person will get tired of trying and give up. Well, I'm not giving up, my next phonecall is to an attorneywho is a friend of mine.. I don't know about anyone else, but for me $330.00 is a lot of money, and for some, might be all they make in a week. All this rip off bank had to do was to release the funds when I complied with what they asked of me. Now, I feel that they are trying to just keep the money altogether. Note to everyone, file your rip off report and then go to the Consumer protection bureau and file a complaint there, whatever the issue is. Beware!
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1323426
Aug 19 2016
10:57 AM
GoBank Ripped off mom of 4 kids by cashing paycheck and telling her they rejected it. No answers now. Nationwide
I was fed up with all the fees and everything that comes with a normal bank institution so I saw GoBank while cashing my pay check one day. I looked at the information on the starter kit and was like, this sounds promising! Because who doesn't need a debit card to pay for things online, right!?!? I signed up, got my card in the mail a few weeks later and thought I was set! Boy, was I ever wrong! I did my first mobile deposit on Saturday July 30, 2016. My funds were not released as of Monday August 1, 2016, even though the automated system told me they would be available that day. I called in and spoke with a GoGuide and he stated that it would be released by the end of the day. I checked my balance 2 or 3 times a day and still nothing. I sent email after email. I received 2 phone calls about the issue and got it's being reviewed or their was an issue with the system excuses. So I waited and waited. I sent a few more emails but I was trying to be patient. Wednesday August 17, 2016, I get a call while I am at work stating that they had rejected my mobile deposit on Tuesday August 9, 2016 and I could take my check and cash it at any location I could cash payrolls checks and receive my money. Keep in mind, they called me on either August 10th or 11th to tell me they were reviewing it still and/or having issues. I go to cash it at my Wal-Mart and low and behold - it would not go through. I wasn't embarrassed. I was pissed! So I call the check approval place that Wal-Mart uses and they stated that it was pre-approved weeks ago so I could not cash it anywhere. Now I am really heated because I have 4 freaking kids to feed, clothe, etc. But I stay cool. I come into work today (Friday August 19, 2016) and speak with my payroll department. Guess what I found out???? GoBank cashed my freaking check on Monday August 1, 2016!!!!!! They never released my money to me AND told me they hadn't cashed it. I have information from my employers bank as proof it has been cashed out! This place stole my money, lied to me about said money, and expect me just to let it go!?!?!? I worked hard for that money! I spent time away from my kids to earn that money! I want it back now!!!
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1205962
Feb 01 2015
02:02 PM
GoBank Green Dot Credit Card BIGGEST THIEVES IN MERICA, they are FULL OF S*** Monrovia Internet
Go Bank credit card from Walmart are the worst service, tHEY STEAL YOUR MONEY,DO NOT SUPPORT THIS s***** a** company at allGreen Dot is the owner Go Bank credit card, prepaid service by Green Dot sold at Walmart in California, Montclair.PLEASE HELP ME.... I loaded a card and they STOLE my $181.95I called them at 1-866-795-7597 they told me I am out of luck and they cant help me. I called walmart that took my money and gave me the pre paid card, I also went in there, they said I am out of luck and they cant help me. I AM LIVID, nowWhere is my money? Walmart and GoBank prepaid card took it.I need help.They keep taking money from people and they dont activate the cards, I have 3 other people in the same boat.Walmart is located at 1540 W Foothill blvd, Upland, Ca. 91786909-920-4021Manager Anthony DeliaGoBank employee ID number is B-6084, named Ruby, She was rude which I dont care about, but she told me tough luck to you for not getting your money we owe you!And then she said there's nothing they will do for me, then hung up and I had to keep calling back and finnaly they didnt refund me my money, THEY STOLE IT FROM ME....There manager Leahnah, employee # 1402 came on the line and said call someone else that she cant help me get my money, They transferred me to 888-280-8260, Still no money of mine to be found.PLEASE HELP MEShawn T949-((redacted))ShawnTizabi@gmail.com
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1231837
May 27 2015
09:27 PM
gobank Gobank took money out my account Internet
 My claim is against gobank for cancellation of my debit card without my permission when on the line the gobank guide stated to me if I do not cancel my card they will not be responsible for any further problems with my card I said Yes fine we moved on, next day I go to withdraw money from ATM my card .says your card is declined I call gobank they tell me to wait to 2 weeks
8, Report #1286630
Feb 10 2016
11:31 AM
GoBank Holding my money without my permission!!! Nationwide
