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1, Report #1402968
Sep 28 2017
01:07 PM
Graham Heating & A/C Largo Florida
 I had an A/C come out on 09-21-17 and Albert did a whole system check on the A/C and purifier unit in the attic spent about an hour and a half here advised the act was fine and the purifier filter was good alone with the UV lights a full 30 count inspection.Then a few days later Peter from Graham Heating and A/C shows up to do his semi annual inspection and says the UV lights need replaced costs $400 and that the blue unit to the Fremont air conditioner needs replaced that it's rusting out.He also said the duct system in the attic to the purifying unit needs redone costs $2300 for everything.This not the first time they having been coming to my house to service the Carrier air conditioner for service for 7 years now and every time they come out it's the air filter needs replaced cost $120 or the UV lights need replaced costs $400. They were cancelled by me on 09-28-17 and I went with (((REDACTED))) A/C who is honest and dependable and responds immediately,either the same day or the following and gives much lower discounts on the air filter and UV tubes.By the way you can purchase the air filter unit for The purifier unit for only $36 online and 2 replacement UV tubes for $138 online( there costs $400). Every time Graham comes out they give you the advice that something else needs done or replaced in order to make their commission and doesn't take No for answer saying that they will call the Owner,Mike and give me a discount.When I called Graham and spoke to Mike about the incident he had know knowledge as to what was going on,I think the phone call from Peter to Mike never happened.I called Mike and complained the following day that his technician had left the panel screws to the UV lights stripped and the 2 UV lights in th cabinet were secured with duct tape not attached with screws like they were suppose to be.Reference your question as to the use of my credit card yes I have used several times in past inspections by Graham A/C but not this time because I refused service from Peter who said he would even finance the $2300 and install the 2 UV tubes for free.
Entity: Largo, Florida
2, Report #1159357
Jul 03 2014
12:00 PM
Graham Heating and AC A-1 Heating and Air Predatory Selling tacticts Largo Florida
I am writing this as a Predatory Selling experience with Graham Heating and Air Conditioning (11701 Belcher Road, Largo, FL 33773). My Aunt who is 79 years old signed a Service contract with them a few weeks ago to have her AC system serviced twice a year. On 6/27/2014 a Service Tech came to her home to perform the Bi-Yearly maintenance.  Her system is a 14 year old Trane 2.5 Ton 12 Seer unit. Here are the events that took place. The tech showed up approximately Noon on 6/27/2014, he began looking over the system and testing the Freon Load in the system. He began showing my aunt areas of concern, and told her the system was over 6lbs low on Freon. He stated the system holds 14lbs of Freon and she only had about 8lbs in the system. He proceeded to tell her that her Coil pack was leaking Freon and would need repair. After discussion with his Manager he said the repairs would cost close to $4000, he told my aunt that she could get a new system for $6764 (and this was taking into account a 20% discount for being a service customer, and he also said they wouldn’t charge tax). The system would have a 10 Year warranty on parts, a free 3 Year Service Contract and including the 3 Years she had already, she would have service for 6 years. At this point my aunt proceeded to call me, I spoke to the Tech and he explained all this to me. I live about 40 miles from my Aunt and couldn’t get down there at this immediate time to deal with this. I am not an AC guy so I listened to everything and at first it started to sound ok, but I was questioning (in my mind) why this was happening so fast. I told him ok, but I wanted to check with someone, so I called my son-in-law who works for an AC company local to me. My son-in-law told me if they were changing out everything (duct work, copper etc) this was a little high but not overly excessive. I called my Aunt back and the tech was still there, so I proceeded to question him on what exactly was being changed, the AC Unit (which would be a Carrier 2.5 Ton 13 Seer), the Air Handler and the Plenum Return unit, they would connect to the current duct work and copper. I told them ok, but still wanted to talk to my son-in-law. When I called my Aunt back that night she said she gave the Tech a deposit for $764 and before the tech left he told my Aunt he put 2lbs of Freon in, to keep the unit running, but he would be back on Monday to do the install. Now it was already later that evening but this sounded very suspicious to me at the speed they would get there and complete the install and the cost they were charging for the system. I was able to talk to my son-in-law later and asked him to visit my aunt’s house with me and check out the unit, so Saturday morning we went over to my aunt’s and looked over the system. My son-in-law took the covers off both the Air Handler and the Compressor unit, he looked over the entire unit. He said if there was leaking by the coil we would be able to see some oil and build up. There was none. He did find that a cap on a Freon line was missing and the valve stem on that open line was loose, he tightened that down and added a cap to it. He proceeded to calculate the amount of Freon the system holds, based on the labels on the unit (which I wasn’t aware, but the Handler and Compressor both state how much Freon they hold) and he measured the approximate length of the pipe, he said the system wouldn’t hold more than 10 ½ lbs of Freon. This contradicted what the other Tech had told us. He proceeded to ask my Aunt what the tech told him about the unit and she explained how he pointed out the oxidation of the Copper inside the Handler, the rust on the steel around the coil pack. I am not an AC guy but I know you are going to have some minimal amounts of this due to the condensation and this wasn’t excessive at all. We saw no oil or proof of a leak. The system was full of Freon at the point my son-in-law tested it. I asked my son-in-law to quote us the same unit and switch out that Graham A/C was quoting, and his quote (with no family discounts) would be $3700. I did confirm with another company that the same unit change out from them would be about $3900. After looking over the system though, checking everything, my son-in-law said there was nothing wrong with this system and it was fine. The current system is a Trane System manufactured late 1999 but it was a high end system for the time (my son told us) it is a 2.5 ton 12 Seer unit. The Graham A/C technician use the age of the system, some minor rust/oxidation and the vulnerability of an elderly female to make her feel insecure about her current Air Conditioner, doing so would have cost my Aunt close to $7000. This is a Predatory act and they should be held accountable for it.   Resolution: Upon dealing with this on Saturday, I proceeded to call Graham A/C and got an answering service. I left a message that we were cancelling the Service, the person took the message and said someone would get back to us. On Sunday we still hadn’t heard anything and called again, and left another message, they told us this time that no one would get the message until 8AM Monday Morning, yet the tech’s were scheduled to be there Monday Morning. So Monday I was on my way to my Aunts, when the Tech called me. I explained to him my findings, and he immediately got very defensive, I told him to cancel the order and we wanted the deposit check back. I stopped by the office and a different person brought me the check, they refused to talk to me about this situation but we did get our deposit back.
