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1, Report #1224471
Apr 23 2015
05:47 PM
Heather Catania almost a year and I still haven't been paid Los Angeles California
Heather Catania and Brian Ludlow started The Influence with what I hope were great intentions. The business plan seemed solid, and Heather's background definitely added credibility to what they proposed when they offered me a job at The Influence.  After my first paycheck bounced, I didn't think much of it, especially when they wrote me a new check a few days later which went through fine. After my second and third checks bounced, I started getting worried. This went on for at least 4 months. Pretty soon I just wasn't getting a check at all. I would have to follow up over and over again, asking when I could expect payment. Every time I got the same answer: Just waiting for xx payment to come through, then we'll be able to pay you. This wouldn't bother me so much IF it wasn't so clear that Heather and Brian weren't hurting in terms of lifestyle. A Porsche and Mercedes parked in the driveway, designer clothing, watches and handbags, yet none of their employees were seeing a dime? Seems a bit wrong, wouldn't you say? I've since been following up for my payment (over $10,000), and everytime I get the same answers, with attitude no less. I have emails going back to November with the same. exact. response. We'll get in touch with a payment breakdown and available date for you to receive your first payment. SINCE NOVEMBER.  Heather is still doing a lot of business, and apparently getting paid for said services, so I'm unsure why she finds it ok to use that money for her personal fun and social life rather than pay the debt owed to her old employees. I know I'm not the only one who still hasn't seen a dime. This woman just cares about keeping up appearances. I'm not sure if she's just evil or delusional.  Hope nobody else has to go through this. You've been warned.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
2, Report #1227372
May 06 2015
06:31 PM
Heather Catania Brian Ludlow, The Influence, The Influence Media, NYLON Magazine Heather Cantania: Con Artist, Fraud, Deceit and Empty Promises Los Angeles, California
Heather Catania and Brian Ludlow are two of the shadiest people I've had the displeasure of doing business with. Under the guise of The Influence Media, they have ripped off their employees and defrauded multiple brands and advertisers. Heather has been at this for some time, her name is mud in the industry but she talks her way into an inflated social status to get jobs.    Heather Catania NEVER pays. It's that simple. She'll promise to do so, rack up invoices, and never deliver. Her excuses are many but she is nothing but selfish, dishonest, and a simple con artist. She hides behind a shady past at a shady magazine (NYLON magazine, which she apparently no longer even works for) to make empty promises on the value she can deliver to your brand, when in reality she takes your money and rarely if ever delivers. She has rippeed off my company and multiple others, taking money, and not producing the content and celebrity endorsements she swears she can.   Brian Ludlow claims to be a lawyer, and if that were the truth, he would know better. Both he and Heather refuse to return phone calls and emails after repeatedly promising to correct the countless issues with their company. It's all sob stories and lies. Glad to see others here reporting their similiar experiences. I feel terrible for everyone who has been swindled out of their time, talent, and money due to Heather Catania's deceit. She should feel ashamed of herself. 
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1225501
Apr 28 2015
04:07 PM
Heather Catania Brian LudlowThe Influence PROMISES BIG RESULTS BUT ALL YOU GET IS EXCUSES, LIES AND ALL YOUR MONEY STOLEN West Hollywood California
About a year ago, Heather Catania approached our marketing guy in Los Angeles about shooting a paid campaign featuring our product and an A-list actress.  The deal sounded very promising and since our guy had a previous relationship with this individual we took his word and said yes to the deal.  Heather said she would be shooting later that week and requested $5,000 ($4,000 for this deal and $1,000 for a general model shoot) which we wired to her immediately.    Once Heather received our wire she immediately started making excuses why she couldn’t do the shoot that week.  For the next couple of months it was ALL excuses and lies.  Fortunately after 2 months sending her many angry emails she completed the general model shoot but the main part of the deal was far from complete.  Our guy continued to call, text and email her almost everyday and she would promise us every time that the shoot would be complete ASAP.  She even came back to us with a new deal outlined with specific deadlines but not one of those was completed. After 8 months of lies we finally had our legal team send her a letter requesting our funds back.  Heather told our guy several times that she would be contacting our lawyer to set up a payment schedule but that was over 3 months ago and we never heard anything from her.   We have heard from several sources that she has done this to several other companies and never paid any of her employees. As far as we are concerned she is a fraud and only used our funds to keep up with her glamorous lifestyle in Los Angeles.  If you are thinking of doing any business with Heather Catania or The Influence be aware.
