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1, Report #1392979
Aug 15 2017
01:42 PM
Hamilton Publishing I sent them 75.00 for a book, Miracle Slot System. My check was deposited to my account by them on 7/14. I have not received the book or any letter from them. Cashed my check,didn't send me the book. New York New York
My name is Richard I ordered a book from Hamilton Publishing . The cost of the book was $75.00' The company cahed my check on 7/14. I have not received the book nor any letter from them.
2, Report #1159645
Jul 04 2014
05:55 PM
Hamilton Publishing Communication Publishing I ordered a book that cost $70. 5 weeks ago and have not received anything. I wrote the check to Hamilton Publishing but the check was deposited under name Communication Publishing with phone # 212-591-0289 stamped on the back of the check. New York
I received a letter in the mail about a book from Hamilton Publishing. I oreded the book for $70.00 5 weeks ago and have not recieved anything. Tried to find thid company online with no luck. So I check the canceled check. On the back of the check was a stamp For deposit only Communication Publishing and a phone # 212-591-0289. I called this number and all I got was a recorded message about some books that I never heard of at alower price.
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3, Report #77186
Jan 23 2004
02:12 PM
Slot Machines- Susan Applegate ripoff, sent for the book win at slot machines in any casino. 11-2003 and yet to receive my book. Walnut California
I Julie orderd the book by susan Applegate how to legally rob the Slot machines in any casino.That was dec.11-2003 as of jan 15-2004 I have not yet received my book.My check was cashed and sent back to me.The back of the check saids for deposit only to Wells Fargo bank.acct.4047101936.look like some place in LA.hope this can help. Julie Crescent City, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Walnut, California
4, Report #140913
May 24 2005
10:54 AM
American Express Ripoff will continue to haunt your credit reports Everywhere USA
In 2003 I paid off my remaining American Express balance and cancelled my card. 1 year later I went to purchase a house and the credit report company said that they showed I had an active credit card with American Express. Hmmm, what? It was counting against me as an additional debit when trying to get a loan for my house. Well, that's bad. I called AMEX and asked what happened. They apologized and said that I was still in their system. I told them they needed to update their information so that my account showed to the credit report companies that my account was paid in full and that the card was closed. The rep agreed that my account was paid in full and that the card showed as closed. They promised to update their info. All done. Now it's 2005, buying a new house and guess what just showed up on my credit report. An open debit account and card with American Express. Apparently they are incompetent. So just be careful before you get an AMEX card. It'll be a lot harder to get rid of than you think. Calling them today to see what their new problem is. Wish me luck! K Oviedo, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Everywhere, Florida
5, Report #23653
Jun 29 2002
12:00 AM
Stephen Young, Communications Publishing ripoff Deposited my check which cleared on 5/23/02 No book received consumer fraud ripoff New York New York
I received a letter with my exact address on the envelope. Inside the envelope, was a form to fill out for the book entitled America's Secret Cash Giveaways. I mailed a check in the amount of $23.95 on May 3, 2002. This check cleared my bank on May 23, 2002. I have not received the book or a reply from this publishing company or by Stephen Young whom signed the letter. Dwight Gresham, Oregon
Entity: New York, New York
6, Report #19725
Apr 27 2002
07:29 PM
Entity: N.Y., New York
7, Report #157899
Jan 12 2006
12:32 PM
SUSAN APPLEGATE'S SLOT MACHINE PROFITS ripoff sent postal money order, received nothing Walnut California
Sent $32 postal money order no. 92770728513 for slot machine information. Received nothing. Morgan HACKETT, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Walnut, California
8, Report #350059
Jul 15 2008
07:19 PM
Communications Publishing Paid $23.90 for America's Secret Cash Giveaways on 6/12/08. Check was cashed on 6/23/08. HAVE NOT REC MY BOOK YET!!! New York New York
On 6/12/08 I ordered the America's Secret Cash Giveaways. My check was cashed on 6/23/08. I hadn't received my book so I got the advertisement out to try to find a telephone number. Couldn't find one so I went on internet to look up a possible website. Not one but I found this website and lots of people that had paid and not received their books either. I wished I had used a credit card. I have learnt a very valuable lesson. First don't respond or send payment to any advertisement that the company doesn't list a phone number. And second, do some checking out before you decide to order. I am soooooooooooo mad at this company for making me look like the fool that I am.... but I am a smarter fool....atleast thank them for that.... Mona Springdale, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
