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1, Report #956978
Oct 18 2012
09:14 PM
Half Price Books Half price rip off Screwing the consumer Internet
They sold my friend and I bought access codes for Nutrition and You , my diet  for Nursing . The codes were no good for pearson and the codes never worked . Pearson when contacted said the codes were no good. They were contact at http://www.hpbmarketplace.com/ and all the requirements were met for a full refund they denied everything 100 percent my ass these people suck dont buy from them 10-19-12
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #1090293
Oct 08 2013
06:53 AM
half price books half price ripoff Columbus Ohio
 I went in with an xbox 360 rare wired guitar that cost 169 dollars in Amazon right now 44 used And some pretty current expensive video games half price tried to give me only 5 dollars for everything.the guy at the counter looked at the guitar and said he had a bunch of them in the back which I know was a lie because of it's rarity,and I called him out in it. Bottom lie sale your goods and rare items else where half price books will rip you Off for everything you have and sell it back to you at 7 times the cost
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
3, Report #104329
Aug 18 2004
05:18 PM
Half Price Computer Books cheap, unethical, bad business, and customer service scoundrels ripoff Blaine Washington
A terrible company to work with if you have any problems or require a refund. They will cheat their way out of paying you all but a few pennies in refund. I received 66 cents in refund after being charged the fee it cost them for me to return to sender. What kind of unethical, bad business strategies are these? I recommend not purchasing from them due to their weasily ways and extraordinarly condescending representatives. They assume they are always right and act upon these assumptions. All the way around, a bad company. There are so many others out there who act with integrity, honesty, and treat the customer with dignity and respect. Why choose them? Heather Houston, TexasU.S.A.
4, Report #1073964
Aug 07 2013
05:17 PM
Half Price Books Rip off my father rip off your reputation houston Texas
I sent my father to go sell a hefty amount of books and was expecting at least twenty. Because thats what they usually give me. And a reciept but today when my father came home, he handed me a measily $7. I've gotten more for 4 small manga, I wouldn't have gave $15   a second glance but seeing that $7 for 6 hardcovers and 4 paperbacks plus 2 manga drove me to wrte this complaint. They didn't even give him any type of reciept so he can't exactly go back now, I think maybe they took advantage of the fact that he's old and I regret not being able to go today. I never plan on selling my books there again. Ever.
Entity: houston, Texas
5, Report #1138364
Apr 12 2014
12:11 PM
Half Price Books Insulting Buyback Offers Beavercreek Ohio
Two bags and two crates of books and magazines, with retail value well over $500, was reduced to $12.  The excuse was age of magazines (well, duh, that usually happens with periodicals) and underlining in texts (the pages and binding were still in excellent condition). This is completely unfair. I will never go to this store again, not to buy nor sell, and I do not encourage others to do so, either.
Entity: Beavercreek, Ohio
6, Report #345912
Jun 30 2008
12:43 PM
HALF-PRICE BOOKS Wanted to SELL, not DONATE my BOOKS and got RIPPED OFF! Austin Texas
I buy lawbooks from Half-Price Books. I buy casebooks for my pre-law classes and I buy notes and actual lawbooks and whatever these people have that helps me to be the best lawyer I can be someday when I get to take that BAR EXAM! I spend quite a LOT of money with these people and they used to be GREAT to work with... Until Sunday! It was over 100 degrees Sunday afternoon and I had a lot of hardback books concerning how to get a job and I had some back issues of Variety magazine which I know they buy because I have seen them for sales there. In fact, I had seen EVERYTHING there for sale that I had brought in --especially two duplicate lawbooks that belonged to me. I was at least hoping to get half-a tank of gasoline.... Things have not been doing good in the trucking industry lately and I am now driving a bus. Instead I was literally confronted with a snot-nosed young man with reddish hair who looked at me and did a doubletake, the kind you do when you are being menaced by a panhandler or a robber. In my case, I was verging on heat exhaustion. His lip curled distainfully as he asked me for my ID. It is standard company buying policy but the way he said it made me seem as if I was a thief. It was over 100 degrees F outside and I probably looked rather bad since I had about three small shopping carts FULL of like-new periodicals and one alone of hardback books in FRESH OFF THE PRESS condition and newly book bound as well. I did not like his attitude but I did not like the prospect of taking them back to the car either. I figured I would at least get a few bucks for them. As I sat, he took younger people's merchandise to buy backway ahead of me and tried to pretend I wasn't there. A man about my age came in and he was offered $2.00 for a $145 lawbook and he told the kid F*** you and left. He only had one lawbook and I sure wanted it because it was current but who knows where it will eventually end up. I noticed that he would sneer and degrinate older folks but he would pay out to the persons closer to his own age a lot more money, no matter what the condition the books were in. IT THEN OCCURRED TO ME THAT MAYBE, POSSIBLY, ALLEGEDLY THESE WERE HIS FRIENDS WERE BRINGING IN STUFF AND HE WOULD SAY THEY SOLD IT AND THEN HE WOULD SPLIT THE PROCEEDS WITH THEM. Economic times are hard and retail jobs don't pay very well ---especially Half-Price Books! That was the only way I could possibly justify, explain the HUGE discrepancy between the way older people with