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1, Report #818582
Jan 05 2012
04:31 PM
Advanced Grocery Savers Advanced Grocery Savings Radio, Grocery Savings Rip Off Internet, Internet
Just like many others in this failed economy, I was desperate what I heard on the radio that I could get $1000.00 for free in groceries for the next 12 months.  I called the number provided and this is what I was told. For $19.95 (one time fee) I could get a card, like a debit card, worth $1000.00 that I could use all at once or periodically over 12 months to buy groceries and household items (not including alcohol or tobacco products) with no fees, gimmicks, cancellations required, etc. I was told the card would come in the mail, I would need the internet only once to activate the card, then go shopping!  I don't have to send in any receipts, I don't have to cancel anything, etc.  I was told I could OPTIONALLY print certificates for extra savings.  I wasn't told I was required to do so. I was also told I could get a mail-in rebate for up to $15.00 off my $19.95 shipping/handling so in my head I'm getting $1000.00 + almost my whole $19.95 back.  Too good to be true?  I even asked the representative that on the phone.  He tells me their ad wouldn't be on the radio if it were and that I could check them out w/ the BBB.  I tried, BBB has no record of them. I was also told I would get 3 gift cards, 1 for $25 to Target, 1 for $25 to Walmart and 1 for $25 for dining, AT NO CHARGE, all I had to do was cancel them in 30 days from when I receive them in the mail. Apparently, now that I'm home and my boyfriend has me checking them out online, there are hundreds of other complaints out there.  Apparently you get a card that allows you access to their website where, for a fee, you can print COUPONS that you take with you when you shop and you can use at check out. I called today to apply for this $1000.00 and I called less than 12 hours later to cancel.  Be advised, they're a bunch of liars and misrepresent, no matter how many times you ask them to clarify, what they're really selling.
Entity: Internet, Internet
2, Report #208294
Aug 28 2006
02:21 PM
Meijer Grocery ripoff Plainfield Illinois
For the second week in a row I was overcharged cereal. meijer puts several boxes of cereal on a display and the sign in front of the display says 2 boxes of General Mills for $5.00 next to that display in another display of several boxes of Kelloggs cereal and a sign that reads 3 boxes of Kelloggs for $6.00. After carefully reading a brand names and made sure that I purchased the two correct boxes. I checked out a was overcharged for one box. Was told by the customer service dept that Reese's was not included (two weeks in a row). Sign never noted Reese's were not included and there must of been 25 boxes included on display. Overcharged twice at $4.50. I usually never bother with writing reports such as this but feel this store needs to be investigated by someone agency. On another occassion I was shopping and my son needed an alram clock for school. I purchased one that hooks up to your MP3 sign read $17.99 yet I was charged $26.99. This happened two weeks ago and when I was checking out the cashier asked me if I wanted to apply for a Meijer credit card and receive 10% off my current grocery bill and received a coupon for a free 12 pack of Coke or Pepsi along with a $5.00 gift card. I said well I am not sure I will qualify. She said that's okay never once said that I needed to qualify to receive my 10% off bill. Of course I did not qualify for the credit card and I asked for my 10% off when the customer service rep said oh I am sorry your credit was denied so you can not get the 10% off. I explained had the cashier told me that I would not of even applied and put another mark on my credit. She just said sorry and totally blew me off. My son was ill so I could not stay in the store and disagree. I sent an email and a rep responded that someone from the proper department will get beack to me yet almost two weeks and nothing yet! When I went the following week to use the free 12 pack of Coke or Pepsi the new cashier said this is only good if you apply for a credit card. I said I did apply for a credit card and that is how I got it! She said you must use it the same day. I said how could I do that if I received it at the time I applied which was during checkout. This store does have some good deals but you as the consumer must really pay attention to sale items ring up correctly and also when you use coupons be sure they ring up all coupons as I have also had an expierence when I gave the cashier three coupons and she only credited me for two. The 3rd coupon for dog food had not been credited and I a cashier who spoke little english so it was hard to explain but I finally got my credit on least one item. I will say I will continue to shop there but I will be the most careful shopper Meijer has ever had in thier store. All of these little mistake have added up to over $20.00 and I have only been shopping there about 4-5 weeks now! Linda Plainfield, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Plainfield, Illinois
3, Report #865660
Apr 08 2012
07:10 PM
Albertson's Grocery Bozeman MT Check your receipt! Bozeman, Montana
For the third time in the past 10 months I have been overcharged by Albertson's in Bozeman MT.  Most recently it was 2 charges for one item, and twice I was charged for an item I didn't buy.  In the case of the item I didn't buy, it seems the cashier's finger accidentally touched the number 4, which causes a charge for honey in the amount of $5.39.  I learned this after I waited at the customer service line (cashiers can't fix their mistakes) and the worker on duty was well aware of the mystery extra charge which happens frequently, apparently.  I wonder how much money Albertson's adds to the bottom line with these mistakes.  I will not shop there again, but if you must, check your receipt before you leave the store!
