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1, Report #1402191
Sep 25 2017
10:08 AM
G Anthony Joseph, Gerard Anthony Joseph, Liberty in the fires Scam Artist Winchester Nationwide
 For all of you who may run across this man. BEWARE he is a LIAR and a THIEF. Around 3 years ago he used his movie project Liberty in the fires to TRICK people into doing bridge loans saying that movie funding monies were in escrow. He promised to pay out in 45 days it has now been 3 years and always a new story. For all of you who may be thinking of doing business with this man please be very very careful. He will never keep a deadline or his word. He has never once kept his promises to pay out monies that have been due and are still due. This man is a man of ZERO integrity.
Entity: Winchester , Nationwide
2, Report #8746
Dec 06 2001
12:00 AM
3, Report #1244014
Jul 24 2015
08:25 AM
Anthony Joseph Coppola in Roseville MI Tony Coppola, Lance Ponder, Anthony Evangelista, Anthony Joseph Coppola SCAM Clinton Township  Roseville Michigan
This guy is in prison right now for fraud so all of those who were victamized in his 'dropshipping' scheme can come forward. I lost a lot of money trying to go into business with him. I agreed to fulfill rolex orders for him through ebay and he shipped iphone covers. Meanwhile I dropshipped items for him that he kept and never reiumbursed me for. Many attempts to contact him and he dissapeared. The guy is in jail right now and has heroin and fraud charges against him. If others step forward hopefully this low life can be locked up for the 10+ years he deserves.  
Entity: Roseville, Michigan
4, Report #1220581
Apr 24 2015
10:09 AM
Anthony Titone, Attorney Anthony J. Titone The Florida Bar v. Anthony Joseph Titone, Supreme Court of Florida coral springs Florida
Public Record Indicates that Anthony J Titone was convicted of a crime while practicing law in the State of Florida. BEWARE: Anthony Titone cannot be trusted as your dog catcher nevertheless as an attorney. The link below is a statement of fact not suposition FACT! read it in it's entirety “The Referee’s findings, conclusions, and recommendations are supported by competent substantial evidence in the record, case law and …” His reference to case law allows this Respondent Pro Se to reference the case of The Florida Bar vs. Anthony Joseph Titone. SC01-515. Lower Tribunal No.: 2001-50,021(17E) Attorney Anthony Joseph Titone is a convicted felon.The same Florida Bar with the full knowledge that attorney Anthony Joseph Titone was an adjudicated convicted felon whose civil rights had not been restored was disciplined with a nonrehabilitative suspension. The same Florida Bar with the full knowledge that attorney Anthony Joseph Titone was an adjudicated convicted felon whose civil rights had not been restored received a suspension of only 90
Entity: coral springs, Florida
5, Report #345016
Jun 27 2008
11:03 AM
I called asking for help on filling forms for return of my immigration papers that where stollen and for citizenship they charged me 510.00 now when, I call anthony says never recieved payment even though, I have the cashed check in my account now, I have filled a report with the bank and sherriffs office for fraud. NOE BELLEGLADE, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: COLORADO, Colorado
6, Report #156934
Sep 13 2005
12:42 PM
Samantha Jodge - Johnholycross - Joseph Champlin - Anthony Kuno - Christopher Short Nigerian Scam wanting us to cash checks for them form nigeria because unable to there Western Union them RIPOFF Santee South Carolina
This is a Nigerian scam that started in a christian chat room asking for honest people. Samantha our main contact thru internet explained that they were unable to cash checks and could they send them to us and keep 300.00 from each check for compentation. There is a number of people after looking at every thing. I have informed the FBI, Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, and The Secret service. I feel lost we now owe the back 3,750.00 we cannot afford this. Please someone help us. I have all documents that any of these company need or want checks the fraud ones every thing. We are a good family and we want to stop this. Sincerely, David and amy Forest Lake, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Santee, South Carolina
7, Report #337322
Jun 05 2008
08:41 AM
Anthony & Joseph Charles Doucette used My merchant account to Fraudulently dupe unsuspected customers out of their loot! Colorado Springs, Colorado
Charles Doucette ( is a bottom feeder, a low life, flesh eating scum who has scammed countless unsuspecting immigrants from their hard earned cash from a call center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We went to work for Charles Doucette ( back in October of 2007 for a company called Liberty Legal Services. After being on the phone in his call center for approximately one month, we realized that customers were not getting the service that they were paying for. Not long after that, a local news team (Channell 13) did a lead story on how Liberty Legal Services and Charles Doucette were ripping off people from their hard earned funds. At around that time, after countless lies from Charles Doucette ( and multiple customer service calls about people not receiving what they paid for we decided to end our employment with Charles Doucette ( From there we had opened our own, HONEST, company providing the same services. After our departure, our troubles began with Charles Doucette (, who was now hiding from the news cameras in Colorado Springs. He began referring his very upset customers to our HONEST business. This tied up our phone lines with individuals who thought that we were the culprits who had taken their money. He also began placing fraudulent ads about our company having job openings using Craigslist. He placed ads all over the United States encouraging people to call and act as though they required our services. They would proceed to follow a step by step dictation of what they falsly required tying up our phone lines and taken up precious time. Another scumbag move by a scumbag individual! Charles Doucette ( also sent letters and emails to customer saying that their funds were fraudulently handled through my individual merchant account. By doing this, the customers therefore cancelled transactions and unknowingly caused me serious hardship with my merchant account company. Charles Doucette's co-conspirator, Debbie or Betty or Betsy Stillson or Malstrom ( (whatever she is going by at the time), is running the scams upfront while Charles Doucette hides behind his computer, smoking cheap pot, exposing his fumes to his employees in his am meetings and thinking up new ways to scam unsuspecting customers out of there hard earned loot. Charles Doucette ( also EXPLOITS his pre-teen and teenage children to de-fraud customers at his office. He would remove his children from school and make those poor children take and make calls as early as 7am and during all hours of the day while they should be able to just be children earning a honest education. Who knows what type of an impact that this has had on them and their abitlity to know right from wrong. Also, the impact that this makes on their health and well-being. Their are more immigration consultants from Colorado Springs who will be negatively impacted by Charles Doucette's actions and inability to act as a responsible, honest, forth-right human being. SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP CHARLES DOUCETTE ( BEFORE HE HURTS AND DAMAGES THE LIVES OF MORE PEOPLE! If you believe that you may have been duped by Charles Doucette ,( please contact his call center (1-877-421-6678, in Colorado Springs and demand a refund or have an attorney get involved. Also, you may contact the Colorado Springs Police Dept and District Attorney's office. If there are any attorneys out there who think that we may have a case against Charles Doucette, please contact Joseph at 1-888-572-1822 or Anthony at 1-866-630-3604. Also, if anyone would like to send any documentation that they may have regarding Charles Doucette and his scumbag ways, please email (((ROR redacted))) CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Anthony colorado springs, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Colorado Springs,, Colorado
8, Report #366188
Aug 23 2008
04:12 PM
Success Life Publishing - Joseph Anthony - Simply Helping Others, Failure to refund money, Did not provide guarenteed service. Unresponsive, poor customer service North Augusta South Carolina
