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26, Report #1270300
Nov 25 2015
12:39 PM
home depot fake warranties nationwide Nationwide
 Home Depot sells warranties for generators and will tell you if you have ANY problem bring it back and they will repair or replace as needed. When you have a problem they then proceed to tell you all that isn't covered. The list is extensive. it includes all moving and non moving engine parts. Then all electrical parts all hoses, wiring and any item that could be considered a wear item, including the start rope. I asked what is covered then, the case? I was told if that was damaged it would be abuse and not covered. An employee asked if I want the truth. I said yes. He said NOTHING is covered. I paid $160.00 for a piece of paper. Many employees think this is funny. Some empathetic employees feel sorry and then tell you never buy their warranties they are a rip off!
Entity: Nationwide
27, Report #113883
Oct 20 2004
03:53 PM
MassMarketing Airline ticket ripoff Garden City Nationwide Work at Home Scam
I ordered 20 vouchers for $180.00. Each voucher was supposed to be good for 2 airline tickets valued at $1600.00 I send in one voucher together with a $20.00 money order as instructed. That is the last I heard from them. All emails I sent to them go unanswerd. So I got ripped off for $200.00 Andy Pompano Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Garden City, New York
28, Report #781953
Sep 27 2011
01:30 PM
Empire Home Savings Jason Green/Empire Home Savings rip-off $3,000 of my hard earn money for home load modifications Garden City, New York
In December of 2010 I signed a contract with Empire Home Savings for loan modifications to my home.  Jasson A Green -Mortgage Consultant indicated that the process will take no more than 3 months.  I will contact Jasons's assistant Jahn Ramires at (516) 858-4983 ext. 7040 at least twice a month for follow-ups.  My calls contenusly went to voice mail and no response for Empire Home Savings.  I was charged a fee of $3000.00 for their services.  I was informed that if they could not secure a loan modification my monies would be 100% refundable.  I was rif-off of my hard earn monies by this unretable company and thier associates (every endividual who was employed for Empire Home Savings).
Entity: Garden City, New York
29, Report #157680
Sep 19 2005
11:06 PM
Ashley ripoff Phoenix arizona
Well, thank goodness for this site. I am a former employee and they work you like a dog. If you are 1 min late you go home for the day, if you don't clean your area, the same. No cleaning crew. If you stand to close to each other, bye bye. Dont even go the the rest room, no toilet paper or paper towels. My concience made me leave, how can i sell crap to all these nice innocent people. been there done that and i am ashamed. sorry to all of you that trusted my representation of this company. that is why i am gone. they are liars and take your money and laugh all the way to the bank. Maria Tempe Arizona maria Tempe, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Nationwide
30, Report #128462
Jan 21 2005
06:03 PM
Walmart ripoff Mchenry Illinois
on 12-11-04 i purchased 16 gift cards from walmart for a total of $380.00 which I paid in cash. All but one twenty five gift card worked. The clerk at walmart told the receipent of he card that I had not purchased this card. In otherwords I had stolen it. I called the 800 # on the back of the card, she said it had not been activated. How in the hell can you tell if it is actavited until it is scratched off at register? You can not and I am out $25.00 unless anyone else had this problem and could resolve it and would let me know how to get my money back, I have receipt and card, will keep it til I can get my money back Joan lakemoor, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Mchenry, Illinois
31, Report #100432
Jul 25 2004
08:45 AM
Bizopia ripoff decetful Houston nationwide
this company calls during business hours to say a free10 day trial and you don't have to cancel it will cancel after 10 days this is one of the worst rip offs there is I've contacted my state senators over this piece of crap lying company so if anyone from bizopia calls you just hang up Tim port charlotte, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #18814
Apr 14 2002
06:21 PM
Lowes ripoff lewes Delaware
I have the laundry mat blues. Last Week I went to our area Lowe's store to purchase a washing machine. They told me to go to the front and pay for it, which I did. I also told them I would be back later that day to pick the washer up. I returned at 5p.m.. I waited at the customer service desk for one hour before finally deciding to get a refund. That night I called the 1-800-go-lowes number. I was told that someone from that store would contact me in 24 hours. That came and went. I called them again. Finally an assistant manager called me. The reason I waited so long on the day of purchase was because they actually didn't have the washer I had purchased in stock. Two days later, the manager from the store called to tell me that they ordered my washer and it would be in tomorrow. I am still waiting three days later. I have since rented a washer because it is cheaper than the laundry mat. We are living in a resort town and lowe's is our only home imporvment store. But staring next month we will have a brand new Home Depot. I hope I have better luck. kim lewes, Delaware
