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1, Report #1401181
Sep 19 2017
08:48 PM
Groupon computer supply usa inc Computer supply usa inc, Groupon is Scamming People Orlando, Florida Internet
Groupon is selling items to the public without checking the vendors they are adverting for. Some of their vendors are not sending the products and in our case the vendor does not exist. During the hurricane Irma my family was left without power and we bought a generator directly from Groupon under the vendor Groupon computer supply usa inc,. The company was supposed to be in Orlando Florida, which is basically a local company for us. We paid Groupon $500 dollars and Groupon took the money immediately out of our bank account. The vendor provided a tracking number, appearing that the item (generator) was on its way to us. A few days later, an envelope arrived to our house via USPS mail with the tracking number of our generator. Inside the envelop they had put two blank pieces of paper. The return address was a P.O. Box from Orlando Florida, with a location inside an OfficeMax. When we tried to contact Groupon, they basically told us they were not responsible for anything. We tried again to contact Groupon and they told us to contact the vendor, although we explained three times during the chat, that the vendor did not exist. Groupon said that because they are a third party vendor, Groupon cannot be held responsible. Although, it was Groupon who got paid from my bank and it was Groupon who advertised the vendor and it was Groupon had their name attached to the company at first. What made this whole nightmare worse is that we were just hurt by hurricane Irma financially and emotionally. We were trying to get out of the nightmare when Groupon pulled us right back into the stress and trauma. This is horrible and people need to know. Do not buy anything from Groupon and keep them out of business.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #984969
Dec 20 2012
11:54 AM
Groupon Inc Finacially Raped Columbia, Missouri
I purchased a Groupon service in my area, but, could never get the company providing the service I bought to set an appointment with me.  I had trouble getting hold of anyone to get it straightened out as they do not provide a phone number on their website, or, if they do, I could never find it.  I finally got a reply back from eMail support several days later but they would only give me credit for another purchase. So, I again purchased another service with the credit and ending up getting the same guy who never called back to set up an appointment...he had entered a bunch of services under different names and numbers evidently to keep competition at bay in his area, but he never called me back to set up an appointment again.  I requested my money back, but cannot talk to anyone there, and got the same response that I could have a credit to place another order.  That is not what I want.  They are using my credit card to their advantage...I want a refund!!  DO NOT PURCHASE A GROUPON if you want to be treated professionally and honestly!
Entity: Columbia, Missouri
3, Report #1266791
Nov 09 2015
01:48 PM
Groupon, Inc. Deceptive advertising, Refund denied Internet
I purchased a Groupon and paid $60 (I've attached a copy of the original voucher to this complaint). The original voucher clearly states, the amount paid will never expire and may be applied toward any goods or services offered by the merchant if the promotion is no longer available. I allowed the promotional offer to expire in June, 2013.  Now, I went to redeem my paid $60 value toward any goods or services offered as indicated in the deal I purchased and I was denied the right to do so....  Groupon has replaced my original voucher with what they call a credit voucher. (I've attached a copy of that to this complaint as well). The credit voucher now states, the amount paid ($60.00) will never expire and may be applied toward the original goods or services specified on this voucher. (I've placed a red arrow indicating this statement on the credit voucher).  Groupon has effectively changed the product/offer that was sold to me. Groupon sold me a voucher that stated I could always use the paid voucher for ANY GOODS OR SERVICES, and now they are claiming all sorts of exclusions. This is clearly false advertising and a bait-and-switch tactic. They are refusing to offer me a refund. I've attached a copy of my e-mails, in which I attempted to resolve this issue with the merchant.  Groupon policy on-line states, if the business closes permanently or refuses to accept your unredeemed Groupon, we'll always honor refund requests. (I've attached a copy of this as well.) I asked for a refund and was denied one.  Groupon has defrauded me of $60.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1173065
