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26, Report #67852
Sep 29 2003
06:16 PM
Institute Of Natural Health ripoff telemarketing fraud misrepresentation Evansville Indiana
Tell you it is a survey and send you a free product to try and do a follow up survey. BBB has them on file as bad. They will tell you it is free then bill you for product that was free plus make you buy three more of the same even if you cancel before the time is up. Nothing free here. Also being looked at by the FTC I think. If they call just hang up unless you want to pay hundreds for products that you can get cheaper at a health store. I expect there to be hundreds of complaints very soon. If you have already gotten your free products contact your bank or card company imediatly and report the fraud. Michael La Fayette, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Evansville, Indiana
27, Report #1059395
Jun 15 2013
11:49 AM
Patriot Health Institute rip-off Tempe Arizona
 This item was ordered because they claim it would help with my testosterone problem. They said they would give a 200 % money back guarantee so I thought this must be ok to order. The problem is , I've tried to contact them to stop the order. The number they give is a recording voice mail. The internet site is no good. Because they set it up for recuring charges, I keep getting billed. I did the only thing I could. I cancelled my charge card. My advise is don't get mixed up with them or you'll be sorry, just as I am.
Entity: Tempe, Arizona
28, Report #1318600
Jul 24 2016
07:59 PM
Health Sciences Institute Unauthorized credit card charge of $37.00 Frederick Maryland
I logged on to my bank account and discovered a charge I did not recognize. I googled the information provided and discovered that I had been charged $37.00 by Health Science Institute.  Almost one year ago I made ONE purchase from them and promptly un-subscribed.  Now they decide to charge me without my consent?  I have found their contact email and sent a request for refund. Monday I will contact the Maryland Attorney General's office and report them for this kind of activity. By simply googling their name, I see that I am only one of many who have suffered this abuse. It needs to be stopped!
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
29, Report #1354697
Feb 07 2017
05:37 PM
Health Sciences Institute Dr. Allan Spreen Ripoff, Scam and a Liar Frederick Maryland
This Dr. Spreeen, albeit a doctor who studied and graduated from East Tennessee State University Medical School, the 126th best medical school (out of a total of 141) in the country, should be forced to forefit his medical license; and the advice he dolls out for $75 befits an edication garnered from one of the lowest-rated medical schools in the nation. ...and the truly funny thing is that selling advice for an annual subscription that's available free to support his mail order supplment business isnt even his most egregious maneuver. His incessant politicizing - bereft of any actual truths - is where this doctor shows his true colors and once again shows that the internet IS NOT the place to find well-researched and factually true statements—and certainly NOT in his ridiculous, inflamatory and just plain untrue videos. Effectively making his paltry $75 ripoff secondary to the politically-biased lies he spreads. Avoid this man, this website, this doctor and this non-existant Institute at all costs.  
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
30, Report #1420215
Dec 31 2017
05:41 PM
PSV Health Sciences Institute Unauthorized charges of $37.00 in January and December, 2017. Internet
I finally had the chance to review my credit card statement and I saw a charge of $37.00 from the above Institute. The name sounded familiar but I don't know or remember purchasing anything from them. When I looked at my email I saw emails after emails from this company which provides educational info re health and wellness.I continued reviewing my whole year's statements and saw another charge from the same company on 1/22/2017 for the same amount. I called the credit card company to question this charge but they seemed to have doubted that I did not buy anything from them.If I did, I don't know what it was for.
