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1, Report #871163
Apr 19 2012
11:11 PM
affordable home security security arlington, Texas
i had a sales rep come to my house and sell me on the fact that they were the best and all this stuff they then left and as we looked into the company (affordable home security) we found that they have some bad reviews on BBB and ripoff report.  we found that they are very unethical so we called to cancel and was directed to a kevin, who is a very rude and obnoctious person and refused to help us.  i wanted to post this so that no one else will fall for there sales tactics. 
Entity: arlington, Texas
2, Report #621123
Jul 07 2010
01:56 PM
Icon Home Security, Icon Security TOTAL RIP OFF PROVO, Utah
These people said we could have the system removed within 30 days then refused to do so. When we stoped paying you say it was 3 days. Your system sucks, your people are rude. You threaten law suits and you have the worst customer relations I have ever seen. Never EVER use these people.
Entity: PROVO, Utah
3, Report #207791
Aug 24 2006
10:57 PM
Brinks Home Security ripoff Tulsa Oklahoma
Wow, so if you have a contract with Brinks Home Security in Oklahoma, I strongly suggest reading up on the State of Oklahoma statutes. In particular, Brinks is a Home Security company, who is regulated by the State of Oklahoma Health Department. Yes, the health department! So, in reading the laws, you will see that the contract you have with Brinks is invalid, NULL / VOID! YES! They are in multiple violations of the state law. I am in the process and have sent Brinks certified mail stating all of their violations to get out of my contract. I will post again, when I get my settlement or my day in court! Wish me luck! D Jenks, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
4, Report #1252102
Aug 31 2015
05:04 PM
slomins home security stay away from slomins home security systems hicksville New York
Slomins Home Security systems are a disaster and the company is a sham. They lock you into a garbage security system for 5 years and when you have an issue with the system (tripping constantly) they charge you to come to your house to inspect the issue. Our alarm system is barely 2 years old and we havent armed it in over a year because 2 zones trip all the time (2-3 times per week) for no app[arent reason. They came once and said it was a loose wire. The problem continued and they came again and said they couldnt see what was wrong , a few weeks later I received a bill for $85 for them to come here and tell me nothing. We now watch the zones trip 2-3 times per week and dont arm the alarm anymore rendering it useless to us. We called them again and they said they have no record of any complaints. What a joke. Stay far away from slomins, the equipment thye use is garbage and they do nothing but collect fees after they lock you in to a contract for 5 years. STAY AWAY
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1328496
Sep 16 2016
07:59 AM
Safe Home Security Safe Home Security is the Worst Compnay Ever Internet
In 2013 I entered into a contract with Point Home Security, which is now Safe Home Security. This company has the worse custormer service reps and the lack professionalism. I'm constantly calling about my alarm system, and it takes weeks, maybe even months, before anyone shows up to do anything about it. I purchased an alarm to keep my family and me safe, but it's not helping if it doesn't work. Right now, there have been an increase in home robberies since the flood in August. I explained to the manager that this was an emergency, that I needed my security system working and I was told it's only an emergency if someone actually breaks in my house. I was dumbfounded. At that point I don't need an alarm, I need the police and that's what I'm trying to avoid. Protecting their customers is not their first priority, but they never miss a month getting my payment. I'm unhappy with this company and I no longer wish to be apart of it. I want out of this contract.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #547354
Dec 30 2009
12:37 PM
ADT Home Security Services & Adhesion Contracts Internet
I'm writing this report to save other people the time, misery, and MONEY by avoiding dealing with ADT. Hopefully this report will be help some of you avoid the hardship I am now having to deal with because of the greed of big business. Also, I want to thank the honesty from former employees upon coming forth and telling the truth instead of standing behind the principals of ruthlessness and dishonesty.I became a customer of ADT in August 2008.  Throughout this time I had a fair relationship with their company, but a few signs should have been red flags for me upon the purchase of this system.The first being the sales person, John, who promised me three free months of service. It took me five months and several phone calls before I finally received them in December 08. The second surprise was the 600 dollar bill I received a month after beginning my service. John told me it would only be about 381.Regardless of all this I continued my service with ADT primarily because I spent months away from home and needed the extra protection while away. As a loyal customer would do, I paid ADT many times several months in advance. However, the unforeseeable happened and my husband was laid off in June of this year.Fortunately, our service was paid up until October and when I spoke with the representative she offered me three free months. Gratefully, I took the three months in hopes that our financial situation would improve by December.Three months passed and my husband is still unemployed. I called ADT yesterday morning and told them I COULD NOT PHYSICALLY AFFORD my system so it would be best for them to cut it off to avoid further charges. Upon telling the woman this she did offer me a lower