Aug 28 2014
07:23 PM
Groupon Inc. Misrepresentation of Deal, Misrepresentation of affiliated company, lied about Groupon Promise Chicago Illinois Internet
Groupon has a duty to protect it's customers. It's good reputation is based on the fact that it screens businesses before they are allowed to post deals on groupon. Groupon should have done due diligence and found out the many different aliases that Great Value Vacations operates under, The Lawsuit brought against Sceptre Tours by the DOJ, the F rating with the BBB and other fraudulent activity by said company under alias names.Not only should groupon no longer associate with said company, but said company should be barred from the travel industry entirely.Groupon needs to practice what it preaches within it's A+ BBB rating as well as its groupon promise and customer protection motto. A full refund of the trip (November 2014) totaling $3558.48  ($2798 through Groupon) is not only requested but it is mandatory that Groupon practice good will and make a statement to other would be fraudulent companies that would try to do business on groupon. Groupon must only promote reputable companies and not misrepresent them or the deals they represent.  I purchased the Groupons on May 29th and was strong arm pressured into redeemed them on May 30th with the affiliated company Great Value Vacations which has several aliases with hundreds of outstanding complaints including Sceptre Tours, Dan Dooley Vacations, Aer Lingus and Global Consolidated Services (GCS Ltd). The business identity was misrepresented. Would groupon have made public knowledge that the company was actually Sceptre Tours I would never have made the booking with them. Reviews were misrepresented on the groupon deal page. I actually thought the positive comments from Fodors were for the travel agent or that specific deal. That was not the case it was a general review on Rome and Tuscany, but was misleading. The fine print and terms were changed. On several occasions I tried to access the groupon page after making an initial complaint with the company. As evidenced by different fine print terms on previous same groupons by the company Great Value Vacations, additional fees verbiage was included after the terms were modified. Misrepresentation of the groupon promise. What Makes this Getaway Great” Groupon-Exclusive Discounts. We negotiate directly with hotels and tour operators to get you the deepest discount available -- as only Groupon can.Handpicked Travel. Our travel experts and writers research every getaway for you.Booking Guarantee. If the merchant is unable to book the stay you want during the available dates and before the book-by date, we'll refund your purchase. Misrepresentation of Price - The $1999 value was actually only $1450 when priced out separately for single passenger. Hence the $1399 price is not that great of a savings and is a blunt lie of the $1999 value. Groupon Promise” We're confident in your Groupon experience and back it with the Groupon Promise.We always want you to have a great experience with Groupon. That's why we have the Groupon Promise. If you use a Groupon voucher before its promotional value expires, take a Getaways trip, or attend a GrouponLive event and are disappointed by your experience, we'll work with you to make it right or give you a refund.In addition to our Groupon Promise, we will always honor your refund requests if a business closes permanently, an event is canceled or rescheduled, or a business refuses to accept your unredeemed Groupon voucher. We also have the following standard refund policies: Getaways:If you purchase a Getaways voucher and the merchant is unable to book the stay you want during the available dates and before the book-by date, we'll refund your purchase.  If the book-by date passes and you haven't yet booked your trip, the promotional value is no longer valid but your voucher is still worth what you paid for it. You may use the paid value as a credit with the merchant toward the advertised experience only, unless the advertised experience is no longer available. 
