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1, Report #1081756
Sep 04 2013
07:41 PM
Hartz Flea Medication for Cats Internet Nationwide
 After receiving a topical treatment of Hartz Flea control for cats, one of my cats began having seizures. My veterinarian advised washing off the medication which did improve her condition. I contact Hartz with a complaint about the danger of this product after internet research led me to evidence that Hartz markets the same product for cats and dogs but just different labels despite the fact that this chemical has been found to be toxic to cats. I received no response to my complaint and this product continues to be marketed as safe for cats.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
2, Report #824350
Jan 18 2012
06:23 AM
Hartz Mountain Company Hartz Mountain Companies in Ohio; Hartz Mountain Corporation in New Jersey Hartz Poisoned My Babies and Had Me Sick With Grief! Secaucus, New Jersey
I purchase Hartz Ultraguard Pro Flea and Tic Drops for cats, for my cats as a preventative flea treatment. As a responsible pet owner, I like to prevent those things before they happen.  Both of my cats were extremely reluctant to let me put the medicine on them, and I applied the formulas to the backs of their necks as directed so that they could not lick the substance while it dried for about thirty minutes. Four hours later, my cats are sitting in the same spot. They are sisters and are both the same age, about 2 years old now. One os completely white and the other is a grey marble tabby colored. Neither one of their necks were dry and as I mentioned they were in the same spot four hours later after I applied the medication to them. They were both hunched down on their haunches and had their eyes squeezed shut tightly. I began to get worried because they are both very active creatures, it was not like them at all to just remain in one place for so long and not move. So I looked up the Hartz flea and tic drops online and was devastated to find out that I had just given my two best friends a deadly poison. I washed them twice with Dawn and once with baby shampoo, as the pet owners who were already victims of Hartz products advised me to do. I then brushed out their coats to make sure that I had been able to wash out every bit of the toxic poison to keep it from causing any more harm t them. The marble tabby colored one must have pulled away from me when I was applying the drops because she had gotten most of the substance just behind her head under her left ear, which I noticed was extremely irritated and had already turned dark pink after less than one day of exposure. The all white cat, with her all white and very delicate features, had already shown signs of hair loss on her neck and the skin had also turned a bright color of pink. She was meowing at me and I thought that she was hungry until I ran across this site that, I believe, saved my friends' lives. I am appalled that these products are sold on the market. They obviously target low income families since they were sold at WalMart for a fraction of the costs of Frontline and other medications similar to it. Hartz Mountain Corporation needs to remove that product from the market. They need to give a public apology. They need to give an individual apology to all that have lost pets as a result of using their toxic pet care products and they need to bring back the pets that they have killed. Shame on them and shame on those that allow this to continue.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
3, Report #378706
Oct 06 2008
11:12 AM
HARTZ FLEA DROPS FOR CATS Secaucus, new jersey
Entity: Seacaucus, NEw Jersey, Nationwide
4, Report #1083761
Sep 11 2013
05:20 PM
hartz mountain cat killers secaucus New Jersey
Hatrz mountain flea shampoos are killers. I almost lost my 12 year old cat last year because of a Hartz flea bath. She was lathargic the day after a flea bath. Later in the day, she was drooling and shaking. I took her to the vet the next day and they had to give her fluids. I was fortunate because she eventually overcame this after a few months during which she suffered from excessive fur loss. I am not slone on this issue. Check hartzvictims.com to see some real tragedies due to this company's reckless overuse of chemicals. They found that their formula for flea control was not as effective as before so they increased the dosage.  Several cats and dogs have died as a result. My vetrinarian told me that several patients had suffered convulsions and death. Please do not buy flea collars or flea baths or flea spot treatments from Harz. They are killers.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
5, Report #1096625
Nov 03 2013
11:32 AM
hartz product not working secaucus New Jersey
 i have 2 dogs and 1 cat. I used hartz tropical flea and tick prevention. kills fleas, brown dog ticks,deer ticks.I put it on them on oct 25th 2013,this is nov. 3rd and each time they have came in I find and have to remove ticks. one of my dogs had 3 ticks on her that I removed all at the same time. my cat also has been comming in with ticks. my cat is 10 years old and my dogs are 4 years old. none of my pets ever had this happen. I always every month used prevention but a diffrent brand. I am afraid to let my pets outside now. they only have to be out 3 to 5 min. and they come in with ticks. I am sick of this.I try very hard to take care of my pets and this is what I get from Hartz.. I will be going back to me oringinal product that I know works. my poor pets having to have this happen to them.Hartz should be ashamed of themselves...
