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1, Report #332716
May 15 2008
01:08 PM
Guns America Guns Sales on the Internet
Guns America has no interest in protecting the consumer and has a very misleading way of presenting its paid advertisers. Their advertising memberships are as follows: Trusted Seller $49.95 per month Gold Plus $29.95 per month Gold Seller $19.95 per month Gold Buyer $9.95 per month Verified $7.95 When you pay these fees you get certain advertising benefits from Guns America that has absolutely no value to the buyer or your integrity as a seller. But Guns America displays your membership level under Seller Details in every ad. Further when you place an ad on Guns America they ask if you want to limit buyers to a Verified or higher level! WHY?? Quite simply Guns America makes more money!! When the consumer reads an ad and sees a rating of Trusted or even Verified they get a false sense of security. I was ripped off by a Guns America Gold Seller. I filed a complaint with Guns America customer service (another misnomer). My first complaint was answered rather insulting by Msss Demas asking me to re file in a calm, simple, and concise manner. I had attached all of the emails between myself and their Gold Seller as definitive proof of what transpired. Msss Demas either could not or would not take 5 minuets to read the facts. My second complaint had 8 short points as to what had transpired. No response from Guns America. My third attempt Excerpt from my email to Guns America: While I do not hold you responsible for my problem I do expect for you to protect customers from disingenuous sellers Msss Demas reply I have underscored the key words. You clearly have not read our TOS, which YOU AGREED TO WHEN YOU BECAME A MEMBER, which states we are not responsible for sellers or ANY member's actions. Furthermore, members who agree to our TOS when they sign up, but do not follow our policies or state later that they do not agree, are themselves committing a policy violation and cannot remain a member. You can tell us you feel we are responsible, but that does not mean we are. You can lay blame on whoever you wish, but that does not mean that person or company is to blame. That is only your opinion Sir, not fact. This subject is closed Sir. I am sorry you had trouble, but since you clearly do not understand and/or do not agree with the TOS as you declared you did when you signed up, and if you clearly do not wish to agree to or follow our policies, our communications will end now. We are not now and have never been responsible for the actions of members who use our site. PERIOD!! Guns America never once directly addressed my complaint regarding the seller. I never suggested that Guns America was financially responsible. I expected them to question the seller read the facts as presented and if they agreed to take measures against the seller. Mssss Demas is either incapable of understanding the written word or just trying to put a different spin on things to protect their advertiser and fees. I have complete documentation in the form of emails between all parties involved in this fiasco. I have had others read these emails and they cannot understand the confusion most of them concluded that Guns America did not want to address the real issue. The good news is there are far better firearms web sites like Gun that rate buyers and sellers, and best of all you do not have to deal with Mssssss Demas. Len Powell, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1009965
Feb 06 2013
03:17 PM
Guns America Guns List Beware of Scam listings. , Internet
Beware of Scam Listings. On three different occasions I have had someone copy the description word for word, my exact photographs from guns I had listed on and place a fake listing on both Guns America and Armslist. The first time it happened to me I actually bought the gun to see if the seller/scammer would send me an address. He was listed in the ad as living in Wisconsin but he wanted me to send the money to an address in Pennsyvania. I google mapped the address in Pa and it turned out to be a house which was listed for sale by a reality company which had been vacant for over a year. Obviously some one would check the mail box to pick up any payment which were sent and you're out the money with no name, no address, NO gun!
Entity: Internet, Internet
3, Report #1287012
Feb 11 2016
03:53 PM
Guns America Do not trust Guns America North Miama Florida
I did some initial research that made me believe Guns America would be a good place to auction a firearm I wished to sell.The listing and setup went very smoothly, but after that I've been very unhappy. I had a bidder place a bid on the auction meeting the reserve on the first day. Four hours prior to the auctions end I received several messages from the bidder informing me that he was backing out of the contract. Since that time I've made three attempts to get in touch with GA customer service. On day six now and still no contact. My bank account was debited another $20 for the sale 2 days after. Guns America has no other way listed to be contacted and apparently doesn't enforce auctions bids as contracted. Wasted a week of my time and $26 of my money with no sale or communication. Website has very little documentation on such issues etc... My bank has attempted to contact Guns America without any sucess. My advice, stay away from Guns America.Share review Write an update  
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #491761
Sep 08 2009
01:33 PM
Impact Guns Bait and Switch Pricing Practices! Odgen, Utah
THREE times in the past year I have ordered guns advertised as In stock - Ships in 5 days.  My credit card info was taken and a confirming email followed.  A couple days later there was another email stating that the item was now Backordered... with a small paragraph at the bottom of the page stating that the original quoted price is subject to change.  (Even though the website was still advertising the item as In stock!!)  Sure enough, when it actually comes in stock and ready to be delivered, the price has increased substantially.  Yes, I've been a sucker THREE times in the past year (including last week) always hoping for the best.  My mom taught me better.  Forget these guys and save yourself the aggravation.