Entity: Internet
5, Report #99692
Jul 20 2004
08:23 AM
L&M Computer Supply, Inc ripoff Archdale North Carolina
this company did not actually rip me off but over 20 people in my city. I thought it to be a good idea, that consumers see for themselves , the activity of this company, and their business practices. I have the front page article from my local newspaper about the fraud that took place with this company, please help me, show the world about this , sorry company, who is taking peoples money, not giving refunds or the merchanise. Larry trinity, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Archdale, North Carolina
6, Report #1257425
Sep 27 2015
08:38 AM
Groupon Inc. Groupon Apple iphone5 not working after 2 months. No exchange or replacement or refund. Worst customer service.Never use groupon. chicago Internet
This is regarding order#373874283 placed at groupon website on June 8th,2015. I ordered Apple IPhone 5 16GB: White from groupon for $278.18 .This phone stopped working after 2 months. I reached out to Groupon and they asked me to follow up with the vendor. They gave me an email address This belong to a company called US mobile phones Inc. They did not offer any help and asked me to contact back to Groupon. I went back to Groupon on Sept 16th and Sept 18th they responded saying that they can offer any exchange/replacement and asked me to refer the fine print which says return is poosible only in 14 days from purchase. I was not asking for refund or return the product. I was asking for replacement/exchtange and there is nothing mentioned about it in the fine prints. This was a complete rip off for $278.18. This iphone is piece of junk which they sold me for $278.18 and there was no help offered from Gropuon regarding this matter. Customer service rep was very rude saying that we can't do anything in this matter. All, Please be aware of this Rip off company-Groupon and never buy any coupon, goods or services from Groupon. You will regret at some point later specially when you buy such expensive products which has only 14 days return policy ot 30 days warranty. All these products are sold for some Brooklyn companies which are fraud vendors and they sell all junk products thru Groupon. If you need more info about this Rip off case, pl reach out to me   Rajendra Nyati  
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1254521
Sep 12 2015
02:51 PM
Groupon Inc. Failure to issue refund for duplicate order Chicago Internet
Mary was at home at her computer at about 1 pm on 8/20/15 and made a purchase of a king sheet set and a mattress pad on her Groupon account. She did not receive a confirming email that the purchase was made, but kept checking her email to see if it came in. Then, about an hour later I “Chatted” with a Groupon representative, Wenna M. (copy of email enclosed) to see if the order went through. She said there was no order.  I even asked to make sure that there would not be duplicate orders if I ordered again. There was no order listed under my online account, so I ordered again.   A couple weeks later, we received, at separate times, two sets of the sheets and the mattress pads. Mary called Groupon on 9/9 to ask why we were sent two sets and were charged for two sets, when I was assured that there was only one order processed. I talked on the phone to a rep Linda, and she said that she only saw the one order that I placed about 3 pm on 8/20 and that I was only charged the one time on our card No. 7149.  I kept insisting that I did, in fact, receive two sets and was charged for two sets, after I was assured that a first order was not placed. Linda said that she could authorize a return for the one sheet set, but could not authorize a return for the mattress pad.   She then, asked an account specialist to go into my account and see what might have happened. He said that an order was placed for a sheet set and mattress pad under Gary’s (husband)  Groupon account about 1 pm on 8/20 and charged to our card No. 7149, and that a duplicate order was placed on Mary’s Groupon account about 3 pm on 8/20  and charged to card No. 7149. I kept asking how could that happen when Gary was at work the whole time, not at a computer, my computer is about 50 feet away from his and I was the only one ordering that day, and I was on my computer, and the name of the account at the top right kept listing “Mary”? All the screens kept stating “Mary” as the name on the account. I kept asking that they send me a return authorization for both one sheet set and one mattress pad, that we had opened the one set of the mattress pad, but only the outer mailing package, not the inner packaging, and did not use either one. She kept insisting that the mattress pad was designated as “No returns” and she could not authorize it. I then asked,’ well who can?’  She turned me over to a supervisor, Becky.   I again explained the situation to Becky, that I did not order two sets and that the problem was some kind of glitch or process with Groupon’s ordering system coding, and that it was not my fault that two sets were sent. Gary was not even home that day and was not at a computer. None of the reps could  explain how this could have happened, but Becky kept insisting that she could not authorize a return for the mattress pad, but could for the one sheet set. I said, then I will have to dispute the charge with the card company, and file complaints with every complaint system that I know, and that Groupon will have to go through the hassle of dealing with that. I have received an authorization for the return of one sheet set and have returned that, but have kept the one mattress pad, unopened and unused, pending the outcome of this dispute.   Something very interesting is that, after I got off the phone with Groupon, I tried several methods of going into Gary’s Groupon account, using his password and information, and could never get on his account from my computer.  So, again, I ask, ‘how could this have happened?’ It is some kind of glitch in Groupon’s ordering system and not our fault. We simply want to return the unopened mattress pad and receive a refund for it. If this is some kind of hygienic regulation, it is interesting to note that a person’s body is in direct contact with bedsheets, not the mattress pad, while sleeping. Yet, Groupon would accept a return for the sheets and not the mattress pad. Thank you for your consideration in resolving this matter.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1015274
Feb 16 2013
08:54 AM
Microparts USA Inc Microparts USA Inc are scammers!!! Internet
Ordered 2 computer monitors.Received confirmation email from Microparts with order number and everything. A month later the monitors never arrived. I've called customer service which is some kind of fake recording that supposidly puts you into a voicemail box that is perpetually full. There are no other options except to go directly to this full mailbox. I have emailed as well and asked for a status report or tracking number and have gotten no response.When I try to go log in to the website it now no longer recognizes my user name so I can't even go see my order on the site.