Entity: Bozeman, Montana
4, Report #333362
May 18 2008
10:51 PM
Novelty Grocery RIPPED ME OFF PURCHASE Streamwood Illinois
This company in Streamwood IL took my money. In March I placed an online order with them and paid by paypal. To date I have not received my merchandise. The stupid thing I did was to try to deal with them instead of contacting paypal after 20 days. You got it, according to Paypal, it was too late to do anything, but they did advise me to contact the Federal Government re: internet fraud, the State Attorney's Office in IL re fraud, and the BBB. I am giving them until the end of this month to make it right then I shall contact the Federal Government who I hope will make them take their internet site down, and the Il State Attorney's Office in IL. I have contacted one of their suppliers to let them know they ripped me off, and advised them they should be carefuld doing business with them. Although the total amount was $25.55 it was mine. I want the money or the goods. Rosa Florissant, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Streamwood, Illinois
5, Report #237734
Mar 02 2007
04:10 AM
Safeway Grocery Store terrible service Mesa Arizona
It seems like everytime i go to the Safeway on Elsworth and Baseline in Mesa the service gets worse and worse, so bad that i have decided to stop shopping there. The last time i frequented the store was a unforgetable experience. 1st - they didnt have the type of popcorn i usually like to buy, i complained about it and they had a bunch of excuses why they didnt have it. 2nd - I went to their pharmacy, the lady in front of me got angry because they were out of her prescibed medication. When it was my turn they didnt have my type of medication either. The pharmacy with no medications 3rd - I went to check out i only had about 10 items and i got in the express lane, it wasnt express at all, the cashier and customer ahead of me were just chatting away, having fun wasting time, then the woman wanted something else so the cashier left the cash register area and went up and down the isles looking for a product, more wasted time. 4th - Finally i got checked out so i went to the second counter to buy a power ball, there was no one there to serve me so i waited and waited, finally a woman appeared, i bought a powerball and at the same time gave her a powerball i had bought the week before it was worth $4. she gave ne $3, i told her it was worth $4, she argued with me , we went back and forth, finally she broke down and gave me the other dollar. What a pain in the arce. These people ruined my shopping experience, they were slow, rude and unprofessional. I shop at another grocery store now. J Mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
6, Report #1096307
Nov 01 2013
12:58 PM
Kroger's Grocery SCAN RIGHT RIP OFF Rome Georgia
Kroger Scan-Right Guarantee Kroger has a Scan Right Guarantee that is often advertised on signs in store.   Basically, if a product rings up at a price different from the one listed in-store or in-ad, they must give you that product FREE and every additional identical purchase will be adjusted to the sale price. (The kroger scan right policy right from their website. Rome, GA Krogers  Absolute BS.  I bought dog chew chips; price $8.89; I was charged $9.95. The first time I was refunded the entire purchase price.  Two weeks later, same dog chips, same over ring, I was refunded $5.  Three weeks after that, same dog chips, same over ring. When I brought the receipt into Krogers 10/29 at about 5PM and presented the receipt at the service desk, I was given a 97cent refund. When I questioned it, the woman lied right to my face saying that only items under $5 are refunded. I tried reaching Steve Van Meter, Rome, GA store manager, today: 11/1 and nobody knew when he'd be in or available. I asked for the corporate number and when I called, I found a pin was required to complete the call: which the store carefully neglected to give me. I found a customer service number on facebook; 1800 567-4377.  When I called that number, I was informed in a l-o-n-g pre-recorded message that I just won a fabulous Bahamas cruise and after the entire speel, was given the choice to opt out, which I did.  Then I was treated to the entire speel again giving me a second chance for just $59, etc. etc. When I opted out the 2nd time, I got a busy signal. You think this isn't going out to every blog in the world - think again. Crystal, Rome, GA. a former loyal customer.
