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1, Report #1307463
May 24 2016
11:50 AM
Green dot Green Dot corporation. Green Dot Bank Green Dot Visa card won't activate Yuma Internet
 Green Dot Visa card purchased at Albertsons in Yuma AZ with a 55 dollar balance and 4.95 card fee. Card will not activate. All supporting documents uploaded to Albertsons is aware of the issue but cannot refund and referred me to green dot. Green dot representative stated they will call me back but never did. The corporate number is the only way to reach a representative. 1st call 34 minutes edit. 2nd call 1 hour 5 min hold then hung up. Tried again today for 35 minutes and couldn't wait any longer. Filed with BBB today tomorrow I file with FDIC. If unresolved another week I'll contact legal representation even though the cost would outweigh the benefit they should not be allowed to take money without providing the service
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1193090
Dec 04 2014
01:29 PM
green dot green dot deducted 470$from my account
 yes i paid my rent on 10-10-14 the money was not taken from my account until 10-27-14. then i paid my rent on the 10-24-14 and the money was taken out on the10-28-14. then when i called to check my balance the card said that i hd a defict of 470$ was taken from my following pay check so if every thing was accounted for then how did i have a deficit of 470$ .so now it has been two months that i have been with out hearing from any one in this investigation and that has put me behind two weeks in rent and i would like to have my money back because that money should have not been taken out and i feel i should compensated for the mental greif. i am also a service connected veteran i have been diagnosed with ptsd and depression witch i am on medication for and this has not been good for my health
3, Report #684443
Jan 19 2011
02:40 PM
Green Dot MoneyParl Fraud Ads , Internet
Hello I Buy A Green Dot Money Park Gift Card I Ad 80$usd to the gift card to paypal to buy a few things in the internet i No Have credit card i no have a Bank Account the only reason i buy the Money Park Gift Card is in the card Say "No Credit Card Or Bank Account Required" here is the image of the card And when i active the money in paypal yeah i have the 80usd in my account but when i got to buy something is say i have to add a credit card and when i got to send money is sayThe amount you're trying to send exceeds your $80.00 USD sending limit.Find out how to lift your sending limitand make unlimited payments through PayPal. and i have 80usd in the account and this happen if i send any money,10usd,5usd etc i not want to add a credit card no bank account beacause in the card say No Bank Account o credit card required i want to report Fraud Ads to this Company :(  
Entity: Internet, Internet
4, Report #1359134
Mar 01 2017
12:55 PM
Green Dot Corp Walmart/Green Dot Prepaid CardGreen Dot Bank is not trustworthy PASADENA CA
Purchases a walmart green dot prepaid card a couple months ago, I had my tax return direct deposited in this account and this company put a block on my account claiming suspicious activity.  My account have been on block since 2/23/2017. An email from this company request I send in my Driver License information. I obliged and yet my account is still blocked. I cannot get through to speak with a live representative as the automated system tells me your account has been blocked the customer service reps cannot assist you further and to check their websites for any updates. I am then disconnected. I went to Walmart money center (the place I purchased the card) and they could not help me either. I'm just getting the run around and my money is being fraudulently withheld. It is impossible to speak with anyone from the Green Dot Corporation. I wished I had looked them up in the BBB before I bought this card.  All I want is my money. This company is not trustworthy.
