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1, Report #72854
Nov 23 2003
12:18 PM
Haband false Internet advertising Peckville Pennsylvania
From losing a customer ! To gaining a donation ? How the Haband Company was able to lose a customer for $10.00 or perhaps as little as $5.00 In July of 2003 I ordered three pair of pants ($34.99 for 2 pair and $9.99 for the other pair) using Haband's Internet ordering form. In September I received the three pair of pants and within a couple of days I returned and they have acknowledged receiving the $9.99 pair. I am unable to obtain a requested $9.99 refund. The reason, Haband now claims that the pants (2 pair for $34.99) are not on sale and that I owe them $9.43 more; thus, I am not getting a refund. Twice I have provided Haband with a copy of their Internet Ad showing Buy 2 for $34.99 along with the copy of their order form (showing their price) and their ordering instructions. They will not honor the advertised price of $34.99 They are keeping the returned pair of pants and they are keeping my $9.99 Would I be willing to negotiate and split the difference ? Perhaps, but the phone conversations I had with Joey, Gloria, Phyllis, Mika, Melanie, & Scott within their customer service center; the Emails I sent twice to Dave and their [service@haband.net] group have gone unanswered; and the letters I wrote (containing their Internet Ad) in September to Laurie and Dave, and again to Dave (upon his request) in October have all convinced me do not wish to keep me as a customer and they do not intend to refund me $9.99 for the returned pair of pants. I now challenge whoever at the Haband Company has my $10.00 to take it and make a donation to the Volunteer Group of a Hospital in their area. For they need it more than I do ! Terry Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Peckville, Pennsylvania
2, Report #216732
Oct 19 2006
09:41 PM
Haband ripoff Internet
picture shows set price 5.99. They sent only pants. Replied you need to order top separately. Picture shows set price I think. here is link: http://www.haband.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/products.detail/categoryID/69687d37-4359-44a0-ad97-e183084e3a66/productID/c67335a8-9a44-4e1a-b20f-c6a6d134a497/ click more photo: Gangji HOUSTON, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Haband.com, Internet
3, Report #567290
Feb 10 2010
09:33 AM
Haband Company Clothing on line Internet
service@haband.netI order some jeans from Haband and my credit card decline my order. my order number is 7582067. total $57.97. I received a letter stating that the bank declined my order and for me to use another card or send in a check or money order. I mailed in a Money order On Feb 1 2010 I bought the money order at Currency Exchange  312-666-7909 money order number  039208 Total 57.97. I called haband order tracing dept they said they dint get my money order and I have to eaither report it lost or send in another money order. tey said they have no way of telling if my money order was received because it goes to another state. this do not make sense. I am going to be patient and wait. but this is the third time this has happend. they want me to contact a company located at 2026 S MILLEDEG AVE ATHENN GEORGIA 30605
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #763226
Aug 10 2011
08:48 AM
Haband Shipping charges scam Internet
During the month of July into early August, I had dealings with Haband, which is a mail-order/on-line company that sell clothing, electronics, tols, gadgets, etc to the public. They send out mailers with 25-40 offers inside the envelope at what seem s good prices. My 1st order was pants for approx. $30 including shipping to me using MC and when they arrived I retuned them using thier Return Mailer and asked for an exchange in sizes. The exchange items were sold out sold I was given a credit toward my MC. I again made another order of different pants and paid by check for $40+, including shipping to me and the check was cashed. When this order arrived, the pants again did not fit so I again returned them using the company supplied Return Mailer. on  8/9/11, I received a refund check in the amount or $23+ with a letter signed by the Quality Control  Chief, Christian Feuer and not understanding what that check from Haband was for, I called Haband Customer Service and talked with rep.Heidi. After 30 minutes on the phone, it was made apparent to me that the $23 check was my refund on my $40 order and that the $17 difference was all that was left for me after Haband charged and deducted a $7.50 shipping charge to me and another $7.50 shipping charge to them when I returnd the order. They did the same double shipping charge for the first $30 order. So after ordering $70+ in merchandise that was returned, all I was refunded for both orders was $38+ and the remaining  $32 was for shipping.  I sit here out $32 for shipping and have no merchandise to show for the money. No where did I see any explanation that I would have to pay 2 way shipping. They made a big profit on shipping and are out nothing!I CONSIDER THAT BUSINESS PRACTICE A RIP-OFF AND SAY DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FORM hABAND THAT U MIGHT HAVE TO RETURN AS THEY WILL CHARGE U DOUBLE FOR SHIPPING!