Entity: Rome, Georgia
7, Report #1285273
Jul 23 2016
12:22 PM
Bashas grocery Not clean and not cleaned Mesa Arizona
   The local Bashas grocery store on North Power rd in Mesa.  The freezer section where the ice cream is on display looks like it's not been cleaned in ten years.  There is a actually dirt and debris plainly visible in the cabinets.  I made a point to look up the lady manager and mention it.  She said, we are working on that(words to that effect).  That was three months ago.  No change.      I cannot understand how a store could possible have visible dirt in a food cabinet(OK, it is cold) for one week, much less months or years.   
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
8, Report #4971
Apr 20 2001
12:00 AM
Safeway's Grocery store employees suffer while Safeway profits soar?
Safeway's Stock Soars 67% in 2000 Same store sales rose 4.9% in the firms fiscal third quarter with profits of $270 million on $7.5 billion in sales. This is great news for investors and management but Working people buy Safeway's groceries and working people provide the profit! Safeway stores are built by working people. Many of these people work for contractors who pay substandard wages and provide little or not benefits. Is this fair? Why should works have to suffer while Safeway profits soar? Send a message to Safeway management Boycott Safeway! This is a public service message from the Arizona State District Council of Carpenters. 1401 N. 29th Avenue, Suite 2E, Phoenix, AZ 85009 (602) 272-2700 Fax (602) 272-1928 Why should works have to suffer while Safeway profits? Tell your Safeway Store manager that you support good wages and benefits for workers and that you don't approve of policies that are bad for Arizona Construction Workers! Think about it! Aren't We All Workers? When a person with NO insurance gets sick, who pays the bill? In many cases you (the taxpayers) do. Many of the contractors that build Safeway Stores pay their workers substandard wages and provide little or NO benefits, Like health insurance or a pension plan. Workers earning substandard wages have a hard enough time just surviving without having expensive medical bills to pay. It's the taxpayers, like you, who have to make up the difference. Is this fair? Safeway treats its employees fairly. They have a Union Collective Bargaining Agreement that provides fair wages, good working conditions, health insurance and a pension plan. Why can't that same standard exist for the construction workers that build Safeway's stores? Every workers deserves fair wages and employer paid benefits that taxpayers don't have to subsidize. Urge your Safeway Store Manager to let their management know that you support fair wages and benefits for workers. This is a public service message from the Arizona State District Council of Carpenters. 1401 N. 29th Avenue, Suite 2E, Phoenix, AZ 85009 (602) 272-2700 We are not asking any person to refuse to work or make deliveries
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
9, Report #608894
May 31 2010
11:46 AM
Metro Grocery Food Stores Bad food and Bad Service Toronto Ontario
Metro Grocery Bad Food and Bad Service at Metro Food Stores, Toronto. Canada. Metro Grocery Food Stores is selling food that is spoilt! Customers should beware of buying any items, that are on sale, at any Metro food stores. The reason? More than likely it is spoilt. That has been my experience personally, on more than one occassion. Beware of buying any wet food items, such as ice cream or salad dressing etc. They are never fresh. Metro's Food Stores Slogan, Food at its best, is also, at best misleading. Besides having some very bad customer service, their food is also bad. Have you ever asked yourself, why this item is on sale, in the first place?Now you know why. Items on sale at this supermarket, should also be checked for the expiration date and also the freshness of its products. Do not rely on the Metro Food Stores, to be honest and upfront, about the freshness of its food items on sale. You will learn the hard way, like I did.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
10, Report #1018339
Feb 21 2013
09:13 PM