rate, which would have been fine if we had an actual income.I tried explaining to her my financial situation that I have two small children to feed (2 years & 3 months) and that I'm already facing foreclosure, but she had absolutely no mercy and told me I would be charged over 530 dollar for a disconnection fee and service that I wont even receive.You know, it's not really necessarily the disconnection fee itself, many companies have a disconnection fee. It's a matter of honesty, had John explained to me that I was going to be charged 75%, I repeat, 75% of a remaining contract upon cancellation within three years I may have reconsidered, but because I trusted John and this so-called award winning home security system I'm being labeled as foolish? Why not put the 75% service charge on the front page of the contract? Better yet, explain this term to all your customers prior to signing, lets see how many signatures you get.And to all you ADT profiteers who scream , read the contract! I ask you, how many times have you actually read a terms of service? I mean, thoroughly read a terms of service. If this held true to everyone there wouldn't be millions of people in extreme credit card debt now, would there? Many of us as customers and PEOPLE place our trust in these so-called honest and accredited businesses, not because we're idiots, but because we want to believe they are as honest as they claim! Hopefully my story has helped some people realize how ruthless big business really is and that trust, compassion, and strong relationships between people and businesses are a thing of the past, especially when dealing with companies like ADT. Good bye ADT and good riddance.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #150900
Jul 22 2005
01:27 PM
Home Team Security ripoff Dallas Texas
Once you sign up, it's a nightmare to unsign. You HAVE to have automatic withdrawals from your bank account, and when you stop it, they contact the bank and sign you up again! Pay attention to your bank statements. They NEVER send a monthly billing statement, they NEVER contact you at all. When we tried to get service, no one showed up, and we were never able to reschedule. Any American business will let you cancel a contract via phone! This is not a business, this is theivery!!! Mike & michaela Montezuma, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
8, Report #1143631
May 02 2014
02:27 PM
Home Security Solutions Harassment! Florida
This is the 4th or 5th phone call I have received from Home Security Solutions.  Like everyone else, I am receiving a call from a man with a heavy middle eastern accent telling me I won home security services.  I tell him I am not interested and to not call me again.  The first time he said ok.  Calls again and I tell him I already told them I am not interested.  I received two more phone calls from an automated voice telling me about the security and then telling me to press 2 to be removed from the call list (a lot of help that was).  Just got off the phone with this same man again.  I asked him why do you keep calling me when I have already received at least 4 phone calls from you in the past few weeks and I have told you each time to not call me again.  He said I am in his company's database.  I tell him, there is no reason I should be in their database as I have asked repeatedly to be removed and what they are doing is illegal.  I told him not to hang up on me and to tell me what I need to do to make sure he does not call me again.  He very rudely tells me if I would just listen to what he has to offer, and I told him no I will not listen to him and right in the middle of my complaint he hangs up on me.  I call back - number disconnected.  This is harrassment and against the law.  Somebody needs to find a solution to this.  I am considering getting an airhorn and blowing it into the phone next time they call.  Oh and I am not in Texas, I'm in New Mexico.
Entity: Florida
9, Report #720822
Apr 22 2011
10:55 AM
Icon security Misrepresentation Provo, Utah
My husband signed up with a company several years ago named Icon Security. When he signed up we were aware that there would be a contract that we had to adhere to.  During this contract the system NEVER worked right and we had horrible customer service. We dealt with this company for over 3 years. Finally last year we moved to a new house and began renting the old one. I rarely visit the rental but last August I happened to be there and a representative of Icon Security happened to show up. He said he was there to inspect our equipment. I  told him that I was on my way out the door he assured me this we take only a minute or two. I quickly showed him around the house and advised him that I was unhappy with the system and it had never worked. He made some notations and said that I should call the customer service line about dealing with my equipment problems. After a period of 3-5 minutes he was done. On the way out the door he asked me to sign a document to prove he was here. I asked him repeatedly if this would renew my contract he said no just to show his boss that he had made his inspection. I advised him that we no longer live here and really did not need the service. He said he himself could not discontinue the service but if I called the customer service line they could help. I quickly signed his paperwork and he left.Today I called Icon I finally got around to calling Icon to cancel as we are no longer out of contract. I was informed that the paper I signed in August was a new contract. I could not believe it. When I explained to the customer service representative Josh that I repeatedly asked the man who came to my house if this renewed the contract he said that they have no control over what their reps do in the field. I need help. I am now locked into a contract for another 39 months for a house that I no longer live in. 