Entity: lewes, Delaware
33, Report #9774
Dec 20 2001
12:00 AM
lowes rips off emplyees too
When i use to work for lowes it was horriable you would work endlessley without breaks and sometime you wouldnt get a lunch i had to take some time off and when i returned they went so low as to say i had been stealing from them they wanted to interagate me and i refused to be humilated i got so frustrated that i quit some one needs to stand up to these bullies
Entity: carson, California
34, Report #381612
Oct 15 2008
04:11 PM
Home Garden And Bag, IncorporatedThe Home And Garden Bag, Incorporated I took five days of abuse and quit. The owner rufused to pay me. Southfield Michigan
Carol Morris, owner and only boss of 'The Home and Garden Bag, Inc., hired me to sell advertising. I have experience in this position, however it usually takes a phone call and a followup in person to close the deal. Carol would not allow anyone but herself to do the personal followup and she took it out of your pay if she had to do a presentation. If you did not sell on the first phone call, she screamed at you in front of everyone. When I say screamed, I mean it in the literal sense, she would call you names and belittle your ability to sell. Most people realize, advertising is much easier to sell if you can show the client examples and the client is able to meet and talk with the salesperson. It's difficult to sell over the phone and practically impossible to sell on the first call. I lasted a week of abuse and quit. Carol said I would get my pay on Monday. When I called on Monday, she said I've decided not to pay you. She obviously has done this to many people, the turnover rate was enormous. I filed a complaint with the Attorney General in Lansing and now, two years later, they said she has paid them some money. I found out through the AG's office that three other people have filed against this company after me. Never, ever work for this woman, she is evil. Maggie Royal Oak, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Southfiel, Michigan
35, Report #454577
May 22 2009
06:31 PM
Bloomex Bloomex Scam Canada Internet
I started off by sending my Mom some roses for pothers day, as well as some candy, they had on special. The cost for 2 dozen roses and the candy came to around $110.00. The first problem was I paid extra for the flowers to get to the home early, and for a set date. The flowers were two days lat, it was one dozen some looked very old, and no candy.I called bloomex, they told me I can file a complete on line with live Chat, so I did, they gave me a credit, and told me they were sorry. I was very understanding, as it was mothers day, and thing happen. Then a few weeks later I tried and use the credit, and had a hard time trying to contact someone in head office, they made me go online again, and use live chat, which takes for ever to get a response.But then I did get a response from Micheline, which started off with whatI told her my storey gave her the order number, and was Stund by how rude she was. I placed another order to use the credit, as well as my credit card for the extra fruitbasket I ordered. This time the flowers were only a day late, and no flower basket. I called the next day, got on to live chat, they said they would resend it the next day, but nothing came. I did this for 4 days straight, and nothing came. I got back on live chat and got Micheline again. I explained what happened, and I asked for my money back, she replied don't be rude, or I'll disconnect you I replied back, saying I was not being rude I just want my money back, and then she disconected me. It has been an order of flowers from hell! I called my credit card company told them everything that happened and they will be giving me a charge back!! If the only way you can speak to someone from a good company regarding your order is online, it is not that good. The number they give you to complain has a message that say's that they are very busy, and to try back later, or go on line to live chat. I have called this number about 15 time a day, and at all times of the day, and never get an answer. So that tells me it's a scam, or so many people are getting screwed by them, that the lines are that busy. And for Micheline, I will never buy from them again, I'm also filing a coplaint with the better business bureux of Canada Bloomex is very pourly run, and should not be in business. BLOOMEX is only good if you want to wast your money and get nothing!!!!! Unhappy oakville, OntarioCanada
Entity: Internet
36, Report #459124
Jun 06 2009
06:47 AM
Atgstores.com AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE Internet
We bought a buffet from one of the atg stores for $400+ and it is a flimsy piece of junk. Plus it arrived damaged and totally unusable. It had obviously been repackaged once already---returned by another dissatisfied customer?? We were told we would have to pay a 30% restocking fee plus shipping to return it. They don't care if it was damaged. We were ripped off big time. So, in short, atg stores sell damaged merchandise at inflated prices, charge exorbitant fees if you return it, then apparently repackage the junk and sell it again. Quite a nice little money-making scheme. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! DON'T DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!! Ripped Off and Mad Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