Entity: Internet
31, Report #410418
Jan 10 2009
09:01 AM
Sports Science Rewearch Institute Better Golf Today Cashed check, nondelivery of golf club, unable to contact Columbia, Anderson South Carolina
I received mailing from Sports Science Research Institute, signed by Dr. Benjamin Duvall. This mailing was for a golf club called the world's most powerful driver.I sent a check in October 2008, it was cashed in November 2008. Now in January 2009 have not received golf club or anything from them. I have called Better Golf Today at 800-505-1719 and get a recording stating that this number is for orders only and given a customber service number 864-231-0723 where phone goes unanswered. Taken Quincy, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbia, Anderson, South Carolina
32, Report #158759
Sep 28 2005
08:03 PM
The Audio Acupuncture Vibrational Energy Tapes are a complete rip off. They are nothing but simple blank tapes! Larry PHILADELPHIA, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: MARYSVILLE, Ohio
33, Report #306957
Feb 07 2008
09:37 AM
Purity Mineral Science Charged my credit card for product never received. Internet
This company is a scam! They claim to send you a free sample and then charge you immediately $59.99 for products not ordered. Beware - the $7.95 small shipping fee is a ruse in order to get your credit card info. Terri Bessemer, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
34, Report #299206
Jan 11 2008
02:09 PM
Purity Mineral Science Feels Like a Scam to Me Farmers Branch Texas
Signed up for Free Trial it cost $8.00 to ship. Extremely small samples. I was supposed to call or send back used product within 14 days. (Didn't know this until I got the package) There was no product left to send back. I called the 14th day, they had already charged me $60.00 for my Free Trial. It took over 30mins to get thru. They will only refund $24.00. I'll be charged the rest. Had I known I would be charged $60 for my free trial I wouldn't have signed up. When someone says Free it should be exactly that. I have to say the product is very good. Unfortunately because this company scammed me I'll never use it. If it even really exists. Missy Laguna Niguel, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Farmers Branch, Texas
35, Report #1258105
Sep 30 2015
07:24 AM
Fortis Institute Misleading FA, Misty Mulberry Nationwide
 I have been trying to get answers as to why a course for becoming a paramedic and the course for medical assistance cost close to the same when one is two years and the other eight months. I also don't understand why the FA had student loan checks and checks from grants sent directly to college. I have never received any check. I do know one student found his loans had apparently been added on to, without his permission. Once he confronted the Dean, he received a check and the financial advisor had been let go. That campus is also now closed. So, why wasn't myself, my son and other students at the time notified that there was a breech in the FA department and all of our files not investigatrd? With myself and my son, she, the FA, had access to my information under two different students. Do not trust them and I am continuing with my investigation. A lot of people are affected by this.
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #77020
Jan 14 2004
09:37 AM
Institute Of Natural Health fraudulent billing Newburgh Indiana
This letter is written to provide detailed information regarding my efforts to resolve the dispute with the Institute of Natural Health. On September 24,2003, I received a phone call from the Institute of Natural Health soliciting supplemental vitamins. The telemarketer offered a trial version of the vitamins supplements for 30 days with no obligation to future purchases; and all I was to pay was $4.95 for shipping and handling. The vitamins could be tried for 30 days, and if I was not satisfied, they could be returned within that time frame without being charged. When the vitamins arrived, I returned them within 5 days. Within a one week period, several more shipments were sent without my request. I immediately wrote on the boxes, return to sender; refused and mailed them back. I was ripped-off and my account was charged six separate times in the amounts of ($39, $49, $66, $81.75, $101.75 and $135.75) on the same date (9/24). I called the Institute of Natural Health and was told by a representative that it would take up to 2-3 month before I would receive a reimbursement. If I chose not to wait, to file a compliant with my bank (SunTrust). Upon an extensive investigation, this particular organization charged my account willfully and without authorization from me, the total of $473.25. This caused on overdraft fee on my account in the amount of $100, from SunTrust Bank. I am extremely dissatisfied with this particular company and their business practices. I have also drafted a letter to the Governor and State Attorney General of Indiana, to inform them of the fraudulent billing practices being conducted by Institute of Natural Health. Criszon Yorktown, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Newburgh, Indiana
37, Report #68113
Oct 02 2003
03:23 PM
Institute Of Natural Health Phone Ripoff Scam Newburgh Indiana
