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1, Report #208884
Aug 31 2006
02:05 PM
Holistic Properties ripoff Tallahassee Florida
I rented an apartment in Tallahassee while attending graduate school, and paid a $200 deposit. When I moved out, HOLISTIC PROPERTIES garnished my entire deposit, and charged me an additional $153.38. Do not ever rent from these people! The charges included a painting fee, a carpet cleaning fee, a cleaning fee, and a late fee that were all completely fraudulent. Be careful of unscrupulous landlords in any college town, but especially avoid HOLISTIC PROPERTIES in Tallahassee. Kevin Tallahassee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tallahassee, Florida
2, Report #459280
Jun 06 2009
08:52 PM
natural holistic cures - naturalholisticcures.com scam Greenvale New York
www.naturalholisticcures.com is a scam. I've ordered their products for high energy, but it did nothing to me, if anything it got me more tired. I've asked for my money back, as they claim they do on their website, but they've never returned my calls or emails. I've sent about 5-6 calls and emails. www.naturalholisticcures.com is a scam, I'm very angry at them. Don't let them fool you too. Andy San Francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Greenvale, New York
3, Report #1049483
May 08 2013
08:54 PM
G&G Holistic Rehabilitation G&G Misrepresentations Delray Florida
I was looking for a holistic alcohol rehabilitation facility for my daughter.  She willingly wanted to attend and I did some on line research after someone recommended G&G of Florida.  I easily found their website and thoroughly read everything it said.  I was impressed with the attention to alternative treatment modalities, the emphasis on healthy cooking with a chef and exercise.  Yoga, massage, acupuncture and meditation are touted as integral parts of the program.I arranged for admission to G&G Holistic Rehabilitation with an apparently kind and caring representative.  She told me that the Delray facility was newer and had advantages in terms of additional holistic aspects.  She explained that my daughter, who had already spent 7 days in detox, would be under observation for 24 hours.  I explained that she had been in detox for 7 days.  The representative said that a driver would pick her up at the airport.Everything went wrong from then on.  I first received a call from someone from Palm Partners, who thought he was picking me up at the airport.  I thought he was the limo driver.  I next received a chirpy message from a woman with Palm Partners who announced that my daughter had arrived.  I still thought she was a limo service.I learned the following afternoon that my daughter was again placed on medical detox.  She was awakened at 12:30 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. to be checked.  Then she was taken to another location called the treatment center where she sat through hours of group sessions.  There were no yoga classes, no breathing lessons, no alternative treatments at all.  She started the day without breakfast and instead of wholesome food, was given the option of buying junk snacks at inflated prices.  Instead of a chef, the food is allegedly catered by a gourmet service and consisted of meatballs resembling dog food and dried baked ziti.  No yoga, no breathing, no resting, no meditation, no healthy food.  Just the standard rehabilitation mill mixing heroin and pill addicts with day long AA sessions.I called the admissions person who quickly switched me to a supervisor.  He became compative when I expressed concern for the bait and switch tactics. He promised to have a supervisor call. A nice but unknowing family counsellor called me and I then learned that my daughter was not at G&G Holistic but at an allegedly related facility named Palm Partners.  She could not confirm whether my daughter was in the residential facility and expressed surprise that no one told me about Palm Partners.  At least she was honest.  She also stated that she had not called in response to the supervisor at G&G.  She recommended that I call the Executive Director.The Executive Director tried to convince me that my daughter was misrepresenting the conditions but when I inquired about the holistic aspects, I received more conflicting information.   He did admit that there was no chef at Palm Partners but otherwise tried to guilt trip me into making my daughter stay at Palm Partners.The admissions person later claimed to have told my daughter that the substitute facility was Palm Partners.  This same person later insisted that both facilities were the same, despite the fact that other people, including the Executive Director, explained they were different in many respects.  A review of the website for Palm Partners does not address the holistic aspect advertised by G&G. We researched online and found numerous complaints echoing the same kind of misrepresentation that we encountered.  If Oreos and Cheesits are holistic, then go to Palm Partners.  After reading about the problems in G&G North Miami, I doubt if there is anything better there.The State of Florida and the insurance companies should go after these peoples.  How can you promote rehabilitation if you can't tell the truth?