Entity: secaucus, New Jersey
6, Report #127041
Jan 12 2005
11:08 AM
Hartz Mountain Corp Hartz flea and tick drops are DANGEROUS and INEFFECTIVE! Ripoff! Secaucus New Jersey
Hartz Mountain Corp produces thousands of Flea and Tick Drop labeled For Cats and Kittens 10 lbs or Less. What the packaging fails to mention is that even if you put the drops on correctly, it will probably either injure or kill your cat. It doesn't stop with cats, either. I have heard reports of dogs dying from this worthless junk. My cat, Sevena, almost died last month thanks to the caring corporate entity known as Hartz. With their dismissive nature, they will tell you that they only have 2 cases a month, and that almost all cases result from improper application of the product. That's a laugh. After spending $200 in vet bills to save my cat from dying a horrible death by poison, I asked him how many cases they see on average. They told me that they have on average, 4 or 5 cases A WEEK! I do not live in a Metropolis or anything that resembles one, either. They then told me that they cannot believe this stuff is still on the market. Not only does it KILL pets, but it DOES NOT WORK. Frankly I am just disgusted. When will humanity stop looking at these innocent creatures as insignificant and only here for our pleasure? These are LIVES. My cats are my children. Having to watch Sevena twitch and jerk for 3 days straight drove me insane. I honestly don't know how to bring down a corporate powerhouse like Hartz without some sort of class action lawsuit that doesn't chicken out and accept a pay off. The key is to tell everyone you know and report the case. Talk to lawyers. Do something. Our dear animal friends deserve it. Erin hattiesburg, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
7, Report #127066
Jan 12 2005
01:19 PM
Hartz Mountain Corp. Hartz Products Deadly to Pets Secaucus New Jersey
Hartz Products are Deadly to pets,After using HARTZ tick and Flea drops on My Miniature Pincher she got very sick,had tremors, hair lose, vomitting and finally death. The vet tried to save her, but the toxic poisoning 85% pesticides had already damaged my dogs nerve system. I went against Hartz on The news but they tried to say it was my fault and my dog had other problems. This product should be recalled and taking off the shelves before it kills more Cats and Dogs. They never covered my vet bills even after I sent back bills and un-used products. They don't care about animals,they just harm them and then say we are stupid for we must of miss-read the directions. Julie Ghent, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
8, Report #1084980
Sep 16 2013
03:01 PM
Hartz Hartz Mountain Flea powder contains fragrances that will NOT go away Secaucus nj
When we saw fleas on our dogs we took immediate action.  My daughter purchased Hartz carpet flea powder with Fresh Scent. Little did we know what a nightmare was about to begin.  It turns out that both my daughter and my self are extremely allergic to the fragrance and accompanying chemicals.We tried and tried to get rid of the fragrance that makes us sick.  Vacuuming and shampooing have done little to relieve our illness. We contacted Hartz via both email and telephone and they refuse to help, they want to blame us for using their product precisly as stated on the package instructions. We are still sick from the fumes and feeling helpless to resolve the problem.
