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1, Report #1383267
Jul 05 2017
11:16 AM
HSC AMERICA Brandon Reed Brandon Reed and HSC America Absconded with my money Denver Colorado Colorado
Attention !! This company and person ( HSC America/ Brandon Reed ) took my $395.00 deposit from me and when they postponed the opportunity I requested my deposit back as they promised they would do. They did not return my deposit and are now not returning my phone calls,emails or my money. I would like to join the other Individual in contacting the FBI since this is interstate Fraud and theft to get my money back and put these people in jail. If you are considering sending these people the $395.00 for the sales opportunity DON'T ! You will wind up like us trying to get your money back. This looks like a Ponzi scheme or an out rite scam to steal money and they must be exposed and stopped!!!
2, Report #1402093
Sep 24 2017
08:12 PM
HSC America, Brandon Reed SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-- The company and primary person ,Brandon Reed, is a first class crook!!! Minneapolis, Denver Minnesota, Colorado
The company HSC America is a complete fraud. My association with HSC America began in late August of 2016. They offered a contractor position to me here in Chicago as a sales representative that included a base salary of $55,000 per year plus escalating commissions on security system sales. During the period of August 2016 and August 2017 I sent and received over 220 emails regarding the start date for the business which I would mention included a written contract signed by Brandon Reed regarding all of the above compensation for my territory here in Chicago. I had the contract reviewed by an attorney for problems in the contract and all appeared legal. (Mr. Reed appeared to be very clever in offering a written contract however he has with me created a paper trail that will convict him of fraud). I paid via an escrow company a territory securing refundable security deposit. The end came in late August when Mr. Reed stated that HSC America was being taken over by a new company that would financially support the company and also refund security deposits of those who desired to drop out. Which is the direction I took. After several phony lame excuse emails indicating the deposit would be returned shortly all correspondence stopped. I contacted the credit card fraud department that i used for the deposit and sent them all my correspondence with HSC, the contract, contact persons emails and phone numbers. In addition I indicated that the company and Mr. Reed had numerous complaints scattered around the internet about his fraudulent activities with HSC America. What actions the fraud department will do in catching Mr. Reed will be most enjoyable to see.
3, Report #1164328
Jul 23 2014
10:13 AM
HSC Beneficial Fraud Brandon Florida
I cannot begin to explain the NEGATIVE experiences I have had with these people. I finally had to get an attorney.  In late 2012, the company told me that if I paid 1 full year of my mortgage without missing a month/payment, they would reduce my interest rate (currently at 8.6%).  They sent me the signature page of the agreement, which was not notorized/witnessed, nor did I ever initial on any of the other pages. I paid 1 full year (12 months) on time.  After the year, they refused to renogotiate and said I had signed a FIVE YEAR agreement with 8.6% interest.   After my attorney contacted them, they refuse to speak with me and refuse to resend me a copy of the agreement which I never agreed to. These are people who are a step BELOW loan sharks.  Thankfully, they are not harassing me since they know I have an attorney.  More to come.
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1382996
Jul 03 2017
10:56 PM
HSC America Absconded with my money Denver Colorado
Warning!! This company took a $395 deposit from me, promised to return it, has not, and will not return my many emails. They are not to be trusted. I am in the process of forwarding the facts of this case to the Federal Bureau of Investigations in order to have a case opened for Interstate commerce fraud. Section 1343 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code creates the crime of wire fraud as follows:Whoever, having devised . . . any scheme or artifice to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, transmits or causes to be transmitted by means of wire . . . communication in interstate or foreign commerce, any writings . . . for the purpose of executing such scheme or artifice, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
5, Report #1240851
Jul 09 2015
03:34 PM
HSC/TAX They Say I owe Them for a Morgage Or Home Owners Insurrence, BUT I Have NEVER OWNED A HOME!! Brandon Florida
I am trying to restore my Credit, so I got a copy of my Credit Report & was VERY suprised to see an intery from HSBC/TAX that states that I owe them $600.00 for a Morgage or Homeowner Insurance when I have NEVER OWED A HOME. Luckily, I live only a feew minites from Brandon & plan to go to there Office tomarrow to see what I can find out about the situation.. I will post agin afteer that.. 
