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26, Report #1186114
Oct 31 2014
03:46 PM
Viva sin Herpes herpes std Internet
I paid for a book called living without herpes to learn about a new patient we are working with. I paid about $35 and I didn't get the book the link shows errors and I am very upset. Do not by this mproduct. Compare este libro cuando trate habrilo no trabajo. Salio Como in error. No Los compression.
Entity: Internet
27, Report #1194595
Dec 10 2014
10:00 PM
Academy of Ultrasound Fraud Alabama
Unfortunately I have to report Academy of Ultrasound as well. Everything the other reports say about them, are the same experiences I had. Always hard to get a hold of the instructor and the administrator (Jennifer and John Sheldon). I moved to Oregon in the midst of the program. I actually only completed one term of the school and one scan lab. I continued to make payments after the term, in hopes I could finish the program along with gaining clinical hours somewhere here. Well I tried for 6 months asking hospitals and clinics for hours, and they did not want to take someone from an online program not accredited. Also some major life stuff happened, so I finally decided to persue something else (educationally). Of course this was after I had made all my payments, and the $16000/$17000 had been paid. I wrote a hearfelt letter to Jennifer explaining my situation and what had happened, requesting just half the money back. Their policy states you will recieve a refund based on what you paid minus the credits the student completes. Considereing I only completed one semestjer/term I am basically owed most all the money back. Long story short she left me hanging on my request for 6 months, stating she needed to speak with some mysterious board for the school, in who cannot be contacted. I also asked over and over for copies of the refund policy I signed, only to be told I should have kept a copy. I asked, why not send me a copy if there is nothing to hide?? After 6 months of waiting she stated the board denied my request to give me ANYTHING back!! Saying she did me a speacial favor even asking the board, instead of denying me right away. She tried to tell me I would never get a refund from another school. However any college program would never charge a student for a full perogram, when they only completed one term!   These people have very nice personalities and I felt like I could trust them, but now I have realized I cannot. I have a feeling the money is gone, and I was put on hold for so long to give them time to make sure they were covered. I'm not sure about that part, but the rest is every bit of what happened. I now have informed Jennifer I will be persuing this with authorities, and not going away. I never wanted it to come to this, but I gave this school almost $17,000 for nothing! when there was suposedely a refund policy to protect me. Now I have a ton of debt and so many other problems because of this school. Let me know of any suggestions the rest of you have, they can't keep taking eager and honest students money for nothing in the future! I feel It's the right thing to do for them to rrefund me, it is also the right thing to for me to report all this as long as they dont!!
Entity: Internet
28, Report #995825
Jan 12 2013
05:27 PM
Exselsior College Legal Organised Scam Albany, Illinois
Excelsior is very well organized legal scam that offers Rn program on line. You would only know that at the end program when you have to take Cpne test. First they would never disclose the fact that they would fail you for one mistake you make,( otherwise if they would I don't think people would apply to that program,but that is how scam works) you would only realize that when you read the study quide, but what you don't know, that they will know what to do in order that you would make that mistake, their examiners have been coached so well to do that, because students one mistake brings them another 2000$ and game just starts right there, you will not pass 1, 2 or third time, but you would certainly pay over 40000-60000 dollars for the same test, but at the end they would discriminate you, humiliate that you have no other choice but withdraw from this fake institution called Excelsior.
Entity: Albany, Illinois
29, Report #1255372
Sep 16 2015
05:42 PM
Salter school Fall river Massachusetts
 I had enrolled in the Professional MedicL Assistant program at the Salter Schoold Fall River campus upon completing the the academics with straight A's i was never given an extern site thus not completing the course and getting my certifications. I am being harassed to pay back a loan that i had to take out through financial aide for a program that i was unable to complete. I was promised a site upon completion and was lied to. The campus director Michael Tinburg was a joke and walked out on the school after wrongfully firing the director of education. I REFUSE to pay back money for something that i was scammed into.
Entity: Fall river, Massachusetts
30, Report #1258105
Sep 30 2015
07:24 AM
Fortis Institute Misleading FA, Misty Mulberry Nationwide
 I have been trying to get answers as to why a course for becoming a paramedic and the course for medical assistance cost close to the same when one is two years and the other eight months. I also don't understand why the FA had student loan checks and checks from grants sent directly to college. I have never received any check. I do know one student found his loans had apparently been added on to, without his permission. Once he confronted the Dean, he received a check and the financial advisor had been let go. That campus is also now closed. So, why wasn't myself, my son and other students at the time notified that there was a breech in the FA department and all of our files not investigatrd? With myself and my son, she, the FA, had access to my information under two different students. Do not trust them and I am continuing with my investigation. A lot of people are affected by this.