Entity: California
5, Report #643734
Sep 23 2010
02:16 PM
green dot could not get money off card, Internet
bought card at cvs for my daughter for college, was told to activate online tried to but keep deny her information, when trying to use would not allow.  when i called to talk to someone i was hung up on with no answer to my question, also 2 different people one supposely was a manager gave me my daughters social security number, address, phone number and birth date without even knowing who i was.  I bought a money pak and can not get it load on the card for her to use, they keep saying information she put into the computer does not match their system, how do they know if it was the first time she put her information in.  With talking to one lady she told me that her address did not match her social security number I responded what do you mean, you dont change your address when you move to the social security office, she keep saying that was the problem.  I ask her has she ever moved she said yes i said did you change your address with the social security office she said NO I am not from usa, go figure should of know this was a scam, they dont even know how the system works here in usa.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #199842
Jul 07 2006
10:25 AM
Green Dot ripoff Monrovia California
This is a prepay dreit card that I have put money on and they dont give you your money..It worked good for awhile and I put 25 on it yesterday and they wont release the money...when you call you cant get a real person and if you do they charge you .41 cent a minute and put you on hold FOREVER.....not a good card not a good company....DONT BE FOOLED Deinna loganville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Monrovia, California
7, Report #273602
Sep 10 2007
09:07 AM
Green Dot Rip-off Monrovia California
I was using a Green Dot card because it was an easy way to send money to my son who was out of state. At the very least their customer service stinks. Hard to get anyone that speaks English and then their attitude is very bad. They don't want to help and they act like they don't even want to answer the phone. So this is a 2 part complaint. I rented a moving truck from U-Haul. Paid a CASH deposit but they said I would have to swipe my card for identification. The truck broke down in my driveway. It took 2 weeks for U-Haul to come and get the truck. That's the U-Haul issue. Green Dot which is a PREPAID card allowed U-Haul to debit almost $900 from my card which left me a negataive balance of $800. When I received my weekly paycheck they instantly removed $800. I called Green Dot and asked them how a prepaid card would allow a merchant to charge me $800 without my permission and put me in such a negative state they said when I swiped my card U-haul opened a credit and charged. When I disputed the charge (which I had done before) I was told that my dispute could not be processed because my son (the second card holder) did not sign the letter. No other time had he been required to sign. At this point my son was in Iraq and was not available to sign anything. They didn't care. Bottom line I was out $800 for a rental truck that was broken down in my driveway. Gsharp Martinez,, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Monrovia, California
8, Report #1151449
Jun 02 2014
10:32 AM
Green Dot NEVER RECEIVE CARD! Internet
I lost my Green Dot card and requested a new card on 5/5/2014.  It is 6/2/2014 and I still haven't received my card.  I've requested a new card 2 times and was told to wait 7-10 days.  Since I didn't receive my card today, I call again and spoke to a supervisor who says I have to wait another 7-10 days for a new card.  WTH!  I have had a direct deposit placed on the card (which I have now stopped) and can not use the money that I have on the card to pay any bills.  Green Dot does not offer any over night shipping and does not use Fed Ex or UPS.  Every person I speak to says they are a supervisor, which I believe to be horse crap!  At this point I will be calling Clark Howard, The Better Business Bureau, and any other place that I can to make sure that people don't fall for Green Dots money holding schemes!  I was told I would receive a call from their corporate office in 1 to 2 days.  What good is that going to do?!  Just send me my card already!
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1195989
Dec 17 2014
09:00 AM
green dot moneypak scammed pasenda California
we were scammed  and was told by the scammers to go buy a green dot monerpak card and put 250.00 on it and then come home and give them the numbers off the back of the card, we found out it was a scam and never gave them the numbers off of the card. then the next day we went on line to green dot web site to get a refund, green dot wanted the numbers off the card so thinking this was a secure site we gave them the numbers and recieverd a e-mail stating our refund was excepted and we were to get a check in the mail in 7to10 days which we never recieved so we contected green dot and they said there was no money on the card and we would not be given a refund. they said we gave the numbers off the card to comeone else, which we never did! we ask where the money went,they didn't know,we sent all kind of e-mails to them and also called them,nothing was evere done, i think green dot is working with the scammers. i would like every on the internet to read this before they work with green dot corp. or use their secure web site? thanks calvin midland mi.