Entity: Largo, Florida
3, Report #1339390
Nov 22 2016
10:56 AM
1949 Elder Fraud, Beware Largo Florida
We wre unfortunate victims of these scammers. My elderly, confused father received a phone call from a salesman from this company offering a inspection for $39.95. The small AC unit for his bedroom had not been putting out enough cool air so he said OK. He told me he made an appointment for someone to come out when I was there without telling me it was a telemarketer.The salesman was almost an hour late so I left before he arrived. I told my 86 year-old father not to sign anything or give him any money and just get an estimate. Later that day he told me they needed to get a part and did not give him an estimate. 3 days later I came home to find him crying with a bill in his hand for $3755. Apparently the first day the salesman told him he needed all kinds of unnecessary work which he refused. He thought he just needed a part replaced. He asked my father for a credit card and asked him to sign a work order. My father signed it without looking at it becasue he is trusting and confused. The salesman then put in UV lights before he left the house that my father told him he did not want.When the repairman came out a few days later, he replaced a valve and told him that was all that was wrong with the system. My  father then saw the paperwork and saw what he had been charged.The bill is not itemized but shows they charged him for a lifetime warranty among other unwanted services. I called the company immediately to speak with the owner but he refused the conversation.I filed a report withthe BBB. The compant response was that children should stay out of their parent's business.The Attorney General is investigating.    
Entity: FL
4, Report #237700
Mar 01 2007
08:00 PM
Graham Holland Save your money. Graham Holland is a complete ripoff. Charlotte North Carolina
After responding to an ad in the newspaper, I met with Epsie Shapley and discussed the services this company has to offer. I was told that by hiring Graham Holland, I would never have to look in the paper or on the internet for a job. They were planning to build a campaign around me. Ms. Shapley told me that with my experience I should have no problem finding a job paying 6-figures in a few months. I paid this company $5,750.00 to help me find a new career. I was told this amount would cover the costs for services of assisting me in finding a job, negotiation of salary, and coaching for one year. Dale Fletcher was assigned to be my coach. I was provided with a 3-ring binder filled with copies of information they had printed off websites or obtained through some other means, but mostly not originating from this company. I spent a week completing an online questionnaire, another week creating my own resume, and one day in a classroom practicing interviewing skills. At this point, I was told that I was ready to launch my campaign. I was instructed to contact friends and other acquaintances who might know of a job opportunity suited for me. I was then told to search for jobs that interested me and send letters, make phone calls, etc. I soon realized that I was back where I started-searching for jobs on the internet and in the paper, which is what Ms. Shapley told me I would never do again. After realizing that I was the one spending all this time creating my resume and searching for jobs with no results, I began to wonder what services I had paid for. I expressed my concerns to Ms. Shapley with no resolution. Graham Holland is a company that I believe preys on people who are having difficulty in finding a job, and I sense that they take advantage of people in their late 40's and older, such as myself, who are trying to start over. The training and instructions I was provided with could have been covered in a one-day seminar at no more than around $300. I realize that this company claims that they are not an employment agency, but they verbally make you believe that they will find you a job. Save your money and steer clear of these people. Kevin Rock Hill, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: , Charlotte, North Carolina
5, Report #1356229
Feb 15 2017
12:17 PM
Graham Heating & Air conditioning Rude, pushy, and con man Largo Florida
 I received a call from Grahan Heating & Air and spoke to a woman who was polite and said the company was offering a special for checkup on units for $39.95, normally, it is almost $100. She went through a detailed list of everything the technician would do including a reusable filter, cleaning out the system with special products, etc, it all sounded ok so I set up an appointment with them. When the technician arrived, he wanted to reschedule because the building superintendent was at lunch and he needed to get on the roof. I asked if he could do all the other things, like change the filters, etc. first until the supervisor returned. He said. No, as he liked to start at the top and go in an order. I becMe suspicious. I was able to contact a board member who had a key so the technician (Peter) , board member, and my husband went on the roof. Evidently the Air conditioning unit was fine. When they came down to the apt., he looked at the furnace. I was in the other room and he was quoting prices of $8000 to my husband for a 14 seer unit that they only had 2 left and then the ones that are coming out soon will be a 16 seer that would be $12,000. I had no idea what he was talking about . He looked at the furnace and I told him I sometimes smell a gas smell in that closet. He said the furnace was not working and no heat was coming out and we needed a new unit. Then he proceeded to tell me about the 14 and 16 seer units and we needed one right away because ours was dangerous. I said to Peter to just do what we hired him to do that day because we were not in a position to mKe a quick decision without consulting our 90 year old aunt. She lives with you, he said. I told him she did and we are not spending her $ or ours until we discuss this further. So I said please just give us the new filter etc. He said goodbye because he didn't want to be responsible for any work done on it that wasn't safe and would make him liable and he wasn't charging us and said good bye and ran out the door. Beware of being conned by this company. We have someone else coming who is trustworthy coming to check out the unit.