This phone offer offers to mail items @ $4.95 shipping, just give them your credit card and they will only bill the $4.95. Cancel within 7 days of receiving the first box, and you won't be sent anymore packages. Not True! Two weeks later, I was billed $49.00 then $101. This month, I was billed $98! I had called and cancelled before the 7 days were up, but continued to get billed. $248 total. I called but was put on hold for long periods of time, I faxed them that I wanted a refund, and also e-mailed them. A representative called me and told me a refund was being issued. Haven't seen anything after 20 days. I reported my card stolen so they could no loger charge it. Eren Santa Rosa, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Newburgh, Indiana
38, Report #379295
Oct 08 2008
09:18 AM
Kenner Health Careers Institute Robbed LPN student Kenner Louisiana
Kenner Health Careers is a rip off especially with the LPN program. This program cost $13,500.00. The cost is $200.00 every two weeks. Workforce will help you pay 5000 or 6000 if you qualify. If you don't they get you in the program a whole year and have to come up with the rest. They do not take financial Aid for some reason. This school dosent have enough teachers to teach and if they do they quit in the middle or begining of the semester and the Owners have to teach until they find them a new teacher. Once the owners find a new teacher they come tin there with all kind of rules turning the whole program in a new direction to make your life miserable. The teacher become friends with some students, going to their house, and eating lunch together, It was very unprofessional. the owners laught and joke with the students, go out together and etc. this school is so Ghetto. Sometimes we take up the whole class period talking about Gossip. This school is a ripoff because they won't let you take a final until you give them all of their money which is money that the workforce is supposed to pay at the end of graduation. So the owner have you to sign a paper stating that you are to pay this lump sum of money before you could take a final. They already know who they are going to keep and who they aren't. then after they get all of your money or the majority of it they cut you from the program. We took the final Saturday at 11 am and got a letter in the mail Monday saying you can't continue in the program. how is that so? So that means you were trying to get all the money you can get out of me and already knowing that I was not going to continue in the program. These people need to be stoped. I don't want anyone to get hurt like this. It's rediculous. The truth hurts 70062, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Kenner, Louisiana
39, Report #1292067
Mar 07 2016
08:24 AM
WMHI - WESTERN MENTAL HEALTH INSITITUE, Bolivar, TNIf you want to be treated as a slow nursing student, even as a senior professional, the Psychology section is for you. The head is a former charge nurse, who: micromanages, tells staff what to wear to meetings, expects busy work, wants a daily 15 minute job task report, sabatoges male employees...
Entity: BOLIVAR, Tennessee
40, Report #69231
Oct 15 2003
08:29 PM
Institute Of Natural Health, Premiere Products Institute of Natural Health ripoff, Sends sample then quickly bills for upcoming months. $467 and counting Evansville Indiana
Institute of Natural health calls and offers a one month sample plus $250 worth of coupons for just the cost of shipping. Operator instructs buyer that they can cancel as soon as products arive and then use the free coupons. It took over a week to recieve the samples and coupons, initially only billed the 5 dollars for shipping. I tried calling several times a day for weeks to cancel. I would get the same answering service and when the message was over a second recording would state that the party or company could not receive any messages! The initial message states that they will return your call within 24hrs. I finally was able to leave a message with times that I was available and phone numbers to reach me at and they wait until 15 minutes before the end of their business ours and contact me at home despite my instructions to call me cell number. Still have not talked to a single person. I now have been billed for $467.50 for products that I have not recieved. The samples came with shipping statements that claimed that the order could be cancelled within 7 days (I guess providing that you can actually talk to someone) and that the products can be returned for a refund minus shipping. Jeremy State College, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Evansville, Indiana
41, Report #1113829
Jan 08 2014
08:48 AM
Health Science Institute Miracles from the Vault I ordered and paid for a years subscription so I could get a book called Miracles from the Vault for free on the 10.9.13. I have not received the book. Other
On the 10.9.13 I ordered a year's subscription at the  Health Science Institute. I was supposed to get a free book called Miracles from the Vault and everymonth Health advise.I have not received the book after repeatedly emailing them and informing them.  They do not answer my emails.I have asked for a refund - they have not responded.In any case all of their advise is a money making racket - it is supposed to be about Holistic Health advise but all it is is buy this and buy that.   
