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1, Report #1364117
May 10 2017
04:36 PM
Green Ivy Publishing Breach of Contract, Negligence, Unprofessional, Incompetent.... Oakbrook Terr Illinois
Green Ivy quoted me  $6000 to edit and publish my book and stated in the contract my book would be ready for sale 90 days after my final payment was made. Jay called every few days for a payment. He seemed professional, until the collection calls got out of hand. I paid the balance and that is when the problems started. My book was split into sections and handed to multiple editors. Each time they would send me the edited version to approve there were more mistakes than the previos version they had just sent me. It took me a while to fix their mistakes. It was a nightmare, and I finally paid a professional to edit and fix their mistake which cost me more money. Then, the art dept. was also a nightmare. I was very specific on the details for the cover. Every time they sent me the cover it was completely wrong. They did not read the emails and would take it upon htemselves to just do what they wanted. The letters were not the same size. Nothing was how I wanted it to be. It took months for them to get back to me. Noone has ever answered the phone since my final payment was made. It took a week to correct things. Then, they would e-mail me they were going on vacation, etc. I became exhausted with dealing Green Ivy. It took them almost 6 months to complete my book after paying my final payment. They do not answer the phone, they do not read your emails, and  they do not pay attention to detail. Finally, my book was ready...they listed it for $34.99 plus shipping! Barnes & Noble's website says Out of Stock so noone can even purchase my book! This has been a nightmare. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! BEWARE!!!!
Entity: Oakbrook Terr, Illinois
2, Report #1347452
Jan 03 2017
07:35 PM
Green Ivy Publishing Contract Breach/ Royalty payouts/ Advertising/ Sales invoices Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181 IL
Green Ivy Publishing fails to follow their own contracts. If want to see an invoice of your sales and where your book was sold, forget about it. You will never see an invoice like that. I am going on two months now with no sales reports or royalty payout.If you are expecting them to edit your book for you, don't bother. They editted my book and I later found out that a child could have editted it better. There where over fifty grammer and punctuation errors just in the first third of the book.Their printing department lacks any type of quality control. Every fifth page a black line faintly showed about an inch in from the outer edge of the book.Please stay away from this company if you want a professional published copy of your book. They simply take your money and run.
Entity: IL
3, Report #1405081
Oct 09 2017
07:34 AM
Green Ivy Publishing scammers, money grubbing people, liars thieves Oakbrook Ter Il Illinois
Green Ivy Publishing company and I had been working together for almost 6 months before I chose to sign a contract with them for my books. Then all of the sudden emails stopped, phone calls stopped and when I tried contacting them nothing went through and I thought for 3 months that it was my fault maybe when my phone reset itself I got numbers and emails wrong when I reprogramed my phone. And then finally after 3 almost 4 months of nothing from them I find out they went out of business and I'm out all my money, lost my manuscripts because of them. Who's to say they wont snake my shit and publish it under one of their names. I'm am sick to my stomach. I've been working ten years at trying to get my stuff published and I've been writing since I was 10 years old. And now I'm taken for granted all the positive feed back I was reading was all just a bunch of lies and bullcrap. I'm glad they went out of business but I want my manuscripts back, I want my money back and then some for all this crap they've put me through. 
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1374711
May 22 2017
04:01 PM
Green Ivy Publishing Green Ivy Publishing Breach of Contract/Doesn't Deliver on Obligations Oakbrook Terrace Illinois
I submitted my book to Green Ivy Publishing along with $4,500.00. I had to create my own book cover when they failed to do what I asked. I received so called editing only to find that my book still required extensive editing. They were supposed to secure a copyright for me and my brother David (my co-author). They did not. They claim that they market the book to over 39,000 retail outlets when, in actuality, that is what their physical publisher, Ingramspark, advertises. They were supposed to market my book with email blasts, press releases, etc. They did not. After my book was published, I emailed questions regarding royalty payment method. They never answered any of my emails. I finally got fed up and called Doug, my customer service rep. He informed me that Green Ivy shut down suddenly and that he had not even received his last paycheck. I have retained the services of a lawyer and am going to demand a refund from Robert Gray, who operated Green Ivy and also runs Gray Law Group out of Downer's Grove, IL. I intend to sue him if I don't get satisfaction. This person should be in jail for fraud.
