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51, Report #1244671
Jul 27 2015
03:51 PM
Home Depot Discoloration multiple Vinyl Windows Glendale Arizona
Purchased several Windows & sliding doors from Home Depot.  They were manufactured by Solar Industries.  New house plan called for Aluminum Windows, but Home Depot suggested Vinyl Windows by Solar Industries.  We were concern about Arizona Sun exposure and discoloration by UV light.  Home Depot and Solar Industries assured us that there won't be any dioscoloration.  Unfortunately shortly after installation, they started discoloring.  It is apparent the fixed windows discolored more than the sliding windows, which translated that there is difference between the vinyl that was made for fixed windows vs. sliding doors.  Also the more sun exposed sides showed more discoloration.   Although we did not know Solar Industies, we were assured Home Depot will stand behind their supplier, vendor...and make things right.  Instead their response at one point was you get what you pay for.  As if I was not furious enough, this inapproprate response topped it all. Now Home Depot, Solar Industries and Royal Windows who allegedly supplied the vinyl to Solar Industries are all pointing at each other.
Entity: Glendale, Arizona
52, Report #1409592
Oct 30 2017
11:24 PM
Home Depot Most mismanaged store in chain Durango Co
 They’ll find a way to screw it up. Inventory has been screwed up for at least 10 years and nobody cares. If you can even find half the products that are supposed to be on the shelf you are doing good. I usually need to stop at Ace hardware afterwards upon hearing the usual story of “it should be right here” according to the computer. Constant turnover of employees and management. The big nightmare was my granite countertops. I finally had to cancel, go elsewhere and sue HD in small claims court.
53, Report #358851
Aug 04 2008
05:01 AM
HOME DEPOT I've seen right through HOME DEPOT Kissimmee Florida
Earlier this year we visited a Home Show and in particular the stand occupied by Home Depot selling new Windows and Doors. We spoke at length to the salesman as we were in the market for replacing all of our Windows. We agreed to give Home Depot an opportunity to visit us at our home and give us a quote. The salesman seemed extremely professional and we were impressed with his presentation and price and so we signed a contract to have the work carried out. Sadly everything after signing the contract with this very big name company went down hill fast. Let me elaborate, the first job was for someone to come and measure up, then the order was placed and several weeks later a 'sub-contractor' was appointed by Home Depot to carry out the job of removing our old windows and fitting the new ones. The contractor arrived on the day of the appointment only to find that he had brought the wrong windows with him and he had to return to Home Depot to change them for our windows, a simple mistake but one that cost us a day's earnings as we had to take extra time off work to be at home an extra day. The contractor returned and soon discovered that two of the windows were not the right ones and a third one had cracked glass and none of the windows had the screens. We were promised by a Home Depot manager that someone would return in a couple of weeks to correct all the mistakes. A contractor arrived several weeks later to change three of the windows (still no screens) and in the process of changing one of the windows the glass smashed. We were working outside the property whilst this work was being carried out and therefore di not see the contractor at work, he came to us and told us that he was 'finished' and that he was leaving. As soon as he left we went to inspect the new windows and they looked very nice but he left the broken glass from the smashed window all over our bedroom carpet. We telephoned the Home Depot straightaway to inform them and we were told that someone would be out to clean up the mess. Hours went by and nobody came so we cleaned up the splinters of broken glass ourselves before someone had a serious injury from it. However someone from Home Depot did arrive at our home the following day - not clean up the mess they left but to relieve us of several thousand dollars of our hard earned to pay for the windows - not even an apology for the potential danger the contractor left behind. Thankfully we don't have small children crawling around that could have quite easily ended up in emergency. We have made numerous complaints to Home Depot 'Home Services Dept' but they have not had the common courtesy to even acknowledge our complaint, let alone investigate it. I forgot to mention - the screens did turn up several months later. Bean scrood kissimmee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Kissimmee, Florida
54, Report #396528
Dec 01 2008
01:19 PM
Home Depot Home Depot has nothing but contempt for its customers HOmestead Florida
The title says it all, HOme Depot has only contempt for its customers. This site requires that one state which Home Depot so I put in Homestead, Florida but every single Home Depot (Lowe's, too) opreates on the principle of Screw the Customer in every way possible. They probably screw their employees just as thoroughly as they screw their customers. Before we had HD and Lowe's we had neighborhood hardware stores. These stores ujsually operated in a fraction of the floor space that HD has. Yet, they were able to stock many more items because they were interested in service their customers needs. HD's attitude is screw the customer and more money for HD. Their former CEO, Nardelli, was finally run off by the HD board so who hired him? Chrysler hired him. Now look at Chrysler. Did you ever have an interminable check out line at your local hardware store? Did your local hardware store only stock one size of most items, i,e., try to buy an extra large pair of gloves at HD> Ever need a glass pane replacement. Every hardware store in the country used to cut your glass to size. Try to get this done at HD. More of their screw their customer service. Now that we are in a recession and they have fewer customers one would expect that there would be an occasional employee there to help. No way! They just laid off more employees and things continue as before even though their business is way down. For my money they can not go bankrupt soon enough. In case you are wondering if I ever owned a small hardware store the answer is no. Moreover, I never have known anyone who owned on of the many hardware stores HD put out of business. I just realize that their attitude toward their customer is terrible and I would like to see them disappear (along with Lowe's which is only marginally better). Notohomedepot Alexandria, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: HOmestead, Florida
55, Report #464207
Jun 23 2009
03:23 PM
Home Depot Home Depot & CRC their subcontracter charged for work not done Yonkers New York
Home depot of Yonkers and their subcontractor installed a kitchen for me and charged for work not complete. They where supposed to move 2 electrical outlets which they did not and they charged $572.00 to install a faucet! See details below: On the Kitchen Installation Estimate Worksheet section 3A states: Double Receptacle Relocate $396.00. I am sending you a copy of before and after pictures to show the receptacle is in the same place. I was told by the estimator that this needed to be moved or it would not pass inspection (which it did). On the Kitchen Installation Estimate Worksheet section 4B states: Install double/single bowl sink with faucet, disposal within 3 of existing location. Installer provides shut off, traps, valves as needed. $572.00. Silestone of NY, Home Depot's installer installed the sink as part of the countertop installation which I am sending you a copy of as well. No shutoffs where replaced, no valves etc. On the Kitchen Installation Estimate Worksheet section 4Q states Rework Plumbing in Sink Base. $220.00 That should be part of the operation of 4Q With that in mind as well, Home Depot had to send no less than 4 people back to fix a leak due to incorrect installation of the faucet from the initial install of the faucet which Home Depot did, not Silestone of NY. $572.00 to install a faucet is thievery and I could have easily done it myself, however the installers/estimators use the It has to be up to Code and We have a better relationship with the City. I am an extremely handy person, I had a hot water heater installed for $200.00 which is much harder than a faucet and if it not been a time matter I would have done that myself. Under item 9A, they wanted to charge $154.00 to plug the stove back in and slide it in place I did that myself. This simply put is price gouging. The price for installing the cabinets was $99.00 per cabinet.more time was put into that than the plumbing work! I had been speaking with Wendy from Home Depot for quite a while top straighten this out. A meeting was scheduled that I was unable to make due to short notice, Wendy was supposed to reschedule one for the following week but I never heard back. Robert Thornwood, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Yonkers, New York
