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1, Report #1402800
Sep 27 2017
06:46 PM
Hector Espinosa Psychic Medium Heaven2Earth HECTOR ESPINOSA TRIED TO SLEEP THE DEMONS OUT OF ME! Miami Florida
I came across Hector Espinosa Psychic Medium online.  I was very impressed by his website and the subsequent reviews which I saw posted to his various Google and Yelp accounts. Now, in retrospect, I am so upset with myself, as I realize they are all fake and posted by Hector himself and his family and friends. Quite frankly, I am surprised that he has any family or friends considering my ordeal with him. I am even more surprised that he has any customers whatsoever!   In retrospect, I should have been leary when I learned that I needed to either prepay for the sessions thru PayPal or bring cash to his office. I opted to have a session in-person with Hector and met at his office at 11972 SW 126 Lane, Miami, Fl 33186. Over the course of several sessions and increasingly larger amounts of cash for his subsequent readings and cleansing services, I discovered, through his help that I was the victim sort of curse and subsequent demonic possession. He preyed on my weakness at the time and finally told me that the only way that he could help rid me of my demons was to have sexual relations with me.  I sat there, dumbfounded when he came out to me totally naked and sat next to me. He told me that his wife was aware of the necessity for him to take me sexually and not to worry. I left his office in a hurry and have not gone to see him since, despite the multitude of calls and messages that I have received urging me to come to him. DO NOT GO near this man, nor his business location, especially if you are a female. Im not certain if he does the same thing with men, but I would not doubt it.
Entity: Miami, Florida
2, Report #1419522
Dec 27 2017
04:41 PM
Celebrity Love Psychic, Medium Lady love Scam and fraud
This lady is the biggest scam artist in psychic history. I have reported her to disability because she get a check every month while using the internet to fool people out of their money claiming she is a psychic. She was on oranum and supreme fooling people. She is a wanna be a celebrity but she is robbing people. Don’t get scammed by her please.
3, Report #700325
Feb 26 2011
04:26 PM
tara-medium don't trust online psychic medium, Internet
Becareful of online medium Tara, she will take your identifying information and money and you get nothing back
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #1270809
Nov 29 2015
06:37 AM
Persian Psychic Medium Fiona Persian Medium Psychic Fiona Preys on Desperate Individuals by Stealing their Money - Liar, Scam and Con artist Internet
 I am going to make this brief and to the point. There is a reader on Keen who goes by Persian Medium Psychic Fiona I Am Power - this woman should be ashamed. She preys on Desperate people seeking answers. Her feedback is a perfect example of shilling. The same names enter 5 stars three times each day in a row. She may be fooling Playfair (for now), but she sure is not fooling seasoned callers. She promises outlandish certainties no matter how silly they are. She threatens you by telling you there is a curse on your spirit and you must give her $1000 for candle magic to remove the evil energy. Do not, I repeat DO NOT invest a red cent into PERSIAN PSYCHIC MEDIUM FIONA. All of her validations for why she is legit are bogus. She may fool some, but she is not fooling me. Buyer beware!
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1239300
Jul 13 2015
08:05 AM
Mambo Sandy Angelique Deleon hougan Hector papa Hector Just another scammer Internet
please take my warning people. This lady is a scammer. When her spells don't work and you want some of your money back, she and Papa Hector start to do voodoo on you. You will be told that a spell has been casted on you. Hougan Hector had a person die durning a right after a lave tet. The spirits he uses are evil. Do not let them fool you. mambo Sandy is very ghetto.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #673676
Dec 20 2010
04:04 PM
OnV/Tara-Medium Tara urgent@tara-medium.com Fraud, Deceptive practice, Fake Medium, Internet
Tara claims to give a free reading which eventually costs the buyer a total of $79.00. I was mailed two different "personal readings". Then "Tara" will email warnings that you have large amounts of negative energy and to overcome this astral energy one must buy 12 sessions of telepathic readings for approximatly $299.00 If one ignores these emails, eventually the sessions come down too $199.00 Once these telepathicsessions begin. Tara sends out a mail which says she has to complete a "Tarot of Destiny". Only this cost $199.00 If you ignore this mail you are sent another email. The mail states that "Tara"is worried about your attitude. Then you are warned that if you don't pay for thr "Tarot of Destiny" and take this gradious assistance of "Tara"then very negative events may take place. This "Tara" is a fraud and seeks to milkthe cow for every drop of milk and every dime.I am very spiritual and most usually aware. This is NO spiritual guide. This whole initiative is deceptive and fraudulant. Please do not send this selfproclaimed medium a dime-. You are better off to throw your money in the street. Good Luck!
