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1, Report #1045133
Apr 21 2013
09:56 PM
Lifetime Fitness Lifecrime Fitness Lifetime Fitness aka the felon factory, Internet
A felon convicted of stealing 3/4 million dollars from the government conveniently keeps his job working at Lifetime Fitness. His conviction was brought to light during his employment with Lifetime Fitness and his employers looked the other way. Why? Because he is in a sales industry, a 100% commission job selling personal training. This company loves employing felons who steal money from members......Lifetime Fitness Personal Trainer, Dublin Man Pleads Guilty To Filing False Tax Returns Posted: Apr 21, 2011 3:34 PM EDT - PUBLIC INFORMATION ACT - By Denise Yost A Dublin man pleads guilty to two counts of willfully filing a false federal income tax return with the IRS. John C. Shonkwiler, 41, faces a maximum prison sentence of three years and a fine of up to $100, 000. In addition, his plea agreement requires Shonkwiler to file a correct and accurate federal income tax return for the tax years 2004 through 2009.According to court documents, during the years 2004 through 2006 Shonkwiler was employed at State Street Mortgage, also known as Platinum Mortgage, as a loan originator. Many of the real estate transactions with which Shonkwiler was associated included kick-back funds from the sellers that were undisclosed to lenders and not included on the HUD-1 settlement statements. These funds, together with certain interest income, loan commissions and loan origination fees that Shonkwiler also received through his employment, he intentionally omitted from his income tax returns for those years.Shonkwiler reported $60, 522 in total income on his 2005 federal income tax return, but his actual total income was $525, 685. He reported $199, 309 in total income on his 2006 federal income tax return, but his actual total income was $362, 883. As a result of this willful activity, Shonkwiler failed to pay $194, 850 in income taxes to the IRS for 2004, 2005 and 2006 income tax years. To build faith in our nation's tax system, honest taxpayers need to be reassured that everyone is paying their fair share, said Jose A. Gonzalez, Special Agent in Charge, IRS, Criminal Investigation. The IRS-Criminal Investigation Division, together with the U.S. Attorney's Office will investigate and prosecute those who violate our tax system. story from
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #1877
Mar 30 2000
12:00 AM
Platinum Health & Fitness ..Bogus Billing
I returned a postcard for a free membership in the health club. I was called by a salesman, who tried to sell me a three year membership - for OVER $450.00 per year. When I said I only wanted me free membership, he got angry, said OK, and hung up. I was shocked to receive a BILL, for a three year membership about a week later. Of course, I did not pay it. I hope others do not fall for this free member scam.
Entity: Amherst, New York
3, Report #562390
Jan 30 2010
07:08 PM
ICON Health & Fitness Bait & Switch Internet
I ordered a NordicTrak SpaceSaver E5 si Elliptical machine, they sent me a knock-off brand Pro-Form. Did not have a fan, the wheel was on the opposite side and they wouldn't answer the phone. Rip Off.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #137944
Apr 07 2005
02:28 PM
Moores Fitness ripoff Froestpark Ohio
This fitness company is wrongly reporting information to the credit bureaus. I called to have them cancel my contract due to relocation. The relocation clause in the contract says if you move over 25 miles from the club or any of it's affiliates you can cancel your contract. Well I moved 200 miles from the club and there are no affiliate clubs here, so I requested a cancelation of contract and thought since I've herd nothing about it that's what they did. Not the case. They reported it to the credit bureau as a bad debt charge off. I've made several attempts to call and discuss this but I'm constantly told the person that handels this is not available. Once I did have a lady named Pam get rude with me. At least I got to talk to someone. Be very carefull when signing a contract read everything. Now I must go through the pain staking process of trying to dispute this with the credit bureau. To any one thinking about a membership with this company, if your going to relocate then think twice because you may be in the same boat. Dale Toledo, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Froestpark, Ohio
5, Report #111175
Oct 02 2004
01:13 PM
Extreme Fitness ripoff Pickering Ontario
I can't believe they can do this!!!! I had a membership at Extreme Fitness..... They had problems billing me for some reason unknown to me. When my membership was up for renewal, I cancelled and pre paid for the next two years, with a DO NOT RENEW instruction. Now that the two years are up, I've joined a new gym, and Extreme fitness has started billing me for a membership, on my over two year old membership, which has a letter of cancellation with it!!!!!! They went back and renewed a membership that had already been cancelled!!!!!!!! Dave is the membership manager, he's been too busy since 9am this morning (now 4pm) to even look at the matter. However their personal training manager is trying to help as I had purchased over 100 sessions in my time there.. Come on now, this is criminal!!! Mike Ajax, OntarioCanada
Entity: Pickering, Ontario
6, Report #117166
Nov 10 2004
05:01 PM
LA Fitness ripoff Tucker Georgia
Sold me a health club membership for all of Georgia and will not honor it, we agreed on a certian price for a multi gym membership and they entered it as a single club membership. Management and the sales rep said the would correct the problem but when it was not corrected I went higher up the chain and then the employees who said it would be corrected denied they ever said that and knew nothing of it! Cory Decatur, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Tucker, Georgia
7, Report #10307
Dec 31 2001
12:00 AM
L.A. Fitness Billing Rip off!