Entity: Select State/Province
9, Report #78424
Jan 28 2004
04:22 PM
HARTZ MOUNTAIN ripoff One Spot Flea & Tick Drops, Poison- Do Not Use Secaucus New Jersey
After using Hartz Mountain One Spot Flea & Tick Drops on three of my four cats, I noticed they started acting strangly, started shaking, running around, hiding in corners, not eating or drinking. The fourth cat was all right- I used Advantage on him because he was a small one and under 9 lbs. I had the Advantage left over from a previous application. By morning my cats were not better. I called the vet who suggested I wash off the neck area where the drops were placed. This seemed to help a little bit. I then called the toll-free number on the package and got a Hartz Mountain customer service reprsentative. She asked me many questions and took down all the information, also wanted the batch number on the package, and said to send in the package for a full refund. She also said that two of the three cats (13 & 9 yrs. old) were too old to use the product on and yet there was no such warning on the package. If this was the case, than what about the third cat who is only 2 yrs. old? She had no answer for this. I always used Advantage in the past but had run out of the drops for the cats 9 lbs. and over. Rather than drive an hour's round trip to the vet to purchase more, I instead went to the local pet store and purchased the Hartz Mountain drops. NEVER AGAIN! THOSE DROPS WERE POISON! My cats are very sick but will survive. Please be warned- DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR CAT!! Lorrayne Westminster, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
10, Report #127061
Jan 19 2005
07:39 AM
Hartz Mountain Corp dangerous kills - ripoff poison Secaucus New Jersey
On November 26, 2004 a cat named Socks came into the clinic where I work having seizures Under normal circumstances I wouldn't see the patient however I could not ignore the upset client in the lobby. After speaking with the client the veterinarian found out that only two hours earlier the Hartz Flea & Tick Drops were put on this baby. I was very concerned and while speaking with the veterinarian and nurses I found out that this situation is more common than you would think. After researching online, I found numerous websites against this product. There is even one named hartzvictims.org. There was a brief newspaper article done on this baby and in that Jill Richardson was apparantly quoted saying, the company receives an average of two calls a month from conumers concerning the product, and half are a result of the product being misapplied. Now normally I guess this can be understood but under the circumstances of how many people have lost or almost lost their beloved pets it seems that this product is obviously way too difficult to put on properly. All you have to do is search online and you will see just a small amount of the lifes this has taken. On January 5, 2005, the same scenario happened once again, only this time the woman had two beloved cats. These babies went through 6 days of intense treatment and critical hospitalization. How can we as consumers be protected from products such as this? People think because it's on the shelves it is safe but in reality it doesn't kill the fleas at all only the cat. Amanda Saucier, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
11, Report #2679
Jul 16 2000
12:00 AM
Hartz Mountain corp pet pesticide overdose .. 'ONESPOT' warning
My wife bought 2 packages of Hartz mountain Control ONESPOT for flea control. She purchased a package for our dog and another for our cats. She followed the directions and appliad the medicine to our animals.This was at 7pm 7/13/00.Aproxamatly at 9am 7/14/00 my children noticed that 2 of our cats were drooling excessivly. The cats Mojo, and panda bear were having severe muscle spasms. My kids called our local vet and then called their mother at her place of employment.the vet had told the kids to bring the cats to her office immediatly. My wife got home and was horrified to find the cats having severe seisures where the cats legs were flailing about with no control. She promptly took the cats to the vets. when my wife gave the cats to the vet,the D.V.M. said that it did not look like the cats would make it. The vet treated the animals with shots of valium and rinsed off the treated area of skin where the pesticide was applied. Thankfully the vet was able to save our pets. Vet bill $128, lossed time at work $88. never again will we use hartz mountain products. THE cats are also scratching the area where ONESPOT was applied. My wife Carol was very upset that she had in trying to protect our beloved pets she had almost killed them. Our vet told us that she has treated many cases of pesticide overdose where ONESPOT was used by unsuspecting petlovers. MY daughter and my son were traumitized by this horrible experiance. They are just so happy our vet was able to save their kitties.Plese think twice before using hartz moutain CONTROL ONESPOT on your cats!!!!!!!!
Entity: Seacaucus, New Jersey
12, Report #25505
Jul 28 2002
01:50 AM
Hartz Pet ProductsHartz Mountain Corporation ripoff Dangerous, Toxic Products Secaucus New Jersey