Entity: West Hollywood, California
4, Report #1336644
Nov 04 2016
03:16 PM
Heather Catania Con artist. Scammer. Known to deceive freelancers and startups, fabricates invoices and email records to emulate her falsehoods. Los Angeles, CA Internet
Before I met Heather, I was warned about Heather. By a friend who helped operate a magazine for several years. By a sound mixer who had been screwed over on one of her productions. By at booker at a top modeling agency who told me her name was blacklisted by 2-3 OTHER agencies. But still, I was a desperate freelancer and $400 is $400.  My personal experience isn't that interesting. Heather brought me on for a project, I did the project and delivered the product and after (literally) six months of bugging her, I sent her some small claims court PDFs I found online. Miraciously, she found the time to return my emais and I finally got paid.   A more interesting story is what happened to my close friend who was brought on to shoot a lookbook for a  Yucatan-based fashion startup. Heather hit her up telling her it was a super ultra low budget shoot for a super sweet startup, a lookbook and a linesheet for a set photographer budget of 1k. Ok, she tells her, and they start shooting.  About halfway through the process, Heather disappears. The client starts panicking, circumvents Heather who was operating as a sort of middle-person and contacts the photographer. Through several days of back and forth, we discover that the brand had paid Heather over 10k USD to produce the shoot, which means she took a 9k cut off the top and reserved the last measly 1k to hire some freelancers for her super ultra low budget startup shoot.  Heather never reappears. The photographer doesn't get paid her 1k, and she finishes the project with the brand directly to make sure they get their content together by their launch date.  All this while her Instgram is lighting up announcing her newest venture selling an e-book or something on social success. I wonder if there's anyting in there about treating the people you work with respect and common decency. 
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1323510
Aug 19 2016
07:04 PM
Heather Catania Brian Ludlow The Influence Beware! Scammers! They do not pay for work they commission! Los Angeles Internet
Heather and I were introduced through a mutual friend. She expressed interest in hiring me, we talked on the phone, and I met her at her house to go over everything in the same week. Heather Catania and Brian Ludlow then commisioned me to create their online identity and comps for their startup fashion company. The process was fairly fast, they needed to meet a deadline to submit comps to the developers. I designed the assets over the following weeks (each page, menus, navigations, branded icons - many iterations of each) and submitted the files once they approved everything. I was promised to be paid the week after I had submitted the files. It never occured to me that I wasn't ever going to be paid. Following week, nothing. Asked about the check-OMG! getting it to you right away Weeks went by and I continuously questioned where my payment was, always another excuse cued up. Months went by, same. There was a long period of time where they both ignored my emails and calls. Eventually, maybe 6 months later, I wrote them letting them know it was my last attempt to personally collect payment, Heather responded and she totally thought that I was paid already and something about the books indicating a check was written but not cashed. Okay, send it again. Ha! Heather appologizes profuseley after a few more weeks go by. Tells me she will personally see to it that I am paid right away. Brian tells me that they're waiting on an incoming check and as soon as it's received I will be paid in full, ps I have been charging them a fee every month that has gone by. At this point, I requested a contract be signed stating payment date, amount - everything I should have initially received prior to starting. I get the contract, it says nothing about payment. I revise, send them my version and - POOF! - they dissapear into thin air once again. Haven't heard from them again, ever. I'm writing this today after receiveing an email from Heather Social from heather@heathercatania.tv - I almost fell out of my chair. She's got a new scam in the works Instagram with Impact. You can even scedule a free 30 minute call with Heather to go over your plan to get popular and rich on Instagram! I'm dying! Maybe I'll surprise her with a call. Bottom line, don't work for these two - don't believe anything they say. Avoid them at all costs. 