Entity: Internet, Internet
9, Report #1337433
Nov 10 2016
07:53 AM
Groupon, Inc. Deceptive Business Chicago, IL Nationwide
 Purchased 2 Groupon Vouchers for my wife and I for for allergy testing at an Atlanta based business on 11/4/16 When we got there, after waiting an hour, they told us they could not honor the Groupon vouchers because they were a misprint. During this hour they redeemed/processed the Groupon vouchers. We received no services. The business refused a refund because it was a Groupon and told us to contact Groupon for a refund. I did that the same day services were refused. Here is the Groupon ticket/reference number 50653058. After 2 phone calls and 4 emails, all contained in the reference number they did nothing. They just stopped communicating with me. Easier to ignore I guess. Bottom line - Groupon took my money and the merchant they do business with refused service, who by the way has an F rating with Atlanta BBB. Unscrupulous business practices by the merchant and Groupon. Filed report with BBB in Chicago, no response from business
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1362012
Mar 15 2017
05:03 PM
Digital supply usa  Internet
*I bought a screen protector for galaxy s7 edge it came in broke and busted there isn't a phone number i called a number it gave it was disconnected 206 airport executive park Nanuet NY 10954 5262*
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1415184
Dec 05 2017
02:00 PM
Direct Solar Supply Solarack USA Inc Did not ship. Refused to talk to me. North Hollywood California
I ordered racking for solar panels from their website. The shipment was short 62 pieces with two more items arriving damaged. I called them and was told that the person who handles these matters was not in but she would return my call. After four hours I called again. I was given the same response. I asked if my call would be returned this very day and was told it would be. They asked me to e-mail photos of the damaged items, which I did immediately. At 5pm I called them a third time, as it had now been another 3 hours since my last call. I received an automated answer stating they were now closed. I then sent them a second e-mail requesting to be contacted in order to resolve the shortage. This happened in August. 2017. As of December 2017 I have heard nothing from them. This had been my third purchase from Direct Solar Supply. The previous times had both been short, but upon contacting them, they always shipped the missing items. For that reason, and because they had quality racking at a good price, I kept buying from them. No more. I do not know why they are unable to count correctly or why they refuse to communicate with me. Common Core perhaps?
Entity: North Hollywood, California
12, Report #660933
Nov 11 2010
04:09 PM
Superior Medical SUpply, Inc John Daniel They do not pay their Vendors Clarksville, Tennessee
Superior Medical does not pay their vendors. The owner has other companies as well, namely Daniel's Product, that also order product and services and refuse to pay.  We have sent several copies of the invoices as well as left several message to which they have never responded.
Entity: Clarksville, Tennessee
13, Report #1043213
Apr 14 2013
05:09 PM
G 4 Supply Inc DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!! Diamond Bar, California
I initially ordered toner cartridges from Go4Supply, which did not work with my printer. The customer representative Adrienne suggested I purchase chips which were supposed to work with the toner cartridges.  The chips did not work and after several requests for assistance which went unanswered, I ended up returning the chips and was told I would receive a refund. I never received a refund and ended up contacting the BBB and California State Attorney General's office for assistance. The company was also supposed to send me a prepaid return label for shipping the chips back to them, but I never received it and ended up having to pay the cost of shipping back the them.  The woman I spoke with at this company named Adrienne (she would not provide her full name) has failed to issue the refund as promised and it appears that she has misrepresented herself as the owner and manager of the company.  When I indicated to her that I would contact the BBB and Attorney General's office, she just blew me off.  The California Attorney General should really consider pulling Go4Supply's business license given the number of complaints this company has received!!!!! I would encourage everyone who has had problems with this company to file a complaint with the BBB AND California State Attorney General's office.