This company - Success Life Publishing is run and owned by Joseph Anthony. They guarentee at least a 1% sale response to the sale/marketing of it's program, which is marketed via postcards sent in the regular mail. If this 1% sale is not obtained, they state in their literature that they will keep mailing or do another mailin for you untill you obtain at least a 1% sale. They also state in their material an iron clad, guarentee satisfaction or your complete refund of your $397.00 ($200 to your enroller, and $197 to the company). I mailed over 1300 postcards and did nto have a single sale! Naturally, I didn't want to waste any more money on postage, so I decided I wanted a refund as they promised. I sent repeated letters, (and even signed, return signature) and tried several emails (only to have a return auto email sent back to me) with absolutely no response or anything! They do not have a phone number to contact them. Warning.. DO NOT send this ripoff artist any money whatsoever! Stay clear! This guy is just taking people's money and hiding. I have filed a complaint with the BBB, and they can't even find him or get a response. I hope the authorities catch up with Joseph Anthony, but unfortunately, I'm sure there are hundreds, if not thousands of people losing their money everyday. Tony Frederick, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: North Augusta, South Carolina
9, Report #254628
Jun 14 2007
10:47 PM
Tony Seruga, Digital Mavericks, Maverick REI, Anthony Joseph Seruga Tony Seruga Scam, He stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from hundreds of his clients San Clemente California
What follows is the text of a comlaint that was filed by 35 of Tony Seruga's clients who all felt that he had ripped them off for $10,000 + each. He did had 2 programs in which he failed to deliver on as promised. The most blatent deception occurred with his All I want is Traffic program, which he promised to deliver targeted traffic to websites, and in most cases, delivered zero trtaffic. Wghen clients demanded refunds, he then threatened them with a lawsuit - eventhough he delivered nothing. June 11, 2007 Federal Trade Commission 600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W. Washington, D.C. 20580 Subject: Complaint Anthony Joseph Seruga (Tony Seruga) We wish to file a formal complaint against Anthony Joseph Seruga, of Digital Mavericks. Inc. for deceptive trade practices and unfair trade practices, specifically for false claims, misrepresentation and breach of warranty. The specifics of our complaint are documented in detail below. This complaint is regarding two programs, BABB (Build A Better Business) an internet marketing training/coaching program which delivered little to no value to participants over the past 12 months. The second, AWIT (All I Want Is Traffic) was an internet traffic program which did not deliver the promised traffic. Estimated Known Injuries over the past 12 months: $300,000 in immediate ignored/denied refund requests Over $1,000,000 in direct payments to Mr. Seruga Indirectly over $200,000 was lost in following Mr. Serugas advice in investing in development projects he proposed Conservatively 65,000 hours of peoples time over the past 12 months - at least 25 hours/week for 52 weeks for 50 people 30+ small businesses severely set back due to spurious business advice While the dollar volume lost may not be that high compared to relative cases handed by your organization, we believe this case is worth looking into because Mr. Seruga has aggressively intimidated program members into keeping quiet; as he perpetrates future scams you may not hear about them due to peoples fear of speaking out He is aiming to create a new program, orders of magnitude larger than the ones which affected us This is a leading edge area, where people worldwide have been defrauded in highly sophisticated internet marketing coaching. This type of fraud will likely happen in many other markets before long, and investigating this case will give your organization a head start to preventing it in future. This complaint is being filed with great fear of retribution by Mr. Seruga as he has repeatedly threatened members of this group. There are 35 people who have agreed to participate in this complaint, but many others who fear Tony to the point that they would rather keep their name out of it despite losing tens of thousands of dollars each. We ask that you protect the privacy of all those listed below from retaliation from Mr. Seruga. While Mr. Seruga was the primary participant, there are 2 other people that provided means and instrumentalities to commit deceptive acts, Rick Duris and Chip Tarver. There are two main areas we feel warrant investigation: 1. Deceptive Trade Practices: Failure to have substantiation for claims o Mr. Seruga claims he is owning and running 53 multimillion dollar businesses. All attempts to verify this claim have proven this not to be accurate Representations made but not delivered o In the BABB program: Quality training was not provided. In fact, much of the material was read from $20 books available from, or taught by his daughter using material from her college marketing course He did not deliver each person a $1M business The marketing systems promised were not delivered He didnt create a million dollar business himself during the BABB program o In the AWIT program: He did not deliver most of the promised traffic He has not paid affiliate commissions due to BABB members that brought their friends into the AWIT program Guarantees and Warranties: o Mr. Seruga has been unreachable and non-responsive on refund requests o He forces people to wait 6 months before offering a refund. We assume this is because chargeback and other remedies will have expired o Mr. Seruga guaranteed to start up the million dollar business for his BABB members if they were unable to. Naturally this has also not been delivered. 2. Unfair trade practices: Oppressive: o Mr. Seruga has his coaching members very scared of him some even believe he is more powerful than the government and that speaking out will cause massive harm to them and their families o Both the AWIT and BABB programs have a $7500 chargeback penalty meaning that if they attempt to issue a chargeback via their credit card company, they are legally obligated to pay Mr. Seruga $7500 o Many people have been kicked out of Mr. Serugas programs without a refund for asking probing questions. This happened on BABB and its predecessors, TMC and TMC2. o A $5000 per instance penalty is included in Mr. Serugas created-after-the-fact T&C for speaking out about his programs. Unscrupulous o The programs have 6 month delayed refund clauses, making it difficult for many people to issue chargebacks when refund requests are finally denied o Customers that signed up for the AWIT and BABB program saw no terms and conditions at the time of sale. However after the sale, terms and conditions were placed on the AWIT and BABB website, including the 6 month delay, $7500 chargeback penalty, and $5000 speaking publicly penalty o The minimal traffic delivered by the AWIT program was reported to be very low quality, certainly not the same traffic that fortune 500 companies buy, as claimed in the signup process Unethical o Much of the BABB program consisted of Mr. Seruga reading word for word from $20 copyrighted books available from A similar technique was also used during the TMC program. o He also provided other ebooks and audios to all members, which we have later learned did not have licenses. We are aware these are not enforcement issues you take responsibility for, however we are including these for completeness. While we are providing information about two of Mr. Serugas programs, BABB and AWIT, there have been many others we are aware of, which have left people equally unhappy, and that what we are reporting today is merely the tip of the iceberg. People often do not report their problems with Mr. Seruga due to the extreme intimidation from Mr. Seruga and his associates and their personal limited resources. TMC, The Millionaire Club, was a program similar to BABB that was run in 2003. (see Appendix C) TMCII, The Millionaire Club II (see EXHIBIT H) Billionaire Entrepreneurs Summit (see Appendix D), a program that went into litigation in 2004 Insiders Club, with Jay Abraham, an LA based marketer Partners in Profits, with Jay Abraham, an LA based marketer, which has had problems, his upcoming program Mr. Seruga has also had several run-ins with the US criminal system on charges similar to the ones we are documenting today. (See EXHIBIT F) While it is not our place to talk about an outcome from your organization, we would very much like to see Mr. Seruga and his associates barred via a consent decree, along with a suit filed for civil penalties and consumer redress so that we can receive our refunds. This complaint is being filed jointly by 35 clients of Tony Seruga (names were delted from this post for privacy reasons) Supporting Evidence Digital Mavericks, Inc. is incorporated in the State of Nevada, but listed with the BBB in the State of California at Digital Mavericks, Inc., 555 N. El Camino Real, #A-460, San Clemente, California, 92672 There are two programs that we know about, Build a Better Business, (BABB), and All I Want is Traffic (AIWIT). In selling the BABB program, he referred to it as Tony Serugas Millionaire Mavericks. Although we do not know the total amount of money involved, we do know that approximately 50 people each paid $10,777.00 for the BABB program, for a total of approx. $538,000.00. For the AIWIT, the estimates are a little rougher, as we do not know how many people participated in that program. We do know the minimum purchase was $2,500.00. We also know that many people bought more than one slot up to a maximum of 5 slots, or $12,500.00. Tony reported on the internet that he sold out of 200 slots of that program within a couple of weeks. Doing the