I have a bank account with GoBank and my tax return was deposited in my account on 2/3/16 and I started making transaction paying bills they then placed a hold on my account because they felt it was my activity was unusual I had to call the number on the back of my debit card to verify my transaction which I did and they removed the hold on my account so I went back to using my debit card. Later that night they placed another hold on my card without notice and I was not able to use my card at all and then next morning I received a email saying ....We've identified some unusual activity on your GoBank account. To protect your funds, we've temporarily blocked access to your account until we're able to verify your identity. What you need to do to turn your card back on: Using your mobile phone or computer, submit a photo of your Driver's License, State ID or Passport at the website listed below. (We'll give you instructions on how to do this on the website.) When you submit the photo successfully, you'll receive a confirmation, but we'll still need up to 2 days to review it.I did what they asked that same day which was 2/4/16. As of today which is 2/10/16 the hold is still on my account and I have sent them email after email asking them why my account is still locked after the 2 business days. There is no way to contact the bank by phone and the last reply I received today was  We apologize for the inconvenience. Your account is currently under review. We will call you as soon as we have an update. This has been such a horrible experience and I'm a single mother of 4 and I have no other money available on top of that I have a disconnection notice for my utility company if my payment is not submitted by 2/10/16 where I had to borrow money to pay it. I have contacted the Federal Reserve and I have a appointment with a lawyer I will be filling a law suit against this bank I hope anyone else that has had problems do the same.
Entity: Pasadena, California
9, Report #1152354
Jun 05 2014
10:06 AM
Walmart Money Card, GoBank, Green Dot Bank and Bonneville Bank Holding Returned Funds for Week + After Return Processed Monrovia California
Purchased item through Amazon to which was never shipped by seller.  Called and spoke to Amazon rep after I canceled the order and was waiting for seller to agree to cancelling.  Seller agreed to cancel and I had settlement verification code and the transaction ID on May 28th, 2014. Today is 6/5/2014 and still not returned to my card.  The seller nor Amazon has my money and after speaking with multiple people (that of course are very hard to understand) from Walmartmoneycard.com (1877 937 4098), they will not tell me where my money is. I have offered the information Amazon has given me and asked multiple times (including email) where is that money to which they will not answer. This is all about them earning the interest on the pool of returned funds while we suffer also while their staff acts clueless and can't find my money.I for one will not use this card anymore.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1196568
Dec 19 2014
01:42 PM
Green Dot, Walmart Money Card, GoBank Merchant holds are kept on for 10 BUSINESS DAYS, even if the merchant also submits the charge (doubles up) Morovia California
It being the holiday season, I have been placing a number of online (non-card-swipe) orders.  I was using a PREPAID Walmart Money Card MasterCard for many of these transactions. My card started declining, even though I was keeping strict account of my balance and spending.  When i viewed my account online, I saw many merchant preauthorization holds (including Walmart.com) which were still there even though the order had actually been charged and shipped later.  This had resulted in over $500 in holds on my funds for items that already been charged to my account. I called Green Dot customer service, and the representative told me that their company places a funding hold for ALL merchant authorizations for 10 BUSINESS DAYS.  When I explained that these orders had already been charged and shipped, she said she could see that but that it was Green Dot's company policy to keep the holds for 10 days.  I told her that I believed this was a violation of MasterCard's terms of use, and she told me that my Green Dot card is a debit card, not a credit card, and that those rules don't apply.  When I pointed out that there is a MasterCard logo on the front of the card and that it functions as both credit and debit, she told me that all of our fees and terms are in the package with the card when you buy it and you should have read them.  I told her that I would be contacting both MasterCard and Green Dot's corporate offices, as these holds were going to prevent me from buying Christmas gifts for my children. Let me give you a hint about getting around these script-reading, useless customer service 'help desks'.  Go to Google, and type in CEO and the name of the company you're having trouble with.  Copy the name of their CEO from the search results, go back to the search box, type SEC, paste the CEO's name and hit Search. Look for documents from sec.gov and open them up.  These are the regulatory filings that every U.S. corporation has to make with the federal Security and Exchange Commission.  They contain the names, addresses and phone numbers of people very high up in the corporate offices.  You may not get a direct line to their CEO, but I guarantee you will find access to someone who will help you to get rid of you. Long story short - the holds were released from my card within 3 hours of my aggravating 'help desk' conversation.  Try it - you'll like the results. Happy Holidays!  