merchandise to sell were treated versus the younger people ( 17-15) v. older people ( 35 and up). Eventually they called my name and I came up wanting my money. THAT LYING PIECE OF SLIME HAD THE NERVE TO TELL ME THAT I HAD WAITED IN THEIR DAMN STORE FOR 40 MINUTES TO DONATE my merchandise and that they had to deduct any funds they WOULD have paid me for the cost of RECYCLING ALL OF THE THINGS I HAD BROUGHT IN BECAUSE NONE OF THEM WERE ANY USE TO THEM. Reeling from the lie, I left. I had no use for it anyway but this RIP OFF WAS SO BLATANT AND DISCRIMINATORY I AM STILL MAD LESS THAN 48 HOURS LATER!!!! I AM GOING TO CALL THEIR CORPORATE OFFICE IN DALLAS WHEN I GET OFF FROM MY JOB TODAY! To make matters worse, I had $100 I had made helping some guys hang a LOT of sheetrock and I wanted to buy one LAST book from them to help me study for my midterm. The young dude behind the cash register attempted to see if I had a counterfeit because, as I understood it, all of those Mexican drug dealers, you know. NO I DO NOT KNOW ANY MEXICANS WHO DEAL DRUGS OR ANY WHITE, AFRICAN AMERICANS, ASIANS,WOMEN,GAYS, LESBIANS, DISABLED PERSONS OR NATIVE AMERICANS OR ANYBODY ELSE WHO DEALS DRUGS and if I was a drug dealer, I would be able to afford my own FULL collection of law books instead of having to buy them used one by one or bum them from law firms who are throwing them out! Either this place has got one heck of a hustle going on --in which case an AUDITOR needs to look at the books..NOT THE ONES THEY ARE STEALING FROM THE CUSTOMERS( Maybe to resell at garage sales and flea markets and put the money in their own pockets) or they need MORE DIVERSITY IN THEIR HIRING. TITLE VII EEO LAWSUIT,PERHAPS? I USED TO SPEND A LOT OF MONEY WITH THESE PEOPLE...ABOUT $500 or more every semester. I am now looking for a good, honest USED DISCOUNT LAWBOOK OUTLET. The GANG of thugs, crooks and punks at Half-Price Books North Lamar location need to be scraped from my business patronage like a HUGE pile of steaming DOG DO! I REFUSE TO SPEND ANOTHER CENT WITH RUDE,DISCRIMINATORY, LYING, RIPPING OFF YUPPIE SPAWN! THE YOUNG MAN APPARENTLY DIDN'T REALIZE THAT YOU DON'T DONATE MERCHANDISE TO A FOR-PROFIT OPERATION THAT HALF-PRICE BOOKS IS SUPPOSED TO BE... If THIS is how they treat a LOYAL customer who has been buying things there EVERY PAYDAY every since they moved into the old remodelled Albertson's store from their Guadalupe store... BY STEALING THE MERCHANDISE I BROUGHT IN TO SELL THEM AND INSULTING ME AS WELL, IMAGINE HOW THEY MAY BE STEALING FROM THEIR EMPLOYER AS WELL. I did NOT accuse them of theft.... It just SEEMS that way and I am NOT going back until they are NO LONGER THERE. ANONYMOUS & ANGRY Austin ( Home of the OUTRAGEOUS Rip-offs!), TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
7, Report #1106935
Dec 14 2013
05:58 AM
Half Price Books Employers do not know how to buy back books from customers. Better training should be enforced! Dallas Texas
I used to be an employee of Half Price Books in the last few years and can state that the training an employee goes through in order to learn to buy back books from customers is in need of serious repair. When I was trained to buy back books, I was given a few ancient video's to watch which were out of date and did not relate to the merchandise current at the time. Following these video's were some booklets I was given to read and sign and then I was let loose in the buy area to watch and learn from other employees.  What I learned from these previous experiences is that the video's and booklets were out of date and didn't relate to the act of buying back books. The website all employees refer to when buying back books is limiting (Abe books) as other websites about written material is out there but not recommended to use as we were taught that we must not take too long on evaluating a customers books so therefore many customers got offers that were not correct and I can tell you that the time I worked there I saw more frustrated customers than I saw happy ones.  Now that I have this experience as a bookseller but am no longer working at Half Price Books, I've never been too eager to resell to them if I need to sell books but recently I was moving and had to get rid of a lot of my books, records and games and so I grudgingly took them to HPBs. Now I looked up (using my previously learned HPBs buyer skills) the items I was going to sell and could see I had things that were on demand due to the time of year and which wer also selling well but for several boxes of books, records, video games and dvds I was given the offer of less than $15 for all of it!  The boy who evaluated my items did not use the computer as I watched him. He glanced rapidly at all the items and scribbled on a notebook. I realize he may feel he is a pro at the buying process but come on! Even I know that pro's often need to step back a bit and humbly check their notes via the wonderful research tool called a computer!  I took back a few items to sell them elsewhere as I knew they were worth more than what he wanted to offer me. So I am putting in this report as I think it needs to be said and reported from someone who has been on both sides of the buying experience. I believe Half Price Books is not worth the time to take merchandise there to sell as their employees are clearly not trained properly and I don't care how many flats are down in the basement of various types of books, everything needs to be better evaluated and broken down so that they stop offering so very little to the customers who often are selling up everything due to a major life event and nothing hurts more than having a big company like Half Price Books give you next to nothing for things you felt (& in some cases like previous employees, know) is worth more.  My advice to customers who are considering selling to Half Price Books is to first look your books up online and do some of your own research to find out what they are selling for because selling them via a well known website like Amazon is going to net you more money than selling at HPBs.  My advice to Half Price Books is please revamp your training in the buy area as its behind the times and you really need to change things. Also to Half Price Books, when someone is selling something to you that is priced in another currency then perhaps you should research the supply and demand of this item in both its origin country and this country before you offer nothing for it.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
