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26, Report #68443
Nov 22 2003
12:48 AM
Hartz Mountain Corporation risked my cat's life with their Once-A-Month Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops. Ripoff! Secaucus New Jersey
Hartz Mountain Corporation risked the life of my cat, Bootsie, by selling a product that is toxic! Last evening I got home and applied Hartz Advanced Car Once-A-Month Flea & Tick Drops to my cat. Soon after, within 1 hour or so, she began twitching and blinking quickly. She couldn't sit still and couldn't hardly walk either. In fact, she wouldn't jump down from the couch, a 1 1/2 foot jump. This toxic, so called, vet approved, product turned my agile, friendly, fun loving, very active 1 year old cat into an inactive, scared, shaky, skiddish cat. Of course, I called our vet, which referred me to an emergency animal clinic, open 24 hours a day. In speaking with the vet there, she informed me that this vet approved product is actually toxic to animals and that, in fact, they have at least 10 cases reported a week of same and worse type reactions to these drops. In fact, there was one night they had 10 cats in at once and 6 of them died. Needless to say, I rushed my Bootsie to the clinic. They indicated to me that they needed to get her treatment right away before it was too late. They also informed me that if I didn't bring her in, her chances of survival were very small. Chances of survival from flea drops that has been on the market for as long as I can remember, and I am sure, has been causing these types of reactions for years, and yet it is still on the market. Why? Initially, the vet's assistant came and got Bootsie as soon as we arrived and asked permission to give her injections. Of course, I said absolutely. I was then approached again by her with a quote indicating the treatment for this could cost from $270.00 to $650.00. They wanted to keep her over night and keep her in a drip IV to ensure that the effects of this would be reversed and to observe her. Now, my husband and I both work. We have two kids, a mortgage and you know how the story goes. Needless to say in these times we are scraping to make it. Therefore, due to the irresponsibility of the makers of this product, I had to choose an option for my pet, that I would not have chosen, but for the costs of treatment, had not choice. I had to take a chance with my pets life! Bootsie received two injections of medication to reverse the reactions she was having. We were warned to watch her closely and sent home with oral medication. However, they indicated that if she began to twitch again, to give her the oral medication and if she worsened we would have to bring her back in. We are not yet 24 hours since the application and only time will tell if she survives. As you might expect, I am furious to think that it is common knowledge to this company that this product is known for these types of reactions in great numbers in pets and yet it is still on the market, promoted as vet approved and commercialized in such a way to make consumers think that it is safe for our pets. It isn't until you have had such an experience with your innocent animal that you come to the realization that these products are toxic. If you are lucky, your pet is still alive. As I said before, I had to make a choice as to the care of my pet, which I shouldn't have had to make. In addition, I had to put out $150.00 for the limited treatment they gave her with the hopes that it would work. These may not be the only costs. We will not know until we see how she does. I am interested in doing whatever it takes to make the knowledge of the risks of these toxic products public, to get all of them off the market, and to some how require Hartz Mountain Corporation apologize for lives risked and lost of dear animals in the past, today and in the future. They risked the lives of these pets for the benefit of making a buck. No life is worth that! When will they understand that! Melody Bonney Lake, WashingtonU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Hartz Mountain
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
27, Report #127027
Jan 12 2005
08:49 PM
Hartz Mountain Corporation ripoff! Deadly products sold to an unsuspecting public! Murdering animals for profit. Where is our government how can they allow this! Secaucus New Jersey
One dose of this product, applied according to the directions, after having read all warnings, killed my friend's dog, Scruffy, a nearly 100 pound mixed breed companion. Scruffy did not die easy, it took 3 days in intense vet care for him to die. My friend Andy is devastated. http://www.petitiononline.com/hartz/petition.html www.hartzvictims.org SInce Andy did not have internet access, I handled the claim for him. I called and reported the incident and found the rep to be completely uncaring. They sent us a letter certified asking for more info. We sent that info. They sent us another letter certified saying the product did not kill Scruffy. All these letters were signed by one Dr. Jill Richardson, the lowest woman on the planet. One the very same day she denied the product killed Scruffy, this bint signed another letter directed to cat fanciers association, denying Scruffy, Andy and I even existed. That his whole ordeal was an internet fiction. I have copies of all the letters...including the Cat Fanciers letter. This woman has refused to answer phone calls. She has refused to answer letters. She sold her soul to a Japanese Company called Sumitomo, owners of Hartz and customers of a horrible testing lab called Huntingdon Life Sciences. Hatz truly has no love for animals. Strange if a pet survives it's ordeal that Hartz will pay the claim, if that baby dies, Hartz refuses payment. This is their way of skirting responsibilty. There are many horror stories by victims out there. There are entire groups dedicated to getting htis poison off the shelves. Hartz is killing animals all over the country for a few bucks a pop. THIS IS OBSCENE! Please fight this company with everything you have in you. Sign the petition. Stop people from buying. Don't be afraid to walk up to them and tell them about the dangers. There have been reports of children being harmed. See the links posted above for more information and please sign the petition. Boycott this product. Hartz is deadly. This is also a failure of our governemt. This product for use on beloved pets is regualted by the EPA. Products sold as pet medication should be regulated by the FDA. The chemical in this poison is a 40 year old outdated lawn pesticide. It has no business being used on animals. In 2002, the Environmental Protection Agency registered 5,000 complaints about Hartz flea and tick control products. After the EPA directed Hartz to relabel products with stronger precautionary statements and use directions, the agency recorded over 1,400 consumer grievances within the first six months of 2003. The EPA has yet to issue a product recall, even though it continues to receive adverse incident reports from animal caretakers, veterinarians and Hartz itself. Many vets have coined the term Hartz Kitty when treating seizing cats. I have asked federal agencies mandated to oversee drug or pesticide commodities to expedite investigations into Hartz Advanced Care Brand Flea and Tick Drops Plus for Cats and Kittens (EPA Reg. No. 2596-148), Hartz Advanced Care Brand Once-a-Month Flea and Tick Drops for Cats and Kittens (EPA Reg. No. 2596-151)--as well as the rest of the Hartz inventory. Don't be a Hartz victim. The pain and grief this product has caused is unreal. So many animals have died or been injured...so many people have shed countless tears over their animal friends...only to have Hartz lay a guilt trip on them, accusing them of improperly applying and subsequently killing their best friends. My friend has received NO COMPENSATION for the vet bills or death of his best friend, Scruffy...Andy continues to mourn. He had to pay an over 400 dollar vet bill out of his pocket...and Hartz might have made a grand total of 3 bucks to kill his dog....sickening, isn't it? Why does our government continue to allow the sale of this packaged death?????????? Julia Morehead, KentuckyU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Hartz Mountain
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
28, Report #1340426
Nov 29 2016
12:19 PM
Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia Director Ray Hartz Repeated acts of failing to represent clients, leading them on, abandoning cases and causing damages by missing deadlines. Hampton Virginia
On numerous occaisions legal Aid has been contacted to assist a disabled client. There is always an excuse to not take your case. Director Ray Hartz decided to pretend to take a case.   Ray Hartz failed to follow through then took off on a 3 month vacation or so I was told. Ray refused to return any phone calls for months causing damages by missing deadlines and providing false information.   Ray Hartz then had an incompetent assistant Emily Schools take over his mistake. Emily Schools prooved herself to be incompetent, completely worthless, discriminates against disabled clients and make them do her job.   I was continuosly providing information for Emily.   All that Emily had to do was obtain a file from the other party.   EmilySchools causes hardship to her clients by having them repeat the case over and over. Emily makes un fulfiled promises to follow through with cases and fails to help with appeals.   Emily Schools is a LIAR and not to be trusted. For someoen who supposedly has a college education Emily does not know anything you ask of her.   Emily Schools deals with this is by lying to her clients. Emily Schools is dishonest!   Emily Schools does not work for her clents. Both Ray Hartz and Emily Schools failed to protect a disabled client of her benefits causing damages as great as a loss of a home. How PATHETIC our legal system is.  What are they doing with all that funding they get? It appears it goes right in to thier own pockets!  