Entity: Other
42, Report #737977
Jun 07 2011
02:57 PM
computer systems institute COMPUTER SYSTEMS INSTITUTE RIPPING OFF STUDENTS chicago, Illinois
i'm a student at computer systems institute in chicago! this school is scamming students out of their money. they lied and said they had a health care program for medical assistanting in No an they just got the program in marc! i am suppose to graduate in july another class graduates this month and we dont have all our experience or supplies! people will graduate with inly a little knowledge. they fired alot of teachers and our Dean last month andour teacher erased all of our assignments out of the computer causing some people to have lower grades and some people to fail. they keep changing the rules with out proper notification and documentation. hich I feel is very unfair. students call upon the instructors for help but all the instructors does is fail them and make them repeat the course> all of the rules that was in tact upon my enrollment has changed without notice until after it has changed! please call me @ (((ROR redacted))) or email me (((ROR redacted))) I feel i've been ripped of and want to sue this school for a breach of contract and false advertisement my name is Shoshanna StraderCLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: chicago, Illinois
43, Report #1106934
Dec 14 2013
05:57 AM
Institute of Technology Institute of Technology; SEX, BOOZE, AND MEDICATIONS Redding California
(IOT- REDDING) Great school if you don't like doing homework, or class assignments and teachers that let you skip out of clinicals early every day. Some days we would only stay an hour at clinicals, and the teachers would let us leave early. I can’t remember one day that we were actually given homework, and the majority of our theory class involved listening to the teacher read from the book. I witnessed a teacher Tricia Weaver, and student Erzsebet Doughtry, work together to steal the medication ‘lidocaine’ from Copper Ridge Care Center’s treatment cart, so that Tricia could perform an unlicensed procedure on Erzsebet DURING class. She used the stolen medication to perform a minor surgery on Erzsebet’s toe under I.O.T.’S roof. I probably was the only person in class who realized how illegal this was for a nurse to steal medication, then perform a procedure that is normally done by a licensed MD. Tricia Weaver resigned shortly after I informed the school that she was sleeping with one of the students in our class. Tricia also had no problem talking openly about her sex life during class, and bragged about how she was a ‘pro’ at cheating on her husband Mike Weaver. I witnessed students showing up to class and clinicals completely intoxicated and even passed out during theory class. When our teacher, Craig Sammons realized that said student had passed out during his lecture, he and the class laughed it off, and the lecture continued. The popular thing to do during break time was to grab a few beers at the local Applebee’s across the street from our school, and teachers had no problem with us grabbing alcohol during lunch times in the middle of clinicals, while the teachers ate with us at other local restaurants. I.O.T. also had the best marijuana for sale in its parking lots by its students. It came in handy with the stress that came with being a student here, so I couldn’t complain about that. It’s also important to note one of I.O.T.’s biggest secrets. When you enroll, they assure you that if you miss more than two days, you are dismissed from the program. Everyone believed it at first. Then I would notice students who had missed 3, 4, 5, even 8 days or more of school, and yet no repercussions. The ONLY way to be expelled from this school is to leave voluntarily, or to fail the initial drug test. I overheard how easy it was to pass these drug tests, as one student admitted to carrying clean urine in a bag, and attached it to her leg, and she passed no problem. On one occasion I witnessed a teacher, Jane, instruct a student, Solomon Schweitzer, to pick up the dirty catheter he had dropped on the floor, and place in inside the patient's bladder, as it was easier to use the dirty one the floor then to walk all the way down to the supply closet and grab a clean one, at copper ridge care center. I sure hope that patient didn’t develop a nasty UTI.  I was amazed that this was what IOT was teaching its students. I had problems with teachers refusing to answer my nursing questions. One teacher in particular, T.W. would refuse to answer my questions when I mentioned that I wasn’t getting adequate answers from my other instructors. He maintained that he didn’t need to answer my questions as he was ‘only my clinical teacher’. Terrane had no problem answering other students questions during clinicals. In fact he gave most students special treatment. Towards the end of our program I was forced to fabricate information gathered from charts to use on my homework as T.W. took great delight in cutting me off from reading the charts. Yet he allowed the girls in our class to take as much time as they pleased to read the charts, and even sat with them during clinicals to answer all their nursing questions. I couldn’t help but feel discriminated against, as I was not a ‘top heavy’ female. Good luck if you’re a male at IOT. What kind of teacher picks and chooses which students he will teach? $30,000 in loans and you’re expected to pretty much teach yourself at I.O.T.  School promised me tons of hospital experience but we spent most of our days in dirty SNF's doing CNA work. This school is so corrupt, maybe even more corrupt now then when it was called 'lake college'. If you want a real education, go to a real school, and you'll probably save a few bucks in the process. It’s important to note, since I’m blowing the whistle on this sad excuse for a school, that I made NO attempt to fabricate, or exaggerate what I witnessed. 