math there, and estimating the average purchase to be $5,000, that is at least an additional $1,000,000.00 taken in. To further back up this estimate, we have a report from one of his former staff members, telling us that he took in $270,000 the first day the AIWIT program was offered. Many of the BABB participants also bought into the AIWIT program, but in addition, there were many AIWIT buyers who did not participate in BABB. All totaled, we estimate 200 to 300 people were involved in one way or another. Most of the money was collected via the internet using either Paypal or credit cards. Below is a description of each program: BABB This was a program where Tony Seruga promised to mentor a select group of 50 people with the end objective of helping each of them to build a $1,000,000 business or greater. He had a very strong guarantee, which is described in EXHIBIT A, where he promised that he would either help us each to get our $1,000,000 business, or he would have his staff BUILD IT FOR US. The program was to take 26 weeks, and then he was to have our businesses built within 6 months after the 26 week program. It was supposed to start around May 1, 2006. Included in this complaint are surveys completed by many of the BABB, AIWIT, and other former Tony Seruga victims voicing their dissatisfaction with the entire BABB program and with Tony Seruga personally. We have not found one single person who has received what was promised, and we have yet to find a single person who has received a voluntary refund by Tony Seruga. Several, who have voiced dissatisfaction with his programs have been threatened with various legal actions or kicked out of the programs without a refund. It has now been over a year since it started, and not only has he not delivered, but contacting him or his staff is extremely difficult. Many of the victims have initiated chargebacks with their credit card companies, which are still pending, but many have been unable to do so because they paid via Paypal, and Paypal will only deal with a dispute within 45 days of the charge. He promised for months to deliver a system that would allow us all to easily build the million dollar business. We have dozens of audio recordings with him voicing these promises, which were never delivered. It is a fact that he has never delivered the system, nor anyones million dollar business. Tonys refund policy, which was not shown at all, (as you can see in EXHIBIT B), in the initial sales letter prior to purchase is as follows. Also note, the sales letter was a PDF file, which cannot be altered, and you see not mention of terms and conditions. Thus, no one knowingly agreed to these terms. (See EXHIBIT B) Not only were these terms and conditions NOT presented at the time of order, there are two key sets of terms that point to his expectations of unhappy clients, which thus leads one to conclude he knew exactly what he was doing right form the start, and had no intention of delivering on his promises. Contained in EXHIBIT B is a clause that contains a $7500 penalty for initiating a chargeback. In EXHIBIT E, you see a clause that says you are not allowed to disparage Tony Seruga or any of his associates, no matter what, or you face a $5,000 penalty for each occurrence. Based on that condition alone, we would all be violating that by making this complaint. Add the fact that these terms were essentially hidden from us at the time of purchase, and you get a man trying to pull a fast one. Who does business that way? Only guys who are looking to steal from innocent people by using threats and intimidation to stop them form demanding that he actually deliver on his contract. It is clear to us that these terms and conditions are written to make it next to impossible to obtain a refund which makes his refund guarantee essentially a joke. AIWIT This program was much more cut and dry. Tony promised to deliver targeted traffic, that was generated by emails that he or his traffic associates sent out with links that would bring an interested party back to our websites. (Traffic is visitors to a website.) The price was $.05 per actual visitor to our site, sold in blocks of 50,000 for $2,500.00 each. He allowed any one person to purchase 5 blocks for a total of $12,500.00 This program was initiated in late January, 2006, and to date, we have yet to find a single person who has received the traffic as promised. A couple of guys got less than 500 leads, and then the traffic stopped. Most have not received a single visitor some 4 months after the purchase was made. An email sent out to solicit sales is below: (See EXHIBIT C) The original sales page online has been removed by Tony. With this program, Tony also claims to had terms and conditions attached to it that stated contained the same $7500 penalty for a chargeback shown in EXHIBIT B. He has used this clause to threaten several people who wanted a refund because they had not received traffic, and subsequently threatened to do a chargeback. One such threat can be seen in EXHIBIT D. Note, just like in the BABB program, those terms and conditions cannot be seen anywhere in this offer. Plus, since we cannot even see a copy of the original offer, since Tony has removed it from view, it is our contention that we did not agree to those terms, and even if we did, complete failure to deliver a product would give anyone grounds to demand an immediate refund no matter what the terms and conditions. In other words, he has not delivered a product, and then threatens people who want their money back. We dont believe anyone has the right to take a persons money do nothing to deliver on the good or services promised, and then threaten to sue a person for wanting their money back. This act seems criminal. The bottom line is he is not delivering traffic per his agreement, and expects us all to let him get away with it. Given all the problems, the group of dissatisfied customers is growing, and through some research, we have found that he has done this type of thing before. In 2002, he ran a program called the The Millionaires Club, which was very similar to BABB. We have a list of names and email addresses of members, and we have two people who actually worked with Tony during this time period who has said that there were 50 very unhappy clients then as well. In addition, they were both cheated out of thousands of dollars. They are both willing to testify against him. Finally, with both the BABB program, and also the AIWIT program, Tony offered affiliates the opportunity to earn commissions by helping him to sell the programs. To date, we have not found anyone who has actually been paid any commissions. There is speculation that he has lied about his personal financial status to gain our trust, (he told us that he was worth hundreds of millions of dollars), that he has lied about his income, about the number of multi-million dollar businesses that he owns (he claimed he had over 53 multi-million dollar businesses), about his traffic contacts and ability to generate traffic. He spoke often of the traffic mafia, but never told us how we could access this group (most likely a lie). It is also alleged by writers who own copyright protected material, that he used their material without permission and presented it as his own to the BABB group. Marketing Sherpa is a well known publisher, and they have told us specifically that they have not given Tony permission to distribute their materials, yet he has done so. Through our research we have found that Tony has a track record of doing these types of things, and have found no one to date that will say they felt good about knowing Tony. For more commentary about Tony Seruga, go to We only represent a partial list of the total members who we know are also extremely dissatisfied with Tony Seruga. We do have a total list of email addresses for the BABB group which we can forward to you for you to interview each member individually. EXHIBIT A Excerpt from his sales letter (complete letter enclosed) Yes, I will guarantee your success--HERES HOW:And as I said earlier, I am more than willing to guarantee your success. What does that mean? Simply put, it means if you actively participate in the full 26-week training, and you dont succeed in building a ultra-profitable, million-dollar, Internet-based business of your own within six months AFTER you complete the training, I will give you your money back. Its just that simple. I promise my team and I will do our part. All I ask is a sincere,good faith effort on your part. Just be on all the conference calls(or listen to the re-plays we post to the private website), invest a modest five to fifteen hours a week of your time, follow the stepby- step instructions I give you (no short cuts, please) and do the straightforward homework I ask. Then, if youre not delighted with your a million-dollar business education, or if you not ecstatic with the kind of money youre making from the business, just send me a personal note telling me what you did and what happened, and Ill refund your money promptly. PLUS--If You Cant Do It, Ill Do It For You (My Ultimate Ill Prove it to You Guarantee) Heres the BEST part of my extraordinary guarantee: To show you how serious and how certain I am of your ultimate success, in