Entity: Odgen, Utah
5, Report #298143
Jan 08 2008
01:26 PM
Impact Guns Impact Guns is quite simply the worst online company in the USA Ogden Utah
I'll make this as short as possible. I bought a brand new rifle from Impact guns and so far have had nothing but problems with thier service and policys. The gun took 14 days to arrive,I was charged $26 for shipping and told it would arrive in 3-5 days. When the gun did finally arrive I was shocked to find the gun was not packaged, simply thrown in a big oversized box and shipped off. Not even a single piece of packing paper or foam. Needless to say the FFL that recieved was annoyed. I inspected the rifle and decided other than some surface scratches to the muzzle and bolt handle it looked functional. Didn't file a claim with Fed-Ex. When I got home I was again shocked when I opened the new supposedly teflon coated magaize I purchased with the gun. It was well worn and had been used, the corners were dented and it was most certainly not teflon coated. The coating was so thin I could scratch it with my fingernail. And then third in a long series of problems. They overcharged my credit card. Had they actually sent an invoice with the loose gun in the big box I would have caught it before my credit card statement came. I emailed Impact guns 12 times in two weeks and over a month has passed without a single response. Just an Auto respose that simply says we got your email, do not repond. I've left numerous phone messages and one day spent 45 minutes on hold in a failed attempt to contact a human at Impact Guns. They are simply awful, glad to take your money but horrible at cusomer service. I contacted Kel-Tec industries who manufactured the rifle and they we're extremly nice and helpful. They sent me a new muzzle cap and bolt handle at no charge. Impact Guns could learn a few things from KelTec. I will never use Impact again for anything and wouldn't reccomend them to anyone. Not a friendly company Little Rock, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #711184
Mar 28 2011
02:54 PM
Guns America customer service needs serviced Internet, New Hampshire
Have tried several times to set up accounts with Guns America. To help my customers that buy and sell there firearms. Asked for help with customer service several times. they were quite rude and left me with the impression that they didn't need my business. and could quite frankly could care less one way or the other. I have saved the e-mail responses from there customer service and will post it in my shop for further questions regarding Guns America for my customers to read. And since this is a gun site I would recommend that someone remove this type person from having any thing to do with firearms or the business. what a loaded Gun!!!
Entity: Internet, New Hampshire
7, Report #1354425
Feb 06 2017
05:43 PM
Guns America No Customer Service Response, But Charged My Credit Card! Internet
First, this is NOT about the seller that I had trouble with. Rather, it's about Guns America's response when I had trouble with a seller. Basically---they never responded. Despite multiple emails. Even though I know they had my username and information, since they still charged me the couple bucks' verification fee. On 8/14/16, I signed up for a GA account, had my credit card charged the verification fee, and purchased an item, and contacted the seller to complete the order. On 8/22/16, I notified the seller that I still hadn't received any information regarding payment/shipping for the order, and requested they contact me to complete it. On 8/24/16, I notified both the sellar, as well as GA customer service, that I still hadn't received any sort of acknowledgement whatsoever, and requested that the order be cancelled. I never received a response from either party. I understand that there are bad apples on auction sites, and I don't fault a host for that happening occasionally (although apparently GA has a higher than normal frequency of problems such as this, since they don't vet sellers). What I don't feel right about, though, is for there to be NO response from customer service on an issue like this, especially when I know that they have my contact info because they charged my credit card a few dollars' verification fee. I won't do business with GA again, and I would strongly advise others to exercise caution there as well. If they can't even communicate with me to do something like cancel an order that I've not had confirmation of, how can I trust them to protect my interests with other orders which post in the thousands of dollars? Oh, and my credit card information was stolen and used in fraudulent purchases a short time later. I certainly can't prove that GA willingly or unwillingly had anything to do with it, but with them being the only new vendor that I interacted with at the time, them having my CC information and not communicating when I had a problem with a purchase... let's just say that I won't take any chances again.  