I am a member of L.A. Fitness and I have my membership dues withdrawn automatically from my checking account. I did not notice that the billing department was taking two payments out of my account for several months. When I called LA Fitness I was told that they had a signed contract ( with my signature ) authorizing them to take some other persons payment out of my account. At first they told me I had to contact this person and get them to call LA fitness before they could do anything. I explained to them that I did not sign anything and if they had my signature it was a forgery. They requested I send them a copy of my drivers license and two signatures. I felt this to be reasonable so I submitted them. I submitted them a second time when I was told that they were never received. I called the number of the person I was suppose to contact at LA Fitness who was going to follow up on my complaint. A month plus has now passed I have not been able to reach this contact person Mr. Escoban,although he does have a voice mail that I have left many messages on. I did find out that they have stopped taking the money out of my account. But so far no refund on the bogus account. I believe this is fraud next stop D.A.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #5108
May 09 2001
12:00 AM
beware of Super Fitness scam practices
Two years ago I have entered a Super Fitness location at Bloor st and High Park in Toronto. I choose by monthly payment program and I had given them a void check for my account so that the can make a withdrew every month. I have sign a one year contract . I was using theirs facilities regularly for the first couple of months and then I was not that frequent but I keep paying them for one year period . After a year has passed I forgot all about it , but I was noticing that they are still taking money from my account. I phone them first and ask for that matter to be resolved , I was told that I have to cancel the membership and I have to do it in person. When I came down to the office I was told that they wont cancel my membership because they have one payment missing (that took place after contract expired) and even if I was to cancel that I will still have to pay for one more month before they do that. Now let me make that clear , my contract expired so I couldn't exercise any more, they took payments for 4 moths for free AND they refuse to cancel the membership so they can continue milking money out of me for nothing. But this is not verything , in a desperate steps then, I have blocked my account for them . This seem to work for sometime, they send me a note that they are canceling my membership ( couldn't make me more happy) and they send me a bill to pay for almost 300$ unfortunately they didn't took measures to explain where did they came up with that money , of course I didn't pay them anything . Things quiet down for about a year , and then suddenly I have noticed 200$ missing from my checking account . It was Super Fitness , on my request my bank put a stop payment on that withdrew and I got my money back, but It really freak me out. I have to close my account immediately , opened another one , by the way a lady that was opening my account told me that she had the same story with Super Fitness , they have tried to steal money from her account even after she settled all the matter with them. The things I have learned from this are: never give out a void check , even if you put a stop payment on it they still can take out money by changing the amount and they can keep doing that until you close the account. Read your contract very closely INCLUDING FINE PRINT , request time to think about that contract , take your time before you SIGN anything , they are many companies like Super Fitness that just waiting to scum people of theirs hard made money. Spread the word !!!