Entity: Delray, Florida
4, Report #1274776
Dec 17 2015
09:01 AM
Holistic Recovery Center SMOKING MIRRORS North Miami Beach Florida
We found this online thinking it would be different from the rest of treatment centers in South Florida since it was known for Holistic Treatment. Don't let the name and website fool you. My son arrived & he was shocked with the apartments and location.. Horrible neighborhood and the apartments are worse than a 1 star hotel. They do offer a host of treatment modalities but unfortunately HRC hasn't hired the right staff to provide solid treatment. You can make the building look aesthetically pleasing but if you don't have the right staff to execute you basically have a nice spa like environment until you go back to the awful apartments. Before you give your $$$/insurance I would absolutely make sure you know what your getting yourself/family into. There are so many better treatment facilities that aren't in it for the $$$/profit. I'm writing so you and your family members are warned of the scam this place is and will continue to be in Miami. They will sell you on amenities but really all they have is a nice building and the people running it are true scam artists. You've been warned... Concerned Mom MY SON tried to leave and they wouldn't give his belongings back for 72 hours (no phone, $$, medications)  The location is so bad and he was left on the side of the road like a lost puppy dog until he was able to make contact with someone outside of the building to get in touch with us.  He's human and realized that this wasn't the type of treatment he was looking for and thus wanted to leave.. Can you imagine.. they don't tell you these things when you're desperate looking for help.  
Entity: North Miami Beach, Florida
5, Report #822098
Jan 13 2012
07:31 AM
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #662549
Nov 16 2010
12:44 PM
Holistic Home Health Owner of company refuses to give me my paycheck. destrehan, Louisiana
Freida Howard the owner of Holistic home Health will not give her employees their payroll checks. She is aware that she is in violation of state law, but doesn't care. She still refuses to pay her employees.
Entity: destrehan, Louisiana
7, Report #703024
Mar 05 2011
10:52 AM
Tikkun Holistic Spa Stealing, Defaming, Horrible Service, No Communication, Fraud, Racism, Sexual Harassment Santa Monica, California
I contracted to do business with Niki Scwartz and You Lee Kim at Tikkun Holistic Spa in Santa Monica, CA.  We had a verbal agreement and the owner Niki Schwartz told me to special order her 1 box of each of the 7 retail products I make.  I then followed her instructions and she accepted delivery of my items in November of 2010.  I have been invoicing Tikkun Holistic Spa since November of 2010.  Niki Schwartz nor You Lee Kim return any of my phone calls, e-mails, nor text messages.  They have ripped my company and I off of over $1,600 and I now have to file a lawsuit against them because they will not communicate with my company and I to just resolve a simple matter of them ripping off my company and not paying their bills.   I would suggest that everyone stay away from Tikkun Holistic Spa as they are con artists, scammers, fraudulent, and are out to rip you off in any way possible. I wouldn't even trust them with my credit card information.  Who knows what they're capable of!? Stay away from Tikkun Holistic Spa, Niki Schwartz, and You Lee Kim!
Entity: Santa Monica, California
8, Report #1330305
Sep 27 2016
06:18 AM
G and G Holistic Treatment Center A SCAM??? MOST DEFINITELY!! N. Miami Beach Florida
Fortunately, I am and have been living a drug-free life for over 9 years now, but the nightmarish account of my double-stay/experience at G and G will forever make me sick and disgusted ad nauseum. UNLIKE WHAT THEY CLAIM.....G AND G HAS ABSOLUTELY HAS NO EXPERIENCE nor offer ANY TREATMENT nor display ANY KNOWLEDGE or show even a HINT any  sympathy,empathy or understanding to people with a mental health or dual diagnosis disorder! PERIOD! Sadly, it's blatantly TRUE what some of the people who had horrid accounts of there stay at G and G.  John Giordano and Jerry Goldfarb ARE INDEED scammers at the lowest level.  Preying on the sick and broken and using their or their familie's money to finance their very comfortable bank accounts! If anyone needs further explanation or detail, please don't hesitate to contact me via ripoff-reportand I'll be happy to elaborate on my experience there.  G and G stole enough of my money, they're not going to steal any more of my time!   Eddie      
Entity: N. Miami Beach, Florida
9, Report #1255824
Sep 18 2015
06:29 PM
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1093351
Oct 21 2013
04:26 AM
Lavanta Holistic Coaching Eli Collis Dr Eli Collis Eli Collis PhD I ended up with a nervous breakdown in the psychiatric ward thanks to Lavanta Holistic Coaching London United Kingdom
I had the misfortune of being referred to Eli Collis of Lavanta Holistic Coaching by a friend who handed me a business card. I was hooked in by Eli Collis who in a very short space of time made me question my whole existence, my life, my love for my family and my unconditional love for my partner. This led to a nervous breakdown and I ended up being admitted to the psychiatric ward for 2 weeks as I was a suicide risk.This comes to show how unqualified fraudsters call themselves Holistic Coaches. She claims she was trained by her own coach of many years... after checking both of their credentials it turns out neither Eli Collis of Lavanta Hollistic Coaching and her coach have any official qualifications. Beware of this fraudster. She claims she has done this for a lifetime and she actually believes she in touch with some archangel energy s***. I ended up completely alone, homeless, jobless and with a nervous breakdown because of Eli Collis. I recently saw her on the street and she was walking around with a homeless guy with no teeth who looked like an alcoholic... it turns out he is her partner of many years. Beware of the leech - she will destroy your life
Entity: London, Nationwide
11, Report #714933
Apr 07 2011
06:58 AM
Yvette Murray Holistic Health Productions Refuses to refund a $425.00 deposit I gave them for a trade show...don't do business with Holistic Productions! Toronto, Ontario
I gave Holistic Health Productions/Yvette Murray a deposit for 500.00 in spring of 2009 to have the first opportunity out of other Xocai Healthy Chocolate reps to do any of HHP's events.  I was informed that this would come off a future show with Holistic Health Productions.  I proceeded to book an event with HHP happening in Burlington in November 2009.  I was surprised to discover that they had charged my credit card for another approx 500.00 for this show.  When I asked them about it, Yvette told me the deposit comes of my last show with HHP.  I told her that that would be my first and last show with them but she refused to refused to credit my credit card.  I later did a small show to attempt to recoup some of my deposit (75.00) which came off my deposit.  They still owe me 425.00 which they have not refunded.  I contacted them recently and Yvette told me to make a written request (which I did) and I have not heard a word from them...no surprise! 