Entity: pasenda, California
10, Report #1188040
Nov 11 2014
08:33 AM
Green Dot MasterCard CONSUMER BEWARE! Nationwide
GREEN DOT AT IT AGAIN!!!  Today I attempted to use my GreenDot MasterCard and it was rejected. After several phone calls to the company I was assured that while the money was there ($150.00!), I would not be able to access it. Why? Because they had decided to transfer the money to a new card without my knowledge or consent and then send the new card (already activated! Talk about security risks!!) through the US mail. I will get my card according to them in 10-14 business days! In the mean time they have unlawfully seized my access to the money on the card. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS! MORE TROUBLE AND SHADY PRACTICES THAN ANY COMPANY IS WORTH!!!
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1287161
Jul 24 2016
09:45 PM
Green Dot Rip off! Pasadena california
 Back in 2015, my tax preparer suggested I purchase a green dot card to direct deposit my refund to. It sounded like a much better idea, I didnt have a bank account then, it was faster than a paper check, so I purchased one. As soon as my refund was direct deposited onto the green dot card, I went to use my card and it was declined. My online account showed the money in the account, so I called customer service. They informed me that my card had a temporary block on it, until they could confirm my identity. Which meant sending a copy of my id, and waiting two business days. I complied, and two days later my money was released. I decided this year, I would call customer service before I decided to use the card for direct deposit this year. After waiting on hold for a customer service rep, one came on the line, hardly speaking english. I asked if I could send a copy of my photo id early this year, if that would avoid the hold they placed last year. The rep assured that since i used the SAME CARD as last year, they already had my photo id on file because it was the same account i had for the last year. I even asked the rep to speak with a supervisor, just to be certain. She told me she was the supervisor. So, i ised the card again this year, in good faith. Ive been paying the monthly service charge for a year, and hardly used the card for anything, however keeping money on it so it would stay active. My taxes get direct deposited this year, I was able to make some purchases (paid off some larger bills i was needing to pay ) and that same day 4 hours after the deposit, they blocked my card again. I called customer service, and they direct you to an automated recording that tells you your card has been blocked, instructs you send a copy of photo id, wait two business days for it to process, then tells you the reps have no further information and the recording ends. So, I once again send in a copy of my photo id, waited the two days, only to log into my account and see its still blocked. The only option they give you to find out any information, is to chat with a rep online. I write them, and the rep then tells me that my copy wasnt legiable, I would need to resend and wait another 2 business days. Almost a week of them holding my money so far. Customer service is aweful, and all my money i have is being held. When they have had now 3 DIFFERENT copies of my identification (sent 3 different times) Consumers be ware, they are a rip off!
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1207010
Feb 05 2015
02:54 PM
green dot just plain liars Nationwide
Never recieved my replacement card. When i contacted the company i was told all sorts of half truths and sometimes outright lies. Post office confirms they never recieved the original card. Green dot could not supply me with hte tracking number with fedex. Basically, my money and my wages have been stolen and i have no recourse. I really needed that money to feed my family. Fedex said they dont even have my address or name in their system. BEWARE......Now i am in danger of having utilities shut off at home.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1416462
Dec 12 2017
11:33 AM
Green Dot Misrepresenting
I bought the card so I could buy my wifes Christmas gifts. it was declined everywhere. I called and l cannot use the card except for in person. the whole point of getting this card was to purchase online items for a surprise. you cannot use online why say you can use for online purchase when I cant.  now I have $350 on a card I cant use as intended.   I cant even get money back in time for Christmas to do another way.  lady online told me 3 weeks
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1421373
Jan 05 2018
03:19 PM
Green Dot Bank Rip me off California
