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1, Report #668706
Dec 06 2010
05:56 PM
Great American Readers Rip off Bloomindale, Minnesota
This company is a total rip off. I got sucked into this on the phone, promised 5 magazines and a $1000 shopping spree for initially $49.00/month for 20 months, then rediced to $39. 20 months. So i figuired 40 time 20 is $800. I would be getting 5 magazines of my choice for 4 years plus $1000 to spend for free. First the magazines. They give you a list of magazines to choose from, none of which are great. They suggest 5 but I did not want any of the five so listed my own 5 . I start receiving the magazines and they are their chioces not mine. Now the $1000 shopping spree. They make you go to selectyour The gift selection here is terrible. So I order some stuff small stuff that can fit in a medium size box for shipping. I later find out that the shipping cost for this one box is $152. I call them and complain but the form I filled out says these are shipping costs as incredible as that seems. I will try to deny payment with my bank but doubt I can do anything to stop these charges.
Entity: Bloomindale, Minnesota
2, Report #1339659
Nov 23 2016
08:36 PM
Great American Readers FRAUD Bloomington Nationwide
I received a phone call from a woman telling me I won $250 in giftcards and that I just had to order some magazines that would be lower then in store. I was distracted, and she wouldn't stop calling. Like many others, I just wanted to get off the phone. I intended to cancel in the next day or two. I did not receive any magazines and I forgot. Then I started to get tons of tons!!! And started to get charged 49.90. Today I searched online to see if I could cancel online and all I found were complaint sites and fraud sites full of stories, EXACTLY like mine. I can't believe no one can stop these people, or that no one has stepped in to help. WOW.  I guess all I can do is cancel my cards and prepare for the credit collector calls. And to give all the credit agency's a heads up. I will not let these scammers win! KARMA.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #567473
Feb 10 2010
02:20 PM
Great American Readers, LLC I was mislead by Great American Readers Bloomington, Minnesota
I was also mislead by Great American Readers, LLC.  I was frustrated and at a dead end, when the company would not let me cancel my account by phone so, I thought I would look the company up online and see if they had a website I could communicate with. Much to my surprise I found this website. I read every review and began to feel more and more angry that I was scammed and I wasn't sure how to get out of this mess, just like every other person who filed a complaint.  I took the advise from another complaint and filed my own report with the Better Business Bureau. After filing the complaint, I thought I would give the company one more chance to make everything right so, I called them.  This phone call was going the same as all the others.  They took my name and said a manager would call me back in few days.  At this I had had it.  I very calmly told the girl on the phone that I had investigated the company and found out that they do this exact tactic to all their clients and I had filed a report with the Better Business Bureau and I was also recording the phone conversation for the scam segment on the 10:00 evening news and if I didn't have success with this phone call I would also call the Attorney General after hanging up with them.  At this point the girl put me on hold for a few seconds.  Upon returning the girl very politely said your money will be returned to your account and that it has been cancelled. I want say Thank You to this website and all of you who filed a complaint.  You gave me the courage to stand up to this company.  I am very gratefull!