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1132940
Mar 24 2014
07:06 PM
Green Dot Corporation GoBank mobile bank, and was formerly known as Next Estate Communications, Inc. A banking type institution that steals for I Pasadena California
This banking instution that I'm a member of charges $5.99 a month for its membership fee on top of a $5.00 charge every time you add money to your pre paid visa card. I made a purchase with CVS Pharmacy on 3/13/14 online realized I had ordered the same thing & within that same hour I got in touch with CVS pharmacy via email first then phone to cancel such order, order was canceled on the spot & money was taking off of the hold they put on it. CVS does not charge your cars until your items arrive in good condition, so this wasn't even a refund. However 10 days later.... With numerous emails daily to Geeen Dot, phone calls to Geeen Dot with hold times reaching up to 15 min only to be disconnected along with many chat live reps on Green Dot website who typed broken English to only lead me in agravating circles that led me to believe they had no idea what they were doing nor had any clue how to do their job. You could clearly see they were reading from a standardized cue card that is giving to them to read to customers with issues concerning their account. I ended up being told to get in touch with the day time representitives, That they could help me, live chat via Green Dot took nearly 30 min to only only being told to call back I the morning that the reps on that schedule could help me better. Well with that time frame I. Sorry but I just can'. Step away from work for 30 min if not longer to call Green Dot to tell these people how to do their job, I myself have a job to do everyday and it does nto involve spending it on the phone begging for my money to be released from Green Dot. I have sent emails stating that I have made a complaint with their local Better Business Bureau of Investagation. A claim has been made against them & I do have a claim number and it is listed as such Case # 344355 BBB of Silicon Valley   in this claim I also discovered about Green Dot that they have had thus far over 500+ complaints, with many investigations against them just in this year alone!!! So here I am fighting for my money against this worthless piece of feculence of a company for my hard earned money. 
Entity: Pasadena, California
12, Report #1312580
Jun 21 2016
10:26 AM
Gobank Stole my earnings Internet
 I work as an Uber driver and Uber offers the use of instantpay to their drivers on the partner app, which is gobank. I had been using daily pay and decided to switch to the instant pay feature on the uber website to avoid any fees. The first three days I was able to retrieve my funds from uber and load them onto the gobank card with no problem. Day four was a Sunday, I ubered until 2 am Monday morning at which time I tried to retrieve my earnings gs for that day from uber and transferred them to the gobank card and it did not highlight the transfer button for me to make the transfer but it gave me a message that all earnings not transferred as of Sunday midnight would be automatically transferred by gobank to my card. The amount was 104.00 and some change. On Monday morning my Uber account showed a payment was made to me of the 104.00, but it never showed up in my gobank account. It is now Tuesday, I have sent emails to uber about the missing transfer and have gotten no response. I have looked all over the gobank site and cannot find a way to dispute there is a problem with a payment transfer.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1116112
Jun 05 2014
03:11 PM
Green Dot corporation Walmart money card, GE Capital Retail Bank, Green Dot Bank, Members FDIC, MasterCard International Incorporated, GoBank, Bonneville Bank Green Dot Walmart Moneycard Mastercard holding my money hostage Pasadena California
I checked my mail and found a letter from Green Dot Corporation (Walmart Moneycard). The letter was dated January 9, 2013, and stated that my card was used at Target duing the time of the security breach. Here is what some of the letter entailed.While your card information may still be secure, in order to you from any possible future fraud, we are sending you a new card. You should recieve the new card in 2 weeks.  You will still be able to use your current card until you receive the new card.I attempted to use my pre-paid Walmart Moneycard to make an online purchase today. My card was declined. I checked my online account and discovered I had $857 available. I called Walmart Moneycard's customer service. The automated system informed me that I had a few transactions declined due to an 'invalid expiration date'. I did not have an invalid expiration date.I spoke to several representatives and supervisors.  5 out of the 6 had very thick accents and were difficult to understand. They told me that despite the letter stating I would be able to use my card, that I would not be able to use it OR access any of my money until I recived a new card.  One rep told me it was mailed out on the 6th. One rep told me it was mailed out yesterday. Another told me I would recieve it in 8 to 10 business days.  Two reps told me that it had not been mailed out at all.This is causing an extreme hardship on my family and I, as I am a single mother and the money on my card is my only financial means.I am thuroughly disgusted by the way this was handled by Green Dot, and dissapointed that Walmart and Mastercard are associated.  