I have just returned from rushing across town to pick up my sister and 2 of her cats, Tanya and Kitty, and taking them to the Emergency Animal Hospital. Tanya and Kitty suffered severe toxic reactions after being treated with Hartz Mountain's One Spot Flea & Tick Product. They began having seizures and foaming at the mouth. My sister quickly bathed both of them to wash off as much of the chemical that had not absorbed and was waiting for me to transport them across town to the animal hospital. Both of these precious babies are still at the hospital hooked to IV valium drips while the vets work on flushing the toxins from their little systems. The vet let us know this is not an uncommon reaction in pets who've been treated with Hartz Mountain Flea & Tick Products. They average two cases each weekend and field about a dozen calls regarding this same situation. I would think Hartz Mountain is aware of this dangerous reaction that cats and dogs suffer from using these Flea & Tick products; yet, they continue to market and sell them to an unsuspecting public. My sister is going through worlds of guilt over having exposed her precious babies to this uncalled for situation. This is also going to be an expensive treatment. My sister is a single parent and does not receive any child support, so I've offered to pay for the treatment. I had to put down an initial $200.00 for each cat and the balance is likely to run an additional $300.00 for each cat depending on how long they have to remain at the hospital. Hartz Mountain has caused the serious illness of 2 innocent cats and possibly $1,000.00 in treatment fees. Please don't make the same mistake my sister did -- don't trust your pets health to Hartz Mountain. Sherry Memphis, Tennessee
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
13, Report #355115
Jul 24 2008
10:09 AM
Sergeants, sergeants Hartz Their product endangered the health of my beloved pet. Omaha Nebraska
After using the Sergeants Gold Flea and Tick Shampoo for dogs and puppies, my Chihuahau became very sick. Not only did this shampoo not kill the fleas, but created a very bad rash all over his body and caused vomiting. In the last 2 weeks I have had to take my Chihuahua to the veternarian 3 times. This product has cost me alot of money and more importantly caused a very serious health risk to my beloved companion. Amy villa rica, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
14, Report #639302
Sep 09 2010
09:40 PM
Sergeant's Hartz Pet Products TOXIC PRODUCTS DO NOT USE CAN KILL YOU PET!!!! Internet
I purchased Sergeants Sentry Pro XFC topical flea treatment for my Pug last Friday.  I used it as directed on her Saturday at 11, by 12:30 she was struggling to breathe and very agitated, running all over the house yelping. a couple hours of this and the seizures started, then vomiting...it was 48 hours of pure hell all at the hands of a product for my pet that I soon found out was a toxic poison.  Their products should NOT be on the shelves.  I called the complaint line and filed a claim. They told me that my dog was having a reaction to the poison, that her body probably felt like millions of bugs were crawling on her skin and biting her.  I was told to wash her with dishwashing soap but other than that there was nothing we could for her, it had to run her course.  During this time I was surfing the web for information, it was horrifying to me to read about so many similar stories and deaths of precious pets at the hands of this same product.  Do yourself a favor and NEVER buy their products.  I have submitted my claim and vet bills but was told they would most likely not cover any of it.  A horror story I hope you don't have to experience.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #1104308
Dec 04 2013
01:04 PM
Hartz mountain corp. KING OF POISON! Secaucus New Jersey
I own 2 beautiful cats 13 yrs. old or at least they used to be beatiful and healthy until i treated them for a flea problem.   I went to Walmart looking for some treatment for them and bought Hartz flea drops. The  kind that you squirt  between the shoulder blades. The packaging stated that one tube was affective for one month. And one month later they still had fleas. I noticed a change in thier behavior such as lack of appetite,then loose stool , a wierd twitching ,thier hair was falling out and then what looked like burns on thier skin ! I tried some Hartz flea powder for cats next to try and relieve some of the misery they were experiencing and the problem just seemed to get worse. So I then decided to google Hartz and found a plethora of complaints from consumers across the country who have used these products on thier pets, only to discover horrific examples of health problems that thier pets have experienced from these Hartz products.Chemical burns that's what my cats had, deaths ,sicknesses ect. PLEASE I URGE ANYONE LOOKING TO TREAT YOUR PETS FOR A FLEA PROBLEM ,DO NOT USE HARTZ PRODUCTS. My cats are now experiencing nerve damage ! If I were wealthy I would take them to a vet to document everything properly and SUE this company for all I could . This company should be ashamed to even claim to care about animals.All they really care about is PROFIT ! That is the problem with this country's capitalist corperations, PROFIT at any cost ! Whether it be human life or animal it's all about money,money,money. There is a special place in HELL for capitalist pigs like the HARTZ MOUNTAIN CORPERATION. That now is my only solice since my two best friends are probably not going to ever be the same again . That is assuming that they live !