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota
4, Report #595727
Apr 23 2010
05:41 AM
Great American Readers, LLC BEWARE - RIPOFF - POSSIBLE SCAM Bloomington, Minnesota
Beware of a possible scam with magazine sales through a company called Great American Readers. My husband and I are buying a house so when my husband received a call on his cell phone from Jason offering him a $1000 online shopping spree, he wasn't thinking scam; he was thinking of what we wanted to buy for our new house.  He agreed verbally on the call that was being recorded to ordering 5 years worth of magazines for $49.90 per month for 20 months.  After that there would be no other fees/charges.  The voucher for his shopping spree would be sent within the next few days via regular mail. When he came home and told me, I of course thought scam and stated that we didn't need 5 years worth of magazines.  Also our house inspector had just provided us with up to $2000 worth of discounts from Home Depot and Lowes so we didn't need the online shopping spree either. The first charge of $49.90 showed up in my online bank account and with it there was a toll free number. When I called that to cancel the order I was told I was not authorized and my husband had to give me authorization. My husband called in asked to have me added and then stated he wanted to cancel. He was told a supervisor would call back. That night we got a call from Brad Truax (x4169) the supervisor. My husband was not home so Brad talked to me and this began the drama over us not being allowed to cancel this order. Brad gave me the spiel about having made a commitment to order, blah, blah, blah and finally I told him to answer yes/no..was he telling me we could not cancel and the answer was no.  I had to give him all my reasons for cancelling and listen to his sales spiel several times before we got to this point and then he stated that he needed to talk to my husband since he evidently wanted this offer. When my husband came home he called Brad and left a message. Brad called back and it all began again. We stated that a reputable company would have no issue cancelling, etc. etc.. Finally we put him on speaker and he let us know that he would work us a better deal (cutting the payments by half per month) and indicated my husband was not a man of his word and that legally we could not cancel. I advised we'd go to our attorney and BBB and would call him back. I also confirmed that if we proceeded we could make one lump payment and change our magazine selections and those were all okay. I then read another report on this website and am so thankful I did!!!  I opened a complaint with BBB and didn't realize that within 3 days they contact the company and then the company has 10 days to respond. I saw that over 100 complaints have been filed against this company and that many had been closed.  All I wanted was to cancel this order. I left a message at this company's voice mail indicating I wanted to cancel and had filed with BBB and woud be contacting the attorney general. When I received no return call my husband called in with this information and the person he spoke to, Theresa stated we didn't need to do all that and cancelled the order. She stated it was cancelled and a refund form would be sent for the one payment already taken. My husband called back to get a confirmation number which they did not provide but again confirmed cancellation.  Sad that we had to go this far to cancel an order within 5 days of talking to this company. I see this morning that there is a pending credit against our account so it would appear no refund form was needed.  BBB has contacted the company as well so who knows. I also cancelled my husband debit card and ordered a new one since they have this information on their file and I don't trust them. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!  One final note....we did receive the paperwork for the voucher the day we talked to Brad and the form that you had to sign and return to get you $1000 shopping spree states that you agree to the terms and conditions of the contract (20 consecutive payments of 49.90) and I am satisfied with the manner it was sold.  That to me is binding and there was no way we were signing that so we would never have gotten our spree any way. Also, nowhere on this paperwork is there any mention of a cancellation policy (nothing saying we could or couldn't). The fact that we went through all this just to cancel smacks of fraud to me and I advise everyone to avoid this company at all costs.
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota
5, Report #772808
Sep 03 2011
06:32 PM
Great American Readers Misleading information via phone Bloomington, Minnesota
This company promised so many magazines (one's that I choose) for so much a month and a VISA gift card for $250.00.  I get magazines I don't want and have attempted to change them.  I also received eight gifts cards totaling $250.00 from places I have never heard of and can't afford (  Please don't fall for this scam like I did.
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota
6, Report #830753
Jan 29 2012
02:38 PM
great american readers unavailable by phone=deceitful, dishonest, blatant lie excelsior, Minnesota
This company promised to send 1000 dollar gift card, which I never got..   All I got was a 25 dollar gift certificate to a restaurant in CT..  Also never got the magazines I requested-  Got all different titles.   Cannot reach them by phone to complain.  Please do not fall for this.  I can't blieve I did
Entity: excelsior, Minnesota
7, Report #809966
Dec 15 2011
03:49 PM
Great American Readers total magazine lock in scam bloomington, Minnesota
  I am yet another victim of this company !  They must be well trained at deception and giving mis-leading information.   They catch you up with a promise to cancel at any time, and offer a $100.00 gift card to a number of stores. What they do not explain is that you cannot reach anyone in customer service, and that the supposed gift card comes with multiple limitations. These limitations are extensive. The best of which is that you must spend a minimum of $100 per month at their participating stores in order to get a redemption code that allows you to mail in reciepts, and eventually get a $25 reward card for that store. You can only do this once a month, so it takes a minimum of 4 month and $400 in spending to get your $100 in redemption cards. Your best bet is to contact your bank and have the bank refund the monies. Along with this, you need to have the bank block their attempts to withdraw using their specific ach withdraw numbers. Your bank has this info. Good luck and I hope these reports can help someone else not fall for this scamming company.