Entity: Internet
8, Report #337612
Jun 05 2008
10:35 PM
Michelle Demas - gunsamerica terrible customer service really no help very defensive Internet
i had a problem on gunsamerica website made an offer to buy a m6 scout sent contact person funds and he wouldnt ship gun tried numerous times contacting customer service at gunsamerica and every time a michelle demas was of no help even very defensive and in no way any help to me the consumer basically she was against me and an advocate of the ripp off gun seller after this i would never again deal with gunsamerica and thankfully a much better online website gunbroker is out there michelle demas has no clue about customer service beware to all if you need customer service you will not get it from michelle demas Hickboy indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1142719
Apr 29 2014
02:59 PM
Joseph A. Herring I consigned 5 guns. % guns are missing Buckeye Arizona
I consigned 5 guns to Joseph J Silva, owner of Personal Chouie Outfitters, LLC. Personal Choice Outfitters sold to Joseph A Herring of Copper Neck Outfitters. 5 guns missing in transaction. I have documentation from Personal Choice Outfitters on disposition of the guns. Copper Neck Outfitters claims ignorance, does not know where the 5 guns are.
Entity: Buckeye, Arizona
10, Report #119300
Nov 22 2004
02:12 PM
Florida Armory ripoff Miami Florida
I ordered a sight and hand guard covers for my AR-15 Item Code 1211 $49.95 & 1891 $99.95. Upon receiving my order I examined the items and noticed they were clones of the original manufacturers. I showed them to a friend who told me they were from an airsoft or toy gun manufacturer one called classic army. I found the rail covers for $23.00 I am still researching the sight. I will keep these products and will not contest my purchase. That's just the way I am. But beware of what you buy from them You might buy a critical part and end up getting a toy one. Nelson Cincinnati, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
11, Report #430084
Mar 02 2009
06:35 PM
Gun Vault bad gun safe Internet
This company is no help at all. I purchased a gun vault safe and within a few months I noticed a crackling noise coming from the speaker. It came and went so I wasn't to concerned. Just after the warranty was up it completely stopped working. I took the hit and ate the cost of the safe after I was told it out of warranty by three weeks. Unfortunately this was the best hand safe at the time so I ended up buying another one due to my child being young and my concern about him getting a hold of my gun. This time I opted for the unit with the ac adapter to save me the cost of the 8 crippling double a battery that had to constantly be replaced due to the crackling from the speaker. After getting the safe I noticed that the mechanism that releases the door would stick intermittently. I could hear it clicking but not far enough to open the door. I would have to enter the code a second time to get it to open. I contacted gun vault and was told to try using the ac adapter with the batteries. This made no sense at all, why would I pay extra for the ac unit if I have to use batteries anyway. I was told this is how the safe is designed. It was still sticking about every 5th time I tried to open it. I called back and was told that I would have to pay myself to ship the unit back to be checked. I was also told that if it didn't happen then they wouldn't replace the unit and I would have to pay shipping to receive the unit back. I can't believe how bad the customer service was, this is an item that could potently save or cost me my life as well as my families if someone breaks it. Buyer beware (if the item malfunctions at all you will be paying the shipping back, with no guarantee it will be fixed.) Mark miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #428095
Feb 24 2009
06:28 PM No help on rip-off Internet
I won a bid on a shotgun, sent (God Bless America 1) a USPS money-order and recevied nothing. I have ask the seller for proof of shippment (tracking number) and he has yet to produce one. There is no help from Gunbroker. The seller is in another state so not practical to go look him up and find what the problem is. Buyer beware. Gunbroker offers no protection for your investment. Jim Asheville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #413541
Jan 18 2009
11:56 AM RIPOFF Green Bay Wisconsin
Entity: Green Bay, Wisconsin
14, Report #416307
Jan 26 2009
11:42 AM
TacticalGunArmory Screwed Me! Knoxville Tennessee
I made an order for some taurus gun magazines. On 1/5/09 I was contacted and told they do not have the item in stock even though their website says the do. I asked Will in customer service to cancel my order and refund my money. He said no problem it may be a few days. I also sent an email to customer service requesting them to cancel my order and refund my money. 1/12/09 sent another email asking how much longer. No response.Sent emails on 1/14/09 & 1/19/09 also no response. Then I sent an email to the sales department 1/19/09. I recieved the follwing response; Ben, Let me first of all apologize for the lack of response, we have been absolutely overwhelmed with business lately. I apologize in full for this. As for your credit, they are behind as well, and I have put in a priority ticket so that yours is one of the next ones they do. You should see that credit in your account soon. Thanks, Brandon Lovedaywww.TacticalGunArmory.com1-866-702-GUNS It is now 1/26/09 and still no refund. Sent another email and again no response. Enough!!! parker, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Knoxville, Tennessee
15, Report #607822
May 27 2010
07:37 AM Major Rip Off Airsoft Store Internet
