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1, Report #1310812
Jun 11 2016
09:10 AM
BEWARE! I ordered 'Secret's from the Vault' over a month ago to be delivered within a 10 day timeframe. Surprise, surprise, money out of the account, no book & no replies to e-mails in the last month. Their patronising videos assume that all their potential clients (read victims) are one brain cell short of being complete morons. It's all promises, but they don't deliver, plus all the information appears to be generally available on the web anyway, so where's the secret? 100% SCAM.  
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1293153
Mar 11 2016
07:52 PM
HSI- Health Science Institute Internet ripoff Baltimore Maryland
   Over the years I fell for the come on's in the online presentation of HSI.  It makes it sound as if you will get loads of information that will truly help your health.  In reality you pay them, and they they send you loads of emails promoting their own supplements and pills that may or may not work at all. With supplements who is to really say what works so I say may or may not work.  What you DONT get is any information you can really use in these emails, only things you can buy from them. SO you think you are buying information to make yourself well, but all you get is sales pitches to make yourself poor.       They also offered a 100% money back guarantee. Ive been around the block more times than I like to admit and now when I listen to one of these online presentations I take careful notes on a manila folder. If I opt to try it I write the rules of any guarantee, whats promised, the cost, the date, what credit card I used, my sign in and password, etc etc etc    I had down 100% money back guarantee. I call to cancel and they tell me NO, NO MONEY BACK!  I get tough with them on the phone and say listen, it said 100% money back guarantee, these are my notes and the date and time etc.    The gal put me on hold, and then later came back and said ok we will give you this much back, we will pro rate it. Since it wasnt that far into the year I said ok just to be done with them!     So I just want to warn others if they should look here, all you are going to get for your money are sales pitches for VERY HIGH priced supplements. You wont get anything that you can do yourself to improve your health at all. You are paying them to send you sales promotions for overpriced supplements. That is it here!   They hace sales videos that are easy to fall for, but please DONT.  Then if you do pay and ask for a 100% guarantee refund, You WONT get it.    Be forwarned!MIKE    
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
3, Report #1344022
Dec 18 2016
09:10 PM
Health science insitute only source/government wants to band Internet
This report is not only about the Health science institute but so many other sites that also claim to have the only real source for information and or alternative health remedies for your problems.   The Health science institute is deffenately Not the Only source of the collected information they advertize,  That information is everywhere on the net, you only have to search for it and know how to do searches that get results, what your computer gives you when you do searches depends on what you type in the search bar.  So many people can save so much money by doing the research themselves,  the products themselves are costly enough so don't also pay for the information on What you be purchasing.  There are many many Holistic health site with real doctors that will give you that info freely and gladly. I have been researching holistic and organic remedies for health issues for over 20 yrs now and I can tell from experience that all that info is available And free and all you have to do is take noyte book mark it and save it for future reference.  So don't let anyone con you into thinking They have all of the answers or thats the Only place you can get those answers.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1283098
Jan 28 2016
09:37 PM
PSV Health Science Institute I was charged $37.00 twice on January 23,2016. I have no idea what or who this is. Internet
My credit card was charged $37.00 twice on January 23 by PSV Health Science Institute.  Do not know who or what this is.
6, Report #1245973
Aug 03 2015
07:38 AM
Health science institute They wrote a article and they said that Washington is used 5 drugs that are very dangerous through Obama Cara.
i called them because I know that is totally false and they told that they gonna call me or write to me. I couldn't not believe when I read the article with lies, and senssacionalist Baltimore MdI started to read a page with a different articles about health  in internet on the site of health science institute.In the end of the page they had a article where they said that we need to change the Obamacare because Washington is using  5 dangerous drugs and people don't know.I went to another page and the article it's really a rippof, only lies. I couldn't believed and I called them and I asked answers about these lies.they asked my address and tel number and until today they didn't call me back.