Entity: bloomington, Minnesota
8, Report #1017090
Feb 19 2013
09:25 PM
great american readers Have been very methodical in scamming me Bloomington, Minnesota
This company is telling me that I owe them 1000$ for a service that was not explained to me. They have gone on and on about what they cannot change. 10,000 people online have commented that this is a scam service. They have repeatedly negated any and all conversation regarding canceling. I have looked them up and they are a scam by the accounts of many people online.  60 payments of 17$ for 5 years is not a correct computation for magazines. If I have 4 magazine subscriptions for five years is 477$ and they are over pricing. They didn't explain anything to me when they phoned me two months ago. They give me a runaround argument that I owe them the 1000$. Theyll send the bill to a collection service. They said I cant cancel on the subscription because they only allow me to cancel the day after the order started. They dont listen when I tell them I am unemployed and in college.             I have since then cancelled the debit card that I used with them and no longer answer the phone when the decide to call
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota
9, Report #1077501
Jun 20 2014
08:53 AM
Great American Readers Gift Card and Magazine Scam Bloominton Minnesota
On August 9, 2013, I received a telephone call at 5:30pm saying that I had just won $250 in gift cards. I was so excited because I'm a college student and I could us those gift cards on textbooks, clothes, and dorm room supplies. The rep was extremely nice and told me that she was new. After I accepted my prize, I received a call from a supervisor to verify my address, age, and telephone number. I was also offered a magazine subscription for $39.90/mo for 25 months and no payment after that for the rest of the service. The supervisor was talking so fast that I could barely understand what she was saying. I was still on cloud 9 from winning $250 in gift cards and I thought she was offering me a subscription for 25 months that included a free trial. I realized that it wasn't a free trial 6 days later when I saw a charge for $39.90 on my debit card statement so I called Great American Readers to explain what had happened and to see if they would refund the money or just cancel the subscription. I told the supervision (a male this time) that I had misunderstood the last supervisor and did not know that I would be charged and that I was a college student so I was not able to make the payments. He very rudely told me that he doesn't understand how I misunderstood because they never mentioned the words free nor trial when they spoke to me and that I was not able to cancel my subscription because they've already made a commitment on my behave (even though their cancellation policy states that I can cancel my subscription and receive a refund within 7 days of my first initial payment) . He then tried to lower the price by $10 so I just hung up the phone. I tried calling again today (8/20/2013) and asked to speak to someone about cancelling my subscription. I was put on hold for a few minutes and then was told that all supervisors were busy so they would give me a call back. That was about 6 hours ago and I still have not received a call back. I filed a complaint last week with my bank and they are working to get me a refund and they have blocked GAR from charging my card again; I have also sent in written letter of cancellation to Great American Readers.
Entity: Bloominton, Minnesota
10, Report #1325063
Aug 28 2016
09:59 AM
Great american readers Unauthorized money withdraw Orlando Flordia
 I recieved a call on 08/20/16 saying that I won some type of prize. I never authorized anyone too take 49.50$ from my account but a week later I was reviewing my transaction history and there it was.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #452940
May 18 2009
12:02 PM
Great American Readers money grubbing liars at great american readers continue to threaten and harass Minneappolis Minnesota
When I was first contacted by GAR, they wanted to sell a magazine subscription bundeled with a 1000.00 dollar shopping spree. I told them if they sent the shopping cupon I was interested, six months later got 1 month of magazines I didn't choose and no shopping spree. I cut off payment and they continue to call and harass now threatening to file in California against me. They also claim to have knowledge to my salery and are going to file with my HR person, persumably to collect for product they haven't delivered. I have however been on disability for a few years, bearly making rent and medical costs, help they are getting more annoying all the time. What if anything can I do other than pay them what they aren't due? Thanks. Georgew anaheim, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneappolis, Minnesota
12, Report #105385
Aug 25 2004
01:58 PM
American Choice Readers Service ripoff Great Falls Montana
I was called up by this company and apparently, I was a preferred customer (although I had never had any prior dealings with them). I sat through the telemarketer speach and decided to go along with it and sign up for the 5 magazine multi-year subscriptions. Things are all well, I receive my first charge for the service and the magazines should start coming within a few months. Then, I receive another call. This call is for specials that I can be signed up for with other companies, 3 separate deals that I specifically say that I am not interested in and do NOT want to be signed up for. So I thought the deal was closed until I receive 3 separate charges on my credit card from each of the 3 companies for 3.95, 3.95, and 4.95 for shipping costs. The items shipped turn out to be my membership forms for the 3 specials, a few sheets of paper packaged into an envelope that I paid 3.95+ for. Then I have to unsubscribe to each deal within 30 days or start paying normal membership fees. Did I mention that that I was out of town for 27 days when I was called. I was quite upset to come back home to that. No should always mean No. Do not sign me up for something I have to pay for when I specifically ask to not be signed up. Derek Fort Walton Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Great Falls, Montana