I happen to know a Ralph's employee that has his garage stocked up with the daily promo items, sale items, etc. that Ralph's puts out for it's customers. Try 18 bottles of liquid tide marked down to under $4 dollars, and dozens of bags of multiple paper towels at unbelievable prices. I asked him how come I never see these items for sale there on special and he informed me when deals like this show up the employees buy them all before they go out on the floor.  How sad is that they cannot limit their employees to one or two and put the rest on the floor for their customers to enjoy. Especially at this time with a tough economy I am sure they would make some customers happy. Isn't that what is intended with these mark downs? If not and you just want your employees to have them then don't even put out the other items that are sitting on the shelve at the  back of your store. (((ROR redacted))) CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: STEVENSON RANCH, California
11, Report #142673
May 13 2005
08:22 PM
Vons Grocery Store ripoff, rotton food, Corona California
Vons needs to seriously look into there stores, i have shopped at the one by my house a couple times, and have got outdated food the produce is rotton, meat when they have it is not very good i went to get bread from the bakery and there was flys in the bins with the so called fresh bread, they never have what you need this store sucks Ronnie Corona, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Corona, California
12, Report #104220
Aug 18 2004
09:25 AM
Little Bucks Grocery Store rip-off! False advertising! Stone Mountain Georgia
I was with my sister when we went to Little Bucks in December 2003. The Scooters that we purchase for 99 cent was not value at 99.00 that little Bucks said they was. We sat out there all night long for false advertising. If I knew that the scooter I was sold was not value at $99.00 and was value at $29.00 I could have went out and paid that amount myself than to spend the night from my family. Something needs to be done about these company that put out fraudulent iformation to boost their sales. I know that my sister was mad because when she found the invoice she contacted Little Bucks Corporate Office. My sister spoke with a lady at the Corporate Office and the lady got smart with her about a refund for 99 cent she got hot. Carol found this web site and she ask if I would like to file an complaint against Little Buck. I would like to thank you for this chance to let other people know not to fall for something you think is a good value unless you truley know the value of the item you are getting. Thanks, Sharon Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Stone Mountain, Georgia
13, Report #35103
Nov 13 2002
07:15 PM
Stater Brothers Grocery Store ripoff Palms California
Games they play, Stater brother, grocery chain, Mismarking, items in meat Twentynine ..... Normal Store Mistake or game Stater Brothers Plays? Past: I went to the meat area and seen a tag hanging above (arrow pointing down) on some pork chops advertising a sale on the chops for like 1.29lb so I ordered like 5 lbs. I didnt think nothing about it. about 3 minutes later I went to check out I had 3 items and total was about $30 bucks when it should have been around $8 bucks. The pork chops price was around $24 something I freaked and went back to the meat department and said theres been a mistake. The person said nope thats the right price and acted like I was stupid. I said Its on sale as I pointed at the arrow. They reached in and pulled it out and tossed it on top and said nope its not sapose to be there. Then Walked away Like F U. I was shocked and didnt go back for a long time. To add: I do not normaly buy from the meat area because of what happened only if its prepacked and priced. NOW I have 2 times in the last few months cought them doing the same scam to other people. Yesterday I seen them do it to a lady, she asked is that price right as she pointed to the arrow. The man then reached in and yanked the tag out just as they had done with me. Shakeing my head I wounder how many people dont even notice they got hit by this so called accidental mis-marking!!! To add: I dont buy hamburger there anymore about 6 months ago I had bought 5-1lb packs of meat for my mother. Well in one of the packs there was a metal drill looking tip inside it. My mother and son had made spegetti and my mother had gotten the chunk of hamburger with this piece of metal in it. She has no teeth but the thing had punchured the inside of her mouth. I was told