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1, Report #726090
Mar 02 2016
04:38 PM
Rue Education  RIPOFF!!!!  Internet
I signed up with Rue Education to go from being a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) to being an RN. I started in September. There program sends you books to read and study and then you test out of classes to earn your degree. There books are not easy to study and it is very hard to get to the point to test out of a course. I was accepted into a local LPN to RN transition program last January. I am currently in it now. I contacted Rue to let them know that I would not need any more of the books to be sent and would not need their program anymore. They told me that I must pay the $4000.00 even though I will not be getting anymore of the books. They take 125.00 out of my checking account every month and they have said that if I stop them from doing that, they will report it on my credit and do whatever they have to do to collect. For books that I will pay for but never use or get!!! Really???? They are a rip off!! I have talked to several of my nursing friends who have also been ripped off by this company!! Paid rediculous amounts for nothing!! Someone needs to start a class action suit against them! I bet if it was advertized you would find many many people in this same situation!
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #1307772
May 25 2016
09:28 PM
Fast Response School of Health Care Education RACISTS LYING SCAMATERS WHO RIP OFF EMPLOYEES AND STUDENTS!! Berkeley California
It saddens me that I witnessed one of my classmates (who is expecting a child) get kicked out of this so called business for voicing his concerns of the teachings/behavior of falculty and the owners of this so called institution. Myself, and other students witnessed all of this today. In all honesty, I beleive in doing things/treating people  the right way and this school doesn't do that at all. Just the other day we witnessed our instructor  lie on our classmate after he attempted to stand up for the entire class based on the unprofessionlism of the school and the instructor. The owners of the school basically tried to have us ( the other classmates) gang up on the student who was kicked out just because he defended/ stood up for us during our lecture. Furthermore, I'm advising people to refrain from attending this place. If you're a person of color, be cautious!!! Trust me, if it wern't for affirmitve action they would not allow black people at their school..Oh, and for those who don't know, I'm of Hispanic decent, and have other black friends who has experienced the same thing before and it just completely broke my heart as to how they were treated. Lastly, I would like to add that this place needs to be investegated on so many levels... If I didn't already spend my money on this program I would have removed myself after attending the first day.
Entity: Berkeley , California
3, Report #635053
Aug 27 2010
05:41 PM
The CNA course with this school cost $650.00. When you sign up for the course the school wants you to pay $250 up front and then all of a sudden they want an additional $55.00 for a blood pressure cuff, uniforms and stethoscope. I was intially supposed to start classes on the 23rd of August. I signed up on August 19th. The young lady at the desk said that she would call me on the 20th instead I had to call her to ensure that I was going to start on Monday. They all of sudden forgot that they even were holding classes on Mondays. She said the class didnt start until the following Monday which was August 30th. During the week of August 23rd I became employed and no longer would be able to start classes on Monday August 30th. The african guy told me today August 27th that I would be able to get a refund of any kind because I had not called him within 7 business days to tell him that I couldnt start and he offered me $0 in refund. I would have been ok with at least $100 back but he is keep every penny and I have not taken any classes. He is robbing me and my family of $300.00.
Entity: COLLEGE, Georgia
4, Report #896980
Jun 13 2012
11:12 AM
C & S Health Education Services RIP OFF Granada Hills, California
The owner Sam Caraway is rude and not willing to help solve the situation at all.  Signed my daughter up for CNA program in Feb 2012  gave a $1100.00 deposit  was told class was starting in April 2012.  April came and went and was repeatedly told they had no instructor and did not know when class would begin.  Was told to call weekly to check status.  Everytime I called Sam did not remember any thing about prior phone calls and told me he still did not have information on class.  Just told me to keep calling.  Finally May 2012 went to school and requested refund.  Signed necessary paper work and was told  we would have payment in 7 days (even though contract stated 30-60 days) and to call to follow up.  Called weekly and everytime Sam could not remember name or situation but said he would call accounting and call me back next day.  This happened every week for 3 weeks.  Waited until the end of 30 days called again and Sam was verbally abusive and said he did not have money and that out of the goodness of his heart he had $500.00 cash on him and that I could go the next  day to pick it up the partial payment.  I called the next day to let him know when I would be there and was told by him that he would not be at school that day. He got angry and said  he had never had to issue a refund in all his years.   He was so quick to demand a deposit before she could enroll.  I gave him $1100.00  and she never took course so where is my money.  Bottom line is he does not have the money he already spent it.  All I want is my deposit returned.   