Entity: Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois
5, Report #1403863
Oct 03 2017
09:40 AM
Green Ivy Publishing Breach of contract for book publishing after I paid them $2500.00 Chicago, Illinois Nationwide
I signed a contract and paid $2500.00 to Green Ivy (Jay Caliento) on January 31, 2017. They have since gone out of business without communicating with me. I do not have my book.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1362961
Mar 20 2017
06:48 PM
Green Ivy Publishing Royalties are not being paid and emails are not answered. Oakbrook Terrace Illinois
Green Ivy 'accepted' my book with lots of talk of partenership and support. Well, that never happened. The book was printed and available for sale in late April 2016, and after 4 months the royalties stopped comming. I was to get my initial investment back 100%, but I have not received a royalty check or a report since October, 2016, and my attempts to communicate with Green Ivy have been ignored.  I have hired an attorney and despite a letter from my lawyer to Green Ivy I still have not received a response or check. Green Ivy Publishing has proven to be a dishonest company who takes advantage of first time authors.
Entity: Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois
7, Report #1301429
Apr 23 2016
08:04 PM
Green Ivy Publishing Frustrated with Green Ivy Books Oakbrook Terrace Illinois
My rippoff complaint with Green Ivy Publishing is their failure to live up to our contract. Yes-my book was published, but not without anguish and the following paragraphs show. Since my book was released 3 weeks ago, I have been unable to communicate with anyone at the company about marketing, press releases, discount books for me to purchase, and most important-sales information. There was no method for royalty dispersment arranged prior to or since book release. I know there have been sales through Amazon-but what has happened to my portion? Is it paid quarterly and to where? What is the method for tracking sales?Essentially, I want the company representative to call me and provide what I paid for. I really do not want to get an attorney involved-but I will.This is a brief overview of my experience.Like many self publish authors, I sent a sample of my manuscript to at least 5 hybrid publishing companies. The representative from Green Ivy was the first to contact me-almost immediately after I submitted my information. This was January of 2015. I next submitted my manuscript and within two weeks had a phone appointment with David the creative editor and the sales gentleman (I can't remember his name).According to David, Green Ivy only accepted %35 of all submissions and lucky me-I was one of those who manuscript showed promise. David was ernest and provided many suggestions-mostly to double the size (at least 40,000 words). He also made other suggestions which I happily agreed to do.Money was discussed next with a detailed description of what Green Ivy would do for me in the way of editing, cover design, formating, printing, and marketing.I completed my payment plan within the agreed seven months and also completed my manuscript-which I submitted. However, David no longer worked at the company, either did Taylor-my project editor. I was assigned to Michelle-who did absolutely nothing and never contacted me.It was actually Darleen who help most, but she was restricted to format editor. I emailed, called everyone I could until I finally was contacted by Brittany-senior editor. She sent my manuscript to Tom-editor-who provided excellent feedback and once corrections were completed my book would be set up for graphic design. I did receive an email from Tyler in design center the end of November asking me for bio, pictures, synopsis, and so forth which I submitted immediatly.My final edits were completed end of December and Brittini was sending them on to Tyler. From that point I heard nothing from anybody. February 4th I contact Brittini asking for help in that Tyler had not contacted me. She did try and sent me email-but still nothing. Several weeks later, after many email and phone messages without response, I sent a scathing message to customer service. Immediately, someone named Jay called me to ask what the problem was because Brittini was busy. I tried to explain-but he said he couldn't help-he was rude-said what ever my problems were-they had nothing to do with him and he was too busy with other things to be of any assistance. He hung up on me.Finally Tyler contacted me-and we put together a cover that I really liked and the manuscript with cover went to format. That was April 4th and on April 11the the book was published. 
Entity: Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois
8, Report #1310986
Jun 12 2016
11:51 AM
Green Ivy Publishing Breach of Contract and fruad Oak brook terrance Indiana
Green Ivy Publishing actually published my book but refused to make available to me any kind of sales report( Which is part of my contract), They won't return my calls or answer emails. They refuse to pay royalties and it is impossible for me to get in contact with them.  They just took my money and ran. This company is a total ripoff. DO NOT give them your money. I am seeking redress even as I file this report.  They are criminals and should be in Jail.