On 12-21-17 I purchased and item for one of my customer for 399.00 from Best Buy.  While trying to check out, I had to run my green dot card several times due to their system being mess up. I did ask the clerk if I was going to be charger more than one time and he gave me a business card saying to call them if I did. Next day i noticed several charges and credit to my account, but it all balanced out. Two days later I notive that Best Buy had credited me in exsess of 4K and I contated the store to let then know. With in a couple of day later the store took their monies back, which is fine since it did not belong to me anyway. On the folleing day Green Dot suspended my account. I have over 7500.00 in that account basically all of my moneys. I tryied calling and the recording keep saying that my account had been closed and that I would not be able to get another card. I was finally able to reach a human in the Phillipines who said my account was closed due to fraud. I asked him to tell me what fraud he was refering to but he would only keep saying that I no longer have access to my moneys. I metioned to the representative that the money in the account is my money and that they are stealing from me. I just happen to be moving too so now I have no way to pay or to get a place. This whole sytuation could have been avoided with some simple conversation. This bank has left me almost broke as I was receiving my paycheck, and basically had most of my funds in this account. They do not care to leave a person homeless or anything at all. I have been a customer of them for over 8 years and this is how they treat you when something looks susoicious. I did nothing wrong and now they are trying to steal 7500.00 from me. DO NOT USE THIS BANK>>
Entity: California
15, Report #334613
May 24 2008
09:40 AM
Green Dot Online Green Dot Scam Monrovia California
GreenDotOnline Scam is a complete scam. All of the other RipOffReport's will agree. For my situation my card keeps getting lost in the mail. They told me to contact the police because of mail theft, I then made them aware that we live in a private subdivision where there is a armed guard and gates which make anyone sign in and out including the mail delivery, and we also have security cameras that record our central mailboxes as they are located inside our mini post office located in our private subdivision. After I told them that the call got disconnected, and now I cannot access my account. My whole reason to get a GreenDot card is to make internet purchases without worry. But that can not happen now because they have shut down my account. Green Dot Online Scam , everyone needs to be aware of this, because some people really need to use this type of card to pay bills / buy food for the family ect... I'm glad I was only going to use this for internet purchases, because I could not fathom putting money on a card for bills and to have this happen. And calls to there support center in Jamaica are short, because they do not really care except for getting there hourly salary. So please everyone watch out for the Green Dot Online Scam Rj Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Monrovia, California
16, Report #413061
Jan 16 2009
06:28 PM
Green Dot Empty promises of a $10.00 rebate was never recovered! Thanks green dot!! Nationwide
Well, like i said before, i was told i would receive a $10.00 rebate if i upgrade to the Premier package. It never happened!! Jerome rochester, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #431366
Mar 06 2009
06:55 AM
Green Dot We didn't get the reloadable card from Green Dot Mt Vernon Illinois
Some time ago back in 2008, my husband and I purchased a Green Dot card from a local store and placed money on the temporary card that you get in the package. We then went to the library to activate the card and apply for the re loadable one and have it mailed to where we live. We were told the permanent card would take 6 to 8 working days to receive. It is now March of 2009 and we still haven't received the card. Luckily, we didn't try to put any money on the new card. If we had; my husband and I would probably be homeless right now. I was just wondering if anyone else has experience this and if you have I would like to know, or if my husband and I were just that 'special' couple that gets shafted once in a great while. Jolene w Mt Vernon, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Mt Vernon, Illinois
18, Report #285552
Nov 19 2007
07:19 PM
Green Dot Corporation green dot ripped me off Monrovia California
I bought a green dot prepaid credit card ..after I used it I kept it for other uses. I reloaded it and was charged 10.00 for monthly use even when I didnt use it that was ok so I told them to close my account which they did and was told to send my unused amount to me which they did but it was a bogus check my bank charged me for it bounceing. I called green dot back they didnt understand me because it was someone from the Phippines they finnaly said they would send me another check but i had to cash it at there bank I called the bank they tole there was no such account so now I have to bogus checks and have been charge for them bounceing Cheyenne10954 michigan city, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Monrovia, California