56, Report #769427
Aug 25 2011
10:55 PM
Home Depot Market Place Home Depot Service Beyond Destruction Goleta, California
We walked into a Home Depot thinking that we would buy a bathroom set which included a tub and a shower faucet and knobs. We were approached by a know it all who asked us if we wanted to have him install the jacuzzi tub and a new tile flooring to put the plumbing in the correct place for the new tub etc. He came to the house with his tools and started to tell us of his success stories at college and boasted about his degree in designing interior mechanical engineering. He brought in a demolition crew who tore out walls and floor boards and started off good but left the clean up for us. The next day he showed up to meet with two plumbers who gave him advice on how to relocate a pipe but he did not use their ideas. He went home because of a migraine headache. The next day he asked us to follow him to the Goleta Home Depot to pick up the remainder of the wood and concrete mix to mask the walls and the tile. He got his truck impounded because a judge did not send in his DUI report to the DMV. We needed to give him a ride back to our home and he swore he would work hard to pay for his truck's retrieval from impound before 30 days were up. I checked on it it was impounded and he said he had 40,000 under the hood because he rebuilt it with special care. He went home with a strained back that day after lifting a saw and had us buy a new blade for it as well. We rushed him home to meet with his chiropractor. He showed up again to cut a few wood pieces and botched a perfectly fitted wall and made it bubble and the ply green board would not fit smoothly so he left it exposed to the outside elements. We can see the ocean through the water heater now. He suggested a window be put up high on the ledge and we ended up with an ocean view that he never finished. We also got a phone call at 10:00 Pm at night after we started cleaning up his mess again. And he needed a ride home his electric bike stopped working. After he charged his bike and spent some time at the bike repair shop he showed up to again tell us if he had to hurry the job the people he had do the demolition would charge him 11.00 more an hour so that would cost 33.00 an hour plus materials and help from us. So the job never was completed on time and my company from Denmark came and went back home and the job was still here awaiting him except the person who actually put the toliet back on for our guests and us cost 400.00 dollars and he wanted the job, so we fired the Home Depot employee but during the process he caused my husband to have a heart attack from over exposure to elements in cement mold and debris. And most of all stress. My husband now after falling over a speed bump with a two hundred pound waste barrel on his way to the garbage was injured and required four days stay in a hospital bed in ICU the idiot from Home Depot called him 18 times in two days to spew a drunken stupor and the nurses got mad and asked us to block him from coming to visit at Cottage Hospital in Goleta. We ended up with a severly damaged home and a patient for life. Now my husband has to take coagulation pills and four kinds of blood pressure meds for the rest of his life. I wrote the Home Depot Atlanta Georgia at the Corporate Offices and sent photos of the mess they have not responded. The Santa Barbara Health Department is going to send them a complaint form and the nurses at Cottage Hospital would not release my husband until we had a workable toilet. This employee was told to do this, I do not know why but he still buys from them and he returned some of our materials without paying us back. This so called contractor also took redwood wood from another carpenters job to build a deck on the back stairs. He stole, he lied, and he worked for Home Depot. He yelled all the way out of here causing the neighbors to call the police and we were fighting about him being dishonest and mixing up everything. He took my husband to five different stores to shop for different items that were at one store, The Home Depot. He shopped at Home Improvement, an insulation fatcory, at Ferguson's, and a Carpenteria Hardware store. A Haywards Lumber in Santa Barbara CA leaving very little time to do anything else. I asked that Home Depot pay me back the 3,700.00 I paid in labor and parts to this person they gave me a denial letter. I wrote another letter to corporate asking that they not only pay the money I put out on the contractor but the new expenses on a maintenance person who owns two units here where we live ;that bid the job. And then I took photographs and asked the store communicator  if I could use his Home while mine was being Contracted out by one of their employees. I would have to fly to Georgia to take over his home while mine was being repaired 3 months down the road. I have been staying at camp sites for a month and so has my husband we do not have a workable sink or bath. And the house is no longer heated because of the giant holes in the walls and floor. I think the only way out of this mess is to ask my insurance for a rip off check. And their lawyers will do the rest. Just read Home Depot's posts there full of former disgruntled employees and people who can not defend themselves from corrupt policies that encompass products sold by them. They should be DBA  in Real Properties. I owned three homes before for 24 years so I know the game! Foreclosure on Home Depot
Entity: Goleta, California
57, Report #712731
Apr 01 2011
02:06 PM
Husky ,Home Depot, Tools Home Depot Husky Pro, air compressor failure. Internet
My Husky Pro VH6314 3 hp 60 gallon air compressor stopped working yesterday so I took the motor to a local motor repair facility to be examined. They stated that the capacitors and windings were no good and it was common with these less expensive motors sold in big box warehouse store products. What? wait, it says Husky Pro The toughest name in tools cast iron pump on the decals from the factory! Mind you, I am only using it for my personal use in my home shop, why wouldn't a so called Pro/toughest tool last me more than 3.5 years? Bummer, oh well it does have a 4 year warranty, so I will call HDepot and ask how to go about getting it fixed under warranty.....The Home Depot tool specialist informed me he didn't know and also did not have a phone number for support....I thanked him anyway and decided to find the number online. I call Home Depot customer service @ 888-434-8759 the tech informed me it had a 3 year warranty so it was not eligible, but I counter that its printed on the tool stating it has a 4 year warranty....well, now they tell me its only a 4 year limited  warranty and only covers the pump and tank.... and the motor only has 1 year. So I plead my case, and say that it was supposed to be a Pro quality tool, like the sticker on the tank states...the tech then told me it was only a homeowner grade tool.....Well, I am only using it as a homeowner, not commercially, but thought I was buying a Professional grade tool based on the advertisement and would have a long lasting purchase!Now I have had a workshop at home for many years with lots of power tools ie: 3hp table saw, planer, shaper, joiner, dust collector, etc and never had a motor fail on any of them, let alone 3.5 years after purchase.Now I know, Never buy tools at Home Depot! 