Entity: Granada Hills, California
5, Report #478182
Mar 02 2016
05:04 PM
Rue Education Told you one thing, then after you signed they did another Florida Internet 
Rue education is pretty much a scam. They reel you in with all the comfort of no obligations. They tell you that you can stop at anytime and just lose the money that you have already spent to that point(after first class). They even went as far as to tell me that you can try out the first class to see if you like it and if you dont you can cancel. Well when I decided to cancel after the first class because the class was not what I expected. They told me that I could not back out and i will have to pay the remainder of the 3800.00 contract.This was all news to me given the fact the guy told me that i could see if i liked the first class and felt comfortable with it. Well i finished my class in May and just decided after much thought not to finsih due to the lack of professional help and thought that all the false promises added up to not a good program. The first class was 675.00 and I have paid 875.00 plus a 150.00 registration fee(they take it out monthly through a CC).When i called i explain my situation and the lady told me that she could stop payment but could not refund the 200.00 that i thought i would get back. I ask to talk to a manager. When the guy called me back he was not helpful and told me that i signed a contract and there is nothing i can do. Thats it!!! Did not want to hear my side at all. well he can take his remainder of his money and his false promises and stick it. This business says one thing, then another, and now this!!! Its a joke and people really need to know how this company worksDan Norwalk, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #595686
Apr 22 2010
11:36 PM
Kaplan Continuing Education KCE, Kaplan University Collection harassment for payment by phone Internet
I have been called twice in one day.  I have been called over 6 times in one week & was sent an email Via my personal computer. I have got them to stop calling my POE, but continue to be harassed by calls to my cellular phone (only phone I have). I told them to stop calling my cellular phone & send mail correspondiance only but they say they HAVE to have number to call me with.  I was first contacted w/in 3 ? days of mising my pymnt due date on the 1st of each month-this April. The worst was week two. They said to make payment & they will stop calling. They also call from an auto dialer & sometimes block their number.  I told them that dialer or not, this is still harassment by calling so much & twice in one day, but they still keep up with the pitch to collect the money instead of hanging up & saying sorry, will note the account.  I can't withdraw or have to pay for the full payment of over 3,500.00 Too late to withdraw after the 3rd month.  The 3rd month is not enough time to know if this is what you want as your still learning medical terminology during that month & I am on a 12 month program.  Didn't realize you have to pay for the classes you don't use after the 3rd month in medical coding course. I told them the calls are too much & considered harassment & I am going to file a claim but they keep calling.  I am keeping a log of the time, date, & who I talk to.  I am making my payment 23 days late & I have recieved possibly 13 calls thus far. Plus, they made it sound like I could get financing with no problem & they would help, but web sights is all they have for you to look into. I am not able to get any finanical assistance. I am looking into what my options are to file. Under the Fair Debit Collection Act FDCA under section: 6. Section 806(5) prohibits contacting the consumer by telephone repeatedly or continuously with intent to annoy, abuse, or harass any person at the called number. 1. Multiple phone calls. Continuously means making a series of telephone calls, one right after the other. Repeatedly means calling with excessive frequency under the circumstances.  I WILL not recommend this to campus to anyone.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #702368
Mar 02 2016
04:39 PM
Rue Education Paramedic to RN Medic to RN Degree, Internet
rip off they will steal your money and lie to you I spoke to the councler or sales rep and explained that I was looking to advance from a Paramedic to a RN and they told me everthing I wanted to hear. It was going to be great. I explained I had a baby on the way and wanted to wait untill after our baby was born just to make sure it was in the budget. I was told that It would me fine and if money got tight they would work with me No Problem...... Well my wife was off work longer than planned, Then I got realy sick and said no problem I coild just stop payments and not attend any classes untill I get back on track. which I thought was graet. A few months later I call them and tell them I'm ready to go back to school they inform me that I need to pay over 900 dollars to get started I explained to them what I was told and he said sure you can go make to making monthly payments but you can't go back to classes untill we recive 900+ dollars So now the are saying my account is going to collections if they dont recive money soon.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #1425478