to bring it in but I had to wait till next day. When I got there took me 2 grocery clerks to finaly get the right person as I was told to contact. OK no prob. I handed him a bagy with the metal drill tip in it. He made faces at it as he looked at it and said are you sure that was in the meat and said yes! you can even see meat inside the thing. He looked again and said yes there sure is. He kept saying I wounder how this got threw the press because of its size. He went over to the phone by a check out and within 2 minutes. There were men in white shirts and ties everywhere. Im serouse 4 or 5 Mangers? were all there looking and talking with eachother with the baggy in the air as they all looked at it. The guy took the item filled out a form, replaced 2 packs of meat that were left from the ariginal 5. I did see one thing he filled out on the form, attatude of person or something like that. he wrote good, hmmm so if I was mean or angry theyd put that? maybe something extra would have been done. These are the reasons why I dont like the Stater Brothers Meat Department. To add here latly I have gotten 2 spoiled Items that had mildew within the items. a package of 4 personal size pizzas and a package of bacon, never seen bacon mildew before! Both I could not do anything about because it had been a week in my frezer before I noticed it. we have 2 choices to shop in this town thats it! a small one and staters hmm thats why I cant just stop useing the store. K Twentynine palms, California
Entity: Twentynine Palms, California
14, Report #981
Dec 10 1999
12:00 AM
Krogers/Ralphs Grocery Co. no respect for consumers and employees, ripoffs Cincinnati, Ohio
This supermarket co. is great at employee abuse: 1. Low pay (I made 1.00 a year pay raise) 2. NO movement within Co. 3. NOT seeking within those with skills for Co. needs. 4. Kiss ass Hqs mindset 5. NO discounts for employees. 6. Unionized: UFCW 770 7. Merged with Kroger this past year, late 1998. 8. Throws away TONS of edible food by code date. 9. Chain 10.Anti Hi Tech, modernization within. 11.Stuck in job slot forever. 12.NO input given,seen from employees. 13. Mystery shoppers/spy employees. 14. 24/7 hours, hours vary. 15. crowded (at my store) 16. Too many Armenians dont know English,read English.
Entity: Cincinnati, hio
15, Report #493634
Sep 11 2009
06:27 PM
Ray's Apple Market Grocery Store Poor Customer Service. Manhattan, Kansas
I bought some pre-sliced cantaloupe for $2.79 from Rays Apple Market on Thursday.  On Friday morning I discovered the cantaloupe was spoiled and threw it away.  I went back to the store Friday afternoon with the receipt and requested a credit toward another container of cantaloupe.  The store manager, Patty, asked for the old produce.  I told her that I had thrown it away.  She said we cannot offer a credit without the original produce.  I stated I didnt want to carry spoiled cantaloupe around for the day at work just to exchange it.  She then threw up her hands and told the clerk, Just give him his money backjust give it to him!  What customer service!  I have spent literally thousands of dollars this past year in groceries at Rays Apple Market, and the manager is going to argue with me over $2.79!  Ridiculous!!!
Entity: Manhattan, Kansas
16, Report #589453
Apr 04 2010
11:10 AM
Kroger Grocery Bad Fruit, Bad Meat, Too Many Times To Count Denton, Texas
We shop at this store because of fair prices but you have to be careful what you buy there. The thing that made me write this report is that I had to take back some mangoes I got. They smelled great, had all the signs of ripeness, but when I took them home and cut them open, were green on the inside. This is only the beginning. Things like this have been happening for awhile. We got bad meat so many times that we don't even buy it there anymore. We go to Brookshires or Albertson's. This meat would look fine in the store, then smell rank a day after we got it home. I don't know what they do to it. We have also taken back berries countless times. Blueberries that have no flavor and are sour. Blackberries that are too sour to eat. They give you your money back if you take it up there but I am sick and tired of making so many trips to the grocery store. Anyway, that is my story. I don't feel like I am getting ripped off the money, just the gas money to get back up there every time.