addition to refunding your money, if you cant make my training work for you, if you cant build a winning, ultra-profitable business WITHIN SIX MONTHS AFTER THE TRAINING ENDS: I will start up your business for you--using the exact same principles you learned from me! EXHIBIT B 4. THE REFUND POLICY. If you are unhappy with the program, and wish to receive a refund, our requirement is very simple, and more than fair. You must have at least participated in all aspects of the program, and completed the full training, (due to the real world nature of this program, completion may take up to 12 months or longer), including all of the project assignments, i.e., all worksheets, homework, business audits, etc., etc. and during the six months following the conclusion of the program, you attempted to implement the training by following the step by step instructions contained in the outline provided. You must also request help as necessary and give Digital Mavericks, Inc. every opportunity to assist you during that six month period of implementation. If the minimal conditions have been met, you may, in six months from the conclusion of the program, receive a FULL refund. Once again, this six month period allows you time to implement the training and systems in your own business and if you are serious about this program, is more than fair. At the conclusion of that six month implementation period, you then have 45 days to evaluate your results, and request a refund if you are not happy. During that 45 day period, simply send your refund request in writing, along with copies of all of your assignments to: Digital Mavericks, Inc., 555 N. El Camino Real, #A-460, San Clemente, California, 92672. And, we'll even go one better, as you shall not only receive a FULL refund at that point, but you shall also receive an offer of collaboration, to help you achieve your financial goals. We shall require that we be paid for actual costs we incur, plus a reasonable percentage of the profits generated. You will also be allowed to keep the $5,000 + Dan Kennedys Millionaire Entrepreneurs Library. All transactions, moneys paid and all monthly dues paid are non refundable under any circumstances other than those described above under our official refund policy. Due to the nature of the materials and services offered, they are not returnable. You agree not to stop payment or charge back PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or any other payment method under any circumstances. If you do, you also agree to waive your rights to defense and that you agree to immediately pay to Tony Seruga and Digital Mavericks Inc., the original amount of the charge back or stop payment, plus any additional outstanding payments due as well as a penalty of $7,500 USD. You agree that the court venue is in Orange County, CA should Tony Seruga and/or Digital Mavericks, Inc. decide to bypass arbitration as described in paragraph 8. EXHIBIT C Subject: Thank You for Signing Up at All I Want Is TRAFFIC Date: 23 Jan 2007 00:55:09 -0000 From: All I Want Is Traffic Re: This is IMPORTANT! Please read this email immediately. It concerns your free VIP pass opportunity for your new All I Want Is Traffic! Co-Op. Thank you for joining us and our notification list for your All I Want Is Traffic! Co-Op. This is a very smart move on your part. Here's why... For the person or company who wants a boatload of real traffic and doesn't have the time, skills or desire to work their fanny off to get it, this exclusive one-time opportunity is as good as it gets. As one of only 100 extremely fortunate Charter Members to have full access to this brand new Traffic Co-Op, you are 100% guaranteed to receive 50,000 high-quality, highly targeted real visitors to your website ... for a price that is absolutely and completely irresistible. NEVER before has anyone made this kind of a guarantee. And as you're about to discover shortly, never before as anyone stepped up and offered to do 100% of the work for you, driving tens of thousands of real, live prospects straight to your site who are ready to see what you offer. So now that you're on our private notification list, good job! You should be congratulated on taking a critical first step. But - that alone might not put you within striking distance of being able to sign up for this exclusive co-op opportunity when it becomes quickly available within the next few days. Why? Because there WILL be a mad rush of thousands of people who will want to be guaranteed one of the only 100 extremely limited Charter Memberships. Think about that: There are ONLY 100 positions available. Let's be realistic. Given this incredible one-time opportunity, have you considered the real chances of you and only 99 other fortunate and decisive people getting in ahead of the tens of thousands of others who are just as determined as you are? I'm sure you get the point. So if you're really seriously considering the opportunity and you are determined to grab your position and ability to sign- up before these very scarce 100 Charter Membership units completely disappear, you'll surely want to use every advantage and tool at your disposal to stack the cards in your favor. Agreed? So here's how you can immediately tip the odds and stack the deck in your favor... Get to work right now and secure one of less than a dozen available FREE Front of the Line VIP PASSES to our ALL I WANT IS TRAFFIC! Co-Op... We want to get the word out about this extraordinary traffic co-op we're creating. The best part is we're willing to very generously reward you for your willingness and help in 'spreading the word' on our behalf. Do this with us and you can WIN!!! What do you have to do to get your own super-exclusive VIP PASS? It's really very simple and super easy. Just enter the names and email addresses of 10 of your friends below - and when they opt-in and confirm via email their desire to join our notification list, you'll automatically be awarded one of the super-exclusive FREE Front of the Line VIP PASSES. What are the benefits of having an exclusive VIP PASS in hand? Number #1 - having a VIP PASS means you'll be one of the first people in line who has the opportunity to sign up for your exclusive 100-person-max traffic co-op. You'll be given one full hour advanced access to the order page so that you can be one of the very first to sign-up before the stampede starts and it gets really crazy around here! One full hour -- before everyone else can even get in... This is important because you should fully expect our co-op to fill up FAST. Our accurate expectation based upon initial feedback is that, most likely, within minutes of the doors opening and the order page being made initially available, we expect the traffic co-op to fully sell out and fill up so we'll have to quickly pull the order page offline. Your BEST strategy, if you're determined to get in (and to make sure that you won't get unintentionally shutout), is to help us spread the word so you can 'cheat the line.' When you help us, you'll have one of less than a dozen front-of-the-line access passes. You'll be guaranteed real access to being a part of this phenomenal traffic pricing deal before everyone else pulls the rug out from under you. And if you'll remember the video, you know we're talking about buying $100 bills for $10 all day long... When people see the incredibly low price to be a part of this one-time limited opportunity, you can bet the farm and be assured our exclusive traffic co-op will SELL OUT. Of that, you can be certain. 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When your friends see our outrageous traffic offer, you going to be their best friend forever because you turned them on to such a great opportunity. All I Want Is Traffic, LLC., 555 N El Camino Real, Suite A-460, San Clemente, CA 92672, USA EXHIBIT D Message to Rick Duris Tonys right hand man Rick: Your message was harsh, unkind and unempathetic of my situation. I hope you know I would like nothing better than to reverse the chargeback and receive what I paid for - 50,000 quality visitors from you and your company. I have no expectations of what these visitors will do once they reach my site and I do not hold you or your company accountable for their actions, though your marketing material promised these visitors would be positively responsive. Please understand that I'm just a poor marketer. Poor, but not stupid. Poor, but not a newcomer to online sales. After 10 years online I know how to track ads and visitors to a particular webpage. How would you feel if you were in my situation? Please simply begin sending the visitors as promised and re-examine your posture with a kind and understanding heart. Message from Rick Duris in response: Rick Duris wrote: I have been notified you have charged back your order. I want to let you know that if you proceed with the chargeback, you WILL be sued. You are making a big mistake, it was a very bad idea. One that will have lasting consequences. Here are the terms and conditions you signed up under. They are very clear: When ordering Internet advertising (whether email, leads or actual Website visitors), you authorize All I Want Is Traffic, LLC Digital Mavericks, Inc. to immediately charge your credit card the total amount