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1, Report #728488
May 12 2011
11:55 AM
Gunbroker $1.00 RipOff Internet
Took a few minutes and a few thoughts to realize this was a Scam site.  First; Too good to be true cheap prices. Then all the disclaimers as to any responsibility and no way will they help to get your money back. Now I see they avoid contact with customers, and they claim free email for a dollar. Duh, Do they really think people are that stupid. All they really want is your Bank, Debit, Credit Card information for a dollar. I just skipped the part about entering my Bank Info and guess what?, they registered me anyway! You can always try not giving the bank info and see what happens. Oh, it is so hard to resist things that sound too good to be true even when you know better, it really takes discipline and that's what they are banking on.  Good Luck to all
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2, Report #1049881
May 10 2013
11:01 AM
GunBroker Would not permit my registration Internet
If had a decent customer service department it might be a good company, but it doesn’t. I wanted to bid on a Springfield M1A, so I registered. It was approved, and then it was disapproved. My contact information was “invalid.” I rechecked what I had entered and it was correct, so I sent a note to customer service asking for assistance. Nine hours later they replied that my contact information was “invalid.” With only three hours left for the auction I replied again that my info was correct and provided address and phone number. 24 hours later I sent another note. Three days later they replied that “General Delivery” was not a valid address. I notified customer service that “General Delivery” was the only mail service available for my area. There is no delivery to houses for thousands of people here and the wait list for PO Boxes is more than a year. My driver's license shows General Delivery, my credit cards are registered here, and my eBay and PayPal are registered here. Their next reply was that they can’t verify my address and Hawaii is not a gun friendly state. And if I can get a gun dealer to vouch for me and provide their license number, then GunBroker won’t report me to BATFE to investigate. All the other companies I deal with verified my address, including GunsAmerica, so I’m keeping my business there.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1347265
Jan 03 2017
08:02 AM
Gunbroker Closed my account Atlanta Georgia
Iwas a buyer and purchased a FN FAL stock kit from one of Gunbroker's seller,I asked the seller before bidding if the kit was COMPLETE ,and he said yes,so I bid and won the auction,before I paid him I asked again if the kit was complete due too the fact that the picture's didnt show all the part's in the auction listing that he himsel listed,but this time the seller said I only get what is shown in the picture's,so I told him too go beat sand,the seller had the nerve enough too turn me in as a non paying bidder,Gunbroker didnt even ask me what happened and just took the seller's side of the story and closed my account.I was with Gunbroker for at least 10 years and bought and sold a lot of gun's with them,I guess they could careless about that fact.Gunbroker is a scam company and a member has no way at all too talk too them in order too resolve anything.Gunbroker is also a F rating with the BBB,so that tell's the whole story about them.
Entity: internet
4, Report #1017944
Feb 21 2013
10:09 AM
Gunbroker LLC WWW GUNBROKER COM Gunbroker Block Unauthorized CC Charges Internet
My issue is with gunbroker's claim to own your stuff once it's listed on their site, and the Big Issue is with Gunbroker's provision of zero customer service in the event of a problem. If an extenuating circumstance arises while an auction is in progress and the item has a bid, the seller has every right to cancel the bid and end his or her auction - however Gunbroker will not allow that, citing their unenforceable adhesion contract. Gunbroker will charge your card for goods that were never sold via their site because they refuse to end listings with a bid when the item up for auction has been lost, stolen, or has been sold locally.  To add insult to injury, provides zero customer support.  File a support request on their site and wait several days for a response, or try calling their number 720-223-0164 and see how far you get. Unless you have an extension number gunbroker will terminate your call. Therefore Gunbroker's adhesion contract is unlawful because a company which provides zero customer service/support and asserts its intent to enforce an unenforceable contract has no standing to enforce any such contract. In the event the site attempts to charge you for fees not incurred, the suggestion is to block such charges by informing your finance company of the gunbroker cc charge code:   WWW GUNBROKER COM 720-223-0164 GA  I am very surprised that the gun owner community allows this type of  company to operate at the miserable level of existence it does.  Gunbroker reflects poorly on all internet commerce sites....  worse than that, Gunbroker's business practices reflect poorly on gun owners in general (as may be verified by reading the myriad of other complaints on this site) and tends to reinforce the popular notion that gun owners are knuckle-dragging nose-picking morons - what a shame.   Montoya
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5, Report #399294
Dec 08 2008
04:51 PM
Gunbroker destroyed my ratings on feedback without recourse Internet
I've dealt with this company for a few years, without problems. A sale which I paid 2x (I'm on a SLOW .5 to 2.5 kbs dialup, with frequent xmission problems) within 24 hours, with verified e-bay, gunbroker, and paypal address was reported as fraud attempt, invalid address, apparently because seller would not complete sale on buy it now. as a result, my previous 100% positive rating went to 66% negative (2 negs of 3 transactions) Today, received final brush off, and have severed relations. Please note e-bay, a 1000x larger operation, has phone #, e-mail# and does not allow retaliatory feedback from seller. There is no way of contacting GB in a method you can verify/copy. They DO NOT respond. These folks are no longer on my list of recommended sellers, I recommend instead (((Redacted))), which has a phone # and a real person to handle any problems. Maybe one of the reasons? NRA has endorsed This is where I'll be dealing with forthwith. Kendwell Whiting, MaineU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #563474
Feb 02 2010
10:20 AM
Gunbroker>com service not provide Kennesaw, Georgia
I wanted to buy things from the web site, They took my money , but declined to let me bid . They said my account is current & my credit card is registered & verified, but when  I bid on things , they say my credit card is invalid.I have read other reports, on your sight that are about the same as mine. How can a business doing business like this stay in business?????? They will not get any of mine!!!! I have stopped all payments to gunbroker>com , I would think more then twice, before dealing with GUNBROKER>COM.what a joke....