Entity: Internet, Internet
58, Report #947949
Sep 28 2012
11:41 AM
Home Depot Home Depot & KraftMaid Buyer Beware! Atlanta, Georgia
I wanted to personally share my experience with KraftMaid and Home Depot as I feel that I have been grossly mistreated and would like to present my experience before other potential consumers make the same mistake I did. I have been trying to resolve issues with my kitchen for the past 6 months and its like talking to a brick wall.  At the time I purchased my cabinets, Home Depot was running a buy more save more program which gave an elevated discount for each price tier reached.  Being a savvy consumer, I took the estimate Home Depot provided me and took it straight to Lowes  to ensure I was getting the best deal available. The Home Depot kitchen designer assured me that they would match the price of Lowes (should the price be less expensive). That same day, I was given an estimate from Lowes that was not only cheaper, they were running a no tax promotion for custom cabinet orders if Lowes performed the installation. I presented the quote to Home Depot where they mentioned they would honor the tax savings if I used Home Depot installers and they would also price match the Lowes cabinets. Keep in mind, they were just matching the price, thus giving me absolutely no incentive to use Home Depot over Lowes as they were exactly the same price. I decided to proceed with the purchase through Home Depot primarily due to its proximity to my home.  In order for Home Depot to match the install promotion Lowes was offering, they needed to set up a measure by their 3rd party installers (New Life Construction). The measure is also intended to be a security blanket to ensure all the measurements  are correct, otherwise Home Depot would charge a restocking fee for items needing replacement for size, height adjustments etc. At the time of the measure the installer had a copy of the design so he knew exactly how items were intended to be laid out, modified and the over all placement of each item. A few days later I was provided with an estimate from New LIfe Construction that was almost double the amount Lowes had provided me on my initial price quote. Home Depot later mentioned they would honor the no tax portion of the promotion, but there was no way they could match the installation price I was given. This was exactly what I was afraid of, having just placed the order for the cabinets and now they are reneging on what was communicated to me at the onset of the order. The Kitchen Designer, then asked me to get an estimate from a licensed contractor to perform the work where I was later told by Home Depot, there is no way we can even come close to that bid.  Four weeks lapsed and my cabinets were scheduled to arrive. I received the first box via UPS to find what I was told was going to be a glass door with pewter detail to be a door with a pewter insert and no glass. I contacted the Home Depot Kitchen Designer and mentioned I received one of the glass doors, however it arrived without any glass. She mentioned, it would probably ship with the rest of the order, It may just come like that in transit. I was a little skeptical as there didn't appear to be a place for the glass should it arrive in the mail at a later date. None the less, I decided to do some digging on my own. Sure enough, the door is classified under the glass door section however it does NOT come with glass, this was yet another design faux pas. The remaining items arrived a few days later. The installation began shortly after and was going fairly smoothly, a few questions came up here and there due to unclear instructions, but that's to be expected in my opinion. None the less we were in the home stretch, only a few cabinets remained, which could not be completed until the counters went in, so the installers decided to proceed with the crown molding. Surprise, surprise, the molding as per the design did not fit appropriately. In order for the molding to reach the ceiling the design needed to be stretched an additional inch and a quarter. You wouldn't think it would make that big of a deal, but aesthetically, the library detail in turn was too large, not to mention it wasn't the design I signed off on nor was it the design I paid for. I asked the installers to stop dead in their tracks and begin with other aspects of the kitchen such as installing the drawers and doors to the cabinets. We uncover yet another problem. Several of the drawer fronts and doors arrived damaged from the factory. Missing paint in the corners of the drawers, some with the wrong color all together, paint bubbles, cracks, rough edges, dings, you name it I had it. At that time we also discovered that none of the deluxe roll-out shelving were delivered and neither did my peg and peg boards. I contacted the Home Depot Kitchen Designer, regarding the damaged items, the missing shelving, along with the molding issue. She gave me the standard canned statement, I have never run into this issue before. This is the first time I have had a customer run into so many issues surrounding damaged product. She later mentioned that the KraftMaid representative, Mike Bath would like to make a house call to verify the damage and determine if its a quality assurance issue or if the product was damaged in transit. The Home Depot Kitchen Designer, along with the KraftMaid representative, Mike Bath arrived at my house where I began pointing out the defects in the product. At first the KraftMaid representative, Mike Bath agreed regarding some replacements and then began to get defensive. Stating, cracks are a part of the natural beauty of wood. I had to stop him in his tracks and inform him that having just spent north of $27k for these cabinets, I would not accept cracks in the front face of the door as natural beauty as it is a manufacturer defect and a quality assurance issue. His response was, well I'm not sure your ever going to be happy with the product as it seems you are going to find fault in everything. Obviously when your paying such elevated prices you expect a certain caliber of service. None the less, the KraftMaid representative, Mike Bath, said that he would replace the doors that were clearly defective and would send a cabinet medic out to re-spray doors that were missing paint or had minor blemishes. My next order of business was to address the crown molding. The KraftMaid representative, Mike Bath, agreed to return the existing crown and replace it with a similar design that was slightly taller to accomplish the look I was going for. So at the end of the meeting I felt like I was getting exactly what I wanted, replacement drawer fronts and doors as well as the crown molding that should have arrived at the onset of the project.  A week goes by and I have not received any of the replacement items we discussed during the site visit however a few missing items began to trickle in. All of the deluxe roll-outs arrived along with the pegs, however no peg boards. So I decided to follow-up with the Kitchen Designer,  said she would look into it and get back to me. A few days lapsed and still nothing, so I asked again, where are the replacements, whats the eta? She replied, they're on the way. She also mentioned, I seem to have forgotten to order your peg boards, it turns out you only paid for the pegs. To be clear, I was charged for pegs that I cannot use because the peg boards were never ordered and at this point, I don't know that I want to wait any longer nor do I want to pay anymore based on the horrendous experience I have had thus far.  At this point, my Kitchen is on stand by as nothing else can be done until these replacement items arrive and the correct molding is delivered. In the meantime my countertops were installed and appliances were delivered and installed, the only items I am waiting on at this point are the replacement/missing items. My general contractor moved onto other obligations as I was given absolutely no estimate as far as the delivery of the remaining items. I decided to contact the Kitchen Designer and potentially set up an install with New Life Construction to complete the job given the error in the crown molding and the delay with the replacements. The Kitchen Designer,  went ahead and scheduled a site visit for the main installer to review the project and provide me with an estimate. The install bid was yet again extremely high, but I figured if they honored the tax savings as before it would offset some of the cost. I was willing to pay a premium to get the Kitchen in working order sooner rather than waiting the additional 4 weeks my general contractor quoted me.  