described in your order towards the purchase of Internet advertising. You fully understand and accept All I Want Is Traffic, LLC Digital Mavericks, Inc. no-refund and no-cancellation policies and further acknowledge that All I Want Is Traffic, LLC and Digital Mavericks, Inc. does not provide any type of performance guarantee or return on investment. You further agree to unconditionally repay these charges to your bank per the terms of your card holder service agreement. You agree not to stop payment or charge back PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or any other payment method under any circumstances. If you do, you also agree to waive your rights to defense and that you agree to immediately pay to All I want IS Traffic, and/or Digital Mavericks Inc., the original amount of the charge back or stop payment, plus any additional outstanding payments due as well as a penalty of $7,500 USD. You agree that the court venue is in Orange County, CA. You are being given 24 hours to reverse the chargeback, or we WILL enforce the above agreement and get a judgment, including the original amount plus the $7500 penalty. We will win. We have won every case we have filed in the last nine years. Then, we WILL go on to tag your permanent credit record and begin the collection process. This will NOT go away. You will lose. You can count on it. You have 24 hours. Regards, Rick Duris EXHIBIT E 20. Non-Disparagement You agree that you will not disparage anyone associated with the ALL I Want Is Traffic, LLC Advertising Co-Op, including All I Want Is Traffic, LLC, it's affiliate marketer Digital Mavericks, Inc., any of their affiliates, employees, officers, executives, directors, agents or their other customers/clients. This extends to any traffic brokers and/or partners. In the event you violates this paragraph, you acknowledges and agree that All I Want Is Traffic, LLC and their affiliates, including their affiliate marketer Digital Mavericks, Inc., will suffer damages that will be difficult to calculate and, for this reason, you agree that you will pay All I Want Is Traffic, LLC, and/or their affiliate marketer Digital Mavericks, Inc. the sum of Five Thousand Dollars ($5, 000.00) per occurrence, as a penalty. EXHIBIT F The following is a list of cases involving Tony Seruga Press Enterprise (Riverside, CA) July 16, 1997 Wednesday RIVERSIDE; HEMET-SAN JACINTO; MORENO VALLEY;SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY SECTION: LOCAL; Pg. B02A LENGTH: 249 words HEADLINE: Man sought in business sign scam BYLINE: The Press-Enterprise BODY: Riverside County sheriff's investigators are warning area businesses to be on the alert for a well-dressed, heavyset man they say is running a business sign scam. Anthony Seruga identifies himself as a representative of an Irvine sign-making company, said Sgt. Mark Lohman of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. The salesman asks merchants if they want a sign made and installed for their business. When a contract is signed, he asks for a down payment. He then disappears with the money, Lohman said. Two Jurupa-area businesses, one in Glen Avon and another in Rubidoux, have been hit, Lohman said. The merchants were contacted in March by a man they identified as Seruga and signed contracts promising delivery three months later, Lohman said. When the merchants tried to contact Seruga's company, GEI Visual Display in Irvine, they were unsuccessful, he said. When he's supposed to deliver, he's nowhere to be found, Lohman said. The company was not at the address on the contracts, he said. Seruga is described as a white male, 35 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing more than 300 pounds. He has blue eyes, brown hair and is described as well dressed. Lohman said he has an active felony warrant for forgery in San Bernardino County. Investigators have been passing out fliers to Jurupa-area business owners, he said. Anyone who may have information about Seruga is asked to call Detective Mike Markov at 275-2650. Name: SERUGA, ANTHONY J (MALE) Consumer Name Last Updated: 2/28/2005 Address: 1615 VIA CALENDULA SAN CLEMENTE, CA 92673-3734 Name: SERUGA, ANTHONY J Also Known As: SERUGA, ANTHONY Social Security Number: (((REDACTED BY RIP-OFF REPORT))) Address: 168 AVENIDA DEL MAR APT. 143 SAN CLEMENTE, CA 92672-4016 Address Updated: 10/1/2000 Previous Addresses: 1301 FREMONT ST APT. 20 LAS VEGAS, NV 89101-5409 Address Updated: 7/13/2001 124 E F ST APT. 15 ONTARIO, CA 91764-3749 Address Updated: 8/1/2000 1042 N MOUNTAIN AVE APT. B458 UPLAND, CA 91786-3695 Address Updated: 11/13/2000 2000 PARADISE RD LAS VEGAS, NV 89104-2511 Address Updated: 7/18/2001 15984 TYROL DR FONTANA, CA 92337-7383 Address Updated: 7/18/2001 Birthdate: 8/1961 Telephone: 732-0290 1. In Riverside, CA, in 1997, there was an arrest warrant filed for obtaining money under false pretenses: Case RIM358571 Defendant 96028 SERUGA, ANTHONY JOSEPH Arrest Charges Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea 1 PC M532(A) M Obtain Money False Pretenses 05/28/1997 2. In San Bernadino, there were 5 cases against Mr. Seruga, including theft of personal property, forgery and a felony theft charge. Case MSB032833 Defendant 18258 SERUGA, ANTHONY JOSEPH Filed Charges Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea 1 PC M484(A) M THEFT OF PERSONAL PROPERTY 06/20/1997 NOT GUILTY 2 PC M484(A) M THEFT OF PERSONAL PROPERTY 06/20/1997 Case MSB033743 Defendant 18258 SERUGA, ANTHONY JOSEPH Arrest Charges Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea 1 PC M484(A) M THEFT OF PERSONAL PROPERTY 12/15/1997 Case FWV011144 Defendant 70658 SERUGA, ANTHONY JOSEPH Arrest Charges Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea 1 PC 470(A) F FORGERY 02/13/1996 Case MVA014385 Defendant 91619 SERUGA, ANTHONY JOSEPH Arrest Charges Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea 1 PC M647(F) M DISORDERLY CONDUCT:PERSON UND INFLUENCE OF ALCOH/DRUGS 08/02/1996 Case MRE07366 Defendant 128302 SERUGA, ANTHONY JOSEPH Arrest Charges Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea 1 PC 484(B) F THEFT:NONRETURN OF RENTAL PROP (OVER $400) 02/13/1997 3. In Orange county, he and his wife have been defendants in a breach of contract civil case: CASE SUMMARY Case No. Case Title Case Type Filing Date Category 04CC10224 BLACKMNAN VS SERUGA BREACH OF CONTRACT/WARRANTY 10/08/2004 CIVIL John Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Clemente, California
10, Report #381556
Oct 15 2008
01:48 PM
Mark & Anthony Inc. Joseph Smith Acct. Manager Received Check for 4,040.50 when Deposited it bounced Pittsburg Pennsylvania
I received a letter from that was from their payment verification center. I called the num. giving, to contact them about the check. I was told I had to put the check in my bank acct. and call back with more info, on how to get the rest of my winnings, so I did stupidly. The bank said it would clear in five busseness days. I waited, then received a letter and calls from my bank saying the check bounced. Know I am stuck paying all kinds of charges and have pay back what was used when a few auto payments came though because there was money there. I am not a wealthy person I have been out of work for three yrs. because of illness, I live paycheck to paycheck. and I just wanted to beleive I had finally won a contest. Which I am always entering contests. But I guess you just can not trust anything or one in this world anymore. I have tried calling and talking to these people only to be hung up on. I called back and they will not answer my calls know. All they wanted was more of my info from me and I said they would have to call my bank and straighten it out that's when the phone was hang up on me he said he could not do anything unless I started by giving him my phone num. etc. What do I do? Cheryl raymond, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
11, Report #608903
May 31 2010
12:27 PM
joseph m bernstein get good looks Plastic Surgery Nightmare norwalk, California
This hospital killed my brother in law. Anesthesiologist left him alone while under and put him in 7 year coma. I made the mistake of having elective surgery by Bernstein ( a doctor associated with the hospital) and he screwed up so bad he had to reoperate twice and I am still disfigured. If you send me an email I will send you couple of photos of this guys work.
Entity: norwalk, California
12, Report #924355
Aug 08 2012
02:07 PM
Joseph, Steven & Associates Frank Stone Ripped me off, Dishonest no good people, Worthless , Internet
Joseph, Steven & Associates ripped my company off. They called me wanting to collect on any bad dept. I gave them 1 account in which they needed over 1000.00 to get the process started on 9-25-06. This guy Frank Stone said this should be no problem collecting. (He's a liar) Then on 8-1-08 Frank Stone called saying that he had found an account that had the money in it but that he had to freeze it right away. He needed a check for 1,682.00 to freeze this account. He said I should have my money plus interest in like 6 weeks. I waited, No call. I tried calling Him back and was never able to contact them again. Frank Stone and Joseph, Steven & Associates are worthless. As far as I'm concerned they should be in jail for theft.