Jan 28 2018
07:43 PM
Easton Education Trillium Medical | Sketchy MLM supplement peddling | Rips off contractors | Brampton Ontario
This business is run by apparent 'Medical Doctors', but definitely NOT anyone I would want in charge of family's health. Easton Education and Trillium Medical operate under the guise of an education company, but agressively push sketchy MLM business schemes for low quality, controversial nutraceutical supplements. What kind of legitimate education association affiliates themselves with such unrelated and murky business practises? Furthermore, their social media presence is full of clickbait memes and overall low quality content, instead of the professional authority a company of this nature should put forth. If you have the unfortunate chance to get CEO 'Sunny Handa' on the phone (who proudly boasts an MD and MBA in his email signiture), you will notice the immediate lack of professionalism, and extremely emotional/brash reactions to support inquiries or issues. These conversations felt more like interacting with a gangster of some sort, than a medical professional.    Finally, the main reason behind this ripoff report... Sunny Handa has taken advantage, and basically 'screwed over' several developers of his website properties. I managed to dodge the bullet before signing Easton on as a client after recognizing some red flags. After posting my concerns in private industry forums, multiple of his previous developers reached out to warn of the nightmares and financial losses  working with Sunny Handa brought them. These guys are actually scared for their safety to out this slimeball for what he is. He has scammed 1000's of dollars from contractors over the past 3 years by means of not paying for work rendered, and manipulation of working agreements.  This needs to stop.   
Entity: Brampton, Ontario
9, Report #727530
May 10 2011
05:34 AM
College Network Scam Internet
The same thing happened to me , as did Geoff from Pgh.  EXACTLY like that.   And I have warned any of my fellow LPN's against using their LPN TO RN courses.They have attacked my credit , due to the fact I refuse to pay them.  They provided no service, only demanded money. I am currently 8900.0 in the hole. It is a real scam, and I hope that they will soon be out of business.
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #953813
Oct 11 2012
01:48 PM Fradulent online business Internet
Beware of the company/website  They offer online CPR training and give their training a 100% money back guarantee.  My daughter completed their training and their certification WAS NOT accepted by the employer she needed it for.  When she completed a Red Cross class I submitted proof to (well within the 30 days they allow) and they still will not refund my money.  They also have the gull to call me names etc. in our email interactions.  BEWARE!!!  I am in the process of disputing it with my credit card.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #841280
Feb 18 2012
07:01 AM
Finest None Scammers, Internet
I Contacted for help w my thesis. I sent instructions for a theoretical framework and research type. I paid 178$ and the paper they sent me was a joke. It is suppose to be written by masters prepared or doctorate level writers. My 5 yo writes better stuff. I asked for a revision which consisted of the same paper with different titles. I then asked for a refund which is within my rights according to their website and no one in customer service will respond! Do not use these people!
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #1332755
Oct 12 2016
06:09 AM Unable to unsubscribe from spam company HOUSTON
I am unable to unsubscribe to unsolicited mails from . these morons simply wouldn’t take me off their mailing list. Put an end to this nonsense. I've had enough of you guys. 
13, Report #1026197
Mar 09 2013
03:32 PM
Icontinuing Education Unlimited Sprouse Foundation for Healthcare Education Fraud, Worthless CEU's, Misrepresentation of services Humble, Internet
I paid $195 to attend a CCRN review held by this company. I was assured the course would afford me 16 hours of CE credits when RN license renewal, came to find out, the CE cert isn't worth the cheap paper it is printed on. The two day presintation was a delightful waste of time and money. After repeated ignored requests for an explanation, I feel I have no other recourse but to post here. I have researched this company and it's presenter/owner Mila Sprouse and found that her company changes names frequently and she is now calling herself Also is representing herself as a non profit Sprouse Foundation for Healthcare Education.   I am also considering contacting the BNE and Attorney General about the fraud being playd against the nurses of this state. Don't waste you money, go with a real CEU provider. 