Entity: Baltimore, Internet
7, Report #1326234
Sep 03 2016
07:18 PM
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1351153
Jan 21 2017
06:41 PM
Health Sciences Institute Health science Internet
 Last year I responded to an online invitation from this company to subscribe for health related literature. I received literature which was , in my opinion , a load of old rubbish. My account was charged a membership fee. When I tried to cancel my subscription,only then did I realise their email messages do not contain an option to Unsubscribe. I tried to respond to their emails but messages came back to me undelivered on several occasions. I cannot contact the company by phone..I think they are based in Canada but I'm not sure. They have again deducted a fee from my account; I did get an advanced notice by email from them about this but there appears to be no way of cancelling ! im beginning to think this is a total scam. I have returned their latest envelope unopened and await a response from them. If this is not a scam,it sure looks like one. I feel Foolish that I did not notice the absence of an Unsubscribe option until it was too late. I want my money back but there is no obvious way of requesting this. Yep,it's a scam I'm thinking.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1254401
Sep 11 2015
06:48 PM
The Health Science Institute They charged me $99 to be a life member I stupidly signed up for 37or39because i was conned u a convincing online presentation that their discovery could cure my malignancy help pleaseI have been conned Internet
 I watched a very convincing video on line after getting an email threatening death if I wasn't aware of their discoveries Since I have malignancies and fine medical support which is minimal medication I was ripe for a natural cure They claim some herb or concoction to cure everything and tell you the most widely used medication are poison because the drug companies are only interested in their profit line I swallowed the line and within a moment knew I had been scammed. They even had the nerve to charge$99 instead of$37 The larger sum for a lifetime membership. I was a fool please help
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1358951
Feb 28 2017
04:38 PM
Health Science Institute Dr. Allen Spreen Assaulted my intelligence and promulgated a fake scandal regarding Hilary Clinton. Why is it OK for trolls to advertise in this way to gullible people. This should be illegal! People will believe anything if they want to. Internet
This is an ad designed to get gulliable people to get sucked in by spouting all kinds of ridiculous nonsense to create a fake scandal regarding Crooked Clinton.  Shamelessly seeking to profit off the people who would believe such vile stories and at the same time seeking to turn the election by spreading lies.  I guess there is no law against this but, unlike simply trolling on websites, this is presented as a huge revelation of wrongdoing and is slanderous.  I'm sure it was gobbled up by many simple folks who have been decieved not only to vote irrationally but to order a book and get a membership that is costly and gives them nothing!  There should be a law against this kind of scandlemongering!
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1383757
Jul 07 2017
07:50 AM
Health Science Institute Promiced you could heal any thing with common everyday prouducts . once you get there books they contradicted each chapter and the items you needed to get were so exotic you could only get them through there pharmacy MD Internet
When i signed up i was told i could cancel at any time. I Email them to cancel and they told me i had to write the company but did not provide an address. They took there money and i never heard from them again. Now im past my 30 day refund peroid by 2 days but i doubt i would get it anyways i have no interest in purchasing there product so i feel i was scammed!
Entity: Internet
12, Report #114567
Oct 25 2004
07:26 PM
Brick Computer Science Institute ripoff Brick New Jersey
I attended Brick Computer back in 2000. After a year of hearing nothing from them I recieved a letter saying that they messed up the refund process and I now owe then 3400+ dollars. This report is now on my credit report. I tried to contact brick computer directly and it has come to my attention that they are now closed for good. However, I still have this problem that I dont believe that I should be responsible for. If when I decided to leave the school they told me that I would have been 3400 in the whole I most likely would have stuck out the school. So I am stuck. Does anyone out there have any advise for me. David 08723, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Brick, New Jersey
13, Report #196263
Jun 13 2006
05:34 PM
Brick Computer Science Institute steals your money Brick New Jersey
I attended BCSI for three months starting in Oct 2001. I officially dropped out four months later in February 2002. I was refunded a portion of my deposit and the government (Sallie Mae) was refunded their entire educational loan. I even have a credit report showing that Sallie Mae is paid in full. However, I recently received a letter from a shady collection agency stating that I still owe BCSI $6,000.00!! The bill they sent me shows that BSCI may have been charging my account even 2 years after I had officially left. If everyone has received their money, how can I still owe??? The school is closed and I can not reach anyone to release my records and the Agency claims that the school is still operational. This school is a scam and is now working with a collection agency with the same reputation. If anyone has any advice on who to contact or the steps to take to clear this up, please let me know!! William Toms River, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Brick, New Jersey
14, Report #1253447
Sep 07 2015
07:38 PM
health sciences institute video deceiving
the video for health sciences institute says their book is free.  they state that at least twice in video.  then they say you have to pay for accompanying newsletter.  this scam is common.  people forget to cancel subscription or send back book and are charged.  If President Obama wanted to charge you with slander or take your website right off the web, he could. but you are a joke.  If you are such righteous people, just let everyone know where to get or how to make these so called holistic cures. 