Entity: Largo, Florida
6, Report #743276
Jun 20 2011
11:40 PM
Black & Graham Carl Graham If you are female, especially a female military wife do not file with Carl Graham Colorado Springs, Colorado
If you are female, especially a military wife or former, be really clear of what type of lawyer you choose to represent you.  This individual was great the very first meeting and over 3-4 month period, he took $5000 from me, an entirely different individual at all the other meetings I had with him, and he bailed the day of the temporary maintenance hearing so as far as I was concerned achieved nothing but he got richer.  We did not see eye to eye but it was more I was treated like a 2nd class citizen.  His meetings with me were amazing.  I got lectured and he would just roll over on anything the other side was requesting without giving me any options.  His para-legal was awesome but as far as the lawyer.....Do not use the lawyerratingz or lawyerratings, they do not allow you to put anything negative under the name if its already posted on their site, what is that all about? Do the lawyers pay to be on that site so they can control what is put beside their name? Female Former Military Wife Colorado Springs, Colorado
Entity: Colorado Springs, Colorado
7, Report #342788
Jun 21 2008
07:06 PM
G & C Heating And Air- Bill Graham BAD customer service - will not complete job after getting paid!!!! Clark New Jersey
this business has horrible customer service- will not return my calls and will not complete a job that has been paid for in full...unit that was installed was installed incorrectly..... Kimber**** clark, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Clark, New Jersey
8, Report #1041476
Apr 07 2013
02:32 PM
Nasir Driicky Graham Driicky Graham A No Show For His Concert Without Cause Irvington, New Jersey
Just one week after rapper Driicky Graham and his new management breached their contract with Live Nation by advertising an unauthorized after party in the Philadelphia Area, Mr. Graham was a no show for his April 6th engagement.  The event scheduled for Saturday April 6th in Tri-Cities, WA was without a headline act due to the Mr. Graham and his management's unwillingness to board their flights Saturday morning.  Neither Mr. Graham nor his manager Melvin Official Watson cared to board their flights in order to make the scheduled performance engagement. Mr. Graham made no attempt to reschedule or offer an reasons or solutions for not following through on his contractual obligations to show up and perform in Tri-Cities, WA on Saturday, April 6th.  Mr. Graham did however take the time weeks prior to record and send his audio invitation to the event naming the city and date inviting listeners to come see him.  The audio invitation was used on hundreds of FM radio commercials to promote the event, paid for by the event promoters.   Mr. Graham and his management were completely aware of their contract obligations and the details of the event at which Driicky Graham was to headline on the night of Saturday, April 6th 2013. 
Entity: Irvington, New Jersey
9, Report #1200808
Jan 10 2015
08:34 PM
Shannon Graham Life Coach Scam Shannon Graham Can't turn anyone into a millionare...scrub Los Angeles Internet
I contacted Shannon Graham, the Life Coach because I wanted to be a millionare. Correction, GOING to be a millionare $! I clearly let him knew I had to achieve this goal within 6 months or I wanted a full refund. If he was a real life coach, surely he would be able to mentor me into achieving my financial dreams, right? Instead he told me some I need to focus on myself, take time to meditate/exercise, and repairing my relationship with my estranged tell me how does that get me to the big bucks; I've never seen no one get rich doing situps. Anyway he told me he coudnt take me on as a client and because of this I want the world to know he's no good.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1141913
Apr 26 2014
01:47 PM
Graham Chiropratic Dr Michael Graham Bad Business Practices - Send You A Bill 3 Years Later for Supposed Service Blue Springs Missouri
Received a bill for $75 the first time April 2014 to my minor daughter for supposed service performed  July 2011. Really?  3 Years Later You Do Your Billing?  What a scam artist - i don't even know if we had service on that date yet now they are sending certified letters for $75 -- I'll pay the bill but the world needs to know this place is a joke! Stay away so they don't try to rip you off three years later. 