Entity: Humble, Internet
14, Report #1086705
Jun 18 2014
10:52 AM
Public Safety Leadership and Education Consultants Georgia Institute of EMS SCAM Covington Georgia
This school is a scam.  They say you can get a full refund on your deposit but when you try to do so they deny the refund.  The website is linked to some scam artists paypal account. There are 3 different email accounts associated with this scam. This man is not even a certified instructer.  His webpage is full of fake pictures and fake paypal information. Don't fall for this guys scam.    
Entity: Covington, Georgia
15, Report #1239951
Jul 06 2015
10:36 AM
School of Continuing Education Medical Assisting Program Is Not What It Is Presented To Be Anaheim California
I was referred to the School of Continuing Education (SCE) by Cypress College when inquiring about training in Medical Coding in 2011.  Instead of being offered medical coding per se, I was steered to a Medical Assisting program.  I enrolled based upon full faith in the local colleges and upon the belief that the School of Education's privately and federally funded program was fully accredited.  The externship program also appealed to me. I would learn after the fact from Dr. Cynthia Alberto who taught Introduction ot Medical Assisting that the certification we needed to be viable in the Medical Assisting field was a CMA(AAMA) which is bestowed by either the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) or Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) accrediting body.  Only these 2 programs are recognized by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). Dr. Alberto's words rang true and honest.  I began to question whether the School of Continuing Education actually met these standards. As it turned out, their accreditation is far inferior.  This program is accredited by National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT) in Overland Park KS.  When I questioned the Director of the department regarding this, she admitted that they are at the level of NCCT but do not have the means to be fully accredited by CAAHEP or ABHES. Looking at what schools did provide such instruction I found the program at Orange Coast College.  It's ran an Associate Degree program. that included the full study of Anatomy and Physiology (8 units), Medical Insurance Coding, and a lot more.  The School of Continuing Education ran a pass/fail system that included Introduction to Medical Assisting, Medical Insurance Billing, Introduction to Electronic Health Records, Front Office Assisting, 2 sections of Medical Assisting-Back Office, and Medical Terminology.  A course in Phlebotomy was also about to be offered.  These courses were actually geared to remedial students and were not applicable to college credit outside an articulation agreement with Cypress College. After that first quarter I was seriously losing confidence in the School of Continuing Education I left the School of Continuing Education with a Front Office certificate and took the exam with NCCT, gaining certification with flying colors.  I then tried to get into the Health Information Technology program at Cypress College.  When with counselor Denise Do, I mentioned the articulation agreement with SCE.  The counselor flatly denied that any articulation agreement existed with the School of Continuing Education but that they only had such an agreement with the Regional Occupational Program (ROP).  I was sent to the HIT department head, Rosalie Majid, RHIA for approval for SCE's courses.  As it turned out, she was entirely unfamiliar with the work of SCE's Medical Assisting program and had some very pointed questions about what they were doing with their Medical Terminology and Medical Insurance Billing courses.  She signed her approval with reservations. I was never able to get into an HIT class because of positions in the registration system.  But worse yet, I never got so much as a single interview anywhere with my SCE Front Office Certificate and NCCT certification.  I believe the examples given of poeple who went on to the work force as medical assistants after graduating SCE more likely had other credentials from elsewhere to help them.  There were practicing Medical Assistants who were taking courses to provide a basic certification.  But I am convinced that if you are just starting out, forget about getting into Medical Assisting with a certificate from SCE. At the time ICD-9 diagnostic coding was about to give way to ICD-10.  Today the European Union has graduated to ICD-11.  But ICD-10 requires much more than what SCE offers to its students, both in facilities and in curriculum.  To build up a proper program they will need to set up a lab suitable for teaching Anatomy and Physiology.  Being housed at the former Martin Luther Hospital, there's no reason this cannot be done by a state run institution which SCE is.  NCCT was also completely unresponsive when it came to obtaining study materials for ICD-10.  After the implementation of ICD-10, I declined to recertify as a National Certified Medical Office Assistant (NCMOA) and have removed this acronym from my stationary altogether.  I have stopped looking for work in any allied health field and do freelance secretarial work in another sector.  Taking up this program was a complete waste of time and resources. There should be no reason for the School of Continuing Education to not be upfront with people about their lack of credentials in Medical Assisting.  It wrong to say, Yes, we are fully acredited, only to bring out after the fact that their accreditation is little more than what one might get from a Cracker Jack box. Worse yet, why does the School of Continuing Education lie about their articulation agreement with Cypress College?  SCE advertised this agreement in print.  I found this to be gross misrepresentation on the part of SCE, demonstrated by what I found at Cypress College. SCE is now one entity with whom I will not do business due to proven dishonesty. I urge anyone considering work in Medical Assisting to go to those schools that actually do have the proper accreditation and accept nothing less.  You will be cheated otherwise.  Public and private funders are also being cheated because what SCE does drives up false expectation in the public that this program brings down the societal unemployment rate.  This is not good citizenship.  Either this program should be upgraded to a proper level or it should be disbanded.