Entity: Kennesaw, Georgia
7, Report #1047948
May 02 2013
10:08 AM
Gunbroker & Jay Zwitter Fraud, Liers, Thieves Kennesaw Georgia
WARNING to all who seek to use Gunbroker, DO NOT DO IT.  These poeple steal and are frauds.  They think that they are Gunbroker, but they are wrong, WE the advid shooters and Collectors are Gunbroker!  These Nazis have no customer service nor do they care about the people who are the real Gunbrokers.  They systimatically will terminate your account for no reason after you pay the registraration fee and you get no refund. Having problems: call 1 (720) 223-0164 Extension 3006, ask for Jay, (((REDACTED))) but Good luck, because this loser has no balls!  He hides behind the fact that he tinks he's anonymous but he's not. 
Entity: Kennesaw, Georgia
8, Report #619732
Jul 03 2010
08:56 AM
Gunbroker Or Ripped off by Gunbroker and their BS registration process Internet
I started a problem report with Gunbroker on 4/01/2010. Today is 7/3/2010, and the issue still remains. They have closed reports and have been of no help regarding my problem. They refuse to offer services they advertise. I have used their services in the past. The whole issue is because of an e-mail address change, due to a change in internet providers. Their system wants to (re)verify who I am. This process requires one to enter their CC info and be charged $1.00. If this clears they clear you for purchases and other services. I have done this a total of 4 times now. All of the transactions have gone through and they have received my money. Yet Gunbroker refuses to clear my account. Remember, I was an existing customer. All I was doing is updating my contact information (e-mail address). After 3 months, you would think they would be able to clear an existing account. After all, there wasn't any problems with the account, till I updated my e-mail address. Their communication and lack of help addressing this issue has been less than stellar. You would think they wouldn't be turning down business in today's economy. But, then again, they are receiving funds for services which they are not providing. I would highly recommend you steer clear from a company which takes ones money for services, then doesn't provide said services. No matter how you look at it, that's a SCAM!!!! So, refuse to do business with the rip-off Gunbroker company.
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9, Report #1404578
Oct 06 2017
08:00 AM
GunBroker GunBroker ENDED my valid legal listing with an active High Bid. I lost the SALE Internet
GunBroker ENDED my LEGAL and ACTIVE auction listing with a very legal and not prohibited item, the auction had several bidders with a high bid over $499.00 and would, without any doubt, increased much higher. Below is the actual copy of the email I received, I was speechless after seeing my listing GONE. I lost an unknown amount of money because the Auction wasn't allowed to continue for the remaining. the email I received from GunBroker:   _______________________________________________________________________________________ Dear *0*1t*g, The management of has made a decision to no longer allow listings of Slide Fire stocks  or similar items on the site. All existing listings have been removed without winning bidders. Please do not relist these items. Thank you for your cooperation and your support. Thank you, The Management of ________________________________________________________________________________________ Please reference the above letter. My very serious complaint is: 1) I had an active High Bid from a user, had several bid from many users. 2) GunBroker charged me $8.35 for the listing fee (but later credited it back after my threat to pursue the issue elswhere) 3) I lost an unknown amount in revenue from the AUCTION that was ongoing. 4) referencing the letter above Thank you for your cooperation.......what cooperation? GunBroker ENDED my auction.   Please HELP bring forth Class Action Suit against GunBroker because I'm certain there were hundreds of users that lost sales too and GunBroker SHOULD REIMBURSE everyone that had active High Bids at the time GunBroker decided to restrict the auction for whatever their reason was. I enter into the Auction Listing contract with GunBroker and they admittedley interfered and Stopped auctions. There was a Legal Binding Contract between all parties involved and GunBroker is responsible.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1046873
Apr 29 2013
06:57 AM
gunbroker took fees they shouldnt have and takes weeks to get a reply to scammer complaints atlanta, Georgia
Entity: atlanta, Georgia
11, Report #665911
Nov 27 2010
04:49 PM gun Getting RearEnded by GunBroker! It's a huge SCAM! - BE AWARE OF GUNBROKER, Internet is a huge SCAM! they are screwing us out of our money. They claim your credit card is declined and keep charging it over and over, (yea it's a dollar) but then they deny you use of their program! So how the h*ll was it declined if they are charging you? there is no way to get a hold of them either. they are like ghosts. their customer service lynk = Useless...We should band together and do a class action suit. the Reason FRAUD! and it's not us! it's them.  They actually black listed me after declining my credit card 3x and charged it. How is that right?