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
12, Report #472638
Jul 23 2009
12:22 PM
Barbara Guzman ~ Holistic Health Practitioner Of Balance Massage Center Mobile Massage is Nothing ~BUT~ a Thief Perris California
Barbara Guzman ~ Holistic Health Practitioner of Balance Massage Center ~http://www.balancemassagecenter.com/ ~ Mobile Massage is Nothing ~BUT~ a Thief Barbara Guzman Can Not Be Trust at All ~ Barbara Guzman Stole Over Several Thousand Dollars of New Camera Gear From Me Mke Perris, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Perris, California
13, Report #716210
Apr 11 2011
08:25 AM
International Institute of Holistic Healing and Allied Research is a rip off scam. Do not enroll with them if you want to save your time and money. I feel robbed. Bongaon, Dist.- North 24 PGS, Other
I and three of my friends enrolled for the Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) course with the International Institute of Holistic Healing and Allied Research. We enrolled in the month of December of 2010 and paid in full. Four months have elapsed and no sign of any document from them. I call them up and so do my friends only to hear that stuff was sent and it is my address ( not just mine, all of my friends also) which is such that materials are not being delivered!! I mean wow. My friend told me she found both the person who attended the phone as well as the website to be shady before we enrolled. But i dont know what drove me to convince not just myself but all of my friends too to enroll. We have wasted 2000$ and 4 months of our lives over such a stupid scam institute. I shall refer this rip off to the State of Pennsylvania Attorney General Office and also file a formal complaint. Others who may have looked into them, beware! Forget about a refund, the person who attends the phone sounds like a hungry wolf and asks for more money to re-send the studies!
Entity: Bongaon, Dist.- North 24 PGS, Select State/Province
14, Report #716607
Apr 12 2011
06:13 AM
International Centre for Holistic Healing and Allied Research is a shame. I have been cheated. Do not study with them if you want to save both your time and money. They will rob you! Internet
Three of my colleagues and i enrolled for the Doctor of Naturopathy course that the International Center for Holistic Healing and Allied Research advertises. We registered for the course in the month of December of 2010 and were paid in full. Four months have elapsed and no sign of any document from them. I call them up and so do my friends only to hear that stuff was sent and it is my address ( not just mine, all of my friends also) which is such that materials are not being delivered!! I mean wow. My friend told me she found both the person who attended the phone as well as the website to be extremely shady before we enrolled. But i dont know what drove me to convince not just myself but all of my friends too to register with them. We have wasted 2000$ and over 4 months of our lives over such a stupid scam. I shall refer this rip off to the State of Pennsylvania Attorney General Office and also file a formal complaint. Others who may have looked into them, beware! Forget about a refund, the person who attends the phone sounds like a hungry wolf and asks for more money to re-send the studies! I am now saving up some money to register elsewhere as i really have interest in natural healing technqiues and would like to learn them. I just feel scared enrolling elsewhere with what a bad run through i have had with ICHHAR and find others hard to believe!!!