8, Report #1146981
May 15 2014
12:16 PM
Half Price Books Dropped our recycling services with no explanation and thank you. Louisville Kentucky
We are a local recycler and bookseller.  We had been picking up the recycle cans from Half Price Books for over 5 years with another partner.  In the middle of March 2014, we received a phone call from Half Price telling us that our services were no longer needed.  No thank you, no compensation.  Nothing.  Basically pick up your cans and disappear.  We have since then found out that a local online bookseller is picking up the cans and going through the discarded books and reselling them.  This was against their policy when we had the verbal agreement.  We took them straight to the recycling company, and they were pulped.  Half Price Books falsely advertises that they recycle.  BEWARE if you take your books to them to sell, they may end up on someone else's shelf for resell.  
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
9, Report #663795
Dec 31 2010
09:36 AM
Half Price Books, Mesky discrimination, uncivilized, rude, dishonest, and stinky Dallas, Texas
Have you noticed how Half Price Books rarely if ever hires Latinos or Hispanics? Isn't that pitiful!? This complaint is against the Half Price Books in Dallas, Texas located on 13388 Preston road. I believe that this store has a lot of problems due to their really uncivilized store manager named Mesky. She is the elderly African woman who thinks she is in charge. From my experience with her she appears to be senile and clueless yet there she is managing this store as if she is the Queen of Africa and Half Price Books. She has the pompous entitlement of an African Queen. Well, we aren't in Africa. This is the United States of America. And she has no business treating me like a third class citizen. If she is not happy here in America then she needs to go back to her tribe in Africa and stay there. If other applicants encounter discrimination (e.g., hostility, different treatment, unfair treatment, refusal to hire, etc.) during the interview then please report your findings to EEOC. The protected classes are national origin, race, color of skin, sex, sexual, age, and disability. Business ethics also dictates that job interviews are fair and equal opportunity.  My experience with her was horrible. I went in for a job interview a while ago. And during my interview she did not care to hear anything that I said. She did not ask job related questions. She did not ask me to do a work sample to see if I was capable for retail. She also had a very flippant and rude attitude every time I tried to open my mouth. Another problem is that it appeared that the job interview was fake. I believe she had no intention of hiring me. She was just dragging her feet, patronizing me, and wasting company time by interviewing me. She also wasted my precious and valuable time. I feel like I aged by 100 years because I wasted my time with this petulant and obtuse jerk. At one time Mesky even threw a temper tantrum because I have a high quality university education. She kept looking at me with disgust, as if she smelled putrid fish, and pointed her finger at the job application and yelled out, you have college education! As if earning a quality education is such a terrible and horrible achievement. And she kept barking at me as if I were her subservient slave. During the interview she also made unreasonable accusatory comments (e.g., how do I know you will not damage company property!!?)The other elderly employees who work at the store are extremely slow and come across as clueless hippies. The younger employees occasionally look intoxicated. When I've been in there they have slurred speech and red eyes. The younger women are especially clueless and slow to help. It appears that very few of the employees actually know about music, movies, books, or magazines. They have the communications skills and helpfulness of junior high brats.  The store, on occasion, does have a very unpleasant stench. The selection is mediocre and limited compared to the other bookstores. The best Half Price Books is in central Dallas. Although, a lot of the employees come across as creepy and strange there, too. However, you can find better bookstores elsewhere. The customer service is average at best. I haven't had too many overt problems. The problems seem to be covert and involving snarky and snide comments. Although, one older male employee farted extremely loud and then looked at me as if it were my fault. It's apparent that the corporation needs to hire younger, more diverse, but highly educated people to work there instead of old losers who cannot control their flatulence.   But the employees at this store also look very unimpressive and banal just as Mesky does. But the worst person I've met there aside from Mesky is an older white Anglo woman who really came across as bigoted against Latino people. When I asked a younger employee for an application she came out of nowhere and snarled out, we aren't going to hire you anyways. Then she stormed off like a senile old bat. She was clearly giving me a very bad and discriminatory attitude. Apparently, she picked up the sour attitude from Mesky's bigoted management style. I hope they all have changed their attitude because minorities in the United States do not take trash talk from anyone, even senile old women from Africa.   They need to improve on their terrible attitudes, appearances, and stench. But the worst problem is their bigotry against Hispanic people. This is the United States of America. And Hispanics are hard working, bilingual, highly cultured, and highly intellectual people. Apparently, Mesky is too disgustingly ignorant to understand that. But this appears to be a Half Price Books problem, too because it is apparent to me that they rarely hire Hispanic people. Shame on them for their disgustingly ignorant and philistine behaviors and attitudes.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