Entity: Anaheim, California
16, Report #970740
Nov 17 2012
05:13 PM
Lincoln Technical Institute Lincoln Tech Worst staff! Worst school! No education! Rip off! Internet
Worst school, staff & students ever! Prepare to teach yourself and to deal with mentally unstable students who may care for you or your family one day! Most places won't even hire LTI nurses because of the people they let through their program. Check the reviews and check with places. Where to begin: they let anyone in the door. These girls want money, not to be a nurse. If you have ever said that nurse is a bitch, I guarantee you she graduated from Lincoln Tech. Mrs Sutton and Mrs McCann are the worst teachers ever. They are all terrible but those are the worst. They teach nothing and are on a power trip. They do not help you and give you nothing but an attitude so then you don't want help. You have to teach yourself. The books that cost you so much money are terrible and have no information in them. Then you are tested on what's not in the books and what they didn't teach you. This program is designed to make you fail! Please listen to these reviews. This school has to get shut down. They harass the good girls but let the trash stay in the program. There are racist girls who bring roaches to class and already mistreat patients at clinicals. We do CNA work so when you graduate, you don't even know how to be a nurse. Once you sign to enroll you are basically their b*tch and that's what they treat you like. It was the worst experience ever and everyone who doesn't have the heart makes it while cheating and not being disciplined. The entire program is a joke. 90% of the class that just graduated is on drugs but no drug tests are done and if they get a job, they'll probably just get clean for the drug test. It needs to be a frequent requirement in this profession. I'm scared that one day they may treat me and now I plan to ask what school all my nurses came from before I allow treatment. The previous dean got fired and Mrs. Baker is a joke. She runs the program and is the most evil person everyone says they ever met. There is no caring coming from anybody there. Even the teachers are quitting and the staff besides the evil ones who enjoy making everyone miserable. There is no order in the classroom and they allow everyone to act crazy. Don't waste your money and pass the message on.
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #1055636
Jun 01 2013
06:02 PM
University of Phoenix added more courses and cost for education Phoenix Internet
While I was in school, the academic advisor sent me an e-mail, stating that I would now have to take 2 new courses - 590A and 590B.  This now extended the length of time  I would have to be in school, and it also added to the amount of money I would now have to borrow from FAFSA. I was told that if I did not agree to the additional courses, I would not be allowed to graduate. So, I took the 2 courses.  I completed 590A with an A.  Then, while I was enrolled in 590B, my dad became ill, and I had just recovered from a stroke.  I managed to complete the second part of 590.  However, when I first submitted my paper showing my work, I was informed by the professor that I had submitted my information a day ahead of schedule, and I  was basically ordered to call UoP Tech, and have them remove the paper. I did as I was told, and when  I re-submitted the paper, I inadvertently submitted an earlier version, which was not complete.  I was sent an e-mail by the professor, that I had an F on my final paper.   I was shocked, and I asked why. Professor Vicki Burns stated that I had numerous spelling and grammatical errors, as well as improper formatting in my bibliographies.  I checked all these areas BEFORE I submitted my work, and found there were absolutely NO errors of the type indicated by the professor. I had the distinct impression that she was look for a way to fail me.   I went through the appeals committee, and nothing I said mattered.  Now they want me to pay them an additional $3700+, and have told me that I must retake 590A and B, in order to complete my Master's in Nursing. I have worked extremely hard, and have numerous personal problems:  I had a stroke due to a fall in January 2013, and made a recoverey, which the neurosurgeon was surprised at.  I even sent the school the medical records, and they ignored this. My dad was ill with Alzheimer's, and died December 24th, 2012.  Through all this, I kept hoping I would be able to complete my MSN to go on and hopefully become a Nurse Practitioner student.   I feel that the school has been extremely cold, heartless, and dishonest in their interactions with me.   Joan M. Enering, R.N., BSN
Entity: Phoenix, Internet
18, Report #1073969