15, Report #67516
Sep 24 2003
06:46 PM
Brick Computer Science Institute ripoff Complete waste of time and money, I basically taught the web design class. Brick New Jersey
I attended Brick Computer Science institute for over 2 years . the program was supposed to only run 1 year. There were delays on the school end that caused this. Since I wasn't working as it was a full time schedule you can imagine the monetary problems this created. I completed the program with a 4.0 and a great portfolio but still work retail. I couldn't even get an interview with Brick computers under my belt. The only design work I have done is freelance. I had a petition signed by the students to get a teacher fired for her obvious favoritism of other students. Students weren't even coming to class and walking away with A's while other student who worked their butts off were getting flunked. The schools equipment was lacking, outdated, and often broken. No help was given to me in assistance to my job search. I basically taught the web design class and learned nothing as the teacher had no skills in that area. All in all a waste of time! Joi mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Brick, New Jersey
16, Report #113446
Oct 18 2004
11:44 AM
Brick Computer Science Institute ripoff, fraudulent billing, messed up my financial aid Bricktown New Jersey
Brick computer science is a rip off. They didn't teach me anything. I taught myself. If C++ is one of the hardest and most complicated languages to learn, how can you give me a teacher that just graduated from college and is still fresh on the subject himself? They screwed up my financial aid, and then sent me a bill for over $2,000!!! Which is now on my credit report. I am fighting them with all my might. You call the school, and can never get a straight answer out of them. I stopped attending there in October of 2000, and they were still collecting my student loans. They had to send close to $2,000 of it back. How can they still collect your loan money, and you aren't even enrolled in school with them anymore? They are frauds and rip offs, and I would love any information that will help me fight them. Alika Norfolk, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Bricktown, New Jersey
17, Report #383067
Oct 20 2008
04:41 PM
SPORTS SCIENCE RESEARCH INSTITUTE Beta Test Site member offer with Zero Risk Guarantee is a ripoff. Columbia South Carolina
I was solicited via USPS to become a Beta Test Member with Zero Risk Guarantee. The driver was described as the world's most powerful driver, The iCHAMP MOI spring action driver. What a joke. When I received the driver, I went to the driving range and was greatly dissappointed. From there, I tried it on the golf course by hitting my regular driver and the test club. Again, it was dissappointing. I immediately called 800-505-1719 for a Return Authorization number per instructions. From there, I was given a new number 864-231-0723. I called and left a message for this phone several times and got no return calls. I even called their order number (800-505-1719) and the person took down all the information and said she would pass it on. Again, I have heard nothing. Yesterday, I emailed them by going to their website ( and again have heard nothing. Their RETURN POLICY tells me that I cannot get a refund without a Return Authorization number. Unfortunately, I just learned that another person was also ripped off by the same party but under different circumstances. Rexall SEBRING, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
18, Report #364841
Aug 20 2008
05:45 AM
Brick Computer Science Institute Defaulted on loan paperwork and lied about it I HAVE PROOF!! Brick New Jersey
I read few postings on this site in regards to this matter. I attended the school from 2002-2004. They gave me tuition assistance forms that I was to have my national guard unit fill out. So I had it filled out and signed off, and returned it to the schools finance dept. About a month before graduation, I am suddenly approached by the staff, who informs me that I had xxxx amount in unpaid dept. Well, I went to the finance dept, and they told me that I never brought in the TA paperwork from the guard. So I came back the next day bringing with me a copy of the signed paperwork that the previous financial adviser had signed off on, and asked them to rectify the problem. I was given a smile and told that he was fired a long time prior, and that it was now my problem. In response to a prior entry was made by a 'your screwed, live with it'. You say that the federal gov't will be the ones footing the bill, and that we should be stuck owing them. Well, I have this to say about that- I AM NOT WRONG, AND I WON'T SAY THAT I WAS! I am tired of doing the right thing, and being screwed by people like this. I will not tolerate this, and I will see to it that something gets done about it. By the way, do not presume to correct the grammar of others until you fix your own first. As for ':( :( :(' - I am very sorry to hear about your grandfather. I am not trying to soil his good name, or say that he was a bad person. What I am saying, is that his employee's failed him miserably, and I think it is a crying shame that good people like him are hung out to dry by those whose gross negligence and incompetence led to their fall. Your grandfather placed all of these people in a position of trust, and confidence, and they failed him. So if you truly are enraged as I am about this, then you will want to see justice served, and these hacks get whats coming to them. People need to know that it was not all his fault, and only you can help me make this happen by responding back with the contact information of anyone you know who help bring this about. Now down to it. I am a successful network engineer for Comcast. I make a great income, and love my job. I owe