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1213860
Mar 31 2015
01:56 PM
Heather Catania | The Influence Brian Ludlow tax fraud, violation of California Labor Code Los Angeles California
It is with no regret that I write this report here to share my experience at The Influence Media Inc, Heather Catania's online fashion startup.  I was brought on after much of the construction of the site had begun, and didn't realize the full extent of how damaged the strung together PHP was within this custom installation of Wordpress.  If the code wasn't enough of a nightmare, the constant changes that were requested made my job beyond what would normally be considered full time. In the beginning before being brought on as a contracted employee, I was given a check for $400 which bounced; this began the constant uncertainty of payment until my retirement from the company in October of 2014.  So the demands were high, and managing other programmers who were brought on to assist, was another responsibility of mine at the company.  Every single programmer who came on said the same thing I was saying: a) that the Wordpress theme was a monster b) Heather Catania was a difficult person to work for. I know of one programmer who repeatedly would ask me about her payment that was well over 30 days late, and all I could think to myself was that I was recieving the same non-payment treatment.  One financial document that was sent to me to print had Heather's apartment which was over $3500 a month was a monthly, budgeted business expense.  So, while I couldn't pay my rent because I wasn't getting paid bi-weekly as my contract stated, Heather Catania's apartment was being paid for in full.   Eventually you stop working when you are not paid (even though you are masterfully strung along with the hope and promise of payment).  So, that's what I did.  When the balance hit $3500, I stopped.  I had to find paying work to afford life.  Then all of a sudden we all were paid with some loan that they secured.  That was great, except the next pay day was the following Monday, and guesss what, no pay.   It was infuriating.  It wasn't even brought up, and not once did Heather Catania or Brian Ludlow apologize for the insanity they were putting us through.  So, after that missed payment, New York Fashion Week occurs, and guess who has money to take a trip for a week in New York?  Heather Catania.  Instead of paying the people keeping her site afloat, she takes a week to attend fashion week.  Presumably she did this whit the remaining sum of the loan they had secured. I kept working, because I was paid before, and I figured I would be paid again.  Not the case, the balance hit that $3500 and I resigned, and I did so after reading up on my rights.  From the moment of my resignation, Heather Catania, CEO of The Influence Media Inc had 48 hours to pay what was owed to me.  She failed to meet that California State law and to this day has failed to aknowledge my debt personally.  I filed a labor wage claim and with the penalties she has incurred she owes me over $10,000.  She failed to show up at the mediation.  It is as if the debt does not exist. More troubling perhaps, is that deductions were taken out of my check to presumably pay for taxes.  I never once was given an itemized list of said deductions and I did not recieve a 1099 from them or any form of tax documentation.  I believe this money never went to taxes thus constituting theft.  Theft. If you are going to work for Brian Ludlow or Heather Catania do so with extreme caution.  This was my experience, but I know she did the same to many many more people.  I hope someone finds this report useful.   Best.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
7, Report #1395248
Aug 24 2017
11:54 AM
Heather Catania Deadbeat client who doesn't pay for services from small businesses/freelancers Los Angeles Los Angeles
Similar to other accounts here, Heather hired me to do design work for her back in 2012 when I was first starting out as a freelancer, and she never paid me. It was a book layout project called Brillionaire, some sort of diet plan she apparently stole from a nutritionist. It was a short-turn project for which I had worked through an entire weekend, and once she had a mostly finalized version, she disappeared. After several attempts to reach her, she responded with an attempt to work a deal where she would pay me once she had sold x number of copies of her book. I told her this wasn’t acceptable and she agreed to pay within x number of days. Of course, she never did, and continued to ignore me, except on the occasions when I caught her by surprise and she would again promise to pay, but then never did. She always pretended not to know what was happening and had any number of excuses, like her accountant had screwed up, etc. etc. Heather’s demeanor is always jovial and clueless. This is her game. She is an opportunist, a liar and a fraud. She sucks off of people and intentionally uses them to steal their work. She then sells the work and makes money off of it. It wasn’t a large sum of money, so I eventually gave up and wrote her off. I found the book layout on my hard drive today and thought I’d see what old Heather Catania was up to, and now I see multiple reports that she has ripped off several other struggling artists, designers and creatives. Be warned.