Entity: Denton, Texas
17, Report #820691
Jan 10 2012
02:43 PM
Advanced Grocery Savings This company is a RIP-OFF canoga park, California
 Just like many others in this failed economy, I was desperate what I heard on the radio that I could get $1000.00 for free in groceries for the next 12 months.  I called the number provided and this is what I was told. For $19.95 (one time fee) I could get a card, like a debit card, worth $1000.00 that I could use all at once or periodically over 12 months to buy groceries and household items (not including alcohol or tobacco products) with no fees, gimmicks, cancellations required, etc. I was told the card would come in the mail, I would need the internet only once to activate the card, then go shopping!  I don't have to send in any receipts, I don't have to cancel anything, etc.  I was told I could OPTIONALLY print certificates for extra savings.  I wasn't told I was required to do so. I was also told I could get a mail-in rebate for up to $15.00 off my $19.95 shipping/handling so in my head I'm getting $1000.00 + almost my whole $19.95 back.  Too good to be true?  I even asked the representative that on the phone.  He tells me their ad wouldn't be on the radio if it were and that I could check them out w/ the BBB.  I tried, BBB has no record of them. I was also told I would get 3 gift cards, 1 for $25 to Target, 1 for $25 to Walmart and 1 for $25 for dining, AT NO additional CHARGE, all I had to do was cancel them in 30 days from when I receive them in the mail. They were going to charge a 1.95 that was all. I read this report by another person and thought that oh my this is exactally what I went through but they also told me about a 4th gift card. Heres the real truth because i didn't do my research like the other person, I found out you have to go to a website sign up and print coupons that can save you upto $1000. also i NEVER recieved a single gift certificate or the dining certificate and thank god for my CC company because these companies all tried to charge my card within the 1st week.  I hope this save some people some headache
Entity: canoga park, California
18, Report #815117
Dec 28 2011
07:14 PM
Metro Grocery Store what a rude employee Oakville, Ontario
let me start this by saying that I was holding an umbrella and a bread with an intention of buying them, then me and my friend went to the magazine section. there was an old guy reading a couple of magazines there and then he left without buying any of it. me and my friend was looking through some magazines with an intention if any of it was good then we were going to buy it. they weren't just any random magazine like fashion magazine or whatever, they are national geographic or photography magazine or new yorkers cartoon of the year (since we are art students, so we look at the art related stuffs). then an old lady who is an employee there coming to the stall near us and store some stuffs there. we were still looking and tried to find something interesting and she was suddenly said this is not a library, if you want to buy the book just take it and pay it. we were so pissed since we didn't even read any of them. we were just looking through it and if the magazine is good then we will buy it. is something wrong with that? I saw many people just read them at the store and we personally never do that because we know that it is not right. I don't know if she acted like that because we are young and Asians or what. but i really don't like that kind of attitude. especially because she works in a grocery store, where you must respect your customers, and that's not how you are supposed to treat them, no matter what. except if they do something wrong and not permitted. we didn't even see any signs that says opening or reading the magazine are not allowed. it was just disrespectful. too bad we didn't see her name so we can just complaints to the store manager.