Entity: Nationwide
31, Report #1163773
Jul 21 2014
01:23 PM
Sanford brown Big lier's Robbers Saint Louis, Mo Nationwide
Sanford brown did me dirty,I owe over 20,000 in student loans ,who has that type of money not including I can't find a job in the field I went to school for. Then I find out that my student loans was for two different schools I don't live in Texas never been there a day in my life but the school that I went to is in that state and to top it off it's for culinary school I didn't sign up to be no chef ,what the h***!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #1319013
Jul 26 2016
12:43 PM
The College network Tcn Nationwide
Can please someone help me I paid over $10,000 in full to the college network and I cannot get my degree they are no longer accepted in the state of California. I have contacted them and in so many words I'm screwed. If there is anybody out there in California or anywhere else seeking their money back from the college network please set me up on a class-action. Mt email
Entity: Nationwide
33, Report #1210504
Feb 20 2015
11:38 AM RUNNING A SCAM Valle Vista California
They are selling informatinal books through an online site. They use phone numbers that don't belong to them on their websites and with credit card companies. Their comments page cannot be filled in despite the appearance it can. They also use in addition to This one also had someone else's phone number on it that they didn't own and had no relationship with. People who have bought their books say that the books are not information, cannot be viewed before they get credit card information. Whois on the domain names is privatized and outside the US. The address on their websites is 130 Denver Avenue, Valle Vista, CA 92544. According to Google and Yahoo maps, there is no Denver Avenue in Valle Vista, CA. Be very careful before making any purchases from them.
Entity: Valle Vista, California
34, Report #1101678
Nov 23 2013
10:50 AM
Fast Track Health Care -Roanoke Get an expensive worthless certificate in a week! Roanoke Virginia
So I took a one-week course for an EKG/ECG technician certificate due to an ad they placed in the paper that said, Become an EKG technician in one week! After taking the class, I went to go back and take the national certification when the secretary said, Are you gonna do the phlebotomy program here next? I said no and that I was happy with becoming just an EKG technician. She said, Well, you can't get a job with just that certificate, you need both. That is NOT what the ad said. The phlebotomy program is around $2,300 and 5 more weeks of class and is not what I wanted. They waited til they got their money before saying, Oh, by the way... I am out about $1,100 and a wasted week ,which I should have known this was to good to be true.   They also filmed the class doing some dumb youtube video for the 'harlem shake.' We didn't HAVE to participate, but they did it during class time, so class was delayed and those who did not participate were forced to wait about an hour and a half while they filmed it. Completely unprofessional.   So if you go, look on their wall of graduates who have jobs and see if you can even spot ONE who got a job with the EKG certification. They might have other good programs, but the EKG one is worthless and whichever program you pick, you will have an unprofessional staff to deal with. I am considering doing either a class action or individual law suit for misleading advertising. I know the program was only a week, but if it's worth nothing that is still a wasted week and wasted money I don't have to throw around.   Hope this helps you avoid a mistake and hits them financially with this bogus program.
Entity: Roanoke, Virginia
35, Report #1110341
Dec 26 2013
08:25 AM
HealthOne EMS Healthone Health One EMS healthoneems This place is a ripoff Englewood Colorado
This place is full of hidden fees.  Not just a dollar or two.  You will be 'forced' to pay upwards of $500 in hidden fees.  This place claims to be an educational institution,  however it is just a paper mill.  And, once the class starts it will conveniently be past and refund date so you either pay the additional fees you had no idea existed, or you walk out and get no money back.     Would highly recommend other options that are out there.  When working in the field I did not encounter a single person who went to HealthOne.  They all stated they went to Red Rocks.  Go figure.
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
36, Report #1389776
Aug 01 2017
04:20 PM
florida insurance college health insurance st.mary Florida
notice to all: don't get involved with this company it is a scam they will steal you money florida insurance college they have no adress but call you back when you call but no one answers the phone. i payed $69.00 for class's there is like 375 paragraphs you have to read and take test's for each chapter like 20 chapters and you have to take the final exam. i took it 9 12 times and could not get a 70. to get your certificate i only could reach 61. it has life insurance question's on the test to witch are not related to health insurance. i filed a complaint with my bank and they got my $69. dollars back and now my bank is after me to pay the bank back. they are scammer's from texas. 