I purchased a $180.00 airsoft gun from a couple of months ago. When the gun arrived the bipod was broken and the gun did not work! I e-mailed the company and they informed me that all purchases are final.  Apparently, I missed reading this on their website.  They couldn't find my shipping information or my name in their records.  Still, I tried to exchange the product but no one e-mailed me back. When I finally got a around to dealing with it again I was informed that my 31 day warranty had expired. This company boasts to be the fastest growing airsoft dealer although I don't know how with their horrible business practices.  I warn you against buying anything from this company.  For $180 I have a broken gun.  Their support is anything but!  Never buy anything from
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #677545
Jan 01 2011
02:18 PM
Land Paintball Assault columbus, Ohio
A bald guy in his early to mid-20s who was decked out in paintball gear and had his own paintball gun complained that there were too many girls on his team. There were 2 females on each team. So I moved from his team to the opposing team to appease him. Now he had 1 female on his team and 3 females on the other team. During that game, myself and 2 other people were shooting at him. He got shot apparently several times, at which time he was supposed to be out of the game, yell out, put his hands up and walk back to his base. Instead, he flipped out, started screaming, ran around a fence (past a male who shot him and got him out of the game as well), ran up to me, cussed me out calling me derogatory names, and shot me point blank in the hand, buttocks, and inner thigh. This caused my hand to bleed and swell up, and I had very large black and purple welts on my body. Although I had a paintball gun in my hand as well, I did not retaliate against him. His actions were completely unwarranted. I was in shock that he would break the rules and intentionally harm me. I was very angry and upset. I asked both referees to remove him from the game that day and they both ignored me.His friend whom he plays paintball with said that this was out of character for him and he is usually a laid back person. When my friends and I went to return our rental equipment, I found out that he is an employee and is waiting on a medical discharge from the military. This company is allowing a mentally unstable employee mentally and physically abuse its patrons.
Entity: columbus, Ohio
17, Report #728488
May 12 2011
11:55 AM
Gunbroker $1.00 RipOff Internet
Took a few minutes and a few thoughts to realize this was a Scam site.  First; Too good to be true cheap prices. Then all the disclaimers as to any responsibility and no way will they help to get your money back. Now I see they avoid contact with customers, and they claim free email for a dollar. Duh, Do they really think people are that stupid. All they really want is your Bank, Debit, Credit Card information for a dollar. I just skipped the part about entering my Bank Info and guess what?, they registered me anyway! You can always try not giving the bank info and see what happens. Oh, it is so hard to resist things that sound too good to be true even when you know better, it really takes discipline and that's what they are banking on.  Good Luck to all
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #813159
Dec 23 2011
06:57 AM Poor customer service Internet
If you purchase something from this company beware. I purchased an item on 12/16/2011. I have requested multiple times by email for information regarding the shipment of my purchase. The site lists several emails to make contact. The site also says you will receive a reply in 24 hours. I have not heard from anyone. I found the phone number for this company online. Called and left a message. Nothing. Also, the phone number is not on the web site. I only want to know when my item is to be shipped or if it already has.... I cannot comment on the product because I do not have it in hand. The quality may be outstanding. Based on the customer service I am not very confident.... Hoping they make it right.
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #866858
Apr 11 2012
07:40 AM
FredsM14Stocks Don't order from FredsM14Stocks Internet
I wouldn't order from Fred's again. I read the 2-3 months delay listed on their website, fine, not in a huge hurry so I placed the order in January and got an email confirmation. Three months went by, no order received, so I called (VM) and then sent an email and never did get a response. After a week of randomly trying I finally got a hold of someone (Fred I assume) and the conversation went something like this: Me: I'd like to check on the status of an order, placed in January Freds: We're you charged? Me: I had received an email and had assumed the order was still in process can you confirm? Fred's: Well it could have had an issue, like the credit card number or the card was rejected, and the order would not have shipped Me: On the email it said if there was an issue I would be contacted, not that the order would simply 'stop'? Fred's: <after finding the order> Give me the credit card again ME: <CC info - again> Fred's: That looks right Me: So there was no issue with the credit card, it just was never shipped? Fred's: I'll give this to the lady who comes in this afternoon, we're pretty busy so it'll be about a week before it goes out. No Sorry, we lost your order or We'll get this right away. No acknowledgement there was even an issue or a problem on their part. Regardless of the criticality of the item that's just poor business and, to me, a sad reflection in the lack of responsibility being taken. It's worth a few bucks extra to support another business and to actually get your goods in a timely manner. Fred's isn't worth the frustration of having to constantly check on your order (assuming you can actually reach a real person) to make sure they actually ship it out....