9, Report #217100
Oct 23 2006
07:13 AM
Royal Link Lotto International Services ripoff Hamilon Ontario Canada
On October 21,2006 I checked my mail box and found a plain white envolpe with my name and addres on it no return addres or nothing. So I opened it up come to find out that I had a cashiers check for $2800.00 all I had to was to call this number 1-905-598-0914 befor I cashed the check. Know remind you that I recieved it on a Sat. (My bank is open 7 days a week) so I took it up to my bank and told them I was not sure if it was real or not so they deposit in to my account and put a hold on it thank god. Everyone who has been scammed needs to communitcate to one another about trying to persue this. WE NEED TO STOP THESE PEOPLE BEFOR THEY TOO MANY PEPOLE. I Danile King said that my check will clear by Wednesday so we will se what happens then. Good luck to all of you and we need to put a stop to this. Domenica Kansas City, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Hamilon, Oregon
10, Report #4094
Feb 23 2002
12:00 AM
Communications Publishing Company, New York, NY What a rip-off.
Communications Publishing Company sends out solicitations for mailorder by credit card or check for books offering money back guarantee if not satisfied. I ordered book on 8-9-99 and creditcard debited on 9-2-99. After receiving book I sent back requesting refund on 9-30-99. Nothing from them and mailed letter to them for refund with no response. I learned they have telephone 212-340-1038 and when you call recording states that a live person will not talk to you and voice mail box is full. What a rip-off.
Entity: New York, New York
11, Report #1064521
Jul 05 2013
06:46 AM
I am a first time author based in Cape Town South Africa.When I first approached Raider Publishing International with the prospect of publishing my script, Adam Salviani was more than eager to accommodate and not even a week after sending PRI a draft of my script I wsa presented with a contract which I had to sign and return to them. Within the contract, promised of them looking after their authors like no other publishing house does were made and that they would take it uopn themselves to ensure that my book gets published and promoted fiercely.I was informed as it is a self publishing company it was required that I pay the amount of R6000.00 upfront for administrative fees. I was given a personal contact to liaise with me and keep me updated of the printing, publishing and promotional process.NON of the promises made prior to paying were upheld. I found myself begging for information on updated via phone calls and emails and spent a fortune trying to get any form of feedback from them. I was constantly met with excuses of staff reshuffling or the person in question being away on business. This went on for nearly 18 months even though their publishing turn-over time stipulated 3 months max. I requested that they refund my money in order for me to source alternate publishing houses. Only then did I get a mail telling me these things take time and htat i needed to be patient.. The book was finally published.I was told I would get my 5 free copies after the initial distribution to the various suppliers such as Amazon.com, Kalahiri.com and their internal bookshop raiderbooks.com.Time passed and ance again I found myself begging for information or updates. This went on for yet another 8 months with noone relpying to my concerns which left me no choice but to threatened to expose them. I was then emailed by one for the Raide Publishing staff informing me that they are doing their best and HOW DARE I THREATEN THEM when all they've ever done was be nice to me and keep me updated.It is now nearly 3 years later and to date I have not received any money, my free copies or any replies to any of my hundreds of emails sent.Going online to Amazon.com's website it showed that my book were nearly sold out and that they were waiting on new stock to arrive so RAIDER PUBLISHING can't say the book didn't sell. I did however receive what I now believe to be a falsified report of the sales made and also informed that it ws NOT worth them sending me so little money as the transfer didn't benifit them.I took a picture of the Amazon.com webpage at the time as proof that the book was selling. So also proof of it having been sold on Kalahari.com as near ALL my contacts bought a copy of hte book in support of me.I would formally like to lay a charge or FRAUD agains RAIDER PUBLISHING INTERNATIONAL NEW YORK and ADAM SALVIANI for defrauding me out of not only the money paid upfront but also the profits made with the sales of my novel.I hope with all my heart I can be helps as I spent my hard earned savings to realise a lifelong dream which RAIDER PUBLISHING INTERNALLIONAL have now robbed me of.