Aug 07 2013
05:29 PM
The College Network Healthcare Online Education Indianapolis Illinois
 The College Network is a total scam.  I signed the contract (big mistake) and started my first module to get my LPN to RN degree through Excelsior College.  I completed the module and asked for the $305 check for my test.  I passed and started the next module.  I was given the textbook for the first module by the rep who got me to sign the contract.  When I called to request the next textbook I was told it was all online (rep didn't make this clear) and if I wanted to I could either print out (300+ pages) or pay them an additional fee to get one from them.  I took the 2nd test and passed.  I was told I would have to enroll in Excelsior directly before I could go further.  I contacted Excelsior and found out I had to pay them $1300 or something like that.  I didn't have that kind of money.  I contacted TCN and complained and said this was not made clear to me when I signed the contract at.  The two modules I completed were not college level by any means and I did not feel like I was getting a true education.  I contacted TCN and they said that I'd signed the contract and there wasn't anything I could do about it.  The cost for each exam fee of $305 was financed as well.  I told them since I was not going to take any further tests or continue that I wanted that amount of money deducted from what I owed them.  They said they wouldn't do that but did give me a $600 credit.  I financed a total of $2135 and used $610 so they basically keeping $900 of my testing fees even though I will never take another test through them.  They don't care.  Once you sign, you have no recourse.  I've talked to several nurses who've failed the final 3 day clinical and the only way to go through it again is to repay an additional $2300 or $2600 plus travel expenses.  That was also not made clear to me.  I've also heard there is a 30% failure rate for the final clinical. I would like to pursue a class action lawsuit against them.  I have heard from other students that you can go directly through Excelsior without having to go through TCN.  TCN makes it appear when you talk to them that you cannot and it is a bad idea to do so. 
Entity: Indianapolis, Illinois
19, Report #580725
Mar 13 2010
10:58 PM
Florida College Of Natural Health - Steiner Education Group Steiner Group Complete rip-off and unprofessional school. Big waste of time and $10,000 tuition Orlando, Maitland, Florida
So my story, unlike any other, is a little sad and a little upsetting. I decided in 2004 I wanted to start school to become a Massage Therapist. I searched and talked to some people about schools and found my way to Florida College of Natural Health in Maitland, FL. I started in January of 2005 for the therapeutic massage training program and in the middle of the program, my father became very ill with skin cancer. My parents lived about an hour and a half south of me so I tried my hardest to concentrate in the program and also be there to see my father through his illness. After all, he paid for my tuition and paid it in full. The school was very nonchalant about the entire thing. They did not even care that there was an illness, they misplaced all of my tests and assignments, and NEVER returned any of my phone calls. Every time I went in, there was a new staff member that I had never met, new teachers, and a completely new staff. These people never pick up the phone when a student calls nor do they return calls when you leave a message. My complaint really goes towards the way this institution operates. I went in several times to take the exact same tests that I took plenty of times before. I was not able to make it to some of the classes as I took a family leave act and had to be there with my father. Everytime that I took a test it disappeared. I had to retake the test again and my transcripts look completely screwed up. I did not learn a thing through this school and wish I could have just gone to a community college instead. Everytime I think of how my father paid that school 10 gran for my tuition and they could not acknowledge the fact that he was sick (and passed away), it really disgusts me. They should have given me time. Time to be there with my father, return to school when I was ready, and help me learn. If you go to this campus, you will find a new staff member every week! It's as if they come in, work one week, and hate it, and are replaced in a matter of days. Worst school ever, worst professors, unprofessional, and a waste of time and money. I left Florida and I am currently working towards entering a new school. Oh BTW, this school is not even recognized in some school databases so if you wish to transfer credits, GOOD LUCK.
