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26, Report #1072445
Jun 25 2014
07:55 AM
International Fitness Fitness club Northridge California
 I went to this fitness club to try out their system and particularly Zumba. I told one of the workers I was interested in joining. His name was Anthony. He told me it would be $50 to join and $40 a month thereafter. He told me at my first meeting with him that to join you have to pay for 2 months to start, then he told me it was the first and last months.     He wanted a credit card, but I asked him could I pay in cash? He told me if I did that, it would cost another $10 a month. I've never heard of such a thing!!! I should pay the way I want.    Then he told me that every Jan first of every year, they charge you $25 to help pay for cleaning and replacing torn towels and repairing any of the machines.     They claim this place is open 24 hours a day but that's not true. Plus, they say you don't have any kind of contract, but you have to sign something. They say it's a membership, but that looks kinda odd.       All  in all, I think this is very misleading.
Entity: Northridge, California
27, Report #1234254
Jun 08 2015
10:44 AM
Planet Fitness Fitness Club, Gym Nationwide
I signed up with a friend. Then cancelled a month later because I realized that it is too long of a drive for me to this gym. I came in, filled out a cancellation paper and was assured by an employee that membership will be cancelled and there will be no more charges. However, they kept charging me for a few more months, when I came in to see what is going on - my cancellation was not in the system. The problem was I didn't keep a copy of cancellation page they gave me. I didn't think I have to - I was assured membership will be cancelled.They implied that I am the one lying. Like I came in out of the blue and wanted a refund for the months I didn't use their gym. I am going to file a complaint with BBB and Attorney general. I am also wondering if this have happened to anyone else - if it did - they will have a problem bigger than one irate customer.
Entity: Nationwide
28, Report #1266755
Nov 13 2015
03:31 PM
Fitness blowout FitNess 4 less warehouses  California
Sold us a used treadmill, sold us a phony warranty, and when the treadmill broke the warranty did not exist. $2500,00 has just gone down the toilet and we don't have the money to fix it . We own a small fitness center and have a lot of dissatisfied customers now. Everything was great until I payed for my equipment, then everyone got really rude. I hope I can save someone from losing their hard earned money.
Entity: Nationwide
29, Report #1264812
Oct 31 2015
06:16 AM
LA Fitness LA Fitness - Totally Uncooperative Staff Torrance California
I joined LA Fitness in Torrance, California during the early part of 2015.  They showed me around the health club and I thought the place was alright but not great.  I signed up for monthly dues which can be cancelled at any time.  However, they get you on personal training.  You have to sign a contract with them for at least a year which almost can not be broken.  After going to this LA Fitness for a few months, I started to notice that equipment was broken and it took them months to get it repaired.  The employees that I work in the training department are lazy and do not do much to earn their salary.  Most times they sit in the back of the training area and just talk and check their cell phones and send text messages.  If they do not want to help a member, they get up and walk away when they see you coming to their area.  The employees that work in their membership department are mostly young employees and are the most self centered people I have ever come across.  They also basically do nothing all day.  The club manager is more interested in stylish clothes than running the club and trying to resolve member issues.Also, I found out when you call the number for their corporate office in Irvine, CA you just end up speaking to a club manager at any location where they answer for corporate.  Most of them are friends, that give each other heads up about complaints and nothing gets resolved.  I was appalled when I found out there is no way to get in touch with their corporate offices.  In addition, their web site never seems to work. The only time you can actually speak to anyone in corporate is if you try to cancel your memebership or personal training.  Then corporate gets involved and they hasstle you to no end. The only way that I was able to cancel my personal training was to see my doctor and have him prepare a letter which was sent to their corporate office.  This is basically the only known excuse that they will accept and let you cancel.  If you try to cancel personal training anyother way, it is almost impossible to do so.
Entity: Torrance, California
30, Report #892609
Jun 04 2012
06:57 AM
Icon Health and Fitness icon fitness Worst EVERRRR logan, Utah
My husband and I ordered a part at the suggestion of the icon rep. It didnt work so we called in to let them know. After being on hold for 20 min the rep told us to just Toss the part and they would send out another because it was defective This didnt seem right so I asked him again....throw it away? He said yes. So we received the second part and after that failed to help our treadmill we called again and another rep said for us to  send the part back and we'd get a refund. Well its been a month and weve called twice and they kept telling us that it takes a while to process and we will see the money back in our acct. soon. Well I just called again and now theyre telling us that in order to get a refund on the part we sent back we'll have to find the part that they told us to throw away and send that one back too!!!!!  I asked to speak with a manager but was informed the a form had to be filled out in order for me to speak with management and i wasnt allowed to do so at that time! This company is a total ripoff and i will neverrrrrr use them again.