I was told that New Life Construction was going to need a few days to talk amongst themselves to determine how they were going to tackle some hiccups regarding my installation. I asked for more clarification regarding what they considered to be hiccups. Well, as it turns out, the molding wasn't the only issue with my kitchen. The hutch that was comprised of three stacked cabinets would not fit in the allocated space as the ceiling was too low. Keep in mind, the measurements used to order the cabinets within the kitchen were from New Life Construction. So either the Kitchen Designer used the wrong dimension or the measurements were taken incorrectly at the onset of the project. Either way, I now have three cabinets that will no longer fit in my kitchen, missing crown molding and we haven't even finished identifying potential problems. The other item that was addressed as being a major concern was the crown molding. According to the installer, the crown molding detail as presented in the design violates the policy of New Life Construction requiring a 0 to 7inch radius. According to New Life Construction, this is a known policy that has been in effect for several years and the Kitchen Designer,  should have known this prior to submitting the design. What I find disturbing is the fact that the representative from New Life Construction who took the initial measurements prior to the cabinet order being placed was made aware of all design specifications and I was never made aware of any policy violations. This is yet another oddity where neither Home Depot nor New Life Construction would take ownership of their mistake and offered no form of solution to me. So lets back track, I had been waiting for a response for almost 3 weeks and I was given absolutely no update to later receive a voicemail simply put, that Home Depot would not be able to complete the install. This whole correspondence is a bit off-putting to be frank. I contacted the Home Depot Kitchen designer, again to find out where the crown molding was and why it hadn't been delivered. Apparently, the molding was delivered to the Home Depot and no one bothered to call me. Finally the Kitchen designer, arranged a time to personally come to my house to deliver the correct crown molding as well as pick up the 3 cabinets in the hutch area that wouldn't fit due to an error in measurement or error in design. At that time I expressed my complete frustration with the whole situation and how I have had a non functioning kitchen for several months out of sheer incompetence. She mentioned that her supervisor, told her not to bring up the install with me at all, which is yet another red flag showing that Home Depot was once again trying to skirt responsibility and leave me the consumer fending for myself. My general contractor was finally able to complete the install and we are presented with yet another problem. There wasn't enough Dove white crown molding sent and too much Sage crown molding sent. The sage toe kicks were never ordered and two valance pieces that were intended to be kick plate details were ordered in the wrong color. Here we are having to wait for Home Depot yet again for replacement items preventing the installation from nearing completion.  The contractor decides to proceed with installing the molding detail around the columns on the island along with the hutch area. We are presented with yet another problem. The molding ordered as detail around the Sage Hutch will not fit as the molding is too wide. So let me re-cap what has gone on thus far. The crown molding was ordered incorrectly, 3 cabinets were too large to accommodate the space, 2 valance pieces were ordered in the wrong color, an additional cabinet was ordered in error, the glass doors, don't have glass, nor is it even an option. Not enough crown molding was shipped in one color, too much crown molding was shipped in another color, peg boards were never ordered, measuring error/design error required light rail to be ordered all of which has yet to be remedied. I contacted the Home Depot kitchen designer,  yet again to find out the status of these missing items. It turns out the drawer/door replacements that I have been waiting almost two months for were never ordered. I am beyond frustrated at this point, so I began announcing my intentions to contact the Home Depot corporate office as well as the KraftMaid corporate office as my correspondence is clearly not getting me anywhere. The Home Depot Kitchen designer, asked me to send over a final list of drawer/door replacements so that she could forward it over to the KraftMaid representative and resolve the situation. I graciously sent over an e-mail detailing the list I previously sent over. In addition to the previous list, I noticed the pewter doors, were rusting. This was the icing on the cake of what a terrible experience this has been thus far, in addition to the poor craftsmanship. Rather than KraftMaid addressing the situation, I was told, Pewter isn't a metal that is capable of rusting, we need to look into this further.  I later received the following text message from the KraftMaid representative, Mike Bath, I was just told that our vendor has resolved the rust issue with the grills now and they should not rust. It sounds to me like this was a known defect on behalf of KraftMaid and they continued to sell the defective products regardless of the known rust issue.  Several months into the project, I am still missing the crown molding as well as the light rail that was ordered. I have still not received the drawer/door replacements that were supposedly ordered over two months ago and have been presented with an issue surrounding the pewter grills and the suggested solution is to simply supply me with replacement grills. Several weeks later the replacement doors/drawers arrived as well as four of the six pewter grill inserts. One of the pewter grills arrived damaged, however in one short week all four replacements began showing visible rust. Could things get any worse? Absolutely. The cabinet repair person that I was promised several months ago, finally calls to schedule an appointment to bring the cabinets back to factory standards. Well between you and I, the factory standards appear to be pretty low considering these passed the initial quality assurance check. None the less, I was glad to hear from the repair person. He arrived on time and asked me to place blue painters tape on the areas of the kitchen that were of concern to me. I noted all the areas and I was assured he would be able to address everything without a problem. The material he came equipped with to complete the job was the same wax pen and paint pen that were sent with the initial order. This is KraftMaids idea of bringing the cabinets back to factory standards by using a crayon for all intensive purposes and using a paint pen? Why am I not surprised. As the repair person continued working on the kitchen, he notified me that he was only sent a wax stick and paint pen for the white cabinets, he was never sent anything to address areas with the sage hutch, despite having specifically mentioned the imperfections with both the Kitchen and Bath Designer as well as the KraftMaid rep Mike Bath. On September 24th, roughly 5 weeks later, the cabinet repair company came to touch up the remaining Sage cabinets. Several of the imperfections are still noticeable, however at this point, I am not interested in having anyone else attempt to remedy the cabinets as it only prolongs the inevitable. At the end of the day, the quality craftsmanship is lacking and the customer service at Home Depot and KraftMaid is atrocious.  I have personally paid my general contractor above and beyond our contracted install bid in order to replace doors and drawers that were defective. I am left with rusted doors, as KraftMaid isnt capable of producing a product that is free of deformities. I have noticeable blemishes that the cabinet medic was unsuccessful at repairing with the provided wax pen. Lastly, I have returned several items to Home Depot requiring a refund none of which have been processed. It has been 4 weeks that Home Depot has had the merchandise and I have not seen a single credit. Last time I checked, customers are normally credited the day an item is returned. I have followed up several times and am told a manager will be calling me to follow-up. No one has called me to date, nor has a credit been processed to date. I have lost all trust in quality control with KraftMaid, and am extremely perturbed with the way Home Depot management has handled my account thus far and find New Life Construction to be just as deceptive. I now have to decide how I should proceed legally as I have been left with a product that is of extremely poor craftsmanship, in addition to being sold a product with known defects. Home Depot has not upheld measurement and install guarantees in addition to being promised a promotion that was never honored, a clear bait and switch. Not to mention, I have been seriously inconvenienced by the incompetence and lack of leadership on behalf of KraftMaid, Home Depot and New Life Construction. I have since sent a similar letter to the Home Depot corporate office and no one has contacted me to date. 