10, Report #674113
Dec 31 2010
09:33 AM
Half Price Books Financially Rapes Sellers - Beware - Steer Clear!! Dallas, Texas
Half Price Books financially rapes sellers - beware! The last 2 times I've taken books to them to sell (recent hardbacks in excellent condition) they offered me $7.50 - can you believe it ?!?! This is beyond ridiculous and insulting. From now on I will sell my used books online - never again will I go to Half Price books to sell books!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
11, Report #1302106
Apr 27 2016
07:01 AM
Loving the Classics They appear to be thieves, send out emails offering half-price, then full price - still taking your money! Pickerton Ohio
I ordered the What's My Line set of DVDs from them on March 13.  I have sent two emails, and one complaint on their site and have not yet heard back. I called their phone  number and it says no longer in use. Yet they continue to send out emails trying to dup you further. If I could put them in jail, I would.  This is theft by deception.  Especially because they continue to send out advertising emails and their still takes your money. Don't get fooled by their great advertising emails or their site!
Entity: Pickerton, Ohio
12, Report #148834
Jul 07 2005
11:02 AM
Half-price Pharmacy Ripoff illegal drug importer Internet
Ordered presription online. Received follow-up email from vendor stating it would be shipped from a foreign country. Never received reply to several emails expressing concern that this order was being filled illegally from a non-US pharmacy. When prescription failed to arrive I filed claim on credit card. Vendor then had the gall to file a report with something called the Chargeback Bureau. Beware this vendor. Ordering prescription drugs from non-US pharmacies is illegal and can be dangerous. Adrian fort worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #547613
Sep 21 2010
07:34 PM
HALF-PRICE BOOKS Creating database of Driver License numbers on customers Fort Worth, Texas
No return or exchange unless you produce your Drivers License so Half Price Books can create a database entry on you to track your returns based on your Drivers License Number.   This is an unnecessary violation of personal information, exposing you to identity thief.  A better way would be to just post No returns or exchanges.  Return policy is not posted on receipt.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
14, Report #345958
Feb 04 2009
07:09 AM
Half-Price Books A Rip-Off of My Time and Effort to try to buy from Half-Price Books ONLINE!!!! Dallas Texas, Internet
I recently acquired a large collection of law books when the tenants abandoned their office space and did not pay the rent. I paid the maintenance man and his assistant $75 for the books and and additional $15 each to unload them at my residence. I then gave them cold refreshments from the refrig because it was so hot. Later, I learned that there were gaps in the collection so I e-mailed Half-Price Books in Dallas, Texas since the personnel I have dealt with here at BOTH Lamar Blvd. stores here in Austin are so unpleasant, incompetent and are as articulate as a marijuana patch on acid! There have been a few new stores open here so I can't generalize as to how they all are but whoever trained the winners I encountered will probably work their magic on these folks too. I wanted to know if they would broker me some of the missing lawbooks since a lot of lawfirms are using computer-only research and discarding their books... I want law books in case the computer breaks down or there is a brown our or the electricity goes off... WELL, IT IS A GOOD THING I DID NOT RELY ON THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE E-MAIL BECAUSE THE GUY MUST BE OUT ON A REEFER BREAK. THAT WAS OVER A MONTH AGO. They must not want MY money. And if they don't want MY money, they must not want anyone else's money either... OR MAYBE THEY ONLY SERVE YUPPIES... They should have put it on their website. I did find out that they have what is known as Books by the Yard where they will sell law books to people FOR DECORATION! How that works, must be very humilating to the law books in question. I wrote to that guy to see how to get any of them BUT HE REFERRED ME BACK TO THE BEDLAM, CHEECH AND CHONG, RIP-OFF, INCOMPETENCY of my local stores who, of course, had not an idea in hell what I was talking about when I called them. HERE IS WHAT THEIR WEBSITE SAYS ABOUT THEIR CORPORATE MISSION: OUR STORY In 1972, we opened our first store in a converted laundromat in Dallas, Texas. Co-founders Ken Gjemre and Pat Anderson stocked the store with more than 2,000 books from their personal libraries. Half Price Books was created with the idea of offering a great product at a great price. And it worked! Today, Half Price Books is America's favorite new and used bookstore chain. Our simple philosophy continues under the leadership of Sharon Anderson Wright, daughter of Pat Anderson. Today Half Price Books has stores in 15 states, with each store carrying a unique variety of new and used books, music, movies and games. The company continues to grow having opened new stores in the Chicago area and Omaha, Nebraska. We buy and sell anything printed or recorded except yesterday's newspaper. Preserving and recycling resources and entertainment of every form is our business. Whether it's new or used, a best seller, or an old classic, you'll find the most