Entity: Hampton, Virginia
29, Report #471321
Jul 25 2009
10:09 AM
Sergeant's Pet Care Products, Hartz Mountain Products Sergeant's Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze-On Drops Probably Poisoned My Dog (Same ingredients as Hartz, Bio-Spot) Omaha Nebraska
If you are finding this Ripoff Report after your pet has shown a severe reaction to flea and tick drops, I am so sorry for you and your animal. Unfortunately, that's how most people find out about the real dangers of these pesticides - after the fact. I've used the Sergeant's and Hartz products on my pets for years. I never thought to question their safey because they are approved by the EPA and available over the counter in grocery stores. Of course I realized this type of product was a pesticide with dire warnings on the back of the box about ingesting it or getting it on the skin, contacting posion control for help, etc. - warnings for HUMANS. For this reason I never applied the whole recommended dosage anyway, and my pets and my house remained flea and tick free. Then a reaction happened. Within an hour of using only a couple drops of the Sergeant's Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze-On for Dogs (thankfully, I NEVER use the whole tube as the directions state) my little 12 pound dog was vomiting white foam, seizuring, and choking. He had licked the pesticide off of his back and down the side of his body, and his skin was red and raised. Since I've used this product many times with no side effects, I wasn't convinced that the drops were really to blame for his symptoms. Of course this happened late on a Friday night when no vets were open anywhere. I turned to the computer to help me figure out what was going on and how to help my dog. Imagine my surprise when I looked online and discovered that not only Sergeant's, but Hartz, Bio-Spot, and other flea and tick products have been suspected of causing the poisoning deaths and nervous system damage of hundreds, maybe thousands of pets for at least the last 7 years. The symptoms of this type of poisoning were exactly what my dog was exhibiting. I was shocked to see entire websites devoted to exposing the dangers of these products, such as Hartzvictim.org, Hartzkills.org, and others. There are videos on youtube showing suffering cats who have been poisoned. There are lists of U.S. television news broadcasts that have documented the concern among vets and pet owners. There are tallies of the expensive veterinary care that was required to save people's poisoned animals. It broke my heart hearing the stories of distraught pet owners who had unwittingly killed their beloved pet. The guilt and helplessness they spoke about was something I could relate to as I held my struggling dog and tried to console him and ease the pain. The EPA has apparently done little over the years to solve the problem other than have the companies change the warnings on their labels to ensure that owners don't accidentally put cat drops on dogs, and vice versa. This cat/dog confusion is not the issue in most of the poisonings I read about however, and it is not the issue with my dog. This is what I did to provide emergency help to my dog: I took off his collar in case the poison had gotten onto it. Then I immediately washed the Sergeant's Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze-on for Dogs off my dog's body with baby shampoo. I dried him off and gave him water to drink in a dropper. I kept him on a towel in case he threw up again, then promptly removed the towel each time so he wouldn't get any more poison onto his skin. When he seemed to be done vomiting, I gave him more water, half of a benadryl tablet, and soothed coconut oil onto his rashy back. He struggled most of the night since his seizures continued even through his sedation. In the morning I began giving him unflavored Pedialyte in the dropper to keep him hydrated. By noon he ate some canned chicken, but still would not drink on his own. He still had not gone pee since the day before. I kept giving him the Pedialyte every hour or so, along with half a benadryl every 6 hours to keep him calm. Today is the third day since the poisoning, finally he has been able to pee, and he is much better, though he still wants to lay around most of the time and has about one seizure every few minutes. This is a great improvement from the first day, when his seizures were non-stop. Tomorrow is Monday, so I will be taking him to the vet first thing. From what I've read online, however, most deaths took place within 3 days, so hopefully we will be past the danger period by then. I have used this product on my other dogs also, with no side effects, but since it's obviously possible for the pet to silently reach a toxicity level before anyone notices a problem, I will definitely NEVER apply this poison again to any of my pets. The skeptics and the companies themselves will probably say it was just a fluke or maybe something else was responsible for the terrible reaction (that has been the pattern, actually). To them I say, do your homework. I wish I had. This report is my informed opinion only, meant to be of help to other pet owners. Good luck to all pet owners and the animals who depend on them to keep them safe. I hope my story can save a life or better yet, prevent a poisoning from happening in the first place. SPREAD THE WORD! Angela Santa Rosa, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
30, Report #20407
Jul 21 2002
12:00 AM
Hartz Mountain is ripoff. Secaucus, New Jersey
I purchased a Hartz 2-in-1 Safety flea collar for two of my cats. After the collar had been on one of the cats for a week or so, I noticed that his fur looked strange around the collar. I checked to make sure that it wasn't too tight, and when I moved the collar, his fur was gone! All of the fur around his neck where the collar had been had been burnt off, and there were several blisters. I had to take him to the vet, which ended up costing $75, not to mention how bad I felt for almost poisioning him! Luckily the other cat was only left with a few hairless patches, but no blisters! So, BEWARE, safety doesn't always mean safe! Kelli Dayton, Ohio
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
31, Report #44204
Feb 06 2003
01:27 AM
Alyon Technologies ripoff fraud dishonest business practices Secaucus New Jersey click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
I contacted the city clerk in Secaucus and she gave me the name of hartz Mountain (owner of 1 Harmon Plaza) their #201-348-1200,they never heard of Alyon Technologies nor have they rented to any one of that name ? I challenge us all to find out who these ripoffs are!! They likely are all ready operating from prison. If they want my money they will have to come forward and disclose who they are.this company has no phone ,no address,just a po box,.I need a name,then I can file a claim in court. no legitmate company disguises itself behind a po box. I challenge this company to respond or rebut these concerns ,give us a real name ,real address,real phone. You will rot otherwise, waiting for my money !!! Lee silver lake, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
32, Report #100359
Jul 25 2004
11:14 AM
The Hartz Mountain Corporation ripof I used Hartz Advanced Flea Drops on my cat the morning of 5/20/04 and by 11 PM the cat was having seizures and his ears twiched continuously. Seizures continue. Hartz rep. said theywould pay for vet visit. Turned in bill for $237. but no response to date. Secaucus New Jersey
On May 20 about 10:30 AM I used Hartz Advanced Care Flea & Tick Drops on my cat, Rip. Around 11 PM he started to have seizures with his back legs buckling like what we've seen the cows do with mad cow disease. He ran all over the house like a crazed thing. His ears were twitching continuously. I tried to wash the flea drops off his neck but by now the drops were probably absorbed. The next morning I did bathe him. The ear twitchs stopped the next day but the seizures kept up. I called Hartz's #800 number to report this. The man I talked to said Hartz would reimburse me if I had to take the cat to vet. I finally did this on June 25. The vet did a blood test to make sure his liver etc were ok. but said the drops had done havoc with the cat's nervous system. The bill was $237.00 which I sent to Hartz on July 7. No answer as yet. Probably won't get a letter or a reimbursement. However, the cat still gets the seizures. What is the best way to procede? Can't afford another visit but I can see long term effects in my cat's actions. This product should be off the market!. Ann Delray Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
33, Report #1073777
Aug 07 2013
08:01 AM
Noelani Beverage LLC, Noelani Coconut Water, Ed Hartz Guilty of non-payment for graphic design and printing services. Sandy Hook Connecticut
I began designing labels for Noelani's Coconuts. I finished the design to Ed's liking, he signed off on the design and told me that he would pay me as soon as I delivered both the printed labels and the electronic files for the labels.He said he didn't trust graphic designers. I submittted an estimate for the design and printing costs. He approved the estimate. I printed 1,000 labels at my expense, and delivered the electronic art for the labels.I submitted the invoice on December 7, 2012. Despite multiple conversations with Ed, and multiple promises, with multiple excuses, I have not been paid yet.  He did send me a photo of his new refridgerated truck and new graphics on the truck!
Entity: Sandy Hook, Connecticut
34, Report #744986
Jun 24 2011
01:16 PM
The Cedarcide Store Cedarcide is worthless for killing fleas Internet, Texas
I ordered Cedarcide to help eliminate the fleas in my yard and on my dogs.  The website says that the product CedarCides PHL Concentrate is an All Natural Solution For Pets, Horses and Livestock. This highly Concentrated Natural Flea and Tick Control Product is Organic, Pet Safe and Non Toxic. One quart Makes Over 100 Gallons of Dip, Bath or Spray.  To date, the only one time Flea control substance known to man that will kill the Flea, its larvae and the eggs, with one application. No follow up treatments necessary. PHL is perfectly safe to use inside as well as outside.This product is absolutely worthless in killing or getting rid of fleas or any other pest.  At $60 a quarty, this product is an absolute rip off.  When I contacted the company, they tried to tell me I needed to buy yet another product to be able to get rid of the fleas.  Not falling for that.Bottom line is do not waste your money on this product.   
Entity: Internet, Texas
35, Report #52073
Jun 24 2003
03:13 PM
Alyon caught on tape during live TV news interview, click here to see the tape! *UPDATE..Aloyn trys to seperate themselves from the billing company.. More deception.. Looks like same company, same officers under more than one Business name. click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
06March2003 --- CLICK ON THE BLUE link below to see the Video Alyon Technologies,Inc., USCI, Inc., and Telecom, the company billing all us victims are at the same address. The SEC in a letter to me said Alyon Technologies was a private company held by Tina Whitfield located at 5555 Triangle Parkway, Waterford Ctr., Ga. 30092. How could that be if Tina Whitfield is the controller of USCI? AKA Alyon .. Because you are doing one business under more than one Business name! ***********************< Alyon is trying to seperate themselves from the billing company. More deception... As a victim / turned consumer advocate I contacted Alyon Technologies, Inc. numerous times and they blamed me for the charges. Never once did they say they were not the company that did this. A spokesperson for Alyon Technologies said the only way this software would download was if someone here hit the ACCEPT button. Not true! In fact they are outright (censored). Detective Dave Cheek had it happen to him during an interview with Jim Strickland of WSBTV Atlanta, Georgia. This is on the video that can be accessed by clicking on the link below this paragraph. Watch Jim Strickland's Full Report-Pt. 1 WSB TV News Report. This is Part 1 wsbtv Atlanta Jim Strickland, Consumer Investigator Action News Channel 2 News Atlanta Georgia.. Alyon got caught on tape at Gwinnett County Police Department in Georgia, where the cameras were rolling and Alyon automatically took over Detective David Cheek's computer, ..anyone surprised? Watch Jim Strickland's Full Report-Pt. 2 Part 2 of the Alyon investigation, more evidence, Jim Strickland, wsbtv channel 2 Atlanta Georgia, Consumer Investigator, also features Rip-off Report.com John Smith During one of my many calls to Alyon, they also said ..it was okay for my child to look at Pornography until it cost me money. I never said anything to them about any children. BILLING COMPANY CHARGING YOU HAS THE SAME OFFICERS AS ALYON !!! Alyon is now claiming it is not their fault that; some other company is doing it. Excuse me what other company? Could Alyon Technologies, Inc. be trying to tell me that their Left hand doesn't know what their Right hand is doing? Alyon Technologies, USCI, Inc. and Telecom are at the same address with the same officers/owners, sleeping with one another. That just does not fly Alyon Technologies! The SEC in a letter to me said Alyon Technologies was a private company held by Tina Whitfield located at 5555 Triangle Parkway, Waterford Ctr., Ga. 30092. How could that be if Tina Whitfield is the controller of USCI? Because you are doing one business under more than one Business name! In each conversation with Alyon Technologies I asked what could do this'? They said someone in my home prompted their software to download. Then they went on to say I had to have been aware that their (emphasizing they said THEIR software, not someone else's) software was going to install. Who or what are they talking about? I did not know that the software was downloading. I did not know it would put Dialerware into my computer changing Critical Microsoft settings. Alyon Technologies, Inc. in my opinion, you knew when you started this (censored) what you were doing. You are the people that sent the bill. You are one in the same company, and passing off the blame to the billing company WILL NOT WORK! You just did not expect this kind of a result, did you?. I hope Law Enforcement gets you-ALL and puts your butts in a Federal Prison to make License Plates and keep you away from computers for life. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? Photo of One Harmon Plaza Building, Alyon WAR Room. READ UPDATE!! Submitted: 3/6/2003 6:52:42 PM:Alyon TV News Report. Click to view actual video below!, Part 1 & 2 wsbtv Atlanta catches Alyon in the act, Alyon caught on tape at Georgia police station, where Alyon automatically takes over a Detectives computer in ! Click on to video link. Update 3-6-03 below. Alyon Technologies, Inc. is located on the Second floor of the Building owned by Hartz Mountain Industries, Inc.(Switchboard telephone number 201-348-1200; Hartz Mountain Industries, former sellers of Birdseed now Huge New Jersey and New York Real Estate Developer declined to give me the actual Suite number, saying I could find it on the Directory on the First Floor.). But TV station employee pointed the building out for me. Alyon Technologies, Inc. has been attacking citizens across America committing Acts of Cyber-Terrorism, just when our government is trying to fight the War on Terror. The President of the United States now has the Department of Home Land Security which has the full power of the Law to use against Terrorism. EDitor of Rip-off Report stated that there are over 3,000 e-mailed complaints that have come into Rip-off Report since November of 2002 about Alyon Technologies, Inc. On Rip-offReport alone, there are over 625 complaints against Alyon Technologies, Inc. at the time of this posting. One Harmon Plaza, Secaucus, New Jersey Harmon Cove Development part of Hartz Mountain Properties Alyon Technologies is doing the work of EVIL-DOERS on the 2nd floor of One Harmon Plaza http://www.hartzmountain.com/properties/property_home.phtml?building=127 One Harmon Plaza, Secaucus, NJ. 2nd Floor, Alyon Technologies, Inc. is HIDING in a TELESCANDAL Suite. Map to One Harmon Plaza, Secaucus, NJ, just incase anyone wanted to pay their bill in person.  Alyon Technologies,3100 Medlock Bridge Rd, suite 1400, Norcross Georgia ,U.S.A. MAIN OFFICE. Alyon Technologies.Ms. Stephane Touboul, Chief Executive Officer ,J. Caro, Alyon Customer Support Specialist,Maria McAllister, Support,One Harmon Plaza, Secaucus, NJ 07094 USA, Phone: 201-865-7600, Fax. 201-865-0175, Email: stouboul@alyon.netAlyon Technologies Union City Connection Number 201-553-4710 Telecom Billing Systems Inc.1 Harmon Plaza SECAUCUS, NJ 07094201-865-7600 (same number as Alyon Technologies, Inc.) USCI, Inc.Tina Whitfield (shame on you)Joe Doherty (same address as Alyon in Norcross, GA) Alyon Technologies, Inc. is hiding its Business in a Big Building in Secaucus, NJ under the corresponding company Telecom Billing Systems, Inc. The United States has Bunker Busters now, so you can not hide. Alyon Technologies, Inc. has sent bills to people who are deceased. Alyon Technologies, Inc. sent a bill to a BLIND child. Alyon Technologies, Inc. billed a Christian church. Alyon Technologies billed phone numbers with people's names that didn't correspond to that number. Alyon Technologies puts all the responsibility on which the PHONE NUMBER is assigned to. Alyon Technologies, Inc. has violated COPA (Children's Online Protection Act) by allowing ANYONE to prompt their download with an ACCEPT button. Alyon Technologies, Inc. has DENIED all allegations presented to them by WWORtv UPN 9 Investigative Reporter of Secaucus, NJ, aired February 26, 2003. Alyon Technologies, Inc. DENIES their Dialerware download is Malicious Software in spite of the fact it changes CRITICAL Microsoft settings without the computer owner's approval. Alyon Technologies, Inc. includes in its FIRST BILL sent by U.S. Postal mail this statement: Payment in full must be received by the due date listed below. Failure to pay the amount may result in your account being forwarded to a collection agency, at which time all means legal and proper may be utilized to recover the amount due. Alyon Technologies, Inc. MAY make an adjustment to your bill IF you send them a copy of your child's BIRTH CERTIFICATE to show that a minor accessed their site. DO NOT SEND! Alyon Technologies, Inc. discourages anyone billed to call their Secaucus Customer Support number by being rude and using name-calling to further humiliate people they are VICTIMIZING. The Customer Service number they provide (800) 379-0239 is only a RECORDED message. Alyon Technologies, Inc. accesses UNLISTED telephone numbers which means your local or long distance carrier is providing this information to them. Only Special government agencies should be allowed access to this. Alyon Technologies, Inc. said, The Internet is for ADULT use only. The President of the United States George W. Bush said 70% of children in the United States have access to the Internet Alyon Technologies, Inc. are (censored). Their software provided by eGROUP of Lyon, France modifies installs and takes control over CRITICAL Microsoft software, which by definition makes it a VIRUS program. Alyon Technologies, Inc. has complaints posted about them by nearly all-50 states in the USA. Alyon Technologies, Inc. is using this scam.http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2002/11/integretel.htm Web Address to Verity vs. FTC on Slamming' used the same method to trap customers. FTC found them guilty of slamming' and fined them $1.6 M Alyon Technologies, Inc. has been playing on peoples fears, embarrassment and humiliation to pressure them to be quiet and pay. Where is the overseas money being funneled to, Terrorism? Harmon Cove Aerial View Photo THE FOLLOWING IS RECOMMENDED TO ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN BILLED BY ALYON OR TELECOM: Write a Certified letter with RETURN RECEIPT to Alyon Technologies disputing the charges. This is very important because it establishes a record of your dispute. Also, call 201-865-7600 the number to Alyon in New Jersey and tell them that 'you deny all knowledge of anyone using their website' File a complaint with the Georgia Attorney General's Office. They have an ACTIVE INVESTIGATION, please do this now. State of Georgia, Phone: 404-656-3300 Go to the Attorney General's web site of your state and file a complaint. Go to the Federal Trade Commission's web site and file a complaint. http://www.ftc.gov File a complaint with the IFCCFBI http://www1.ifccfbi.gov/index.asp Submit a tip to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They are currently investigating Alyon Technologies. Please file a complaint! http://www.fbi.gov File complaint with FCC http://www.fcc.gov File a complaint with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service if you suspect you are a victim of mail (censored). A (censored)bill is MAIL (censored)!http://www.usps.com/postalinspectors/fraud/ContactUs.htm Postal Inspector Hotline: 207-871-8587 File a complaint with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, http://www.cybertipline.org/ , http://www.missingkids.com/cybertip/ Complain to The Internet Fraud Watch Center 800-876-7060 http://www.fraud.org/welcome.htm A Fox affiliate has done an Investigation On Alyon Technologies. It was to have aired on February 26, 2003. According to sources the FBI is now investigating Alyon Technologies, Inc. Write a complaint to the Mayor of Norcross, Georgia, Lillian Webb lwebb@norcross-ga-gvt.com Norcross Website: http://www.norcross-ga-gvt.com/ Write a complaint to the mayor of Secaucus, NJ Dennis Elwell, mayor@townofsecaucus.com Write a letter to Planning Commissions of Gwinnett County, lgreen@ilovegwinnett.com (Lorraine Green) , marcia@ilovegwinnett.com, diane@ilovegwinnett.com File a complaint with AT&T since they may have helped switch your carrier without your consent (a slamming violation) and they have access to your UNLISTED number. SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING AT&T: Calls to Chad or Vanuatu. Someone received charge for calls to Vanuatu 6minutes $40. Does AT&T own this one? Operator answered, Yes, sir, it does. In other words, the phone calls that were made from computer to access pornography was supplied by AT&T. BEWARE of AT&T! http://law.washington.edu/lct/bestgenieTOC.html#Smut Your State Senators and Representatives File a Rip-off Report. FBI, FTC, and other agencies look at Rip-off Report.com. Rip-off Report puts these agencies in touch with victims who filed a Rip-off Report. Write a letter to The Whitehouse regarding Child Online safety. Refer to the President's speech. He made a great speech now it's time to have his help in going after Alyon Technologies. President Increases Federal Efforts to Promote Online Safety http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/10/print/20021023-8.html The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500The White House Phone Numbers COMMENTS: 202-456-1111, SWITCHBOARD: 202-456-1414, FAX: 202-456-2461 TTY/TDD Phone Numbers (for the Hearing-Impaired Only) 202-456-6213 Comment Line, 202-456-2121 Visitors Office White House e-mail Addresses: President George W. Bush: president@whitehouse.gov Complain to your Pastor, Priest, Minister or other civic minded leaders. Get them to help put this type of Business in the hands of Law Enforcement. Help to abolish this type of operation with new Laws passed to protect our children and our families. It is alleged by the hundreds of complaints I have read, that these people are organized (censored), targeting ANYONE who has Internet access, (and some that do not have Internet access). They are specifically targeting children and teens more often than other individuals. This 'NOCREDITCARD pornography' CRIMINAL' (censored)must be stopped! This was a planned CRIMINAL (censored). To advertise NOCREDITCARD pornography pop-up ads primarily on children/teen sites, SELF DOWNLOAD and INSTALL firewall-killers, spyware, Trojan worms and dialers, send (censored)bills to owners of the telephone lines. These 'pornography pop-ups' and 'pornography emails' are SET to automatically download and install Alyon/eGroup's products NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. Alyon and eGroup's 'POP-UP' AND 'DRIVE-BY' DOWNLOADS AND INSTALLATIONS Some of the ILLEGAL DOWNLOAD and INSTALLATION ITEMS INCLUDE: minidialer, iedisco.exe, elksoftfirewallkiller, I-Worm.sobig, IEAccess/IEAccess2, StripPlayer, forgetfirst, dialsecond, activestripsetup.dll, openme.exe, PopupToOpen, ExitPopupCBUrl-http://usa-network.video-party.com/index, ExitPopupUrl-http://auth.us.egwn.net/get-ani.php, IEAccessUAH-http://www.normal.video-party.com, Electronic Billing System, Data F-http://www.normal.video-party.com, blacklist, video, egroup, alyon.net, xww.de, start-up, hooker, strip, worm, sobig, ACX_Install, VLoading, ActiveStripSetup, and many more malicious items. And yes, Ms. B. Jo McAllister, YOUR PRODUCTS ARE VIRUSES! Don't jump we want Law Enforcement to catch you! Stephane Toubal, Tina McAllister, Tina Whitfield, and Joe Doherty are the Just-Gotta-Make-A-Buck-Off-Any-US Citizen-At-Any-Cost kind of people. When interviewed by WWOR TV, Mr. Toubal (or is it Ms.) said we are ALL (censored).! ALL OF US, Mr. Toubal? HOW CAN THAT BE? I suppose this would include the City Hall in Oklahoma, the Church in South Carolina, and the HUNDREDS OF INNOCENT VICTIMS who have come forward and filed complaints. (Many have recommended saving these items to a disk for evidence before deleting them.) Search your computer for 'mini dialer and 'iedisco.exe' and delete them. They have created a folder called 'eGroup'- find and delete it. They have also made changes to your Windows Registry. (See Rip-Off Report #45776 - items found in Windows Registry.) There are many Rip-Off Reports with instructions on finding and removing Alyon/eGroup's POP-UP and DRIVE-BY DOWNLOADS AND INSTALLATIONS. Spybot S&D with the latest updates will find and remove ALL of Alyon/eGroup's items, if you cannot manually remove them. *Use at your own risk* The so-called numerous safeguards that Detective David T. Cheek (GwinnettCountyGeorgiaPoLiceDept.) claims are in place to prevent 'unintentional access' to the material provided by Alyon/eGroup NEVER APPEARED on our computer screens. Read on--Norton Works, doxdesk.com, and spywareguide.com will explain WHY they never appeared on our screens. Norton Works classifies Alyon/eGroup's software as Nuissanceware and Dialerware that takes advantage of flaws in the computer web browser. Persons running MSIE 5.0 or MSIE 6.0 without service pack1 are still at risk. This is what www.spywareguide.com and www.doxdesk.com have to say about