Entity: Orlando, Maitland, Florida
20, Report #755663
Jul 20 2011
11:13 AM
NCCT Is A Joke Overland Park, Kansas
I'm so PISSED off right now, I just wasted 2years of my life going to school for medical coding and billing and unable to get a job in that field because my certification with NCCT sucks, no one will hire me because this place is not recognized only AHIMA, I wish my school would've told me this before I paid and wasted my money on this crap. Every job I apply to turn me down because of this. What a SCAM. WARNING!! do not get certified with this organizations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: Overland Park, Kansas
21, Report #765569
Aug 15 2011
06:59 PM
Everest College Conned into debt Merrionette Park, Illinois
I attended Everest in 2008, graduated with high honors and as an ambasador. I felt ripped off because now two years after my graduation i am over $14,000 in debt and now drive school buses.  I am upset with Everest because they have caused me to spend money that I do not have as well as others that I have gone to school with.  I have called to try to find out any leads for jobs as a medical assistant and was told that I was in line behind all of the new graduates.  Everest is 100% a rip off and I will never ever refer any one else.
Entity: Merrionette Park, Illinois
22, Report #648980
Oct 08 2010
03:40 PM
Rodale Magazines BEWARE . .BOGUS/SCAM INVOICES Internet, Iowa
I receive an invoice from Rodale . . for a one yr. subscription for Prevention. I didn't order anything. . why should do it . . my Prevention subscription expires in 2015!! I tried to e-mail Rodale, 3 x., of course, no respond. Few years ago, Rodale sent me a book . ... NEVER order it. I will contact the BBB.  
Entity: Internet, Iowa
23, Report #865116
Apr 06 2012
11:22 PM
Capella University Waste of Time Minneapolis, Minnesota
I had recently graduated from Capella University with a MA in Gerontology. The entire program had poor courses and course material. I was not pleased with what I paid for when it was all said and done. As for the instructors, there was one instructor that was passionate and cared about what they were doing. For that I was very grateful. I learned a lot from that one instructor over the rest. The staff at Capella like other reviewers did not follow up with students after starting the program to see how things were going. Overall, I wish I did more than one year of research before financially straining my future on a degree that is now useless.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
24, Report #955609
Oct 15 2012
11:29 PM scam, ripoff, review Internet, Florida
This website will redirect you to a scam website. Please avoid this website they scammed me out of $300!
Entity: Internet, Florida
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Aug 10 2012
01:32 PM
nhmi Brenda Laker AKA Cissie or BLLaker Stealing Duluth, Georgia
Hello here is the update Well I will like to say this to the students that remain in class is that nothing has change. Ms. Brenda Laker is still talking about her student all the time she doesn't care about you guy's one bite and the students V that paid all that money she told us that you will never see a penny of that money that was your tuition payment so why are you mad. Now Dr. Beasley he is just the same way. Students I just wanted to make you aware of a meeting that was held the other day and guess what Dr. Beasley talk about some of the girl in the meeting. Well I will like to warn you to watch what you say to Dr. Beasley HE WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE IN THE MEETING JUST RUNNING HIS MOUTH LIKE WATER IT IS FOUR STUDENTS I wont say no name but you probably have a good idea who you are. IF YOU DONT KNOW BY NOW YOU WILL NEVER KNOW. I GUESS EVERYONE IS WONDERING WHY MY FRIEND IS STILL ABLE TO COME UP TO CLASS WHENEVER SHE FEEL LIKE IT HEY IT IS YOUR TIME NOT OUR SO YOU KNOW THAT WE DON'T CARE. Brenda you need to grow up why do you call and tell my friend from word to word what Dr. Beasley tell you. Please new students stay away there are about 13 students left but they will be gone soon. Brenda is a SCAM SCAM SCAM SHE STILL IS DOING IT. SHE IS STILL POSTING AD ALL OVER THE PLACE NOW SHE HAS ONE THAT SAID CNA COURSE ON EBAY UNDER BLLAKER AND SHE IS ALSO USING FAKE PIC WHY BRENDA NOT YOUR STUDENTS I KNOW WHY YOU WONT THEY ALL TO BE APPROVE WITH WIA HUH. BRENDA STOP CALLING WITH YOUR PROBLEM WE CANT HELP TOMMY GET A JOB. YOU KNOW ME SOME WIA CHECKS CAME IN SO YOU SHOULD BE STRAIGHT RIGHT.
Entity: Duluth, Georgia

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