Entity: logan, Utah
31, Report #3551
Dec 11 2000
12:00 AM
Fitness Advantage Health Club Rip-off
They have you sign a ONE YEAR contract. You pay first and last month up front and then they deduct the balance monthly from your bank account or credit card. That should be 10 payments total. After all they give you ONLY one years membership, and a membership card that EXPIRES in one year. HOWEVER they continue to deduct from your account least until you notice it, and then thay explain that the fine print actually means that they will continue to deduct from your account irregardless if you have a membership or not UNTIL they recieve a WRITTEN 30 days notice that you wish to terminate your one year membership.
Entity: Williston, VERMONT
32, Report #672748
Dec 17 2010
02:29 PM
Anytime Fitness / ABC Financial Anytime Fitness ,Fitness Scam Meridian, Idaho
Signed up with Any Time Fitness in Meridian Idaho. I was told it was month-to-month, but had to go on automatic withdrawal from my bank account. Several months later I decided to quit due to a torn ACL. I was informed that I could not cancel for another 8 months. I called again after 8 months and told I could not cancel for another year!!Any Time Fitness works with ABC Financial and the whole thing is a total scam. Do not do business with either of these companies!
Entity: Meridian, Idaho
33, Report #1113840
Jan 08 2014
09:45 AM
Premier Fitness/ Mississauga Family Fitness/ Wynn Fitness Fraudulent charges! Mississauga Ontario Canada
Joined Premier Fitness several years ago. Was immediately unhappy with the service and quality of gym equipment ... machjnes were often in disrepair and staff was ignorant and not at all helpful. Read my contract thoroughly and saw that they were required to give me 90 days written notice before my 1 year contract was up, so that I could decide whether to continue my membership. I had already decided that I would not and waited for my notice to arrive. It never did! This is not just company policy, it is the law here! I went in after I realized they had begun to charge me beyond the end of my contract ... asked for a cancellation and was assured it would be done. It never was!     Charges continued ... after many telephone conversations, and no results, I cancelled the card they were charging. Many months later started getting calls re unpaid membership fees! Then calls from a collection agency! Some time during all of this, the gym had changed hands and was now Mississauga Family Fitness Had to deal with these people now who tried to tell me they had taken over for Premier Fitness and according to their records none of my payments had ever been made!!!      Obviously I gathered all of my relevant credit card statements and went over there!! I left copies of all my statements and a letter saying in no uncertain terms that I did not want membership with that club and that they needed to stop charging me immediately! Kept copies for myself of course! That was well over a year ago. I stopped hearing from the club and credit companies. Then I had one last ditch attempt to extort money from me in the form of an e-mail from them several months ago!! Tried to tell me AGAIN that I owed them over 1000 dollars!!! I called back and made it clear that I would never psy that money and told them why!     Well, turns out it's not over! This club closed their doors overnight in October 2013. I found a statement online from the club that they had written to a local tv station that was investigating the closure for members. Their statement said that they had closed because of an issue with their landlord (not paying their rent maybe?) and that they had made arrangements with Wynn Fitness down the street to honour their memberships in the meantime. Well guess who started charging me then? Arrrgh!!!     And these charges started showing up on my online credit card account ... with charges attempting to be made against the card I had cancelled years ago! Reported it as fraud to my credit card company who is currently dealing with Wynn Fitness. I have also reported Wynn Fitness to the Better Business Bureau ... this better be fixed soon! Btw ... the Wynn Fitness that is charging me isn't even the one in my city! No way I would have anything to do with them!