Entity: Brandon, Florida
6, Report #404896
Dec 25 2008
09:42 PM
Centry-21 Reed-Whatley-Moore, Jason Reed/ower/brooker, Brandon Leuck, Chreyl Graves Reed-Whatley-Moore sold us aunimproved peice of property with a forged deed and kept the money El Dorardo Arkansas
In August 2007 we purchased a unimproved piece af land (8 acres) through an ass. broker at Centry 21 Reed Whatley Moore. We then started preparing the site to move our double wide moble home there (installing utilities such as water line ,syptic system ,electricty and clearing to make place for home). In October, Mr Leuck gave us a deed to the property which we took to the bank to obtain a loan to finish moving home which was completed in December2007 and we begain to live there. On January 17 2008 the former owner showed up in our yard asking us what we were doing in his property. At this point we contacted Century21 to find out what had happened. We then discovered that the selling agent Mr. Leuck had forged the name on the deed and had another agent in the office to notarize it without the owners being present and admitted that she did not even know the owners. which made her also in guilty of wrong doing. We were then notified by the owners attourney that we were to vacate the property and that we were going to be sued for damages. We have since had to purchase another piece of property move our home install utilities again oin new property. pay off mortage we had taken out on 1st piece of land , borrow money to buy anpother and try to start over again. The only response we have gotten out of Centry21 is an offer to write us a hot check to help pay for all the expenses we have encured. The agent Mr. Leuck was arrested for forgery but has yet to go to court. At this point we are now in debt for about $160,000.00. My husband is on disibility and I deliver our state newspaper. When this all started we had paid for the land and only owed a small amount we had borrowed to moved our trailer. I guess this showes that you con not even trust companies that have golden standards So for we have not been able to find a lawyer that we can afford or is willing to help since we live in good ole south Arkansas. If anyone can offer any help or advice it would be helpful. Ripped in arkansas camden, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: El Dorardo, Arkansas
7, Report #418044
Jan 30 2009
01:09 AM
HSC Enterprises Rip Off Company Malaga Spain
I have been ripped off by this company also, paid the money no goods arrived and cannot contact them either. Have emailed them at least 20 times. No goods have arrived and I paid for them by bank transfer on 28th Dec 08, to the tune of 181.82. I have managed to find a phone number though, but dont know if its the right one it is in Spain and is as follows: 0034 34976123687 not sure if the 34 is duplicated though also have managed to find another email address, but they have not responded either, the email is accounts@hscents.com The bank transfer was in the name of Mr S J Coles Very clever to use a bank tranfer, as if it was by credit card or paypal it would be protected. Dont send any money to this person, i have bought off him twice before and received the goods, i think that was just getting you to trust him. If anyone has any joy with contact details or getting the goods etc please let me know, my email address is tonydav43@hotmail.co.uk They also have a sister site, that is also off line as well, sorry cant remember the name Tony **** ManchesterUnited Kingdom
8, Report #330338
May 04 2008
03:34 AM
Corporate Building Solutions, TKI Web Solutions, BTSI, TSI Brandon Reed, Dave Bartlett Former employee with the scoop Phoenix Arizona
I am a forwer employee of this company.Let me tell you not only are they ripping off the customers but also the employees. They call you guys and rape you on advertising with the incentive for employees that if there clients load they will be payed a bonus. What they dont tell you is that when they rip off all these people(which i didnt know intially) you get the amounts filled on your behalf for your taxes so the irs thinks i made over 100000 last ear when infact i made about 20% of that. ALso the address they give there clients is just an empty office with a mail box the real one is 3105 n 24th st suite a202.so hopefully the AG finds this and kicks down there doors and puts these people out of buisness for good. V from phoenix phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
9, Report #188844
Apr 27 2006
09:15 AM
Bank Of America deception, false information Brandon Florida Internet