Alyon/eGroup and their products: Electronic Group: Be EXTREMELY careful viewing pages made by these people: many of their pages exploit IE security holes (particularly the Content-Disposition zero-byte-in-extension bug) to insert their certificates into your Trusted Publishers list, allowing THEM TO INSTALL THEIR PROGRAMS AUTOMATICALLY. E-group uses security holes in Internet Explorer for installing their software. Seems to have a secret relationship with alyon.net (Alyon should be their competitor, but Alyon has it's support pages on egwn.net) Products by Alyon/eGroup: Stripplayer and IEAccess/IEAccess2eGroup Product: StripplayerFull Name: StripPlayer Websearch Type: Dialer Also Known as: strip-player StripSetup Created by: Electronic Group Danger Level: 3 Level 3: Minimal Threat May profile users or broadcast data back to a server with (opt-out) permission. Removal is hard. Comment: Installed by ActiveX 'DRIVE-BY-DOWNLOAD' on porn related pages THAT MIGHT BE OPENED BY POP-UP ADVERTISING. Installation can happen TOTALLY AUTOMATICALLY on versions of Internet Explorer older than IE6 Service Pack 1, as a security hole is exploited to add the manufacturers, 'Electronic Group', to the list of publishers you trust, ALLOWING THEM TO INSTALL ANY SOFTWARE THEY LIKE. Security Issues: The 'StripSetup' ActiveX control can be used on ANY PAGE, by ANY AUTHOR, to DOWNLOAD AND RUN ANY EXECUTABLE FILE. THERE ARE NO SECURITY CHECKS, WHATSOEVER. Properties: Stays resident in background Stealth: hides itself from user. Makes changes to browser settingseGroup product: IEAccess/IEAccess2. Full Name: IEAccess: Websearch Type: Dialer Also Known as: IEAccess2 eGroup. Created by: Electronic Group. Danger Level: 4 Moderate Threat: Level 4. Nearly impossible to remove manually Comment: Installed by ActiveX DRIVE-BY-DOWNLOAD on porn related pages WHICH MIGHT BE OPENED or REDIRECTED TO by POP-UP ADVERTISING. May be INSTALLED AUTOMATICALLY, WITHOUT PROMPTING, on Internet Explorer versions earlier than IE6 Service Pack 1, THANKS TO A SECURITY HOLE. The installer pages exploit this to run an EXE, which adds 'Electronic Group' to the list of trusted publishers, whose software IE will install AUTOMATICALLY WITHOUT ASKING. Security Issues: IEAccess adds it manufacturers to the Window Trusted Publisher list. This means ANY web page can make sure ANY SOFTWARE signed by Electronic Group gets installed AUTOMATICALLY WHEN YOU VISIT IT. It is also suspected that it may be possible to use the IEAccess ActiveX control on ANY WEB PAGE to cause an arbitrary unsigned code to be executed. Properties. Stealth: hides itself from user. Makes changes to browser settings. Removal-Spybot S&D update 2002-11-17 and later can remove IEAccess.. More links about this company: http://www.doxdesk.com/parasite. Information above provided by Norton Works, www.spywareguide.com and www.doxdesk.com. There are many other sites that verify this information. DO NOT send these (censored) a copy of your child's birth certificate. Only a Government Agency can require you to do this. A MINOR CANNOT ENTER INTO A BINDING CONTRACT! DO NOT PAY THESE (censored)BILLS. Consumer Credit Regulation: 800-332-8529. Thank you D. of La. ALYON MADE AN ATTACK ON MY COMPUTER LIKE JACK BOOTED GESTAPO (censored) BREAKING DOWN MY FIREWALL Alyon Technologies made an Internet Attack on my home and my family on October 13, 2002. I have spent hundreds of hours trying to look for the full group of perpetrators to this Breach of My Security'. I started by calling and writing a letter to the company. Alyon Technologies sends a four-page story on how they can justify why they are Terrorizing' my family and my economic security. Letters and phone calls have gone out to the Attorney General of CA, FCC, FTC, Elected officials in Norcross, My Congressman, My State Senators, Secretary of State in Georgia, Governor of New Jersey, the FBI, the GBI, Pacific Bell, AT&T, Archbishop of New Jersey, L.A.Times, S.F. Examiner, N. Y. Times, O'Reilly, AP, UPI, INTERPOL, and others. President Bush has passed a HomeLand Security Act in 2002. It has the potential to bring the full power of all law enforcement agencies working in unison together to fight Terrorism'. He also made a speech on Federal Efforts to Promote Online Safety, http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/10/print/20021023-8.html I say Aylon Technologies is using Terrorism' because by definition this is what they are doing. Only through http://www.ripoffreport.com and other private citizen postings about Alyon Technologies made me realize this is a (censored)Organization. Alyon Technologies is using (censored)' tactics from other countries as well. Alyon Technologies has computer ties to France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Guinea Bissau, Africa. My original posting web address is http://www.ripoffreport.com/update.asp?RipID=38308 Our National Security depends on success in the War on Terrorism, which includes military, judicial, diplomatic, financial and humanitarian actions both at home and abroad. http://www.whitehouse.gov/response/. I see the words financial and judicial at home and abroad in there! Define terror. Terror is: such fear as agitates body and mind; dread; alarm; cause of fear. Now the definition of Terror sure fits what Alyon Technologies is doing. Have I gotten any help from Law Enforcement yet? No, or if I have they have not told me! Have I gotten help through the public posting at http://www.ripoffreport.com ? Yes and the hundreds of other people who have posted their alarm, dread and disbelief about Alyon Technologies to this website. The Whitehouse has appointed a special Homeland Security agent to each state. In California it is George Vinson Special Advisor on State Security 916-324-8908 . However, it does not give an e-mail address. Alyon Technologies has committed an act of Terrorism. It has taken me this long to realize it. I hope others will come forward send a letter to the appropriate person in their state designated to be in control of Homeland Security http://www.whitehouse.gov/homeland/ I called Alyon (201) 865-7600 to check the status of my bill. First, the woman denied they had received a Certified letter. I sent it with a return receipt. I was told they would remove the charges provided I send them a copy of a minor's birth certificate and verification the minor was living at the address of my phone number. Forget it, in my opinion Alyon Technologies are (censored). They want information that I wouldn't give out to anyone other than government authorities. I don't know that anyone here intentionally went to the Alyon website. The Attorney General of California has a copy of my complaint but they have not contacted Alyon Technologies because of staff cutbacks and not enough Californians have complained about this company. Thanks loads Attorney General Bill Lockyer, you've lost my vote. FCC says this did not qualify as a 'Slamming' violation because the guidelines don't cover Internet issues. The FTC just did an update on my file when I contacted them today. Multitudes (probably thousands...as in Verity International, Integretel and eBillit) will have to complain to them before some investigating gets done. KRON tv in San Francisco, CA did a piece on Alyon Technologies, Inc. http://www.kron.com/Global/story.asp?s=%20%201158081 Costly Computer Scam Leads to ID Theft PLEASE CONTINUE TO FILE COMPLAINTS WITH ALL AUTHORITIES LISTED IN THESE RIP-OFF REPORTS. WE ARE MAKING PROGRESS! WE WILL NOT LET UP, BACK OFF, OR GIVE IN UNTIL WE SEE THIS CRIMINAL COMPANY SHUT DOWN! Additional Detailed Information about Alyon Technologies and companies working with them. According to D&B, only ONE employee is there. According to Dun & Bradstreet, this is how the business is listed:Alyon Technologies, Inc.1723 New Central AvenueLakewood, NJ 08701. Phone: 732-901-3900D&B D-U-N-S 12-182-5017, Year Started: 2001, Private Corporation, Business Structure: Single, Subsidiary Indicator: Non-subsidiary. Top Executive: Stephane Toubal - Chief Executive Officer.Annual Sales: - Employees Here: 1.County: Ocean. Industry Sector: SIC 73890100-Personal service agents, brokers, and bureaus. D&B Marketing Pre-Screen Score: Medium Risk. D&B IT Demand Profile: Estimated Presence of a Network: 35% - 49.9%, Estimated Number of Nodes: 5 - 9, Estimated Presence of a WAN: 10% - 14.9%, Estimated Number of PCs: 2, D&B didn't list ANY branches at all. (thank you D.) Lakewood, New Jersey several connected entities Alyon is linked to Seacacus, NJ using it on their original billing. Alyon is also linked to Telecom Billing Systems (Lakewood, NJ) When Alyon can't get you to pay, they send it to Collections with Tellcollect (out of Atlanta, GA and a div. of USCI, more on Tellcollect below), it shows Norcross, GA because that is where Telcollect operates an office. Alyon is also using a new company connected to First Credit Services Inc. Info on First Credit below also. From Corporations Division, NJ. ALYON TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Report Date: 02/13/2003 , Business ID Number: 0100862258 Transaction Number: Sequence: 383789: 1 , Business Type: FOREIGN PROFIT CORPORATION . Status: ACTIVE , Filing Date: 10/10/2001 Home Jurisdiction: DE , Status Change Date: Stock Amount: 0 , DOR Suspension Start Date: DOR Suspension End Date: , Tax Suspension Start Date: Tax Suspension End Date: , Annual Report Month: 4 , Last Annual Report Filed: For Last Annual Report Paid Year: Incorporator: Agent: RICHARD PLUTZER Agent Address: 1723 NEW CENTRAL AVE LAKEWOOD, NJ 08701 Office Address Status: Deliverable ,Main Business Address: Principal Business Address: TELECOM BILLING SYSTEMS, INC.(Not connected to Telcollect, Norcross, GA) Report Date: 02/13/2003 Business ID Number: 0100855118 Transaction Number: Sequence: 383789: 2 Business Type: FOREIGN PROFIT CORPORATION . Status: ACTIVE , Filing Date: 07/09/2001 Home Jurisdiction: DE , Status Change Date: Stock Amount: 0 , DOR Suspension Start Date: DOR Suspension End Date: , Tax Suspension Start Date: Tax Suspension End Date: Annual Report Month: 4 , Last Annual Report Filed: ,For Last Annual Report Paid Year: Incorporator: Agent: RICHARD PLUTZER , Agent Address: 41 KEDMAN DR ,LAKEWOOD, NJ 08701 ,Office Address Status: Deliverable ,Main Business Address: Principal Business Address:,OrgName: 800SURVEY.COM ,OrgID: 800,SU, Address: ONE HARMON PLAZA, City: SECAUCUS, StateProv: NJ, PostalCode: 07094, Country: US NetRange: - , CIDR: , NetName: A800SURV32-57-0, NetHandle: NET-12-149-57-0-1,Parent: NET-12-0-0-0-1, NetType: Reassigned, Comment: RegDate: 2002-11-14, Updated: 2002-11-14. OrgTechHandle: VW75-ARIN, OrgTechName: Wilkos, Voytek , OrgTechPhone: +1-646-623-8654, OrgTechEmail: wwilkos@yahoo.com, Registrant:Elionora Scheiner (800SURVEY-DOM), 41 Kedma drive, Lakewood, NJ,08071, US, Domain Name: 800SURVEY.COM, Administrative Contact:Scheiner, Eleonora (ESH56) box2spring@AOL.COM, Elionora Scheiner, 41 Kedma drive, Lakewood , NJ 08071, 732-901-3901, Technical Contact:, Invite Internet Services Group (SR551-ORG) dns@INVITE.NET, Invite Internet Services Group, 1800 Glenarm Pl. Ste. 150, Denver, CO 80202, US, 800-657-1261 303-296-7338, Fax- 303-265-9171, Record expires on 03-Mar-2003., Record created on 03-Mar-1999.,Database last updated on 12-Feb-2003 12:46:38 EST.Invite Internet Services Group, 1800 Glenarm Pl. Ste. 150, Denver, CO 80202, US, 800-657-1261 303-296-7338, Fax- 303-265-9171, Record expires on 03-Mar-2003.. Record created on 03-Mar-1999.Database last updated on 12-Feb-2003 12:46:38 EST.Domain servers in listed order:NS3.INVITE.NET, NS4.INVITE.NET Corporate Info on:TELCOLLECT, INC. (FOREIGN PROFIT) Officers .5555 TRIANGLE PKWY STE 200, NORCROSS, GA 30092, Control # Status Filing Date Last AR Paid Jurisdiction 0037947 , ACTIVE/OWES CURRENT YEAR AR, 08/24/2000 , 04/15/2002 , NEW YORK , Registered Agent Agent Address Agent County UNITED CORPORATE SERVICES, INC, 422B FIRST AVE., STE. 15, TUCKER, GA 30084, DEKALB TELCOLLECT, INC., Corporate Officers, Title Name Address, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER LEE FEIST 5555 TRIANGLE PKWY STE 200, NORCROSS, GEORGIA 30092, SECRETARY TINA WHITFIELD 5555 TRIANGLE PKWY STE 200, NORCROSS, GEORGIA 30092, LEE Fiest, is now deceased, he utilized Murray Huberfeld's NY address for Telcollect. Telcollect is also connected to Americom. Huberfeld is notorious with the SEC, as you can read below. Domain Name: AMERICOMONLINE.COM, Administrative Contact:Byrdsong, Brian (HMTHHBSMLI) http://www.samspade.org/t/refer?a=BByrdsong@USCOMM.COM USCI/Telcollect, 3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Norcross, GA 30071, US, 678-268-2341 678-268-2341, Technical Contact: Global Crossing Inc. (PRM-NOC) http://www.samspade.org/t/refer?a=domain@GBLX.NET, 14605 South 50th Str..Phoenix, AZ 85044, 800-404-7714, Record expires on 17-May-2003.,Record created on 17-May-1999., Database last updated on 14-Feb-2003 18:51:44 EST.Domain servers in listed order:NAME.ROC.GBLX.NET, NAME.PHX.GBLX.NET, NAME.IAD.GBLX.NET TelCollect TelCollect, Inc. (TelCollect), a wholly owned subsidiary of USCI, specializes in accounts receivable management and the recovery of past due consumer and commercial debts. As of June 30, 2001, TelCollect is managing and collecting on more than $50,000,000 in receivables, up from approximately $15,000,000 at December 31, 2000. TelCollect specializes in telecom and credit card receivables, and is qualified to collect debts for clients in 38 states as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. To support the TelCollect operations, the company has developed and deployed a proprietary collection/receivables management software application. This web-based application is capable of handling data in a variety of formats, and combines the benefits of standard collections systems with advanced employee management and reporting systems in an integrated package. We have not found this unique combination in any other collections systems available to the market today. http://www.thestandard.com/article/0%2C1902%2C9524%2C00.html More recently, Salvani has consulted for a variety of small-growth companies. He's an expert in an obscure financial practice known as a reverse merger, in which a private company can go public by merging into a failing publicly traded company. While many investors prefer to see a company go public independently, defenders of the technique note that it provides a faster route to the public markets, as well as potential tax benefits. Opening an additional access point to our counters is what our customers wanted and we needed, explains Murray Huberfeld, CEO of Kosher Delight. U.S. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION Litigation Release No. 15826 / July 30, 1998 SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION v. SAM D. SCHWARTZ, BROAD CAPITAL ASSOCIATES, INC., MURRAY A. HUBERFELD, AND DAVID B. BODNER, Civil Action No. CV 98-6142 DDP (MCx)(C.D. Cal.) On July 30, 1998, the Commission announced that it filed various legal proceedings against Incomnet, Inc., a publicly held corporation headquartered in Woodland Hills, California, and three of its former officers and directors for their roles in a series of (censored)schemes in violation of the federal securities laws. The Commission also charged Broad Capital Associates, Inc. and Broad Capital's owners with violations of the securities registration and reporting provisions of the federal securities laws. The proceedings brought by the Commission include a lawsuit filed in federal court in Los Angeles against Sam D. Schwartz, Incomnet's former President and Chairman of the Board, Broad Capital, and Broad Capital's owners, Murray A. Huberfeld and David B. Bodner. Schwartz, who is 58 years old and a resident of Encino, California, is charged with securities (censored)for causing Incomnet to file false forms with the Commission and issue false press releases. Schwartz is also charged with using a nominee account to personally trade in Incomnet securities and for failing to disclose this trading as required by the federal securities laws. Specifically, the Complaint alleges that on August 28, 1995, Schwartz caused Incomnet to file a Form 8-K with the Commission which falsely stated that Schwartz had received prior written approval and consent from Incomnet's Board of Directors to establish a personal account to trade in Incomnet's stock. The Complaint further alleges that Schwartz caused Incomnet to issue a false press release in September 1995 that repeated some of the false statements in the Form 8-K and to file a Form 10-Q with the Commission in November 1995 that referenced the false Form 8-K. Finally, the Complaint alleges that in January 1995, Schwartz caused Incomnet to issue two press releases falsely denying the existence of the Commission's then-ongoing investigation of Incomnet, even though Schwartz knew at that time of the Commission's investigation. The Complaint also alleges that from June 1994 through July 1995, Schwartz purchased, through a nominee account, approximately 1,100,000 shares of Incomnet stock and sold approximately 900,000 shares of Incomnet stock without timely On July 22, 1997, Incomnet was named in a lawsuit, JAMES A. , BELTZ, ET. AL. V. SAMUEL D. SCHWARTZ, RITA SCHWARTZ, STEPHEN A. , CASWELL, JOEL W. GREENBERG, INCOMNET, INC., DAVID BODNER AND MURRAY HUBERFELD, Case No. 97-1678 (MJD/AJB), in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota. The lawsuit was filed by approximately twenty plaintiffs who were allowed to opt out of the GAYLES class action lawsuit to pursue a lawsuit on their own. The complaint alleges that Mr. Schwartz and the other defendants created a (censored)scheme to drive up the price of Incomnet's stock in violation of Sections 9, 10(b) and 20(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Rule 10b-5 promulgated thereunder, and Minnesota law. The lawsuit alleges losses by the plaintiffs of approximately $1.5 million and seeks unspecified damages. The case is in the discovery phase. Host MS_Chris says: Will - noted ... will take a look at, Will says: How about Prime (PRME) or Exchange i.e. valex?hobyup says: Jon, any opinion on SCII's website www.net2w.com which is registered to some guy name Murray Huberfeld in Lawrence,NY. I would've expect something like net2wiress in israel. Just digging... you can check in www.register.com, COMPANY BIO The firm, founded by Glenn Oppenheim in 1981, provided accounting, tax, and finance services for the textile and apparel industries. In 1989 Gil Ostrick joined the firm and became a partner in 1991, at which point the firm began to provide additional financing, and business valuation, litigation support and forensic accounting services to a wide variety of industries including food distribution, plastics, consumer products, telecommunications and information technology.The firm also specializes in small I.P.O.s and private placements under $10 million as the client's auditor. From 1996 on, the need for business valuation grew dramatically. Today we concentrate heavily in business valuations and strategic services, including bench marking, business risk assessment, financing, and auditing financial statements for I.P.O.s or private placements.Rubner; Alfred Akirov, who is involved in legal proceedings against Rubner concerningAkirov's investment in the company; David Bodner, and Murray Huberfeld. ... Kosher Delight Inc.1223 Avenue J, BROOKLYN, NY 11230-3603, United States, Phillip Huberfeld, President, Tel: 718 435-8500, Maps & Directions, First Selected Entity Name: FIRST CREDIT SERVICES INC. also owns Accounts Receivable Technologies. Current Entity Name: FIRST CREDIT SERVICES INC. Initial DOS Filing Date: 12/16/1999 County: RICHMOND Jurisdiction: NEW YORK Entity Type: DOMESTIC BUSINESS CORPORATION Current Entity Status: ACTIVE DOS Process (Address to which DOS will mail process if accepted on behalf of the entity) FIRST CREDIT SERVICES INC. 1675 RICHMOND RD , STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK 10304 ,Chairman or Chief Executive Officer ,FRANK RUSSO , 1 WOODBRIDGE CTR / SUITE 410 , WOODBRIDGE, NEW JERSEY 07095 Principal Executive Office , FIRST CREDIT SERVICES INC. 1 WOODBRIDGE CTR / SUITE 410 . WOODBRIDGE, NEW JERSEY 07095 Registered Agent ,NONE Credit info: ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE TECHNOLOGIES INC. Report Date: 02/15/2003 , Business ID Number: 0100800653 Transaction Number: Sequence: 384533: 1 , Business Type: DOMESTIC PROFIT CORPORATION , Status: ACTIVE , Filing Date: 12/06/1999 Home Jurisdiction: NJ , Status Change Date: Stock Amount: 2500 , DOR Suspension Start Date: DOR Suspension End Date: Tax Suspension Start Date: Tax Suspension End Date: Annual Report Month: 4 , Last Annual Report Filed: 10/11/2002 , For Last Annual Report Paid Year: 2001 Incorporator: MIRTHA MERCEDES , Agent: PAUL ERRIGO Agent Address: 60 ST. LAWRENCE WAY , MARLBORO, NJ 07746 , Office Address Status: Deliverable , Main Business Address: 1 WOODBRIDGE CTR SUITE 410 , WOODBRIDGE, NJ 07095 , Principal Business Address: Thanks Rip-off Report is the BEST place to file a complaint when an individual or business acts in a Criminal fashion. RIPOFFREPORT.COM does a better job working with many government agencies than the BBB, stated to me by several Attorney Generals and the FTC. Thank you Rip-off Report for this forum. Pam and D. Gregory now Consumer Advocate Redding, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Alyon Technologies
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
36, Report #39617
Jan 02 2003
12:23 AM
Hartz Moutain victimized many animal cat consumers deceptive harmful to cats Secaucus New Jersey
While brushing my beautiful Siamese 8 month kitten, I notice 2 fleas. I purchased the Hartz Advanced Plus Flea & Tick over the counter product. Following the instructions carefully and reading the packaging to see if there was an insert with warnings, i.e., may be harmful to pet. There was only a warning of skin irratation to the cat and a Human warning of eye irratation. I proceeded to apply it from her shoulder blades to her tail. Immediately she didn't like it on her. She began licking it making me even more worried, I took the box again turning it making sure I didn't miss an insert or Warning can be hazardourous to animals. Within hours she became irritable, vomiting, her belly swelled, she slavated all over, frequent urination and no bowel movements, she stopped eating her eyes became clouded and she was restless and lathriqic. Upon waking the next morning she was in real bad shape. I took her to the sink and washed the Hartz stuff off. She let me put her in the sink and put water on her. It was like she was so happy to have it off of her. Again within hours she started showing noticable changes. Her eyes cleared up, her belly shrunk, she began eating within 6 hours of removing the flea and tick product. I took her to the Vet to test her for liver damage and to make sure she was alright. $150.00 it cost me to never use this product again. I called Customer Service and requested they pay me back and most of all put a warning in the box alerting pet owners that their product has possible side effects. If we can put warnings on products humans use, why not alert pet owners that these side effects exist for their pets. If I would have seen it could have cause my poor kitten this much pain, I would have never applied it on her. I not only am requesting my $150.00 back, I want Hartz Moutain to be responsible to place this warning on their product. Gloria Mooresville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
37, Report #44874
Feb 11 2003
08:24 PM
Alyon Technologies Planted a worm rip-off deceptive & probably illegal! Norcross Georgia click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
My 12 year old son and his friends admit to checking out ummm.. women's breasts on-line for a few minutes. They accidentally got onto one of this companies sites and without them knowing, it downloaded a program that logged them onto the porn site every time they logged onto the internet! I have web histories showing that they were playing games on the cartoon network while this program was running in the background - and running up charges! I'm just beginning to straighten this out and wrote to the company telling them I WILL pay for the one time log on mistake for $9.98, but NOT for the worm they put in his computer causing their site to be accessed every time he accessed the internet! Like Catherine from Marietta, Georgia, I will also contact my State Attorney General and that of Georgia, as well as the Better Business Bureau and any other commissions I can find to stop these people if I don't hear back that they will take these charges off the bill. BTW the entire bill was $207 for 40 minutes of access. J. Southington, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
38, Report #120118
Dec 03 2004
12:01 AM
Hartz Control Onespot ripoff killed 2 of my purebred Siamese I want compensation for them. St. Thomas Ontario
I breed Siamese cats for money. They all got fleas. I finally found some Onespot for them, I used it, and 2 of my babies died.. The cost of Onespot is outragous, and now with a pregnant female dead, I have lost a possible $500.00, depending on how many kittens she would have had... The SPCA, was involved with this, and it was their vet that tested my cat and found it was this Onespot, that killed them... They were my babies, like my own children, and it's been difficult for me to get passed them all being gone... Onespot should be taken off the market, as now I have read many articles about the deaths or overdoses of too many animals... Will the company re-imburse me for my loses?? How would I be able to find out?? Diane Trail, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: St. Thomas, Ontario
39, Report #7069
Oct 10 2001
12:00 AM
consumer credit services-financial card division ripoff taking money from my account
A representative from this company called my home offering some type of credit card. He explained to me everything about the credit card and it sounded great. After I gave him my checking account number he told me how much it would cost...then I refused the card. Two months later...they debited my checking account $100. And plan on taking $99.99 more 15 days later! This caused my checking account to be overdrawn and I am stuck with bank fees too! When confronted about this situation the customer service department said they couldn't refund the money until they listened to my original conversation with the representative. DO NOT GET A CREDIT CARD FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
40, Report #405985
Jul 31 2009
09:19 PM
Zodiac Pet Products I used the spot on flea control on my cat and it nearly killed him! Schaumburg Illinois