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #191780
May 16 2006
12:51 PM
Haband ripoff Eatonton Georgia
Never, never, never buy from Haband again! Ordered some goods, value $50, order came too late but more importantly the box came split open on two sides, top was open and box was crushed and both USPS and DHL noted they had received it damaged. Open the box, no packing to protect anything including the goods from moving around. One item broken, no packing list included so I was not sure order was complete but found two of the four shirts missing. Contacted Haband, they ask me to return the goods in the original box. This is where the fun starts. Went to the post office and was told there was no way they would accept the original box, sides split open, box crushed and it was determined that the cause was improper packing by Haband. They never used any! I told USPS they are exactly right, this stuff bounced around damaging the box. I contacted Haband via e-mail and then later letter form and told them the box could not be used. I made it clear that since it was there irresponsible packaging that caused the problem, they need to arrange to have the goods picked up for return and I would be contacting my charge card company of this issue. Haband sent a return label, I again e-mailed them and told them they cannot use the same box. Post office will not accept it! So after many e-mails and correspondance (and I would love to be a fly at one of their cost meetings) they have probably spent $100 for a $50 order but I guess they think this is not only good business but cost effective! Wow. I then get a call today from their customer service department (no phone number shows on my phone, great way to do business, if I have to call this lady I am out of luck!) and am told this, take the goods and place them in a shopping bag and put it in a trash bag and take it to the post office with the label! I laughed, then decided to do just that and the lady at the post office said to me you must be kidding! We cannot accept goods in a trash bag, what is wrong with these people. She suggested I speak with the postmaster. I did and his look could kill. He said there is no way that packaging is acceptable to transport anything in. There is no protection and certainly a shipper whether it be USPS would not take responsibility. I told him he is absolutelyl correct and this company should be ashamed of themselves! I have advised Haband of my findings and told them mind set of Haband in handing product, let alone the waste of time and the cost effect is inexcuseable but, the fact that they ask a customer to use a carton that due to their improper packaging was not fit to support the goods, result got lost and damaged but then asks a customer to use a trash bag and take it to the post office, I told them it was time to share this with the Attorney Generals Office of the State of Georgia! And I intend to do just that. Customer service, not sure Haband knows what it is; proper packing of goods, I feel sorry for people like USPS and UPS if they accept shipments like this. Common sense. No one at Haband knows what that is. They truly should be ashamed of themselves! This will be a fine story to share! David Churchville, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Eatonton, Georgia
6, Report #197050
Jun 19 2006
05:02 AM
Haband Company ripoff Internet
I ordered clothing from this company online in May.To date I have not received anything,I have called customer servive and was told that the order would be shipped out.I'm out$49.98 and have no clothing to show for it. Christine Schererville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1126909
Feb 27 2014
04:39 AM
Haband is a mens mail order catalog for mens clothing and shoes.    I placed an order with them on 2/06/2014 for there FIT_FOREVER jeans that were advertised in the catalog for $19.99 per pair.  I ordered three pairs of these jeans and i paid extra for fed ex shipping 0f $6.00 for a total charged to my credit card of $69.97.   this catalog offer included FREE SHIPPING on anything ordered from them.    I received the order from them on 2/10/2014 and found that they were not what as discribed in the catalog.   FIRST-  an extra four inches in the waist - took them to a seamtress and she was able to measure only two extra inches in the waist.   SECOND- the legs were cut to large.  THIRD - the lenght was too long.   I sent them back by there return label marked defective and sent them back on 2/11/2014 for a FULL REFUND to credit my account.    iI received an e-mail from them saying that my account has been credited $59.97 on 2/25/2014.     FIRST, POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ON THERE PART, FALSE ADVERTISING ABOUT THESE JEANS AND TO BE CHARGED FOR SHIPPING CHARGES TO RETURN THERE DEFECTIVE PRODUCT WHEN THERE CATALOG SAYS FREE SHIPPING   SORRY, I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS AT ALL.     MY ADVICE - DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.