Entity: secaucus, New Jersey
16, Report #582327
Mar 17 2010
09:50 PM
The Hartz Mountain Corporation Hartz Crunch N' Clean Chew Bone With Dentashield caused severe illness to my 2 dogs. Internet
DO NOT FEED THIS CHEW TO YOUR DOG: Hartz Crunch N' Clean Chew Bone With Dentashield (photo of product will be posted)In June 2009, I gave two of my four dogs a Hartz Crunch N' Clean Chew Bone. Macon ate all of his Chew, but Shadow only ate a small portion of hers. I picked hers up and tried to give it to her again the next day and then the next... she still didn't want it. So, on the third day, I gave the rest of Shadow's bone to Macon since he liked it. Anyway, later that night... Macon became violently ill with Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (which is usually fatal if not treated in time). It causes bloody/mucousy/explosive diarrhea, lethargy, occasional vomiting, inappetence and rapid dehydration. I brought him to the animal emergency hospital where he was put on IV fluids and medication. I picked him up the next morning, paid the $601 bill and was told to bring him to my regular vet for further treatment and medication. I did exactly that and they told me that they wanted to hospitalize him for the rest of the day. I declined further hospitalization and opted to take him home with some medication and instructions. I paid their $68.15 bill, filled his medications at Walmart for $20.99 and took him home where he did well.  A week and a half later, he was back to his old self. Anyway, during that week, I noticed that Shadow also got a small touch of the bloody/mucousy diarrhea. I started wondering what the hell was going on. The only thing I could put my finger on was those damn Chews! First, the 2 dogs that didn't have the Chews were fine. Second, Macon was much sicker than Shadow... probably because he ate 1 3/4 bones over 3 days while Shadow only ate 1/4. It was as if the extent of each of their illnesses was proportional to the amount of the Chew they ate. In addition, I did not change any of their food that week. I have bought the same food for the last 10 years--Pedigree small crunchy bites--and it is the only food my dogs eat.  So, the only change in their diet was those Hartz Chews! I do not think for one minute that it was a coincidence that the two dogs that had the Chews are the two dogs that got sick. Do you?The whole ordeal cost me $690.14, but it could've cost me Macon's life! He was only 1 1/2 yrs old when this happened on 6/13/09... he was just a baby. I have since reported this to the company and they have refused to accept any responsibility!  If Hartz will not reimburse me the $690.14 I believe they cost me, I will continue to tell my story.  If doing so costs Hartz at least that much in sales, then our ordeal will not have been in vain.  I just don't want another pet owner or pet to go through what me, Macon & Shadow did.  Thank you for listening to my story and please keep your pets safe!
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #127656
Jan 17 2005
03:57 AM
Hartz Mountain Flea Control Flea Products kill pets Secaucus New Jersey
This issue has been very close to my heart, since a tragic incident for me about 10 years ago. See, I applied Hartz Flea and Tick Powder for Cats to the mother of nine kittens. Every single one of those kittens died within a few days, despite the fact that it was not applied directly to them at all; only their mother. While I do feel emensely responsible for this tragedy, it did occur to me that despite my teenage ignorance, there should have been safe guards (better packaging, hazardous chemical warnings or simply a safer product) in place to prevent a rediculous massacre like that. I mean, it's 10 years later and I still think about those little kittens. The worst part was that one of them survived for another two days in the vet's office, until it too finally succumbed to the poison. This product REALLY frightens me. Have human babies been affected by these products on their household pets? I shudder at the thought. And for those owners who simply applied Hartz products to their adult animals and had them die as a result of the chemicals, I can not imagine the guilt and pain that they must feel for their simple ignorance. Of course, looking on the internet I have now found many, many people, whose animals (both cats and dogs) have died as a result of these unsafe products sold by Hartz. Stories go back as far as 13 years!!! I simply can't believe that they are still in business!! Even when animals don't die, they are stuck with long - term damage. Some of them are: convulsing, seizures, liver damage, hair falling out, animals biting at their skin, redness on the skin, animals crying, shaking, full or partial paralysis, and full or partial brain death. Why isn't this on the packaging? Why is this product allowed to be sold at all!? About half of the stories that I read on HartzVictims.org included the animal becoming brain dead and suffering through full seizures, until they are finally put to sleep. How can Hartz continue to sell any of their products!? There are thousands of victims on www.HartzVictims.com, and I'm sure that is only a small fraction of the actual cases. Hartz even has a note on their contact page of their website in bold letters: If you think your pet needs medical attention, please contact your vet immediately. Now that my current cat has confirmed my suspicions (pulled his own fur out with his teeth after getting Hertz drops for a cat half his size), I will never use Hertz again and I will fight them with all of my local resources, news agencies and word of mouth! I now use Frontline, but I should probably look that up too. Amelia Paso Robles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
18, Report #1061536
Jun 24 2013
06:16 AM
Hartz Mountain Corporation Sold an item that killed my 5 week old kittens. Secaucus New Jersey
I believe that the product called Hartz precision nutrition milk replacer for kittens was the cause of death for three of my girls. I had 5 kittens that I rescued and on June 19th I lost Charmin,on June 20th I lost Phyllis and on June 22nd I lost Dottie.After some research I found out that others had had the same symptoms that my kittens showed after using this product. Vomiting,being off balance,falling over when trying to walk,unconciousness, and death. It happens fast. In a matter of minutes from the first symptom which I found to be the vomiting.There has been to many innocent lives lost because of Hartz and its killer product. Something needs to be done. 