Entity: Internet, California
14, Report #1382482
Jul 01 2017
10:23 AM
Gobank Also known as green dot bank Ive been with gobank for about a year i never used the account till the beginning of the next year and deposited 1950 dollars now everything was going fine for the two weeks you have to wait intill it fully cleared they put a hold on my account they dont ask for my id they want to see the business license from were the check came from who dose that and when some one finally calls because they tell you someone will call in three business days well it became nine business days so when they finally calls back the number they called from was restricted what bank calls from an restricted number ill tell you witch one a thieving a!! Bank thats ripping you off and dont want you to call them while there doing it i look at all the people whos complain about this joke of a business and make me wonder how much money they stolen from us hard working Americans they should be prosecuted and sued for all the money they took and pay us back for headaches and inconvenience of the use of are money they need to be stop before there criminalize bussiness expands Thats real strange their no return address Greendot.com Internet
 First of all ive had my gobank account for a year and in the beginning of the following year i deposited a check from my job everything went fine for the two weeks they held it to see if it clears and once it cleared they put a hold on it and they didnt want to see my id they wanted to see the business license from were the check came from do you believe that crap so i called and they gave me the run around for two weeks telling me some one will contact me in three days ya right it took them 2 more weeks to get back to me because i was constantly calling them and the bank representative calls from a block number what bank dose that and have you noticed they dont print thier address on anything maybe gobank but not green dot they are scamming us hard working Americans b of a wells fargo us bank chase and so forth do not i repeat dose not do this to you and if they do you can call them at a number were someone who speaks English answers with an return number yes banks make mistakes but what green dot is doing is not an mistake it communism and wrong and its right here under our government noses if i was the irs i would investigate all the money there ripping off us as American citizens i bet it wont be accounted for to all you hard working Americans stay away from green dot products makes you wonder if its our own government thats doin it because nothing being done to stop it
Entity: California
15, Report #1385407
Jul 13 2017
08:46 PM
GoBank Greendot Corporation Refuses to help me get my money back Pasadena California
I bought a gown back in February from a company called Dressilyme. I paid to have it customized and it was not customized, in fact, it was damaged as well once I received it. I contacted the company and they refused to reimburse so I went through GoBank as the dress never came through as purchased. I purchased it to be sized to me and certainly not damaged. I paid $158.60 but GoBank claims they are not able to refund me merchant purchases. Funny as they have before. I've been fighting for my money since February. I want all of my money back.