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1035324
Mar 16 2013
03:22 PM
Tara the Medium Tara the medium is a scam artist , Internet
Tara claims to be a medium who gives free readings but she is always asking for money. None of her predictions came true.
Entity: Internet, Internet
8, Report #988750
Dec 29 2012
06:35 PM
Tara Medium tara medium internet scam wants money and uses scare tactics Hong Kong Internet
Tara medium has sent many messages that threaten doom and gloom and expresses words like you are in danger and I am really worried about your future. I believe in the Bible and if some bad stuff is going to happen then it will just happen. this person wants money from me but I have no address for her but she wants all of my personal information: name, address, phone, email address, credit card number etc. You get scared into thinking it could happen to you and then you realize this could be identity theft and someone looking to steal your money using threats. warning.
Entity: Hong Kong, Internet
9, Report #1411977
Nov 15 2017
07:06 AM
Celeste Angelic Medium Celeste Angelic Medium is a fraud
Please do not waste your time nor money. Celeste is a fraud. I believed she could help me and had done what she had told me so far. I sent her over $879 to do work but the things are only getting worse, ignoring my texts. What I left is now only distrustful and want to my money back.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1327774
Sep 12 2016
05:19 PM
PERSIAN MEDIUM I AM POWER PERSIAN MEDIUM I AM POWER, PERSIAN MEDIUM I AM POWER, Medium Annabel Amos, Divine Psychic Guru Soho 1616, Psychic Guru Soho Connection to the Divine, DIVINE MEDIUM KING, DIVINE MEDIUM PSYCHIC KING, Medium Diana Ghost Reader Scam Artist, Con Artist, Psychic Fraud, Riverside California
This group of psychics on keen.com works together so be very aware. They leave each other fake feedbacks. They keep changing there profile names to avoid people from googling them. Persian Medium I Am Power has changed names at least a dozen times....why would she do that if she was honest and real? I had a reading with her and nothing she said came true. I was calling for truthful predictions. She charges $33.33 a minute. She prays on people that are lonely and broken from failed relationships, looking for money or work or just depressed. She cons them with false hope, takes all there money and than nothing happens. She had said she was on Bravo and Bravo legal department wrote me back and said that wasn't true. Why would she lie? She said she was on NBC local news and I called the news desk that she had pasted a video from and they said they never heard of her. Why would she lie? The pictures are a modle she hired, not her. Why would she lie? This group of psychics is being run by Fiona and that's not her real name. She's from Iran where ISIS is from not Persia. Ask her a question you know the answer and see if she gets it correct before you give her all your money. If she's wrong give her a 1 star. HELP STOP THESE SCAM ARTIST!
Entity: Riverside, California
11, Report #1276546
Jul 21 2016
08:40 PM
FarinAde FarinAdeOlokun Fake Psychic and Medium Internet
FarinAde aka FarinAdeOlokun who sells items on itsy and has another website selling her services as a psychic and medium. Uses cold readings and sugary words to manuplate and pump personal information from her clients which can be used by her for hurtful purpuses should anyone ever complain about the SCAM she's running.I can say with all confidence that this woman is NO psychic but a blatant fraud who hides behind spirituality to milk poor fools out of their hard earned money.DON'T BE FOOLED BY HER AND DO NOT BE FOOLED BY ANY SHILL that may suddenly appear with wonderful accounts about how her readings were accurate and to the point.Should Ade decide to claim otherwise than what I stated here she should remember her terms of servvices that such people use to cover their a**es should someone decide to complain. 
Entity: Internet
12, Report #856952
Mar 20 2012
06:28 PM
Tara Medium Tara Johnson/ Ron Rus/? Judith Squire your future is their bank account Streamwood, Illinois
 I reasearch these so-called psychics on the Internet then report back to Microsoft.  not as a hobby, I just want to see what's real......There are very few who really have the psychic powers they claim to. Some of these people are famous, and have actually helped police departments word-wide solve crimes, such as : missing person, murders kidnappings, etc. The person(s) operating this website, usually jibe their contacts with insults and most recently, within the last 2 weeks, well, their comments are just plain rude.  Under the guise of being of help to you they are either trylng to control people with white magic, which you paya fee for,  OR   Their latest manuver was to send me 4 fake checks, saying their gift to me(It was my birthday earlier this month), was $200.00 from those checks, and to send the balance to them, at an address in London, United Kingdom.  I p/c'd the checks and found the words void where a watermark from Bank of America was suppossed to be. My Credit Union and I have examined 2 of those checks and contacted the finacial institution they were suposed to be from......Judith Squire is one of the fake names they use and no one by that name ever worked there!!!