Entity: Provo, Utah
10, Report #806225
Dec 07 2011
01:35 PM
Pinnacle Security/MTM Security Don't Work here at all!!! These guys are liars and will tell you how much money people are making there and it all false... The only people that make money are the The Three Guys in the front of that company!! They will tell you they will hire within they have people that have never been in the industry telling you lies all of them directors.  The pictures of the people that show on their web site is false no one works there no more..... They take money from you.... You are a 1099 employee they take 10% of all your earning and put it in their pocket..... They change names every five years.... They will show you a tour of the FACILITY of the basketball court, the game room, the training area.... The biggest joke in town... THEY LINE YOU UP FOR A INTERVIEW AND TELL YOU THAT YOU CAN MAKE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A WEEK!!! LIES  THEY WILL SUE YOU IF YOU GO WORK FOR ANOTHER COMPANY RUN WHILE YOU CAN.......DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE ITS ALL FALSE!!!!!
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #1118690
Jan 27 2014
04:10 AM
ADT Security Scam Houston Texas
I decided to install ADT Security in my home because it had been pre-wired for the security system. The technician told me that I would be receiving remotes for the system. However, he forgot to leave them.I contacted my sales person about the technician not leaving me the remotes he had promised.  The sales person said his manager told him that I would get a remote. I waited for a day and a half but no call from the manager regarding the remote plus, I called the sales person several times and he told me that she was supposed to call me. I only had 3 days after installation to cancel if I was not happy with ADT and I was Not Happy with the customer service at the security company. No manager called me back and no one could tell me about how to get the remote i was promised!I called my bank to see about the fee I paid for the installation and was shocked to discover that someone from ADT got a bank draft from my bank account for more money than what I authorized for the installation costs! So, i was also being ripped off at the bank!Needless to say, I canceled service right away. Not only did I not receive what I was promised but also an ADT representative tried to rip me off with my bank account!! I am running far from this so called security company, I feel far from secure with ADT.  
Entity: Houston, Texas
12, Report #550842
Jan 07 2010
03:25 PM
SAFE HOME SECURITY INC home security Internet
I foolishly signed up with Safe Home Security three years ago.  It was a 3-year contract for $42.99 a month charged to my credit card.I lost a good-paying job, and tried to cancel, but they wanted all the money then and there to cancel.  I couldn't afford to do that, so I had to keep paying and paying until the contract ran out.Last month I got a call from them telling me my contract was about to expire, that they were increasing the billing amount by $1 a month, and that I would receive something in the mail I'd need to sign and send back.I never received anything in the mail, but I immediately wrote a letter of cancellation, since I still have to do that to end this miserable contract.The first letter didn't make it because Safe Home moved their office (Stacy told me a YEAR ago) and never notified me of their new address.  So I had to send another letter of cancellation.Stacy called me to tell me the contract automatically renewed itself, that I can't cancel, and her supervisor will tell me the same thing.So, the contract renewed ITSELF, before it even EXPIRED!  I never had a chance to get out.Great little scam they've got going.  What do I do now?  I can't afford this.  I'm never going to be able to get out of this - they have it set up so that you can't possibly get out of it.  They move, too, to avoid cancellation letters.These idiots are TWICE as expensive as other companies.DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THESE CROOKS.