Entity: CA
8, Report #1428090
Feb 08 2018
01:58 PM
Heather Catania - The Social Fleur, Instagram Mastery, Heather Social Took Payment and didn’t do job and now uncontactable New York
I’m a small start up - I had set aside a sum of money to start my business which was going to be internet based - hard savings. I met with Heather and she was so convincing I was impressed with what she told me she could do for my business with her social Instagram course, website etc . I paid upfront as she said she couldn’t start with out the Payment. Thousands of dollars and 6 months on, no site and not replying to my calls, texts or emails. I now can not go forward with this business as I have no money to pay anyone else to do this - she took the lot. I don’t know how this woman sleeps at night. I was too scared to write anything on here but it would seem she has done this to many others and I hope people see this before falling for her lies.
Entity: New York
9, Report #1426782
Feb 02 2018
08:50 PM
Heather Catania - Heather Social / Social Climb / the Social fleur Took thousands of dollars and did not do the work - after payment ignored emails and calls Los Angeles California
I can not describe the distress this woman has caused me. I believed in Heathers services from her website and then from talking to her she was so believable- she made so many promises of what she could do with my business. She was very pushy for upfront payments - which should have alerted me but I couldn’t imagine someone would take money and not complete a job. I paid this woman 1000’s ( prob 15,000 ) and she probably completed 20% of the work then disappeared. I’m very upset that I am still paying off the loan I took to pay for her services thinking she would bring so much value to my business - yet she has basically stolen money - on a few occasions she also took payments from me with out asking as she had my details. Pls do not make the same mistake I did.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
10, Report #1394231
Sep 13 2017
03:09 PM
Heather Catania Climb/Social STOLEN MONEY - unauthorized use of my credit card to steal $20,000. Never produced website after being paid for it. Lies like she breathes W. Hollywood California
 Heather Catania was hired to produce a website for our new company. She was referred to us by a very prestigious firm. She was given our corporate credit card number to charge her monthly fee. Discovered that she had made 8 unauthorized charges not in any way related to the work she was hired to do. She stole about $20,000. When confronted with the facts, her tone of voice never changed; she did not get nervous or display any emotion, she just calmly lied and made up a story on the spot. She returned $6,000. After eight months, the website she was hired to create was no more than a place mark online. She was paid for this work and claimed she just needed to press a button and the products from our former website would be transferred. She never completed any other related projects. She lied easily; all she did was lie. She was incapable in her field. We accidently discovered the truth about her through the Rip Off Report when we googled her to find her address. I can only wish I was aware of this website prior to hiring her.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #206352
Aug 16 2006
05:31 AM
DHL ripoff my package is being setting in catania italy for 14 days, then sent to rome and back to catania and now back to catania. Van Nuys California
I shipped a package at the cost of $209.21, 3 day delivery. On the 1st of august; it got there the next day and it set there until the 14th of august. Then some how it whent back to rome, and then back to CAtania, Sicilia. I have been on the telephone since the 3rd of august and the so called agent, that is supposed to help me keeps fiding me bull. The package was supposed to be delivered in gioiosa ionica, (R C) Reggio Calabria; 1/2 an hour by plane and 5 hours by truck. Now you go figure why the package sits in a location for 15 days and nobody takes the time with the supposed agent that was going to get the package to my mother the next day and then again the next day and so on and so forth TO THIS DAY THE 15TH In all this time this company never once mationed that they would reimnburse the 3 day fee and made it a regular delivery, which in their case would probly be a month. But personaly I think they lose the package first. In italy they steal everything and then they tell you nobody nows what happend to the package or they find some exuse to keep it. Very very disappointing. Vincent encino, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
12, Report #161109
Oct 18 2005
03:01 AM
Heather Woods ripoff Akron Ohio