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
59, Report #208125
Aug 27 2006
07:34 AM
Home Depot Garage door chaos, no reponse from Home Depot ripoff Gretna Louisiana
I placed a special order for a garage door to be replaced after Hurricane Katrina. I understood it would be 4-6 weeks for installation(with all of the repairs being done around the city, it is hard to get anything quickly). After about five weeks, I was called to set up installation by a sub-contractor, who was contracted by Clopay, the manufacturer of the door, not Home Depot. They came out to my home, fours hours later than the scheduled appointment, installed the wrong color door, did not put any weatherstrip,did not have my keyless entry remote, did not properly secure the motor to the ceiling, left some screws loose, and left a cable rubbing on the track. I contacted Home Depot. After all, that is who I paid. The associate told me to call Clopay, and gave me the 1-800-number for Clopay. I called them, as well as took pictures of the problems. They rescheduled the installers to come back out to fix these problems. Meanwhile, Home Depot was supposed to find out what happened to my keyless entry remote. The installers said Home Depot should have given it to me at the time of purchase. Home Depot said the installers should have had it. A week of so later, the installers set up another appointment to come back out, on a Wednesday morning. About 1:00 pm, thay called and said they were having car troubles. We rescheduled for the following Saturday morning. That Saturday, at about 3:00 pm, they arrived with the correct door. This time I had a friend(male) with me. We pointed out all of the problems. They were all corrected that day. But, I was still without my keyless entry remote. I called Home Depot, spoke with the manager, he told me he would call to find out what was the holdup. I have never recieved a reponse from him. I called Clopay, who told me they would ship it to the installers. About three weeks later, I called Clopay again and requested that they ship it directly to me. They did, and I installed it myself. I the weeks following, I recieved a invitation to complete a survey about my experience with the Home Depot, from the Home Depot. I told them all of the same things I have told you, and have gotten no reponse. One of the questions asked was has anyone contacted you to ensure your satifaction? I guess not! I have also recieved an application for a Home depot credit card. I ripped it up , but sent it back to them with a note as to why. No reponse. Beware of Home Depot-- they do not respond to problems, only take the money and run. I must say, that Clopay was helpful, even though I was not their customer, Home Depot is. I did tell Clopay about the terrible contractors( don't know if it helped) Kathy Terrytown, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Gretna, Louisiana
60, Report #236339
Feb 18 2007
12:58 PM
Home Depot Home Depot Employs Uniformed and Dishonest People Easley South Carolina
I purchased a John Deere lawn mower from them a couple of summers ago - I had a lengthy conversation with the sales guy as to what their warranty entailed - he went on and on about how much better of a warranty that HD had over John Deere. I pointed out that I am a single parent, I live out in the country and do not have a way to take the mower in for service - I need an agreement that provides for that, and if HO does, then that is for me - well, when I called the 800# to schedule the service all is honky dory with the agreement until I am told that their service does not provide for pickup and delivery - we went back and forth and back and forth - of course, everyone at this point has selective memory - I suppose what made me the most upset was the incompetence of their employees - I had not only a store employe elk but and internet employee as well, tell me that pick up and delivery were covered under the agreement - and then others that did not - when I asked for a refund of the 4 year agreemnet I had purchased, they declined - even after my reporting to the BBB - nothing was done -- nothing - I finally did hear from an area rep that managed to get someone to pick it up to have it serviced, but that took weeks - and I got the runaround even further - I'm telling you, if you know what is good for you, do not use Home Depot for anything that you do not just absolutely have to have - their employees are poorly trained and they are appartenly just in it for the sale - not a damn bit concenred with customer service. Candi Central, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Easley, South Carolina
61, Report #1153289
Jun 09 2014
11:45 AM
Home - Depot Home - Depot ill Treatment - Racial south portland Maine
We made an online purchase for pick up in store at the end of April, when we picked up the items several of them contained no boxes, which at first was not a problem as they were all items that needed to be used anyway. One particular item was a circuit breaker for a new sub panel we were installing in our newly purchased house. About a week later my husband (along with our electrician) returned to Home Depot because the circuit breaker we ordered online was not the type we needed. My husband and electrician went directly to the electrical aisle in order to compare the item we purchased with the new circuit breaker they needed to replace it with. My husband asked an employee for assistance in finding the breaker they needed. The employee then took the breaker directly off the shelf and told my husband he could collect it at the Customer Service desk. Both my husband and electrician were shocked and wondered why the employee behaved this way and asked why. The employee did not answer and simply told them to collect it at the customer service desk. My husband abided as he had a return anyway and upon arriving at the service desk the electrical employee argued with the CS rep to not allow my husband to return the breaker as it had been used. Both my electrician and my husband let the CS rep know that the breaker has NEVER been installed let alone used and was out of the box when we picked up the items from our online order. Eventually the CS rep let the electrical employee know that she could handle it and completed the return and purchase of the new breaker. This in itself would not be a huge deal though we did want to let the corporate Home Depot know that the service we received was sub par. Corporate Home Depot then informed the South Portland location of Home Depot of the incident and the assistant manager