Entity: st.mary, Florida
37, Report #1409925
Nov 01 2017
03:25 PM
Organix Oil Trial Invoice Fraud Internet
Order Number: 28455 Ordered On: 11/01/2017 02:20pm   Bill to Patricia Flor(((REDACTED)))Stacy, MN55079-9478United States   Ship to Patricia Flor(((REDACTED)))Stacy, MN 55079-9478United States Items in Your Order     Organix Oil Trial Invoice           Order Total: $79.95Congratulations on taking advantage of Organix Oil Trial Invoice. Please print a copy of this email receipt for your records. If you have any questions please contact Customer Service at 844.505.1906 Monday-Sunday 24/7.DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. THIS IS AN UNMONITORED EMAIL.This company does not have a website nor does the site  that I ordered the trial from for $5.95 is there anywhere on the ad that says cancel in a certain time. My Bank gave me a website GoHealthyCare which just directs you to a Health Insurance buying  site.. I called the customer care and they said I had 14 days to cancel but there was no such statement and I also said that this amount of $79.95 gave me NO product on 11-1-2017 I am working with my bank to put charges against this company for FRAUD and I also want to  file it with YOU ..If you can find who the Business really is..
Entity: Internet
38, Report #817215
Jan 03 2012
10:22 AM
red crier publications Red Crier Publications scam, what a rip off , care homes beware Taunton, Nationwide
<H1>Red crier publications scam, BEWARE!</h1>red crier publications training providers recently contacted us back in October and tried to sell us some training manuals. Their sales person was extremely rude and pushy. After agreeing to purchase some manuals we were told that they will be dispatched immediately. Well, several weeks later and still no manuals. It is disgraceful. They continually put the phone down on us after making us wait up to 40 minutes some times. I am unable to speak to anybody with any authority. BE AWARE. If you are contacted by red crier publications, put the phone down. You have been warned!
Entity: Taunton, Nationwide
39, Report #891291
May 31 2012
05:44 PM
Samland Institute of Allied Health Samland, Samland Institute School CNA Program Under Investigation By State Chicago, Illinois
Samland Institute of Allied Health is under investigation by the state of Illinois. I am a student enrolled in their accelerated five-week CNA Program at their Chicago Western Ave. location. My class was in the process of finishing the 5th and final week of our program and had just completed the final exam; we only had one clinical class left to attend when our instructor Mrs. P----- informed our class that the state is conducting an investigation of their CNA program due to complaints they received. They had actually sent an investigator into our class and then sent a scathing report to the school. The state's report concluded that the instructors Mrs. P----- and Ms. M--- J--- were guilty of: cutting many of the programs hours (about 50%) as required by the state due to being tardy to all classes, taking excessively long lunch periods, and dismissing the class hours early.not providing the required educational content and instruction of clinical skills as required by the state for this program.evidence that instructors had falsified attendance records to reflect students were in class when they were not.allowing incorrect student to clinical instructor ratios by having too many students in a clinical at once with only one instructor.The state also found that when they tested many students on performing their clinical skills the majority of students failed the tests.  Note that all of these students were previously passed by the instructors. I can tell you as a student that the clinical instructor passed many of the students on their skills even when they didn't perform them at all or performed them incorrectly.  The state is not allowing our class to proceed with completion of the program. They have also stopped Samland from starting a new class this week. We are now sitting in limbo. The school is not providing any answers and they are not returning phone calls to us. There are 30+ students being affected by the actions of these instructors and administrators and at this point we have spent our money and 70 hours of time and have nothing to show for it thanks to the actions of these instructors and administrators. As a student in this class I can tell you that the general concensus of the students in this class felt these instructors were rude, ignorant, arrogant, and demeaning to all. Many of us were bothered by what they were doing but were afraid to speak out. The administrators were around to see what was happening and did nothing. These people knew what was required by the state for instructing this program and didn't care. They had no concern about providing a poor education and improper instruction in clinical skills. There have been many complaints made about the school and they are still being investigated. The federal authorities are investigating them too. This school has several locations around Chicago but they are all owned and operated by the same people. If this is happening at