Entity: Mississauga, Ontario
34, Report #1041777
Apr 08 2013
07:40 PM
LA FItness LA Fitness, Plano East - Tx LA Fitness - Bank fraud/theft Plano, Texas
LA FITNESS - Bank theft. In October I went to LA FItness to check out the gym while deciding what gym to join.  The salesman at the Plano East club in Plano, Tx named Mark told me that in order for me to hold the rate he was offering for a future date I would have to provide him my personal information and my debit card number.  I did not sign put my signature on anything, so I knew they could not draft my account.  The salesman called me several times during October and November, I told him each time I did not want to join.  I may when I move if I sell my house in Dallas. I heard  from him the last time in November and told him NO I did not want to join.  Much to my surprise while preparing my taxes in April, I looked at a bank account that I do not use only to find my account had been debited for over $400.00 by LA Fitness.  I made several phone calls to LA Fitness only to get the brush off.  I finally obtained a copy of the signed agreements (knowing I had never put my signature on anything), all of which were forgeries.  They had forged a signature ( not even close to mine) on the manual agreement and the electronic agreement a month later.   The corporate membership department was not concern about an employee forging signatures and stealing from the public. Instead they took the position it was my fault.  I never worked out in their facility, I never received a thing concerning a membership from them.   The first manager at corporate I spoke to gave me an email address that was bogus to send a copy of the signature on my drivers license, so they could verify it.  Then she called back and told me it was not her email address, it was her supervisor and she would not be back until next week.  After finding out the email did not go through, I called again and got a totally different email address  from someone else for the same person. This email address was completely different than the first email address provided.  The manager I spoke to said he would follow up with me on Monday and make sure it got handled.  Guess what?  No one called and no one followed up.   I called them and got in touch yet another manager  who sounded like a valley girl, popping gum and may the ripe age of 18.  She again put the blame on us, arguing that we signed the document --they were not handwriting experts and could not determine if a signature is correct.  Time after time she was told; I had seen the signatures and it is not my signature! So her response was you had full use of the gym during that time.  I had to explain to her that if the papers are forged and we do not know it, then how would I know of a membership to take advantage of in the first place.  This girl was unreasonable and argumentative.  Finally she asked to put me on hold and speak to her supervisor.  She comes back on the phone and said: OK I will refund $126. of the over $400.  I hung up on her only to have her call back and say she would go ahead and refund all of it in 7-10 days.  All I was ever asking is to give back the money they stole from my account.  It took way too many phone calls met with apathy and a warning them that I am going to expose their scam to the media.   The Corporate Membership Department is obviously a group of unexperienced phone room kids called managers that can't make decision without talking to supervisors .  Thee kids are apparently trained to not agree to refund money and blame the caller.  Instead they should be paying close attention to the actions of their sales people and how they are lying and stealing from the public  This type of scam should be exposed and warn the public of their antics.    
Entity: Plano, Texas
35, Report #1088582
Oct 01 2013
09:21 AM
Blast Fitness; Blast Fitness Group LLC Blast Fitness Membership Practices Burbank Illinois
I signed up for a membership with Blast Fitness on 09/13/2013.  There was no sign up fee, and the monthly cost was 20.99 per month.  I was informed that the very next month I would be charged $49 in addition to my monthly fee on a annual basis.  What they failed to mention was that I would be charged again on 09/27/2013 for another monthly fee. When I called and asked about this charge I was told that they require a 30 day notice to cancel the membership.  Said that the 2nd charge for the month of September was for the last 30 days.  I informed the manager (Trisha), that I was not told this and therefore it is unfair to charge someone an additional charge when they weren't notified of this.  Yes I knew my monthly fee would come out on the 27th of each month (but was never told that in 2 weeks the same month I signed up I would be charged again).  She said there was nothing they could do.  Said that I really got 2 weeks free because with the cancellation policy I would get the 30 days that I paid for.  I then went on to tell her that if I canceled I'm sure I wouldn't be looking for 30 days - because I cancelled. More importantly I the customer is being charged something that I was never informed of.  This is my problem, and I don't see you attempting to do anything about it.  She said there was nothing they could do.  Unacceptable!
Entity: Burbank, IL, Select State/Province
36, Report #1161086
Jul 10 2014
02:02 PM
Blast Fitness Blast Fitness Cambridge blast fitness portersq ripoff Cambridge Massachusetts
 I was a member of the Cambridge MA Porter Sq location. I actually left the Planet Fitness to become a member of Blast. The Cambridge location is by my work and good for equipment. My main reason to sign up at Blast is I was assured I could use the WOW on Boston Ave MEdford MA which has spin classes with teachers I like. Now that they closed their location they transferred me to Rock and Fitness in Porter Sq Cambridge MA for my billing ect.. and I can no longer to to WOW on Boston Ave Cambridge, MA. The manager there told me I would have to cancel Blast and sign up there and pay the fee's. I spoke to Lucas at the Corporate headquaters today who assured me he just needed to update my membership and I will be able to go to WOW but I will still be housed at Rock and Fitness. They are not part of Blast. How can my membership be held by a company that I did not sign up with. I asked to have membership changed to Blast on Middlesex Ave MEdford MA but he refused. So I signed a contract with Blast and they have the right to make my home gym another corporation that they don't own? Also I have not been able to go to my spin classes in 3 weeks because of this. NOT HAPPY and would love to know if this is legal. In the meantime Boston Ave MEdford MA is signing former members up and charging them. Wrong on every level.