Entity: Diamond Bar, California
14, Report #403161
Dec 19 2008
02:15 PM, USA Notebook Inc. Failure to disclose needed information. Pompano Beach Florida
I purchased a refurbished laptop computer from them in the mid summer and in late July I contacted them about upgrading to a newer better model which I did the 1st of Aug. Today I contacted them again about upgrading again to an even newer more expensive model and was told that they could not help me because the model I have they no longer have a need to sell, but they would be happy to still sell me the newer one (wow I'm honored, can do that anywhere), my point being if they no longer can accept the return of the one I bought just four short months ago then why did they sell it to me for and why didn't someone there tell me then I would not be able to return it. So anyone looking to but a used laptop oneline beware get all the fact's first and stay away from these guys. Lt Gleason, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Pompano Beach, Florida
15, Report #711810
Mar 30 2011
07:55 AM
I ordered AVG Technologies Anti-Virus program online for $37.49.  I noticed that another $0.37 appeared on my bank statement.  I called AVG and they told me to talk to the bank even though they were fully aware that it was the fact that their bank was in Nicosia, Cypress and would trigger an Foreign Transaction Fee from my credit card company.  My gripe is not wih the credit card company nor with my bank; it is with AVG.  AVG should make it extremely clear that they are a foreign company disguising themselves as an American  business.  It should be made clear when ordering products from AVG that they are really in Cypress and that any transaction with them may encounter a Foreign Transaction Fee.
Entity: Internet, Internet
16, Report #1246639
Aug 05 2015
04:52 PM
AirG USA Inc Charges on Cellular Phone bill suddenly appeared Internet
This company, AirG USA, Inc started charging my cell phone $1.99 each week, starting in July and in August for use of their  application titled airgvc199. Showed up on my monthly bill as a third party charge. Called my carrier, Sprint, who blocked further charges and gave me credit for 5 of the charges.  I never joined their social network or had their app installed on my phone.  If you have been a victim of this slamming please report it.  If you are filing a rebuttal please state how you got my phone number or list websites you use to obtain information from a phone...since it is unpublished. 
Entity: Internet
17, Report #781282
Sep 26 2011
06:23 AM
Comclone groupone.comclone, groupon-fiverr-yipit clones,Groupon Clone Script - Groupon Clone Software - Groupon Clone Download - Groupon Clone Templates, Comclone - DONOT do business with them, thieves, scammers, they should be in jail!!! Internet
I paid them $400 for their script. i was promised that my site would be live within 2 days. One week later, they finally sent me a link to see what they have come up with. A totally wrong, nonworking script. I asked to get my money back and never heard from them again! DONOT do business with this company!!!!
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #791093
Oct 21 2011
06:18 AM
fitness supply usa Green tea fit greenteafit Internet
I was charged for green tea fit any way after I returned item
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #966181
Nov 07 2012
08:22 PM
Fitness Supply USA Rip off Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
 I did a survfy was told alll I had to pay was the shipping and handlng and then last month  I found out that they toke $80.00 out of my disapility checking account. All I want is my money back. I can't afford $80.00 out of my account.
Entity: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
20, Report #1363196
Mar 21 2017
08:07 PM
Digital supply usa RIPOFF Internet
 You RIPOFF company! Never again do business with you! Returned the glass screen replacementfor my S7 Edge to you using your box and mailing you won't refunds my $$$ it figures! Stay away from this business.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1358659
Feb 27 2017
01:04 PM
Military Supply uSA Military Grade Minneapolis Minnesota
Military Supply USA X700 flashlight is CRAP. I bought 3 and it cost me a ton of money. It lasted 2 months. It won't turn on because the top is broken. Called customer service. Guy didn't care and I think he gets called alot. This company is selling crap and advertising it like it is top of the line military specs. Crap. SCAM!!!