one location then there is probably things going on at their other locations. If the school was good it wouldn't be having these kind of problems. I would advise anyone thinking of attending any of the Samland Institute's health career programs to think twice. They should be shut down and prosecuted for ripping off students and the government since they provide programs that don't meet the mandatory requirements to many students, many whom are enrolled in the federal/state WIA program which means the government is paying for their tuition. Not to mention Samland's administrators and instructors are comitting fraud upon the government and its students by lying about the instruction their providing or should I say not providing. Hope the states attorney's office in Chicago is looking at these instructors and administrators too.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
40, Report #1241800
Jul 14 2015
01:40 PM
Holy Redeemer Home Health & Hospice Training course: waste of two weeks and $140.00: no certificate, and no job! Philadelphia Pennsylvania
I took a two week course for learning to become a home health aide with Holy Redeemer Home Health & Hospice. I spent $140.00 for books, and gave two weeks of my time that was unpaid. The class was all day, and then you received a lot of homework to do in the evening. There were tests every day, and the academic portion of the course was pretty intense. I received 100% on the final exam all the same. The other part of the course involved hands on learning practicing helping the client to use the toilet, use a walker, adjust a catheter, and bathing procedures. This part of the training was pretty minimal. The final exam was giving the patient a bed bath, changing the bed while the patient was still in it,(using a dummy) and positioning the patient. This was a very tricky procedure, and also involved many steps.   You really had to be the kind of person who was good at catching on to learning things quickly and easily, because the help and  training was minimal. I did not even have the chance to practice because the other students crowded me out of getting a bed with a dummy to practice with!   On exam day I floundered around trying to give the dummy a bed bath and change the bed without hardly any training under my belt. Needless to say, I royally flunked the practical part of the exam. The administrative woman who had been monitoring my test took me into the back office. At first she was nice, but then started a rather long list of negative and berating remarks about what I did, that went on and on. She ended the session by saying that they haven't given up on me, and would possibly call about re-taking the test. Ha. Never got any call.   All in all, I wasted $140.00, and two weeks of my time and energy, when I could have been earning money somewhere. I did not receive any certificate, and worst of all, no JOB, which I really needed. It will be on my record that I did not pass the course or get my certificate, which makes me look like an idiot. Terrible course---a waste of time.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
41, Report #1292527
Mar 08 2016
10:23 PM
College of Southern Nevada School of Health Sciences Sugical Technology, Cris Aguilar Las Vegas Nevada
At a time when student are graduating with record amount of student debt, the College of Southern Nevada School of Health Sciences is making sure they add to this problem.  The college is more than happy to let you enroll, pay tuition, and then kick you out over the results of one exam. Of course, this is never mentioned before you apply to the program, during enrollment and even on the syllabus after enrollment. The students, many of whom are working parents, are allowed to waste their valuable MONEY, TIME and HARD WORK only to be given the boot at the whim of the program director, Cris Aguilar, over the result of one exam. Students show up for the exam only to find an unmentioned video camera set up in the room with the only intention as serving as proof that you did something wrong during your exam. One minute you are a student with great attendance and test scores, the next you are told to sign some papers and leave in tears. The college has EVERY intention of taking your money and the program director has EVERY intention of kicking you out for no good reason.  Student are allowed to enroll in the Surgical Technology program while the school has no intention of giving many of them the degree they paid for. Of course, the college has you sign MANY waivers before you are even allowed to enroll into any program in the College of Health Sciences. This is probably to protect themselves from their obvious unethical behavior.  Shame of the College of Southen Nevada. I'm sure that this is not what Ralph and Betty Engelstad had in mind when they donated their 8.2 million dollar gift to your school! 
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
42, Report #1410361
Nov 04 2017
11:53 AM
Sociallity Sociallity 888-6286284 taking 5.77 every month on my credit card without authorization Internet
Started in May 2017, below my 10 bank notification and so did not notice until Nov 2017. FRAUD!