Entity: Toronto, Canada
9, Report #891888
Jun 01 2012
09:06 PM
When I joined, I made it very apparent I wanted a woman trainer, otherwise I would not joined.  They set me up with a great woman.  She was terrific (or so I thought).  She told me that my body fat was only 9% (impossible), and that I should consider doing shows.  I am a tiny woman.  So I really didn't have a lot of knowledge, but I started doing research about fitness. I thought perhaps she was trying to make me feel good.  I hate to cause problems.  By our third training session, she became unglued and started bashing her own gym (LA Fitness) for giving her a different schedule while she was pregnant.  She started using vulgarities.  It really made me uncomforable.  She seemed outraged.  Our next training session, she didn't show up.  I asked the woman at the front if she (my trainer) was there.   She said the woman I was asking for wasn't a personal trainer at all.  I ended up talking to the VP of LA Fitness, and found out that the woman I was training with was not a personal trainer, just a stand in.  I am so unhappy here.  Never come to this gym.  It is horrible.  The people are unethical.  I want my money back.  I pay $170.00 for personal trainers to cancel on me.  It is horrible!  Don't ever come here.  If I could sue their asses, I would.  I was told a female trainer would train me, they lied.  And I can't even get a person trainer to train me!  Pathetic!
Entity: VANCOUVER, Washington
10, Report #941396
Sep 14 2012
05:29 PM
Barthel Fitness BodyBuilding Supplements , Internet
Purchased his bodybuilding supplements on-line in March 2012 have sent him 8 e-mails as products never received. Some he answered by saying we will re-send with some freebies. Never received anything after contacting him consistently. Last e-mail was in July asking to confirm address again-still no products received. Asked for refund nothing received.
Entity: Internet, Internet
11, Report #1150000
May 27 2014
02:13 PM
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #376965
Sep 29 2008
11:20 AM
Pivitol Fitness: National Fitness Refused Cancellation of Gym Membership Layton Utah
Around November or 2007I joined the Pivitol Fitness Gym in Charleston, SC. I was in college and my student housing was down the road from the gym. The contract stated that if you were to move away at least 25 from the gym that you would be granted cancellation. Well, things didnt work out at the Art Institute and I moved back home...approx. 78 miles away. I sent medical bills, documents, and bank statements and they were all denied as proof of my residency. Mind you that I am only eighteen years old...I live with my mother...duh! I lived here before I went to college, 17 years old at the time. This is so stupid...they know what their doing. I was told that they only way I could prove my residence is to have am affidavit signed by an attorney faxed to them...which was not in the contract. Dessa Beaufort, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Layton, Utah
13, Report #368478
Aug 30 2008
07:16 PM
Beyond Fitness - Professional Fitness Rip offs Raleigh North Carolina
First off I am pissed at the fact that I found out that agood friend of mine was fired because he would not drop out of college to move up in this sorry company. He has managed at two different locations and I was one of the people he helped to change my life. He then moved on to another location due to his success. Thats what this company does. They get some one, they promote them and they lose them because the company only cares about sales and not their clients or even the ones who donot buy personal training. If you dont purchase you are made to feel FAT! They are Professional Fitness. Hardly professional at all. Also, biling issues. I was billed twice a month for three months before they ever fixed the issue. I was never refunded that money. then when my six months were up no one told me that i would continue to be drafted and have to give 30 day written notice. Next I contact the corporate office and once again the Lack of professionalism was confirmed to be true. I was put on hold and was never talked to again on that day. When I finally got in contact with them I was made to believe that this was all my fault. If you are a Gym/Health Club facility please find a better training company or handle it yourself these guys will get your clients money because they are good at that. OVER PROMISE UNDER DELIEVER! Mrs.betty Raeford, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Raleigh, North Carolina
14, Report #254575
Nov 27 2011
11:20 PM
LA Fitness - Pure Fitness Ripoff Unauthorized charges fraudulent cancellation policy Tacoma Washington
I have had a workout account with Pure Fitness for almost two years. I didn't use it much, but, yeah, I still had one. Anyway, they were recently sold to LA Fitness. I didn't know much about the company but I decided that I should stop spending money on something I don't use much.As previously stated in the Pure Fitness sales pitch, I was told I could walk into their place of business at ANYTIME and cancel my membership on the spot. This was a huge selling point for me because I had had a membership with a fitness company before that I had to sign documents and mail off. I found it to be a large inconvenience.I walked into, now LA Fitness, and got a forum to mail in to cancel my membership. I was told that if I sent it in within the next to days that my credit card would not be charged for the next month. I filled out the forum (at the gym) and went immediately to the post office to get my post mark date on there.It's been two months later... just got a credit card bill today... and guess what charge is on there? Yup. Another LA FITNESS ONE! I called again, OH, you'll have to come in and get a forum.. I informed the gal that I have already done this and I want their corporate number (a number I couldn't track down on their Web site). She says she will have someone call me within 24 hours.. but as I've learned on it seems they will now swear that they haven't gotten it (their mail seems to get lost alot) and tell me to send it certified mail.I will also be calling my credit card company but they are almost as good as LA Fitness.Elysia Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Tacoma, Washington