I had purchased a website on ebay from this person on Oct. 3, 2005 for $125.00. It was for a website with free webhosting. I had used my Pay Pay account in which the funds were transferred from my account to her account. Since, I had emailed her several times with absolutely no response, I decided to finally look her up on ebay and found that she left ebay because people were being rude to her (and I was not one of them, in fact she left very positive feedback for me). But, I don't know what she expects when she rips peoples money off?? This money ($125.00) I had used to pay her with was given to me by the Michigan Rehabilitation Services in order to have a website built for my business. Because I have Multiple Sclerosis and because I'm unable to work, Mich. Rehab. is helping me financially to get started and had given this money to have this website built. I'm also a struggling single mother, so this is total devisatation for me. So now, I'm out not only $125.00, but I'm also out of a website. At this time, I have also filed a complaint through ebay and Pay Pal, but it will take time in the process, but I want to make people aware that there are many scam artists on ebay and not to trust using Pay Pal, because you are never quaranteed your money, product purchased or purchased service, so buyers please be aware. She does website, webpage building, etc.,, and her husband owns a website hosting service and is starting another business outside of ebay. Rose Lansing, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Akron, Ohio
13, Report #5829
Jul 20 2001
12:00 AM
this is a report about a sleezy whore by the name of heather thomason . this no good sleezy needle pushing whore will steel from you and lie to her own children by telling them that their father is dead ,also lied to the department of human services of tahlequah, oklahoma so that they would give her back her kids so that she could draw welfare because she does not want to work to support her kids she basically draws welfare to support her drug problems.... This no good money hungry slut will steel from her own children and then lie about it .. she leaves her kids alone at times to go out with her dope slammin buddies and sleep with anybody .she tested positive for dope during her pregnacy and the kids have sufferd major problems due to her drug use throughout her pregnancy and the b$@#&* STILL REFUSES to stop. how could someone do this to their own children . She takes from anybody,and will not think twice about doing it again. her own mother tried to help her and she ended up hurting them to. it is obvious that this so called woman,to this day still slams dope and doesnt care about anybody but her self if you ever meet this whore please stay away from her........... sincerly, Ray Allen Freed
Entity: mariposa, calif..
14, Report #235269
Feb 09 2007
11:22 AM
Heather Schultz ,Heather Bergeron, Heather Natalzia DeadBeat Mom Postville Iowa
Heather is a Deadbeat Mom. As of Feb. 1, 2007 she owes approximately $11, 867 in child support for her 14 year old son. The order to pay child support was entered in March of 2004. Prior to that, she never bothered to pay anything or help out. She barely talks to her son. She moved to the same city to spend time with him yet only saw him a handful of times because her husband relocated too. She has a drug problem and admitted in writing that she has been high in front of her child. While living in the same town as her son, she worked as a waitress to avoid paying child support. Despite these issues, she has worked at some well known companies, including a subsidiary of Union Pacific and ConAgra Foods; where she has had salaries that would easily cover her child support if she weren't spending it on drugs and/or alcohol. She left the state when her car was impounded and she couldn't pay the rent. She returned to Omaha, where she worked as a waitress to again avoid paying child support. She has recently relocated to Postville, IA and obtained a position at Agriprocessors, Inc. The State of Iowa will begin garnishing her child support payments soon but it's unlikely that she will pay anything towards her arrears and she would not be likely to make any voluntary payments for the support of her son. Boyfriends, drugs and partying are her priorities, not her child. D Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Postville, Iowa
15, Report #1111591
Dec 30 2013
08:49 AM
Heather Madden, Heather Wolford, Heather Lower Charity Scam Marion Ohio
The woman using the alias's listed contacted me on a dating site with an amazing tale of woe about not being able to feed her children.  She asked me to send her $50 via Western Union.  I felt bad so was considering doing it.  However, I poked around a bit and noticed she does this a lot and sometimes on charity web sites like the Hero Network. On that site, she had listed some horrible events that had happened to her and her three children.  (She told me she had two)  In one post asking for financial aid, her and her fiance don't have enough money to bury a dead newborn child as he just lost his job.  In another post, dated the same week, her fiance was actually hit by a drunk driver and she doesn't have enough money to take care of her kids.  No links to corroborate any of this information are provided and each story asked for money to be sent via paypal to Heather Lower at hmadden1990@gmail.comI did some sleuthing and found her profile on Facebook.  However, from what I could tell, she seemed to be in a relationship.  When I asked her about it, she quickly changed her Facebook name from Heather Madden to Heather Wolford.  She eventually pulled all identifying information from facebook.  After confronting her about inconsistentcies she said she was actually a guy and was trying to scam me.  You can't make this stuff up.  She also used the e-mail address hmadden619@gmail.com and the phone number she wanted me to call or text with the Western Union transfer number was 419-569-9554.