Entity: Redding, California
44, Report #891291
May 31 2012
05:44 PM
Samland Institute of Allied Health Samland, Samland Institute School CNA Program Under Investigation By State Chicago, Illinois
Samland Institute of Allied Health is under investigation by the state of Illinois. I am a student enrolled in their accelerated five-week CNA Program at their Chicago Western Ave. location. My class was in the process of finishing the 5th and final week of our program and had just completed the final exam; we only had one clinical class left to attend when our instructor Mrs. P----- informed our class that the state is conducting an investigation of their CNA program due to complaints they received. They had actually sent an investigator into our class and then sent a scathing report to the school. The state's report concluded that the instructors Mrs. P----- and Ms. M--- J--- were guilty of: cutting many of the programs hours (about 50%) as required by the state due to being tardy to all classes, taking excessively long lunch periods, and dismissing the class hours early.not providing the required educational content and instruction of clinical skills as required by the state for this program.evidence that instructors had falsified attendance records to reflect students were in class when they were not.allowing incorrect student to clinical instructor ratios by having too many students in a clinical at once with only one instructor.The state also found that when they tested many students on performing their clinical skills the majority of students failed the tests.  Note that all of these students were previously passed by the instructors. I can tell you as a student that the clinical instructor passed many of the students on their skills even when they didn't perform them at all or performed them incorrectly.  The state is not allowing our class to proceed with completion of the program. They have also stopped Samland from starting a new class this week. We are now sitting in limbo. The school is not providing any answers and they are not returning phone calls to us. There are 30+ students being affected by the actions of these instructors and administrators and at this point we have spent our money and 70 hours of time and have nothing to show for it thanks to the actions of these instructors and administrators. As a student in this class I can tell you that the general concensus of the students in this class felt these instructors were rude, ignorant, arrogant, and demeaning to all. Many of us were bothered by what they were doing but were afraid to speak out. The administrators were around to see what was happening and did nothing. These people knew what was required by the state for instructing this program and didn't care. They had no concern about providing a poor education and improper instruction in clinical skills. There have been many complaints made about the school and they are still being investigated. The federal authorities are investigating them too. This school has several locations around Chicago but they are all owned and operated by the same people. If this is happening at one location then there is probably things going on at their other locations. If the school was good it wouldn't be having these kind of problems. I would advise anyone thinking of attending any of the Samland Institute's health career programs to think twice. They should be shut down and prosecuted for ripping off students and the government since they provide programs that don't meet the mandatory requirements to many students, many whom are enrolled in the federal/state WIA program which means the government is paying for their tuition. Not to mention Samland's administrators and instructors are comitting fraud upon the government and its students by lying about the instruction their providing or should I say not providing. Hope the states attorney's office in Chicago is looking at these instructors and administrators too.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
45, Report #317868
Mar 14 2008
09:06 AM
Purity Mineral Science Makeup Purity Science stole 7.95 and then 59.99 from my account and cost me 70.00 in overdraft fees!! Wexford Pennsylvania
Purity Mineral Science took money out of my bank account without my persmission or knowledge. It started with a charge of $7.95 and then another charge of $59.95 shorty after. I have never even heard of this company much less ordered from them. They also cost me two overdraft fees in the amount of $70.00 that I am trying to have removed. This company has a phone number however they usually had large call volume and they are unable to take calls, or a recording wil come on stating that there is at least 20 to 30 calls ahead of yours and that you will be placed on hold. After I contated my bank I researched the company and found that there were other people who have had this happen with this same company as well. I sent an email to the company explaining what had happened and that the charges were fraulent and must be corrected. If the company does correct these charges I will ammend this report immeadiatly, however, if the company does not correct these fradulent charges I will take legal action against this company to get back the money that was stolen. Kristen Charleston, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Wexford, Pennsylvania
46, Report #1259571
Oct 06 2015
02:53 PM
Why Not to Work at Mindich Child Health & Development Institute Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Bad work environment, labs, Mount Sinai, science lab, lab directors New York New York
Do not work for Mindich Child Health and Development Institute at Mount Sinai, New York City.  This Mindich Child Health lab is run by Dr. Bruce Gelb.  Dr. Gelb is ridiculous.  Dr. Gelb is entirely ridiculous.  Dr. Gelb is entirely ridiculous to everybody there and the only person there who does not know it is Dr. Gelb. Dr. Gelb thinks he better than everyone.  He looks down on people.  He doesn't stop there just looking down.  He puts people down.  He makes mean spirited remarks.  He is arrogant and obnoxious.  He doesn't like anyone.  Hereally does not like if people in his lab try to move ahead or up.  He wants whole lab under his thumb.  He is like a little brat boy who never learned that it's better to get along with people than to mock them.  His insecurities must be very many.  Still why work there for anyone who acts like that. You will be over worked.  You will not get ahead.  You will be treated badly.  It is a very bad place to work.  The administration knows how bad the situation is in fact, they laugh at it too.  Higherups there ask lab people how bad is Dr. Gelb behavior today.  Then they do nothing to stop this arrogant man from keeping on.  That says volumes about the people in administration. So no do not work there or give them donations either.  The money will be going to overwork and mock people.