Entity: Internet, Internet
13, Report #254378
Jun 13 2007
11:49 PM
Anthony Joseph Seruga, Tony Seruga, Millionaire Mavericks, Build A Better Business, Digital Mavericks, I paid $10,777 for the following but never received: Promised to deliver a 'system' that would allow me to easily build the million dollar business. 1 Yr. later, still not delivered. San Clemente California, 92672 California
Tony Seruga's Millionaire Mavericks Digital Mavericks (Build A Better Business Program) In a program sold in April of 2006, a group of 50 people were invited to join Anthony Joseph Seruga (Tony Seruga) for a fee of just over $10,500. For this fee, the 50 lucky people would learn of his super system of dealing with the internet at a different level, a way to play by different rules...etc. This system would include what he referred to as The Traffic Mafia, a method of turning on and off traffic on a dime...and not just any traffic, but millions of the most targeted visitors available for your particular product/service offering. Tony went on to also outline that we would be entitled to receive his coveted Rolodex of which we would have access to essentially the major deal makers of the worlds marketing elite. Now, at first glance, the above might seem a bit like a comic strip, or something out of a fantasy show, but when promoted by other well regarded authorities within the Internet Marketing Community, this took on a realm of REAL and not fantasy. Tony claimed to be the best of the best, being the one behind some of the largest promotions of our time...and his promise was to give us a template (blueprint of sorts) in the form of his business system of business systems. This was a 6 month course that was to begin in May and finish before December. At the writing of this report, here is what we have received. A bunch of Mike Vances mindset material. Not sure if Mike Vance authorized this or not. About 8 reports from Marketing Sherpa, again, not sure if Marketing Sherpa is aware of their material being distributed in mass. We also have received a myriad of other reports written by other authors (same concerns apply.) During the 6 months we did not receive 1 business system nor did we receive even a hint of what this so called Traffic Mafia was all about. We have a successful international company. The only reason we joined this $10,500+ club was to gain insights into this Traffic Mafia as well as the Billion Dollar Rolodex Tony claimed he would give us access to. Neither has materialized. Everything Tony showed us could have been found in a $97 ebook, or worse...from other peoples copy written material. Toward the end of the clubs sessions...a tremendous amount of discontent began stirring, as everyone was clamoring for the business systems that we had all been told repeatedly were coming. Tony told us repeatedly during conference calls that the business systems were forthcoming. Then, it was over. The club was finished...and nothing was delivered. Everyone was literally blown away at what had just taken place. Personally I have exchanged several emails with the only one on Tony's team that is responding to any dialog attempts, Rick Duris. I formally requested a refund, as most others have done as well. Rick led me on for a few days stating that Tony is coming around and may consider a refund only to discover that this was another one of their stall tactics. I have not received 1 penny back. It is clear to me at this point that $10,500+ dollars is now out of my pocket and into the pocket of Tony Seruga, and I am still waiting for the information that I was promised. I have been told by Rick Duris that Tony is not delivering any additional information. Based on the facts, and based on the is clear to me that this is a major fraud that has been committed. There is no other explanation for it. I know that if he had the goods to give us, that it would be simple to just give it to us and call it a day. Next, if he had for some reason, misplaced the information that he had promised to give the group, and couldn't find it...then an honorable person would simply just give the money back. Neither has occured. Therefore, I am stuck with thought that I have fallen into a scam, and will never recover my $10,500+. I am concerned that Tony has done this to many others, many good people that clearly can't afford to lose that kind of money, and for that I am very sad. There are many other issues that I could address, but I would be writing for a day with all of the broken promises, broken guarantees, etc. What I have said above are the issues that resonate with me the most. Richard Oregon City, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: San Clemente California, 92672, California
14, Report #1159518
Jul 03 2014
11:29 PM
WELS FARGO contacted me today stating the $100M SBLC is a fake. Ron My is a Wells Fargo banker outta San Diego who never signed his name on the fake $100M SBLC you issued to me and sent to Morgan Stanley. The phone number 323-692-1081 belongs to a muslim who is invloved with the scam.   I was instructed me not to contact any of the scammers after I send them an email while they build the case to send all of you away for a long long time. I have a ton of evidence on Ricardo Parks and Tanwar,Omar Young, Harold Anthony, Dr David Y Williams, Thurgood Pittman...and now Russell Rice Jr.     They informed me all of you are scammers and con artist...includes Ricardo Parks, Roselyn Tanwar, Mr. Omar Young, Harold Anthony and attorney Russell Rice Jr.   RICARDO PARKS Sent me $100M SBLC deal (See SBLC attached) ROSELYN TANWAR suppose to be collateral investor RUSSELL RICE JR wired money $125,000K plus $1,000 to his account (see wire reciept attached) MR OMAR YOUNG works for Tanwar HAROLD ANTHONY Works next to Young and with Tanwar and supposedly RON MY of Wells Fargo who signed the SBLC.   Also involved in the scam are: Thurgood Pittman...Dr David Y. Williams   When we called 323-692-1081 a man named Ryan Maui name is recorded not Ron My.   I would like to thank Wells Fargo SBLC dept, The real Ron My of Wells Fargo for your statements and cooperation during this investigation.    This was a scam of mass proportions. We have the identity of the muslim guy,  and the Omar Young guy. Arrests were also issued for attorney Russell Rice Jr. who knowingly took the money.     They were all part of Tanwar, Parks, Anthony, Rice and Omar Young's elaborate scam. The Morgan Stanley guy (Michael Riley) you spoke with last month was also part of the fraud in which Pittman & Williams brought on board to keep the scam sounding real.   The DA and my offices continue to believe that Williams, Pittman, & Glenda Joesph who came in on the second leg of the scam all got a piece of the investor's $125,000 including $1,000.     That's why David Williams (he's no Doctor) never funded anything for you nor anyone else. Scam artists like him, Parks, Young & Tanwar don't give money they take it!! tay clear and run from any of these names!! they are crooks...scammers and thieves and liars!!!!  
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1373557
May 16 2017
02:03 PM
Immune Tree - Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith Immune Tree, Inc. PRODUCT IS HORRIBLE!! IT DOES NOT WORK!!!! STAY AWAY FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!! Internet
I have watched all the videos and decided to buy the colostrum bottles by Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, he is very convicing but do not get fooled!!! The product is garbage!!! It did help at all!!! I was sick the entire time that I took it, was constantly nauseous and barfing. My doctor told me to stop taking that garbage (his words). Once I stopped taking it I felt better. What made this whole ordeal even worse was that they did not refund me!!! I have never seen such horrible customer service!!  I dont know what is in there but it is horrible and I do not recommend it for anyone!!  
Entity: Internet
16, Report #352034
Jul 16 2008
03:03 PM
TNT - SUSAN HARNELL - WOLVERHAMPTON - JOSEPH FORBES Craigslist Plasma TV Scam - Too Good to be TRUE!! Wolverhampton Other
I found a plasma television new in the box on, listed for $350. I emailed thinking this was either gone over night, or too good to be true. The person got back to me stating her email was acting up, sorry for the delay and wrote the following. It is tought to follow at first, but you will get it....Attached to the email wre several quality pictures of the TV. The person did not write in broken english like the other craigslist scams, and gave me a functional and legitimate worldwide shipping site attachment. Anyone can be fooled if I was. You emailed me about my Philips Plasma TV from craigslist. I've replied to your email but I don't know if you have received my email. My outlook express is acting crazy, I am so sorry about this. Anyway, here I go again. Below is the email I sent you. My email address is Hello I still have the TV. The TV was set up for the US and it comes with 18 months of warranty. I have attached some pics with the TV to this e-mail. I am now in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. Since I can't meet you and make the exchange, I would like to use a service that will help us with that: TNT is a worldwide delivery company (like Fedex, DHL or UPS). You can see from their procedure that you will be able to check the TV before I receive the payment. If you are in a hurry, I will use 2 day delivery (shipping is on me). Let me know what you think. Best Regards, Susan (After I got this email, I asked questions, here is examples of how I got )(suckered. She had the excuse below when i asked her may I ask why your )(selling a tv for such a low price?) Hi I am selling the TV because I can't use it here. Did you read TNT's procedure on their website? It is explained there how their service works. Let me know after you read their procedure so I can be certain that we are on the same page: Best Susan (When I was satisfied with her answers, I said, let's do it...and sent her an )(email that I was going forward. This was the response when I said that.) Hi Sorry for the delay. I can send the TV tomorrow morning. Let me know which address should I use. Best, (Then I got this email within a day stating the following.) Hi I went to TNT