Entity: Marion, Ohio
16, Report #213938
Oct 03 2006
08:33 AM
Heather Searle - Heather Leaming - Rockymtbordeaux ripoff Broken Arrow Oklahoma
to whom it may concern Hope this messege finds you before what happend to me and know finding out many others.i bought douge bordeaux puppies from a heather searle aka heather leaming.i had come in to contact with her over the internet her web site was rockymtbordeaux out of colorado and also brokenridge oklahoma.she had a well put togeather web site and all the write anwsers to my qestions im not claiming to be an expert on dogs or douge bordeaux but her dogs looked good and better than others i had checked out so i decided to go for it she also said she had been atending a lot of the shows and her dogs were well known out west that was a lie.when i recived the first dog he was sick write off bad parasite was really sick i took him to the vet he got better in about a month i blew it off puppies eat evrything you can imagine though he was supposed to get checked before shipment.heater and i talked about breeding stock not pet qaulity dogs i paid her 1800.50 dollors as the dog got older he was very smart and my best friend . i desided i wanted another so i called heather she said she had a female that would be a breeding stock female i went for it write of i was concerned the dog looked nothing like a douge bordeaux but i read that females look difernt from the males so i decided i would give it some time as time went on im talking about monthes i started to notice the dog was not very smart she was a real hard case she was nothing like the male her left k-9 teeth were hanging out of her mouth not good my vet started alerting me about my dogs the male had started devlpoing etrpya around his eyes not good cant breed this dog called heather know what she said have a operation to remove it does that sound to you like a profesonal i know started to understand who i was dealing with the vet said the female also had a inverted virgina not good this is a condition thats bad for breeding because of infection and its genetic so all these things added up not good these dogs clearly were not breeding stock want to know what happend when i confronted heather same exact thing as what you would read in the other reports on rip off.com she was nasty said that the vet was wrong said that i wasnt talking care off my dogs let me tell you i named my first dog after a imfomose chief of maui hawaii i treated these dogs with purpose so i got asking around because i tried to contact her again guess what happend she cancled her web site changed her phone number and changed her name to heather leaming im thinking to my self wow this women is defently hiding something.so i start calling around i talk to some other breeders write off i find a lady who knows of this heather searle. She gives me poeples names and numbers of poeple that bought bad dogs off her there were a few and that the douge bordeaux club was ivesgating her and that she cancled her membership to get out of her resonsabiltys as a breeder the women also told me that she could help find heather bye giving me her mothers imformation who was also selling dogs ill admit i was angery it was not a nice letter i sent heather i told her i was going to sue her if she did not refund my money she was far from sorry and was most diffcult and abrasive she said she wanted me to send the dogs to her and she would find me new dogs i told her know way the dogs were my family know and it would be crule to send them to god knows were and also i didnt want another dog from her would you want a dog from some one who lies about her life her dogs she clearly not have a clue how to breed dogs shes clearly in this for the money and dosent give a dam about who she hurts in her path then shge says i cou ld sell the dogs on the internet if i didnt do what she asked and then she said not to ever call her again that harasment was agaist the law im thinking riping off poeple is against the law hurting these dogs by bad breeding should be against the law the best is coming last week i was playing ball with my female in the yard she just fell to the ground i was so scared i hit her on the chest i gave her cpr i was able to bring her back. I took her to the vet a specalist he said she had a very bad heart mumor and did a echo cardiogram found that she had a very serious genetic heart defect and that there is nothing he could do for her he said that he was sorry but my dog would most likly die of acute sudden death with in the year that the dog was geting a third of the blood to her brain that she needs to live and that the reason why the dog wasnt really that smart was because she wasnt in good health shes just one year old and my heart droped because she wasnt the best dog in the world but she sure did show me love what a lover she showed love to everone.well i cant find heather she doesnt want to be found because she lies and she is stealing money from poeple that are not knowing what ther about to get them selfs into they jusy want to own one of gods best creations the douge bordeaux my advise to you dont rush search out poeple and breeders that respect this breed and understand there importance of the preservation of this breed and ive decided that i cant rest intill poeple like heather searle are stopped from destroying such a small gene pool of such davine speeches of canine. Carl bolton landing, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