13, Report #107335
Sep 07 2004
05:13 PM
American Choice Readers Service ripoff dishonest Great Falls Montana
american choice readers contacted me by phone, told me I was in a million dollar drawing, and I have won a watch, it would cost me $3.95 for 1 month a one time only, they wanted to verify my name american needed a visa number to conferm. I have not got anything from like they promise, now I am getting billed $29.13 and this BS.. something needs to be done. sincerly Mike north manchester, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Great Falls, Montana
14, Report #244438
Apr 17 2007
11:41 AM
American Choice Readers Service Ripoff Fraud Great Falls Montana
Same thing happen to me. But this time i remember signing up for American Choice Readers Service. But i didnt know i can't cancel my account once i past 3 day trial! I call them to hear the recorded voice that i sign up for it. Make sure i heard it right. But the one they pull out is the second time they call me which is there direct company not like the first time which i have no idea who she was offering that i won $1,000 shopping spree online, but she sign me up on this other Services(which i have no problem canceling except this one). I remember asking here i can cancel anytime on all of em right? and she said back yes. After talking to her the American Choice Readers Service call me and recorded and sign me up it. I didnt ask a question since that lady earlier said i can cancel it anytime. But when i was about to cancel it they said 'We can't cancel your account since we paid it in advance i was like WTF and i didnt hear that on the policy that i can't cancel my account! now i feel like i been Fraud and Ripoff. I dotn even need the freaking magazine. Now im paying $52 something dollars every month for no reason for 16 months pay. All they can do is lower my payment to $42 something. So now im trying to find a way to cancel it. Im gonna call Better Business Bureau and see if they can help me. Joey Reno, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Great Falls, Montana
15, Report #1100965
Jun 16 2014
08:42 AM
Great American Readers Po change current magazines to something different on current account. American Readers opened a whole new account instead. Bloomington Minnesota
Great American Readers added whole new account when I specifically ask to change type of magazines currently receiving.We moved from Troy, Al to Pike Road (sold house and now live Iin Apt).  Payments had been bank draft and when we moved we switched banks and then switched back.  In the process American Readers BD was not paid and today a representive called saying we owned 2 payments on two accounts which was my first aacknowledgement of having an additional account. I instructed the representative whose name was Stephen or Steven Black to tell me what it would cost to get out of the contract and that is when he revealed there was two accounts.We have stopped payments to Great American Readers through Troy Bank and Trust company.Thanks, Thomas N
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota
16, Report #754253
Jul 17 2011
09:01 PM
Great American Readers readers service Charged to my checking and have no idea for what. Never spoke with anybody about ordering anything Orlando, Florida
I was balancing my checkbook online and noticed a charge from Readers Service 800-2694179 Fl for $49.90.  Started doing some research on it.  Can't get a hold of anybody there.  Never authorized a charge to my account.  Never bought anything from them.  Somehow they just charged me.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
17, Report #739944
Jun 12 2011
07:05 PM
great american readers readers service they took my money and didn't send what i ordered internet, Florida
they called me on 6/05/2011 said they had a great deal for me which were magazines and a prepaid visa card for 250.00 .they took money out of my account,i am on ssi and only get 66.00 a month on that card,i guess god was watching out for me,because he told me to check out the company and when i did i came across your site.i had to cancel my government issued card and now i have to wait for my replacement card which i had to pay 15.00 out of my 66.00 please someone bring them down,thank you.
Entity: internet, Florida
18, Report #537172
Dec 10 2009
10:40 AM
Great American Readers, LLC Missrepresenting info and later telling you tough s###. Bloomington , Minnesota
After giving information to rep. he said that I would recieve my free spending spree in the mail. Later, I recieved the package in the mail.They told me which mags I chose (which I didn't) and that I had to sign  another form,mail it in, then I would recieve my shopping spree in the mail.None of this was as it was supposed to be, so I called to cancel.I was told that another rep would call back to cancel. Another rep called and tried to talk me into another different package. I told him I wasn't interested in any package as they did not do as I was told they would do. After a few more suggestions by him I said I wasn't interested and wanted to cancel.I was told that I had verbally consented and could not cancel.What are my options?