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #867308
Apr 11 2012
08:55 PM
Gunbroker GB Holdings Inc. Gunbroker has and does not stand up to it's promises. There is absolutely no customer service whatsoever, and they do not hold up to their guarantee of partial payment on FRAUD on their site as state Internet, Georgia
Gunbroker has and does not stand up to it's promises.  There is absolutely no customer service whatsoever, and they do not hold up to their guarantee of partial payment on FRAUD on their site as stated on their website.  The website states that upon any fraud Gunbroker has a partial refund of up to $500.00 with a deductable of $100.00.  Upon processing the necessary legal documents and procedures.  I have forwarded Gunbroker the receipt of payment, filed a Federal IC3 and the local police department of the residence of the fraudulent individual.   Upon calling Gunbroker there is a recording and never,NEVER a customer service person.  I have made numerous attempts to contact Gunbroker by phone and email and through their Support of fraud.  This is what is and has been forwarded to your State Attorney General Office of your State.
Entity: Internet, Georgia
13, Report #1335396
Oct 27 2016
07:21 PM Gunbroker Rip off Internet
Gunbroker is unethical.  Do ont do business with them.   When one of their sellers rip you off, they will not support you.  If you post what happened about the seller on gunbroker, they will remove it (follow the $$ - sellers pay fees, not buyers).  They will then post bad feedback against you, and no matter what the facts are, you will lose.  Who needs a business that doesn't give a $%%^ about their buyers?  It happened to me.  I didn;t know better.  Now I do. Buy somewhere else.  
Entity: Internet
14, Report #277176
Nov 22 2007
07:13 PM Gunbroker and Their Re-Directs Atlanta Georgia
The intent of this report is not to point fingers and make accusations, rather, it is to point out certain facts that have been discovered and ask questions. Should the reader draw conclusions from this article, the conclusion must be only the conclusion of that reader. I am not a legal expert on cyberspace laws, I am only a cyberspace user. This report is compiled using sources readily available on the internet regarding and Gunbroker Holding, Inc. The address of Gunbroker Holdings, Inc. is: Gunbroker Holdings, Inc: 3355 Lenox Rd NE STE 750 Atlanta, GA. 30326 And the phone number is: 404-806-1188 This information was obtained at the following government site(s): Prior to continuing, it should be established whether or not an internet domain name can be protected by copyright laws. For the answer to this, I would direct you to the following: Can I copyright my domain name? Copyright law does not protect domain names. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a nonprofit organization that has assumed the responsibility for domain name system management, administers the assignation of domain names through accredited registers. The site is commonly known as However, as indicated by the document at they have several domain names of interest. There are several domains listed on the document that are used as re-directs to the gunbroker site. The site was very useful in establishing those sites that re-direct the individual to the gunbroker site. It will be noted that if a person were to type into their computer browser any of the following names, they will be re-directed to the gunbroker site: (note, not (note, not (again, not (No relation to the NRA, actually, has exclusive NRA auctions, according to ) (not, an antique gun auction site) (not The Great Western Gun Show details may be found as follows, with no apparent connection to The forgoing are just examples of the many, many different re-directs that will get you to the gunbroker web site if typed into your browser. I have no idea why gunbroker would care to make a re-direct to their site when is typed into an internet user's browser. I am somewhat interested in why. But really, I have little clue as to why domains such as are so important that gunbroker would care to make it a re-direct to the gunbroker site. All I could suggest is, this raises the question, why would gunbroker be using so many re-directs to their site, re-directs that closely resemble the names of other well known web sites or organizations? Well, maybe I have a suspicion. Here, I must make some conjecture. There are a few reasons why a web site would have this fashion and number of domain names linked to their site. One reason would be to give the false impression that they are somehow affiliated with the site whose name they mimic. One reason would be to increase the traffic to their site via inadvertent misspellings by internet users. A potential reason might be that search engines will recognize their site whenever an internet user goes looking for the site whose name has been copied. There may be other reasons, and I would not care to speculate exactly why gunbroker has felt it necessary to link all these different domain names (some of which are clearly derivatives of other sites) to their site. Perhaps there are other valid reasons why a web site would do this. If so, I would like to hear them. There are some rather curious phenomenon that have continued to develop with the rising use of the internet. Cyberpirating and cybersquatting have been such growing issues that laws are now in