15, Report #269027
Aug 21 2007
01:36 AM
LA Fitness Aka L.A. Fitness Aka L A Fitness cancellation scam deceitful practices incompetent untrained staff Glendale Nationwide
I first signed up at LA Fitness at the request of my fiance, and the recommendation of my father at the end of March, 2007. We took the full tour with a very nice man who gave us the full rundown of the gym and the services they offer. He gave us two contracts, telling us that they offered no cash month to month payment, and the only possible way to join the gym was to give a bank card that they could automatically deduct from every 15th. He charged us like $75 per application (which I though was outrageous) and told us we had to pay the first and last months fee up front as well. I reluctantly gave my card info, and asked questions about the cancellation policy, I was informed that I could easily cancel whenever I wanted, and the remaining month would be paid for, and furthermore, we would receive an additional 15 days free, just as an incentive to come back. He assured us, though, that we would be completely satisfied with our experience, and would not need to leave. We came back to the gym once, two weeks later, and didnt use it anymore. So, by the time the billing for May came around, I convinced my wife the gym was a waste of money, and it was time to lick our financial wounds and move on. I called my local LA Fitness the last week of May, and was answered by a woman I can only assume was at the information desk. I told her that my fiance and I were not using the gym, and needed to cancel our memberships. She was very nice, and after receiving my information, informed me that she would cancel would cancel our accounts, and that we could continue to use the gym for an additional month and 15 days since we had already payed for it. I smiled and told her that we wouldnt need it but thanks anyway. Two weeks later I went on a trip to a nearby business conference, and lost my wallet with my gym membership info inside. Living in the age we do, I simply called and cancelled my credit cards, got new drivers license, the whole situation took a mere couple hours. Among the cancelled cards was my bank card. I received all the new cards within a week. The last week of June I received and interesting message on my answering machine from a woman claiming to be from my local LA Fitness saying she needed to update my payment info. I thought that was funny since I had cancelled my membership over a month prior. I just figured they had made some mistake, and it would be simple to clear up. I was very busy that week preparing for my wedding the following Saturday, and never called back the gym. I returned from my honeymoon a couple weeks later, and received another call from LA Fitness, this time the corporate office. The woman I talked to this time told me she needed to update my payment info on my account. I confidently told her I had canelled my account over a month and a half ago. She asked how I cancelled, and I told her it was over the phone to my local gym. She seemed confused, and said the only way to cancel my membership was by mail or over the internet. I was baffled because my previous conversation told me nothing about needing to come in or go online to cancel my account. I asked to please cancel my account , since she was from corporate, I hoped she would have easier access to our account and may be able to cancel them for me. She repeated to tell me that the only way to cancel was to go online or to get a cancellation request from my local gym and mail it in. I asked her if she would please resolve the payment due within the company so that when the cancellation request goes through I wouldnt have to deal anymore with LA Fitness. She told me that she would put in the refund request on my account and it would be taken care of. Since I didnt have internet access, I went to my parents house later that week to cancel my account online. Of course, the one night I tried, the LA Fitness website was down. A week and two more phone calls from the company later, I attempted again to cancel online. This time, to my amusement, the website was up, but since I no longer had my membership info, I had no way of logging in to my account to cancel. Two more phone calls, and another week later, I found some spare time to trek down to the gym and asked for the cancellation forms. The lady at the front desk gave me two faded, obviously copied pieces of paper with LA Fitness logo on and told me Id have to use my own envelope and stamp to send them in. Frustrated, but eager to resolve the issue, I filled out and mailed the requests, hoping to put LA Fitness far behind me. Like clockwork, however, I continued to receive phone calls from either the corporate or local LA Fitness every three days. Every person that called heard the same story from me, and every person told me the same thing, wow, that sounds like its really been difficult. Ill put in the request to have the charges reversed and this will all be taken care of. Of course it never has. Today I talked to a man who claimed to be the highest up person I could deal with, and he explained that the reason I kept getting calls was that all the refund requests were being denied. He explained to me that the agreement I signed has (in his words), very peculiar wording, that is intended to get an extra months billing out of every member when they cancel. Heres how it works: When you sign up for LA Fitness, you pay for two months, the first and last month. The first month begins immediately, but when you cancel, you still have to pay for any billings that happen within thirty days of the date of your request. After that, your last month kicks in, and you then get another fifteen days free, just for cancelling. So, he said he would date my cancellation back to when I had originally called at the end of May, but that I still had to pay for the June 15th billing, and my account could still be used until Sept 1st. I told him that I didnt