today. The guys from TNT told me that they will send the TV to their technical department for inspection and then they will notify you. They will also notify you with the instructions you need to complete your end of the deal. Please complete your end as soon as you can and keep me posted. PS I used 2 day delivery. Best Susan (Then I got two emails from TNT stating that the product was there, they) (looked like the following. If these dont show up, trust me they looked like a )(UPS confirmation, they clearly hijacked the carbon copy of TNT's shipping )(confirmations that are legit.) Please quote this Number if you have an enquiry. *570118361US* Tracking Number: 570118361 Important TNT Payment Instructions/Shipment Details Please read the Instructions carefully. Click here to track your package: Tracking Dear TNT Customer, We have your package in our custody. Description of goods: 1 x Philips 42PF9630A-37 Plasma TV Sender of package ( Seller ): Susan Harnell Receiver of package ( Buyer ):ME Delivery Address: (my address) Delivery Type: TNT Express 2nd Day Delivery - After the Payment is received and verified by TNT Amount to be paid by the Buyer: USD $350.00 Payment Instructions - Receiver of the Payment - Joseph Forbes The payment must be made through Western Union Money Transfer to the Name of the TNT Agent who is in charge with this transaction - Joseph Forbes using the Money in Minutes Service from Western Union. Important Note: The Payment must be made at one of Western Union's Agent Locations, in person by the Buyer. The payment must not be made using Western Union's Send Money Online Service due to the high Credit Card fraud risk. We will not confirm any payments made online. You must go to a Western Union Agent Location and make a Money Transfer to the Name of the TNT Agent who is responsible with this transaction - Joseph Forbes. In order to complete the Money Transfer using the Money in Minutes Service you will need the Payment Details of our TNT Agent: Please make your Money Transfer payable to: First Name: Joseph Last Name: Forbes Address: 214 Bowery Street City: Wolverhampton Zip(City Code): S22 1TF Country: United Kingdom In order to confirm your Payment we require a scanned copy of the Western Union Receipt. Please send us the scanned copy of the Western Union Receipt at: Once we will receive the scanned copy of the Western Union Receipt we must validate the Western Union Money Transfer and then collect it. This process may take up to 12 hours depending on the time we will receive the scanned copy of the Western Union Receipt. Important Note! Please read: we cannot collect the Western Union Money Transfer without a scanned copy of the Western Union Receipt. Please send us a scanned copy of the Western Union Receipt after you complete the Payment. Please read our TNT Payment Privacy Policy to learn our payment release and payment refund conditions. 1.The Payment will be sent to the Seller by TNT only after you receive the package, check the merchandise and if you are completely satisfied with it. Only then you will instruct us to release the Payment to the Seller. 2.TNT acts as a third party holding at the same time the merchandise and the Payment. 3. After the merchandise is received by the Buyer, the Buyer will have up to 21 days depending on the nature of the merchandise to review the merchandise. For transaction No.570118361 the inspection time is 5 ( five ) business days. a) If the Buyer decides to keep the merchandise the Buyer will instruct TNT to release the funds to the Seller. b) If for any reason the Buyer does not want to keep the merchandise, the Buyer will ask TNT for a refund. The refund procedure is very simple, the Buyer will receive the money from TNT through Bank to Bank Wire Transfer, or by Check or by Western Union Money Transfer. The refund method is at the Buyer's choice. (The other email was just another confirming of some kind. The email had )(color trademark symbols, package pictures, links cannot see them )(here. I went to western union today to send the $350, and something told me, don't do it!!! A little thing in my head remembered Craigslist posts UK type warnings, then when i realized that I had to pay cash through western union, I began to think that I will have no recourse if this is not legit. A credit card will re-imburse you if it is a fraud. Another thought was, why would I be sending money to an agent at a very residential looking address? That didn't seem right. I guess I didnt notice until I was standing with cash at western union that I was sending money to an individual) Her last email was her asking, were you able to complete are deal? When I realized that I had been duped, and I had not exposed that I knew, here was my email back to her...this is funny. Thought I would fool her. Susan, I went down to the local Western Union, and wire transfered the money to the TNT agent. We are so excited about the Plasma Television. It is going to go in the kids room as it's something nice we can do for them since we had run out of room in our home thanks to the triplets....!! Crazy huh. I appreciate your graciousness since we really could not afford a whole lot. I finally got a small bonus at work and my wife agreed to do it rather than put the money into the kids college fund. I guess in the end it works out for both of us since you could not use the TV where you are at, we will proudly display it for the kids. Thank you so much, we will let you know when it touches down, and I am sure TNT will get authorization from me within 24 hours of my receipt. Sincerely, ME Stephen Bow, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Wolverhampton, Other
17, Report #1046674
Apr 27 2013
11:23 AM
Anthony Brummer, Anthony Joseph Brummer, Anthony J Brummer, Tony Brummer, B Square Roofing, Inc., Brummer Construction, Inc., Brummer Development, Rollmasters Manufacturing, BCI USA scam, fraud, theft, con artist, liar, uses women , Internet
After some research, I now believe Anthony Brummer intentionally defrauded me out of thousands of dollars. (For legal reasons, i will state here that he has not been arrested or convicted of any crime in regards to this, nor has any guilt, responsibility or award been been established in a court of law at this time). I have not been able to pursue any action against him because I don't know where he is. He is listed as manager of two LLC entities filed with the state of FL in DECEMBER 2012 - BRUMMER DEVELOPMENT, LLC and ROLLMASTERS MANUFACTURING, LLC - however the address listed for both is a warehouse at 3425 SW 74th Ave. BLDG C2, Ocala, FL 34474 I also know that he has an application in progress with the state of FL for a new roofing contractor license: After having his last roofing contractor license revoked in 2008 after a long list of complaints: The Marion County Building Department published the following about him in their April 2005 Newsletter here: January 2005- LRB 2004-46 Lois M. Mech vs. Anthony Brummer dba AJ Brummer Inc. dba B Square Roofing, Inc. - Contractor performed work in a manner which shows a lack of competency by leaving the roof open to the elements, misrepresented the cost/scope/quality or timetable of work performed by not finishing the job as stated in the contract, engaged in dishonest trade practices by taking materials off the job that were allocated to the job and engaged in an activity which reflects upon his competency as a contractor by abandoning the job without finishing the roof. Therefore, the Board imposed a fine in the amount of $5,000. Contractor will be required to pay restitution in the amount of $38,750.00 and the Marion County Building Director is hereby authorized to permanently withhold the issuance of any permits. The Board also recommends contractors license be revoked. In FL, the following liens have filed against him: $80,000 - $8,887 - $161,386 - $10,547 - The Rollmasters Manufacturing website is currently and lists that warehouse address as the physical address. However, I find conflicting reports that he is still in TN.  I am trying to determine his current address to file a lawsuit against him. I would appreciate any help in finding him. Thank you.
Entity: Internet, Internet
18, Report #295240
Dec 28 2007
02:19 PM Record Search Owned By Frederick E Joseph Aka Fred Joseph don't get ripped off! don't get swindled!don't get bambozzled!don't be a sucker!don't give your money away! internet fraud! scam!bonko!legal thievery! money gone for good! Coral Springs Florida
attention! asset is and affiliate of us record search it is phoney as well! This company is owned by frederick e.joseph aka fred joseph! don't do any business with these people! It is like throwing away your money out the window! you will receive nothing in return except thank you for giving me free money'!! don't be fooled!!!! ripped off by fred joseph and us record search SHAME ON YOU FLORIDA! Rippedoffbyusrecordsearch conman lane, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
19, Report #959798
Oct 25 2012
05:36 AM
Joseph Massela Belltower capital partners, Tshiala joseph massela, joseph t massela. This person is no good, he is bad person, bad man, he is criminal. he like to steal money from good people. I hope he go to jail soon. criminal, steal money, liar, cheater, bad father, disease, sick person, disgusting indianapolis, Indiana
Joseph Massela is a very very bad person.  He stole money from person who is a very good man.  joseph massela lies, he is awful person, he is a nobody.  he is a thief and he is a criminal.  joseph massela is a coward, he hides in his mothers house.   he is girl, he gives disease to a lot of women.  he is awful awful person.  police will catch up with him.  dont listen to him, he make up much stories.  he has no money.  his family is no good.  they dont teach him right way.  his mother no good.  his son no like him.  he is very bad person.  he has to steal because he no work because he is homeless guy, bummer.  he ruined his reputation and family reputation.  he is embarrassment to everyone.  he says he owns hedgefund, he owns nothing.  he is bum, he is coward.  he is good liar, he tells much stories.  he pretends he is your friend.  he is no good loser.  he put nude pictures on internet, he is ugly ugly person. he is filled with diseases.