Entity: Internet, New York
12, Report #97024
Jul 14 2004
09:57 PM
PVI Publishing Today I Can ripoff Indianapolis Indiana
On April 29, 2004, I sent a check to PVI Publishing Today I Can, in the amount of $19.95, for their book containing grant information. They have cashed my check but I still have not received my product. How can I get my money back? Jill Rochester, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
13, Report #361508
Dec 03 2008
09:57 AM
Aone Leads- Neal Deutch Aone Leads took $2500 and refused to fulfill contract Hollywood Florida
I wish I had come across this website sooner. In December of 2006 I contacted Aone after seeing their ad in the Scotsman Guide. I spoke with someone named Oz or uzi as Neal called him. I listened to their pitch, spoke to Neal and had them fax me a contract. Neal wrote on the contract that he personally guaranteed a full refund for any reason if I was not satisfied with the leads. I took him at his word and paid them $2500 for 50 exclusive leads by check. 30 days passed and I recieved nothing. Whenever I called, I would get an excuse about low lead flow or new campaigns. When I finally did receive leads, I got a few at a time, sent via e-mail. The reactions were similar to those described in other reports. These were old and/or bogus contacts that had no interest in refinancing. When I approached Neal about my refund, he offered me 20 Live Transfers in place of the 50 leads. I reluctantly agreed, but never recieved any calls. He eventually stopped taking my calls. I could go into detail, but it is the exact same story that others on this site have posted. Josh Hermon, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, Florida
14, Report #487827
Sep 25 2009
07:52 AM
Rainbow Publishing Slot Machine Profits - Susan Applegate Check ($32.00) mailed to Slot Machine Profits made out to Rainbow Publishing. Have never received the report. Crossing state lines, this is Federal mail fraud. Mailed check ($32.00) payable to Rainbow Publishing & mailed to Slot Machine Profits. Never received the report Walnut California
have never received the report or booklet with instructions as to her method of playing slot machines successfully.  mailed a $32.00 check payable to Rainbow Publishing c/o slot machine profits.  check cleared my bank on august 14 and as of today, august 31 have not received anything.as i look at rip-off reports, it is interesting that this scam has been used for a number of years.  it is time to put these folks in jail.