Entity: Oak brook terrance, Indiana
9, Report #1267801
Nov 13 2015
02:35 PM
Entity: Oak Brook, Illinois
10, Report #1302009
Apr 26 2016
04:44 PM
Green Ivy Books Did not pay royalties or provide information on books sold. Did not respond to phone requests concerning royalties. Oakbrook Terrace Illinois
My experience with Green Ivy Publications has been fraught with frustration for the two-year period of our relationship. My phone calls were often not answered at all or answered some weeks after the call had been initiated. Sometimes the reason given for lack of response was that the person I was calling was no longer employed by Green Ivy. One person who was helpful was a woman named Darleen who tried to put me in contact with the appropriate person. Occasionally this helped, but frequently it turned into another dead end. The problem seemed to be inexperience or lack of interest or downright laziness on the part of the company. After many months of periods of hearing and not hearing from the company, my book was published. However, it was published August 24, 2015 and to date I have not received one penny of royalties. When I inquired, I was told that the person in charge of royalties had suffered a heart attack and it would be some time before any royalties would be paid. In reading a similar story by one of Green Ivy's authors, in occurred to me that the whole thing was a gigantic fraud or a complete degree of ineptness.  I would like to join other authors to begin a class action suit against Green Ivy Publications.
Entity: Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois
11, Report #1175804
Sep 10 2014
11:10 AM
Green Shore Publishing Founded by Adam Salviani Fake testimonials, fake books, fake history! London UK
Green Shore Publishing is a London-based vanity press founded by Adam Salviani - yes, the man behind Raider Publishing International!  Their address sounds prestigious but is in fact a £20 per month virtual office.  The company's website contained so many untruthful and misleading statements it was brought to the attention of the Advertising Standards Authority, which is now investigating GSP.  Highlights included:The claim that GSP has been a successful part of the British publishing industry for ten years - when it didn't exist before early 2014.Three book covers were shown as examples of recent releases and sound files of two radio ads that had recently aired  were provided.  None of these five books actually existed - GSP hasn't published a single book.GSP claimed to be in partnership with W H Smiths, Waterstones and the Irish book chain Eason.  None of these companies were aware of these alleged partnerships.Three GSP authors known only as Jack, Clive and Richard provided video testimonials in which they praised the company.  None of them gave their surnames or mentioned the title of their book.  It turned out that they are actors who advertise their services on (Raider Publishing International also uses fake testimonials from Fiverr on their website and Facebook).GSP's Facebook is equally bogus.  On the 22nd July, when many artices exposing GSP had appeared on the internet, the company decided to fight back.  In the space of 35 minutes posts by ten GSP authors were published, all of them singing the company's praises...but not giving the titles of their books.  Closer examination revealed that all ten accounts contained identical content and used photographs lifted from the same internet site.  The number of likes was artificially inflated from virtually none to over 3,000 and the number talking about rocketed from 4 to 3,000!Thanks to pressure from the ASA the fake testimonials have now vanished, as have the references to partnerships with bookstores, but other misleading material is still there.The full story of GSP can be read
Entity: London , Select State/Province
12, Report #84985
Mar 23 2004
07:50 AM
Green Production = United Sales & Book Publishing ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I received a leter from Green Production along with United Sales & book publishing. They sounded too good to be true. not only is the letter poorly written, but there was no toll free number. The numbers I did call were just recorded messages. My first thought is how could something like this happen and for so long? I was very tempted to still go through but luckly I checked here! I feel sorry for all of you who got ripped off! Sir syracuse, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
13, Report #631848
Aug 16 2010
12:00 PM
The Green Millionaire Waste of time! And a sneaky scam.. Internet
Along with the book you'll get a FREE Trial of ... The Green Millionaire eMagazine Improve the quality of your life with timely tips and stories. The Green Millionaire eMagazine is chalked full of clever ways to save. This appears below when you go to order the free book. What they fail to mention is if you do not cancel in 14 days they will charge your credit card $89.95! The rep I soke to with green millionaire claimed I was sent info with the book WRONG. He then offered to refund half and I graciously refused telling him it was going to be every cent and right now too. After 5 minutes of trying to convince me not to cancell and trying to make it sound as if I couldn't be refunded, he finally realized I was not going to budge and I knew my options. I told him I would simply initiate a chargeback with my credit card and file a BBB complaint. 5 minutes later I had a cancelletion confirmation e-mail and refund is being processed. At no point during the order process did they disclose the $89.95. I also tried to unsubscribe to the e-mails (before I even knew about the $90) and was unsucessful. The book offers a few tidbits of info you can readily find on a free site, rep claimed more was in e-mails... umm I looked at a few and was still unimpressed. This is a scam pure and simple
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #1293110
Mar 11 2016
02:53 PM
Blue Ivy Flowers Blue Ivy, Blue Ivy Flowers and Gifts Ugliest Pew Arrangements.....EVER! Chattanooga Tennessee
I met with this woman sevral times regarding flowers for my wedding. I told her I did not want someone creating an arrangment. I had two back up bouquets in case flowers were not in season or available. She told me she could do my first choice in my colors. When she quoted me the price I even e-mailed her with a picture of the bouquet to make sure we were talking about the same one. She said yes.  She quoted me a price for the pew arrangements that had half a dozen flowers in it. No one thinks the bouquet I received looks anything like what I ordered. The pew arrangements only had two flowers. The contract says like photo. She refuses to give me a refund.