I am telling my story of Bank of America in the hopes that I can get advice and perhaps help on how to resolve this horrible issue. I've called several lawyers and spoken to several people and it seems that everyone is either afraid of helping or think that going against this institution is hopeless. No one wants to touch it. In May of 2002 my husband applied and received home Equity Line of Credit from BOFA so that he and his friend can start a business (which is another horrible story). I wanted no part of it. By September of the same year, after he had used a lot of this money to get the business up and running, he said that the bank wanted me to come in. I went along with him and a woman sat in an empty office and handed me a paper to sign. All the paper had was signature lines. I asked her what it was for and she informed me that it was just letting us know that you're aware that your husband took out this loan. I asked will this mean you'll come after me if he doesn't pay, she assured me that no that won't happen, I assure you it's all just to let us know that you know. She proceeded to go into the desk and take out a stamp and stamped the paper. I trusted and believed them. After all, a Bank wouldn't deceive anybody. WRONG! My husband died suddenly of a massive heart attack in April of 2005. I am still grieving. In the meantime while my life is turned upside down, I am assuming that his partner is paying his portion of this loan. Well, he wasn't and isn't. I called the bank several times and told each and every one I spoke to of my husband's death. I was given different stories. I told them to close all his account (checking, savings, etc.) and they said I couldn't do that because he had to. Okay, how? I went in there with papers from a judge proving I now had the right to close. They said I had to call here and there and do this and that. I got nowhere. I top of which I had no money. In September of 2005 I was served with foreclosure papers from BofA. I was devastated. What else could go wrong. Why are they doing this. Why is my name on these papers, I had nothing to do with it. I didn't borrow the money. I tried telling them what was going on, no one would help me. Oh my, what am I going to do? They were after me with a vengeance. I couldn't sell the house because it in my husband's name only, so how to pay them? What'll I do? I hired a probate lawyer. I gave him the foreclosure papers and explained to him what was happening. He was bewildered. I showed him all the statements and he wondered which one is for the line of credit. It's ambiguous. I never know what I'm paying. I had to come up with $7000. to re-instate everything. Tried working with them again, since they continue to charge for an insurance against the not yet closed checking account so charging fees for not having money to pay for the insurance that should have been cancelled a year ago, as requested. It's a vicious circle. Now the statements are saying that my minimum payment is $6000. and growing, WHY? I can't get answers, or anywhere. This is so unfair. I don't know what to do and am so scared that foreclosure is imminent. I don't know what to do. I'm going crazy. E. brandon, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #414731
Jan 22 2009
03:46 AM
HSC Enterprises Failure to deliver order. Malaga Spain
I, on the 27th December 08 placed an order for tobacco. I paid by bank transfer 181.82 sterling. I received an e-mail that the order was accepted and would be processed and I would receive the order in approx six days. I have not received this order, and have tried on twenty occasions since to extract an answer as to why. The site has closed down and it is obvious that my remittance has been accepted and no goods sent. Anyone reading this in the UK please be advised that these tobacco sites are not reliable, it is a pity that they are allowed to operate. Peter Gillingham DorsetUnited Kingdom
Entity: Malaga, Spain
11, Report #625679
Jul 21 2010
02:15 PM
Fitness for 10 Brandon Athletic Clubs of America A dirty gym with questionable business practices Brandon, Florida
The club is dirty and smells dreadful in the back part of the gym. The language that's used by the customers is very offensive. I went there to work out not hear every curse word in the book. Also, we were told on the phone that we could pay our membership dues with cash before the due date and we wouldnt incur any fees. We ended up paying in cash 2 days before the due date and were still charged $40 in fees. The manager there is very ill-mannered and was avoiding me when I went in there to discuss the charges. Do yourself a favor and dont do business with a company that has such questionable practices. If I could do it all again I would join LA Fitness and forget about this disgusting smelling poor excuse for a gym they call Fitness for 10.