Entity: Internet, Internet
13, Report #353474
Jul 20 2008
06:05 PM
Firstline Security no security - services Windsor California
I have called and called more than 5 times to get answers from firstline but i never get to talk to a real person. I and my family are victims of their security system scam. We have a system installed but now know that there is no monitoring, no police or service. I feel ripped off and very violated. It is so concerning to know that i have no home security when i thought i was protected. Does anyonbe know if , since firstline went bankrupt in california, that im not obligated to the cobtaract? Help Heather windsor, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Windsor, California
14, Report #658478
Nov 04 2010
12:10 PM
Protect Your Home Security Defender Security Buyer Beware Big Ripoff Internet
Just wanted to let you know that Buyer Beware for this company Protect Your Home Security. When we moved into our new home we received a flyer from ADT security that read we could get a $850.00 value for only $99.00 plus receive a free wireless remote control plus free medical and fire panic alert. We already have ADT security at another home we own, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to get service in our new home also. So I called to schedule a install date. I was expecting an ADT van to pull up but instead a man in a plain car pulled up. Said he was here to install our security system. When he started pulling out the equipment, I noticed it looked nothing like the one we had at the other house. When we questioned him about it he kept telling us it was just new updated equipment and that ADT did not have that kind of system anymore. The panel, monitors, and door monitors all were different. When we questioned that again we were told that everything had changed. He just kept on about his business until he got to trying to figure out how to hardwire our system. He was having alot of difficulity figuring it out,so he convinced us to put in a cellular system instead. So we did. Next come the monitors which we could not get adjusted correctly, I told him several times we needed to contact our local ADT, he just ignored me. We did call the number we had called originally and I got ahold of a man named Steve Webb who we told we were dissatisfied with the equipment, he said if we would let them keep the account he would throw in extra monitors, an extra outside alarm,and a $100.00 visa card. I told him that would be fine as long as the equipment worked . We were still within our 3 day cancellation period. After hanging up we thought we better get an e-mail sent to us to confirm what he had said. Thats when the real problems started. We got the runaround from not 1,2, 3, or 4 people but 7 in all. Who none of them could get us in touch with Steve, nor could they e-mail the additional equipment he was going to send. We started to get nervous so we checked out the rip off report site, and found numerous complaints on them. We since have called the corporate ADT and are scheduled to have a new system installed. We feel Protect Your Home mis-lead us by leading us to believe that they were ADT not just an authorised dealer for ADT. They have already taken the money out of our account, so I will be waiting for a refund. The Customer Service personnal thru them for the most part are rude. I have since sent in my 3 day cancellation paper and will be waiting for a full refund. If not I will contact the authorities and will update my post...
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #479439
Aug 13 2009
02:03 PM
Icon Home Security, Icon Security ICON Security is exactly what it's name stands for. Nothing but a CON!! Provo Utah
My husband set our alarm off on purpose.  No one ever called and the police never showed up.   When we called the 800 number on the sign outside our door the office was closed.  We quit paying them and now we are getting harrassing collection calls.  Is there anything we can do to get out of the 36 month contract? The billing department is rude.  And very uncooperative.
Entity: Provo, Utah
16, Report #1019920
Feb 25 2013
10:51 AM
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
17, Report #1058096
Jun 10 2013
09:35 PM
DG Home Security FRAUDULANT COMPANY Hollywood Florida
I have done my research when EVO Security scammed me into an alarm contract I cannot get out of, and have found that owners Jeffrey Torres and Howard Alvarez conduct shady business under multiple different company names. I have asked that I be taken off the call list for the company called EVO Security which after some indepth internet research learned, the company is no longer at their listed address of 1940 Harrison Street, Hollywood Florida, instead they are now at 1928 Tyler Street, Hollywood, Florida doing the same scam alarm company business under a new name of DG Home Security. This company is clearly up to no good.