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #343727
Jun 24 2008
01:47 PM
Mia Simone Boutique - Holistic Living & Health - H L Health Took my money, never sent products and Shut down Website and disconnected Phone # A TRUE CON ARTIST!! Westminster Colorado
I placed and order in April 18, 2008 and made payment via PAYPAL. I had tried to contact (Mia Simone Boutique aka Holistic Health) via email (hlhealth@comcast.net, help@hlhealth.com) a few times to correct the Shipping address that I had submitted. I found it strange when I received returned email messages This email address does not exist...I thought this is strange..hmmm. So after my emails would not go through. I decided to give this Company a call. The message I received was The phone # you are trying to reach is Out of Service. I thought maybe I had misdialed, so I attempted to call a 2nd time and heard the same Message. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on 4/25/08.. They closed the Case 5/30/08. Their service was less than satisfactory. All they said was they sent letter and wondered if I'd spoken with this Con Artist and straightened things out. How insane is that.. I contact them for help, they did absolutely NOTHING! To top things off this Psycho (Mia Simone) not only shut down her Website. but she is selling her items through other Companies. Elle Corona, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Westminster, Colorado
16, Report #1279926
Jan 13 2016
06:55 PM
American Institute of Holistic Theology AIHT School Refuses to Send Books or Issue Refund for PhD Program I Paid for In Full Alabama
I paid for an MS degree and a PhD degree in holistic theology from AIHT. I made the down payment for the programs in December 2009 and finished paying for them in 2011.In 2014, I notified AIHT that I would not be completing my MS degree or starting the PhD degree. I was very disappointed in the quality of the MS program. There were numerous typos in the curriculum (tests, instructions, etc.) and the content was very thin. The school didn’t even bother to run spell check on their materials! I found the program to be a unacademic and a waste of my time.AIHT refused to issue a refund for the PhD program. I then requested the PhD books and coursework materials. They refused to send those as well.The AIHT ontract states I have 30 days to withdraw from an AIHT program and receive a full refund. The school told me I am not eligible to receive the PhD materials until I complete the MS program, which I won't be doing, so I am not technically enrolled in the PhD program, and the 30 days have never started on the PhD program since the school refuses to send me the materials.The total cost of my MS and PhD program was $6,990, with the PhD program accounting for 52% of that cost or $3,634.80.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1397031
Aug 31 2017
12:24 PM
Holistic Fraud, Scammed me out if $100 and told me she could bring my spouse back. Once she got the money she stopped returning my calls. Dallas, Texas Internet **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
 The owner of this business is Biliary and she will promise you the sun, moon and stars to get money out of you. She wanted $450 from me but l told her l was disabled. She told me she worked with crystals. She got $100 and said she would call me that night and tell me what my husband was doing. She called and delayed it for 2 days, and and than put words in my mouth stating l said l would.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #143615
May 22 2005
07:10 AM
Dr. Sally St John, The Center For Holistic Rehabilitation; ripoff Fraud Alert: Intentionally uses invalid diploma mill PhD degree from the unaccredited LaSalle University; unethical; dishonest; unprofessional; con-artist Las Vegas Nevada
Sally St. John, a Las Vegas based counselor w fraudulently uses a Phd credential from a well known diploma mill called LaSalle University, that was located in Mandeville Ohio, and closed by the FBI. She has been confronted by several journalists and a local television station, and has intentionally lied, defending a PhD that is not worth the paper it's written on. Dr. John Bear, noted authority on distance learning and diploma mills (http://circledance.tripod.com) commented on a rebuttal made by St. John on the internet. Here is St. John, in her own words, defending her diploma mill degree, with Dr. Bear responding to each comment: SSJ I *earned my doctorate degree from 1993 - 1996 at LaSalle, which was at the time the oldest accredited extension program in the united states. DR BEAR SSJ It was closed in 1997 for It fraudulent behaviors that were apparently going on at the campus. DR BEAR SSJ I was made aware of LaSalle's fraudulent behavior through a letter which I received from the attorney general's of Louisiana after I graduated from LaSalle. This alerting me to the goings on and to the fact that I may be entitled to participate in a class action suit against LaSalle. DR BEAR SSJ I was livid! I hired my own attorney to pursue legal action against LaSalle only to find out, that despite the diplomas issued in 1997 and later, the diploma that I earned still held the minimum regional accreditation DR BEAR SSJ and was, and is considered legal and valid, DR BEAR SSJ although it's from a school that I'd rather not be associated with, for obvious reasons that were beyond my control and awareness. And when I say I earned my degree, I mean it. I read the books, did the research, conferenced with my advisor(s), and published my professional paper under the strict guidelines of the American Psychiatric Association which my advisors had me follow (before they quit.) DR BEAR SSJ Despite the three years of hard work and dedication, and much to my dismay, my Ph.D. stands as 'valid,' despite their manipulation and lies. I am not able to sue La Salle for the damage I continue to encounter as a result of their tainted reputation, which I knew nothing of, and came AFTER I graduated and separated myself from that school. I am proud of the work I did to earn my Ph.D. DR BEAR SSJ I worked hard. I fought for it. I can't speak for those who came after me and who damaged it for the rest of us. According to my attorney, (who would have gotten paid handsomely if we could have sued LaSalle) there was nothing we could