Entity: Brandon, Florida
12, Report #422963
Feb 11 2009
01:04 PM
HSC Enterprises - SJ Cole Ripped Off - Internet Scam Malaga Spain Internet
I ordered goods from Tobacconist.com. and paid by bank transfer which didn't come and to cut a long story short, very professional, well done, scam. Unfortunately this site is now off line so the horse has bolted and the stable door has been shut. Probably cruising on a lovely yatch somewhere with all the money we kindly gave them. The problem is that other sites spring up to take their place. Don't order from them. Interestingly enough there is one at the moment whose webpage was designed by a company in Malaga Spain. Maybe I will see reports on this company in the not too distant future. Don't order tobacco on line and if you do be prepared to lose your money, its the risk you take. Also a Bank Transfer is like giving someone your money in the street and watching him run away with it, laughing very loudly. Harrassed mum DoncasterUnited Kingdom
Entity: Malaga, Internet
13, Report #903707
Jun 27 2012
12:32 PM
Bank of America Cancelled , Internet
Well having been a Bank of America Credit card client for 11 years, I just called to get my new card since we had moved our business and they had sent it out and it had been returned.  They passed me around to 4 different people, who all thanked me for being a client for that long.  In the end they closed my account because of a short sale we are going thru that another bank has drug out for 2 years.  It's the only thing on my credit that is bad, but they just can't look past it, even though they got bailed out by the government and wrote off a bunch of their debt and nobody is supposed to bat an eyelid.   It's ridiculous that those that took the money and pay themselves huge bonuses, can't forgive one small amount on a property that lost 75% of it's value and we cannot possibly afford to keep.   Shame on them is all I can say, it's a sad day in America when Banks are allowed to treat their clients this way, when we had paid in full on time for 11 years.  They told me once the short sale goes thru (which is totally out of my hands) - held up by another bank who every 2 months wants to get repeat info and is obviously using incompetent people to do this deal (which has had three offers on it in 2 years but they won't finalize it all)   That I can call them back and beg to do business with them again... there is no way I would ever entertain those obnoxious, pompous ass bankers at Bank of America ever again.  I hope they realize that God is watching and in the end they will get their true justice.  
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #363556
Aug 16 2008
08:41 AM
Financial Services Inc Compensation Drawing Sweepstakes Association of North America Brandon Manitoba
You Did Win the Sweepstakes This fraudulent practice will change addresses and phone numbers. Please be advised that they will employ company logos to include Maaco Enterprises and PNC bank. We contacted PNC bank and they stated Do not cash that check, a copy of the check was faxed to the bank. Please review yahoo and other blogs for additional information. Cautious Citizen Arlington Heights, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Brandon, Manitoba
15, Report #363172
Aug 15 2008
07:25 AM
Brewer Investments Compensation Draw, Sweepstakes Association of North America, Mary Richards, Sandy Williams Brandon Manitoba
I received a 'money gram' in the mail from a company claiming that I had won a rather large sum of money, and I needed to use the check to pay the taxes on that money. I looked for it on snopes and found nothing then I googled the company name and found that several other people had received the same check. The company name is Brewer Investments out of Canada, yet the check is under Brewer Welding and Fabrications out of North Carolina. DO NOT cash this check...it is from RBC Centura and although it looks real....when you cash this check it gives these a@# holes a direct passage in to your bank account, and if they can get in there they can use it to steal everything and your identity. Shame on the jerks for taking what little hope i had that things were looking up for me in a time when I have to decide which bill is more important this month, and making sure my 7 week old daughter eats when my husband and I don't! I hope they get whats coming to them and are forced to live like the rest of us...paycheck to paycheck!!! Adrianne Fayetteville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Brandon,, Manitoba