Entity: Cambridge, Massachusetts
37, Report #108373
Sep 14 2004
01:27 PM
I recently just joined two of my children and myself to a gym for a 3 month membership only to return a week later and the gym be closed with no explanation. It is unacceptable that the owner took money knowing that there were problems. Bonnie NORTH BEACH, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: PRINCE FREDERICK, Maryland
38, Report #37810
Dec 10 2002
04:34 PM
icon health & fitness rowers world ripoff logan Utah
my daughter ordered a treadmill when it arrived the wrong parts were included. delivery person very rude. another was sent. we, in turn, sent back said treadmill. never received credit on credit card. merchandise was damaged, or the wrong parts were sent. had a terrible time returning treadmill--took weeks. tried to contact company no luck. i have a double charge on my card and it states payment went to rowers world. when contacted they claimed they do not sell cadence treadmills. what to do? jean medford, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: logan, Utah
39, Report #816079
Dec 30 2011
07:20 PM
Active Fitness and Health Worst Gym I've been to Woodbridge, Ontario Canada
This place is somewhat ghetto. There are no paper towels provided in the change rooms to wipe your hands. The change rooms smell really bad. There are always some equipment out of service. The manager has an unpleasant appearance and attitude. One employee smokes in the storage room and I can smell it. The girls at the front desk are pleasant and friendly. The manager gave me a promotional offer to bring a guest for 3 months free.  When I brought my guest in, the manager informed my guest that she also had the option of trading the 3 month pass for a 1 year membership for $99, however my guest had to decide on the spot.  My guest chose the 3 month pass, and the manager was not pleased.  He then proceeded to pull an attitude and eventually instigated an argument with my guest.  In the end the manager informed my guest that the promotion was no longer available to her and she must leave.  Absolutely terrible customer service !!!
Entity: Woodbridge, Ontario
40, Report #338759
Jun 10 2008
05:16 AM
American Family Health & Fitness automatic draft Richmond Virginia
Several years ago, probably about 2003, American Family was calling my home for renewal. We told them to cancel the subscription and we would not renew. This occured several times. Therefore we believed that at the end of our contract period we were done. Months later I notice they had continued to draft my bank account. I did everything I could possibly do to get a refund through the company directly. With repeated effort and no satisfaction, I did file suit in Henrico. The day of the hearing I rec'd the refund that I'd requested and did not need to go to trial. D Mechanicsville, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
41, Report #1176447
Sep 12 2014
04:46 PM
24 hour Fitness 24 hour Fitness Sport Health Department oncerns Hermosa Beach California
After 90+ days of reporting problems at the Hermosa Facility, there has been not response or concern for the condition of the locker rooms. You can view them on this link   Letters were sent to the managers & CEO Elizabeth Blair but there has been no reply.  
Entity: Hermosa Beach, California
42, Report #556859
Jan 19 2010
02:08 PM
ICON Health & Fitness, Icon Health & Fitness WARNING: DO NOT PURCHASE FROM PROFORM OR ICON HEALTH, Internet
We recently purchased a ProForm/Icon Health & Fitness treadmill. Big Mistake! The treadmill arrived with many missing parts. Trying to reach a human being in customer service is extremely difficult. When you do talk with someone, they are clueless and unable to make decisions towards solving your issues. We are returning the item and never dealing with the company again. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY!