do because me degree somehow came in under the wire and it still holds. I wish the school I got it from had a more ethical president in 1997. I understand that they are repairing and rebuilding their standing. DR BEAR SSJ I hope for their sake, and for mine, that is the case, but I have no intention of retracting my credentials or needing to do so, for Lion Television or anyone else. If sometime, somehow, by the grace of God (and I secretly hope this happens, to tell you the truth, because this is a pain in the butt for me) some judicial division reverses its decision and decides my Ph.D. is not valid, and decides to award me damages so I can get another one, as well as the damages for this type of inconvenience, which is all I requested in the first place, I would happily drop it, and be off to school again in a heart beat. But until such time, I gotta go to work, and the Ph.D. stands, and I stand by it. DR BEAR Sally St. John is a dishonest person, who continues to lie to use her worthless degree. For more information go to: http://www.lasvegasmercury.com/2004/MERC-Jan-01-Thu-2004/22879236.html http://www.pokerpages.com/blog/index.php?itemid=320 If you have a grievance to report about Sally St. John contact her licensing board: BOARD OF EXAMINERS FOR ALCOHOL, DRUG AND GAMBLING COUNSELORS 401 DAYTON VALLEY RD. SUITE B DAYTON, NV 89403 PHONE 775 246-2260 FAX 775 246-2262 Jane Las Vegas Nevada, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
19, Report #174415
Feb 02 2006
10:01 AM
Sally St John, The Instant Answer, The Center, The Center For Holistic Rehabilitation DIPLOMA MILL PHD IS A FRAUD; EXPLOITS APPLIED KINESIOLOGY ALSO KNOWN AS MUSCLE TESTING Ripoff Las Vegas Nevada
Sally St John is a diploma mill PhD from Las Vegas Nevada who will not abide by Nevada law. She is a fraud, and exploits the use of Applied Kinesiology, also called muscle testing, telling the public they can have anything they want in 60 seconds using her techniques. According to Nevada law, AB395 was passed last year prohibiting the use of false or misleading degrees (BDR34-125). St. John received a correspondence certificate under the name of Sally Guber, from LaSalle University in Mandeville, Louisiana, the most infamous diploma mill of the 1990s. SaSalle University, Mandeville, LA appears on lists of unaccredited colleges nationwide. She is NOT a legitimate PhD, but refuses to remove the PhD title from her website, and from refering to herself as a PhD graduate in general. Sally St John currently uses the Marie Callendar Resturant located at 8175 W. Sahara in Las Vegas Nevada to deliver her message of getting anything you want using her 60 second Instant Answer technique. While the discussion is free, she uses Marie Callendar's good name as credibility to develop a private practice of clients. BEWARE OF SALLY ST JOHN(aka Sally Guber, Sally Crapis) FROM LAS VEGAS NEVADA. She is a scheming con-artist, who has taken advantage of hundreds of people under the guise of a PhD counselor. Denise Las Vegas Nevada, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
20, Report #507748
Oct 11 2009
04:37 PM
Enhansing Mind Body Spirit Holistic source material Montoursville Internet, Pennsylvania
Like many other people, at first I liked this collection, however when the price went from $8 then to $11 a packet and then to $32 per packet it became unaffordable.  I refused many packets from then, notified the company that I wanted to cancel this and that it was too expensive.  At my own expense I returned the entire collection to them.  As with every other company here in the US I expected to be credited with the return and that would be the end of it. However, what I got was a bill for $147.  I called to ask what this was for and their reply was for the amount of the collection.  I asked if they had received the return and their response was that they had in fact received the collection, and had returned the items to stock.   She also stated (didnt get her name) that the company policy was no returns I was NEVER told about that and to my knowledge didnt find it anywhere in t he information that they had been sending..  I told her that I would not pay for merchandise I did not have and did not want, basically I was told too bad pay or else. They have now sent the bill to a collection agency.  I will not pay a collection agency, and I have already filed a complaint with the BBB, whom they have not responded to. I will again file another complaint with the BBB, but also with the FTC, then this will go out on the net to Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else I can get this to.  I believe this is horrific customer service; the bottom line should be that if a customer is dissatisfied with a product, they should be allowed to return the product and given credit for the cost of the product.  If forced to , I will pay this bill, but I will sue the company and let everyone know NOT to deal with this company again. NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY THEY WILL RUIN YOUR CREDIT!!!
Entity: Montoursville Internet, Pennsylvania
21, Report #770856
Aug 30 2011
07:48 AM
MotherNature.com Holistic/alternative health vitamins and supplements NYC, New York
MotherNature.com has one of the worst Customer Service groups I have ever encountered. I placed my order on Aug. 7, 2011 (credit card was charged immediately) and tried to track my order on Aug. 15. On Aug. 18, I was told my order had shipped, and they were awaiting shipping info. Finally got a note on 8/26 that my order was cancelled - they never had the product to ship in the first place, and that my credit card would be refunded in 1 to 2 billing cycles. I wrote back and told them that if the money was not back in my account at the end of business day within 48 hours, I would be filing a complaint with the AG in NYS (where they are based). They won't answer the phone - you get recorded messages directing you to their website, and it takes several days to get an answer to a question. Better companies to use include AllHealthTrends.com and iHerb.com. Stay away from Mother Nature..... it's been five days since they admitted they didn't have the product to ship, and still no refund to my credit card account. It should have been taken care of immediately, given that they've had my money for nearly a month.