Entity: Pennsylvania
8, Report #525768
Nov 19 2009
10:47 AM
HABAND DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU HAVE MONEY TO THROW AWAY   I knew when I started to do business with this company, that they had basically very low quality clothes at a price too high for such low quality. However, my specific use and need was to have some clothes that would be comfortable to wear most of the time and not look like I was wearing pajamas or jogging pants.   And though I knew I could locate and purchase clothes like this at other places that were of a higher quality, the cost would be a lot higher. In most cases 4 times or more higher. So it was a trade off. I believe I got somewhat lucky back then and the pants I purchased did work out well. Here recently I purchased some more of the same pants and ran into many significant problems.   Though their web-site does not look all that bad, there is no phone number to contact them at. There is a reason for that. They would need hundreds of employees to answer the constant phone calls. There is also a reason they charge you for sending problem items back even though it is their fault. If they didnt they would soon be out of business.   You can read complaints all over the net about the company, but it should be noted that there is no way to explain that these complaints are much worse than described. That is because it would take a lot of words and pages to give the true details about the problems. Here is one example.   I purchased 6 pair of pants, and three of them were the wrong size though they were marked as XL. I sent two pair back and they charged me and the two pair I got in were wrong size again (though still marked as XL). One had legs 6 inches longer than they were supposed to be. I sent them back a second time and again was charged and again received pants 6 inches too long.   I would have wrote letters to the place, but there is no address on their website. I did send numerous E-mails and all with the same results. One did not have to read to much between the lines to see that they were basically saying YOUR SCREWED. I think there was even a Ha Ha at the end.   So how do they stay in business? They have a very serious and prolific mailing program. Its like shooting with buckshot. Shoot a lot and you will eventually hit something.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #405111
Dec 26 2008
05:58 PM
Haband scam refund checks Jessup Pennsylvania
After ordering items from Haband, I received checks in the mail that appeared to be thanking me for my order. BUT, by cashing the checks I discovered my signature authorized various companies to bill me for additional monthly services: Complete Home, Buyers Advantage, Auto Advantage, Reservation Rewards, Travel Plus and more!!! It took countless hours on the phone to get these charges cancelled and credited by to my Visa card. BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL WHEN DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! Gary Hereford, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Jessup, Pennsylvania
10, Report #721744
Apr 25 2011
10:08 AM
Haband Charged me with the shipping for their mistake, Internet
Do not do any biasness with this Company; shoot youre self if you do. I order pants with a 27 inseam and was sent with a 33 in seam, I sent then back and was told that I ordered the 27 inseam and that I will be charged for the shipping, called my credit Card and filed a dispute.  Also the quality of this product is,  crap, and Im nice about this.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #195844
Jun 10 2006
06:27 PM
Haband - WLI Reservation Rewards Ripoff Peckville Pennsylvania
Haband or name could mean you Hadbeen rip off.It seems this clothing Company when you place and order wants to tack on a $9.00 Monthly chg Called WLI Reservation Rewards. And almost convince you that you order it. Thank goodness for reading the Rip Off Report. Lucky that I check my Credit Card reports weekly otherwise would have not noticed this charge. I like their clothing too bad I can not trust their web site. Hey Thanks for letting me sound off. You rip off guys are the greatest. Paul Reseda, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Peckville, Pennsylvania
12, Report #991466
Jan 04 2013
05:21 PM
Haband Order for trousers created an unknmown monthly membershp charge , Internet
I received unsolicited flyers in  the mail from Haband and ordered 5 pairs of men's slacks. Four pair were sized correctly and the 5th pair was sent wrong. I followed their instruction and returned the wrong size slacks for replacement. They did not replace or credit my account. They then started billing me monthly for a membership fee which I knew nothing about. When my wife called to address the issue, she learned  about the membership fee. I had no idea there continuing charges beyond the original purchase. Supposedly the membership charges could not be reversed (3-$14.97 charges) plus no replacement slacks for the pair returned for a total loss of about $60. A word from the wise...Do not order anything from Haband. They are a bunch of crooks. I will call my credit card company next to make certain that my account is frozen from Haband. What a bunch of sleeze-bags. I actually liked the slacks but did not like getting ripped off
Entity: internet, Internet
13, Report #1052387
May 20 2013
12:58 PM
Haband solar-powered path lights are shoddy merchandise Internet