Entity: Blue Springs, Missouri
11, Report #437851
Mar 26 2009
09:34 AM
Graham Noble & Associates tried to intimidate me with jail and wage garnishment into paying on a settled debt Buffalo New York
My mom called me on monday, march 23rd, 2009 saying that she had just gotten a message on her home line from an investigator with bexar county (county where my parents live) trying to get ahold of me regarding a case and left a case number and phone number where he could be reached. i of course was baffled as to what it could pertain to, so i called and a girl answered, Graham Noble and Associates. i explained what my mom had told me, and gave the extension, X177, and was connected with John Edwards. Mr Edwards then proceded to tell me that there was pending legal action against me in bexar county from a credit card company that i used to have, haven't had in over 5 years. he told me that the debt was for $4300. i of course was absolutely speechless at this and in the course of our conversation, he threatened that if i let this matter go unresolved, they would put a judgement against me in which they would send sheriffs to my job and home to serve me with papers and force me to appear, and the judgement after all was said and done would total over 10K. they would then seize my car, my checking/savings account, garnish my wages, and put a lien against/suspend any professional licenses i have. through this all he is talking down to me, belittleing me, pressuring me to make a payment. i asked what kind of settlement he was talking about. he said if i got on a payment plan now, they'd forgive the debt down to $2200, if i didn't make a payment today, they'd seek the full amount, and if i let it go to court, it'd be over $10,000, to which i offered a $50 initial payment and then monthly payments after that, and he actually laughed at me and told me that anything less than at least $525 right now would not be accepted. he pressured me to call family, friends, take out loans, anything to get the money. after a while, i told him i'd call him back, and as soon as i got off the phone with him, i THANK MY LUCKY STARS i had a copy of my credit reports from all 3 credit reporting agencies. all three of them showed that the account was closed around December 2003, and settled in April 2006. after going through some of my old papers, i found a settlement letter that i had received from the credit card company to which my dad paid the settlement, and wrote the amount, date and check number on the paper. i called mr edwards back to let him know about this fact. i asked him to verify the address of the original creditor and he said the address was in universal city, tx. BOGUS, the company is in south dakota, my PARENTS live in universal city. i told him about the credit reporst i was looking at saying the debt was settled and he got all irate and told me that i had to fax all this info to him before he'd believe it. so i faxed him the credit report info with all the pertinent info highlighted (everything else covered up of course!!!) that night and called him the next morning. he said he did have the fax, but they were with administration and he was just waiting to get them and review them, he'd call me back. rest of the day went on, no response. the next morning around 930 i get a call from a blocked caller id number, and it's ANOTHER guy calling about the bill, doesn't identify himself, just that the info i faxed him was not for the account they're trying to collect on, it's from the same company, but apparently i had 2 cards with them. i said how can that be, if one is on my credit report, how come the other card from the same company isn't on there? he said that by law all entries pertaining to the lawsuit have to be removed from my report 366 days before the judgement so that's why its not on there. we argued back and forth for a while, he kept asking how i wanted to resolve this, all the while threatening me with jail, wage garnishment, and everything else mr edwards had threatened me with. i told him that mr edwards wouldn't let me resolve it for anything less than $525, and he immediately asked what i could afford. i told him i had offered $50 and he asked how i wanted to set that up. THANKFULLY i didn't give him any of my info and after more arguing and him telling me i was a deadbeat irresponsible child who should take responsibility for my actions and pay my debts instead of charging up other folks money and then not being mature about it. i told him to go get bent and hung up on him. After a few minutes he called me back and introduced himself as the deadbeat who has a job and pays his bills, trying to get into it with me. i hung up on him again, and immediately hit the internet, first tracking down who owns the fax number, then searching for Graham Noble and Associates and i found report after report after report of intimidation, threatening messages left for family members, people having money taken out of their bank account unauthorized. i am so glad i did find out that i'm not the only person that they try to scam. IF YOU DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS WHO SEARCH PUBLIC RECORDS AND MAKE UP CASES TO INTIMIDATE PEOPLE INTO PAYING TOWARDS SOMETHING THAT DOESNT EXIST. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION, INCLUDING BANK/CREDIT CARD INFO. Laaambert Midland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Buffalo, New York
12, Report #775343
Sep 10 2011
09:57 PM
This woman goes by many aliases and posts her classified in many different pet/sales websites.her story and email addresses vary,but she generally says she is leaving the country and wants to find a good home for her pets(in my case 13week old sphynx kittens 1male 1 female)..she says she does not want any money for them and only asks that you pay for shipping the kitten(sometimes she asks for you to cover the medical expenses instead of the shipping story)..she sends pics of the kittens( or whatever other animal she posts).asks you questions about how well the animal will be taken care of and really pulls you in.then she asks for you to transfer money to her so she can ship the animal.most of the time she wants western union.when you offer c.o.d,or any safe method of payment she will give you some story about why this will not work in her case.BEWARE that she will go as far as to tell you to make and pay for all the shipping arrangements if you are worried about beingscammed..she does this as a last stitch effort to reel you in so you are invested and excited to get your pet.what happens next varies,but is always some reason the pet did not make it on the flight and why you need to send more money to get your pet shipped(i.e.,pet needs shots,special meds,ect.)..bottom line is no matter what the story you get this is a HUGE SCAM you WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR PET!!!!i just hope that someone reads this in time to avoid getting scammed,not to mention getting your heart broken,like i did..good luck and always do your research when buying from a breeder don't take their word for it!