16, Report #237298
Feb 27 2007
09:01 PM
Prudent Financial Management North America Holiday Travel Reward Promotion. Lottery Program ripoff Brandon British Columbia
I received a letter of notification in the mail around the 20th of Feb. 2007 Stating that I won a $45,000.00 and the ck of $2,990.00 was to to be deposited, when check cleared I was to contact Moesha Dominique claims Manager she would tell me, how to take care of the taxes. The Document also stated that I won a Imperial Majestic Cruise for two to the Bahamas (how nice) believe me, I am so mad, (thats not what I wanted stay) My husband and I could use that money like so many. I like many, was excited when I saw that check come in the mail, my husband looked at me like I was crazy, but he was really excited too. We almost had over bills paid off. The funny thing is, its gets better. Friday Feb 23 2007 I received another check for $2,756.58 from a Co. Called North American Direct Lottery, Sponsored by Nws-Illinois Llc this time I won $55,000.00 It greats even better; today I get home, my husband come out to my truck and says there is a letter here from some guy in Indiana. And it looks like there is a check inside, and wouldn't you believe it there was. The check was for $2,900, but here is the joke, this time there was no letter. Well if anyone has any insites on this I would love to here from you. (((ROR REDACTED EMAIL FOR SECURITY PURPOSES))) CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Jane Easton, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Brandon, British Columbia
17, Report #104142
Aug 17 2004
05:43 PM
AOL - America On Line ripoff Zules Virginia
I have been with AOL for quite some time. I went to Verizon because it was less expensive for DSL. When I called AOL to cancell they told me they would give me 2 free months of the Bring your own service plan for $14.95 a month unlimited. I was on $4.95 a month just to get my email from those I hadn't contacted about my new email address. Well my 2nd month was not up, and my billing cycle is on the 24th of each month, and AOL took $53.22 out of my checking account on May 6, 2004. I am a single mom and live paycheck to paycheck so this caused 2 checks to bounce, and $53.22 less in my account on top of the NSF fees. This also then caused me not to have enough money for rent. Also, I have accrued NSF fees from the vendors I wrote the checks to. I have all documentation on this. I called and spoke to Melissa at AOL cancellation center. She assured me they would give me back my money and also give me another 2 free months. I didn't want it but she told me to take it, that it was free. I then asked her if I could give a credit card instead of my Visa check card and she told me yes. I then asked her if the credit would go back to My checking account even though I changed payment methods, she assured me it would go back to my checking account and that it would only take 3-5 business days. Melissa even admitted that there was a system glitch on AOL's part. Some how my account was switched back to $4.95 a month and that is how a racked up the $53.22. She admitted it was there fault. But then she said they wouldn't refund me my NSF fees that was the bank's decission and the decission of the vendors. I have since spoken to Vince, Eric, and Paul. I have asked everyone for the CEO and Presidents' name and address, but I am evaded. They will not give me the information. I have all my documentation that proves every word I am saying. I now came to your sight and someone had AOL'S address. They will not refund me what they have caused me(excess monies and late fees.) I will now be sending documentation to AOL's CEO and President, and I will inform them that I am suing. Every person I spoke with advised me that it was AOL'S fault about my account. They should pay for their mistake and they refuse. They think by giving me 2 months free service that it will make up for everything. It won't. Not when i have to pay rent and put food on the table for my daughter. Teresa BRANDON, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Zules, Virginia