 Haband offered a good price on their solar-powered path lights, item VZT03.  I ordered ten extras as spares, for a total of thirty lights.  When they arrived, one box of ten was missing parts.  I used the enclosed mailing label to return them.  Instead of sending me a new box, they credited my credit cared account.  Of the twenty remaining lights, seven don't work.  That's a total failure rate of more than 50%.  What shoddy workmanship.  I can't even return the non-functioning lights because I no longer have the mailing label.  If I do any more business with Haband, I'll stick to shirts.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1336476
Nov 03 2016
05:56 PM
Haband clothing Refused to cancel order with errors. Internet
I have to wear dark pants at work , I ordered two pair from Haband. When they send an Email to me varifying my order , i noticed that my order was for white pants- which I never requested. I called Haband and they said they could not access my order for 24 hours, 24 hours later I called back and they said they could not cancel or change my order since it already shipped. I would advise avoiding this company. I have since heard that they have a habit of entering you into their buyers club without your consent and billing your credit card 14.97 a month. I plan to watch my credit card statement closely so this company does not do further economic damage to me.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1300449
Apr 18 2016
07:58 PM
Haband Refuses to give refund creditJ Jessup, PA. 18434 PA. 18434
My husband and I have purchased from Haband for many years- but have never had a credit card account with them before.  I ordered several pair of pants and agreed to open a Haband Credit card account, in exchange for a discount on an additional pair of pants.  The pants arrived- So horriblly made and cheap- I sent them back immediately.  Next, I received a bill for $19.00.  I called to find out WHY I was billed $19 when I had nothing- I had returned my only order- This they said was for shipping. I thought this was outragious and told them to just cancel my account. Next- I received an email from them, saying the amount of $35.77 had been credited to me on my Haband credit card.  HUH? That card was cancelled- I had assumed they would send me a check for the refund. At this point- I could only assume that something had gone wrong, and my card WASN'T cancelled.  Well, okay- I decided to give them another chance.  I called to order a pair of shoes that i found in the new catalog they sent to me.  They said my account was closed and I have no refund credit.  So- they are just keeping my money.  Also note that when you call back- if you aren't on the best of terms with Haband- they will direct you to a line that just keeps offering you things for sale- one after the other and you NEVER get to speak to a customer Service agent. When I called their billing line i was put on hold and they never picked up to take my call.  I waited over 45 minutes.  I'm betting IF I HAD OWED them money- it wouldn't have mattered if I closed my account- my account would have STILL showed I owed them money- However, since they owe ME money- it's just gone.    We would NEVER deal with Haband again.   
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1214217
Mar 08 2015
01:58 PM
Haband/Commendity customer service terrible Nationwide
Customer service is non existence, very slow to return product. Can never get it right. Returns never show up. Can never tell if your account Is correct. On line  numbers are always incorrect. So what happens you never get notice of payment and then they lower your credit forbid g late and ne3ver let you know. There cloths for the most part are cheap and do not wear well. The web site is confusing, not user friendly.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #1381214
Jun 25 2017
05:04 PM
Haband Charging late fees after cancelled credit card Nationwide
While helping my 91 year old mother on January 2, 2017 complete her bills because she had been sick, I came across a bill to Haband for $14.97.  I asked her what this was for and she said somehow she got a Haband credit card after placing a couple orders but that's what they charge her every month.  At that time I told her that was ridiculous, she doesn't make many purchases and I called 1-855-226-7051 and spoke with a person and said we wanted to cancel this card.  The date due for this $14.97 was January 17, 2017 which left plenty of time in our minds.  I was assured the card would be cancelled and hung up.  Unfortunately, I did not write down the person's name I talked to.  She now is up to owing $66.88, $20.97 in fees charged in the July statement and if this isn't paid by July 12th she will be charged a $37 late fee.  It's sad to be charged this amount when a card has been cancelled.  She has also received a letter from Comenity Capital Bank stating they looked into her missing payment after her request.  She didn't make a request to look for a missing payment because she didn't make a payment on a card she cancelled.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #1402562
Sep 26 2017
05:49 PM
haband HabandVIPPlus Scam (Do the Math) Internet Internet
For $14.95 fee each month you get a 10% discount and free shipping. I order to recope you monthly investment you would have to buy $149.50 worth of clothing or shoes each month to save the $14.95 you paid up front.  That is for a $179,40 discount anually by buying $1,794.00 of clothing or shoes.  That is a rip offif I ever calculated one. I asked for a refund and was promised one but it has never arrived.  I am going to attempt to cancel my membership.      