incredible and unique assortment of books. Best of all, almost everything is half the publisher's price or less. And since our stock changes daily, you'll find something new every time you shop. Don't forget music and movies. There's an exciting and unpredictable world of sights and sounds to be discovered in our enormous collection of CDs, cassettes, LPs, videos and DVDs most at half price or less. We buy books that you've already enjoyed. So if you have more books than shelves, bring your books to Half Price Books, where we'll give you cash for your stuff. Half Price Books is also committed to the community. To help teachers and librarians stretch their dollar even further, we offer a 10% Discount Card, good at all Half Price Books locations. We've been supporting literacy for more than 30 years by working with local literacy groups across the country. Half Price Books strives to help provide people of all ages with the tools and skills necessary to become readers. And through the Half Pint Library program, thousands of books are collected and donated to hospitals each year. And for booklovers, tree huggers, and collectors alike, Half Price Books is a great place to work. Find out about employment opportunities and how you can join this fun, fast-paced retail environment. Oh well... ANONYMOUS & ANGRY Austin ( Home of the OUTRAGEOUS Rip-Offs!), TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas ( Internet), Texas
15, Report #356469
Jul 28 2008
11:08 AM
Half Price Movers, They quoted one price and charged me 5 times Pearland Houston Texas
Let me explain what exactly happened Im moving from one unit to another unit in the same apartment complex, by seeing the ad, I called their number and they said they would do a flat rate for 175 and I negotiated to 150, I have clearly asked for any charges and they said No. I re-confirmed with them and they said no hidden charges The move was scheduled at 4pm on july 25th but they have come around 10.40 pm and I asked about the charges and the owner of the company Mr Anthony Fanneli confirmed some flat charges of 150$, since this is a move with in the same apartment and different unit just 10 blocks away. He got me papers and made me to sign in a hurry and said its already late and we will do best to move as quickly, they got a truck which dint completely fill in all house hold items, they said they would do in 2 trips. once they loaded the first trip Mr. Anthony came to me and gave me invoice and the amount was 958.00$, I was shocked and asked what and he was telling about all hidden charges, the ad clearly said NO HIDDEN CHARGES and he was very rude saying final prices. Mr. Anthony Fanneli said that he has chargedd 600$ for safety and protection, 120$ for trip charges for the moves out side of 770 zip code and also 40$ for floors and 600$ for protection, their protection was such that they have ended up in breaking the 3 to 4 items. I was with my wife and 2 kids of 5 years and 3 years old, and we were just outside the apratment standing for no reason and practicall he ripped us and He said he would not move the rest of the items, we had to call police(911) and in their presence finally they agreed to move the rest of the items at a price of 948$ and it was moring 5am I have taken the photographs of the same Now they are saying that they wont do repairs too Cp Pearland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
16, Report #456941
Sep 15 2010
08:16 AM
Half Price Books Took in 50 Hardback Perfect Condition Books - Price Offered Obscene!!! Garland Texas
I took 50 hardback books that were in perfect condition, most unread to this store. 3/4 were former best sellers which I know they get a lot of and the others were high dollar art, photography, misc. The Buy Guy's FAQ from their website made it sound so easy. I had to load them on a cart and take them inside myself. They called me up front after supposedly reviewing them. They told me they do not usually get books in such good condition and offered me $8.00 for them. I was completely shocked and said there are 50 books here. That averages 16 cents per book. I told them it was obscene and would not take the offer. It was not worth my time, gas or effort to do this. I'm sure many people just give in and take the lower than low ball bid in order to not have to put them back in the car, but I refused to give them to them basically free! I do have to say that he boxed them back up and loaded them in my car for me. And was very nice about the whole situation (probably embarrassed). But if this is company policy it really sucks. Don't waste your time. Kathy Garland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Garland, Texas
17, Report #1255587
Sep 25 2015
12:49 PM
Half Price Books Sugar Land TX Half Price Books Racial Profiling Racism Sugar Land Texas
 I contacted Half Price Books corporate office two years ago regarding racial profiling and discrimination. I was assured then that I would not encounter this in the future. Unfortunately things have not changed. Today I was followed and watched as I shopped. The staff is unapologetic about it as it continues to go on. And I mentioned it to someone on staff that I complained about it two years ago and there has not been a change. . He was like oh well. If you are African American and have experienced racism and profiling at this store please contact me through this site for a class action lawsuit. This is clearly everyday practice and things will not change until people hold them accountable. The profiling and racism will deter people from gaining information and knowledge. It definitely made my shopping experience unbearable. And when you call the Half Price Book stores with a black tone or dialect they are rude and disrespectful. If you have experienced this same type of discrimination and harassment please voice your concerns and complaints online. More importantly let's let our voices be heard collectively as well by contacting me through this site.