Entity: Walnut,, California
15, Report #147462
Jan 06 2010
12:49 PM
PAGE FREE PUBLISHING ripoff, dishonest advertising Otsego Michigan
I wrote a book titled: Defensive Documentation and More/Documentacion Prevntiva. I signed a contract with Page Free Publishing in September 2004. My Book was published in November 2004. I paid $354.00 for publishing. $299.00 for the actual publishing. $55.00 for a Press Release that never materialized. Page Free Publishing was already notified about the Non Existent Press Release. Page Free Publishing was notified that I wrote my own press release. Page Free Publishing promised a quarterly royalty. My royalties were due on March 2005. I sent many E Mails on March 2005 with regards to my royalties. At the end of March 2005, I wrote another E Mail concerning my royalties. Their response was that each payment is carried to the next period and that I would be paid in July 2005. The response on the E Mail seemed angry. I was willing to wait for July 2005. I asked for a statement concerning my book sales. Page Free Publishing sent the statement by E Mail. According to the statement, I had book sales from January 2005 to May 2005 totalling 45 Books. My books sell for $10.00 each. I would also like to add that [at least] 5 people bought my book from the Page Free Publishing Website [the Great American Bookstore] for $16.00 [plus shipping and handling]. I also asked to be included in the Author's Page so that my sales could be tracked. I told Page Free Publishing [via E Mail] that it would help the author and the publisher. Their response was that the computer had viruses that need to be fixed, the computer will be ready by May 15, 2005. I wrote again on May 31, 2005 concerning the Author's Page and there was no reply. How long does it take to fix a computer? This has caused me mental anguish. I know that my book is being sold. It has received positive feedback from those who have bought it. While I am thankful for Page Free Publishing [for giving me the chance to publish and promote my book], I think I am owed royalties and 5 sample books. I also have problems with my family who think that I should get out of Book Writing all together. [I still want to continue being an author and I want to resolve this problems of the royalties and the Author's Personal Page]. I would like to add that Page Free Publishing operates as RKD Press Inc. and the Great American Bookstore. The people who I have had contact with were Kim Blagg and Gary Blagg. Roberto Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Otsego, Michigan
16, Report #296956
Jan 18 2008
12:30 PM
Communications Publishing rip-off,never received product New York New York
sent a check for $23.90 to communicatios publishing-to a person calling himself stephen young, for a publication called americas secret cash giveaways. my check was cashed and havent received product Al east wareham ma., MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
17, Report #518606
Nov 02 2009
05:42 PM
Madison Who's Who Publishing They invited mw to be a part of their international collaborators for a fee which I have paid and have been paying $19.95 monthly. I have sent emails to them and have not gotten a respoonse to date. Long Island, New York
I was invited to become a member of Madison Who's Who group of international experts. I was advised that I was recommended by someone and that I was known to the company. The initial fee for joining was allowed to be deducted as I was assured of a leather bound copy of the profile of other executives internationally. I have had deductions made from my card on a monthly basis. Concerned, I started sending emails regarding the status of the promised book but have not gotten any response.Is there any way that I could get back mu money from these people?
Entity: Long Island, New York
18, Report #550565
Jan 16 2010
12:22 PM
Nebraska Book Company Refund Requested, But Product is Not Returned Lincoln, Nebraska
This company buys textbooks from sellers on Amazon. I was one of those sellers. After a few weeks of receiving payment and sending the textbook that I sold, I received an email from the company saying that there were torn pages in the book. I know for a fact that there were no torn pages. I had purchased the book from a used book company, and the only problem with the book was that the very first page, which is blank, had a sticker placed on it, and the corner of that page was cut out to the shape of the sticker (which said USED). That's how the book was sent to me, and that's how I sent the book to the company that bought it from me. The book was listed under Amazon as used.The company wanted a refund through Amazon, which I filed. They also wanted me to pay 3.99 if I wanted my book back. I did want the book back, since I was refunding them the money they paid for it. I paid them the 3.99 shipping through the link that they sent me. The payment was made through PayPal and I have receipt of that transaction. There is also proof of refund through Amazon. Both payments were made in December. I emailed and called the company, even leaving a voice mail with the order number in question and a way to contact me. I still have not received my book back, or gotten a return call from the company.There are numerous people who have had this also done to them, but it seems that Amazon hasn't helped with the problem yet. Based on this Amazon thread that was started about the company in question: http://www.amazon.com/gp/forum/cd/discussion.html/ref=cm_cd_pg_pg1?ie=UTF8&cdForum=Fx20DX5GEB7TUX8&cdPage=1&cdSort=oldest&cdThread=Tx2ZY22CPJ9PVUCThat thread had been started in 2008, and it is still active with people's complaints on the company.