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota
19, Report #535861
Dec 08 2009
01:31 PM
Great American Readers, LLC charging me something i never recieved yet bloomington, Minnesota
They have charged me $49.90 plus another fee of $5.95. I have received a paper to sign to receive the $1000 shopping spree. I believe this is a scam.
Entity: bloomington, Minnesota
20, Report #517697
Oct 31 2009
06:29 AM
Great American Readers unknown Unfair subscription practices, unfair charges to credit card, scam Bloomington, Minnesota
I was called at work on my cell phone.  Stupidly I answered.  I was promised a $1,000 shopping certificate and only had to agree to $40.90 a month, 5 years, for my choice of magazines.  Thought it would be nice but now know how much this is going to cost me.  The worst part is that after this phone call I started getting all kinds of calls from companies on my cell phones and instant messages also.  All want to offer me some kind of wonderful product.  Seems Great American Readers has passed on all my credit card information and contact information to many companies.  My credit card has been charged fees from $1.00 up to $29.95 for services I never agreed to when speaking to American Readers or agreed to with the other companies.  I am in the process of trying to cancel all the memberships that have appeared on my charge card as a result of the unethical business practices of Great American Readers.  I have one address and one phone number for them.  They sent me a piece of paper to sign saying I agreed to everything but I will not sign it.This is an intrusive way of getting business - calling busy people like me, being push and rude, to the point I gave in.  I know, I should have hung up.I would like to cancel everything but am not sure I am up to the fight.  Let them sue me for non payment and I will show the judge all the complaints I am compiling.  Hope friends and family are smarter than I have been.
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota
21, Report #435749
Mar 19 2009
04:20 PM
Great American Readers told me that I cannot cancel my order and I will owe the $900 balance Pompano Beach Florida
I want to report Great American Readers, LLC as a scamming company. They promote magazine orders for $39.90/month for twenty months and nothing for the remaining 28 months, bringing the total term of service to 48 months. The company says they will send five magazines for this price. However, after changing the magazines, I began receiving magazines I DID NOT request. After I ordered from this company, I had the opportunity to purchase medical insurance and knew I would need to cancel the magazine order. I signed up for the insurance and then called Great American Readers to try and cancel the membership. I was told that cancellation is not possible and that I will owe the remaining $700 balance. They said all they could do was offer me an installment plan, but could not cancel the order. I was frustrated and did not understand why my request was impossible. This was for magazines, not something like a car payment or mortgage. I did speak with someone about this and this person suggested I just not pay the account, but then I am concerned about being taken to collections. I need help in getting rid of this unnecessary balance. To top it off, I started receiving a magazine that I did not request...Rolling Stones. I brought this to the representative's attention and all she said was, it is just an added bonus. I told her I didn't want it and wanted to cancel the entire order. Again, I was told this is not possible. I am frustrated now that I have this huge balance for something I am not even receiving and wish to cancel, but was told by the company that I cannot do so. Ellie Henderson, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Pompano Beach, Florida
22, Report #785116
Oct 05 2011
01:17 PM
Great American Readers won't let me cancel my subscription and says i will owe over $700!! Internet
I wanted to cancel my magazine subscription and was told i could not.This company called me one day very early. They told me that i could get a magazine subscription for only 39.90 and then i would be mailed a gift card for agreeing. I thought, well thats not a bad deal and i get a gift card.  I started receiving the magazines they said i would, and was also receiving ones i did not agree to. I called every magazines cancellation website and many of them had no problem canceling them, others directed me to the company that is providing them, Great American Readers. I tried calling them several times with no luck.  I finally got ahold of them. I spoke to one lady and told her i would like to cancel my subscription. She told me this was not possible because i have several more payments that need to be made. I was taken aback by this. Several more payments? It was supposed to be only one. She told me the agreement is 39.90 for 20 months. She told me she would be able to work out the payments with me. I said i did not want this! I do not want to continue getting magazines and paying for them. She told me she would be able to look up my recorded tape and review it with me next week. I agreed to that.  I also said to her that i feel i should have gotten a copy of a contract or something. I asked her why i did not get a copy of a contract. She told me it should have been mailed out. She said it was sent out, and it should have come to me. I told her i never received it.  I than asked her about the gift card i was supposed to receive for agreeing to this. She told me the release for that would have been mailed out when the agreement was made. I never received this either. She said it was supposed to come with the other thing that was supposed to be mailed to me and that it may have gotten lost in the mail. She asked me if i would like it sent out again. I told her all i want is to cancel my order, i do not want to pay 800 dollars in magazines. She told me she would get back to me early next week with the tape. After i got off the phone with her i started researching them, something i should have done before i agreed to anything, but like i said it was early in the morning and i clearly was not in my right state of mind half asleep. I found that many people have filed complaints against them and many complaints have been closed. All i want to do is cancel the subscription. I do not want to receive any more magazines. I do not want to pay for any more magazines!