place that would seem to discourage the practices, yet, they continue. Information on cyberpirates, cybersquatters, and the laws surrounding them can be found on the following two sites: NSI continued Dr. Postel's policy but almost as soon as the Net was opened to commercial traffic, trademark disputes arose. The most egregious cases in these early days involved cybersquatting and cyberpiracy. Cybersquatting generally referred to an individual who registered domain names identical to well-known marks in an attempt to resell it to the mark owner at a significant profit. See Panavision International, L.P. v. Toeppen. Cyberpirates are those who register the same or confusingly similar domain name in an attempt to lure traffic intended for the mark owner away to pirate's web site. In the absence of legislative definition, these terms are used interchangeably.,,sid26_gci213900,00.html According to the U.S. federal law known as the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, cybersquatting is registering, trafficking in, or using a domain name with bad-faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else. Commercial domain names (technically, you reserve a second-level domain name) are obtained from one of several registries, companies authorized to ensure that a domain name you want is unique (no one else already has it) and issue it to you if it is. However, these registries make no attempt to determine whether the domain name is one that rightfully ought to go to someone else. The principle is First come, first served. For this reason, a number of enterprising individuals and companies have applied for and reserved domain names, either new or expired, that they think someone else will want, either now or in the future. Well-known companies or their products, sports figures and other celebrities, political candidates, and others often discover that someone else has already reserved the domain name (for example, they would most likely want to use. Although trademark laws may offer some protection, it is often cheaper to buy the domain name from the cybersquatter than it is to sue for its use. As I have previously indicated, I am no expert on cyberlaw. It would be inappropriate for me to draw an expert conclusion as to the real reason gunbroker would use such domain names as re-directs to their web site, or why they would attempt to protect them in a veiled copyright document. I am willing to listen to any logical explanations as gunbroker administration or others would see worthwhile to bring forth. Until such time, I will let the reader draw whatever conclusions could be drawn from the forgoing facts. Bm59 Wichita, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
15, Report #570782
Jul 31 2012
01:09 PM
Gunbroker Or Credit Card Fraud - The Site Is A Scam Site- DONT give them your Credit Card Number, Internet
This site is ripping off customers by collecting their credit card information and claiming they will provide an account for you to sell guns. They then charge your card multiple times without your consent. BEWARE- They will charge your account numerous times and will NOT create any account. The real joke is that they claim they will credit your account with the money they took from you, BUT they will not create the account. I would be happy to participate in ANY class action lawsuit against them if there is such a case being considered. As well, I will be pursuing my own legal remedies via state corporate commissioners. I suggest you do the same. You may wish to contact their hosing provider and notify them of their scam. That is assuming they are using a hosting provider. Also, splog this information to hundreds of blogs and other websites to get the word out. Don't let them get away with this fraud. Gun owners have enough problems without these weasley little punks ripping us off. They are an embarrassment to the gun owners community and should be labeled as such. I would love to see them try this sh*t at a gun show. But my guess is that they would most likely be found at a homosexual film festival.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #1258919
Oct 03 2015
12:47 PM bid on a ww2 item that was touted as original before the end i found out it was a fake reproduction. Internet
tried contacting seller, he wouldnt respond... well i won the item and told him there was no way i was paying top dollar for a fake... he misrepresented...... gunroker closed my acct and wont answer emails for 2 years now... i had money ..not much but still money on acct in gunbroker.... they wont give me my money back or answer emails. georgia Internet
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1257217
Sep 25 2015
05:23 PM gunbroker gun broker “Rude, unprofessional, support is nil.” kennesaw Georgia
High volume dealer, I've sold close to 2k in guns. Do not expect a courteous reply if you need help or have an issue, stay away they're unethical and downright obnoxious to deal with. Tried to cancel my account when I was being harassed by a user, they told me since I used foul language they would cancel my account next time. Would not refund my purchase for a non paying bidder, this site is the worst I have ever experienced. They are quick to take your money, very slow in returning it. They will nickel and dime you for everything, if you want your post in bold pay 3.50, but the worst is the rudeness of the support team.  