Entity: Streamwood, Illinois
13, Report #1316251
Jul 11 2016
02:00 PM
 PERSIAN MEDIUM FIONA She claims to be on Bravo, SHE IS NOT. She claims to have found the remains of missing pilot, on a video on her page. Absolutely NO PROOF BECAUSE ITS PERSIAN MEDIUM FIONA'A SCAM. If she was really on bravo, WHY NOT PUT UP THAT VIDEO? Because there isn't one!!! Look on her page, she has made fake reports that she predicted where a plane crashed....look up the reports! They do not exist! Its ALL PHOTOSHOP. I KNOW, I DID THE RESEARCH. DO IT YOURSELF!!! This is even before you call her. ONCE YOU DO SHE LIES, TO GET YOU TO CALL BACK. PREDICTION NO ACCURATE FOR 30$ A MINUTE. BUYER BEWARE OF PERSIAN MEDIUM FIONA!!! Read this before you call. 3 minutes for 90/100 dollars and she LIES! And she is really good at it. YOU WILL WANT TO CALL BACK BECAUSE SHE IS A EXCELLENT LIAR AND SCAM ARTIST! Trust me, I know and am still paying off my credit card because of her. YOU CANNOT GET YOU MONEY BACK. I am embarrassed I called. I wish I had seen PERSAIN MEDIUM FIONA'S PHOTOSHOP LIES BEFORE I CALLED.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1423175
Jan 15 2018
02:11 PM
Celeste Angelic Medium A Grand Angelic Ceremonial of karmic deliverance
Was a 13 page document of NOTHING. There were words and LOTS of white space but she said nothing. There were also links to other services she performs because all she wants is MONEY for nothing. I usually don't complain but she is preying on people who really need some good to come into their life. My advice, find a bona fide medium, taro card reader, etc.,  in your area and stop using these on-line charlatans. It'll be cheaper in the long run. She has said she will return my money and I am waiting to see if she does. Otherwise, I told her I would work tirelessly until she was removed from the internet! Thank you.
15, Report #1413266
Nov 24 2017
07:19 AM
tara-visionary medium repeatly sends emails Internet
she repeatly sends me emails to me telling me bad luck and bad things will happy to me if i dont send me money repeatly telling i have bad karma and a bad curse on me
Entity: Internet
16, Report #664562
Nov 21 2010
08:53 PM
Live Person Freddie Psychic & Medium Freddie Psychic and Medium, and ALSO TALENTLESS Liar, and SCAMMER, Internet
To all out there, Beware of this individual, as he will charm you with his low rates, and initially being cordial...BUT the moment you contradict( find out the truth) and challenge, or confront him, he blames YOU for the lack of progress, you for the prediction not coming true, ( Law of Attraction) , and all the other excuses he can think of, before flat out ignoring you, no matter how much in need you are, and he pretended to be there to help you, he turns on you in a heartbeat, and will block, you from chatting, and also your e-mails. He is a fake, talentless fraud, that is out there scamming ppl for their cash because they are in a vulnerable time in their life. Stay away from him And if he decides to change his name or otherwise upon seeing, or hearing about this, rest assured I will make certain i follow up with the new site, and name for all to see.    