Entity: Internet
19, Report #386486
Oct 30 2008
05:07 PM
Haband- PrivacyGuard- TLG AUTOVNTGE Haband sents out checks Darby , MtDarby Montana
Haband sends out checks and if you cash them, after 30 days if you do not call the number on the check then they turn you over to Pg or TLG. People do not read the fine print just like me. they keep sending checks after the first one, after 30 days you have agreeed for them to bill you for PG or TLG. People call them, even if they say they can not help you at this time, Keep calling and they will answer, and you can get your money back. Read the fine print before you cash a check. Charles Charles Darby, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Darby, Montana
20, Report #450178
May 09 2009
05:58 AM
Haband Haband debited 149.99 from my checking account for services I did not order Internet
I placed a order with Haband which I paid with my Bank Check Card. I later returned them for a full refund and my Bank Card was credited. Several months later 149.99 was debited from my account for TLG Privacy Grds. I filed a report with my bank who obtained a phone number for TLG. I askedthem to cancel the service and credit my account. They told me that it had originated throught Haband. Happy ending, my account was credited for the full 149.99, but Haband is on my black list. Deecee Caldwell, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #344574
Jun 26 2008
12:04 PM
Haband My Long Lost Faith in Haband has dwindled Oakland New Jersey
After some thirty years (or so) of ordering merchandise from Haband, I now have a reason to wonder what has happened to a company I had satisfactory dealings with. I have waited a month for my current order (and a subsequent one two weeks ago) and still have not received my merchandise. The bank has confirmed payment of my check(s) &all attempts to contact Haband have been unsuccessful. I am weary of automated respoonses telling to dial customer service and then having the operator cut in and announce that the number cannot be dialed as given. I am an elderly lady on social security, using gift money from my children to purchase clothing and other merchandise from Haband. I can ill afford to lose almost two hundred dollars. What is my alternative? Contact the media? Arizona grandma Sun City, AZ, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Oakland, New Jersey
22, Report #1376860
Jun 02 2017
08:09 PM
Haband Haband VIP Plus Membership SCAM-- Fraudulent charges on credit card Internet
I have used Haband to purchase clothes for my grandmother two times in the past three months.  BOTH times I was enrolled in some program called Haband VIP PLUS! without ANY knowledge.  The first time this happened my card was charged for 3 months at the price of 14.95.  The 2nd time I was charged for two months at the same price.  I have been robbed!  This store sells to senior citizens who are easy targets.  This is criminal and I will be reporting this company everywhere.  DO NOT PURCHASE from them.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1421440
Jan 08 2018
09:29 AM
comenity bank / haband blair Comenity bank Haband credit card started account without permission on clothing that was paid for with a check to Haband Ohio
I ordered for the first time  several items from Haband and sent a check in full immediately to Haband inwarren New Jersey.  Hello they cashed the check immediately electronically and it was on my monthly bank statement.   several months later I began getting bills with high interest demanding money from a place called  Comenity  bank  . I had never heard of them.  I looked up their phone number on the net.i called them  the man said he would investigate it  I never heard from him    .  this  began  July of 2017 I kept getting more bills   each one larger with interest  I called  Haband along with my son  and got no where with them .    by December they started to call on the phone, became very testy to both me and my son . in Jan of 2018 the calls got more frequent .     one when  I was driving,  on  Saturdays, after business hours and on sunday. i have all my mailed records.  I   mailed copies to them to prove I paid, they demanded copies of my check    which the bank did not have because they cashed it electronically . the  bank gave me a document  proving they got the money . I mailed all these  to them and they never acknowledged anything.   finally I SENT this to the attorney general's office in New Mexico for some kind of help.
Entity: Ohio
24, Report #119211
Nov 22 2004
05:55 AM
Haband, WLI Reservation Rewards ripoff by link to WLI Reservation Rewards Peckville Pennsylvania
Haband offered a $10.00 discount in a mailing. When we tried to use the discount after ordering on their web site we were linked to a page that offered, in a box, what appeared to be the $10 discount but was actually a sign up form for WLI Reservation Rewards and authorized them to charge our credit card $9.00 per month on a continuing basis. We did not have to enter any credit card number on this page because entering just our email address was sufficient for Haband to release all our personal information to this scam company including our credit card number. The charge appears on our credit card statement with no information of what was charged, just an 800 telephone number, similar to many other scams. They do remove the charge if you call and complain. Haband allows this link to appear as though it is part of the ordering process and does not differentiate it from Haband's $10 discount offer. Ian St. Petersburg, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Peckville, Pennsylvania
25, Report #23494
Jun 26 2002
03:13 PM
Haband is a ripoff business that doesn't give a dam. Peckville, Pennsylvania
This company doesn't know that meaning of the word Customer Service. I have been trying for 2 months to get a return label so that I can return an order they shipped to me in error! They goofed and I was nice enough to tell them that I had received this order (the packing slip had someone else's name and address on, in a different state, even. They sent me another e-mail today stating they had requested another label....requested from whom? Congress? The Pope? What is so difficult about sending out a label? Oh yeah, and it took 3 e-mails on my part to even get them to acknowledge the goof in the first place. I'm doing all the work and they aren't even cooperating? Does that make any sense to anyone? Also, I did order from them and after waiting several weeks I finally got my order. Do Not Buy From These People! the quality, workmanship, fit, price, etc. is JUNK!! Terrible. Crappy. Awful! You'd find better quality and customer service at your local thrift store. Be warned.....Haband is a rip-off Judi Bellflower, California
Entity: Peakville, Pennsylvania

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