Entity:, Internet
13, Report #175068
Feb 06 2006
08:41 PM
Graham Distributing ripoff gave me credit 12-17-05 then said Iwas a bit retarded so no credit Loveland Ohio
Salesman came back talked to my father about it. My father said to talk to me,I'm 30yrs old and got it for my mothers late Christmas,the kirby sweeper. The credit is ok cause I have no credit,mean while my father told him to leave 5 times nicely, he wouldn't He just came into house,w asn't invited, when he wouldn't leave father grabbed his jacket and forced him to the door onto the outside then he grabbed my father's cane and started pounding his hand against the door way with both hands and broke fathers finger, had to have pins put in,the president of graham said the reason my credit was took away cause I'm a touch retarded ???????? Steven Piketon, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Loveland, Ohio
14, Report #295636
Dec 30 2007
10:22 AM
Graham Aluminum & Home ImprovementGraham Aluminum & Home Improvement Upgraded Screened in Room and we continue to have problems with a leaky roof Lakeland Florida
In May of 2007, we contacted Graham Aluminum to increase the size of our Screened in Room. Our existing room was 20x10 and we had them increase the size to 20x20. Since they have done the work we continue to have problems with leaks in our roof. We have had them out on 9 occassions and we just discovered that once again we have a leak in the roof therefore they will have to come out again to address the issue. While they do come out anyone reading this can appreciate the continued frustration my wife and I have with this situation. We have asked to speak to the owner of Graham Aluminum regarding this and he continues to ignore our request. The individual responsible for coming out and performing the repairs has stated on more then one occassion that the problems we are experiencing are because of the approach that was taken in putting the roof on the screened in room. Rather then making it long panels Graham Aluminum chose to connect the new roof panels to the existing roof panels. I have requested that they completely replace the roof but they continue to attempt to patch the roof and to date we continue to experience leaks. I have also opened up a case with the Bettter Business Bureau on this. I would warn anyone that they should ask for references before they ever hire Graham Aluminum to do any of their Home Improvement work. Stanley Auburndale, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
15, Report #224236
Dec 07 2006
02:44 PM
AMDN ripoff asked for a payment of $20.00 for sweepstakes winning in the amount of $2,023,412.00 Graham Washington
i was ripped in for $20.00 and told I would win $2,023,412.00 i feel as though this is happening to a lot of people. i think that it's terrible and i have been looking at other reports i'm not the only one. Douglas Middletown, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: Graham, Washington
16, Report #267435
Aug 14 2007
01:07 PM
AMDN ripoff Told me to send them $35.00 and I would get a $36,263,112.00 Graham Washington
Report a rip off stating I woud win millions if I sent them $35.00 Laurie Medfield, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Graham, Washington
17, Report #639979
Sep 12 2010
09:05 PM
Don't Use Willis Heating & Air Conditioning:I had a contact for service with Willis Heating & Air Conditioning, and I got ripped off.Here is the story:After having to wait almost four week to have Willis do a yearly check up on my Heat Pump Unit, which is far to long to have to wait since I have had the contact for over two years. This is just the beginning of there very poor customer service. So finally the date rolls around and I get a call very early in the morning asking me if I would be willing to give up my service date to someone who's A/C went out needed emergency service and the weather was almost 90 degrees.  If it were me I would want someone to do the same so I did, and let them have the service date, putting my date off till that coming Saturday, which would have been Labor Day Weekend. You know how hot it had gotten then.When the service man came on Saturday morning he began to check the system and told me there was nothing he could do because the hose to the unit had freeze up, and had to be thawed. He said that might take about 8-12 hours and then he could check the system. I told him okay and when would he be back to recheck the unit, then he told me Tuesday, after the Holiday.  I thought he had to be kidding, so I had him call his H.Q. And put a manager on the phone. Well, it turns out not one of Willis's manager was on duty or on call. So I was completely S.O.L.. Yes I was Mad, because I did what I think was a noble deed, and the people at Willis could care less. The person the service guy and I later called was name Bonnie or Brenda. She was as cold hearted about my situation as a cold hearted person could be. She did not care and basically let me know it was not her problem.Even when I told her I had a kid in the house, and a wife with diabetes, she still acted totally unconcerned. She would not even consider doing the same for me as I did for another  of there customers. I was then forced to call one of there competitors and they did everything they could to fix my situation, including sending a man out on Sunday to see if they could fix the problem. This company also call me me Saturday night to make certain I knew they were coming and to let me know they had created a spot for me in there schedule. They took the time to care enough and they acted like they wanted my business and had very good customer service.They came Sunday, and it turned out that I was just low on Coolant and it was an easy quick fix. I WAS FEELING COOL AIR AGAIN, by mid afternoon. This company  even called me later that night to double check to see that everything was okay. They also called again Monday afternoon to check in again. You can be certain that this up and coming business will get my business from now on. Worst of all Willis still owes me the remainder of my service contract with them.I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH WILLIS HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING.  Maybe they have gotten so big that they are no longer worried about there customers and keeping good customer relations.I call them Tuesday, and spoke to a manager that gave me a few apology's but no future remedy. Even worse I have not heard a word back from them about the whole situation. THEY REALLY JUST DON'T CARE !!!!If you want good service go to anyone, but Willis H/AC. They are the WORST !!!!