Entity: Internet
18, Report #318184
Sep 06 2008
07:34 PM
Gunbroker They have comitted fraud and stole money from my credit card Atlanta, GA. 30326Atlanta Georgia
I have been a member of for almost a year. I have sold over $20,000.00 of personal merchandise over that period. On the 4th of March my account was terminated because my phone number was incorrect, even though they had a good address for me. Just prior to this I had two auctions that were won by bidders that ended on the 19th , 23rd and 24th of Feburary but had not been completed by the buyers. When my account was suspended, I could not contact the buyers through their system which is required if the buyer defaults. This ensures that you can recoup your advertisement fees and seller percentage owed to Gunbroker. The auctions that I lost because of the termination amounted to $4799.00 + the $177.99 they charged my card for services rendered for brokering the rifles. I contacted customer support and was told that my account was terminated because my phone number was incorrect. I explained that I had two open auctions that I had not yet been paid for and I was unable to contact the winner through their system. They refused to reinstate my account and stole $177.91 from my credit card and would not return it. I have filed a criminal report with the FBI for fraud. I have continued to contact them and I will contest any and all charges that have been applied to my credit card account. They charged my card for their percentage of what the rifle sold for and as they wouldn't allow or assist me in the completion of the auctions they were not entitled to the percentage fees. Hence, this is Fraud on a federal level. They've falsely advertised by telling patrons that they would reimburse the fees if the transaction wasn't completed by the buyer. I am now out of pocket to the tune of about $5000.00 because of this fraud. Gunbroker refuese to reimburse me the fee for the sale or the fees that they fraudulantly stole. In fact they have terminated my contact with customer support all togather. I would tell anyone who plans to utilize Gunbroker to find another avenue of advertisement. I'm contemplating a civil law suit against them for the loss and would like to be contacted by an attorney for advice and possible action. Below are the responses from their Customer Support: View Support Issue Support Home -------------------------------------------------------- Closed Tuesday, March 04, 2008 Issue #113384 Subject: Log In or Registration 3/4/2008 7:43:17 PM I have updated my registration phone number and I stil can't log in. I have firearms which I have sold here and I can't collect or contact the buyer because you have suspended my account for my information being incorrect. It is correct, please reinstate the account immediately. 3/5/2008 10:19:44 AM GBSupport1015 Your account was originally closed because the phone number you had listed is not coming back as a valid number. Howeven when I reviewed the account, I recognized your name and your account has been terminated as a duplicate account. 3/5/2008 7:54:56 PM How is it possible that I have a duplicate account when I've never registered with you before with exception to this account? The number that I have provided to you is a valid cell number and your more than welcome to verify it by calling me personally, which you obciously have not done. I would also be willing to call you also to provide verification. My number is. I belive that it is possible I may have transposed the last two numbers. Now, you have suspended my account and I have two outstanding winning auctions on the books which you have accepted payment for. Otherwise, you have accepted and charged my card for these auctions and not provided the required service. This is tantamount to fraud and false advertisement, is it not? Both of these individuals have not full filled their contractual agreement as required by your rules. I have followed all your rules as required and you still refuse to reinstate my account. I'm very confused as to your requirements and lack of proper determination. The amount is substantial and is worth recovering via what ever means necessary As you are not willing to full fill the required agreement then you are obviously not the individual whom I need to address this with. I with to speak to someone how is able to verify the account and phone to ensure that the right determination has been made. I request that you provide me with this indnviduals name, address and phone number. If you are unable to do this then I request that you provide me with your operators number so that I may address this via the direct post route to someone who is able to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. Please be aware that I'm determined in lue of any neglegance to presue this to it's eventual outcome. Although I have not been a memeber here very long I have infact promptly paid my bill quickly and followed you rules to the letter ad you can tell by my feedack. 3/6/2008 7:46:54 PM I have been patient with you. I have tried to resolve this porblem at the lowest level. If we cannot resolve this situation to my satisfaction immediately, I am informing you that I will be forced to file a fraud and false advertisement charge against your company with the FBI Internet Fraud Division. I have copies off all charges and email correspondance. You have charged my card for services that you have not rendered. I can and will persue this to it's eventual outcome. 