Entity: California
16, Report #1201489
Jan 14 2015
08:18 AM
Green Dot Bank Green Dot Bank operates under the following registered trade names: GoBank, Green Dot Bank and Bonneville Bank. All of these registered trade names are used by, and refer to, a single FDIC-insured bank, Green Dot Bank. Deposits under any of these trade na Stole my money , put my in pain and stress , and made me loss a 1 Billion dollar deal .... Pasadena, California
I bought a green dot debit card from rite aid , i put my money on it ,,, $80.00 dollars ,,, and tried to register and activate my card on thier website ,,, i thought i did activate it ,,, which i must of never did ,,,   i went to use the card for some thing real important for my company , which was to get my billion dollar business called v wear up and running with people on the tv show shark tank with the card and iwas declined ,  i called the company greendot bank and they said it was declined because it had some unsual activiy on the card ,,, i explain it could not have been no unusal activity on the card because i just bought it and i have not even used it yet ,,,  so they said they have put a hold , a block on my money for the safety of me and my money ,,, so i said ok , no problem , they said just send us some documents to show that you are the owner , so went to kinko's and fax them documents of my id and the receipt of the purchase of the green dot bank master card debit card with my social security number to them .... when they recived that information they said they can not see my id , it was in black and white and to small to see , so we discussed the situation and i told them it was thanksgiving time and i really do need my money ,,, i said i could read easily why can't you , and i know you see the receipt of the purchase so this is my card and its my money , please release my money now , i need it , you are stealing my money , this is really the wrong time for this and really there is really no good time ,,, but i will fax over the documents again and i will send the picture of my id bigger and in color , so i did , i blew up my id bigger and fax it over to them with the documents again to the same number i sent to them from the first fax ,,,, than when i called them back again and ask them if they have release the hold on my money so i could use the card they said that thy had to reopen a new dispute or ticket on the case and i am saying what is all this really about , why won't you just give me my name , why are you putting me through all this hell for my money ,,, this is ridiculous ... so after all the stress they gave me , they said this would only take a minute and so they open the new ticket and said it need it to be processed first ,,, so i ask how long it would take , they said about ten days and i complain why when all you have to do is just look at the documnts and that this is like my twentyeth time talking to you people here at green dot bank on this issue and situation , so they said ok call us tomorrow and we should have an up date on your account and should have your money un blocked and the hold off by than , so i called the next day and than they said they need more documents , and i said i have sent these documents to you with proof you have received them and they said they needed my socail security number again , i told them i sent all that and that i should you the receipt that i was the one that bought it and with my id and tha should of been enough documents and that should be all you need ,,, but ok i will send you the documents again and i sent them the socail security stsatement with my social security number and other id documents paper once more time and i said i am so sick of this stupid stuff , this is making no real sense at all , i feel they are trying to legally steal my money which there is no legal way to steal money , so after i fax them these documents again for about the 3rd or 4th time i called them and ask them if they had release the hold on my money and that my new card came in the mail with my name on it and it was christmas time , and i knew they where going take off the block , the hold on my money ... so i am dicussing the situation with them and they say they did not get the documents , they ask me wht fax number i used , and i said the same one i used all the other times, they said they did not receive them , now i am really upset and mad and tired and sick of all this , i told them which i had said before that i was going to sue them , i said i am going to sue you , you have been doing this for way to long , this have messed up my thanksgiving and now my christmas and you made me lose a meeting with the game changer and with a star on shark tank about my billion dollar company , my company called v wear , i said i know you have the documents i got the kinkos transmission verification report showing that the documents got sent to you with the correct fax number that went to you ,,, i said this is ridiculous about $80.00 of my money with the card i bought , so its my card and you are going to try to keep my money for no reason and i have no idea why you are doing this and i am going to sue you for over a billion dollars because of all this form my company you messed over to my thanksgiving you messed over my christmas you messed over and now my new years you messed over and i know i sent all these documents to the correct fax number with verification and proof from kinkos , so we discussed this for a while and i said now you can tell all this stuff your saying to the judge because i am suing you , they had a few managers call me back with all of them saying the same thing , i need to send the documents again and i just told all of them that i am suing them and that i was tired of them playing with me ,,, the have put me with so much stress it is ridiculous , and i have lost millions to billions of dollars because of this .... the pain and suffering alone is crazy knowing the worth of this problem is over a billion dollars and with the thought of that alone and all the other stuff this would make you lose your mind , which it did and is because they have not gave me my money yet , and there is no such thing as legal stealing ,,,, and they stole my money and i want to sue them green dot bank , rite aid and master card ,,,,    Thank You , Kwame King ....
Entity: Pasadena, , California

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