Entity: Oakville, Ontario
19, Report #831585
Jan 31 2012
06:13 AM
advanced grocery savers charged my debit card for $19.95 with out my authorization Internet
I overheard a radio advertisement, on Jan. 15, 2012, offer $1000.00  in grocery coupons to the first 100 qualified callers.  I called the number and was told I would have to answer a few questions to see if I qualified for the offer.  Of course I qualifed.  I was told only a limited number of consumers were selected per area to participate.I listened to the offer for $19.95 and then asked a few questions. How long was this offer going to be available? The operator said they were moving on to the next area in my state and that this was my only opportunity to participate in this consumer research program.   I was then told I could use the $15.00 mail-in rebate that would arrive in the benifits package there by making the final cost only $4.95 for the $1000.00 worth of coupon.  Sounded okay at first so I provided the information off my debit card and then asked another question. I did not feel confident with the response and when the representative asked me to repeat the 3 digit pin on the back of my card to verify that I agreed to the conditions of the offer, I replied, Screw you and the brand name grocery items.  Cleary I was not in agreement with the conditions of the offer.With-in two weeks the benifits package arrived.  I was shocked.  They took the information I provided and used it without my full permission to do so, debiting my account $19.95.  Oh, by the way, there was no mail-in rebate enclosed in the 2 document benifits package.  So now what do I do?  I can just here the guy after I hung up say to himself, No, screw you. 
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #647847
Oct 05 2010
03:21 PM
I would not encourage anyone to purchase meat at Bravo supermarket on6767 Pembroke Road, Pembroke Pines fl 33023I purchased beef ribs and beef steak about an hour ago that was rotted. I returned it immediately.The male manager just looked at me and said what do you want your money back He did not see the dangers of what I just returned to him - did not even look at the product. I told him that I had to report it and he shrugged his shoulders and said okay and tried to walk away with the product.I took it back and took pictures of it.When I got on the phone, the Gm Maria came out and refunded me cash. A guy in white coat came out and looked at the meat and had a smock on his face.I guess they don't understand the seriousness or maybe just used to it.When I called my husband he ask me why did I go there, he also purchased about two months and had to throw it away. How many people would threw it away and not complained and think of a mother purchasing this product and feeding her kids.Thank You
Entity: PEMBROKE PINES, Florida
21, Report #706019
Mar 14 2011
07:46 PM
ACME GROCERY MARKET Passyunk Street Market, South Philadelphia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
There are areas where ACME really stinks and it is UPPER MANAGEMENT. I want to start by stating that I go to ACME almost every day and for the most part the experience is positive. I really like the staff, for the most part, and enjoy talking with them when I visit. Yet when I contracted FOOD POISONING last Sunday night from some fish they sold in freezer, and then went to explain what happened, I had very little support from the management when they called to confirm my complaint. Hugging a toilet for two days and missing a week of work is something that causes problems in my ability to make a living. They would fire one of their employees I am sure if they had a similar experience. The short of it is that the management said they are not responsible, oh well... This is why having a featureless formless authoritarian system in place mean they are operating like most banks and Wall Street, where no one is responsible except the victim. Needless to say I will consider other alternatives and crave the mom and pop businesses they usurped. They do not treat their staff ethically; they fire their middle managers at a whim, and demonstrate do not care about their customer’s health but always focus on the bottom line. If they had less good qualities, given the staff, I would not go there - yet except for policies about placing food on the counters back into the freezers after customers have left it to thaw, the rest is not bad from my perspective. I could not however work at this place due to the draconian way upper management handle their wonderful workers and middle management.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
22, Report #252871
Jun 06 2007
07:23 PM
Super 1 Grocery Store rip off by Super 1 grocery store Hamilton Montana