3/6/2008 10:20:50 PM As 8:08pm I have filed an FBI Internet Fraud Complaint against you for theft. You have stolen money from my credit card account for services you failed to render. You did not allow me to complete the transactions that were open and took a percentage of sales fees for the sale of those firearms, not to mention the advertisement fees. These fees amount to over $4799.00 to include the loss of the sales. I have contacted my attorney who will be filing a legal suit for the fees that you have stolen from me. I will now have legal satisfaction. Additionally, I'm filing theft charges against you with our local sherriffs department. This gentleman is a federal crime that you have perpatrated. You cannot act as if it didn't occur or ignore it as not pertainant. this time your not going to sit behind a computer and play as if you were in control of everything. You had an opportunity to do the right thing but you have failed to comply. I warned you that I would pursue this to it's completion. Now you will suffer both criminal charges for theft and any legal restitution necessary for your arrogant neglegance. Thank you for filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). Your complaint has been successfully submitted. Please retain the following information for future contacts with the IC3: Complaint Id: I0803062207157452 Password: If you wish to view/download your complaint or have any additional information to provide to the IC3, please use the following link and login with the above complaint id and password. The IC3's mission is to serve as a vehicle to receive, develop, and refer criminal complaints regarding the rapidly expanding arena of cyber crime. The IC3 aims to give the victims of cyber crime a convenient and easy-to-use reporting mechanism. Complaint Status The IC3 receives thousands of complaints each month and does not have the resources to respond to inquiries regarding the status of complaints. It is the IC3's intention to review all complaints and refer them to law enforcement and regulatory agencies having jurisdiction. Ultimately, investigation and prosecution are at the discretion of the receiving agencies. Evidence It is important that you maintain any evidence you may have relating to your complaint. Evidence may include canceled checks, credit card receipts, phone bills, mailing envelopes, mail receipts, a printed copy of a website, copies of emails, or similar items. Please keep the items in a safe location, in case you are requested to provide them for investigative purposes. Additionally, to learn more about Internet schemes and ways to protect yourself, please visit 3/6/2008 10:30:17 PM I suggest that you contact me directly with a resolution to this situation immediately. You have my phone number and address. I expect nothing less the full restitution of my fees to include the sales amounts for the rifles. 3/10/2008 3:32:12 PM GBSupport1012 Sorry, we do not provide telephone support. The evidence for duplicates is incontrovertible and we will not entertain additional arguments refuting it. There are 8 accounts dating back to 2001 using the same name including your account. We have reactivated this account in order to allow you to complete your outstanding transactions. Once you are willing to admit that yes, you have registered multiple accounts on previous occasions, we will consider reinstating full privileges. 3/15/2008 12:02:05 PM I have not registered on this site before except for this account. Im not sure where you get your information and I could frankly care less. You obviously you have a serious internal problem, one which could ultimately cause you innumerable problems and legal repercussion. You have cost me a great deal of money and time regarding this transaction which is inexcusable. You have publicly committed fraud and falsely advertised to the public. You have made a grave mistake and one that as I originally explain, I am prepared to take to it's eventual and legal conclusion. Someone of responsibility, on your staff is going to jail for fraud and this you can be assured of. I could care less if you return the advertising fees now. You have already perpetrated the act in the eyes of the law of which I have proof without a shadow of doubt. I have filed the complaint with the FBI who will pursue your willful criminal act with an eventual arrest and incarceration. Your lack of humbleness and arrogance is going to cost you in the long run. These two individuals have not complete the transactions based upon your rules and interference, nor will they. I will not re advertise the rifle or reels as you are the cause for their lack of completion. As a Broker you are responsible for the completion without interference. You interfered and stole money from my credit card and caused its lack of completion. Now you repost with some arbitrary information regarding multiple accounts after you've wantonly committed an act of fraud and false advertisement. You've obviously not learned anything from this situation and are liable for any and all damages as you are fully aware of. You are completely aware that your actions were criminal and you are liable under the law or you would not have reinstated the account. It wouldn't have taken you this long to respond without contacting your attorney, who has obviously advised you to take this action, to see if I will back off my complaint. You are sadly mistaken. You have been unresponsive and arrogant in your retort instead of humbly making restitution for the grave mistake you've made. For this you are deserving of any and all repercussions legal and criminal. At this point the only way I will withdraw my legal and criminal complaints are for you to make complete restitution for the losses and damages and complete reinstatement of the account for as long as this site is in operation. Theses losses amount to 4677.00. The loss of the sales, my advertisement fees and my time youve wasted. I expect payment in full to reach me, NLT the 30th of March 2008 by 1200 noon and a signed notarized agreement of full reinstatement for as long as you operate this site without any stipulated conditions from you. Those are the terms by which you will act or I will continue with any and all criminal and legal complaints. Additionally, I'm directly posting to the public on the Internet your willful criminal negligence in this matter, so that all potential and current users will see your lack of concern and criminal disdain you have regarding their business transactions. Additionally, I'm contacting the Better