17, Report #215925
Oct 15 2006
04:57 PM
Heather Bordynuik, Heather Gamble, C-Gear, Inc ripoff, con-artist, scam-artist, nonpayment of rents, NSF Checks, skip charges, bad debt Los Angeles California
Landlords! Beware of this woman. She is originally from Canada and is currently posing as a Pastor's wife. Her husband, Glenn Gamble is no pastor. She will fill out incomplete application form, pretending to be a business owner of C-Gear, Inc. Fake SSN, disturbing credit report. The address used was her Mother-in-Law's, who is no saint either, will pretend to be her landlord and say all nice things about how wonderful Heather was being her tenant. Currently, they owe my 2 months rent and will keep trying to stall payment by coming up with fantastic stories/excuses. Can't find a better word to describe them, but they are the true pathological liars, will never speak the truth, only lies, lies, and lies. They are being evicted now, but will use the same defense over and over again: after all, this is the landlord's fault for not giving them proper instructions how to pay after being late with rents for 2 months!!!!!! Aliases: Shirley Pouncey (may use Gloria Gamble to rent from you). If you have been one of the victims of these people, please come forward. List of victims: Oakwood Corporate Housing, Verizon Wireless, Sheraton Gateway LAX, Tsunami Fundraiser at Hilton LAX (Feb 25, 2005). Mel Corona, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
18, Report #375560
Sep 23 2008
10:58 PM
247chatsupport.com HEATHER US8009341875 Internet
I was trying to connect to my paypal account and a limited account message appears once I try to re-enter my credit card information I receive a txt message in my phone with the following unauthorized transaction Santander te llama. COMPRA en HEATHER 1-800-934-1875 US8009341875,24/Sep/08 01:37:42 por 9.82USD con tarjeta MASTER ****9796 Time: 24/09/2008 01:37:43 This is fraud. I will urgently need your help Kelvin calle antonio lucianoPuerto Rico
Entity: Internet
19, Report #454793
May 23 2009
06:21 PM
Heather & Vinny Rotten neighbors Kennesaw Georgia
Heather & Vinny are HORRIBLE neighbors! Heather instructed her sons to draw perverted pictures of my children on the street so I called the police & Heather told the police her 7 year old drew a Crane. She is one of those people that when her misfit children get arrested (because they will one day) will tell the judge oh not my son Your Honor. Heather believes anything those kids say & only encourages their behavior by allowing them to continue bullying & calling other children names. Vinny is a real peach himself. At least once a week he's outside shirtless (he is NOT a fit man) & only has about 3 teeth. Their yard is a mess, they have a pine tree growing out of their gutter & it is impossible to see the color of the roof because it is covered in pine straw. They had a pile of mulch in the front yard for a year before they got around to moving it to the back yard next to the broken down lawn mower-when you only have weeds you have no need for a mower. They adopted a German Shepherd & informed a neighborhood child that their dog & I quote Vinny my dog will kill you. Yet this dog is allowed to roam around with no leash. I can't wait on Karma to get them! your neighbor Ohplease kennesaw, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Kennesaw, Georgia
20, Report #478546
Aug 11 2009
03:10 PM
Heather Haynes Dead Beat Mom! Chandler Arizona
Heather Haynes is a Dead Beat Mom. She uses her $1000 a month child support money for her self and her new boyfriend, not for her kids - they go without or she find community and church services to clothe and feed her two kids...that's about as deadbeat as it gets! She is also extremely abusive to her kids, one of her own babysitters has reported her to CPS. She even left her kids with the babysitter for THREE months last year, without ever calling or coming to see the kids...then she fired that babysitter, refusing to pay the obviously large bill! Heather Haynes is a seriously BAD MOTHER who doesn't deserve to be a parent! An Out-raged Onlooker! Apache Junction, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
21, Report #636896
Sep 02 2010
09:56 AM
heather johson forged check on line derby, Kansas
some one bought web coupons with my account info i want my money reimberrsed asap
Entity: derby, Kansas
22, Report #642052
Sep 19 2010
06:34 AM
heather mckenney cosmetic scam galveston, Texas
heather mckenney says that she is from galveston texas but I am from galveston texas and i have not heard of her.  when i came to this site , someone reported that she was from alaska....but not from there either.   i am skeptical.  beware.