Entity: Sugar Land , Texas
18, Report #659986
Nov 09 2010
12:09 PM
half price liquidations sold us product we never recieved. web site fraud katy, Texas
Begining October 2010 saw on craigs list a company that sells swing sets for half price. I went a found them online ordered my product which was a swing set. They wanted payment with a Moneypak and explained on their site how you were to use it.When you purchase a moneypak you get an activation # and that is what they told you to give them. I recieved confirmation of my order and 3 weeks later no shipped item. I try to call them and phone is disconnected and no response from emails. Their web site is still sitting pretty for the next fool to fall into their trap.I have looked the company up and no fraud claims as of yet because the company opened in Early October 2010 (go figure).We have never used a MoneyPak from paypal before and did not know how it was used. I have since been on paypals site and realized that they told us wrong on how to use the moneypak. Giving them the activation code gives them access to your card to take your money with no way to track.
Entity: katy, Texas
19, Report #803829
Dec 01 2011
03:42 PM
Half Price Mattress Mitchell Baxter What a sleazy operation Hollywood, Florida
I have read some reviews from Google about this place when I recommended it to a close friend. We went down to the shop and a man by the name of Carlo was pleasant but a little sly. My friend picked out a mattress and showed Carlo the one she wanted and we wrote the order. He said if we paid cash we will not have to pay sales tax. Illegal!!!!! At that point we should have left. We did not pay cash but she paid with a CC and it was a wise move in disguise. We had it delivered the next day and he delivered the wrong mattress. She called him up and he said that was the mattress she picked out. It was not. She told him if he can not redeliver that day she will cancel her order. He delivered another mattress. The mattress says as is and no warranty but the business will give a 5 year warranty. Ha! Ha! Stay away, mark my words!!!!!
Entity: Hollywood, Florida
20, Report #882558
May 14 2012
01:32 PM
Entity: LAS VEGAS, Nevada
21, Report #1136598
Apr 05 2014
02:36 PM
Half-Price Tours Maimi Misrepresented themselves/tour, would not refund Miami Florida
Back in January my boyfriend and I made the unfortunate mistake of booking not one, but two tours through Half-Price Tours in Miami.  Our problems started the night before our tour bus for Key West was set to depart.  I will preface this by pointing out that in reading the fine print, I do understand that we made a mistake in not calling to confirm 24 hours in advance, but that does not excuse the vulgar, chaotic treatment we received from Half-Price Tours staff.  The night before our tour bus was set to leave, around 8 pm we called Half-Price Tours to confirm our pick-up location the for following morning.  My boyfriend asked where their main location was and confirmed with the staff member that it was the Holiday inn located in Biscayne Bay.  He then proceeded to ask if this was the location we were to be picked up in the morning, and the woman assured him that the bus would be at the Holiday Inn in Biscayne Bay at 7:00am.  She asked for no further details about us or our trip, and in our naivety we assumed this was our “confirmation”. The next morning we made sure to travel to the Holiday Inn (since we were not staying there), leaving us plenty of time to catch the bus.  We arrived at the Holiday Inn around 6:30am and took a seat on the bench out front.  I decided to call Half-Price Tours again just to confirm that we were, in fact, in the correct location.  The woman on the phone told me, “Yes, the bus will be there around 7:15 am”.   Okay, great.  We started seeing other tour busses roll up around 7:00 am, these were not our tour bus.  Around 7:25 am we decided to call Half-Price again since we had started to see that a majority of the other busses had left, but we had yet to see our bus.  The woman on the phone told us that the bus driver was running late but that he would be there and to give him another 10 minutes.  10 minutes go by, still no bus.  Around 7:35 we called Half-Price yet again, we are again assured that our bus is on the way.  By 7:50 am we had not seen a bus stop for quite some time, so we called Half-Price tours again.  This time my boyfriend is told that they had trouble finding a driver for the bus, but that they were working on it and they would be at the Holiday Inn.  Okay……8:10am, still no bus, at this point in time if we did not catch our bus we had no way to get to Key West where we had already booked and paid for a hotel for that night.  I decided to call Half-Price again, as I wanted to know for sure where our bus was and why it had not picked us up.  This time the woman,” Sandra” (or at least someone using the name Sandra), told me that our bus had already left.   What!!!???  I explain to her that we had been sitting at the Holiday Inn since 6:30am, and there is no way we had missed our bus and asked that she call the bus and have them stop and pick us up since they NEVER STOPPED AT THE HOLIDAY INN as we had been told.  She said she couldn’t do that and there was nothing she could do.  At this point I was pretty baffled and panicked that we just wasted our money and had no way to get to Key West.  