Entity: Chattanooga, Tennessee
15, Report #1174571
Sep 05 2014
05:45 AM
Entity: London (UK), Other
16, Report #300332
Jan 15 2008
05:31 PM
Harris Digital Publishing Products, Net Detective NET DETECTIVE SCAM< RIP OFF! Deland Florida
This is a scam, I knew I'd been had within minutes of logging on. Your $29.00 just gets you to links for more info at an additional fee. Please just save your time and money, you can find the same info with google for free. Anything other than a name and address is going to cost you more. I tried to get a refund within one hour with no luck. I'm going to contact my visa company for a dispute. Probably more trouble than the $29.00 charge but I really don't trust this company now. Who's to say they won't charge my account again for something I didn't authorize? jan green creek, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Deland, Florida
17, Report #1300339
Apr 19 2016
10:47 PM
Want to know how Green Ivy treats their authors? Oakbrook Illinois
I spent a little more than a year and a half writing a novel about a hero named John Reed. He was an army private in the Afghan war, but transferred to a secret project facility of the army. I had been writing all night long before getting writers block. Unable to write I decided to look on the Internet to see how hard it would be to find a publisher. There were lots of them, and only a small chance that they might look at my manuscript. However I did find a webpage that promised publishers would call me, if I left information about my book and myself. I did just that and it wasn’t more than a couple of days before they started calling. I had gotten calls from big publishing companies wanting to publish my manuscript. When the calls finally tapered off, I had gotten calls from about 10 different publishing companies all wanting big $$$ to publish my book. It seemed they would publish anyone’s book for the right amount of money as long as it wasn’t plagiarized. About a week later I got a call from Jason Miksek, he worked at a little known small hybrid publishing company called Green Ivy. Jason ask me about my book and told me about the company. He said I had little chance of getting my book published at Green Ivy, that they only accepted about 12 to 15% of the books that came their way, and having an unfinished manuscript would probably means that I would have to finish it before they would accept it, but that it was in a popular genre. I was happy to hear that they didn’t except just anyone. I thought this would be a true test whether my book was good or not. So… while they looked at my manuscript, I looked on the Internet for information about them. There was little to no information about Green Ivy on the Internet, not even in the Better Business Bureau. The only information I found about them were a few people that had been turned down by them but were happy with the way they were treated. So… when I was accepted by David Rodriguez and  Jason Miksek, I was ecstatic this meant my book WAS good and they had accepted it unfinished telling me to take my time finishing it. On top of all that, they were less expensive than the rest. Jason and David critiqued my manuscript, only mentioning a couple of things that needed to be edited. They did mention the book was too big for a first time author and might need to be cut in half. I signed a contract for Ordinary to Hero in One fall and finished it about four to months later. At the same time I was finishing the book, I would get emails from my manager at the time, Taylor Jones, she asked for things like a photo of myself, an autobiography and a synopsis of my manuscript, it was very exciting. Before I could finish the book, I had been switched from one manager to another the next was Caryn Rohde. When I finished the book I emailed the work to my manager, who sent it to the SENIOR editor (which by the way was the nicest person I’d met at Green Ivy, she was always helpful and kind) she emailed me to let me know she would be starting on MY manuscript very soon. Two weeks later I got an email with the work she had done on my manuscript. She had only done 20 pages but she had taken over 5000 words from those 20 pages. I sent an email asking her why she had taken so many words from just 20 pages. She said the publisher wanted it to be small enough to fit in a first time authors slot and that she was trimming the fat. I asked her, what a first time author’s slot is. She said 90 to 120,000 words. Since my book is over 220,000 words, that meant she was going to cut away over half my book. Since the contract says they can’t take anything out of my book without my permission, I asked her to cut it in half if she had to cut half the book away to make it fit in a first time author’s slot. She said she would have to ask the powers that be and she would get back with me. Almost a week later she emailed me saying I would have to find a place to cut it in half and write an ending for it. It took me a couple of weeks, but when I turned it in they were happy with the end. It took months to get the editing finished, by the time we were done I had been appointed