want to use the account, that I just wanted the whole issue resolved. He rudely repeated to me that I owed his company money and he refused to reverse the charge. At that point I told him that if he wouldnt resolve the issue, than I wanted a full refund of my entire membership, and that I was extremely upset with the service I had received. I told him I had spent hours upon hours more dealing with cancelling my membership than I had actually in the gym. That I had been promised numerous times it would be resolved, my account cancelled, and no more harassing calls about bogus due payment for a service I had used once. This company cares only about profits, and my story is proof. All they would have had to due is close an account I never used and quit calling me and I would have been satisfied, but now that wont be enough. I have spent too many hours dealing with them to let that be all. LA Fitness is a rip off Ben Glendale, ArizonaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on LA Fitness Body of Change
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #447683
Apr 30 2009
07:57 AM
Fitness Connection Fitness Connection UN FIT!!!!! Houston Texas
I started with a personal trainer at the beginning of Feb 09, after 2 and 1/2 weeks of training, and getting comfortable and sharing my personal fitness info, I return to my next session only to be stood up. I ask the staff where my trainer was and if he was in or out sick and no one knew anything. This went on for about a week and 1/2. Finally I spoke with the manager after being given the run around for almost 2 weeks, and they set me up with another trainer, who had a completely different regimen of things to learn and start completely over. I felt like I wasted the first 2 & weeks. So after getting adjusted to a new Personal trainer, and again sharing person fitness info, things went on for about 3 weeks while the trainer missed several appointments without notice, then I show up for a session to find again, he is not there, with not even a phone call. Once again I asked the staff where is my trainer and no one could answer me. And this went on for another week of inquiry. Only to find out that he is no longer employed. My money has been wasted, and am demanding my money back for the remaining 6 sessions that I have not used. I had also purchased products as requested by one trainer only to be told by the other, I should have bought something else in the line, I feel that it would be very demeaning and humiliating to have to disclose more of my personal info about my fitness to their rude staff. I was not even given the courtesy of a call nor an apology at either time when I made blank trips for days I had appointments scheduled, or for being given the run around about the status of my trainers employment, and such rudeness shown to me by the mgmnt staff during the process. No one would give me the time of day while I was attempting to get info. They didn't want to be bothered with me unless I spent more money. I do not want to continue personal training with this snotty business, I WANT MY MONEY BACK. They have wasted my time, and are attempting to steal the remainder of my money spent. Janine Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
17, Report #765624
Aug 15 2011
10:15 PM
For almost 6 months (or since Pure Fitness was bought out by LA Fitness), the members have been sold a bill of goods.  From promises that the air conditioning would be fixed to promises that the mildewed, smelly, worn carpet would be replaced and everything in between.  I had been paying for personal training sessions; however, each trainer, one by one, either quit or was fired, making it almost impossible to schedule an appointment with the same trainer more than twice in a row.  When it was Pure Fitness, the trainers were plentiful, accommodating and helpful and we were promised LA Fitness would provide more of the same - it most certainly did not.  If a trainer or time slot was unavailable, that was just too bad.  I filed a complaint with the BBB, spoke to the corporate office and explained that I continued to pay for personal training but was not able to schedule personal training.  After many calls to corporate in California explaining my plight and asking for a refund of my previously paid personal training sessions and a cancellation of my membership, I was advised by Danielle that, although she completely understood my frustration, it was not their policy to do either but she'd see what she could do.  After we went round and round, she finally moved a trainer from another facility to the Chandler facility where I had my membership.  I was not offered anything else, no free training sessions, nothing.  I began training with Ashley and, after a couple of training sessions, she was no longer available on my preferred days.  As I was attempting to reschedule, I received a call from Ashley stating that the LA Fitness I belonged to was closing and that I'd have to attend the other Chandler LA Fitness (the one that is packed all the time, even before the other 3 Pure Fitnesses in the area closed and sent their members there); however, she was still not available during most times that were convenient for me.  I, again, called Danielle (and her manager, Shawnee Haysum, who had previously advised me that if I ever needed anything further, I should contact her - I left 4 messages and never received a return phone call), again, explained my frustration and again asked that I please be refunded the $800 or so I had paid for training that I had been unable to use, and that I be released from my contract that was ending in 2 months.  No dice.  I explained that this was a very poor business practice and that, although it kept money in the pockets of LA Fitness in order for them to stay afloat, it was creating a very bad name for them as I, and most certainly others, have and will continue to spread the word about their terrible customer service.  I finally got a letter from LA Fitness stating that I would not be receiving a refund or my payments, I would not be permitted to cancel my membership and that nothing further would be done to assist me.  