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
22, Report #1125872
Feb 23 2014
12:48 PM
On Monday the 3rd of February I placed an order online with USA Carbide & Supply, out of Troy, Michigan. On Tuesday the 4th of February USA Carbide & Supply took the money from my bank account. Their website says they fill all orders within 5 days...didn't happen, so I tried to email them to see what the holdup was. When I sent multiple emails to their email address they kept coming back as undeliverable so I thought I'd call them on the phone. That pretty much resulted in the same thing...ALL their voice mailboxes were full, and there was no operator or receptionist on duty to take any kind of message. It was not a large amount of money (thank goodness) but it's the principal of the matter. They took my money agreeing to ship me a product and failed to deliver.  
Entity: Troy, Michigan
23, Report #1355092
Feb 09 2017
12:27 PM
Digital Supply USA digital-supply-usa Scam Company Internet
Went to buy from this company and while it has numerous good reviews listed mainly on its own site, I checked further to find complaints thru the BBB and other web sites on reports of no phone, no answered emails for customers with broken or no received shipments. COntacted the company as I was about to purchase something and advised them if they didnt have a phone and given the reviews I found , I couldnt do business with them if the real reviews were true. I was answered by a beligerent individual who didnt offer any reason other than he claimed i was his competitor or he didnt want my business no matter who I was. Fortunately I check further before i purchased. As many have been taken by this indivdual. Upon more searching the owner is also running under several business names and deals with asian imports of parts that he claims are high quality but are cheap products.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #947510
Sep 27 2012
12:57 PM
Rugs USA Changed terms of Groupon after purchase; HORRIBLE customer service Internet, New York
RugsUSA changed the terms of a Groupon after people had already purchased the Groupon. Also, their customer service is horrible and no one takes any accountability. Heres my story: I purchased a Groupon for RugsUSA to buy furniture; the terms of the Groupon did not restrict what it could be used for.  My original order with RugsUSA was for a chair. When it arrived, it was damaged. I contacted RugsUSA and was told by RugsUSA to order a new one, so I did. Before the new order shipped, I changed my mind and wanted to order a different chair, so I tried to change the order and was told by the RugsUSA agent that Groupon had changed the terms of the Groupon itself, and that it could now only be used for rugs.  I called Groupon to verify this and they advised that this was not true, that the Groupon terms had not been changed by Groupon, that I could still use it for furniture (especially considering the fact that my original purchase, which arrived defective through no fault of my own, was for furniture) and that they would reach out to their RugsUSA contact. After waiting for a week to get a response from RugsUSA, I get this email from the RugsUSA rep: I apologize for the long delay, we've been extremely busy and our systems were down most of the morning. Unfortunately, my supervisor informed that although your order was placed before the rules changed, any new order would fall under the updated rules. Additionally, you would have to contact Groupon directly to have them reactivate the code. So I called Groupon and they refunded what I paid for the Groupon; I also forwarded them the chain of emails from RugsUSA so they could see that it was RugsUSA that changed the terms of the Groupon after people had already purchased it and after I tried to place a new order for  furniture when my original order arrived defective. 
Entity: Internet, New York
25, Report #340827
Jun 16 2008
05:44 PM
Data Entry Made Easy/Cyber Junky, Inc. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS Anytown, USA USA Nationwide
This company was advertised on the Internet for just $39.95. It was a one time fee. After we signed up for it, I received a phone call. I could try it on my own and maybe make some money or I could do their training for a mere $2000.00 and make really big money. The original sales pitch was that it could make anyone wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. I immediately canceled as there was a 30 day money back gaurenty. Then, I had to threaten to even get them to answer my email. I finally received an email asking for order#, email address used when ordering, date ordered and so on. When I sent all of this, wouldn't you know, no such address. Tried several different means, no go. I am really glad that I only lost 39.95. I had to cancel my debit card because they were trying to charge me again and again and again. Do not buy in to this. Theresa Osceola, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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