Entity: , Internet
43, Report #1387659
Jul 23 2017
09:38 PM
Fitness Equipment Depot Worlwide, CAC Fitness, Zachleigh Fitness, Col-G Fitness, ZKJ Fitness, ZK Fitness, Z Fitness, KAC Fitness, International Fitness Resources, Weight Management, John Greeley's Fitness Plus, Scam, Steal and Cheat Melville Nationwide
DO NOT EVER do business with Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide or any of John Greeley's corporations. John Greeley and his long time accomplice, Denise Barry, have done business under 11 different corporate names (see below) over the past 20 years to scam, steal and cheat customers, the IRS, New York State Department of Taxation, banks, credit card companies, merchant processors, and other corporations. FEDWW is not even a registered corporation with the state of New York because it operates under CAC Fitness Inc and Zachleigh Fitness. Each time one of John's corporations accrues too much debt and liabilities, the company folds or files bankruptcy, and John and Denise start anew. John sells equipment he does not have in stock. He sends customers damaged equipment and then blames the shipping company, leaving the customer and the shipping company to battle it out. When customers cancel because they get the wrong equipment, damaged equipment, or John can't find what he sold because he never had it in stock to begin with, he charges a 20% restocking fee, so essentially he makes a profit just by someone signing a contract. When international customers get ripped off, they end up with a total loss because it would cost them too much money to fight a lawsuit in the US. John will also send a check to people for equipment he buys from Ebay or Craig's List and request that the customer pay the shipping company (him again) with the extra money he paid. When the person wires money to the shipping company (a.k.a him), John's check bounces, so then the customer is not only out the money for the equipment they thought they sold, but also the money they sent to the shipping company. John refurbishes equipment with cheap paint and parts that will not last. Don't ever accept a check from any of John's company because it will bounce. STAY AWAY! John Greeley's Corporations 1. Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide (not registered)2. CAC Fitness Inc. (under John's sister name, Elizabeth Walter) - currently John, Liz and this business is being accused of stealing over $300,000 worth of equipment. See…3. Col-G Fitness (filed for bankruptcy for over $1.1 - 10 MILLION dollars of liabilities). See…4. ZKJ Fitness 5. Zachleigh Fitness (operating under Michael Magner, John's long time friend)6. International Fitness Resources 7. ZK Fitness 8. KAC Fitness9. Z Fitness10. Weight Management (under John's mother name, Janet Greeley)11. John Greeley's Fitness PlusThere are NUMEROUS reports on Rip Off Report, Better Business Bureau, Glass Door, Complaints Board - just search John's name or one of the companies above. The District Attorney's in NY have also received numerous complaints, but somehow he is still doing business - REPORT HIM if you are one of John Greeley's victims. NEVER DO ANY BUSINESS WITH ANY OF JOHN GREELEY'S COMPANIES.
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #602703
May 12 2010
02:57 PM
Xsport Fitness - Capital Fitness Capital Fitness Difficult to cancel membership Big Rock, Illinois
It is difficult to cancel/terminate a membership with Xsport Fitness (aka Capital Fitness).  This includes all Chicago area locations.   You MUST send your ORIGINAL CONTRACT to a PO Box, including your membership barcode key, and it MUST be sent by REGISTERED or CERTIFIED mail.   THEN, they still do not cancel the membership until you call them and demand that the membership be cancelled.   Without doing the correct steps, your membership will not be cancelled. Last, they WILL NOT provide you with written documentation that the membership is cancelled (on the telephone, the customer support person had to confirm with their legal dept that they will not provided written documentation of a terminated/cancelled membership). So, you send them your only original copies of the contract, send them your barcode key, then call them to force the membership termination, and last you have no proof of this being completed.  You simply wait until the next payment date to determine if they deducted money from you paying account. Please be AWARE of this before signing a membership with them.  You CAN NOT cancel a membership at the location you joined.  REPEAT: You can not simply walk into your Xsport fitness location and ask them to cancel/terminate the membership.  You can not call them on the telephone and cancel/terminate your account. You MUST follow the above process (read your contract). I have been members of many fitness clubs in Michigan, Florida, and Illinois, and this is the first one that made the process difficult - SO DIFFICULT (may allow them to keep you paying for one or more months until you correctly follow their process).  All other fitness clubs allowed me to cancel when walking in or on the telephone and each would provide the necessary documentation proving the membership was terminated. For the fitness center itself (Elmhurst Express): good overall, but too crowded with equipment.