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
18, Report #803386
Nov 30 2011
03:16 PM
Ideal Fitness Fitness Equipment Company Internet, Internet
This company is bogus. They have no phone number and have never responded to me since I placed an order for Bolla Ladder Game 2 months ago...they charged my CC imediately and have done nothing else.This is a rip-off! Dont trust, dont buy, just run away from Shapeup Fitness
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #736932
Jun 04 2011
11:40 PM
Fitness Premier Cardinal Fitness Gym membership scam. Bourbonnais, Illinois
I went into Fitness Premier on December 18th, 2010 because my key card wouldn't work, which would not allow me to enter the facility. I called the 'emergency' numbers listed on the front door with no answer and no response. I spoke to a young man named Aaron, I think. I explained that my card didn't work and he said he could get me a new one. After he made it, he told me that it was going to cost $10 to replace it. I paid the money but felt that it wasn't right. I started to leave and then turned back to the counter. I told him that I just wanted to cancel my membership. He asked why and I stated that I had to pay for a new key, but they didn't do anything to assist me the previous 2 nights. He told me that I was already past the billing cycle, so I would be charged for January and that would be it. I told him that was no problem. The debit card I had on file expired in January so we were good there. I have not set foot back in the gym since. In March, I received a letter from them saying that I owe them for February and March and that my debit card information had expired. I called the number on the letter and was given the number to the facility. I called and spoke to a woman who was quite nasty to me. I explained what had happened and she asked if I filled out any paperwork. I said that I didn't and that Aaron didn't offer any paperwork. I told her what he told me, word for word. Her response...too bad. I asked her how I could be responsible for their employees not doing their job. She dismissed my question and told me that if I didn't give her my new credit card information that she was going to send it to collections. I asked for a corporate number and she hung up on me. I went home and email the company about my issue. I never got a response. I tried to go there in person and the door is locked and the key card that I paid $10 for no longer works. Be very cautious when dealing with these people. They don't explain any rules when you sign up and they press you for your bank information. DON'T DO IT! You are better off buying your own equipment.
Entity: Bourbonnais, Illinois
20, Report #923163
Aug 06 2012
11:27 AM
Premier Fitness National Fitness LIARS...UNPROFESSIONAL...RUDE... Centerville, Ohio
Myself and a friend signed up at Premier Fitness with a man named Terry about 5 months ago.  I was there for quite sometime talking with him and touring the gym.  I decided to join as he promised it was a month to month contract as I would not be living in this area for longer than one year and I wanted flexibility to get out.  I am a single mother working 2 jobs and I didn't want to be tied down to anything. After a month or two I decided since I had only been once it wasn't worth it for me to stay with them.  I called and was informed that I had a 3 year contract and they wanted $1000.00 to get out of it.  When I asked to speak to the man I signed up with they told me he no longer worked there.  I was then told by a woman manage, What are you stupid? Don't you read what you sign? I did read what I signed and it was not a 3 year contract.  Their contract has boxes for them to fill in the terms of contract that clearly are easily altered.  I was then told maybe I should start using my membership and hung up on. I decided to move home to Chicago and I thought maybe I could get out of my contract that way.  I called and spoke to a man named Moses who informed me I could get out of my contract and gave me a list of different things I needed to send in as proof.  He even moved my paydate back for me so I wouldn't be charged for this month or next month.  I was very appreciative and we hung up. I called back a few days later to make sure I had all the right information to mail in and was informed that I am not eligible to get out of my contract as there is a Women's WorkOut World nearby where I am moving.  That is not where I signed up and I was not told about this before when I called. I've been calling and trying to get ahold of someone to explain to me why I never get a straight answer and why the story changes everytime.  I've been hung up on, kicked out of the actualy gym, and given the run around.  This gym and all of it's affiliates are liars, cheats, and not members of the BBB and I see why now.  Do not join this gym.