Business Bureau, NSSF, National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, Georgia Carry, and my Congressional Representative, to let them know about your willful acts of fraud. I will be contacting the National Shot Show Board of Directors alerting them to your criminal activities. I have attended the National Shot Show for over 10 years and I will do everything in my power to see you eliminated from that event. I have sent a letter to the Brady Campaign to see if they are interested in a possible legal suit against you. Additional letters to Anti-Gun News Agencies regarding your activity to include; Associated Press (AP), CNN, New York Post, New York Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Washington Post, Baltimore Sun. Letters have also been sent describing your fraudulent activities to Anti-Gun Organization which include; Georgians for Gun Safety, Crime Gun Solutions, David Bohnett Foundation, DCS Congressional, Third Way Institute, Tides Center / Foundation, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA), Americans for Gun Safety Foundation, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence/Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, International Association of Chiefs of Police, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the The Joyce Foundation. I am determined to see that you are chastised in the worse manner possible and held accountable for your actions. There are ways of insuring your appropriate compliance and these are just a few. You have a choice at this time, I suggest that you make the appropriate one. If you chose not to make proper restitution, there will be significant repercussions for your willful criminal acts. One last thing, You will contact me directly through my email address or by phone, with a proper name and or personal contact for your company from this point forward. I'm not satisfied with your response time or the anonymous fashion in which you chose to reply. I have acquired your actual address and phone number through egal government business registration documentation. 3/15/2008 2:35:59 PM I don't really care about your retort, you have your marching order and your choice. I will only respond as stated. I have already file the FBI complaint and the others are to follow. Stand on your arrogance but you will suffer for your criminal activity. I'm contacting the local authorities as I type and I'm filing a criminal charge of theft against your company. I will see that you are incarcerated for your actions. 3/15/2008 2:39:25 PM GBSupport1012 have fun with that! Click Reopen to send a message to Customer Support if this problem has not been resolved. Please do not open new support issues for the same problem. This is Gunbrokers answer for stealing funds from my credit card. As you notice there has been no offer to reimburse me for the funds they have stolen. They have now eliminated me from contacting them on any level. And have still disallowed me to recoup my fees. This is nothing but theft. Jeffrey Rio Rancho, New MexicoU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
19, Report #675951
Dec 28 2010
11:40 AM GunBroker unethical Rip Off, fails to follow own policies, avoid ! Internet, Georgia
Gun Broker is a Fraud, & violates its own user agreement.I "sold" a gun and the buyer welched on the deal. when I complained about fraudulent feedback, the customer service rep, a person totally ignorant of the law and his own user agreement, canceled MY account. His policy says to fill out a "failure to pay" report on the buyer, and he accused me of unethical behavior for doing so. They are biased, ignorant, and fraudulent. Use other Sites to sell or buy your guns!! When I copied and pasted his own written policy, he accused me of playing "games". YOU CAN NEVER trust anything on the site. they abuse their own policies and their members if you disagree with them; check that, if their User Agreement disagrees with them. AVOID AVOID AVOID
Entity: Internet, Georgia
20, Report #528687
Apr 07 2011
01:11 PM
Gunbroker Or Not screwed by Internet
I wanted to sell a high end trap door carbine. I found om a internet search and I registered, but did not list a C.C. number initially. That was a good thing. When I tried to list my rifle I found I could not without giving up my C.C. number. Now why in Hades would I give them my C.C. information to SELL an item?? There is NO CUSTOMER CONTACT option without a validation code, which they will not give out unles you contact them, which you CANNOT DO without the validation code! Avoid this RIP-OFF piece of garbage scam site at all costs. DO NOT REGISTER with them as you will NEVER be able to get your account deleted. AVIOD at all costs!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
21, Report #1041194
Apr 06 2013
09:29 AM GunBroker encourages fraud through lack of security, anonomiztion of their company, and apathy. Internet
GunBroker is an e-commerce sight created as an online marketplace for buying and selling firearms.  They provide NO security, NO support, and they ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT fraudulent transactions.  They provide no oversight to the transactions occurring through their service and they disavow any responsibility for the transactions taking place.  Yet, they are the first ones with their hands out looking to collect fees for services not provided.  They hide behind a veil of secrecy, not disclosing phone numbers or an address to their own company.  The only businesses which operate this way are illegal businesses. Who regulates these businesses?  Did they take their model from eBay, another scammer's dream site?  You can rip someone off and there are NO repercussions!  The police can't investigate because of jurisdiction.  The FBI's ICC will not even file a complaint.  I could create a crime syndicate ripping people off on GunBroker with no fear of repercussion.  They are clueless! Do yourself a favor, avoid this site.  You will get burned.  It's just a matter of when and how much!