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #897412
Jun 14 2012
07:25 AM Internet Ripoff , Internet
     I ordered a Tennessee Concealed Carry ID Pouch for $20 (p&h included.)  I paid with Paypal, but have received no merchandise.  I sent numerous emails requesting info about my order, but have received no response.  I filed a claim with Paypal, but to date they have received no response either.  This company evidently has a long track record of scamming via the internet.  I am surprised and disappointed that Paypal is still associated with them. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
21, Report #286937
Nov 26 2007
06:54 PM speedy toy ripoff VanNuys California
ordered by my son since 8/28/07 Nothing speedy about that delivery Angry Stepmother lake charles, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: VanNuys, California
22, Report #123586
Dec 19 2004
01:24 PM
SGC ripoff gun sale SCOTTSDALE Arizona
I purchased 4 hadguns for $2000. No guns ever arrived. Despite numerous phone calls and emails no refund check was ever sent. Steve cody, WyomingU.S.A.
Entity: SCOTTSDALE, Arizona
23, Report #1018397
Feb 21 2013
09:58 PM
GLOCKSTORE Scam San Diego, California
Who charges your account for an amount not related to your original order? The, that's who! Does this makes sense to anyone? Also there was no email sent saying what the charge was for. I tried on numerous occasions to get in contact (email & phone) with Glockstore about this charge but nothing worked. What a scam! I recently talked with my Bank and was able to dispute this illegal transaction and they are looking into this matter further. My Bank credited me my money back and issued a new card so that there would not be any more charges from this company. I have since reported them to Their business is mainly Video Production Services and they are rated an F on the site. How they have an FFL, if they do have one, is unimaginable. Someone needs to shut these people down and revoke their FFL. If you are thinking about getting something from I would advise you to look somewhere else. And if you still think it is a good idea to order from this site just take a little time and make a search on Google for Glockstore Review. You will be truly entertained by the problems customers are having with them. I know I was. Thanks and have a nice day! 
Entity: San Diego, California
24, Report #1066328
Jul 11 2013
05:33 PM Don't bet on it.  Internet
On 2/25/13 I went on-line to their web site and placed an order for an item (Sig Pro 9mm magzine.)  The item was listed as in-stock.  I paid for the item and was given an order number.  After 2 weeks there was no shipping confirmation e-mail and no item in my mailbox.  I went to their web site and verified the order number and shipping address.  I asked them what was the status of the order.  I didn't get a reply.  After another couple of e-mails with no response, I filed a fraud charge against them with my credit card company.  The charge was ruled in my favor.  The credit card company reversed the billing from Too bad for  I told them in an early e-mails that I would gladly accept a refund and call it good.  Now they are on VISA's red-flag list.  DO NOT buy from them.  If you do, use a credit card, NOT a debit card.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1064347
Jul 03 2013
11:31 PM
OpticsPlanet Customer Service Lies Northbrook Illinois
I ordered some Eotech optics from OpticsPlanet back in Oct. 2012.  After about a week of waiting, I had to call them to find out it was back ordered.  Then started the next 8 months of lies, lies, and more lies.  I called every month and the typical response from the customer service rep was, It should be here by the end of the month.  Around month 4 I asked where I was in line and they said 14.  A couple more months went by and at month 8, after receiving the same end of the month line every month, I asked where I was in line and they said 18.  I then asked to speak to a supervisor who after looking into the sitution stated that I was in face number 32 in line and that there were 130+ units that needed to be filled with the other 31 customers in front of me.  This has been the worst shopping experience of my life.  To all my LEO and MIL friends and community out there, DO NOT TRUST.  The savings that they promise but never delivered on will not outweigh the grief that is guaranteed. ***Full Time LEO & Afghan Vet
Entity: Northbrook, Illinois

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