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #286772
Nov 26 2007
10:56 AM
Sister Saundra - Spiritual Healing, Tarot Card Reader Psychics By Sandra, Readings By Sandra Psychic Medium, Raleigh's Best Psychic Be Aware of this lady Raleigh North Carolina
** Red Alert** A friend went to this lady. She said that she is somewhat psychic but not 100% accurate on her readings. Too bad she found out all of these things after the fact and several $dollars later. She said that she asked her after every statement during the reading if she was correct. If she is psychic then she would have been sure of what she was saying! She will try to lure you in with her $20 readings that she advertises and will throw in there like most psychic's that there is a curse that has been placed on you or your family and that you need to give her more money in order to take the curse off. Also, she said that the lady may try to spray you with some spray to supposedly ward off evil. Just a fair warning to all readers to be aware of this lady. She is also located Inside of Watson's Flea Market Every Sat. & Sun. @ 1436 Rock Quarry Rd, Raleigh,NC Noname Dover, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Raleigh, North Carolina
18, Report #1285258
Feb 05 2016
06:38 AM
Entity: New York
19, Report #735003
May 31 2011
07:29 AM
Entity: Internet, Internet
20, Report #930560
Aug 21 2012
04:44 PM
Tara Johnson- Medium NONE Continued contact with new e-mai address(es)/still paying off rip offf loan , Internet
   UPDATE:  This Tara Johnson continues to e-mail me, even though the actions from this website have been reported to the U.S. Postal Service, who oversees  e-mail, because, well, it's still MAIL, electronic or not.  Her latest e-mail address is:tara@mysendfreeoffer.com. My financial institution has helped me a lot, by turning the rip-off into a loan, but I had to have 2 attorneys advise me, since the CFO there, wanted to charge me 13% interest!!!  At the attn'ys advise, I pay off the loan, and move my finances elsewhere.  He advised me to challenge them, to get it down to a 6% loan. The person I spoke to, had to keep running back to the CFO for approval, It took over 1 hour of my time, but since then, I have had to make 4 payments, and will be done in Oct. 2012.  The problem was, that rate(6%) was only supposed to be for veterans.  I explained to them, to put in their notes, that I am a widow of a veteran. The financial institution paid into it(making the account a zero balance) after refusing any more payments from me,(when I made 1 payment with a U>S>Postal Money Order, instead of cash) freezing my assets,(so I didn't have money to pay my bills). I went to our corporate bank, where my employer has a company account,and paid my rent and bills that way.  THEY began to refuse to cash my checks, until I insisted that my employer had $16 M in their bank.  My Credit Union pressured me relentlessly, even calling my employer several times,which, according to the Fair Debt Collection Act, they aren't allowed to do, as a creditor.
Entity: Internet, Internet
21, Report #33485
Oct 26 2002
09:13 AM
Maria Duval Pshchic Medium Astrologer ripped off and scammed false promises con artist fake ripoff Jericho New York
We saw this ad in Star Magazine free Astrologer Reading My husband said go ahead and do it, it might be fun. So as a birthday present I sent in 50.00$. I've gotten at least 5 letter from her with different attempts to get more money from me.The funny thing is that if I had gotten what I paid for the first time, I might have followed up on some of her other offers. She makes it sound like this bad luck might desend on me,if I DONT FOLLOW her advise (for 35.00 + ship + handling).Each time I hear from Her its a different type of service she has - A staute, tariot cards,a book. Never a reference to the original $50.00 that was sent in or the promised 100 page letter that I was going to get for my money.I did this on a whim & realized that it was not rocket science. But what about the people who truly rely on this kind of stuff..?? Dawn Umatilla, Florida
Entity: Jericho, New York
22, Report #971186
Nov 19 2012
04:41 AM
Tara Medium I was charged $29.00 fee for this scam artist and never received my package for talisman. I tried to email Tara at urgent@tara-medium.com and nor reply. Internet
11/15/2012 day before my birthday, I receive an email from Tara Clairvoyant who knows my birthday saying that i have a negative ora that been following me from my past years of bad luck. Due to blockage it is preventing me to achieve my goals and receive positve flow. Only Tara can supposedly able to remove all the negativity thats going through my life for the price of $29.00 using a visa card,You get your Dated Numerology guide, and a drawing picture of lucky magic square. She also stated that you she will send a package of a talisman which i never received, I tried to email her at urgent@tara-medium.com and www.tara-medium.com which she never responded until i encounter this article saying that she is a scam artist. I been a victim of fraud. This website should be taken off the internet.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #1084321
Sep 13 2013
03:01 PM
Vivianne Lafrance PSC Vivianne LaFrance Medium & Psychic Fraud & Con Grindrod, B.C Nationwide