Entity: Big Rock, Illinois
45, Report #557053
Jan 19 2010
08:11 PM
JUST FITNESS 4 U - NATIONAL FITNESS Just Fitness filthy gym, poor instructors, lie about low rates Atlanta, Georgia
They say it is only $10 a month, but they charge you $100 a year for clean-up fees. If we are paying to clean up the gym, they at least ought to clean up the gym. It is one of the most filthy gyms I've been to. If you make a suggestion, they don't listen to you. Nor will they tell you where the corporate office is so you can locate someone there. They only care about signing up new members. They make lots of promises about how they are going to make changes, but then after they've signed you up, they say they don't have the money to make the changes. They have gotten rid of a lot of the weights that were there, and there aren't enough to go around in the classes.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
46, Report #135596
Mar 18 2005
10:33 PM
Bally Total Fitness ripoff Norwalk California
After holiday I thought I can utilize the two weeks free tryout coupon with Bally Total Fitness in my 2004 entertainment book. However, when I went there on 12/28/04 the Rep there told me the coupon is no good and they are having a free 30 day trial membership if I workout 12 days during the trial month from 12/28/2004 to 1/27/2005, and they need a credit card just for the safe reason. The Rep also told me I can easily cancel the membership after 30 days if I am not satisfied with the membership. Since I normally has a workout place I signed the contract just for a tryout. I faithly comply the 12 workout days and cancel the membership as told. I ended up has a charge in my credit card. I filed a dispute with the credit card company and the DISHONST Bally Total Fitness sent out a fake workout usage history saying I have not workout enough times. I called their CA financial service and they told me to get a usage history from local center. However, when I call the local center they said they are not allowed to provide any usage history report. This is a fraudulent company who can get their hands to consumer's pocket any way they can. I later found out there are so many complaints and disputes from other customers with Bally Total Fitness for the 30 days trial membership. I will never go again nor recommend anyone to go there. Georgia Plano, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Norwalk, California
47, Report #140733
Apr 28 2005
08:14 AM
Premier Fitness ripoff Mississauga Ontario
I'm a supplier of advertising. For some time I was paid by an employee's credit card. So it was no problem when he asked me to bill the Company. That was Dec 2003. Telephone calls, emails and letters have not been answered. Court proceedings were not attended. Seems like they intended a ripoff from the beginning. Even with a judgement, I'll have a huge problem collecting unless I have banking information. Morton Markham, OntarioCanada
Entity: Mississauga, Ontario
48, Report #161477
Oct 20 2005
02:34 PM
Ultralife Fitness Ripoff, Fradulent Charges South Jordan Utah
About 2 months ago I ordered a trial offer of their Diet Supplement for $4.95. I received my product about a week later. That day I called the Ultralife Company and told them I did not want anymore product or membership in their program. I explained that their diet supplement was medically contraindicated due to my thyroid conditon. I was told my account would be closed and no more charges made. On October 15, 2005 I was charged $24 dollars by the UltraLife Fitness Company after I told them not to charge me anymore. I emailed the company since it was on a weekend and have not received any response from them. Starting on 10-17-2005 I tried calling them. When they did answer the phone as I explained the situation they hung up on me and refused to answer when I called back. I got through one other time and when I identified myself my call was once again disconnected and all future calls went unanswered. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF. I have disputed the claim with my bank and cancelled my check card so no further charges could be made. Bona Gaithersburg, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: South Jordan, Utah
49, Report #159674
Oct 05 2005
08:09 PM
Bally Total Fitness ripoff Tulsa Oklahoma
Back in 1999 I moved to Tulsa, OK. That was my third year in the United States, I spoke a little English, couldn't even read at that. So I decide to go to the gym... Ballys.... they explained me that I'll need to pay $30 and I have trying period, and if I don't like it for any reasons no further action needed. I paid that $30, left that place, and never went back, thinking that I just lost $30. Soon after I got transferred to CA, then I moved to New York. Than I finally decide that I need to take care of my self, so I went to Ballys on 298 West 231st Street in Bronx, NY. And open a new account with monthly $18. Later in march of 2005 when I moved to FL with no clubs around, I called them cancel my membership they asked for 50.00 cancellation fee, I don't know why I had to pay that fee, that is not my problem that they have no clubs in this area. But I paid that. The interesting part just stars.... week later I start getting phone calls from collection agent about my FIRST account, that was shock. I had hours of conversations about 3,5000 that I owe. When I asked for a copy of my contract to be send to me, they refused, they only wanted to do fax. I asked them to mail it to me; there excuse was that would take days for me to get it. They want me to pay them at that time at that moment with check over the phone or credit card the amount of 1,600; I told them I wont do that. After few days of those conversations I told them that they would have to go to the court, they leaving me no choice. They advise me that amount will be some where around 5,000 and I will lose that court. And now no calls AND NOTHING STILL WAS SENT TO ME BY MAIL. Oleksiy Palm Coast, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
50, Report #165440
Nov 21 2005
05:08 PM
Bally Fitness - daiwa ripoff, fraudenlent contracts Norwalk California
I just received a collections letter stating that I owed Bally Fitness 1380.00 for a 36 month contract they say I signed in 1992. In 1992 I was in Houston for two months and knew I was moving to Austin permantly. I never would have knowingly signed a 36 month agreement. They have never tried to get in touch with me until 13 years later. I have had the same phone number since 1992! Does anyone know about class action suits against this company? Dalee Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Norwalk, Connecticut

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