I purchased the Zodiac spot on flea control for cats and kittens and used it on my cat on Sunday. Monday when I got up I noticed that he was twitching and shaking. The only thing I could figure was that I used that product the day before and today he was acting weird so I tried to wash it off. My Son then told me that while I was downstairs Spencer (my cat) had a siezure! He had fallen on his face and began shaking badly. I called the vet and they saw him right away. They gave him and IV and something to calm him down. They confirmed that this was caused by the pesticides in the spot on product. They wanted to keep him for a couple hours to give him another dose and make sure he got better. They called me later to tell me he was not improving any more and they are keeping them overnight. I am heart broken. He is still at the vet right now and I miss him very much. I can't believe that a pet care company would sell something that they know is bad for the animal. I found similar complaints on other websites. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!! I could still lose my friend. Justme pataskala, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Schaumburg, Illinois
41, Report #307192
Feb 29 2008
06:00 PM
Ultimate Warranty Corporation Will Not Pay for Repairs Rocky River Ohio
I was directed to this company via a broker called Warranties 4 Wheels ( totally useless in defending their customers saying it is not their fault). Ultimate on the past two claims was great paying the car dealer without delay. Now it appears they are out of money and being run by their parent company Capital Assurance. They are under control or monitoring of the South Carolina Department of Insurance. I notified Ultimate or Capital that I was having problems with my rear differential and was going to take it to a licensed facility that employs ASE mechanics. They told me on 02/01/08 no problem, have the mechanic disassemble the differential and they have an inspector look at it on 02/04/08. This to me was a bad sign from the get go as they had never sent an inspector on any of my previous claims. The inspector showed as promised, reviewed the parts in need of repair and said it did not look like a problem. Fast forward to 02/07/08, and my mechanic was notified the claim was rejected. First they said it was because he started the work without authorization and disassembled the differential. He said both him and the customer were told to go ahead and do this so the inspector could look at it. The rep backed off and then said it did not matter because the inspector said the claim should be rejected. The inspector said a vent tube was missing but did not make an issue of it during the inspection. My mechanic said the inspector should have noticed it sitting next to the parts to be repaired. He explained it had to be removed in order to take the differential out. The rep. did not care. The mechanic further explained the symptoms were not present in the differential had the vent tube been missing. The rep still did not care. The rep said the inspector found water in the differential oil. My mechanic said there was no water in the oil. He further said he had it drained in to a collection pail. The inspector never looked at the oil in detail and never took a sample. My mechanic explained the oil was black, not milky brown which occurrs when it is contaminated by water. The rep did not care. My mechanic explained the condition of the differential and how one set of bearings failed and caused damaged to the others. The rep. did not care. The inspector's report surprised my mechanic as he made no indications during the inspection that he was going to deny the claim. So I am stuck with a car that needs repair. A company that will not honor it's contract with me. Should I repair it and if they change their minds, will they then reject my claim again because it has been repaired ? It seems from the numerous complaints on this site and around the web, the company is attempting to get back on it's feet by rejecting claim after claim. This and getting people to make repairs first and then declining to pay because the repair was made without authorization. I am stuck with a warranty that has four more years and over forty thousand miles of coverage on it. What government agency is going to step up for the consumer and protect us. I am interested in a class action suit should one arise. Dave T Hillburn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Rocky River, Ohio
42, Report #44906
Feb 11 2003
09:16 PM
Alyon Technologies, Inc ripoff Norcross Georgia click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
Today I recieved a bill for $146.70 on Jan. 30 at 9:37 to 9:42 It does not say AM or PM but I work days and by Thursday am in bed by 9 PM. It does not show my email address and my phone bill does not reflect a call at this time. I am not going to pay this bill. Sincerely, Robert East Ryegate, VermontU.S.A.
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
43, Report #1184279
Oct 22 2014
09:32 AM
Robert Lifson Fraudulent and unethical behavior Watchung New Jersey
 (((redacted))) I invite anyone to contact me for additional information. BEWARE OF ROBERT LIFSONI consigned vintage high-grade baseball, football and non-sports cards to Robert Edward Auctions/Robert Lifson. He damaged some valuable cards. He said he would reimburse me. Instead he kept my cards, and sued me for my own cards!I had to get a New Jersey Attorney. I was charged $57,000 to get a $7,500 judgment vacated. The attorneys failed to include bailment in the counterclaim so I could not collect damages. I lost over $100,000 in property in addition to $57,000 in legal fees.Robert Edward Auctions has since been sued by others for fraudulent activities.I invite anyone to contact me for additional information.This is a letter sent to the Attorney General of Maryland:(((redacted))) October 25, 2004 Mac JacobsonOffice of the Attorney GeneralConsumer Protection Division200 Saint Paul PlaceBaltimore, MD21202 Re: MU-86499 Dear Mr. Jacobson: As you have requested I am responding to Lifson’s letter to you. Although I believe I have previously addressed most of the issues and my concerns, I will respond to his letter accordingly. I actually enjoy this opportunity, as I believe my response and supporting documentation will further prove his fabrications, falsehoods and untruthfulness to me as a consignor, and to you and your office as an investigative agency. 1) He solicited in June 2003. I reluctantly sent him my property based upon his misrepresentation of himself. Had he informed me that the auction was to hold 11 months from the date of contact, I would entrust neither he nor anyone else with my property. I assume he intentionally does not put the auction date in his advertisements, like Maestro and others in this industry do. 2) I am including as an attachment a copy of his advertisement in “Sports Collectors Digest“, Nov. 14 2003, page 79. (See #8 Below). This same ad appears in many issues of “The Wrapper”, and other periodicals. Please note his ad states, “If you have a significant high value item or collection that you are considering selling at auction, you can’t afford NOT to contact Robert Edward Auctions. His ad also states, “If you have high quality material to bring to auction...” This is the very ad and solicitation I had previously submitted to you on August 30. 3) First, I am forwarding the cover of his auction from March 2001. It clearly shows, “Robert Edward Auctions, a division of MastroNet”. In addition I am including the back page of a MastroNet auction. Again, it clearly shows his association. Finally, I am including a copy of my email to him dated June 15, 2003. I asked him about setting up with Mastro, because of the erroneous information he provided to my about his association. You will further note that he did not refute his association with Mastro in his reply of June 16. I am submitting to you another of his ads, which appears in “Sports Market Report”, January 2004, page 34 and 35. In his own words he refers to his association with MastroNet! I am also forwarding a copy of my September 18, 2003 letter to Doug Allen, the President of Mastro. I believe that he only began to inform the public about his disassociation with Mastro because of my complaints to them about his fraudulent activity, and his use of their name and reputation. As I mentioned previously, he only wanted high-grade, high quality material for his auction. He returned them to me because he said the cards were of such high quality that it would not warrant their inclusion and replacement of those in the set. He suggested that I have them professional graded and sold independently, or on the internet. He states my cards he damaged would not warrant a grade of “8” or higher. Common sense would indicate that if after damage he states they would be a “7”, then before his negligence they would warrant a higher grade, either an “8” near mint/mint, or a “9” mint. It doesn’t matter what holders he returned my cards to me. What matters are how securely they were packaged. In none of my communication from him does he ever state any of my cards I sent to him were damaged or trimmed, until months later. Please see as an attachment his email to me admitting that there was damage! I am including as attachments a “How to Use Condition Guide”, from a Beckett Baseball Guide. Beckett’s is recognized as one the foremost publications for grading and prices. You will note the difference between a Near Mint-Mint and Near Mint can be very minor.  I also forward a copy from “Sports Collectors Digest” that shows for example the value of card 123, Sandy Koufax in NM is $685. Yet this same card is valued at $1800 in NM/M and $10,000 in Mint! I am including Card Valuations based on some of the most popular collector periodicals and price guides. He states, “Even if there had been any where to the corners in transit, it would have had to have been an issue involving tens of dollars, as opposed to hundreds or thousands of dollars.” He says he has been in business for many years. Even beginning collectors quickly learn the value of the grade of the card.Again, he has provided misleading and blatantly untrue information to your office. After my complaints to Mastro, and after I demanded what I thought at the time was fair replacement value, months later he indicated my Koufax was now mysteriously trimmed, as were “some”, “many”, and “about a dozen” of my 1952 football cards. Actually, he says “they are very obviously trimmed”. As the expert he portrays himself, wouldn’t he have noticed this damage to my cards particularly the Koufax card, upon reception or shortly thereafter? I told him I offered the Three Stooges set, and that set alone to Mastro. They declined only because the #1 card and two others were not NM/M and Mint condition like all the other 93 cards in the set. This was still a very high-grade Nm/M set.4) On October 6, I revoked my permission for Lifson to include any of my property in his auction. Another copy is forwarded for your convenience. His response stated that he “would demand shipping fees...related expenses(?). We will incur no shipping expenses”.Later that month he again begun sending emails saying he wanted to return my property. I responded by sending him the same letter of October 6. He later reneged on his proposal and said he would not return them to me. I wonder a consignor lives in Hawaii or elsewhere, they are obligated to fly or drive at their expense to retrieve whatever property Lifson decides to return? In his response of Nov. 2, 2003 he also indicates that he will reimburse me for some of the shipping expense if I drive to New Jersey! In essence, he knows that it will be more expensive in gas and tolls that his reimbursement is worth. 5) Again, I submit that if my Koufax card were trimmed, he would have brought it to my attention either before returning it to me, or after I returned it to him. It was not trimmed when I owned it. It mysteriously became trimmed on October 3, 2003! I never gave him permission to grade any of the three cards he damaged. He is correct when he says that “these doctored cards have little monetary value.” They only became “doctored” while in his possession. 6) He tells you I am a non-professional with respect...He has had no prior experience with me, and knows nothing about either my professional background, or my years of collecting. I submit that I have been grading cards for over 15 years. In addition I have been a contributor to Krause Publications for over 30 years. I have been an active collector for 45 years! 7) He repeats himself. My response to #2 above easily addresses this issue, and this misleading and untrue statement! 8) I have contacted “Sports Collectors Digest”. (See #2 above). I was never informed that this complaint was dismissed. It was agreed that since I would pursue legal action that it would be more appropriate to wait until a final resolution. I pursued this complaint at an early date to insure that there would be a record of contact. 9) See #3 above regarding his association with Mastro. Obviously, if I knew he had been associated with Mastro, I had no reason to believe otherwise. However, he still confirmed his association with Mastro in June 2003. During my telephone conversation with Lifson, I inquired specifically about two non-sports sets from the 1940’s and 1950’s. He called me back the following day, and said that although he had no Victoria Cross Heroes, Lowney Co., Crackerjacks, he had some Plane Cards by them. He further stated that although he had over 1,000,000 cards in his inventory there were mostly sport cards.  