three more managers losing the one before each time. I asked my editor when we were going to start on the second half of the book. She said, it would cost me more money if I wanted to publish it before I’d sold 10,000 copies of the first book. I started to complain but she said, it wasn’t up to her that she was very sorry. We were almost done with the first half so I let it go for the time being. About two months before we finished the editing, my manager told me I needed to start working with a digital designer to get the cover done for the book. I was so happy, it had been a long time but we were almost done. Again the guy I was given to was the SENIOR digital designer Tyler J. Geiwitz. He couldn’t seem to grasp what I was looking for so Tyler passed me off to one of his subordinates. Things were going good and we were almost done with the hero’s armor but I was losing my patience, he kept making the same mistakes over and over again. I had sent him over 30 emails with very descriptive details telling him exactly what I was looking for, along with 25 or 30 pics. I also mentioned that we were almost finished with the editing and need to get the cover done soon. After me and my editor finished editing the book on ‎Thursday‎, ‎January‎ ‎28‎, ‎2016 ‎3‎:‎18‎ ‎PM. On Monday‎, ‎February‎ ‎8‎, ‎2016 ‎12‎:‎17‎ ‎PM Almost four months after he started the work on my cover art. I finally told the digital designer Tyler that I was tired of waiting and that I was going to look for someone close by me so we could get the cover finished. I told him that I hadn’t found anyone yet, so if he finished before I found someone or before the guy I’m looking for finishes his cover design, he could still have the cover. That was more than two months ago and I haven’t heard a word from Tyler or Green Ivy since. I did call a guy that is supposed to be a manager or something, I think his name was Jay. He didn’t seem like he wanted to help me at all, as a matter of fact he seemed angry that I bothered him and basically told me very bluntly he didn’t care that the contract said Ordinary to Hero in One fall, as in the whole book. They were NOT going to publish the other half of the book unless the first half sells more than 10,000 copies. I’m not worried about the book selling 10,000 copies, I know it will, it’s just the point that he is trying to push me around because he knows I don’t have the money to take him or Green Ivy to court. When I told him that it had been over a month since I’d heard from the digital designer he again showed his apathy for caring and said work it out with your cover designer. It has now been over two months since I’ve heard from anyone at Green Ivy. I tried to call one of the guys that talked me into signing with Green Ivy, his name was Jason Miksek however Doug at Green Ivy has his number now. I asked Doug if he could get me the number to someone above Jay’s head, he said he would have to ask Jay to fix the problems first. The next day Doug called saying Jay wouldn’t do anything to fix the problems. So I ask Doug if he would give me the number to SOMEONE above Jays head. Doug promptly told me, if he gave me the number to someone above Jays head he would be in fear for his job. I said OK, then can you please tell me how to get my money back or give me the number to someone that can give me that information. Doug said if he did that he would be in fear for his job. Sooo, it’s looking very much like they don’t care about the problems there authors are having with their company and they threaten their employees with being fired if they give out the number to anyone above Jays head or if they give the authors a way to get their money back. Look I just want to get my cover finished and the whole book published like the contract says. No more, no less!!! If they don’t intend to publish my manuscript, they owe me $2,495.00. What I payed them to publish my book. I guess the wasted months I’ll never get back, too bad, time IS money!!!!
Entity: Oakbrook, Illinois
18, Report #79919
Feb 10 2004
02:22 PM
Ivy Terrace ripoff Tupper Lake New York
I live at ivy terrace and I went on vacation with my mother and my two children. When I got home I had a note pinned to my door telling me I was evicted from the apartment and had so many days to evacuate the premises. When I confronted Mary Jarvis about it she accused me of having a party. I had told her about my vacation and not being there. She told me that she was told I was home and that they had found a beer bottle somewhere near the front door to my apartment. How's that for a landlord? I did end up not leaving, there was no reason to be evicted I was not home and didn't have a beer party. J 12986, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Tupper Lake, New York
19, Report #1245576
Jul 31 2015
04:31 PM
Ivy cleaners One price dry cleaners  Sunrise Florida
They shrunk two sweaters and tried to re-stretch them- I had to throw away- ruined. Wouldn't reimburse any money. Later on they lost. $79.99 men's designer jeans. We kept going back 3-4 times to find them. They showed us other jeans customers returned, they were not ours.