Entity: galveston, Texas
23, Report #710396
Mar 26 2011
06:03 AM
Heather Anderson A fraud, untrustworthy, deceptive, cunning, unprofessional, prejudicial, biase, Internet
I have had the once in a lifetime dealings with this woman, and would never trust her with any of my finances.  She is unreliable, untrustworthy, and prejudicial.  She's a Canadian with a chip on her shoulder.  Do not do any business with her.  She portrays herself as this professional individual but she's very deceptive when your back is turned.  In her capacity as a manager she is manipulative and will very much deceive you.  Do not do any business with her.  She is a poor representation of her position.
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #281491
Oct 28 2007
08:33 PM
Heather Collins BAD BREEDER Goderich Ontario Canada
Our story is one that has cost us TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars at the hands of a very MANIPULATIVE person, Heather Collins. My boyfriend and I became very interested in the Bull Terrier dogs, we got a puppy (not from Heather) and adored him and decided we wanted to start breeding and begin a kennel. After a lot of time and research we got in touch with Heather Collins. At first she was helpful, loaded with what sounded like good advice / information and gained our trust. We decided to begin our kennel and purchase some dogs from Heather. We explained we wanted dogs ages 1-2 yrs or as close to it as possible in good health, non-related etc. We wired Heather over $10,000.00 for the dogs based on trust and good faith hoping we were getting what we discussed and agreed on. When the dogs arrived they were ditry, and clearly ill cared for, the stud dog (male) she sent us was 100% BLIND (which our vet later told us was most likely hereditary). The females were all older than what we were told and their paperwork didnt match what Heather had previously emailed to us, and they were all over-bred. The male and one of the females were blood brother and sister, and one female was almost 7 years old and looked as if she had been bred almost every heat she's ever had ! Long story short we spent thousands to get these dogs and thousands in vet bills, our life savings went into this and we almost lost everything. Luckily we were able to rebuild our kennel and start fresh the RIGHT way. I tried contacting Heather first about the male being blind as a bat and her answer was he was fine when he left here maybe someone sprayed him with something at the airport , she was defensive, short and unwilling to accept any responsibility for the dogs she sent me. Eventually I gave up on her as it became clear she would never help us and was only in this for the money and to take advantage of people who didn't know any better at that time. She advertises in Dog Fancy and some of the other dog publications, STAY CLEAR of her, she is a horrible person to deal with please learn from my mistake this woman is not to be trusted! Nicoleb New Bedford, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Goderich, Ontario
25, Report #1308982
Jun 01 2016
06:52 PM
Heather Picken Nurse Practitioner SCAM FRAUD Spokane Nationwide
Dr. Heather Picken is in no way, shape, or form fit to be in the position that she is in. I just moved to washington and needed to see a new doctor that was relitively close to my house for my diabetes. When I attended my first visit with her, she was very rude and made me feel like I was wasting her time. I have always been one to keep up on my diabetic conditions, but Dr. Picken continued to tell me how I need to watch what I eat more and to start testing my blood sugar TWICE AS MUCH as before I was currently testing. I told her that I was pretty comfortable with how many times per day I was testing, which then she started to get aggressive with me. I had requested a new testing meter from Dr. Picken as mine was pretty outdated, which she gave a complete nasty attitude when I politely asked her to update my perscription. Every other time that I have requested a new meter, I have just picked it up from the pharmacy which at that time I will pay my co-pay there. Dr. Picken stated that I will need to pay for my meter and at least a 6 month supply of testing strips UP FRONT before I could leave my appointment. She told me that if I did not pay the $600 that day, she would take me to small claims court and I would be obligated to pay any legal fines. Can I also say that the two unpleasant receptionists at the front counter where using profanities while talking amongst eachother and took 15 minutes to realize that I was standing there waiting to check in!! I would highly reccommend not going to Dr. Picken's office for any of your medical needs.
Entity: Nationwide

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