Entity: Lincoln, Nebraska
19, Report #104734
Sep 22 2004
08:27 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse I sent them money, and still have no heard anything! Dallars Texas
I sent this company a check for 79.95 for a luggage set, and its been over 2 weeks still i have not hear anything from them. I should have known better because therei s no means in which to comtact them on their voucher. Please help if you can, for me to get my money back! Vel 11225, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Dallars, Texas
20, Report #724011
Mar 14 2012
01:47 PM
The Publish America Scam Robbed and degraded--as a writer and as a human being--by this company Frederick, Maryland
All my life I have made money by writing newspaper and magazine articles, even books. I am neither rich nor a household word, but I certainly am a professional writer. My contact with Publish America has been poisonous and degrading; reporting it is going to be my first step in moving on from it. Hopefully what I have to say will also warn people off  this scorpion of a scam. It preys on the egos of people and it is likely to leave them drained of both ego and money. People think publishing a book makes them special; but not everyone is meant to write a book. There is no shame in this. I can't build a house. Better be special doing what your natural bent is. I had a manuscript which my friends enjoyed reading and urged me to publish. It was very much a niche book--which does not mean it is the mud Publish America has made of it. I am retired and not in good health, and did not really want to expend the time in finding an agent and/or conventional publisher. But I was convinced--and still am--that when this came out it would sell a few thousand copies. No blockbuster sales, no movie contract.When I first saw the Publish America ads, I should have known better than to fall. I let myself believe that I could work with an outfit like this, and make a little money both for PA and myself. I had very little money at the time, and this would bridge the gap. Actually, it widened the gulf between my work and its success. My first inkling that something was wrong was when I received the initial book copy and noticed--too late--that the pagination was wrong for the first several pages. This was entirely my fault. I work hard at proofreading--and it's very important--but it is not my best skill.Still, it should have been relatively easy to have the error corrected. After all, this is Print On Demand. There were not thousands of books already in print, the change should only take a few minutes, and all I had to do was ask--they should want a quality product as much as I did.So I asked. I received the reply that it was my fault, which I already knew; and that it was perfectly saleable --which I suppose would be true, if they were trying to sell it. They don't seem to want to sell anything, except to the authors. They try to induce us to buy all sorts of services, including many that are available free of charge. You just have to know, which many of those who are entrapped by PA do not. You could lose thousand of dollars, hoping that the next thing you pay for will bring you success. DON'T BUY IT!Just recently I discovered that my book does not even have a valid ISBN number, which makes it practically impossible to market it successfully. I can't believe this was accidental on the part of PA.I have spent months rewriting--and even improving--this book, which I happen to like very much. Before this year is up it will be out again, with a real ISBN and a well-thought-out marketing plan, which I hope will enable it to reach its own small audience--after having been dragged through the mud for several years.That, in short, is the story. I wish the others caught up in this scam some form of success, or at least peace of mind. For the past months I have been rewriti I despise this organization
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
21, Report #151037
Jun 09 2006
11:21 PM
Miracle Management Group ripoff over 7000 dollars, has not returned refund from settlement account Scottsdale Arizona
Got my wife to become a member of Miracle Management Group in April 2004. She got herself into credit card debt, because of her mental illness. I managed her membership on her behalf. From the beginning MMG was very difficult to get in touch with, days would go by before they returned phone calls or emails. When my wife received a law suite from a creditor, MMG was so slow in dealing with the collection agency, I had to make a compromise with the collection agency myself, or my wife would have ended up in court. MMG paid the collection agency from my wife's settlement account, then charged her a settlement fee for a compromise I got myself. In June my wife and I decided to drop out of the program and was told two to six weeks before she would receive a refund from her settlement account. Have not been able to get a returned phone call, or email from MMG since. Richard johnston, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
22, Report #466519
Aug 15 2012
08:42 AM