Entity: Hollywood, Florida
18, Report #509944
Oct 15 2009
05:08 PM
SAFE HOME SECURITY INC Contract Issues and Poor Customer Service Cromwell, Connecticut
Due to recent financial setbacks and the arrival of oil heating season we found it necessary to discontinue a couple household items-the alarm system and the landline phone. I called to let them know we were canceling as we didn't have money for this service-I was told I was in a contract.  I said I didn't renew anything.  They said by not renewing, I had renewed for another year.  The next payment didn't go through and we received a letter saying that they hope we will re-enroll and if I contacted them withing 72 hours they would waive one of two processing fees ($20.00).  I called the next day and when they picked up there was a loud, irritated sigh.  A gentlman named Dan asked what I wanted.  I said I had received this letter and was calling.  He said, So you're paying with a credit card?  I said, No, I'm calling to see if there are any options available, and I was cut off and he said, So what are you paying today?  Are you gonna be using a credit, debit, or check?  What is it gonna be?  I was so upset I said, Now it won't be anything!   Two weeks later the alarm begins to beep at all hours of the night.  We called today to tell them that for one, we received poor customer service and we were met with giggles.  (We spoke with Ashley.  We also wanted to let them know that we no longer have a landline so we are unable to even use the alarm and lastly, we need someone to fix this beeping. They said that we have to pay a third of what we owe, which has somehow had another $12.00 added to it, and that we are now in a 2 year contract-when a month and a half ago we were in a one year contract.  They will not send anyone out to fix this beeping unless we also pay an additional $300.00 to rig the alarm up to a cell phone and agree to another $10.00 a month on our bill.  Bonnie, Massachusetts
Entity: Cromwell, Connecticut
19, Report #554488
Jan 14 2010
12:13 PM
Slomin's Home Security Poor Customer Service, Ineptitude at every level Hicksville, New York
My mother first signed on to Slomins 5 year contract when we moved into our new home in 2005. They came out to install the alarm when I was home and I was told it was completely installed. Then the alarm began going off in the middle of the night. No one ever called because it was not connected to the service center. They tried blaming everyone from our phone provider to our dog. They sent someone else out to fix it but he went downstairs and said as he had not been the one to install it, he had no idea what was going on and only the person who installed it would understand what was going on and how to fix it. We called Slomins and informed them of this, they promised send out the original installer. Two more people came out, neither one was the original installer and both said they couldnt help. Between my mother and myself, we had now taken four days off of work to get this completed. At this point, my mother became so fed up she told them to come in and take it out. We were told if they did this we would have to pay the remainder of the 5 year contract. Finally on the fifth attempt they sent out the original installer, who did in fact fix it. The entire time this was going (3 or 4 months), we were being charged for a security system that wasnt connected to the system and was going off in the middle of the night. My mother paid her bill for the month we received service and was told by customer service that it was our problem and nothing was done. In July, their attorney sent us a letter demanding immediate payment for all 5 years. As my mother was now battling stage III cancer, I wrote them back a letter explaining why we had refused to pay and asserting that by not fixing the alarm in a timely manner, they broke the contract first. They have since filed a small claims case against my mother (who is still battling cancer) saying that they never said it was completed in the first install (which he did, to me), that my mother turned away the subsequent installers at the door because they were not the first one (which she wouldnt know as she was not there when the first installer came) and that the alarm hadnt been hooked up so therefore it couldnt go off in the middle of the night (it was hooked up, just not to the monitoring station and they can ask my neighbors, who had a newborn then, if it went off in the middle of the night). I have every intention of fighting them until the very end as my mother has been the one to suffer for years due to their utter incompetence.
Entity: Hicksville, New York
20, Report #529808
Nov 27 2009
08:56 PM
ADT Home Security Services Fraudulant Activity, Internet
On July 23, 2009 I requested ADT Security System to be installed at my residence.  I went to their website and filled in the box with my name and Telephone number. A representative promptly called me and set up an appointment and took down details of my credit card and charged me $99. Two days later we suspected the system was not working and called the company.  They said it would take a week for the system to be activated. After that every time went out we religiously armed and disarmed the system without knowing they never linked it to their security at all. On Thanksgiving Day we went out and armed the system but forgot to disarm.  Only then we realized the system was not working, because we did not receive a phone call. I waited for the company to open the next day and tried to lodge a complaint.  They checked the system and confirmed that it was not working. They wanted to charge me $25 to come out and check and if it was some other fault other than wear and tear they would charge me $158 an hour. I argued with them and they asked me to speak to their manager. He promised to send a Technician between 9 am and 5 pm and said would not charge me this time. The Technician never came.  I tried to call my credit card company to stop payment, they would not do that because it has to go through a dispute. On their website you will see a big banner that says full refund if you are not happy with their product.  When I called back to ask about it, they said I am not eligible for that because I went through a dealer.  I did not know it was a dealer until they told me. Now they are saying I have to pay for 3 years whether their system is working or not. Their customer service representatives are rude and they are trained to switch you from one person to another without owning responsibility. They know very well their system was not connected and was not working. They claim, the customer has to call every month once to check whether the system is working.  No one told us that. I am very seriously thinking of taking them to court.  I do not understand how this company is carrying on their fraudulent activity throughout the nation and the State is allowing them to flourish at our cost. When I read similar complaints from every State it looks as if this company has established a pattern and manages to thrive because of the oversight of the customers.  How many of us think before signing a three year contract or give our credit card putting our faith in them?  We all should join together and file a class action suit against ADT so that they will never be able to trap innocent customers, who work hard to earn every cent.  I wish I could set up a company like this and sit and home earn money without having to do anything.