Entity: CINCINNATI, Ohio
18, Report #210552
Sep 12 2006
08:41 AM
Texas Heating & Air Conditioning is a ripoff San Antonio Texas
My air conditioning stopped blowing cold air and it was 100 degrees outside so I called Texas Heating & Air Conditioning because they had a Better Business Bureau symbol in their ad in SWB Yellow Pages. Boy, was that wrong. They sent out a part owner of the company, Joe Kelly, to diagnose the problem on Monday. He stated there was a leak in the coil and it needed to be replaced and quoted me a price of $1250 but he suggested I have the entire air handler replaced for $3000. I said I just wanted the coil replace since the unit is only 6 years old. He called his office (supposedly) in front of me and he said they assured him they had a replacement coil and it could be replaced the next day, Tuesday, so a 6 pm appt was set. I gave him my credit card number and he proceeded to leave. 30 minutes later I receive a call from Matthew Boyd, Operations Manager, who states the coil for my unit is no longer made and there is no way to get a replacement for it but they, again, could replace the entire air handler approx $3000 or get an after-market coil that would not fit my Trane unit exactly but they could make it work with modifications to the unit. But that would cost me an extra $129. I told them to get after-market coil so it could be fixed the next day at the 6 pm appt. Matt agreed. That evening, on Monday, we recieved another call from Liz this time saying that there is no way the tech would have time to install the coil at 6 pm appt and someone would have to be there by 3 pm or the coil would not be installed on Tuesday. After broiling in 100 degree heat we made arrangements for my wife to take off work 1/2 day to be there at 3 pm. Liz told me when I asked her that it 100% would be installed at that time. Alex showed up Tuesday with my wife at home and proceeded to tell her he had to take the old coil out and then take it so he could find one to match. He took our coil and left us with nothing and said he would be back later. Elva then calls me on my cell approx 5pm and says Alex cannot find another coil and but they could still replace the air handler for $3000 that same day but we would not have a new coil that day. Mind you, it is sweltering inside our house all this time. Upset, I grill her as to why this coil was not located before Alex came out and she said he did not know the size until he could take it. Trane has no spec sheets??? She asks if I want to order the coil from Houston or install the air handler, I tell her to order the coil. Next day, Wednesday, in the am I get a call from Matt who states they have the coil and will be out to install it. Coil is installed and it works for 2 days, then a/c is not blowing cold anymore. On Friday, they send out a tech, Mark, to recharge the system but cannot find the leak. At this point I think the leak was never in the coil in the first place. Tech tells me freon will run out in a couple days but call back on Sunday and they will call him to come out and recharge it. States there will be someone there answering the phone. Freon runs out on Saturday night so I call all day on Sunday and no one answers. Call on Monday in the am and same tech, Mark, is sent out, recharges system but still cannot find the leak. Call office to be sure someone is sent out on Tuesday to finally fix the problem and Alex is sent. Comes in with preconceived idea leak has to be in the lines. Checks all over and says cannot find leak anywhere so must be in the lines, calls office and they now want $1000 to replace the lines. He had told me about a pressure test and I told him I wanted that done before I commit to anything else so I know exactly where leak is. I prepping for this test, after cutting the lines to the coil upstairs, Alex notices a sound coming from the compressor. We locate the leak at the connection going into compressor. I ask him if this can be repaired and he says no, must replace entire compressor, call office for price, approx $4000, in addition to what we already paid for the coil, which by now is obvious, had no leak and did not need replacement. Told Alex wanted to get some other prices, he calls office and Matt tells him not to re-connect the a/c lines or recharge system unless I agree to have them install compressor. I tell Alex to get his ____ out of my house. I get recommendation from my work for a guy and he comes out next day and proceeds to re-connect coil, re-solder where the leak is to stop the leak and put teflon tape where that connection goes into the compressor. Total cost-$150. Texas Heating & Air Conditioning is either totally dishonest or totally inept and if they are in the a/c business-no one is that inept at every level. There is no way I would ever suggest anyone ever do business with this company. These people will steal you blind. First they replaced a coil I am convinced did not need replacing, especially since they refused to return my original coil to me and several requests. $1300 lost. Then they wanted to replace the lines even though they did not know if there was a leak in them or not. Potentially $1000 lost. Finally, they wanted to replace a compressor that only needed a minor repair to a connection. Another $4000 potentially lost. If Texas Heating & Air Conditioning had their way, it would have cost me approx $6300 for a repair I had done for $150. That is stealing!! David San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
19, Report #725540
May 04 2011
11:04 AM
A C Heating and Air Frank Folio geothermal heating unreliable no-show deceptive , Internet
a/c heating and airconditioning co installed a geothermal heating and cooling system in my new home. They did not show up when they said they would on numerous ocasions and when they did show they would only work 2 - 3 hours and leave. The owner Frank Folio told me to call when the roof was on the house and he would start the ductwork. He came and started the work and was hit and miss for the next 2 months, on a job he said would only take 3 -4 days. The main trunk lines should have been installed in the 24 floor trusses but because of his delay, the main trunk lines had to be installed on ceiling. This was an additional expense for me because a bulkhead had to be built. The unit didn't work properly becaust Frank programed the thermostat wrong(mistakes hapen),it took a couple of weeks to get him out to fix it. I called Frank to come and hook up the HWG portion of the unit (It took weeks to get a hold of him), he said he would be out on Monday. Monday came but Frank didn't. I called him repeatedly over the next 3 weeks and left messages with no reply. I called one morning and left a message using a curse word calling him a name, He returned that call saying he was done with me and my job and not to call him agian. Its funny he can't return a call when you talk civil to the man but he sure can when you call him a &$#!#$%.