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #1159641
Jul 04 2014
06:39 PM Gun Broker GunBroker Customer Support... No body is home! Insultered Seller complaines. Atalanta Georgia
I have been a very happy seller and ocasonsl buyer on GunBroker for over eight years. I mainly sell old stock inventory from my closed gun shop. My feedback is an A+ with 1456 feedbacks. June 9, 2014 a GunBroker email informed me that they have temperairly closed my account for a complaint from a customer that I had been tring to contact for an over sold item. The buyers GunBroker listed phone number was disconnected and the address did not match the return address on the buyers letter that I received. I emailed the buyer and requested the correct address to send a refund check. I was given a third address and sent the refund 6/19/2014. It is now July 4, 2014 and GunBroker Customer Service has not reopened my acount despite an email from the buyer reporting that the refund check was received. I have found that it is impossible to comucate with GunBroker. I had 90 items listed, some with bids when they temporairly closed my account. I am a 67 year old US Army Veteran living on social security. THe money from the GunBroker account was very much needed. I will be forced to use another auction sight to list my many items for sale. It will mean hundreds of new photographs and discriptions for the new auction sight. For the new seller I would recommend an on line auction sight that has Real Customer Service, not GunBroker.Com! Tony BRichmond Hill, Ga.
Entity: Atalanta, Georgia
23, Report #1140570
Apr 21 2014
04:55 PM and URBAN ESSENTIALS LLC Seller lied about gun condition, broken, and gunbroker buyer protection did nothing. Mineral Ridge and Kennesaw Ohio andGeorgia
Prior to purchasing a gun on I emailed the seller with questions about the condition of the gun. Seller replied that condition was fine in both areas of concern. I saved the email correspondence.I purchased the gun and since it was an interstate transaction it had to go through a Federal Firearms Licensee. I received and email from my Federal Firearma licensee that when he received the gun and unpacked and checked to see if the gun was loaded a broken piece fell out. I emailed back and asked it the packaging was damaged and the FFL replied no, it was undamaged. When I went to pick up the gun the two misrepresented condition issues were apparent. The wood stock was cracked in two palces and the bore of one barrel was pitted badly. These were the two issues I had asked specifically about. My FFL verified this and signed a copy of his email to me.I contacted the seller, Urban Essentials, and he replied that the gun was in good shape and not broken when it left his shop. He told me to file a claim with the Postal Service. The gun was not damged by the PO, the packaging was undamaged. The part that was broken was an internal part. The bore pitting and cracks in the stock were also old damage.I contacted Gunbroker support and was told to ship the gun back to the seller who refused the shipment. I then filed a fraud claim with Gunbroker as they claim to have buyer protection. I sumbited my email correspondence with Urban Essentials, the seller, and my email correspondence with my FFL to Gunbroker. They said since the broken part was small and inexpensive they would do nothing. They ignore the fact that the gun would need to be completely disassembled to replace the broken part. This would entail a number of hours from a gunsmith which would be costly. They ignored the seller's misrepresentation of the condition of the stock and bore. The replacement cost of these would exceed the value of the gun.They do not answer any further contact from me. How can anyone have confidence buying a gun on if they allow sellers to lie about gun condition and get away with it.
Entity: Kennesaw, Georgia
24, Report #1136722
Apr 06 2014
I have been a gunbroker user for about 5 years. they have been good to my family. I sold an 1849 colt pocket to a user by the name of Texas Longorn. ( john runion sr. centerville, texas.  gunbroker is allowing people to sell weapons online that are c & r eligible without being properly licensed. normally thats ok as long as the person is not selling at a high volume. the atf says thats illegal. the seller has 1800 plus sales. without being ffl licensed. i let the company know that he was behaving illegally and they cancelled my account. 
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1320956
Aug 05 2016
06:27 PM
JD's Gun Shop Sell Guns on GunBroker, Hides errors, paints items, hides holes, corrupt Parsons Kansas
GunBroker Auction for S&W 651 J frame revolver, pics did not show that the gun had the wrong sight that did not fit the gun.  The sight had been modified and PAINTED black.  JD’s admitted that they knew the sight was from a larger K frame gun and offered to send a different sight.  They did send it but it does not match the original sight that should have been on the gun.  While changing the sight I found that the gun had two extra holes drilled in the top of the frame.  I purchased this gun and paid $715 due to the collector’s value.  With holes drilled the gun has lost all value to collectors and is worth very little.  None of this was shown in pics and not disclosed by JD’s.  I called to talk to JD and his wife said he would call me back soon after he had cooled down from my email request to return the gun.  Instead I received an email that threatened me that GunBroker would come after me if I gave him poor feedback and that he would not accept a return of the revolver.  Early in this process I received a voice mail from JD’s from a butt dial.  I listened to JD and Helen discuss the gun, it’s problems and their names that they called me.  I have purchased many items on GunBroker and never have had a problem until now.  Sorry I ran into this guy.  Beware, you may not be getting what you think you are buying from this guy. JD’s contacted GunBroker and had them remove the poor feedback that I left them.  I used to trust GunBroker and relied on the sellers feedback.  Now that I know the feedback system is rigged I will have a hard time buying another gun this way.  It’s not worth the risk.  Beware of GunBroker also. Please let me know if you have had similar experiences with JD’s in Parsons KS and GunBroker  
Entity: Parsons, Kansas

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