37, Report #392340
Nov 18 2008
09:48 AM
The Home And Garden Bag The Home and Garden Bag fraudulently withdrew $750.00 from my bank account and didn'nt perform the service I had contracted them to do. Southfield Michigan
A couple years ago I contracted The Home and Garden Bag out of Southfield, MI to generate leads for my service business. They were suppose to come up with 50 leads for $250. They came up with 6 or 7. Two or Three were legitamite leads. After realizing the company wasn't going to come up with any more leads for me, I gave up and wrote the $250 off as a loss. Since then they have withdrew $250.00 from my business account 3 x's. This company scammed me out of $750-$1000. Don't do business with them. If anyone can help me, please let me know. My bank, TCF Bank, says they can't help me because I gave them my account info. Anonymous Novi, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
38, Report #814938
Dec 28 2011
02:43 PM
Lowes Black Friday Scam Internet
Subject: Lowes leaves a bitter taste Black Friday order's for a Christmas Tree and Outdoor prelit wreath at Special Prices was a SCAM. Both items I've made numerous follow-ups on and never received. The tree and wreath ordered ONE hour into the sale, but I'm NOW told these items were limited in quantity, therefore unavailable. 'How can a store advertise an item for sale when there is not enough in stock to supply the first ONE hour of orders?' Sounds like the illegal bait and switch right?! Well, the two items that were 'a bargain' to me I never received but the other Non-sale items I ordered (because i was lured into the store) did arrive. Let's talk about the tree issue first. I was told on black Friday that the tree would arrive 12/2. Approximately 3 weeks post order, i followed up. Lowes failed to update me with a status on the missed delivery expectation. I was told to give it more time. I followed up again and was told my order was cancelled. Not only was the price of this tree appealing but the other reason why i purchased it was for the door to door delivery. So, then i was faced with a stressful situation-trying to find a tree - one week before xmas - that will fit in my car - at a reasonable price - while quantities are limited. So, for this inconvenience I was told that I would receive a gift card in the mail. I still did not receive this gift card. Let's talk about the wreath.  After multiple calls, i was told the wreath was definitely coming. I expressed my concerns with customer service and I even offered to drive 40 miles from my local lowes to ensure I had this wreath. Instead, I was reassured that the wreath would arrive. Last Friday, I was told (after another follow up) that lowes was canceling the wreath order. I was advised i would get a phone call within 2 business days. No phone call yet. This year, my black Friday first stop and shop was at Lowes online store. The tree and the wreath were the items that lured me to purchase other NON sale items. I never received the sale items and feel as if I have been subjected to a SCAM. I will continue to discuss my concerns with others as my anger over this situation grows - one let down after another, after another no tree, no wreath, no gift card, no return call or email response - just the sound of crickets!
Entity: , Internet
39, Report #824605
Jan 18 2012
12:51 PM
unbeatablesale.com Rip-Off Artists Internet
I ordered a bar refrigerator from this company and it was supposed to ship the next day. 4 days later it still hadn't left. I called them and spoke to Amy, and she said it was shipping that day. I told her to cancel the order. The product shipped late that day and I refused the package. I had to call Amy again when my credit was not received. Over the next 3 months, and numerous phone calls, I finally got a credit for $98 and change for a $161.99 purchase! Amy hung up on me, was rude, didn't return calls, and in my opinion completely ripped me off. Don't purchase from this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: , Internet
40, Report #644795
Sep 27 2010
08:45 AM
whirlpool warranty New York, Internet
I purchased a water cooler from whirlpool and it broke before the warranty had expired I called them to get it fixed and they set up an appointment for someone to service it the day of the service appointment the tech called me and asked me if I need my range serviced and I said it was a water cooler and he said they don't service water coolers so he advised me to call the company and make other arrangement to get it fixed so I called and they told me to fax in a copy of my receipt and call them back the next day to get instructions on how to get another one so I did and they were not open until the following Monday so I called Monday and they told me the person wasn't in but they would let them know to call me I instead asked how do I get a replacement since they do not service it and they told me reluctantly that I would have to send it back and pay for the fee it costs to send and then I would have to pay the fee to get it back to me and it would take anywhere from 1-3 months to get back to me '' It is a shame that a company that has been around so long has such terrible policies '' I will never buy a single thing from this company again.