much of this to what I learned at BSCI. The curriculum was good, and the hands on was invaluable. True it was only the basics, (on the Microsoft and Cisco side) but it gave me the tools I needed to build a solid foundation. I think the owner of BSCI had a great vision, and am incredibly ticked to see it go the way it did. I am grateful for the experience and knowledge I received, and would like to thank those who made it possible. And to those people I have this to say - ' You deserve better then what you got! Help me get these people that did this to me (and many others I personally know), and CLEAR YOUR NAME! ' Many people are placing blame in the wrong place. This needs to be fixed. My mistake was not checking up every few weeks to ensure that the finance dept. was doing their job. Brokerdavelhr Bensalem, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Brick, New Jersey
19, Report #621063
Jul 07 2010
12:25 PM
Swiss Science Scammed for $169.95 Clearwater, Florida
I replied to a promotional weight loss sample from Swiss Science for $3.95.  It was charged to my Mastercard.  Within a few weeks I received 3 bottles of weight loss pills and/or supplements along with some type of calculator.  I thought good, I'll give it a try.  Then I see that my Mastercard was charged an additional $169.95 two days after the $3.95 charge.  I had received no other packages.  I called to see what happened.  Of course, I was unable to get through their 866 calling number with the first dozen calls. When I finally reached a non-American person at the end of the line, he told me I was wrong and that they never offered samples.  I asked what the $3.95 charge was for and he gave me some type of website with a doctor's theory on weight loss.  That, he said, was all I paid for.  I asked for full reimbursement to my account.  He said he was unable to do that but would refund only half until the merchandise was returned.  A week later and this charge has not been reversed.  I sent my package with a return receipt but I suspect they know their way around that too.  So far I am out a total of $173.90.  I read that website carefully and there was no way of knowing about the scam.  I can't even find that website anymore.  I see others have posted on Swiss Science only their charges were $4.95 and then $149.95.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
20, Report #662949
Nov 17 2010
08:04 AM
swiss science scam liars cleaveland, Florida
i would like to warn people about this company i went onto a link from yahoo for a free offer of liquiboost detox capsules and i only had to pay for shipping i have not recieved nothing from them but they have taken 50 out of my bank account without my permission have been onto the fraud department of my bank and they are now sorting it out i would like to warn people about this company they really are a rip off
Entity: cleaveland, Florida
21, Report #831358
Jan 30 2012
04:25 PM
CALL THE FTC ON THIS COMPANY 1-877-382-4357 FOR THE FTC  I just called and they stated that the more calls they get on this company the more likely they are to check into the business for thier business practices. Please call its the best way to wage a complaint In Sept of 2011 We dumbly responded to an ad for Nue Sciene and DMA creams for a small fee for samples at which time we had no idea that from then on we would be charged 200 per month forever we had to cancel our credit card and then begin a dispute that we r still in the middle of and the credit card co is stating that we will lose because they hide the chgs in the web site and we did not see it or understand it so now we r stuck with the chgs and no way to pay them
Entity: Ontario, California
22, Report #95436
Jun 18 2004
11:16 AM
Omega Science Of Health ripoff on weight loss product Denver Colorado
This company mailings promote a product named Kiloral a 100 % natural product. The cost for the treatment is $125.00 Dollars I sent a check on the fist week of February; my check was cashed but I never received any products. I send a letter requesting an explanation but never got an answer. I tried to look for this business in the Denver Yelow pages but could not find it. Ruth Carlsbad, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
23, Report #71197
Nov 06 2003
04:04 PM
Institute Of Natural Health ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Evansville Indiana
I did not get the free products that this company promised. I was to pay shipping and handling and they sent me vitamins which were for a trial period. Before I had a chance to cancel them they began charging my account without my permission. They will not return any of my calls. Diane Central Square, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Evansville, Indiana
24, Report #70204
Oct 27 2003
11:35 AM
Institute Of Natural Health ripoff liars bogus products fraudulent billing Newburgh Indiana
Cancelled my order on 8-12-03. Talked to a Ron. He gave me a cancellation number of (720). Went to my P.O. Box on 8-20-03 to find two boxes of product from this company and a charge of $150.75 to my credit card. I have called numerous times only to get a bogus recording. I have faxed them on 8-20-03 and 10-27-03 asking for a refund to no avail. There products are not what they tell you on the phone, and you can never get a response from the company or a refund. They suck, do not do business with them! Holli Grass Valley, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Newburgh, Indiana
25, Report #69870
Oct 22 2003
06:36 PM
Institute Of Natural Health ripoff Evansville Indiana
I ordered the product offered free and cancelled when it arrived yet they still billed my account and wont refund my money or return my calls Evelyn Foley, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Evansville, Indiana

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