Entity: NYC, New York
22, Report #1114894
Jan 11 2014
11:27 PM
Natural Sunshine herbal, supplements, vitamins, hierbas, naturales, natural, holistic, alternative Los Angeles California
Hello, this is a complaint accusing the proprietor Martha Rivas Valot of unethical actions. #1 Claiming an item to be on sale only on that day[1] When someone has gases or heartburn, they will try to sell you their General Cleansing. After the presentation, they will tell you the manager is not there, or they are extending their special. Their computer price is $85, but they will tell you that from $149 + tax you will get it for $120. #2 Job Discrimination Women won’t get hired because the sales job supposedly involves lifting heavy boxes. #3 Underreporting Revenue The cash earned from a consultation never goes to the register nor do clients get an invoice. #4 Brand Removal Trader Joe’s Chia Seeds, Syrup, and Very Green all have their brands covered by a price label #5 Expiration Date Removal She sells products past their “full potency date” and alters, blurs, or places a useless price tag on the dates. Large containers such as Whey Protein have a piece of their plastic wrap trimmed. Expired Nature's Sunshine Products Black Ointment                       Heavy Metal Detox Noni Prental Thai Go Non-Nature's Sunshine Products Hi Performance Carbs (Fitness Labs) Ginseng Gro (? maybe expired) Korean Ginseng (500mg) Noni Capsules Libi-M Maca (peruvian rainforest botanicals) Memo-Ree (Nutri-well) Omega 3 (Fitness Naturals) Pineapple Aloe Vera (Salud Natural) Sore No More Super Macho Zabila Nopal Caps (Naturate) Vitamin E 1000 IU (Nutriwell) Vitamin power (amino max 1500)dca.lacounty.gov/tsFalseAdvertising.htm
Entity: Los Angeles, Select State/Province
23, Report #995504
Jan 11 2013
11:33 PM
Dr. Philip Cohen Integrative/Holistic practioner Not to be trusted Westport, Connecticut
This man calls himself a holistic practitioner. Do not trust him. He took more than $3,000 from me when I was very ill, and caused more confusion and even more issues than I had before.  He took advantage of a person who was vulnerable and really needed help. Instead, he gives totally falsified advice, and even harmful advice like 'eat goat cheese' when you are suffering from Candida Albicans [yeast infection] which FEEDS Yeast infections! He will take your money, and mislead you for as long as you are willing to be a victim.  I finally got smart and got away from him and his side-kick, a Health food store manager who highly recommends him [primarily because Dr. Cohen will refer you back to the health food store to get a ton of synthetic, low grade generic supplements made by the store itself.] Don't always trust holistic or any one who promotes themselves as such. Really do your homework and find out for free what your body needs to heal as it is all on the web. There are good holistic people, but sadly, I had to find out that there are bad people who put up a shingle and wrongfully utilize the holistic label fraudulently. I was a victim of this bad guy in more ways than one. He also had me do a very, very dangerous and physically painful test that brings all of the heavy metals out of your organs and has it float around your system... all so he can get a urine test to tell you that you [along with EVERYONE living in North America today] has heavy metal toxicity.  Just save your money, and do non-toxic cleansing at a reasonable pace for yourself rather than subjecting yourself to rhetoric, broken promises, and expensive and painful tests that not only hurt you but cost you  a lot of money to boot. Never again. 