A WARNING TO ALL PERSONS SEEKING TO FIND A MEDIUM AVOID VIVIANNE LAFRANCE Please be cautious and avoid a fake medium and psychic named Vivianne Lafrance who is on the Internet preying on desperate people who have lost their loved ones to death and are in desperate need of help. She is one of those con artists who do not care about the psychological or emotional damage that their scam may be causing to those who seek reassurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel for them and they attempt to make contact with their deceased loves ones. Vivianne Lafrance advertises that she is medium that facilitates communication with deceased loved ones for more than 25 years, that she has been a bridge to the world of the afterlife and she exchanges messages between people their lost loved ones. Vivianne Lafrance scammed me of $79 by promising to contact the soul of my dear loved one who died recently of Cancer and Vivianne Lafrance required that I provide her with the first and last name of my loved one or she could not make contact with them. This I have been told is unusual because true Mediums find and provide the name of the diseased loved one, which Vivianne Lafrance would not do. She advised me that she did not want any complicated questions from me and she showed a list of questions that she would accept. I responded that I simply wanted to make contact with my loved one and nothing more. I sent her the $79 and she provided me with a statement that contained a printed statement that was supposed to be my loved one telling me that she loves and misses me, a statement that anyone could have written. Vivianne Lafrance also added a false article that was supposed to written be by me, thanking Vivianne Lafrance for her wonderful soul communication and Soul collaboration I never wrote anything of the sort to Vivianne Lafrance. When I inquired to her about it and asked her to send me a copy of the email to prove it, Vivianne Lafrance responded and claimed that she did not have a copy of the email as I did not email it, that it was my soul that wrote it and it was thanking her for the soul communication and Soul collaboration I did not know that souls can send emails, Vivianne lafrance is a obviously a larcenous liar. This person is a thief and a con artist. She claims to be an expert medium for 25 years and she has generated false references on her site to attract unsuspecting victims. She viciously attempted to put me on a guilt trip and harm my memories of my loved one. Below is a portion of an email that Vivianne Lafrance emailed to me to make me feel bad. You decided to try my form of soul communication but you have judged it and have taken everything beautiful away from it in your thoughts. That is a shame and very sad indeed for not only are you missing out on the beauty of this soul writing from your loved one but so is your loved one losing out because you are rejecting what she has to tell you and share with you. I strongly recommend that anyone who seeks to find a medium to AVOID VIVIANNE LAFRANCE.
Entity: internet, Select State/Province
24, Report #1230723
May 21 2015
02:56 PM
Ananda Anand Sunkanpally, Swamy Ananda Sunkanpally, Consulting Psychic-Medium, Astrologer,Shiva Astro Healing Consultancy ABSOLUTE SCAM Internet
My 87 year old mother directed a helth question to this Astroloiger & clarvoyant about her losing toomuch weightMY MOTHER - health problem loosing the weightASTROLOGER - Dear FriendThank you for choosing our mystic answer Services and selecting About your Helath Problem related Questions.But we have not received any payment regarding the same.Can you please finish the payment process first. I checked and found some complaints against them and sent them an e-mail to remove my mother from their mailing as they kept sending bunch of e-mails demanding money.  ME - DO NOT SENT MAIL HERE ANY MORE YOU PEOPLE ARE SCAMMERS & TRYING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY SICK MOTHER ! ASTROLOGER - It is you who sent 3 Mails from my website to me, you Idiot.... ME - I am her daughter who reads her e-mails to protect her from potential scammers like you !  You just gave me reason to blast your a** on internet with more bad comments treating customers by calling them idiots.  ASTROLOGER - Bull***, what scamm I have done you idiot? You people are spammed me with junk mails.I have answered properly...are you a customer? That too is that the way to approach an Astrologer?What wrong did I do for you to call me a Scammer first and when I call you Idiot is it not what it is?What do you know about me, what did I do to you, With all my good intentions I was ready to service to youBut it is not principle of astrology to give service totally free, that is not the point, I have given hundreds of people free service. But I got a life to lead and pay the bills. I know you are angry because I asked for the Fees.I used to answer like this....Please try to understand our Problem in giving free services, we have limited resources and high maintenance costs. More over our Shastras (Scriptures) says that one should not go empty handed to a Guru, Astrologer, Doctor (Vaidya), Teacher or even to Parents etc. Hence it is imperative that one should make due payment and keep the above happy, then only you will get benefit of their services.So what was your scamm for 10 dollar 5 dollar it is a scamm, are you beggar?You have no respect for a divine science?You are such cheap scumbag... ... If I curse you you will rotten in the s*** like pestCONCLUSION:  NO PROFESSIONAL WOULD TREAT THEIR CLIENTS LIKE THIS ! 