As your office has suggested, I have also forwarding my copy of my complaint to the United States Postal Inspector, and another copy of my letter to you of October 6, 2004.This letter included most of the same attachments Lifson sent to you. This includes his letter of September 10, where he apparently feels it is perfectly legal to now dispose of my property. He portrays himself as a victim, seeks recovery of “any costs incurred”.In his letter to you (#8) he has the audacity to inform you he is preparing legal action against me! I’m also forwarding a copy of the letter written to me by George Golumb, his attorney. He states, “If you (I) sign a release I can retrieve my property in New Jersey.” He says his clients haven’t damaged me. If I even would agree to this, I would            lose the value of the cards he damaged, and lose value of “some”, “many”, “about a dozen” cards he admitted were now trimmed. I wonder how many, if any of my original cards would be returned, particularly after I would waive damages? I believe the following to be true:He is guilty of a breach of contract.Active concealment and misrepresentation. The transferer was intentionally deceived as to the identity of the purchaser.Good faith and fairness.Bailment issues. He was under law duty bound to return my cards to me in October, 2003. Furthermore, he is obligated to return my identical property.Care of property. If the property is damaged or destroyed, the bailee is liable for the loss.Acceptance of goods. He had a reasonable opportunity to inspect my property for any damages. I feel the information submitted to you clearly shows Lifson in violation of the laws of the State of Maryland, and probably Federal rules laws and regulations as well. As I indicated in my letter to Steve Durst, US Postal Inspector, I now have additional information provided by Mastro that easily shows that I undervalued my cards. Any future actions will reflect this new information available to me. The auction catalogs from Mastro and Lifson, as well as the price guides referred to are available to you. In addition I can provide expert testimony as to the specific condition of the three cards before they were damaged, and to other cards. Please feel free to contact me should you have any additional questions. Clearly, I have been a victim of fraud. If you office chooses to ignore this issue, I feel Lifson will feel free to continue to defraud the residents of Maryland, New Jersey and other states. Sincerely, Anthony  These articles appear in the internet under “Robert Edward Auctions.” Robert Edward Auctions Offered Rare Baseball Card Stolen From Baseball Hall of Fame; Swiped Card is Rarer Than The T-206 Honus Wagner Card Featured in New Cooperstown Exhibit// Share|// By Peter J. NashApril 23, 2010 “1891 Jos. Hall Cabinet Card of “Smiling” Mickey Welch”Appearing as lot 100 in Robert Edward Auctions’ Spring sale of baseball cards and memorabilia was a rare baseball card of Hall-of-Famer “Smiling” Mickey Welch. Welch won 315 games between 1880 and 1892 and was known as one of the greatest right-hand-pitchers of the 19th century. His 1891 cabinet card, which was slated to be sold at auction on May 1st, was produced by Brooklyn photographer Joseph Hall and is encapsulated in a plastic case and graded “authentic” by card grading company SportsCard Guaranty (SGC). The auction house headed by Robert Lifson describes the card as “the first example we’ve ever seen” and notes that “the reverse displays tape remnants, surface paper loss, and handwritten notations, one of which (the name “Bob”) is in red marker.” The card is quite possibly unique and far rarer than the $2.8 million-dollar Honus Wagner card put on display at the Hall of Fame this past weekend as part of the collection of MLB owner Ken Kendrick- there are at least fifty T-206 Wagner cards known to exist. The problem is, the possibly one-of-a-kind card of “Smilin’ Mickey” that was on the auction block appears to be the property of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.Evidence of the theft is revealed in the paper loss and apparent vandalism exhibited on the reverse of the Welch card. Both the auction house and the card grading company fail to disclose that the damage to the back clearly indicates  information previously written on the card has been removed. In addition, the reverse shows the name “BOB” written in red marker in the upper right hand corner but, upon closer examination, it appears to have originally been “PD.”  “PD” written in red marker on the reverse of a photo is a designation found on images that are “Public Domain” in the collection of the National Baseball Library at the Hall of Fame.  The altering of the “PD” to appear as “BOB” and the additional paper loss on the reverse illustrate a clear attempt to conceal tell-tale ownership marks.The Welch card has been “slabbed” in an encapsulated holder that was originally developed for 20th century issues of traditional baseball cards, however, in recent years 19th century cabinet cards like the Welch have been graded in holders to enhance their value for collectors of graded material.  In the case of the Hall of Fame’s Welch card, SportsCard Guaranty’s encapsulation of the card didn’t enhance its value, rather it preserved a crime-scene for the authorities who will ultimately investigate the theft.  Further investigation into the matter has revealed that in 1957 the Hall of Fame received a donation of a group of Joseph Hall cabinet cards featuring the 1891 New York Giant players, including Mickey Welch. Records also indicate that in 1967 the cabinet cards were photographed by the library and a set of negatives were preserved. The inscription which has been defaced and vandalized on the reverse of the card most likely   read: “Negatives 2/2/67.” That same inscription appears on another 1891 card in the Hall of Fame collection, referring to the set of negatives documenting the Joseph Hall cards in 1967. One of the negatives in the set is believed to bear the image of the exact same cabinet card of “Smilin’ Mickey” Welch being offered in the current Robert Edward Auctions sale. It’s solid proof  that the New Jersey auction house was selling the Baseball Hall of Fame’s donated property. The Hall of Fame declined to furnish copies of the negatives when requested for this story.Sources indicate that Hall of Fame officials are currently conducting their own investigation into the matter. In regard to the issues related to the theft of the Welch card, Brad Horn, the museum’s senior director of communications, stated that the Baseball Hall of Fame would not comment on the situation.Other reports from sources indicate that the FBI is also investigating the theft in conjunction with an existing Federal probe into other stolen items sold by Robert Edward Auctions in the past. In addition to offering the Hall of Fame’s Mickey Welch card, Robert Edward Auctions has previously sold and handled several other items documented as stolen from the New York Public Library’s A. G. Spalding Baseball Collection . REA head Robert Lifson has also made a recent public confession that he was once apprehended while attempting to steal baseball material from the New York Public Library collection. Lifson was also the special consultant to Sotheby’s for the 1999 sale of the “Barry Halper Collection,” which also included many items stolen and suspected stolen from institutional collections, including the Baseball Hall of Fame. In 2007, Lifson sold the remaining collection of the deceased Yankee minority owner Barry Halper in a consignment from the Halper estate. That consignment from Halper’s widow, present Yankee minority owner Sharon Halper, included two stolen items from the Boston Public Library and at least one from the NYPL. The FBI and Boston Public Library confirmed that  Halper’s widow and Lifson were compelled to return those items.Even more troubling than the theft and proposed sale of the Welch card is the possibility that other rare Joseph Hall cabinet cards of New York Giant players may also be missing from the Hall of Fame collection. In 1983, the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) published an image of an 1891 Joseph Hall cabinet card of pitcher Tim Keefe and credited it to the Hall of Fame. The card appeared in a “Special Pictorial Issue” of baseball photography entitled, The National Pastime: A Review of Baseball History. Haulsofshame.com recently requested to view that 1891 cabinet card of Hall-of-Famer Tim Keefe as well as others featuring Hall-of-Famer’s Roger Connor and James O’Rourke.  The library staff, however, could only locate the O’Rourke card, which featured a “PD” designation on its back in red marker. Original contact sheets from SABR’s 1983 photo shoot at the Hall of Fame feature several images of  the 1891 Joseph Hall cabinets including Keefe, Connor and O’Rourke. The Hall of Fame declined to answer inquiries as to whether other 1891 cabinet cards were missing from the collection.    Million Dollar Litigation Rocks Memorabilia Industry Posted on April 11, 2011 by DaMMAgecontrol.com As first reported by veteran reporter Michael O’Keefe of the New York Daily News, Corey Shanus, a New York attorney and noted sports memorabilia collector, is suing the most prominent sports collectible auction house, the New Jersey-based Robert Edward Auctions (REA).In the suit filed in Manhattan courts, Shanus alleges that several pieces of nineteenth century memorabilia he purchased at auction in the early 2000s were later examined by experts who stated that they were not created until at least the 1920s. Shanus is seeking over one million dollars in damage in a move that is seen as yet another potential black eye for the auction industry.Shanus’ lawsuit and accompanying allegations are yet another link in the chain of public image problems for the auction industry that began with Operation Bullpen, an in depth investigation by the FBI that found evidence of forged autographs, counterfeit memorabilia, and shill bidding. The equivalent to baseball’s steroid scandal, the result was the closing of Mastro Auctions, the biggest target in the room.Like any good drama this story has an interesting cast of characters, with Peter J. Nash being chief among them. Nash, also known as “Prime Minister Pete Nice” in the hip hop community starred with 3rd Bass in the late 1980s. Following his career in hip hop, Nash entered the memorabilia industry and quickly amassed a considerable collection that was quickly overshadowed by considerable debt. Nash was the source of the items, having used them as collateral for loans that went unpaid.Robert Lifson, head of Robert Edward Auctions and formerly of Mastro Auctions, was quick to appear on several websites focusing on vintage sports cards and memorabilia to dispute the allegations and promising a counter-suit against Shanus to recover damages. It seems a long, costly courtroom drama is about to unfold. As more commonly found in a criminal preceding the case will be decided by experts representing the multimillion dollar collector who allege the items are counterfeit, versus experts representing the multimillion auction house who allege they are genuine.Due to the fact that an auction house is only as strong as its reputation, it seems unlikely that the two parties would settle out of court as is common in many lawsuits of this nature. However, news of the lawsuit has done little to damper the interest among collectors anticipating the 2011 Robert Edwards Auction, but a defeat in the courts could be felt in 2012 or beyond.It should be noted that the lawsuit seems carefully timed to coincide with the release of the 2011 Robert Edward Auctions catalog, considered by many collectors to be the most significant auction of the year. Michael O’Keefe is no stranger to the controversies surrounding the sports collectibles industry, having previously co-authored The Card, which details alleged fraud in the sports card grading field.  