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #731749
May 21 2011
12:46 PM
great american readers daniel was my customer rep. also claimed to be the supervisor.. SCAM, LIE THEN STEAL. bloomington, Minnesota
I recived a call for a magazine that i had purchased.  In this event i had already canceled 10 min after i started the subscription because it felt to good to be true with the 100 dollar gift card they were giving away too.  So 2 weeks or so later i got a call asking if i recieved my magazines yet.  i said i should NOT because i canceled the day i started.  The guy could only tell me how much it was to cancel but i already had canceled so made no sense to me.  We argued for a min i asked his name and he told me he was the supervisor and i asked his company name and didnt even give me the full name.  Then after yelling at him he said i could cancel for free and that he had to set me up with this questioniare to cancel at no charge mind you this company kept my card number after i canceled the day i started.  Ha go figure.  So i he told me exactly what to say on the message machine. Then before we started he told me not to mention certain things because it was recorded.  He basically just set me up to put an amount of money up to take from me and thats what they did.  Then right before the last session they were supposed to give me an  800 number to call and cancel and then they hung up before i could hear the number and they had called me from a private line.  So i called my bank and sure enough they had already processed the money but my bank said i could make a claim to get my money back but what are the chances.  So please someone take these people down.  Iam a U.S. military service member and this is the thanks i get for serving my country.  Our own people cutting each other down.
Entity: bloomington, Minnesota
24, Report #747245
Jun 29 2011
08:11 PM
Great American Readers If you enjoy receiving letters full of misspelled words threatening to demolish your credit rating, this is your company! Bloomington, Minnesota
My experience with Great American Readers was much the same as everyone else who's filed a complaint here, so I won't repeat the other reports. However (since I haven't seen it mentioned in the other reports), I should point out that this company will sell its customers' payment information to other companies without those customers' knowledge or consent; I was very surprised to see that, thanks to these thieves, I had joined some weird service offering discounts at a few select country clubs, at a cool $25 a month. In other words, if you've dealt with these people, be prepared for unexpected charges on your credit card. Aside from that, the only advice I can offer is that if you're unfortunate or (in my case) just plain dumb enough to become involved with GAR, the best course of action is to contact your credit card provider immediately and dispute the charge (and any related charges), and be sure tell your provider not to accept any other charges from GAR. If you cut off their ill-gotten payments, GAR will respond with amusingly illiterate letters and phone calls threatening to demolish your credit rating; but just stick to your guns, and eventually they'll go away. Hopefully. Finally, I've also filed complaints about GAR with the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau, and I encourage everyone with just cause to do the same. Perhaps this particular den of thieves can be shut down for good.
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota
25, Report #859642
Mar 26 2012
03:51 PM
Great American Readers GAR scam, oversold, customer has no recourse, deceptive in how they call you Bloomington, Minnesota
Company utilizes fast talking, sales reps for initial call, lays a guilt trip on you if you say no to their 5 magazine offer, 20 month payments and subscription is 48 months touts that publishers will give you free magazines along with your initial 5, you can change at anytime.  No where does the company tell you that you cannot get out of this committment. They will offer to let you pay your balance off if that will help, even if you cancel your magazines..paying off the balance is really paying the full amount no discounts, nothing.  Even explaining a my lost job, didn't matter..they want their money...They use local area codes so if you have caller ID it appears it is someone you might know...In trying to get the CEO or Pres of the company name you are told that information cannot be released.  Funny they have no street address only a P.O. Box...and there is a posting they do NOT belong to the Better Business Bureau..  I finally closed a debit card so no more automatic withdrawl...I should have know better, their telemarketers seem to have a good sense when to go in for the sale/kill...they sense weak moments....something needs to be done!
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota

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