Entity: indianapolis, Indiana
20, Report #1131364
Mar 17 2014
08:12 PM
Anthony Restiv-Catering Kings Catering Kings-Anthony Restiv RIPP OFF-TOOK MONEY AND DIDNT MAKE GOOD ON WARRANTY FOR ILLEGALLY RIGGED TRUCK Kingstown Rhode Island
Anthony Restiv sold me a 2005 GMC Sierra with a 30 day warranty on the engine, transmission and rear-end. I was charged a deposit to hold the vehicle which was refundable.  The truck was supposed to have been inspected and a new brake line was inserted prior to the purchase. I purchsed the truck for $12,500.  Immediately the truck wouldn't run.  I explained that I wanted the truck re-inspected and that I would be excercising my right to my warranty.  I was never returned a phone call, e-mail or text.  He took my money and ran.  The truck has over $13,000 worth of necessary repairs and the brake lines were spliced and re-rigged illegally in order to satisfy the sale.  The mechanics who inspected the vehicle said that everything was in need of dire repairs that would be well over the cost of the truck.  The lunch box also was damaged.  The frame was broken under the lunch box and was seared through the actual catering truck.  RIPPED OFF
Entity: Kingstown, Rhode Island
21, Report #359654
Aug 05 2008
07:27 PM
Joseph Nguyen - ALG Capital Joseph Nguyen lied in good faith estimate for 1% loan, lower payments, 97k in my checking account and forged my signature Calabasas California
Joseph Nguyen is a criminal. Joined forces with Virtual escrow company of Mission hills ca (escrow officer Clora Vernon) and the Notary person Sayan Kamrava and the suspected agent of Wachovia bank. Nguyen sent me the good faith estimate of 1% loan, fixed payment for 10 years. Much lower monthly payment compared to the existing loan. He confirmed over the phone many times. Nothing came true Nguyen said an amount of 87.0k will be deposited in my account (cash advance) and I sent him my cancelled check upon his request. Nothing came true. Ngyuen mentioned over the phone and his so called GF estimate, no prepayment penalty will be paid to the existing bank from my cash advance. A total amount of $24,723.42 was paid to the previous bank from this money. Alg capital was paid by Wachovia bank an amount of $27,300.00 for a fraud set up from my cash advance money. Notary Virtual escrow played equal roll in this fraud case Ahmed Fremont, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Calabasas, California
22, Report #771351
Aug 31 2011
08:25 AM
Good Team Movers False Advertising and False Information Sunrise, Florida
After my mother passed away I contacted Good Team Movers for an estimate on what it would cost to have some of her personal belongings moved from The Villages, FL to St. Joseph, MI, and I needed to know the time frame to have this done. Because the estimate was reasonable and the time frame was perfect I faxed the signed contract to them and paid the deposit of $350 on 7/21/2011 and immediately sent a money order of $500.54 so they would have the money for the pick up on 07/24/2011. #1 complaint - Good Team Movers has a 20% off coupon on their site. It is for Long Distance Moves and states - Discount applies to original estimate only. It has no expiration date and no other stipulations. When I told them that I would like to apply it to my final bill I was told by Mike (the office manager) and Itamar (the general manager) that I can only use it before I was given an estimate. I pointed out that there were no stipulations other than I could only use it on the original estimate. They both then told me that they no longer honor the coupons. I pointed out that the coupons were still on their site. I was told that the coupons should not be on the site and that they were sorry. When I told them that I had planned on pursuing this, Itamar informed me that I was free to do that and they would be glad to just keep my things in storage. I did not appreciated this threat and intimidation. #2 concern - I was told in 2 emails (which I still have) from Crystal - the customer rep., that after my mother's belongings were picked up the estimated delivery is 2-7 days. 7 days being on the higher end. It's usually some where in the middle. After many, many emails and many phone calls (on my part - not their doing) my mother's belongings were finally delivered 38 days later. They had my money ($850.54) and my items for 38 days when I was told 2-7 days. I was given a discount of $102 for them being late, which I had to fight to get any discount. Itamar and Mike tried to again intimidate me into writing an email stating that I accept the $102 off my balance so that the movers would take that off my bill when they delivered my items, but I did not do that. They refused to honor the 20% off the original estimate. This is false advertising! I'm hoping my review saves even one person from going through what I did! Please check out (((link redacted)))CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Sunrise, Florida
23, Report #986341
Dec 23 2012
04:14 PM
Ricky Destain Raymond Destain Raymond-Joseph Raymond-d**k Raymond-Raymond Joseph Convincing,earns trust easily,god fearing,honest,good man, Internet
Contacts victims via internet.Claims to be god fearing.Says he is an engineer.Claims to be from Florida.Says he is in Africa working and will be home in a couple months.  Very quickly he falls in love and needs money for one thing or the other.Says he has a 10 year old daughter.Wife left him for his best friend and she does not even contact the daughter. He just wants someone to love him for him.  He speaks with an accent but very good english. Spells well to. Will not accept your friend requests on facebook.
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #1013069
Feb 26 2013
06:04 PM
G Premier Models - Anthony King, G Premier Models is a joke. Anthony King is unprofessional, abusive and a fraud. Internet
Anthony King and G Premier Models is an absolute abomination of a company.  I was under the impression that they were a legit modeling agency.  However, I later found out that they are merely a front for exploiting women on web cam, which I guess is fine.  However, I was told I would be paid for an interview with Anthony King and I was not paid then I was told I needed to become friends with Anthony on Facebook and like the G Premier Models web page.  When I refused after looking at the website and realizing that this was a company and a person I didn't want to be involved with Anthony King then began to call and text me in a very inappropriate way.  This guy is a womanizer, a liar and a person that women should stay far away from.  The way he spoke to me let me know that my intuition was right about him being a fraud and a liar. And his agression on the phone via calls and texts let me know that this man could be dangerous.  Anthony called me several inappropriate names and tried to insult my looks even though he is the one who looks like a broke down 'Pitbull' (the singer from the bud-light commercials) that's been hit by a truck and his forehead has the scars to prove it and he wears the same douche bag outfits even though he has no talent.  I am also not sure which guy is shorter but in any event Anthony King has no room to speak about my looks.  I have seen him and some of the people he represents.  Not impressed.  So to all the ladies out there I would stay away from this guy as much as you can.  He is trouble, a liar, a fraud, a scammer, ugly inside/out, and I am fairly certain he uses his title of CEO of G Premier Models to get close to women because with that grill that guy would never get laid without his promise of making you $2,500.00 per week.   Please check out my photos of Anthony King.  He looks like a tanned mini me and can someone please tell him that after 1999 it was no longer cool to wear sunglasses inside.  D-BAG
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #618720
Jul 06 2010
07:24 AM
Joseph Carswell, Thief and SCAM Artist Professional Joseph Carswell Ministries, Carswell & Associates Inc, The Embassy International, Jalani Kadesh STEALS MONEY, CLAIMS HE CAN GET MONEY BUT DOES NOT RETURN CALLS OR E-MAILS, MAKES PROMISES HE CANNOT KEEP Internet
Joseph Carswell accepted payment for a corporation in order to acquire unsecured business loans and open bank accounts.  After 5 months he has not given anything. Not a name of a corporation much less a funded loan. This guy only answers the phone when he is waiting for you to send money. After he has your money he will not answer the phone or email.Let me begin by saying I paid this guy close to $19K for services that were not as promised in our written agreement. When I initially spoke with this man I was hesitant because of a previous post on ripoff report however after seeing he was a God-fearing minister, I took my chance.I will say that the process that should have only taken a few weeks took over five months and paperwork that should have arrived within 30 days was never delivered. I utilized the company for three services tradelines, unsecured corporate funding, and to purchase a shelf corporation.The shelf corporation was NOT delivered as promised.  And he continues to ignore my phone calls and e-mails.I see the other rip-off reports on this minister and all I can say is, I WILL PRAY FOR YOU.  You are supposed to be a GOD-FEARING man.  It appears the only thing you love is MONEY.  You are going to Hell, Joseph Carswell.  REPENT NOW!
Entity: , Internet

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