Entity: Sunrise, Florida
20, Report #1080067
Aug 30 2013
01:17 PM
Reaching the green magazine Christopher Jason Mills, P.R Publishing, Print Right Publishing. Mills Media Group Inc, Club Adverti Christopher Jason Mills is doing false advertising Fort Lauderdale Florida
The owner of P.R Publishing or Print Right Publishing, Reaching the green or Club advertising, Web Local Marketing, Mills Media Group inc. His name is Christopher Jason Mills, and with his partner Jason Gonzalez or his real name Jhoham Norori Perez with this link you be able to see that you are dealing with criminals here are other links from diferent companies, diferent complaints three websites listed this address as their headquarters: 401 East Las Olas Boulevard, Suite 130-238, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 but now if you see all the websites they dont have addresses any more beacause this addres is a po box, with the po box it makes it easier for them to scam people, im a private investigator they try to scam me and i did my resource i find out they are located in nicaragua, the phone number of Christopher in Nicaragua is +505 8362-8204, there is where they have a little call center to scam people i want this company to be reported to the BBB, so they can track this people and stop them from scaming other companies
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
21, Report #144540
May 31 2005
10:38 AM
IVY DISSERTATIONS ripoff Promised to write a formal proposal, instead gave me a internet generated paper. Internet
I was promised a formal proposal. The paper I received was internet generated. Ivy Dissertations took $150.00 of my money and will not correct the problem or refund my money. Carla atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #8063
Nov 23 2001
12:00 AM
Ivy Leaf Florists in Grant City, KY ripped off & deceived customer, pathetic business behavior
In early October 2001, I made a complaint over the phone with Discover about a florist who did not deliver the goods in late September. I also filed with the Better Business Service. The business I had trouble with was Ivy Leaf Florist, 16 N Main St, Dry Ridge, Ky 41035 859-824-4434 / fax: 877-489-5323.) They were supposed to deliver flowers to a funeral home in Dry Ridge. Members of my family and some of the members of the family of the deceased never saw the flowers. I myself was at the funeral home and looked around 4 times and never found my flowers. However one of the members of the deceased one's family (that I never knew) seems to be good friends with this florist. She told me that she never received the flowers. She told me that she only had a gift card from the basket, but no flowers. She also told me that it might have been delivered to the gravesite by accident. She told me that she knew that florist personally and couldn't imagine him or any of his employees being rude to anyone. As it stands, she wrote a letter to Discover Card telling them that she received the flowers after all according to the rebuttal statement I just recieved from the Better Business office. In that rebuttal, Ms. Smith of Ivy Leaf Florists claims theirs to only be a small business. And inferrs that should be an excuse, for their rude behavior and poor record keeping techniques. They also claim to quote me exactly. Their exact statement uses quaint terms that are not part of my vocabulary. They accuse me of being rude and as the reason that they hung up on me 3 times! Tony Smith,(the owner) even said that I owed him an apology! I never used foul language. I just could not get my point across to them. They did all the talking. If I interrupted them, I was considered rude, and they hung up. What ever happened for respect for the customer? From the beginning, my husband was treated curtly by them. I was then treated worse. I was grilled as to why I did not call sooner. I had gone out of town. I was in New York. In fact I was at ground zero in Manhattan. I thought that the business must have forgotten our flowers and did not bill us. 2 weeks later when I saw that they submitted the bill to Discover, I called them. The owner, Tony Smith was nasty because I would not give him my mobile phone number. As it was, they had already treated me awful. Whey would I give him my private number? I had already given him my home phone. As for (co-owner)Ms. Smith's statment in her BBB rebuttal that they might have worked out a deal if I had been nice, that was never even a remote option. Deals cannot be made when the customer is ignored, hung-up on disrespected and basically robbed. Yes I was robbed of money for flowers that were never delivered to the correct place, delivered late, of never at all. I asked Discover to take back payment for the flowers. They did so temporarily. However when the member of the family changed her statement and wrote the biased letter to Discover in favor of the florists (as she was personal friends with them), Discover applied the charge to my account again. Discover believed her. If the Florist had a signed receipt of delivery I might believe that as a reputable bit of evidence. Otherwise, if I wanted, I could get others in her family and mine to write letters stating that they never saw the flowers! I hope that others learn about their deceptive dealings, since this matter appears not to be working out in my behalf. All this time I thought mistakenly that I would be protected by fraud by using my credit cards when making a purchase. I was wrong. It seems to me that this florist business should bear the burden of proving that they did in fact deliver what they were paid to deliver. But as a small business they don't keep very good records. It also seems that when delivering flowers that someone there should sign off that they were actually received. But Ivy Leaf has no proof such as that and yet I have to cover their error. It is too bad that others in her family, the ones I know personally never were comforted by the flowers. Next time I want to console someone with flowers I will take it to their home myself. Possibly someone stole the flowers. But that does not forgive the rudeness and ill-manners that Ivy Leaf showed from the start. I hope that others using this Grant County, Kentucky florist learn about their pathetic business behavior.