Xlibris.com is a scam dont waste your time and money Internet
Xlibris.com is the bigiest ripoff you will ever finde in the self publishing industry. they jack up book prices to assure that you will never sell a single book . they ignore emails and never return phone calls. i published a 132 page book with them and not only does it look like crap the 2 author copies that they sent me were damaged and childlike quality! when i told them about it they returned my email after 2 months and told me that they cant control the damage caused during delivery lol what a joke they also listed my book at a price of $30 for a 132 page book when I asked them to lower the price they told me they cant and that was the standard price for a book of that page count so i asked them if my book had 350 pages what it would coast and they told me it would be listed at $99.99 lol who the heack is going to buy that and lets face it most books are between 200 and 300 pages . this site is a scam and a ripoff stay clear.. choose any other selfpublisher but please dont waste your time with these loosers also there ridiculas customer service is the worst i have ever delt with one non english speaking person after the next.. XLIBRIS.COM IS A SCAM AND A RIPOFF ONCE THEY GET YOUR MONEY THEY DONT GIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOU AT ALL! STAY CLEAR OF XLIBRIS.COM Ronnie staten island, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #173541
Apr 27 2007
05:51 PM
Family Credit Counseling Lost a money order back in october for 600.00 and debited my bank account twice in one week will not put funds back will not return phone calls Ripoff Lauderdale Lakes Florida
There is no doubt whatsoever that this company is a fradulent practice. They have blamed all of their issues and incompetence on the hurricane but they are up and running enough to debit my account and other peoples' accounts as well. I joined the program in october and they lost my first money order and although i call about it and faxed over all of the documents they would need to locate it, no one is doing anything about it. No one returns phone calls or responds to emails. I have left and sent message after message and when you do get through to someone they are sweet as pie and reassuring and oh i dont know how this could have happened, we have had a hurricane blah blah blah. The latest was that last week they debited my account twice for 570.00 within a few days of each other and won't put the money back into my account. I have called everyday regarding this issue since last friday. Time to get serous here. No more being understanding and patient. This is my life they are messing with here. Oh and the kicker is that i am being harasses literally by my creditors morning noon and night because my guess is that none of the funds i have sent these people has been disbursed among my creditors. yes i did get myself in to a little debt and i have made some mistakes but i wanted to right my mistakes and you want to trust these companies to help you repair the damage that you have done. up until the point were i joined this so called debt relief program my credit score was outstanding and all of my payments were on time. now i fear that it looks to my creditors as if i just simply stopped paying. I hope the damage these people have caused me is not irepairable. What a really hard, hard lesson to learn this was. stay away people and don't trust these s.o.b.s Lindsay kittery, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Lauderdale Lakes, Florida
24, Report #271985
Sep 05 2007
03:10 AM
CRSolutions, Inc. Billy Bradshaw. President. WARNING! CRSolutions, Inc. Bill Bradshaw SCAM WORK AT HOME Dallas Texas
Hello, My name is Katherine Ahching and This is a call log from this guy Billy Bradshaw who swears up and down he is a business professional. He is calling my phone over and over and over. Leaving threating messages and I am really scared. I worked for this guy for two weeks to find out he was a scam after a former WAHM sent me a copy of his myspace account and a few other scam reports on his company. . I quit and walked away and just cut my losses. I did post this in scam.com because I feel other wahms and wahds needed to know the situation. If you heard the messages that I am saving you would fall on the floor. BEWARE & Be very careful. He wont leave me alone. From emails, message boards , phone calls etc Here is a link to the whole situation, Above is the caller ID Log with proof of him calling my house over and over. One of the messages is him laughing really loud and then making a promise and not a threat. THIS IS NOT A GUY YOU WANT TO WORK FOR AT ALL! He is now calling and threating my home, family and myself. He told my husband that he wasnt making a threat but a promise. I am really worried. We just called the police and I am going to file a report but will that keep this guy from calling or hurting our family? This guy has all my personal information because I thought he was a real employment opportunity. This is just insane. PLEASE, MY FELLOW WAHMS, DO NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION OUT TO THIS GUY. IF YOU APPLY FOR HIS COMPANY REQUEST PAYMENT UPFRONT. THIS IS A REALLY SCARY GUY! WARNING! CRSolutions, Inc. Bill Bradshaw SCAM WORK AT HOME Billy Bradshaw. President. CRSolutions, Inc. 13792 Brookgreen Circle. Dallas, TX 75240 ... Scams Message Board - Copyright ? 