explained to my husbad that the electrical employee walked that item to the service desk because it is policy to occiassionally walk items of such value to the desk. I then followed up with the contact at Home Depot Corporate to find out whether or not this was true. I forwarded my receipt to her and the Corporate employee let me know that this is NOT the policy for that item and she wasn't sure why the Assistant Manager would tell me that. She assured me that the situation would be handled at the store both with the employee and the assistant manager and that they would be looking to pull camera footage from the time of the incident in order to investigate and that they were taking the matter very seriously. We then received a phone call from a claims examiner for Home Depot who indicated that the management team did not feel that pulling camera footage was necessary as the electrical employee indicated to them that the reason he walked the item to the desk was to asist my husband in getting a SKU number for the item he was returning. (this was also a lie) she then let us know that the store was sorry for what happened but didn't feel it required investigating and offered us a $100 gift card. My husband declined. Just this past Friday a separate (yet we believe related) incident occured. A deal was advertised on the Home Depot website for a 12 pack of garage door lubricant for $4.27. My husband purchased the item online for in store pick up and received a receipt indicating the same. When he arrived on Friday evening to pick up his order he was given a single can rather than a 12 pack. He politely let the CS rep know that he had ordered a 12 pack and not a single can. The CS rep asked to see his receipt and my husband obliged. She agreed that the receipt showed a 12 pack and called her manager to rectify. The manager indicated to my husband that there had been an error on IT's part and that this price was a mistake. My husband let him know he understood but that was Home Depot's error and they should honor it as it was not our mistake that they advertised something incorrectly and did not notify us of the mistake before we arrived to pick up the item. The CS Rep also said to the manager but he has a receipt for a 12 pack, the manager ignored her. The manager then picked up the slip from the desk (which had my husband's name on it) and his attitude instanly changed. He immediately said to my husband how can you expect to purchase a 12 pack of these for the price of one can? my husband said that stores do deals all the time and you can get items for 90% off on occassion, perhaps Home Depot was liquidating that brand, there was no way for him to know. The manager then told him I will give it to you this time but don't ever come back to this store again. This was the store manager, we believe he was dealing with the issue with the electrical employee from the previous incident and wanted to take revenge on my husband for the issues he had been dealing with recently. I apologize for this being such a long winded email, I hope you can give us some guidance on how we can handle this and what our rights are. We are embarassed and hurt at how we have been treated by this particular location
Entity: south portland, Maine
62, Report #1178844
Sep 23 2014
06:32 PM
Home Depot DONT BUY CARPET FROM HOME DEPOT !!!!!! Nationwide
DO NOT BUY HOME DEPOT CARPET!!!!!!- I purchased 2 years ago Martha Stewart Living Mount Vernon Carpet (for $6,000). After 6 months it looked like it had been in the house for 20 years (note we do not allow shoes in the house, or eating outside the kitchen). We have spent the last 2 years trying to get Home Depot to make it right. They sent 2 inspectors from the manufacturer to look at it (a little self serving, dont you think?) They also sent the assistant manager of the store who agreed with us and told us we buy a lot of carpet from Shaw, we will make this right. It looked old, stained, and worn. They did not make it right. The warranty is useless. They do not honor it. All I can do is warn you to buy carpet from a reputable place who will stand behind their sales. Do not use HOME DEPOT, they do not care about its customer. From Home Depot's website, the carpet, guarantees long lasting performance with 20 year abrasive wear and texture warranties as well as a lifetime stain and soil warranty This is a joke! Good luck collecting on this warranty
Entity: Nationwide
63, Report #1140148
Apr 19 2014
02:16 PM
Home Depot Re: I am another Home Depot sucker Van Nuys California
I am another sucker that fell for the dependable Husky tool spiel. Husky is not dependable and neither is Home Depot. The motor failed on my compressor after 2 1/2 years. I cannot get parts from HD or Husky. I don't want to buy an after-market part, and should not have to. There are no tool repair shops in my area that would work on it. (One of them said: use it for a paperweight). But I have learned a valuable lesson, here. Don't buy on impulse and question the reputation, because opinions vary. Find out what the warranty says, if you can talk directly with the company's technical support department, if they can supply or obtain NEW parts, and last-but-not-least; if the tool was built in the United States. I should have taken counsel from when AMF bought Harley Davidson. AMF ripped the electrical guts out of the bikes, and almost ran the company into the ground. Luckily, Harley bought their company back, and Harley is doing well. Husky should buy their company back!
Entity: van Nuys, California
64, Report #1326199
Sep 03 2016
12:14 PM
Ridgid / Home Depot Ridgid Home Depot Lifetime Service Agreement Scam registered Elyria Ohio
I registered online and sent in within the time limit of 90 days for the lifetime service agreement for my drill/impact driver combo kit. I now have 2 dead batteries and Ridgid (Techtronic Industries) says that they never received my original receipt and registration request. It's my opinion after reading so many similar cases on the internet that the whole promise by Ridgid and Home Depot to repair or replace anything that they claim will have a lifetime warranty is a SCAM! I am a retired professional that has a lot of legal experience. If you have had a similar experience with Ridgid and Home Depot's lifetime service agreement, please do not hesitate to visit my Facebook Group Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement Class Action Lawsuit. No matter what, I'm going to file a claim in court as I will not stand for a big corporation taking advantage of hardworking consumers!