Entity: Centerville, Ohio
21, Report #298522
Jan 09 2008
03:45 PM
Crunch Fitness ,Crunch Fitness tricks customers!!!! Miami Florida
I signed a contract with Crunch Fitness for 3 years and I had set up an automatic payment directly from my bank account so I would never be late (I am very responsible with my payments). I stopped going to the gym because I moved out of the area where the gym was but didn't cancel as my 3 year contract was still not up and I wanted to FINISH MY CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT, I never received any notification on the mail stating that my contract had already expired and today I decided to call and find out when the contract was up so I could finish my three year agreement. I spoke to a guy in customer service who informed me that my contract had expired 6 months ago and that they don't notify members about when contracts are up so it automatically renews, not bound for three years as the original but month to month. Basically they have continued taking money out of my account for 6 months AFTER my contract had ended and never told me anything!!! This is not fair as I signed a 3 year contract! Not 4, not 5 but 3!! And they had NO right to continue billing me after my contract was up!!! If they wanted to keep me as a member, I should've received a notice informing me that the contract was about to expire asking ME if I wanted to renew, not just keep taking money out of my account!!!! I spoke to a supervisor by the name of Kate ext 3007 who was not helpful at all and told me that they have to obligation to notify customers when their contracts expire (how convenient!!), they even told me that this was not the first time a situation like this had arised and that there is no way they would give me my money back (even though I have not been at that facility in almost 1 year!!!) I am really upset that they have taken aprox $390 out of my bank account AFTER the date of expiration in the contract that I've signed!! Crunch has terrible customer service, is a ripoff, they are dissorganized in the way they do their billing (not the first complaint I see for this gym) and they trick customers with the way they do contracts and billing!! Look up more complains for this Gym, they are all over the web! Liliana81 Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
22, Report #1087238
Sep 25 2013
11:10 AM
Life Time Fitness LifeTime Fitness Cancellation Policy Nationwide
LifeTime Fitness commits fraud when you try to cancel your membership.  BEWAREI moved an hour away from my club in Alpharetta, GA thus needed to cancel my membership. LTF would not allow me to do that over the phone so I used my next trip a few days later to visit the club.Because it was one day after the billing cycle they still would not refund me that month's dues and disregarded my telephone request. In fact it was pointed out that they would also charge me the remainder of that month and one additional month!After I grudgingly agreed to that penalty, the sales person (who was apparently the most experienced manager at the Alpharetta Club) tried to sell me on trying a club that was only 40 minutes from my house but it was more expensive. He said it was a premium club but ironically he did not know their higher fees. I declined. Then he offered me a dormant account status that for $6.00 per month stating that I could rejoin a LTF club at the same rate I was currently paying. I declined as well and he clicked away at his computer. Then he asked me to sign a signature pad. There was no visible contract, no terms or no visible agreement. I found this cancellation process to be threatening, berating and unreasonable. I went there to cancel not to be resold.Fast forward 3 months. I audited my credit card that was being charged for my dues. I found that LTF was charging my account $10 per month!!! I called and told the corporate person that I did not want this and to refund these unauthorized charges to my account. He told me that I needed to either mail in a registered affidavit to cancel or go back to the club AGAIN!!! I told him to just stop billing me and I would consider it a loss.Another month went by and they charged me AGAIN! I immediately drove to the club and cancelled my account for the 2nd time.This time I called my credit card company this time reporting fraud. They connected me on a conference call with LTF corporate office, Amy, and she defended the company's position stating that the would be happy to send me my signed copy of the agreement and that even tho I cancelled my membership for the second time, they would be charging my account 2 more times!!!I never agreed to this dormant account, nor was I ever presented any terms. It was not even the amount that the sales person said it was going to be!!!I am writing this to warn as many people as I can about the (If not fraudulent then certainly misleading) cancellation policy.BEWARE and check your credit card to see if they are billing any additional erroneous charges to your account. 