Protecting Yourself Against High-Dollar Memorabilia FakesThe dangers of buying fake sports memorabilia are not confined to online retailers with limited sales and low positive feedback scores. What? A feedback score of 33 percent from three buyers? But he's selling an authentic Strasburg game-used jersey from two weeks ago. Even though he's on the disabled list. What a deal! High-dollar memorabilia from well-known collections and respected auction houses can also be suspect.Case in point,  New York attorney Corey Shanus brought suit this summer against Robert Edwards Auctions, LLC (“REA) and Robert Lifson (Owner and Managing Member of REA) for allegedly selling him fake sports memorabilia. From the complaint filed in this case, it seems that between 2002 and 2009, Shanus made a number of purchases from REA and MastroNet, another company owned by Lifson. These purchases included an 1861 Grand Match Trophy Baseball, which MastroNet called a “spectacular trophy ball from the earliest days of organized baseball that “found a home in the fabled Barry Halper collection.Shanus paid $60,861 for the 1861 Trophy Ball. Yes, that ball probably cost more than your car or, possibly, both of them that are in your garage.But wait, there's more. Shanus also purchased an 1853 New York Knickerbocker Trophy Ball, which MastroNet described as the “earliest known trophy ball in existence and, “in our opinion, simply the finest and most historically significant trophy ball in existence, let alone to ever be offered at public auction. Shanus paid $161,992.45 for it.Think about that. For the price of a home mortgage, you could have, wait for it, a trophy ball. Shanus also purchased additional high-end items, including a Silver Trophy Ball from REA for $105,000.Most of the items Shanus bought were allegedly part of the Peter Nash collection. However, several red flags about that collection prompted REA to hire Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) to inspect the items in 2006. After two weeks, PSA concluded that a number of items in the collection were fake.In 2009, REA auctioned off a number of these Nash pieces and included the following disclaimer, “‘The Collection' is sold ‘AS IS' and with all faults. The sale is made without recourse. ‘The Collection' includes items that may be authentic in part…. It doesn't take a lawyer to read between the lines of this warranty.Shanus saw the warning and became concerned about the validity of the Nash pieces he'd bought before the disclaimer was added. He consulted Lifson, who responded there may be potential problems with certain items from the Nash collection, and that there “might be questions as to the authenticity of items that Lifson had previously obtained from Nash. Shanus then had forensic tests performed on his items, which confirmed they were indeed fakes.To put things into perspective, if you feel sick that your house is no longer worth what you paid for it because the economy isn't doing so well, you can keep faith in the fact that your house still has value. The value of a fake trophy ball, however, is a lot closer to $0. A house that's dropped in value can still be lived in. A fake trophy ball, besides being presented as evidence at trial, can be used as a really tacky doorstop.This suit is still in its early stages. When the defendants moved to dismiss the action, Shanus filed an amended complaint. The court gave the defendants extra time to respond to the new complaint. Once the defendants answer the amended complaint, we will likely get the defendants' side of the story (the above all comes from plaintiff's amended complaint). Regardless of whether RAE or Lifson did anything wrong (if they believed the items were authentic when they sold them, it could be a difficult case for the plaintiff), the lawsuit highlights that Shanus' problems with high-end, fake sports memorabilia is just the tip of the iceberg for the baseball memorabilia community.For example, the complaint references that the 1861 Trophy Ball, before it was part of the Nash collection, was part of the famed Halper Collection. For those who don't know, Barry Halper had one of the most prolific sports memorabilia collection in existence. He even contended that his collection was better than Cooperstown's. The Hall of Fame even acquired a number of items from the Halper Collection including what was believed to be a Shoeless Joe Jackson uniform.Unfortunately, experts have started to contend that a number of these items, including the Shoeless Joe Jackson uniform, were fake [Editor's note: While there may be a lot of truth in the article, it should be noted that Peter Nash wrote the linked Halper article while having ongoing litigation with Halper's representatives]. The Hall of Fame even conceded the Jackson uniform was not authentic and it has since been removed.These recent stories highlight a serious concern with the sports memorabilia market. If the most prolific collectors (Shanus) can be duped, and if some of the most iconic collections (the Hall of Fame, for crying out loud) contain fakes, what can us mere mortals do to protect our collections?As I wrote earlier, for any purchase, use common sense. If it's too good to be true, it is. For high-end merchandise, use your own independent authenticator prior to purchase. Additionally, for both low- and high-end memorabilia, there are a number of legal remedies if you find you have purchased fraudulent items. Most reputable sellers and auction houses will offer your money back (for a limited time) if you can prove the item isn't authentic.However, if you feel bad about your purchasing a fake Babe Ruth autographed baseball for $50, look on the bright side. It still has more value than a fancy fake trophy ball because at least you can still play catch with it.The information provided in Paul Lesko's “Law of Cards column is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues commonly encountered in the sports industry. This information is not intended to create any legal relationship between Paul Lesko, the Simmons Browder Gianaris Angelides & Barnerd LLC or any attorney and the user. Neither the transmission nor receipt of these website materials will create an attorney-client relationship between the author and the readers. The views expressed in the “Law of Cards column are solely those of the author and are not affiliated with the Simmons Law Firm. You should not act or rely on any information in the “Law of Cards column without seeking the advice of an attorney. The determination of whether you need legal services and your choice of a lawyer are very important matters that should not be based on websites or advertisements. 
Entity: Watchung, New Jersey
44, Report #659829
Sep 23 2011
04:39 PM
Marin Valley Mobile Country Club Hey Marin Valley Mobile Country Club, Perhaps Your Definition of Low Income Differs from The Rest Of Us? Novato, California
Let's not get all-elitist here. The average American is not that wealthy. Its $6 million. Well after all, a deal is a deal... until a better one comes along.   Question: How is being at Marin Valley Mobile Country Club different from being at the circus? Answer: At the circus the clowns dont beg for special consideration and whine at you their low-incomeness.  Never allow family to stand in the way of opportunity. Two Marin Valley Mobile Country Clubbers met on the Marin Valley street. One looked sad and almost on the verge of tears. The other Marin Valley Mobile Country Clubber said, Hey my friend, how come you look like the whole world has caved in?              The sad Marin Valley Mobile Country Clubber fellow said, Let me tell you. Three weeks ago, an uncle died and left me 150-thousand dollars.              That's not bad at all...!              Hold on, I'm just getting started. Two weeks ago, a cousin I never knew kicked-the-bucket and left me 395-thousand, tax-free to boot.              Well, that's great! I'd like that.              Last week, my grandfather passed away. I inherited almost a million.              So why are so glum?              This week - nothing!   Greed is eternal.   How about that current long-term low-income Marin Valley Mobile Country Clubber Jim Olson's multi-millionaire status in his 2007 $6 million defamation dollar lawsuit he filed in Marin. And obtained a $300,000 DEFAULT judgment. In Marin. And immediately files that Marin County, California $300,000 DEFAULT judgment IN Washoe County, Nevada.   She means nothing to me.   Yes, Nevada. Where the same Marin Valley Mobile Country Clubber James K. Olson had OWNED nine houses AND carried Farmers Insurance homeowners and landlords insurance on them through a Carson City, Nevada agent, Teixeira. And $20,000 year after year since 1996, Jim Olson pocketed from the Nevada rental income. After Olson had stripped his Nevada life of everything and moved it to Marin, he was still picking over his murdered Nevada lifes charred bones. Making sure he hadnt miss a single dollar there. No siree. Because the dollar is all.   I'll call you later.   And Jim Olson stripped the equity out of his Nevada houses at the top of the housing market. That means Jim Olson walked WITH $750,000 cash from the Nevada houses equity. And then walked FROM $1.3 million in debt.   A deal is a deal... until a better one comes along. Jim Olson did all this while living in and continuing to live in a low-income country club. Specifically the Marin Valley Mobile Country Club. Olsons home at the Marin Valley Mobile Country Club is located in what even these Clubbers themselves describe as the wealthiest most beautiful place on our planet.   Never place ETHICS above profit.   Couldnt have done it all without notorious for just creating the documents needed, another Marin shyster, Steven T. Schoonover. Jim Olson KNOWS he is a multimillionaire. At the time of his 2007 Marin court filing, Olson had filed for a whopping total $6 million against just one person. Yes. Olson had the confidence enough to sue and win in a Marin court to prove his claim he is worth millions. Jim Olson was right. He convinced the Marin judge he was worth millions. Know your enemies, but do business with them always.In 2007, in Marin Court Jim Olson clearly proved he has been for years and is a multi-millionaire. Per the public records in Reno and Marin County, California, check out especially Marin court CV 070655 Jim Olson is NOT low-income. Jim Olson has NEVER been low-income. Jim Olson graduated from the Nose-bleed high-status and VERY EXPENSIVE Clairmont Mens College.     Truth is the biggest liability of all.    Truth is the biggest asset of all. Jim Olson has chosen lived all his adult life to live in even MORE affluent further south Sausalito before lying to get into Marin Valley Mobile Country Club. Jim Olson DIDNT think he was low-income when Olson's shyster attorney filed Olsons $6 million dollar defamation lawsuit in Marin in 2007 AND got the $300,000 defamation default in 2008 now did he?   The justification for profit is profit. Jim Olson's shyster Marin attorney, Stephen T. Schoonover has NEVER thought Jim Olson was low-income. The Marin judge in Jim Olsons obviously hypocritical $6 million lawsuit, DIDNT for a moment think Jim Olson was low-income when he fell for Schoonovers fraudulent sewer service documents and awarded Jim Olson a $300,000 default defamation judgment on Olsons $6 million court case filing. FILING a $6 million dollar DEFAMATION lawsuit means YOU and your attorney think you are a multi-millionaire. GETTING the judge to award you a default $300,000 judgment means you convinced the judge you are also a millionaire. NONE of that is low-income.   Question: How many Marin Valley Mobile Country Clubbers does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: It takes ten, nine to deny that darkness exists and one to hire a honest low-income person to change it. Marin Valley Mobile Country Clubber Jim Olson is ONLY low-income at the Marin Valley Mobile Country Club. To everyone else, he is and portrays himself as a multi-millionaire. A Marin judge believed it enough in 2007 to the tune of $300,000. Jim Olson being awarded a $300,000 default DEFAMATION lawsuit means that Marin judge believed Olsons 2007 story to the court Olson is a multi-millionaire of long standing.   Question: What is a Marin Valley Mobile Country Clubbers primary feeling? Answer: Envy. Oops, did hypocrite Jim Olson conveniently forget to mention in all this in his very public 2006 jockeying in two states courts to expensively prove, very $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ expensively PROVE, Olsons status in worth $1.5 million dollars AND 3 times that, $4.5 million in PUNISHMENT for a whopping tune of $6 million. I guess Jim Olson just forgot about that little ole low-income clause in the non-profit charter where he fraudulently lives at there at Marin Valley Mobile Country Club.   Of course I love you.   Why is Marin Valley Mobile Country Club allowing this guy to endanger everything theyve worked so hard at? In 2007, IN Reno court AND Marin court, cold, calculating, ruthless, and wealthy Jim Olson clearly stated AND proved he has been for years and is a multi-millionaire and NOT low-income as required to be in order to lawfully and ethically live at Marin Valley Mobile Country Club.   It's not the principle of the thing, it's the money.   Hmmmmm. Tell me how all this is low-income. Google Map shows Jim Olson has two cars regularly parked at 7 View Ridge Drive there at the Marin Valley Mobile Country Club and gosh one of them is a very nice Corvette. Lot of cash tied up in just those two cars Olson keeps parked in front. Lots. What a bunch of hypocrites these Marin Valley Mobile Country Clubbers are. Wish I could afford TWO cars now, one of them a Corvette. Wish I could afford to own THREE houses now like Olson. Tell me how all this is low-income.    Proving why once again why wealth is just far too important to trust it solely to the rich.
Entity: Novato, California
45, Report #1078940
Aug 28 2013
05:55 PM
Robert Edward Auctions, Robert Lifson Would not return my property, and then sued me for my own cards. I was billed by sleezy NJ lawyers $57,000 to attempt to get my property returned. Watchung New Jersey
 I consigned cards to Robert Lifson. He damaged some valuable cards. He said he would reimburse me. Instead he sued me and kept my cards. I had to get a New Jersey Attorney. I was charged $57,000 to get a $7,500 judgment vacated. The attorneys failed to include bailment in the counterclaim so I could not collect damages. I lost over $100,000 in property inaddition to the legal fees. Robert Edward Auctiions has since been sued by others for fraudulent activities.
Entity: Watchung, New Jersey

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