2004 Scam.com , All Rights Reserved. ...www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=30193 - 78k - Cached Read and draw your own conclusions.... http://godssonlee.web.aplus.net/CRS...ng_Campaign.htm YOU WERE RIGHT!! He hired me as a recruiter. I got a warning from Donya who is awesome for sending it to me. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. HE WILL NOT PAY ME. I recruited for two weeks for him and built a team for him. First he wanted me to train, recruit and would pay me a % plus $15 a recruit. I didnt get paid for that because then he wanted to train them himself. Then he moved my team to his people he claims have worked for him for over 9 months. He will even have them call you and tell you how great he is! This is not cool. you hire your friends, family and run ads. It takes time to do all of this. I thought this would be a cool part time gig but when I got a email from one of my friends on WAHM I put up a guard. Now I will go to the attorney general about this. This is not right or cool! If you do take the job demand a payment. you can get a job at www.teletech.com They pay. My sister is the manager with them and I got my checks with them. I just didnt like being tied to the desk!!!!!! Katherine Ahching This is my personal story! DONT WORK FOR HIM AND DO NOT TAKE A MANAGEMENT POSITION! WARNING! His information is : Bill Bradshaw President 13792 Brookgreen Circle Dallas, TX 75240 Tel.: 1-800-370-7454 Ext.420 Fax: 1-888-260-0205 COPY OF CALL LOG: He is CRAZY!~ He is calling my house over and over and over leaving threating messages. This is a copy of my Vonage Bill!! BEWARE OF BILLY BRADSHAW AND CRSOLUTIONS INC WORK AT HOME OPPORTUNITY. HE POST ALL OVER CRAIGLIST. COPY OF CALL LOG: HE IS HARRASSING ME NOW! Date Time From To Duration (hh:mm:ss) Transaction ID Sep 02, 2007 08:38 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005615034 Sep 02, 2007 08:29 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005566680 Sep 02, 2007 08:26 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005548509 Sep 02, 2007 08:20 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005516838 Sep 02, 2007 08:19 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005512099 Sep 02, 2007 08:14 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005480087 Sep 02, 2007 08:13 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005472989 Sep 02, 2007 08:10 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005457317 Sep 02, 2007 08:07 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005437021 Sep 02, 2007 08:06 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005429318 Sep 02, 2007 08:03 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005408818 Sep 02, 2007 08:01 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005393117 Sep 02, 2007 08:00 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005388471 Sep 02, 2007 07:59 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005385239 Sep 02, 2007 07:58 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005374290 Sep 02, 2007 07:54 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:02:00 12005359694 Sep 02, 2007 07:50 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:02:00 12005332706 Sep 02, 2007 07:47 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:03:00 12005316405 Sep 02, 2007 07:49 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005310959 Sep 02, 2007 07:47 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005300351 Sep 02, 2007 07:44 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:03:00 12005295253 Sep 02, 2007 07:45 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005291711 Sep 02, 2007 07:42 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:03:00 12005287440 Sep 02, 2007 07:42 PM 18003707454 17029535977 00:01:00 12005264963 Laskalolo LAs Vegas, NevadaU.S.A. 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Entity: Dallas, Texas
25, Report #102586
Aug 11 2004
02:53 AM
United Sales & Book Publishing work at home ripoff scam Miami Beach Florida
I am a single mom and out of work right now. I received a letter in the mail from United Sales & Publishing to work at home stapling booklets. I thought this would be great so I could be home for my son.I even paid extra to have it sent to me sooner, within a week to ten days. It took almost two months for me to get it. Then when I did they wanted more money for lists and supplies. The first letter stated that the $39.00 refundable fee included all supplies,even a stapler. It said you could make from $500.00 part time to $2500.00 full time a week. I don't have money to blow and would like to see these people stopped. Denise Cross Lanes, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami Beach, Florida

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