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1173177
Aug 29 2014
10:33 AM
Fitness Connection Fitness Connection - Impossible to cancel Houston Nationwide
I have been a member of this gym for more than four years although I have only used the facililty at max 4 times.  I tried in the beginning to cancel my membership but it was almost impossible to do so.  They continued charging me membership fees although I had requested my membership be cancelled.  Then I had to send it in writing to this office which I did--still months later I was still being charged.Finally this year they started calling me everyday about this account.  I called them and they gave me this web site with a password to cancel.  I filled that out and then they started calling me everyday again about a balance of $43 dollars.  I called then again and I said, Listen I cancelled.  They said well since you didn't pay off the $43 then you have to pay that and another months membership.I said to them that I have only used this gym maybe three times and they can tell because you have to swipe your card when you use it.  I told them since they had been getting free money from me, the least they could do was to waive the last montly fee (fee for sept 2014) and they told me that they could not.  I paid them over $50 to cancel and yet she told me that my credit card info would still be on file with them and I asked if she could make sure that I was not charged anything further.NEVER use this gym.  Once you sign up it takes an act of congree to cancel!!! BEWARE!
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1179293
Sep 25 2014
03:57 PM
blast fitness blast fitness , providence ri ri
wow gym i signed up for $260 personal fitness trainin , cancelled it in writing after 3 sessions , in may , again in august 2014 and then had to cancel my credit card to stop them billing me! I called abc financial ,they do not ill personal training that is the local club.spoke to the local club manager ( two , one aries crup and the other michael, refused last name) , and spoke to regional manager , dennis. no one will give me a refund or stop the billing , the phone numbers to call never pick up , and someone at wow in providence got paid $ 520 from robbing my acct against my express wishes, written , email , by phone and in person .i joined wow fitness/ blast fitness in providence , rhode island in or about feb 2014. the manager , aries crup , pursuaded me to trial personal fitness training, at $ 260 a  month , to coninue if i liked , cancel if i wanted to . this was automatically billed on my debit card ( big mistake on my part ). after a few sessions ( 3 -4 ? ) the trainer training me was injured. i was pressured to accept another trainer and as i did not want another trainer , i sent in a cancellation . this apprently did not procces, and i was billed again in may. i went in to the club personally in june and spoke to dennis the regional manager on the telephone. i was billed again. refiled another cancellation   in  july.then i cancelled that credit card. they tried to charge it in july , august and sept . i get a email with no phone number saying they are attempting to bill me ! someone at wow owes me $720 , for may, june and july  , but the manager  ,michael , will not even give me his last name!               what to do ?
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #1043634
Apr 16 2013
08:17 AM
BALST FITNESS Fitness Contract Scammer , Internet
I was a former member of Bally Fitness, however, I wrote to Bally fitness to cancel my contract one year into the contract.  I stopped being a member for one year with Bally fitness.  Then over one year into the cancellation, Bally fitness was having a special that stated you do not have to be on contract with one year one time payment for access to use their facilities. I paid for the one year usage up-front with my bank card.  Three months into the payment, Bally sold their business to Blast Fitness.  Blast fitness then abruptly closed the nearest location to me without notice  to the users in July of 2012.  So I accepted this as my loss and stopped going to any other location in my city.  To my surprise in February of this year, Blast Fitness made an astronomical deduction from my bank account.  When I contacted them, I was transferred from one person to the other and kept on the phone for more than one hour.  They referred to the old contract that had been cancelled with Bally and stated that the deduction from my bank account for $158:00 was a membership fee that was due.  All effort to make them realize that I did not have a contract even with Bally Fitness was fruitless.  As a matter of fact, they said they will contact me with their findings but never did.  So I called my bank who gave temporary refund of the $158:00 pending investigation.  My bank came back and deducted my account again for the $158:00 apparently either because they could not get a response from Blast Fitness or because Blast Fitness is still presenting them with false information.  I am prepared to take this company to the court for fraudulent practices if I can get others that will join with me in a class action.  Thank You.
Entity: Internet, Internet

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