I explained again that we had been there since 6:30am and pleaded with her to please help us, to this she replied “I know you’ve been there since 6:30am, because you keep calling me and waking me up!” and hung up on me.  Excuse me!?  I, a paying customer that was assured my bus would be picking us up disturbed your sleep?  Seriously?  My boyfriend decided to call back yet again so that we could figure out what to do, at this point we were more worried about being able to even get to Key West than the money we would lose out on.  The woman, Vicky, who he was speaking with, finally agreed to call the bus driver after he pled with her to try and help us in some way.  Vicky called us back and told us that the bus driver was near Florida City, roughly 40 miles away, where he would have a break at the McDonald’s.  Okay.  We told Vicky that we would hop in a cab and meet him there, but we ask her to PLEASE get him to wait for us as the bus never came to get us.  We hopped in the cab and Sandra called us back.  “Sandra” told us that the bus was at the Holiday Inn, confused we had the cab driver turn back around.  Wait, the bus still was not there!  It was at this point that Sandra told us we never confirmed our booking so the bus never stopped at the Holiday Inn.  I assured her that we did call the night before and that we were told to be at the Holiday Inn, to which she replied, “Do you have a confirmation number?” No, we did not have a confirmation number because we were never asked for that.  Sandra replied that “we did not confirm 24 hours in advance”.  Okay, you’re correct, we did not confirm 24 hours in advance, but we did call the night before and were told that the bus would pick us up at the Holiday Inn in Biscayne Bay.  We also were repeatedly told that the bus was on its way.  My question for Half-Price Tours is that if we made a mistake why weren’t we informed that?  Why were we assured that the bus was coming?  Had we been told the night before that we did not confirm with enough time, we could have made alternate arrangements to get to Key West.  But no, we were told multiple times (and multiple lies) that our bus was going to pick us up at the Holiday Inn.  At the same point that my boyfriend was on my phone with Sandra, Vicky called his phone back.  Since my boyfriend was on the line with Sandra, who was telling him that the bus was at the Holiday in, I answered his phone and spoke with Vicky.  Vicky tells me she spoke with the bus driver again and that we should meet him in Florida City, after some pressure I managed to get the phone number of the bus driver from Vicky.   I spoke briefly with the bus driver (I can’t remember his name) and he agreed that he would wait for us as long as possible in Florida City.  I thanked him and we had our cab driver turn around once again to drive us 40 miles to Florida City to meet the bus.  I will stress here that we had absolutely no problem with the bus driver, if fact, he was very understanding.  When speaking with him on the phone he was sympathetic and even called me back a few times to see what mile marker we were at.  After the mess and terrible customer service we had received throughout the morning he was a big relief!  40+ mile and a $100+ cab ride later, we saw our bus, with our bus driver waving his hands at the corner to make sure we could see him.  We paid the cab driver over a $100 fare, and got on the bus.  The bus ride the rest of the way was pleasant, and the bus driver was humorous.  Towards the end of our trip the bus driver asked us if we would like to be dropped off at our hotel, even though we didn’t expect to be.  Finally, a decent person that worked for Half-Price Tours!  Before he dropped us off at our hotel he told us exactly where and when he would pick us up the following day and told us to call him with any questions.  After the fiasco that morning we decided to call Half-Price again, because like I mentioned earlier we had booked another tour through them as well, this time we called to confirm our parasailing trip in Key West.  My boyfriend once again spoke to Vicky, she gave us the option of either going that same day, or booking for the following day since she couldn’t confirm whether or not the parasailing tour company would be running that day due to the weather.  We agreed to book for the following day since we did not want to lose out on our money if, in fact, the company was not doing the parasailing the current day.  All seemed well until Vicky mentioned, “this is only good for one person”.  No, wrong!  The description of the parasailing tour stated it was for “up to 2 people per lift”.  This means the trip is good for 2 people; yes, one person could go alone if they so chose, but the parasailing lift up can be used for UP TO TWO PEOPLE.  Vicky disputed this and told us, “no, it means up to 2 people, not that it IS for two people”.  We refused to believe this as it was completely asinine!  When I mentioned that the tour company itself, had we booked through them was actually cheaper, she still did not care.  She said we would have to purchase two tickets for “up to two people” for $75 each (that’s $150) to be able to go together on the parasailing tour.  No, no, no, no, no.  Just no.  Vicky clearly just wanted to get rid of us at this point and asked if we just wanted to cancel to parasailing tour.  We answered with a resounding, “YES!”  Vicky said she couldn’t confirm our refund over the phone (What!?), but that the trip would be refunded to my boyfriend’s credit card.  