Entity: Elyria, Ohio
65, Report #1213765
Mar 06 2015
08:47 AM
Home Depot fraudulent fees and interest because Home Depot fails to properly process payments Atlanta GA
Somebody needs to wake up Home Depot Credit Services to properly process payments.  Credit Services claims late payment on my acnt.  Unless it's a zero interest promo, I always pay my accounts in full every month.  I sent Credit Services by US Mail a formal protest to the claimed late payment with my banks evidence of before due payment.  Credit Services fails to respond to this written protest.  Therefore, I filed a formal complaint with US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Credit Services makes harassing phone call.  Therefore, I closed the $25K credit acnt.  Credit Services continues the harassing phone calls, so I initiate exposing Home Depot misconduct with Internet exposure
Entity: Internet
66, Report #1376653
Jun 01 2017
08:09 PM
Home Depot Neglagence of Home Depot credit card fraud service atlanta Georgia Georgia
I have had ten credit card chaarges from home depot.com  in the same day charges range from 25.00 to 50.00 within 5 minutes apart. I feel that home depot should have caught these after the second or third one. not only has my money been return they keep sending me back to my bank when charges come in back to back  with different amounts and they are no more than 5 minutes apart. they should have contacted my bank and stopped more from being processed but they did not even notify my bank. Very unprofessional for Home Depot customer servises and fraud claimd department. These was unauthorized transactions and they did nothing  to stop them when i called even the customer servise department said Home Depot usaully would catch suspicious charges that came in multiple times within minutes 
Entity: Nationwide
67, Report #1085910
Sep 19 2013
07:56 PM
Fast water Heaters/ home Depot Fastwaterheaters/Home Depot I was ripped off from Fast water heaters/ Home Depot Yorba Linda California
 This sounds like a broken record story based on the other complaints listed for Fastwaterheaters.com.They deffinetly go for the scare tatic. I was give an in stalled price from Home Depot at approximatley $795.00. If I had given them everything he wanted to do when he arrived it would have been in excess of $1608.00.That being said they definetly attempt to put the doubt in your mind that when the city inspecter comes out that the install will not pass city codes if you dont proceed with what They recommend. I was told I needed to have an Expansion Tank installed at the tune of $179.00 to insure the tank would not overflow (I thought that was what the overflow valve was for?)He also want to install 10 feet of extra PVC drain pipe at $113.00 that I declined.I was told I needed a Sediment Trap at $39.00 (I already had a sediment pan and the new heater was never supposed to be drained so why did I need a new sediment trap? Go figure!!! He told me I needed new water and gas pipes at $89.00. The ols ones we still shinny and new looking but, I had no problem with adding the new ones just in case. He also said I needed new ground clamps at the tune of $89.00. I purchased them at Home Depot myself for a total of $7.79. also, The did not need to be installed. I declined the Bollard at $269.00 (Whatever that is???).When the city inspector came out to approve the permit he asked why there was an expansion Tank on top. We told him that Fast Water Heaters said we needed to have it or it would not pass inspection. He rolled his eyes and said you dont need that!All this bein said I feel I was financially RIPPED OFF! However, I will admit they did a good job on the install and cleaned up after there work. They were here when they said they would be (I dont think they want you to change your mind!)Would I use them again? Most likley not. I'm sure there are reputable plummers out there that would have done the job for much less and not loaded you with extras that you and the city dont think you need.
Entity: California
68, Report #1097324
Nov 06 2013
07:41 AM
Home Depot Home Depot Extended Warranty I have deen waiting a month to get my washing machine repaired under the Home Depot Warranty Mentor Ohio
I purchased an LG washing machine Model # WT5101H on 11/27/2010. From HOME DEPOT and I also purchased the Home Depot extended  4 year warranty plan. It was a $1100.00 washer on sale for $749.00 . On 10/6/2013 the machine broke down. I called Home Depot's warranty center on 10/7/2013 to have the washer repaired an they set up an appointment two days later on the 9th and said the repair man would be there between 8am & noon. So on the 9th I received a call around 11am  from the repairman and said he would be there around 5pm. When he got there he looked at the machine an said the whole motor assembly would have to be replaced an that it would take 10 to 14 days to get the part which I thought was ridiculous. The next day I called an LG service and was told it only takes 24 to 48 ours to get the parts. So then I called Home Depot Warranty and told them what I found out, and I was told that they could no authorize any one else to repair it. I waited until 10/29/2013 and called them again and was told that the claim was not authorized yet. I could not believe it, nothing had been done, the parts weren’t even ordered . Then I asked to talk to a manager. When I talked to the manager I was told the same thing and there was nothing she could do about it. I lost it;;;;; Then  when I told her I was going to report it to the BBB, and a local news TV channel she then connected me to another person by the name of  Aron. I had to explain every thing I went thru and he told me that he would have to find out what actually happened because that it only takes minutes to get this authorization not weeks. He told me that he would find out what happened an would call me back. About 45 minutes later he did call me back an said he had found the problem but he would not disclose it to me. Then he told me that he got everything straightened out and that the parts were in stock and that he had talked to the service man and promised me that it would be repaired on or before Monday 11/4/2013, he also gave me  his phone number so that I could call him back if there was still a problem and that he would call me on Tuesday the 5th to make sure that the repairs were made, So I waited until Monday the 4th of November and decided to call the service center that was suppose to do the repairs and was told that the parts were on order and haven't come in yet. So then I called Aron at Home Depot warranty and  ended up leaving a message on his answering machine about this but he never called me back, He never called me back on Tuesday either. So know here it it almost a month later and still don't have a washing machine to use.
Entity: Mentor, Ohio
69, Report #777247
Sep 15 2011
03:54 PM
Home Depot At Home Services disgustedconsumer Home Depot At Home Service-Rip Off Internet, Internet
I hired Home Depot to install my roof, April 18th 2007, which came with a Peace of Mind lifetime guarantee.The cost of this roof was $27,000. My roof began leaking in 2008, again Sept 2009, April 20th 2010, and May 4th 2010.  Home Depot came each time to 'fix' each issue, with little success. By May 2010 these leaks worsened causing damages to my skylights, doors, walls and floors in my home.  This is when Home Depot took the leak issue seriously, and sent a team of supervisors to inspect the leaks, July 2010. The team concluded the cause of these leaks were due to poor installation by their installers.  They claimed their installers used a combination of metals around the skylights and chimney (aluminum and copper) and these metals are not compatible causing deterioration to the frames of the skylights, and chimney.  The term used for the metal combination is Galvanic Disaster. The leaks damaged my doors, wood floors, walls and destroyed my custom skylights. The damages are 86,000.00 At that juncture, Home Depots supervisor took full responsibility, and assured me they are fully insured and will pay for my damages, and they would contact me with the details, and come back the following month to repair the roof correctly. Home Depot did not come back to correct the issue with my roof and after numerous calls, they gave me the phone number for Sedgwick, a company Home Depot uses to deal with  their clients claim issues. I contacted, Sedgwick numerous times, and all they did was ignore calls and emails, delay adjusters reports, withheld engineer reports (because they did not like the result) insisted on more engineer reports, lost reports, and much more. They are unscrupulous, and they are the thugs Home Depot hides behind when there is a problem with their customers. Home Depot still refuses to pay my claim and insists I go after the installers, of which Home Depot hired, not me. It is unconscionable for Home Depot to expect the client to chase after the people they chose to hire. They sent my files to the installers insurance company, and because the installers are out of business, there is no claim to be resolved with them. I hired Home Depot in good faith; I paid Home Depot for a roof with a peace of mind lifetime guarantee. Home Depot has acted in bad faith, made promises they never kept, and when it comes to customer service, they are the worst experience I ever encountered.   After 16 months, Home Depot has done absolutely nothing.  