Entity: New York, Internet
41, Report #884596
May 18 2012
09:49 AM
Ashley Furniture BUYER BEWARE! Internet
In April of 2012, I purchased what was supposed to be two, big, beautiful Leather sectional sofas and a separate wall recliner from Ashley Furniture in Jacksonville, Florida. They were very large, wide and had electric reclining features.  Ashley Furniture was having a sale. What I selected was priced at around $9,000.00. I received it for some where in the range of $4999.00. I chose not to have it delivered for an additional $500.00, and chose to pick it up myself. When you get to their warehouse to pick up your furniture, it's wrapped nice and tight and boxed up. So of course you go through the process of checking serial numbers and product numbers before you Accept what they have sent you.  Who is really going to unbox that much furniture when they have to haul it back to their home in a trailer and get on the highway to get it home? No one , right? Well, lesson learned. You trust the people that you are doing business with will send you EXACTLY what you have purchased and not make any attempts in defrauding you because they are a big, known furniture store. WRONG AGAIN! What I received was completely different than what was on that store floor. I assume because I am a woman, and because I received such a deal supposedly, I got the bottom of the barrel set. This set looks like a fake leather jacket. The color is different, the cushions are deformed, and it's not electric. The electric part is not what upsets me. It's the entire Look of the furniture itself. It looks nothing like what I bought. I sent pictures to a woman named Sandra, who is in their Customer Care section. She agreed , even over pictures she agreed that it looked nothing like what was on that store floor. Because I did not spend the extra money to receive their delivery, they refuse to send out an inspector to investigate further. All I wanted was what I thought I was buying . Not this terrible, fake version. I have now gone as far as to hire an attorney. I have filed with the BBB in Jacksonville, Filed with the Federal Trade Commission as well. I have contacted Ashley Furniture several times and have gotten absolutely No Were with these people! Buyer Beware! They are untrustworthy and will rip you off too! I'm even thinking about contacting the local news now too- just to let other consumers know that what you think you are buying IS NOT what you are going to be  getting! ANd make sure you read what you sign. I guess because they are so untrustworthy, they have a No Return Policy etc. 
Entity: , Internet
42, Report #932296
Aug 24 2012
08:30 PM
hipster hipster.com, the hipster No purchase delivery, Internet
I made a purchase at Hipster in February. Well, no shipment was received since then, emails are not answered and neither are phone calls. The only thing I have left is an email notifying that my order was placed and I'd receive a separate email, when it's shipped. Six months later no shipments, but more and more advertising stuff. Filed complaint with BBB, but not sure whether it will help in any way.
Entity: , Internet
43, Report #184300
Mar 31 2006
11:48 AM
Roomestore ripoff Spring Texas
Bought 2,713.06 from the roomstore on Jan. 27, 06 The Coffee table is damaged a big white spot that appeared 30 days after I bought it. The Store was rude, took a week to return my call, The Manger was very rude. They said it was nothing they could do about it. Roomestore is the biggest ripe off I have ever seen. Joyce Conroe, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Spring, Texas
44, Report #245328
Apr 24 2007
01:55 AM
Lowe's Rebate Rip off Lansing Michigan
I purchased several kitchen appliances along with delivery and installation. I was given the rebate forms at the check out. I followed the instructions (as I've had difficulty before with rebates) and mailed in the appropriate documents. I received a letter stating my purchases did not qualify for the rebates. I called the number on the letter and was told we'll make an exception this time I don't understand what the exception was as I know my purchases more than qualified for the rebate. I have mailed in yet another rebate, so I guess I'll see if I get that one. I have felt more than ripped off by Lowe's over this appliance purchase. THAT is another story...... Debra Lansing, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Lansing, Michigan
45, Report #266948
Aug 12 2007
09:30 AM
Lowes Bathroom Cabinets Ripoff Appleton Wisconsin
Ordered bathroom cabinets from Lowes and had to help the employee with the computer software.Should of ran at this point.Was told the cabinets would arrive on Feb 17 2007. Which they did but after having them installed. Found all the drawers fronts not square and Tower Tower, was mismatched in size with the botom piece. Found staples showing through. Was told to bring them back, for Manufacture Rep to View. Told them they were already installed and have the Rep come to the house instead. Live 1/2 mile from store. But they Refused. Went back and forth with Lowes. They evently gave me a $450 credit to my credit card for the troubles but 2 months later. Statement showed they took it back. (Nice policy). They handed me the RSI company card and told me to deal with them. (Only getting better now) Contacted company and left several e-mails and voice mails. After some time, had rep come out and view cabinets.He asked me what he should do. I said 1) Rip them out and give me replacement. 2) Fix them at site. 3) Give me a couplete refund. He stated he could not fix the and would get back to me. We are talking the month of August now and I have heard nothing. Contacted RSI and talked with there Rep. She claims she left a message but nothing on the voice machine. Then she claims she has the wrong number. I told her, that she has my home and cell number. along with my e-mail. Next step is to contact my laywer and contact BBB. Bob Appleton, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Appleton, Wisconsin
46, Report #1109470
Dec 23 2013
03:57 PM
TRIstezas.com Scammed
I was looking for a Keurig mini.  Saw this company listed on Amazon so I thought it was reputable.  They had me check out through Amazon.Ended up buying a Playstation gift card for $49.99.