Super 1 grocery store has continued to rip off locals and now that I have been ripped off to the tune of 97.00 I feel it should be reported. This is the third time I have been ripped off by this store. 1.) A bottle of dish soap placed in with my shrimp at 5.99 a pound which leaked out not only on the shrimp but on my new car. I had planned the shrimp for a dinner party and had to think fast when I got home and found the dish soap had leaked out onto my shrimp. 9the entire bottle) 2.) Another time they charged me for two items in which they did ot include in the bag. 3.) A rotten chicken leaked in my lexus trunk causing me to have the trunk steamed cleaned. Super 1 will not get my business ever again. I hope others will read this and learn that not only the services are poor at best but the attitudes of the checkout persons and the baggers are irrevocable disgusting. This store thinks because we live in a small town they are the only place we can shop and it gives them a license to treat people any way they want. rude is to good for this store. I have wasted gas going out of my way to shop with them. No more..I am takign a stand and hope others will join me. Thank you Roz Hamilton, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Hamilton, Montana
23, Report #1042406
Apr 11 2013
07:48 AM
Brookshires Grocery Raises Prices to Give Impression of Great Ad Price Value Springtown, Texas
Shop several stores under this company name and was surprised when I was in the store late Tuesday evening before closing and purchased several products at the normal everyday price. Returned to pick up additional items of the exact same type and brand the following day on Wednesday and found that those Items were now on the Weekly sale for Buy One and get One for 1 cent. This seemed like a great value until I found out that the one you purchase was now double the price I paid for it only less than 12 hours earlier so no value and only saving a few cents for buying two. When calling the Corporate Office and talking with Rebecca Sanders who is Public Relations Director who later refused to give her name and title again and hung up when I told her I would be documenting this convesation on a complaint, she told me that I was mistaken but my two receipts did not show any mistake. Then I was told that it is Called a Temporary Lower Price Reduction for the price I paid the day before and not the normal price, and that when on sale it has to go back to the normal every day price. Unfortunately I talked with employees over that product in not one but three different stores and they told me that it was the normal everyday price what I paid for them before the ad and not a TLP. I then after being hung up on by the Director, called the Chairman of the Board's Office who repeated the same information and said they would have someone call me but they never asked for my number. I do like the store and management but trying to rip off the public is not something good for a business to do. Lower your prices and be fair and the customers will reward you for it instead of using false sales tactics to deceive the customers. William Boyd  email
Entity: Springtown, Texas
24, Report #1291103
Mar 01 2016
09:45 PM
Aldi's Grocery Store Bait and Switch advertising McKees Rocks Pennsylvania
Aldi's continues to run ads for products they do not have.  Their flyer comes in the mail each week touting special prices on basic groceries.  This week it was Fresh Family Pack Chicken Breast for $1.49 / lb.  The sale runs from Wednesday to Tuesday of the following week - February 24 - March 1. I tried to purchase this chicken at three separate Aldi stores in the Pittsburgh area on Friday February 26 and none had the product in stock.  The excuse is that they are sold out and it is a 'special item' so once it is gone it is gone.  This particular item takes up 1/4 of the first page on the ad.  This is clearly a bait and switch advertising campaign when they can't keep the product on the shelves for two days.  Yes they do have the same chicken breast at twice the price but it is not the 'special'.  This is not the first time this has happend at Aldi's.  The store managers are no help - repeating the company line that it is a ' special'.  The ad also has a disclaimer on the back page in fine print that states Available while quantites last, items may not be available in all stores.  The bait and switch practice is very dishonest.  They are losing my business because of it.  I would rather shop at a store that provides rain-checks when they run out of their specials.  
Entity: McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania
25, Report #229241
Jan 07 2007
04:05 PM
Dominck's Grocery Stores Ripoff Their sale prices ARE HIGHER than other grocery stores non sale prices Chicago IL
Don't shop at Dominick's they are a rip off!! They advertise their milk gallons as 2 for $4, but if you don't buy two, you have to pay nearly $3 for a gallon of milk. IT'S BETTER IF YOU SHOP CERTI-SAVER STORES OR JEWEL. Jewel for a gallon of milk is $1.99, Butera (certi-saver store) on sale for $1.79, regulary $1.99 a gallon. Tony's (Certi-Saver Store) gallon of milk is on sale for $1.89. LET'S ALL BOYCOTT DOMINICK'S! I am emailing this post to Dominick's as well as posting this on rip off dot com D chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Nationwide

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