Entity: Internet, Internet
20, Report #1277339
Dec 31 2015
07:00 PM
Sound Heating and A/C Run.... do not walk away from Sound Heating Puyallup Washington
n December of 2011 I moved into a newly constructed home. I had a York Heater and Heat Pump installed. I moved in and had heat so I did not have any concerns, however in July 2012 when things started to warm up I turned on the air conditioner and it did not work. So I called Sound whom the builder (Paul Lubbesmeyer) had contracted with to put in the heating system and they came out and detected that they HAD FAILED TO HOOKED UP THE HEATER TO THE HEAT PUMP AND COMPLETTE THE WIRING JOB….. So I had been running on emergency heat from the time I moved in to the home at a considerably higher cost for a period of 7 months! Keep this date in mind because it reflects that my Heat Pump has been in operation only 3 years and 5 months and has had 2 repairs ($1000+) in that time period. They spend most of the day hooking up the system at no charge to me. I thought that was the end of my problems…. That was not to be…... In April 2015 – I had issues with heat and Sound came out and made the repairs. At that time I began to get concerns regarding the heating issues I was having and mentioned to the technician that maybe I had a “lemon” system. He quickly brushed me off and stated it was a minor issue. In August 25 2015- I was having cooling problems so out Sound Heating comes and they determined that “door tab to the dead man switch was bent and repaired the tab” Devin Morris (who is no longer with the company) did the service. He also completed a fall service. I thought I was good to go for the winter, but that was not to be. Fast forward to Friday the day after Christmas 2015, when I came home from Yoga, I noticed that the house was cold…. Called sound heating and they told me to put on the emergency heat and call Monday for an appointment….and reviewed their exorbitant charges to come out for a diagnostic….. At that point I was not about to have these fools nowhere near my heating system as they had proven their incompetence over and over again. I called Sunset air and a technician (Justin) came out and explained that a coil tube was busted off. He stated there was no lowside pressure. He also stated that he had never seen it installed in the way it was and indicated that it was not done right. I was told that the part was under warranty…. However the repair was time consuming and that I was looking in the neighborhood of $1000+ …. This in a heat pump that had been in operation for 3.5 years! This was the 2nd Heat pump repair in less than 2 years as I had previously had a Heat Pump repair done by Sound Heating in 2014 with a cost of about $1000 after being told that the heap pump was under warranty but the repair was labor intensive and therefore costly….. They stated 2 wires were stuck together and had shorted out. When I asked them why that happen, they stated…. Oh that is just the way your heat pump was wired. You just happen to get a heat pump that had two wires that were close together….. At this point I called Sound heating and requested a “Startup Sheet” from Bret Irwin in service which is a record of all of the repairs done and installations with all of the pressures from Sound Heating beginning with the initial installation as I thought that I had a “lemon heater and heat pump”. I also contacted the Washington State Service Manager Chan Unruh @ ***-392-1567. He was referred to me by the York customer service division @ 1-888-524-2258 as I could not believe a Heating system so new would be having all of these problems and needing repairs….. I also booked an appointment for Sunset Air return to do a thorough forensic analysis and post mortem of my heating system on Thursday December 31, 2015 @ 8am. Les Robertson (Energy Analyst) came out this morning for about 1.5 hours to assess the heater and heat pump. Sunset Air while sympathetic will not initiate the repairs due to potential liability issues and the possibility that Sound Heating would not take responsibility for their work. He told me I had picked the highest quality system and that he doubted that the issues were due to a “lemon heater and heat pump”. He took a bunch of pictures and will consult with the experts @ his company. He also told me any warranty should start not from the date the unit was installed; but not hooked up (2011)…. But from the date that the system was hooked up and operational which was 7/21/2012 and all charges related to any work should have been under warranty for both parts and labor from 7/21/12 – 7/21/13. I have the receipt that states the system was not hooked up…. To quote the repair note “customer had no cooling and only running on emergency heat…. The outdoor unit was not wired up and indoor unit never went through startup” “pressure tested, leak checked Vac’d to 300 miceoig?, unit was started in coding worked fine, heating is also working normal”…. On December 29, 2015 I again called service and spoke with Bret Irwin in service. I again requested a “startup sheet” from Sound heating. He told me that the company had “lost” the startup information on my York Heather and Heat Pump and that it was not available to me. He then asked me what did I want that information for? Does this sound like a company who has something to hide from their customers? What are they afraid might be discovered…. He then went on to state I would get farther with sound heating if I were nice to them vs being frustrated…. Now the company is telling the customer they have victimized to “be nice” or what…… Conclusion: In summary I have requested a “startup” sheet to determine if my equipment is defective or if the repairs done were done in an incompetent way and have been denied this information. Please note that there have been multiple other repairs I have not listed but that Sound Heating is refusing to provide the “startup” sheet so that I can exam the nature of the repairs and consult with York customer service to determine if my equipment is defective at this point. Therefore I will be posting this document on a regular basis to Yelp, google, Angles list, Facebook and twitter and on the Sound Heating website to WARN consumers of their gross incompetence in regard to services rendered in my new home. I will also be sending a copy to my builder (Paul Lubbesmeyer) who made the decision to use this company. I will also be filing a claim with the Better Business Bureau and the Washington State Attorney general’s office. I will pursue this with York customer service and the NW Washington State Service manager, as they need to take responsibility for the type of companies that they select to do business with. I will follow up with consumer affairs in Washington State. I will also seek out media attention to assist me and warn other people about unscrupulous business practices such as Sound Heating. I would urge people to go online and do a thorough review of Sound Heating and you will see that my experience is not unique, but reflects a pattern on poor customer service, repeat repairs and incompetence.