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #895097
Jun 09 2012
07:56 AM
Safe Home Security A consumer rip off Cromwell, Connecticut
I paid Safe Home Security every month for 4 years only to find out they were not really monitoring my home during that time. The county I lived in cut my phone line without my knowledge since I only use the phone line for Internet services. i have since cancelled my phone line services. The line was cut for over 2 weeks without any notifications or reaction from Safe Home Security. Only when I stopped my monthly payments months later during my second contract did Safe Home Security respond to a need. This company needs to be shut down and never be in business again. They will continue to harass you with phone calls for payments when they do not care about their customers. Consumers need to stay away from Safe Home Security. I advised SHS that all my hardware was paid in full per my first contract and that I did not want their monitoring services anymore. SHS continues to call me and harass me for services they do not honor. They have also went as far to ping my credit report for non-payment however it seems their credit hits are not effecting my credit rating at all. I want the entire world to know what a rip off Safe Home Security is and this business needs to be shut down as a fraud company. I will celebrate the day when they are out of the consumer services.
Entity: Cromwell, Connecticut
22, Report #280013
Oct 20 2007
05:01 PM
I am trying to cut back on my bills to save some money, and so I was in the process of switching my phone service - I want to end my Verizon phone and go to Vonage - and didn't even think about Safe Home Security. So I called them to make sure it would work w/Vonage. Safe Home told me that Vonage was the worst phone service for them, they didn't work with them, if we lost power, I'd just be out of luck. One problem after another was sited to me by Safe Home working (or NOT working) w/vonage. So I asked about just cancelling Safe Home all together, and the guy had to call me back to he could go find my file and let me know if I could even cancell! When I finally got a return call, I was told I'm stuck with them for another TWO YEARS!!! I went in and read the contract, which wasn't explained to me very thoroughly because I wouldn't have signed up for a contract this long. I saw that I'm screwed for three whole years, and that even if I sell my house, they still want all the money to monitor, even when they won't be, when I vacate, AND they want the information on WHOMEVER BUYS MY HOUSE!! How invasive and presumptuous!! So I can't try to save money with my phone service or I'll just be paying for a security system that isn't working. So I HAVE to pay an expensive phone company AND an expensive home security (which I don't even know how effective they are). BEWARE!!!! A relative of mine uses Omni, it's just over $200/yr, no jailtime commitment. Safe Home Security charges $515.88/yr, times three years, which is $1,547.64 which can only go on a credit card, so figure in the finance charges, too. That's WAY over $940 MORE than OMNI. If you want a security system, DON'T pick Safe Home - what a rip off! Dale Springfield, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: ROCKY HILL, Connecticut
23, Report #1036101
Mar 19 2013
12:13 PM
safe home security failure to return calls and to close account cromwell, Connecticut
 I was a customer of SAFE HOME SECURITY. I had a false alarm and the police left a notice that I did not have a license for an alarm in my home. I was ready to cancel my contract anyway. I called and talked to Sara Weaver ext 1628 and was told to send request to cancel by letter or e-mail and pay the final amount. I sent the e-mail and paid my bill.   I started recieving all these letters of bill overdue and penalties. I made several calls left messages but no return calls. This went on for months. Every time I called no one was there. Mrs. Weaver did not arrive in office until 11:30 am. My call was not returned and she was in a meeting and then  she was out by 2pm.  Over 600 dollar bill later I made a dozen calls all day today and got the run around. I talked to a Mrs. Passa ext 1118 and she told me that Mrs. Weaver was out (2pm) and she would relay info to her by voice-mail and e-mail. I should recieve a call by 3pm today. If not I should call back. I saw online via ripoffreport.com and the BBB, that a lot of other customers are having the same problem. I informed Mrs. Passa that this is NOT a threat- just an attempt to resolve this issue, that I would be contacting the attourney generals office if I dont get contacted and issue resolved today.  I am now eagerly awaiting the response. I just want this over with. I am not looking to sue or to cause problems. I just want this over. And I am not paying over $600 dollars. I closed the account by e-mail and sent final payment as arranged with Mrs. Weaver. Please remove all bad crediting from my credit reports that they made and close this account. This is all I ever wanted.  Now  there is only one hour left before their 3 pm deadline. HELP SOS GRRRRR. End this insanity.