Entity: New York, New York
47, Report #68292
Oct 05 2003
07:09 PM
Institute Of Natural Health ripoff Bad health, Charged $150.75 and haven't received the check from them. Evansville Indiana
I received a call from Wayzaro Dodd on 9/4/2003 regarding this offer. I was told that within seven days of receipt of merchandise I would have to cancel in order to avoid the charges. The merchandise was shipped to me on 9/14/2003 and I received it during that week. I called on 9/21/2003 to cancel my trial and spoke to Jim. When I asked for his last name he said that they werent allowed to give out their last names. At that very minute I had a feeling that it could be a scam. Jim was extremely impatient and rude and wasn't willing to help even a bit. I asked him to cancel my trial so that I could avoid the charge on my credit card. He told me that the time period to cancel has been lapsed and I would have to bear the charges. When I asked him that I would like to speak to the supervisor, he informed me that he was the supervisor. I was really disgusted and annoyed after speaking to him. After couple of minutes I called again and spoke to Kris at the same location. Just to make sure of the information that Jim had provided me, I just asked Kris to cancel my trial. He did not bother me and went a head and canceled my trial. Then I explained him the whole situation. He assured me that the matter has been taken care off and no charges would be applied to my credit card. Kris was very polite and helpful. On 9/27/2003 I received another shipment of two bottles of Super Fat Burner 2000 and an invoice of $150.75. This was shipped to me on 9/21/2003 and my credit card was charged for the above-mentioned price even though I had called to cancel. I tried calling over the weekend when I received the second shipment but was unsuccessful. I called on 9/29/2003 and got in touch with Franklin who was also very polite and patient. He listened to my complaint and gave me the number for the corporate office. I then spoke to Ron at the corporate office (866) 202 1395. He informed that I should send back the two bottles and the unused portion of the free trial and within 7 to 14 days I shall receive a check reimbursing the full amount. After reading other complaints against Institute of Natural Health I wouldnt be surpised if I dont receive the money. Mohammad Valley Stream, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Evansville, Indiana
48, Report #68284
Oct 05 2003
04:10 PM
Institute Of Natural Health ripoff Charged me $647.25 for something I never received Evansville And Newsburgh Indiana
The Institute of Natural Health called me, and told me they would send me trial packages. All I have to pay is shipping and handling, which is $4.75. I gave them my account number to deduct it, and they charged my account for $647.25 Dollars. I never recieved a package. I called them, and they said it would take 10 to 14 business days to reimburse me. It's been 5 weeks, and I still haven't gotten a check through the mail yet. I will keep trying, to get my money back. Birgit Justice, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Evansville And Newsburgh, Indiana
49, Report #71257
Nov 07 2003
08:34 AM
Institute Of Natural Health Offered free samples & charged for other products without authorization. Evansville Indiana
Accepted offer for free samples for cost of S&H. Was told to cancel any further products If not completely satisfied. Did so day of order, hoping to head off future charges. About 30 days later, received second shipment, along with ~$150.00 charge to credit card. Customer service number was a dead end, not even allowing a message to be left. Found 800 number on Ripoff Report website, was able to get through and cancel any further charges. (Hopefully!!) Was told by offender to contact my credit card company and dispute charges. Did so, and was told by MBNA customer service that they had received MANY calls such as mine, and everything would be taken care of. However, it may take 45-60 days for everything to sort out. Was also told by MBNA that the merchandise not ordered had to be sent back immediately, and should be sent either certified mail, UPS or FEDEX so a tracking #/receipt confirmation could be used to assure the packeage arrived. This is to insure they cannot say they never received the shipment, and deny your refund. I hope this info can help any of you who have had a similar experience. WHAT A RIPOFF!!! Alan RICHMOND, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Evansville, Indiana
50, Report #69373
Oct 17 2003
10:11 AM
Institute Of Natural Health ripoff! They won't refund my credit card or return phone calls. Evansville Indiana
Institute of Natural Health has not credited my credit card the $150.00 promised after I called and cancelled and returned products. Unable to reach anyone at the 812-402-#### number, says mail box is full. They have not returned my many calls. Leonard Wendell, North CarolinaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why we deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Evansville, Indiana

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