18, Report #210896
Sep 13 2006
07:33 PM
Magazine Services Of America ripoff harassing phone calls Margate Florida
I was scammed into buying their magazines for the three year period. I tried to cancel but they threated to ruin my credit by reporting me to a collection agency. I finally made my last payment in May of 2006. At that time I informed them that I did not want any more magazines and I never wanted to hear from them again! Well, the calls have started again. It has been two weeks and they have called me about ten times. The number that shows up on my caller ID is 954-720-8464. They called me at the end of August and I told the caller in a firm voice that I did not want any magazines from them and to put me on their do not call list. Guess who called on the evening of 9/12? Yep, Magazine Services of America. I was very angry and told the caller that I had just told someone at MSA two weeks ago to put me on their no call list and here you are calling me again. She said, Oh, I will take care of that right away. At 6:48 pm tonight guess who calls? Yep, MSA, and I was furious. I told that caller that I had just spoken with someone yesterday and asked to be put on their no call list. Why are you calling me? She played dumb. I said, Please see to it that my number is removed from your system and then I hung up. At 8:07 pm the phone rings and my husband answers it and says it is for me. It was MSA again! Can you believe that? Two calls in less than an hour and a half. The caller started her speel and I hung up for fear of having a stroke. What must one do to stop these people from calling???? Kelly Brandon, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Margate, Florida
19, Report #419451
Feb 03 2009
02:08 AM
HSC Enterprises - S J Cole - thetobacconist.com Tobacco Rip-off Malaga Internet
I too have been ripped off to the amount of 181.82; after receiving 3 previous orders I was pretty confident about this one. I received confirmation of my order but that was the end of all correspondence. I have tried the number (34 was duplicated) in previous report but no answer (surprise, surprise). If anyone does have any luck in any way please contact me on my email addy: (((email redacted)))) Gloglo RETFORDUnited Kingdom CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #417619
Jan 29 2009
07:59 AM
HSC Enterprises - S J Cole Cheap tobacco did not arrive 60 Malaga Spain
On 29th December I ordered tobacco for my husband and paid 127.88 by direct bank transfer. I received confirmation that the order would be processed but that delivery might be delayed because of the New Year holiday. My order was never received, my emails are unanswered and despite there being a message on the website for a few days saying they were experiencing delivery problems the website has now closed down. My nephew also ordered around the same time with the same result. The police are unable to take action and Consumer Direct Scotland have suggested that Euroconsumer are the only ones who may be able to help (but doubtful if they can), they can be reached on 0845 6040503. Moira PerthshireUnited Kingdom
Entity: 60 Malaga, Spain
21, Report #594219
Apr 17 2010
07:18 PM
I would frequent this club about 2-3x a week - for months, they knew me well. I really didnt have a preblem with them until...a few days before 4/20 I went in to get a little more product than usual. I left feeling really light. (mistakes happen right? NO!) So I went back in and politely asked for them to weigh my package - after doing biz with these guys for awhile i really didnt expect them to CUSS at me and BAN me from the club for ACCUSING them of shorting me, THEY WOULDNT EVEN WEIGH THE SACK!!! SO not only am I BANNED from what i thought was a decent club - I get home to weigh my sack and found I had LESS THAN HALF OF WHAT I PAID FOR!!!! DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE DIRTY SCANDALOUS MONEY HUNGRY RIPOFFS!!! THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU!!!!!