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
19, Report #1085663
Sep 18 2013
10:34 PM
Hartz : Just when you think your helping your bestfriend.. Your actually hurting your lovable animal. Internet Nationwide
Just when you think your helping your bestfriend, your not.   My name is Sarah, I have a tri colored pembroke welsh corgi. He is 8 months old, his name is Todd. He's such a character. Not a day goes by that he doesn't put a smile on me and my partners face. He's such a great company, he's our bestfriend. I don't know what I would do if he hadn't came into my life. When you have a lovable animal such as Todd, you tend to get very attached because you love them as if they were your own. You want to take care of them an do the best thing you can for them. Such as play with them, bathe them, give them tons of love, even share your own bed with them instead of giving them their own. Most importantly though, you want to protect them, like teaching them right from wrong so they'll stay out of trouble. But one thing you can't teach them that's all on your shoulders is ticks and fleas. Nobody wants to see their bestfriend miserable itching themselves all the time, just suffering.. It's sad. When this does happen though, you want to take care of the situation to stop the misery. Therefore you go out and buy whatever flea medicine, powder, dog soap, anything you can find that you think would be suitable to help your animal. They say some are better then others, prices make a difference, but really that's not the truth. What actually matters is the stuff your actually putting on them, and so this is where the story begins. For the past few week now, Todd's been having some problems with fleas. I have gave him a few baths and frontline ; nothing worked they just kept coming back. So today me and my partner decided to go to walmart and get some powder to put on the floor too help kill whatever wasn't on Todd off and get some flea spray. As we were there deciding on a brand, we tried to pick the best to fit our situation. We ended up going with Hartz flea and tick spray along with the powder to put on the floor. We heard in the past it was a good brand to use for your animal, but what we did not know is that we were being lied to and the ones that thought it was a good brand were just lucky. Here Hartz has actually killed/poisoned a lot of pets because of there extra chemical. We drove home, took Todd outside to play to get him a little bit tired so he'd be calm whenever we were putting the spray on him. He did so good, sat there all calm letting us help with the fleas; so we thought. We never put two and two together until we went upstairs to check on him and realized he didn't look to good and was drooling badly on both sides of the mouth. Then we realized that this had to have started when we first started putting the spray on him and that's why he was so calm Because normally he's stubborn. Imediantly I got online and googled reviews on the hartz flea and tick spray for dogs, this is the moment I realized my bestfriend could be in danger. I found this website called www.hartzvictims.com that had others from around the world posting their stories about what's happened to them when using products from hartz, it wasn't good. Almost all the post explained that they thought they were helping their animal but then realized they were only hurting their animal because they started to drool, have seizures, ect. and almost all led to death. Me and my partner immediately realized we had to do something and rushed Todd to get a bath to get the spray off him the best we could. We were so worried. Not too long after, Todd started to perk up again after his bath and getting some fluids in him along with food too. It took a little while, but he turned out to be perfectly okay. We just happen to be one of the lucky ones though, not all other animals that have had this put on them have survived. It's just cruel to see that this company basically only cares about money instead of the animal. Put a stop to this, spread the world. One more life taken is one too many. To hear more about others stories, please visit the website I found that I listed in the story. Help the disguisable harm be put to an end and save a life. Thank you.          
Entity: Internet, Select State/Province
20, Report #1090066
Oct 07 2013
11:00 AM
Sergeant's Hartz Toxic Products Omaha Nebraska
Do Not Use Sergeant's Products!  I applied the Sergean'ts Silver Flea & Tick squeeze-on to our one year old  dog. This dog is not just a family pet, but is also my son's service dog. She has had flea treatments before as a preventative, and has never had an adverse reaction, therefore none was expected. However, she quickly became violently ill from this product. We are very lucky that I recognized the symptoms, and acted quickly. There is No excuse for such a caustic product to still be on the market! 