Fine.  We ended up booking our parasailing trip directly through the tour company (Fury), and ended up paying $80 for both of us to go up (this would have been cheaper had we booked in advance) and had a lovely time no thanks to Half-Price Tours. When we got back to Miami we were relieved to be free of Half-Price Tours, but on our second to last day in South Beach a white, bald man working for Half-Price Tours rode by on a segway.  We decided to indulge him and asked where the main office was as we would have liked to have spoken with the owner and ensured that our parasailing trip was refunded.  We told him our story and he ensured us that he was the owner of Half-Price Tours and that if Vicky said she refunded our trip, it was refunded.  He took down our phone number and promised to call us later that evening to talk about our negative experience and be certain we got our refund.  Surprise! He never called.  The next day, our last day in Miami, we decided to venture out and attempt to find the main Half-Price tours office.  We saw a Half-Price Tours outlet with a man standing in the doorway, we explained our situation and he was actually very nice (shocking!).   I didn’t catch his name either, but he was very well-dressed and wearing shades.  He directed us to the main office and told us he was really sorry we had such a bad experience.  We made our way to the main office where we weren’t exactly greeted with courtesy or respect.  We once again explained our entire situation with the bus, the confirmation, the parasailing, but no one seemed to care.  We were urged to write down incident reports, as they do not give refunds.  Even though we were told that our parasailing trip would be refunded, it was not, and they had no intention of doing so.  Lucky for us Sandra and Vicky were working at the main office that day.  Vicky told us that maybe we didn’t understand English, because the parasailing tour was in fact only for one person, since if stated it was for “up to 2 people per lift”.  Ummmm……..After some arguing Vicky yelled in Spanish something to the effect of refusing to deal with us anymore and Sandra took over.  Finally, Sandra got the owner on the phone and VERY RELUCTANTLY we got our parasailing trip refunded.  Though we lodged a complaint about the Key West tour bus as well, we received no retribution on that.  Basically, we just ate $260 to get to Key West.  So it goes.  They did offer us a free 30 minute segway tour in lieu of a refund, but I refused as I really didn’t want to ever deal with them again and somehow we’d probably end up paying for that as well.  
Entity: Miami, Florida
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Feb 11 2014
08:51 AM
Half Price Furniture A bed that collapses after six months Las Vegas Nevada
I bought a platform bed from this company last June or July.  In December it collapsed: the wooden slats bowed, meaning they curved and caused them to slip out of the slots they fit into which are plastic slots that snap into the metal frame.  I called the company and they advised me when I put it back together again to put the slats with the curve upward.  All this does is reset the process, since a month later it collapsed again, the slats having once again bowed the other way.  I put it together AGAIN, and AGAIN. Finally I called the company again and told them this was unacceptable and what were they going to do about it.  They informed me that the bed had a 30-day warranty and so there was nothing they were going to do about it.  I filed a complaint with the BBB and they told them the same thing, so now I am out the money I paid for this piece of junk and am stuck having to buy another bed or drastically modify this one so that it no longer can collapse.  I am disgusted that a company could sell crap like this and get away with it, but obviously that's what's happening.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
23, Report #1098367
Nov 10 2013
06:00 PM
Half Price Tour Tickets Son contracted MRSA from employee at Half Price Tour Ticket miami beach Florida
  Son contracted MRSA from employee at Half Price Tour Ticket 1.0   Show rating details   Products and/or Services   Employees   Customer Service Do yourself  favor and run from this place.  All their employees are filthy.  One employee had MRSA which my son contracted.  All these location have employees that can not speak English and have been in jail.  This is not a place to spend your hard earned money.   Buy Tours and Attractions from any other company BUT this one. 
Entity: miami beach, Florida
24, Report #1133141
Mar 24 2014
11:00 AM
Half Price Lawyers Glenn Truitt Half Price LawyersGlenn P. TruittMatthew C. Hagerty Fraud, BAR complaints, misrepresentation, DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE Las Vegas Nevada
Glenn Truitt and Half Price Lawyers are scam artsists. They are a terrible firm chop shop that just takes unsuspecting people's money and then they sit on your case and do nothing. Then they tell you they won't refund any retainers you paid them. Glenn P. Truitt and Matthew C. Hagerty are liars, theives, and con artists. Check complaints with the Nevada Bar and Better Business Bureau. Do NOT hire these people!
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
25, Report #1263120
Oct 22 2015
11:33 PM
Entity: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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