19, Report #227925
Dec 30 2006
08:52 AM
Green Dot Corp. GREEN DOT RIPOFF- Have 2 wait for COMPANY error Monrovia California
I recently Just bought a green dot card. About a wk and a half ago a loaded 50$ into my account on my card. I tried signing up for this particular website ( and during that sign up process you have to give them your credit card information. I did so thinking that nothing would happen. No the less, i get an error code when I try to make an account with this (click2pay). I called there specialist and they said just keep on trying to make an account (the error code was 501 which meant too many people were online at that time). SO therefor, I never opened an account. THe next day I tried to use my green dot card and it was declined. I called greendot to see what the issue was and they said Click2pay had taken 5.00$ out of my account 10 times. I called click2pay and they denied any of it. THey said they did not have my credit card information so this was impossible. So we had agreed this was an error and they had told me they would not accept any money from the card since it was an error. I then called greendot and reported my card as stolen, because the fact if they company denies using my card...therefor it's stolen bc money was still taken from my account. Now I find out that I must wait 2-3 wks to recieve a new card. All they will do is give me the card information, but not the CVV code on the back (dunno why they give card information out bc u cant use it without the cvv code). I asked if I could be refunded this money bc I needed it ASAP. Not to mention this was a WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!! Now its almost new years and still nothing. All i've been told is that I have to wait and I have no other choice...even though this isn't a error which i had made. SO now I must suffer the consiquences bc another company took money from my account which I had not accepted. Now I must wait all this's COMPLETELY rediculous. And when you call for a supervisor, they all tell u the same...and act confused when I said this is rediculous. Let alone didn't even hardly speak english. It's like they know nothing...she just sat there and listened. Had no comments or anything. SHe just kept repeating when I'd get the new card in the mail. If I knew a good lawyer and had enough money, i'd def be up for sewing this company bc this is not right. This is completely taking advantage from its cardholders. I recommend NO ONE get this card enless you have to....hope this helps someone before it's too late. I have no way of paying this particular bill now for another 2 wks. Thanks greendot. Great customer SERVICE! Tim Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Monrovia, California
20, Report #1090288
Oct 08 2013
06:52 AM
green dot money card the money wasn't on my green dot money card Internet
 on 10/6/13 I put 500 on a money Pak card for green dot money card. When I tried to put the money on my card it said that the money was already taken off. I called green dot and they told me I had to fax over the recipe and green dot card. I have no idea what to do next that 500 was for me to get home. I've been in tears for 3 days how can someone take money off a money Pak without the information. It has do be someone who's working there.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1238758
Jun 29 2015
04:34 PM
Green Dot Corporation Green Dot has the worst customer service Pasadena California
On 6/27/15 I spoke with several customer service reps with Green Dot. Of course each and everyone of them had a different answer for my same question. I had a Green Dot card for the last 2 years as of 5/15 (my expiration date). I had $175 transfered from my Paypal account (as usual). I call and complained (not filed) against a gym membership. They told me to file a formal complaint online thru I never did. Green Dot  automatically put a stop to my card. Knowing that my card expires on 6/30/2015. The supervisor Erica, employee #3240 (Pasadena, CA corporate office)  told me to find a friend or a relative that has a debit card and she will transfer my funds to their card (because Green Dot) is the only card i have. So, I did so. I called back with my friend on 3-way. Of course their story changed again. They then told me that they would have to have a Green Dot card for them to do so. In my 45 minute conversation with Erica. That was never ever mentioned. Now, they are telling me to wait 2 weeks for my new card to arrive and the money will be on it. I told her that i have 2 kids to feed and they can't wait 2 weeks to eat. She said that they can not reverse the action of shutting my card down. They never had permission to do so and i never filed a formal complaint. In the end. The customer always gets screwed. I will never do business with these crooks again. Erica, if you're reading this or any other rep I spoke to...go jump off of a cliff!