Entity: cromwell, Connecticut
24, Report #1138295
Apr 12 2014
08:08 AM
Safe Home Security Unethical, Incompetent, Rude, Harassment, Crommwell Connecticut
Safe Home Security is a very shady company that I would advise you to not entrust with the safety of your family and property.  They aquired another security company whom I had used but canceled my contract with due to numerous issues.  A year later, SHS send a bill for the last year despite the contract being canceled prior to their acquisition and the fact that they didnt provide any monitoring services in that year.    to help support that our contract was mutually canceled by LongHall:  No monitoring services were provided by since April 2013 (this includes the time period that Safe Home Security is billing us for).    No bills were ever sent between April 2013 and early 2014 by either Long Haul or Safe Home Security.  Since there was no service provided, there was no need to bill us.  Out of the blue, Safe Home Security did send a bill in early 2014 for the prior 6 months and that is when we notified them that our contract was canceled 6+ months ago. Safe Home Security has not provided a single monitoring notification ever and we have had several occasions where the alarm had gone off (a copy of dates and times can be obtained if it helps) in the last year. Our contract (that was canceled by LongHall) was with LongHall and not Safe Home Security. There is no signed consent on the user agreement that allows our contract to be transferred to Safe Home Security.  So even if the agreement they provided was still active (again, I stress that it was canceled by LongHall in April 2013), it wouldn’t be valid.  I would never have allowed them to sell to a company that I didn’t know anything about (we are talking about the safety of my family and I would not trust that to just any company). We tried to explain the situation to Safe Home Security but they refuse to listen and their reps were down right rude on the phone.  It is not our fault that their records are incomplete due to issues with their data from their acquisition of Long Hall.  Either Safe Home Security was led astray by LongHall or they are just a slimy company (the later is my assessment).  Frankly, I don’t care as neither are the fault of my wife or I.  In the end, we should not be billed for services that were never provided…end of story.  Their phone tactics were simply to try to steamroll my wife and I to resign a contract with them (I found it suspicious how they wanted us to resign with them and at the same time, say that we have contract with them…this slip is heard several times on these calls).  They showed no interest in resolving our case and instead, focused on trying to get us to sign another contract.  I have since gone online and have been amazed at all of the complaints against this company.  The Better Business Bureau has thousands of them as does the Consumer Protection Agency.  THis company is well known for not addressing customer issues. Consumers need to be protected from this unethical company.  Hopefully, this complaint will cause people to think twice before entrusting the safety and wellbeing of their families and their property to Safe Home Security.  
Entity: Crommwell, Connecticut
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Aug 06 2015
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Safe Home Security - Do NOT use! unethical scammer liar incompetent immoral Cromwell Connecticut
This is an absolutely INCOMPETENT business!  I have had an account for 7 years and not only had a technician call to tell me he couldn't show up at the last minute, after I had taken vacation to be there.  Then a second time, I CALLED to confirm the install.  To my surprise (not really), there was no install scheduled.  To add to the insult, they actually talked me into upgrading my contract from 34.95 to 54.95 to have access on my cell.  NOTE:  NO additional equipment was needed and the tech did NOT perform the upgrade.  I had to call a week later to find out why it still did not work, and they did it over the phone.  I was supposed to be waived me for one month.  They ALSO did not inform me of my options at the time of the contract, so I was not ever made aware that there was anything but a 5 year contract (very unethical). I was told that this was a 5 year contract period.  Then I was billed (of course!) for the first month for 54.95 after being promised a waiver of the first month. This company does nothing but lie and generate a draft your account for payment.  DO NOT sign a contract with this company.  I have seen absolutely no proof that they do anything except automatically bill your account.  You will not receive phone calls or invoices, and you WILL be automatically renewed at the end of your contract if you do not call them to cancel it (even if you do call).  They do absolutely NOTHING to protect you.  It is your responsibility to notify them if your equipment does not work.  I'm not positive how you would know that they were not being notified of an alarm.  They will not repair your equipment should it not work.  You must pay for repair of their property.  There is no regular check on their side to determine if equipment is online.  That should be a given.  So again, what is the bill for???
Entity: Cromwell, Connecticut

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