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1406296
Oct 14 2017
07:11 PM
Reverend Meilena Hauslendale Best Psychic Directory, Meilena Hauslendale, Psychic Meilena Hauslendale ,Psychic Medium Reverend Meilena Hauslendale advertises as Reverend, Psychic Medium and Intuitve. Yet she's inaccurate, lacks authenticity: her own words are in direct conflict with what a Reverend stands for. Portland, Oregon Internet
  This is the Description she uses: Meilena Hauslendale is a Certified Psychic Medium and Reiki Master with over 20 years of experience. She connects with her guides to help deliver messages of empowerment to her clients as well as messages from those who have passed on. Meilena is an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader that works with her clairvoyance and the tarot to conduct readings. Meilena is a also a Personal Development Author and Artist advocating growth of everyone's highest good. And: I am a Certified Psychic Medium, a Keeper of the Light which means I help keep you on the path of enlightenment and personal empowerment and channel your Angels and Spirit Guides I am clairaudient and clairvoyant which allows me to see and hear the answers to your questions. I’m also a clairsentient which means I can feel the energy of people, places, or things and advise on intentions. When I perform a reading for you, I start to see objects, words, and visions that pertain to you. I feel and hear your situation or important details that you might need to know to gain clarity. I have been helping my clients for over 20 years whether it is in relationships, career, personal decisions or business growth. I can help you identify personal obstacles and work to overcome them. I can help you see if you are on your Soul’s path. When I perform a reading I speak to your spiritual guides and Angels to obtain the highest of greater good for you. I am a Reiki Master so I can perform heal From her personal site: I have always had a great desire to help people. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the light bulb go off in someone’s head where now they understand a major puzzle of their lives. I feel it is of great privilege to be able to relay messages of hope that provide clarity and validate a person’s instincts. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and we can be a bit awkward with ourselves at times and need a guiding light. We can’t always see the path in front of us. That’s where people like myself can come in and help...... .... Everyone is entitled to love and happiness and it is my mission to help you embrace what you deserve. Sounds great. All love and light, right? Her words convey a depth of compassion, understanding, wisdom and above all her natural born psychic gifts used to heal and help.... Yet in my reading she repeatedly asked leading questions. was vague or totally off the mark with most insights/answers, very general predictions resulting in a life coaching/counseling session with Angelic overtones. But the boiling point was reading her telling response to a question on Quora: Q: Are there any psychics here who can predict for me? A: Most psychics or mediums that do readings for a living do not seek to give their services for free. Imagine if I was a hairdresser, counselor, or a doctor, they would likely not solicit their services to people for free. If you want to set out and see if a reading is something that works for you, start out with a small investment with a psychic or medium. PSYCHIC GIFTS ARE DIRECTLY FROM GOD AND THE SOLE INTENT IS TO HELP OTHERS - NOT TO PROFIT FROM IT. While ALL professions should ethically donate a portion of their services to the needy, poor, disabled and especially domestic violence, abuse and crime victims....and most especially ALL PSYCHICS SHOULD HELP THIS GROUP WITHOUT HESITATION. BOTTOM LINE: All psychics should offer sliding scales and free sessions. But ESPECIALLY a Psychic REVEREND! Who currently profits from books and other online services. If you don't offer readings to those in need, it suggests that only those with money deserve them. And charging hundreds of dollars for a spiritual gift, to help spiritually enlighten- is the most blatant oxymoron and insult. Psychics who must charge high rates to support themselves should have steady regular FT job, and provide readings on weekends or PT....seriously. I was born with the ability to see and hear spirits and I've been a practicing psychic medium for 15 years. I understood from the start that people with psychic gifts are here to help EVERYONE, as many as possible, and not for profit. I have never had to turn anyone away for lack of money....and while I live frugally and within my means, I am financially very successful. Why? Because God, my Angels and Guides will always provide while my core intent is selfless and as I am a service to all. Every Psychic has that exact same responsibility- it's a calling from God. Would you expect (most) Nuns, Clergy and other Spiritual Leaders to place profit over service? To refuse the needy and be inaccessible? I try to pattern myself after Mother Teresa and have been blessed many times over. I'm sick of greedy psychics embarrassing and misusing God's gift.
Entity: Internet

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