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1310496
Jun 09 2016
10:25 AM
Walmart MoneyCard (Green Dot) Green Dot Dispute Refund Nationwide
I used my Walmart MoneyCard account to make a payment of $250. When I went to check my account the next day I could not access the information and they indicated they were having technical issues. Approximately 3 days later I was finally able to access my account and saw that the payment I had made had posted to my account twice. I contacted customer service and told them I wanted to file a dispute. They told me they could not do it at that time because they thought it was still related to technical issues. I waited another few days and called back in. They then proceeded to tell me that they do actually need to open a dispute and it will take up to 10 days. I followed up multiple times and on the 10th day, I call into customer service again and speak two a supervisor. They now tell me that they need more time for the research. I asked them to tell me what I needed to provide to get this expedited. They said there was nothing and I could not speak to the person doing the investigation. I was then told they will have someone call me back in I business day. They have now had my money for 20 days. It is not my fault that they had system issues or waited 10 days in to file a dispute with the company. Most companies would credit you back the money and if it is not a valid dispute take the money back. I have never had such an issue in my life. If I owed them money you would bet they would have more urgency about getting the issue resolved.  
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1245943
Aug 03 2015
12:17 AM
Green Dot Visa green dot has stolen my pay check monrovia california
I first orederd a debit card with Green Dot a few months back. I set up an automatic deposite with my employer 4 weeks ago. I ordered my perminate card time. I have yet to get card. So i ordered a new card a week ago, for the second time. I paid to have it mailed out priority mail 15.00 dollars. What they didnt tell me is that they would shut down old card imediatley. So my pay check went into account and I cant use a dime. I call and all i am told is wait untill new card arrives. In mean time i have no way to get any food or pay bills or anything. They have stolen 1900.00 dollars from me.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #530859
Nov 30 2009
01:32 PM
I purchased a Green Dot Money Pak reload card for my prepaid debit card.  When I came home I attempt to load the Green Dot Money Pak card onto my prepaid debit card and there was an error message saying that it was an invalid number.  I called Green Dot Money Pak the next day and the customer service representative told me the same exact thing about my green dot money pak card.  I was told to fax over my receipt and money pak card for their department to investigate.  I faxed over my documents on Monday, November 23, 2009 around 9:00 am EST.  I called the same afternoon to verify they received the fax.  The department confirmed they received the fax.  I was told within 2 business days I would receive a call back if they need more information and I would have the money credited back to my account.  I called back on Tuesday, November 24 and was told they were still working on the case.  I called back on Wednesday, November 25 and was told that the money was going to be put back on my card on Thursday, November 26 (which is Thanksgiving).  I repeatedly asked the rep was that possible since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and he told me yes.  Thanksgiving come around and there was no deposit or load onto my prepaid card for the money I loaded on the prepaid debit card.  I called again on Friday, November 25 and was told that I was going to have a loss management rep call me back before the end of the business day.  I received no call.  There was no one available over the weekend, so I called Monday, November 30, 2009.  I stayed on the phone with the rep this time because I was tired of reps telling me I was going to get a call back and never received one.  I finally get a loss management supervisor by the name of Lynne who  tells me that it is nothing they can do about the money pak card I purchased because the money was loaded on another card.  The card that it was loaded on was not mine.  She proceeds to tell me that this has happened in the past with the same card holder which my money has loaded onto.  I would have to file a police report and get a subpoena for Greenk Dot to release the name and address of the person who card this loaded onto.  There was nothing else they can do.  I just pretty much lost my money.  I felt they could have got more information from the other cardholder since I have PROOF that I purchased the money pak card.  Do not ever use a money pak card online to reload or purchase. If that money pak card is used there is nothing you can do about it.
Entity: Internet, Internet
25, Report #578415
Mar 05 2010
06:48 AM
Green Dot Pre-Paid Cards Green Dot Green Dot Another Scam columbus, Georgia
I went online to look at the Green Dot re-loadable credit card, before you know it I as signed up, and didnt want to be. I tried to call the following morning called about 4 times to no avail, all I got was an animated phone computor which never anywhere in this customer service number was there anywhere to cancel when this number specifally is givin to cancel your card, the card I never wanted. Then before I know it not only did I get one, I got 2 cards, that I cannot cancel for anything. hat do I do? I went to the number a week later to the same, can not cancel this card and I am not paying for it if anyone knows anything of how to slove this please rubut or tell me on here how to cancel its not only going to cost me money for one but now for 2, Help !!!
Entity: columbus, Georgia

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