Entity: Dry Ridge, Kentucky
23, Report #374036
May 06 2011
08:26 PM
I have the same story as others I have read about being ripped off by Ivy Capital. What I am interested in is bringing a class action suit against them. It seems to me that there are enough injured parties out there to bring a good size law suit against thisw company that is ripping people off left and right. Lets hit them where they live in their pocket book. Anyone interested in pursuing a law suit or any attorneys interested in handling this matter please contact me at (((email redacted))).Mike NORTH PORT, FloridaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: LAS VEGAS, Nevada
24, Report #562578
Jan 31 2010
10:23 AM
Ivy League ROL YOUTH FOUNDATION horrible employees bad customer service Mokena, Illinois
This company is horrible. Horrible is an understatement. The owner, Jackie Evans plays next to none, in her part as company owner. She is supposed to be the go to person with any problems. I have been told from employees at the Mokena location on 191st st in Mokena, IL, that if I call with a problem, and I am told Jackie will get the message and call me back, that means, they do not care and I will receive no call back. I have NEVER received a call back from the owner Jackie Evans apologizing for the amount of incompetence she, the employees, and the company has. I feel SO SO SO SO sorry for the children whose parents drop them off everyday. I pulled my child from this before and after school program because my little one complained everyday! When calling to say I was going to pull my child, I was told.....Fine, go ahead, take your business elsewhere, by an employee in the office who answers phones. There happens to be a HOMELESS man working with the children who I have personally witnessed, to be bad smelling, and verbally abusive to the kids which was my number one reason for pulling my kid. I talked with other parents, and they have said to me they receive the same treatment. River of Life Youth Foundation says they are a wonderful program, better than a daycare, but that is far from the truth!! They are a RIP OFF!! Dishonest people at there best. Avoid these people at all costs.
Entity: Mokena, Illinois
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Dec 05 2010
06:24 PM
Ivy Melton Filed False Report Regarding Remodel Job Mission Viejo, California
I have my own Hanadyman Service and also have an inactive California State General Contractors License, I am not activating it because legally I can work as a handyman with some restrictions. I have been in the construction industry for over 30 years! I made an agreement with Mrs. Ivy Melton in the city of Mission Viejo Ca to do some remodeling................She gave me a deposit and I sent my one helper there to start some demo work 4 days labor then I went and spent 2 days preparing the shower walls to install new tile. I also made 2 trips to Anaheim Ca to pick up the tile and trim Mrs Melton picked out, as a favor to her My Client....also gave her free consulting on whick tile to use........not knowing their was no permit pulled on this job I turned the Meltons in to the Mission Viejo Building Department. As part of my deal with Mrs. Ivy Melton I was going to supply all the rough in material for the project which I picked up then had to return due to her attitude and pay a restocking fee. After receiving a phone call around 11/13/ 2010 and hearing language I have never heard come from a womans mouth I could not believe the vulgar language she was using. Like I said I have been in the construction industry and have heard some very vulgar words from disgruntled workers but never anything like I heard from Mrs. Ivy Melton. This actually scared me and made me feel that if I ever run into her again she may use force or go balistic or postal......... My advice to any Handyman or General Contractor don't do work for the Meltons in Mission Viejo they told me the last 2 contractors ripped them off too, Now How Can That Be!!!!!!!!!!! Could it be the MELTONS
Entity: Mission Viejo, California

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