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
21, Report #1088618
Jun 12 2014
04:31 PM
Consumer Affairs and Information Center The Hartz Mountain Corporation HARTZ Murdered My Puppy MISSILE hixson Tennessee
September 15 th 2013 was a normal day spent by my husband cleaning up our yard by cutting the grass and chopping bushes as my adorable chocolate havanese plays in the grass! This story takes a bad start when I decide to treat our dogs with flea medication that I had picked up at walmart in a hurry instead of going to the usual tractor supply where they had been out the time before around 4:30 I put a small amount of Hartz flea medication on the back of my babies neck to tail and started to get my children ready to go to the park for an hour or two. I had left and returned at 7 and I noticed Missile wasn't acting normal I gave him a piece of ham and he didn't run to get it like usual his favorite .... instead he was sluggish like over tired so somthing I had a gut feeling to wash him with dawn soap and remove the medication . When I washed him he was growning like he was happy i was washing him but he was laying down be too calm for me very unlike him but my husband had been taking care of my infant son and asked me to feed him and he would finsh condition him for those that don't know havanese have to be groomed like a persons hair . I go in and my husband continues to wash him but he sends my sister in law to tell me hes acting strange where is a towl so she grabs a towl and goes back out side but returns after 10 mins and says he didn't make it ... I flipped out what do you mean what are you talking about I replied and told me what had happened that he had started crying and his  back legs went limp and trimmered ! She went on to say my husband began to talk to him and his breath became labored and slow within two or three minutes he took his last breath . This time frame was 7:40 to 8:00 no time to react no time for a vet before we even realized there was a real problem. My husband and I were heart broken we spent over an hour holding him in shock just crying. The next day sunday I was told I should have froze him to prove this company was the reason he died but as i stayed up reading the same symptoms were experienced by many people with the same reactions . I was unable to do so with no deep freezer and other than over 30 mins away an emergency vet was the only vet opened at the time offered a toxicolgy report for a hefty price not sure if the amount of meds had broke down any since we did not immediately bring him in which to me was morbid to think about! I just want to shed light on people who are unaware of this companies toxic flea medication and should stay away from its products . I am still in major shock that from 4:30 to 8 on september 14 my puppy passed due to a toxic reaction to hartz flea meds!!! SHAME ON THIS COMPANY WITH SO MANY COMPLAINTS!!!!!!
Entity: hixson, Tennessee
22, Report #1082782
Sep 08 2013
08:32 PM
Hartz Mountain Corporation Poisoned hamsters with cedar bedding Secaucus New Jersey
Hartz indicated on their packaging that their red cedar bedding was safe for hamsters, so of course I trusted it and put it in my hamsters cage. Immediately the poor thing developed a rash! I went online and discovered that cedar is a known no-no for hamsters as it contains chemicals that they are very sensitive to. Because of his rash, my hamster became stressed and developed wet tail, a potentially lethal disease that is characterized by diahrea, loss of appetite, ulcerated flesh, and eventual death. I have the little guy on antibiotics, neosporin, and activea to try and reverse the effects of this ordeal, but the outlook is uncertain. I can't believe Hartz knowing marketed this poison to hamsters!!! It makes me furious that I trusted a company so blatantly uninterested in pet health.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
23, Report #290052
Dec 10 2007
07:55 AM
The Hartz Mountain Corporation Hartz products kills your pets Secaucus New Jersey
The Organophosphates Tetrachlorvinphos which are toxic causes severe reactions. Affects the nervous system and causes the liver and kidneys to bleed. Results are death in your pets. Go to hartzvictims.org to read all the victims stories like mine. Hartz products should be banned. Animals such not suffer this crulety. This is sold everywhere in the world. Thks On 11-20-2007 i sprayed my 8 month old male chihuahua ( Boss ). With Hartz 2 in 1 Flea and Tick spray. The next morning 11-21-2007 i saw signs of him being sick. Not wanting to eat or drink and thought maybe he had a virus. At dinner time that day i tryed to get hime to eat and drink something. But he would not eat or drink his water. Later that afternoon in the evening time he starting vomitting, salivation/foamimg at the mouth, muscle tremors, loss of balance, lethargic. He would lay in his dog bed and was coughing / hacking like he has something caught in his throat. When he did this it sounded like he was screaming or crying like the product was burning his throat. I also washed my pet and when i dried him off there was blood on the white towel that i use to dry him with. I stayed up most of the night with him. The next morning 11-22-2007 i called the Hartz Company. And told them what was happening to my pet. They told me to get him to the vet's office emergency after-hours. I called the Vet's office and met him at 2:00 pm that day. And told him my pets symptoms he told me to leave my pet with him. That he would call me later about his condition. The next morning 11-23-07 the vet called