Entity: Westport, Connecticut
24, Report #1393137
Aug 16 2017
10:43 AM
Holistic Home Philadelphia | by Ginger Kuczowicz owner of Soap Box in Philadelphia | www.HolisticHomeLLC.com Kasia Rzotkiewicz , Director Of Operations Refuses to pay for hard hours I cleaned and scrubbed floors , walls, etc and has an Abusive Supervisor that's prejudice and wants you to work nonstop with no break to eat . She doesn't like you to clean with her germs and dirty floors using water apparently. Philadelphia Internet
These people are breaking the law. They make you work hard in million dollar homes for $13 to 15 dollars an hour then make up reasons not to pay you. They charge clients a lot of money for Holistic cleaning but don't provide transportation to workers, they want you the worker to pay $52 a month out of your check for liability and give them $100 deposit on top of Kasia being an hour late to jobs, etc.. You don't get lunch breaks either or any break at all ... not even for 2 minutes. Kasia the Polish slave driver likes to practice passive aggressive racism towards me because basically im black born in Africa so I might steal from her precious white clients because she apparently this company doesnt doesnt care to obey the United States Of America's human rights and labor laws. And Ginger Kuczowicz thinks she doesn't have to pay you even when paid your own transportation to a job, worked hard for hours without any food or water breaks. You have to drink water while you're working burning energy constantly without food. The Beginning:  I came into Soap Box seeking a job but they were only hiring for cleaning because they can't keep workers there due to their unethical treatment of their workers. They want you to clean and scrub quickly 3 to 5 or more story homes for 12/$13 an hr. with no breaks for food perfectly using natural products they make with a small amount of water. They're very unorganized , snobbish and nasty to you and untrustworthy. By the Director Of Operations, Kasia, I was told that I would have to pay or get $52 a month taken out of my check for liability insurance, pay them $100 deposit to work with them or they would take payments out of my $13.00 an hour check until they got the $100 from me. On the interview Kasia said she would stay with me to train the first couple weeks until she felt I was ready to go out to customers on my own. From 11 to  3:56 On Tuesday morning  August 1, 2017: On the first day I got there 5 minutes early to the job at a very posh well to do house in Society Hill for $15 an hour because I was sharing the job and it was to be finished within a few amount of hours. When the woman came to the door and let us in she looked suprised by me being Black and Dark skin. Kasia said don't worry I will stay with her so you don't have to worry about anything. I was shocked inside but needed the job so I stayed quiet. I worked from 11am to 3:56pm non stop not even a 1 minute break was allowed. Kasia kept telling me my work was perfect but then made sure to scold you to flex her muscle and feel powerful over someone she isn't nice at all. On the Morning of August 3, 2017 I was told to meet Kasia (Director Of Operations a.k.a my trainer ) at 9am to do a job but she was late. I had arrived at 8:53 am before Kasia and the other Worker that I didn't know would be there. Kasia didn't arrive until almost near 10 o clock am and we were told we were supposed to clean a 5 story home in a few amount of hours perfectly with no lunch breaks. The place was very filthy , messy and dirty with choking hazards laying everywhere in the Baby's room. The woman that owned the house kept popping in to ask me random questions as u cleaned as if I was going to steal I could tell I was not welcomed there. Kasia had left me instead of Training me as she said she would for at least a couple weeks. I was left to clean and share 1 vacuum with another woman in a 5 story home which means I would have to run up and down to get the vacuum and then bring it back to the other woman while she blasted rock music in their home you couldn't hear anything or communicate either. The place was filthy! The other woman had left without finishing her part of the job to go do another and it was so bad that the customer had to vacuum her own floors downstairs where the other cleaner was responsible for cleaning. Meanwhile I was upstairs cleaning like crazy especially the babies room because it was very dirty with grime in between his crib and choking hazzards laying everywhere with dirty women''s panties on the floor. I worked very hard but Kasia came in taking out on me what the other worker who was Caucasian/White didn't do because Kasia is prejudice and plays favorites. Her complaint was that the floor was wet where I was cleaning. I had laid cleaning product out in the shower to disinfect while I clean the other rooms and she complained about that even though on our very first's job she told me that's what I should do. I was hot, tired, hungry with pain in my knees I couldn't take her yelling that this is horrible and scolding me over what another worker did , especially when Kasia was a whole hour late , didn't stay for my training and I had to run up and down many flights of slippery marble stairs for the vacuum cleaner ( which I was made to share for cleaning in a 5 story house made of nothing but marble and glass with open steps I could easily fall through and bust open my head if I'm not very careful) while sweating like a slave for free. I will alslo add emails and text to this because the rest is to long to write. The main issue is that they make you work hard but don't pay you and practice racist bullying on the sly. I wish I never went to these people for a job but because they claim to practice Holistic health I had good faith that I would be dealing with ethical people Now I am sitting hwe after working and paying my own transportation to jobs without my check that I earned. I was told I will only be paid for my first job and not my second even though I work hard through both. Total ripoff and I have emails and text to prove everything. .... To Be Continued
Entity: Philadelphia , Internet
25, Report #334706
May 24 2008
08:11 PM
Stephen R. Goldberg, DDS Holistic Dentistry New York New York