Entity: Puyallup, Washington
21, Report #146370
Jun 15 2005
10:29 PM
Airpros Heating And Cooling ripped me off sold me a used heating and cooling unit that does not work RIPOFF Douglas Georgia
I malcolm Jones bought a heating an cooling unit from Airpros heating and cooling in douglas georgia in the early month of November 2004. I did not use the cooling unit it was cold. In the early month of April I tried to use the cooling and it did not work. I called Airpros several times to no response. Then after about 3 weeks of calling I found out that the owner who's name is Brian worked at East Central technical college as a instructor in Douglas and I called there and left a message. He sent a guy out by the name of Mike Taylor whom told me that it would cost me $700.00 to get it fixed I paid them $620.00 for the unit which I never used the cooling I was told by them that the heating and cooling worked. Mike Taylor stated that the compressor was gone. He also told me that he would get back in touch with me when he talked to Brian who is the owner. After 3 days without response I called again. I told Mike that I was going to the magistarted court to find out what I can do about what happen because I never used the cooling and its torn up. He asked me if I had home owners insurance that they could file it on my insurance. Brian called me back after Mike told him I was going to the courts he said that he couldn't replace it all because it would cost about $700.00 but he would work with me and it would cost me $250.00 I was willing to work with him. Brian has failed to return my calls. It's been almost 2 months now without cooling and I can't get no response from him. I know two other people having the same trouble with their air. Michelle H. and Georgia J. Brian's number is 912-381-2085 all you get is the answer machine. You leave a message and they still don't get back to you. If you could please help it would greatly be appericated. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Malcolm willacoochee, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Douglas, Georgia
22, Report #617380
Jun 25 2010
05:06 AM
Affordable Air Heating & Air Conditioning Stevens, Patrick Daniel Affordable Air Heating & A/C in Bellingham WA Ripped me off!!! Ferndale, Washington
I  use this guy to install a furnace and 1 week later the furnace stoped working. I tried calling Patrick the owner of Affordbale Air Heating and could not get a hold of him for over a month. I finally called another company and I had to pay them over $500 to get it fixed. They even told me that the furnace was not installed to code and it had many fire hazards to the installation. SCARY!!   I looked up his name with L&I and found out he closed his ild company and started Affordable Air Heating... I wonder how many people are looking for you??   here is his info of LNI site: If you use him make sure you get his current insurance & bond information. Business and Licensing Information Name Affordable Air Htg & A/C Phone No. (360) 298-3143 Address 6196 Apollo Dr Suite/Apt. City Ferndale State Wa Zip 98248 County Whatcom Business Type Individual Parent Company UBI No. 603006021 Status Unused Other Associated Licenses License Name Type Specialty 1 Specialty 2 Effective Date Expiration Date Status INDOOCH923PM Indoor Comfort Heating Construction Contractor Heating/Vent/Air-Conditioning And Refrig (Hvac/R) Unused 10/14/2008 10/14/2010 Relicensed Business Owner Information     Hide All Name Role Effective Date Expiration Date Stevens, Patrick Daniel Owner 04/06/2010 Bond Information Bond Bond Company Name Bond Account Number Effective Date Expiration Date Cancel Date Impaired Date Bond Amount Received Date 1 American Contractors Indem CO 100119981 04/06/2010 Until Cancelled     $6,000.00 04/06/2010 Assignment of Savings Information    No records found for the previous 6 year period Insurance Information Insurance Company Name Policy Number Effective Date Expiration Date Cancel Date Impaired Date Amount Received Date 1 Austin Mutual Ins. Co. BP1726256 04/06/2010 04/06/2011     $1,000,000.00 04/06/2010  
Entity: Ferndale, Washington
23, Report #817552
Jan 03 2012
08:13 PM
vans heating and cooling Direct heating and cooling ITS ALL A LIE cape coral, Florida
Entity: cape coral, Florida
24, Report #217851
Oct 26 2006
05:34 PM
Jacki Bernadette She sold me a saint bernard puppy with out papers and we believe that our puppy had a defect Graham Washington
I bought a saint bernard puppy from jacki for $600.00 dollars she told me that i had got a great deal but when my saint bernard jake was only five months old he dropped over dead in his sleep, for absoulutly no reason like he had a heart problem or some thing .he was always very calm and mellow he didn't move much but we thought it was because he was so big. for the entire five months i called her every week for the papers but she never answerd my calls and she never called me back, and i never recieved the papers. I think she does this to a lot of people and that she needs to be stopped. My and I were very hurt when our dog jake died. we were planning to use him as a stud to our female papered saint bernard. thank god we do now have a new stud but it does not change what this lady did to all of us. Leann spanaway, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Graham, Washington
25, Report #334476
May 23 2008
10:33 AM
Graham, Noble And Asoociates A man calling himself Investigator Bernstein called me and informed me that I owed a debt and if I didn't make a decision right this minute to resolve I would have a sheriff at my door the next day. Buffalo, New York
A man calling himself Investigator Bernstein called me and informed me that I owed a debt and if I didn't make a decision right this minute to resolve I would have a sheriff at my door the next day with a court order and I would be sued. This man knew information from my credit report and I did have an account with the people he as talking about so I believed him. I have been sending 100.00 a month through Money Gram for the past four- five months. I found out about this because I was trying to call to give my monthly tracking numbers and the number that I was given was no longer working so I googled Graham, Noble and Associates and all these article came up. Thank goodness I don't have a bank account or any credit cards for them to take anymore of my money. Please let me know if any legal action is going to be taken against these people. Megan Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Graham Noble And Associates, New York

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