Entity: Internet
43, Report #819838
Jan 08 2012
08:12 PM
Comprehensive Health Care Academy Mr. Michael Adedokun Mr. Adedokun CEO of the school unilaterally extended course program duration for selfish interest. Instead of providing reasonable explanation for his action, he displayed a nonchalant attitude by tel, Internet
Twelve individuals including this writer were enrolled in comprehensive health academy since september 2011. We paid up to the tune of $3,200 or over in tuition, only to be told on January 4th by Mr. Michael Adedokun, RN that he decided to extend the program from 12months to approximately 16months. When we challenged this decision, Mr. Adedokun said that we can withdraw if we want, and threatened that he decides who pass the course and that he may not sign our petition for graduation when the time comes. Be advised that Mr. Adedokun has earlier made a selfish move to reduce our classroom hours from M-F 8am-2pm to Mon., Tue., and Fri., 8-2pm; so as to save him money. We have carefully studied our agreement and the school catalog and we have found that Mr. Adedokun is in violation of the contract. There is a provision within his catalog which obligates him to refund us all our cost, but he has held on to both our money and our transcript. Apparently, the education we recieved in his school for the entire period that we were there is useless because no other school in the area will accept us and if they do, we cannot graduate at the time we ought to have graduated. We are not immune to the economic uproar in the country; we struggle from day to day like most of our low income earning counterparts. The school offers no financial aide, grant or loan, thus we paid out of our individual pocket and some of us have had to borrow the money. We suffer emotional distress which complements the financial and educational loss that we incurred as a result of Mr. Adedokun's actions. Some of us  have lost all hopes and we feel that we have let ourself and our family members down because we were forced to withdraw from the class. We found it difficult to afford and have been managing to pay the $800 a month tuition ($9,500 by the end of the school year), not to talk of the additional 4 months that Mr. Adedokun intended to add. We feel that we have been treated unfairly because apart from our finances, we have met alot of demanding requirements in preparation for this program. Some of us have purchased nursing uniforms and equipments, some of us have to wake up early in the morning to get ready for class (some reside in Va, others maryland and baltimore) and we commute to the school faithfully, only for Mr. Adedokun to technically cancel the class. Finally, we had no choice but to tender our withdrawal from the program because the 5th of January (just 1 day after we were informed of the decision) was the last day to do so, otherwise we risk derogatory reports being filled against us by comprehensive health academy.  
Entity: Washington, DC 20002, Internet
44, Report #553544
Jan 12 2010
11:18 PM
Kaplan University Online, Distance Education, Kaplan Inc., Kaplan Higher Education charges $3500 for the course yet i still have to pay $800 for books and extra for other online programs. i don't know what the $3500 is even paying for?? Internet
   My name is Lisa.  I enrolled for a pharmacy tech class at Kaplan University Online January of 2009.  I was not too sure of the school but when I talked to the lady that wanted to help set me up for it, it sounded pretty legit.  I signed a contract saying I would go through with the course.    It has now been a year and I rarely have the time to work on my course because I have a full time job and I simply can not afford to pay extra for books and online programs they want me to use.  I'm starting to wonder exactly what the $3,500 for the course is going to.  I didn't know I was going to have to pay another $800 for all the books I needed.    I tried to drop out since I don't really feel happy about paying $135.15 per month for something I don't have the time to do, but they sent me an email saying if I drop out now, I would be charged the rest of my tuition within 30 days.  That's almost $2,000.  I fully regret my decision with Kaplan.    A few months ago, I decided to get online and google Kaplan University Online Scam.  To my surprise I found many different websites about how students felt scammed by how much they were being charged.  I am highly dissatisfied with this website and would like to stop paying for this and possibly get my money back so that I can go to Missouri State University here where I live.     My dream was to become a photographer.  I've been wanting to go to MSU since I graduated high school, but I did not have my license or a car to get there.  I figured I never would because I didn't have anyone to teach me how to drive, which is why I signed up for online college.  Now, I wish I would have waited so that I could be in MSU now.    I am really hoping this Ripoff Report website will help me get this problem solved.  I do have all of my transaction receipts from Kaplan University saved in my email account if that will help.  I have everything saved from Kaplan, actually.  Please help me get the future I dreamed of having.  My email address is (((ROR redacted))).  Thank you. Lisa   CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: , Internet
45, Report #1417640
Dec 18 2017
10:02 AM
I never intended to continue the cbd shipments.  I need to cancel them.  phone number is incorrect  888-976-9620       
Entity: Anaheim, California
46, Report #1412995
Nov 21 2017
10:39 PM
Andrew Woodard AKA: Elle Woodard Abused patient information, drugs, trust Hendersonville Tennessee
The individual presented herself as a “transgender female” seeking to gain experience in the mental health field. Was given a probationary period at our clinic to get a feel for the environment. Unfortunately the individual abused confidentiality agreements by accessing records of local patients arbitrarily and subsequently sharing them with his/her friends. The clinic received an unexpected call from a local pharmacist stating that an unusual dosage of hormone therapy was prescribed by our attending physician electronically. This hiring decision introduced an unreasonable amount of liability and uncertainty amongst staff. After confronting Elle about these issues, she did not return to the clinic but had the audacity to attempt to fill one of the fraudulent prescriptions. We cancelled all of her access to our billing system and notified local counseling offices. Before hiring this individual, you should look into their own mental health background to avoid being placed in the same situation.