my to tell me that my pet Boss died the day of 11-22-2007 that evening. I was in shock i could not beleive this news. Hartz sells this everyday over the counter in all stores. Killing our animals, to me this is crulety no matter how you look at it. So i decided to do some research on the Hartz products. The products has organophosphates tetrachlorvinphos and other toxic poisons in them. This effects the nervous system and causes the liver and kidneys to bleed. What a terrible death for my pet and other animals to go thur. My pet had all the signs of toxic poison. But i did not know you could buy products over the counter you think would help you pet. But instead it will kill them. I did not Know Hartz has all these problems Lawsuits product recalls. I have called the EPA, FDA and i'am filing reports about this Hartz product. I also have another female 1 year old Chihuahua that this product made very sick. She would not let me spray very much on her she kept running from me. Or she would be dead now also. I now have 2 high Vet bills that i have paid. This product killed 1 pet made the other very sick. Search the web about Hartz prouducts you will be in shock as i am over this product. Or go to the web site hartzvictims.org and read the stories these of the victims. My story is like this rest Hartz kills. I will never buy any produts from them again. After my pets were sprayed they still had fleas. So this product does not kill fleas but it does kill your animals. Thank you Wanda Blackshear, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
24, Report #354223
Jul 22 2008
11:41 AM
Hartz Pet Products Flea Drops For Cats My cat is fighting for its life after I used this product Secaucus New Jersey
My pet cat is in the vet hospital fighting for it's life. It was a sunday night and my cat had fleas so I had to go to the supermarket instead of my favorite pet store where I typically buy chemical free and homeopathic cat products. Having always lived in NJ and knowing that Hartz is local, I grabbed the flea drops off the shelf. Since my cat was on the small size I actually only used one half of the liquid flea drops contents also because I am not a fan of chemicals on an animal. All seemed fine healthwise after the application except Hartz did nothing for the fleas. I waited 2 more days and purchased a natural shampoo flea bath for my cat and it worked significantly better. Last night almost a week later my cat lost control of its neck muscles, one side of its body and its pupils dilated and he couldnt walk. I brought him to the vet. He had blood work done. He is being kept there on IV and medication with hopes that he will recover. Not only is my pet in the hospital which is heartbreaking that he's fighting to stay alive, I blame my own ignorance for purchasing this product. The expense is huge and worries me as my focus on financial certainly should be elsewhere. My cat is family and what has to be done needs to be done. This company is repulsive and should be closed. What a horror. All must know before they lose a loved pet which is indeed part of their family. Word of mouth is the best answer for saving animals from being exposed to toxins like this product. Who on earth would buy it if they thought it would kill their pet and cost them huge amounts of money just to try and save its life when all the cat had was fleas? Hartz, you should hold your heads in shame and it amazes me that you can sleep at night. Life is a full circle, for those of us that make ignorant mistakes might there be forgiveness but for those who create such a deathly product for our pets might you think hard about your actions and what you feel inside. Please all of you who have dogs and cats do not ever use hartz flea liquid medicine once a month treatment. Hear me, thank you Valerie, northern nj pompton lakes, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
25, Report #1093403
Oct 23 2013
10:08 AM
The Hartz Mountain Corporation Kitten Milk Replacer is poisionous to kittens. Causes convulsions, distended stomachs, neurologic shut down and eventually death. Secaucus New Jersey
 I am consumer who purchased Hartz Milk Replacer for Kittens at Wal-Mart in Jamestown ND and Wal-Mart in Devils Lake ND.  I had a family member warn me about this product due to reports of poision used from the manufacturer in China, BUT, I thought that I would be safe in North Dakota !!! I was very wrong.   Soon after I had fed from the 2nd can, I had 6 kittens with distended stomachs, fighting with the bottles while trying to fed, vomitting, and just looking spacy.   Two days ago, the first kitten had an episode where it looked dead.  When I picked it up, the breathing was there but eyes rolled back in the head, absolutely no musle response....  Yesterday, the same thing happened to a different kitten. I immediately called the Wal-Mart in Devils Lake to let them know that those products should be removed from the shelves because there is something not right with that product. The manager checked the recall list (supposedly) and said he was sorry but there was nothing he could do.  Thanks to the internet, we gave the affected kittens a bath and kept them very warm until they came back to life. I am now using KMR replacer and the past 24 hours there has been no more episodes. Hartz needs to be told to recall of the Milk Replacers world wide and get rid of the employees who are responsible for the poison that they have ingested into who knows how many animals.        
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey

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