Entity: Select State/Province
47, Report #1106407
Dec 12 2013
10:24 AM
Tristezas Scam Internet
I ordered a Keurig from Tristezas on Nov 18th.  I have not received the Keurig and the website is gone.  They had me pay using an Amazon gift card, so the credit card company said that I can not dispute the charge.
Entity: Internet
48, Report #1150822
May 30 2014
08:37 AM
Worx Worx 24Volt Lithium power trimmer. Nationwide
 MemorandumTo:          Niesha P., Customer Care SpecialistCC:       From:     Henry R. DDate:      4/15/2014Re:         Worx Trimmer ChargerThis is my experience with the Worx 24Volt Lithium power trimmer.I purchased this trimmer in Spring 2014 at the local Lowes Home Improvement store.I assembled this trimmer per the instructions provided, operated it in dry conditions, and stored it indoors in favorable climatic state.The trimmer was functional in Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2013.  On a full charge it operated for 20 minutes and required 2 hours and 15 minutes for a recharge.In the Spring of 2114 I operated this trimmer until the battery was discharged. I attempted to charge the battery but the charger was inoperative. I tested the charger on several outlets throughout the house to avail.I visited the local Lowes Home Improvement store to acquire a new charger but the representative stated that they did not carry them.  He further stated that I needed to visit the Worx home page.I accessed the Worx homepage and was unable to locate the chargers for Worx trimmers.I emailed a Customer Care Specialist and he stated that chargers aren't available on the website.Again I emailed a Customer Care Specialist and he stated that I could purchase a charger by phoning.  “Thank you for your email. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. The charger that you would need is $49.99 plus $5.13 of shipping and handling.” 
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #972745
Nov 23 2012
08:20 AM
Lowes Ripoff Madison Heights, Michigan
I bought a water tank heater whirpool 40 gallons at 2006 at Lowes. I had a warranty for 6 years and I called them and they told me my warranty was expired 7 days ago.Which should be expired on 2012 I still had a warranty on another month and a half but, you cant argue with them because , they don't anything about it . I own multi pile homes and apartements and i never had a problem with any other brand except Whirpool. My suggestion is it's a really big ripoff to buy Whirpool that is my last thing that i will ever buy . If you ever choose to buy any other brand go for it except Whirpool. Haris Wayne County Michigan
Entity: Madison Heights, Michigan
50, Report #1000077
Jan 20 2013
09:22 AM
iluvfabrix I HATE Iluvfabrix Internet, Internet
I ordered fabric that was supposed to be high-end, from a reputable fabric maker. I received a cheap piece of synthetic fabric which looked nothing like the picture that was advertised on line (which I kept, as proof).I tried to get in contact with the company using their reply box on the site. (link: http://www.iluvfabrix.com/contact.html) I never received an answer. When I told them to unsubscribe me from their junk site, they claimed they had never received an email from me.  (Why would they, when they tell dissatisfied customers to use a reply box that they never answer!  I guess this is their way of lying, so that they can reply that they've never received an email from you, or that you haven't used their - non toll-free -  number to reach them.)  Easy way to be dismissive.  This is repulsively poor customer service. Now, wait for it, folks.  I'm sure the owner will now write back with the excuse that my email was never received and that I never phoned, as per the little scheme mentioned above.  Don't buy from these people.  The countless complaints (both here and online) should keep anyone at bay.  Check out the following website: http://fraudiluvfabrix.blogspot.ca/.  These people seem like decent customers who were completely ripped off.  And, please note: if none of what they were saying was true, they'd have been sued for defamation long ago.  This is further compelling evidence that Iluvfabrix is messing with customers.  I, for one, am warning everyone to stay away, because they sure ripped me off!
Entity: , Internet

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