Entity: WOODLAND HILLS, California
22, Report #1067682
Jul 17 2013
08:25 AM
HSC House of Bogo Always Short ...Rip Off Central Harbor City California
 Have Visited HSC a few times and each time I get sdhorted on my meds..sure the Budtender talks a good talk and makes promises, but when I get home to weeigh my meds.......always short.....we work to hard to afford medicine and all we ask is for an honest dispensary...HSc is truly not compassionate and does not operate in the best interests of the patient...makes me wonder if they are a true non proifit........Getting shorted once can be an honest mistake, but not the second and third times...and maybe it is my fauilt for going back..........The other problem and it may just be coincidence, but e3aach time I go there, there is a police car pointing at the dispensary and twice there was a cop in the car checking me out.....I know the parking is for restaurant also, but with all the changes in South bay, it is very sketchy that each time I go there a cop is in parking lot....watch your backs people.....and keep on driving....you work to hard to be ripped off by this place.......find another dispensary wher they are truly compassionate and care about the patients..HSC is not it.....   Louis' Long Beach, CA
Entity: Harbor City, California
23, Report #1243808
Jul 23 2015
12:44 PM
HSC Home Warranty Home Service Club | Home Warranty Company | Home Protection Did not renew so they wont pay New York New York
I called the comapny on 6/7/2015 and got their recorder to leave a message and so I sent them an email on their site to request service. In the mean time it is so very hot to the point my father and I cannot breathe. He has really bad COPD and I have Asthma. I told them this is the service request and that we needed help as soon as possible.  My husband said this is ridiculous they should contact us like we were told when we bought the plan. That they have people there on the weekends to get your request and get you service. Well finally around 3:00 the next day 6/8/2015 someone called and said  send we will get someone out there to look at your AC. CAn you please tell me the problem. I thought to myself really I believe I already sent you and SOS the day before. So I tell them Ihave already called someone and they came out yesterday and I need my unit replaced it is dead. Thye tell me to Fax my receipts and they will see about reimbursing me some of the cost. Well I call they tell me it is in review. I call about 4 weeks later it is still in review. I am likehow long does it take to get something paid for I would suffocate if I was waiting for you to pay. They call me back 1 week later and tell me they could not read the reciepts I faxed them per their request and so they are no covering it it. ALso becasue I did not wait for them to send someone out to check the AC. Here is the real cathcer for you because I did not renew my plan that pretty much sealed it and I am not covered for this repair becasue I no longer have service with them. Even though I was covered when this happened. My plan expired I did not renew even though they renewed it with even so much as an email or phone with that I called and told them no I did not request you to renew. They told  me I was set up in an auto renewal since when do you renew something without notifying the customer with  an email, letter, or phone call. They did reimburse that so I guess I was lucky I got that back. DOnt go with this company they will review your claim to death and than deny it. They will not contact you period. You will have to call them and maybe you might get an answer. This is the worse company I ever dealt with when it comes to paying a claim that you should be covered for. BEWARE STAY WAY !!!!!!www.hscwarranty.com
Entity: New York, New York
24, Report #1242394
Jul 16 2015
07:19 PM
Reed Realty, Cheryl Reed real estate, property management Meridian Mississippi
My father transitioned to his Heavenly Father on May 19, 2015. She was a property manager for one of my fathers property and was an agent on others. Several days after he transitioned, we contacted Ms. Reed to advise her of the situation. She sent us a letter indicating that since my father had passed, the property management contract/ and whatever other real estate holdings were in the works or upcoming would be terminated. The letter indicated that she would send me the keys to the property and also notify the tenants of the situation and I was hoping to make contact with the new tenants to begin collecting the rent, introduce myself, etc. As weeks passes and we had not received any income from the rental nor had we recieved the keys to the property that my father owned outright, my brother called her to inquire and a gentleman said Your father is dead. We took that to mean, There's nothing you can do to us, so we are going to continue to collect rent and not communicate with you. She has been non-responsive and failed to conduct herself in an ethical fashion. As much as I would like to believe that there is miscommunication, the more that I feel that misconduct has occured. Granted, my brother has had the majority of the verbal communiations, and she has sent me the paperwork advising that she will return the keys. Nearly two moths after my father departed this earth, she has yet to follow through on any of the promises she made in her written letter nor has she given any explanation as to why she continues to collect rent if indeed she terminated the contract as she indicated. Ms. Reed has deliberately lied and misled us as to her true intentions. We would request a speedy resolution to this unfortunate situation whether that comes from the real estate association, licensing board, mediation, hearing, burearu, or broker as I feel that the Code of Ethics have been violated.
Entity: Meridian, Mississippi
25, Report #956370
Oct 17 2012
04:46 PM
Reed construction Reed construction rip off scama , Internet
I joined reed construction was told it was a month to month contract I ask them to cancel membership due no useful leads and a total waste of money I had to cancel my credit card so they would stop billing for services I have no use for this is a total scam do not use this company
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