I am accusing Dr. Stephen Goldberg, DDS of gross negligence and fraud. Below is the letter that I sent to him describing what he did to me, and what legal punitive measures I plan to take against him for the wrongs that he committed against me. I'll let you draw your own conclusions after reading the treatment I received at his hands whether one should be risking their health and financial assets by taking him on as one's dentist. Bernard L. New York, NY May 7, 2008 Dr. Stephen R. Goldberg, DDS 177 Prince Street New York, NY 10012 Dr. Goldberg: I received some very disturbing news recently concerning the dental treatment and advice that you and your associate, Dr. Farzin, provided to me. I showed the x-rays that were taken in your office to my current dentist. I told her that you advised me that per the x-rays I have two cavities that require crowns, and fortunately one of these teeth is next to the tooth that was pulled so only one more crown is necessary to serve as an anchor for the bridge that will hold the false tooth which will replace the tooth that needed a root canal based on outdated endodontic principles, but I chose to have extracted so it should not serve as a base for harmful bacteria once it is dead. My current dentist carefully looked at the x-rays from your office, and made it known to me that they dont indicate that I have two cavities on the teeth that you indicated to me. In fact, she stated that my x-rays show no cavities anywhere in my mouth. Thus, in addition to ruining two perfectly good teeth by crowning them so they can serve as anchors for the bridge, she informed me that due to the fact that I have a crossbite, and the particular positioning of the bridge that there is a very high probability that it will fail never mind that dental statistics indicate as you know that one in five teeth die after they are crowned. Consequently, in stark opposition to you because of the above facts she recommends an implant. Following her recommendation, I went to an oral surgeon to get his opinion on an implant. At the same time, I showed him the x-rays of my mouth which were taken in your office, and confirmed my dentists opinion that they dont indicate that I have the two cavities as stated by you to me nor do they show any other cavities in my mouth. In regards to whether I am a candidate for an implant, he told me that my surgical extraction was not done right. I lost bone so it is questionable at this point whether I will have sufficient bone density and quantity to have an implant. By mid-August my bone should have healed sufficiently so he will be able to decide then. I want you to know that if I will not have sufficient bone density and quantity by mid-August for me to have an implant then you will be looking squarely in the face of a malpractice suit. Obviously, you and Dr. Farzin as general dentists are not qualified to do surgical extractions so it is a procedure that you should not have attempted in the first place. Hence, we have oral surgeons that specialize in surgical dental procedures, and are required to complete a four-year hospital surgical residency program after basic dental school training just to become qualified to practice in this area. I also consulted with a doctor of acupuncture and acupressure and a longtime practitioner whether an expert in the arts is able to determine through the use of acupressure if another individual is allergic to a substance as you claimed to be able to do by placing a substance on my stomach, and then applying pressure against by hands when I held them intertwined above my head. He laughed at me, and clearly confirmed to me what I suspected all along that this is nothing more than quackery. While I am on the topic of quackery, my allergist feels that there is strong correlation between medical and dental practitioners that make use of non-FDA approved forms of chelation therapy and quackery. Vitamin C IV chelation therapy that you utilize after amalgam fillings removal is a non-FDA approved form of chelation therapy. It looks like I am on a roll here so let me lay out all my cards Dr. Goldberg. Dont you think that I am aware that curettage is a normal part of an extraction so I should not have been billed for it separately. You didnt even tell me about this separate $130 cost before the extraction. All you told me was that a simple extraction was $325 and a surgical extraction $475. You charged me $155 for a treatment plan without even telling me beforehand that you are going to hit me with such a charge. No other dentist or doctor ever charged me separately for a treatment plan. What was there to discuss anyway? We already went over the treatment plan in the (so called) free initial oral examination after the full mouth x-rays were taken. You charged me $245 for the bite imprint molds without telling me beforehand that there is a separate cost for them since normally they are included in the price of the crown or crowns. I came to see you Dr. Goldberg not Dr. Farzin. I thought it was unethical of you to pass me on to him, especially for something non-routine for a general dentist as a surgical extraction. You are not an oral surgeon, but you have 40 years experience more than he does -- maybe you could have pulled it off without causing me damage. You took advantage of me at a vulnerable time since I was still recovering from my severe allergic reaction from the prior root canal treatment that send me to urgent care in Booth Memorials Hospital emergency room when I first met you. In view of all the wrongs that you committed against me, all lawful options that I have at my disposal to retaliate against you are on the table. First of all, if I dont hear from you in a few days that you are prepared to make monetary amends to me for the negligent dental treatment and intentionally misleading advice that I received from you as well as the actual monetary swindles that I have enumerated above, you can count on me making this matter public on various online nationwide consumer news reporting agencies, and online dental and medical review sites so that your reputation on the Internet will be ruined. Secondly, I will notify various governmental agencies that deal with dental malpractice complaints such as the NYS Office of Professional Education of the fine work that you do with patients recovering from traumatic dental events so they will think twice of whether you really deserve your DDS license. And thirdly, as I mentioned previously, you will be facing a very angry and determined adversary and looking at a costly malpractice suit for gross negligence and fraud in mid-August if I can not have the implant (which is really my only sensible solution for the replacement of my extracted tooth) because you guys botched up the surgical extraction. Sincerely, Bernard L. Bernard New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York

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