Entity: Hendersonville, Tennessee
47, Report #447198
Apr 28 2009
01:34 PM
Life Support BC Not Professional Errington British Columbia
Not a good Company to take courses through. I would suggest looking elsewhere. I recently took a course with this company, and I would never recommend them to anyone. Not professionally run, very scattered, no structure to the course. Spend your money elsewhere! BE WARNED! Emr defunked Parksville, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Errington, British Columbia
48, Report #473737
Jul 27 2009
10:19 AM
Fast Response Problems with getting refunds afer proper class cancellation Berkeley California
I registered for the Emergency Medical Technician class at the Fast Response ( FR) office in Berkeley, and paid my fees. I subsequently (June 4th) decided to take the class elsewhere (prior to the start date of the class) and properly notified Fast Response that I wished to drop the class. I went to the fast response office (June 4th) and signed a form (which they required me to do at their office) and confirmed my desire to cancel the class. At that time they informed me (it is not documented in any of their copious paperwork) that they would make the refund to me in 30 days via check. I called FR on July 5th and they informed me they were intending to cut the check on July 24th - with some excuse about check cycles blah, blah, blah. This is far beyond the 30 days they had led me to believe earlier. I explained my dismay to the accountant, and she promised to cut the check on July 16th instead explaining this was the soonest it could be done (even though 30 days from my cancellaiton was July 4). On July 27 I still had not received my refund check so I called the office and left a message for accounting on voice mail. I am still awaiting a return call (they have never returned my calls when I leave messages). I am still awaiting my refund check and the issue is not resolved. David Oaland, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Berkeley, California
49, Report #416265
Jan 26 2009
10:38 AM
Allied School Does not honor the written refund policy Laguna Hills California
I enrolled in the medical billing division of this school. I was extremely disappointed with the course material. It was out of date and full of discrepancies- everything from numbers transposed to incorrect information. The customer service, or student service, reps were, for the most part, very unprofessional. When I decided to cancel my enrollment and opt for a refund I found that they do not honor the written agreement for refunds. The refund policy is stated in the student handbook and on the companies website. However, they claim that at the time you receive your RMA number you are told that there will be additional charges deducted from your refund amount. Apparently, now that I have received less than half of what I expected according to the written policy, I find that I am also being charged for damaged and used materials. The written policy gives a very simple calculation for refunds. After the final calculation it states that this will be your refund amount. There is no mention, on the web site or student handbook of any additional charges, yet when it comes time for the refund- surprise! I do not recommend this school for their inaccurate text books and unprofessional dealings. Rhonda Kansas City, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Laguna Hills, California
50, Report #596280
Apr 24 2010
04:47 PM
   I'm a 2nd year BROKE Physical Therapy student. School can be overwhelming too a point you sometimes find yourself forgetting what day of the week it is, which way is up, which way is down!    Moral of the story, little time to sit and ponder on the expiration date of your CPR card..... Mine had expired. I only tell this part of my so there are no WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO BECOME CPR CERTIFIED ONLINE ANYWAY? Trust me, I wouldn't want that person bringing back to life either. Little Practice(hands-on) can go along was.    I needed a card to turn into school so I would be allowed to stay in the clinical portion of the program. I go to type in LOCAL CPR COURSES. This lovely website pops up. Stating they're CPR certification cards are  accepted throughout the nation by government agencies, schools, hospitals and more. If it wasn't accepted they have a refund policy.    Sat there for a moment and was like ok...refund policy(check)...looked for them on ripoff no sign of them (check). OK THIS IS GOING TO WORK! Save me about $23! Don't knock... 23 bucks, can keep a college student from eating eggs for a week straight!     PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR THEM! Students, no school will approve of this EVEN if it's a renewal, just too update ordeal. They're refund policy ask for an ORDER number that you WILL NEVER receive. You are lead to believe it's legitimate because you have a transaction number. Nope... they want an order number that's probably stuck up they're ass, along with the shit they pulled out and made a website to steal people's money. AEDCPR - F. Morgan - I hope your off doing well with the money of those who wake up and go to a REAL JOB. If you are reading this... I want you to know, that you may have took my money, but you gave me ALOT of fire and determination to do GREAT things in this life! Starting with helping people regain FAITH IN HUMANITY! so, in some way thanks for being a peice of shit!  sincerely, with my middle finger up!  
Entity: Satellite Beach, Florida

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