Entity: Internet, Internet
70, Report #1354469
Feb 06 2017
10:21 PM
Heat depot Rip off business Colorado springs Colorado
 This business told me that I needed a run capacitor for the fan . I am a tech myself and i know how to check these caps. They never go out. He priced me 150. For the part. I know that you can buy the for 7 doll. The mark up was a rip off. And this tech was trying to sell me a part that was not bad. This company y lies a d rips you off.
Entity: Colorado springs, Colorado
71, Report #74277
Dec 06 2003
02:00 PM
Home Depot over charge Concord New Hampshire
Bought 10 ft. of 1/2 in. sched. l pipe for $4.96. Ran short on project and went back to buy a 5 ft. section and low and behold it is the same price as 10 ft. piece, which they will cut for free. nothing like double charging!!! I worked for a co. which sold lbr. to HD. They do not buy by NELMA grade, which controls the quality of Eastern White Pine, they use a grade they call APG, which means apppearance grade. As long as it looks good it meets their specs. What does that tell you about other products!!! Special order something and see how long it takes you to pick it up. Try an average of 45 min. even if you follow their instructions to call at least 2 hrs. ahead of time. MY TIME is valuable too. Francis loudon, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Concord, New Hampshire
72, Report #120543
Nov 30 2004
06:44 PM
Home Depot ripoff employee pay and benefits Dalton Georgia
I was employed at the Dalton Home Depot for over 1 1/2 years. I requested that I be moved from full time to part time as of June 28, 2004. Judd Kennedy, Manager had my status changed to part time as of June 14, 2004 (while I was still working full time). Also my insurance was canceled as of June 14, 2004 even though payroll deductions were made through June 20, 2004. He then had my pay decreased retroactively back to June 7, 2004. The front end supervisor, Thomas Armstrong, was supposed to turn in personal time, and never did. When I tried to talk to the Human Resource Manager, Gary Penn, he was never there and would never return my calls. I sent a letter to Tim Milligan at the Southeast Division Office and, guess what, never heard from him either. In all Home Depot screwed me out of approximately $ 350.00. This is a sorry place to work. Beware. Jennifer Tunnel Hill, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dalton, Georgia
73, Report #125513
Jan 03 2005
11:46 AM
The Home Depot ripoff Stealing from their own Customers Phoenix Arizona
It is Home Depot's policy to not reissue the gift cards they give in leiu of refunds. If you've lost one of these cards they can tell you whether or not the card was used, how much money is remaining on it, and they can cancel the card for you. But they will not reissue the card. The customer is simply SOL on any money remaining on the card. Their own customer service department will admit that this is a stupid policy but have been directed to not escalate the card. One customer service representative simply hung up on me. I've worked for retailers and know the handling of these cards is the same as a gift card that is purchased yet gift cards that are purchased can be reissued but not gift cards that are given instead of a cash refund. Dannett Peoria, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
74, Report #72050
Nov 15 2003
08:20 PM
Home Depot ripoff, did not receive change from self service check out Covina California Nationwide
On 10/30/2003 I Purchased some plastic to cover my parents roof because we are in the process of replacing the roof and it started raining so I decided to use the self check-out. Since I thought this would be quicker. Well for starters it wouldn't scan the items. Then I finally got the total which was $25.64. I put two twenties in the machine($40). My change was suppose to be $14.36. Well I got the 36 cents but not the $14.00. I told the lady at the help desk right next to the self check-out and she said that there was nothing that she could do because its my responsibility to retrieve my change from the machine. Which was not possible since it didn't come out in the first place. So I then talked to the manager (Idiot) and he said the same thing. He also told me that he can't just give me $14.00. I tried to get it through his empty skull that the $14.00 never came out to begin with, but he just in so many words called me a liar. So then he says I can give you 10% off your next purchase and I told him well I'm never shopping here again. Then to top it off I get home and call regional office and they tell well we can file a report but as far as getting my money back sorry we can't help that is a manager decision. I tell the lady on the phone the if you had a competent manager I wouldn't be calling you in the first place. Michael covina, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Covina, California
75, Report #80514
Feb 15 2004
11:55 AM
Home Depot ripoff delivered damaged appliances late blamed us for damage Cadillac Michigan
Purchased a refrigerator, range, and dryer from home depot on 12-27-03. Told at time of purchase that the range was not in stock so it had to be ordered, but not to worry it would be in with in 5 days. I called them after 5 days and was told that the estimated arrival date on the range was 1-6-04. I was also told that they would send a fax to the installer when the range came in and then I would recieve a call from him within 24 hours. I never recieved a call so about 3 or 4 days after the estimated arrival date I called home depot, only to be told that my appliances had been sitting there all week and no one had faxed the installer. The installer didn't call me for about another 4 days. When he did call he was only willing to deliver between 2 and 5 in the afternoon. I work 2nd shift so this time frame was unacceptable. I had to call home depot and complain. The installer called the next day to say that he would be there at 9 am on 1-16-04. the installer took the appliences out of the boxes outside on the sidewalk and hauled them into the house on a dollie. the installer is one man and a cart to move six appliances! After the installer left I noticed a large dent in the side of the range and two large dents in the side of the dryer. It was to late to call and complain because I had to go to work. First thing the next day I called to tell HD about the damage and they were very nice about it. A new range was order and 10% compensation was offered on the dryer which I accepted. A week later I recieved a call from HD asking if I was going to be picking up my new range or would I like to arrange installation. I told her that I already paid for installaion of the damaged range so I expect free installation of the new one. About two minutes after this phone conversation, a manager called back and asked me to tell him exactly how the range became damaged! A few days later the new range was brought in by the same man and it had an even bigger dent in the side. The installer was damaging the appliances with his dollie! I again called HD and now they didn't want to talk to me , everytime I called they would transfer my call about 15 times to people that had no idea what I was talking about. Not wanting to go through another long phone conversation I went to HD to get everything sorted out. While I was their I noticed that they keep records of our phone calls in a computer file. Half of the info in this file was wrong or had been exaggerated. Finally I told them to come get their range and to give me my money back. It took them about two weeks to come get the range. Now I am left with out a range because I have to wait for them to put the money back on my debit card. Lesa cadillac, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Cadillac, Michigan

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