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1, Report #432705
Mar 10 2009
12:40 PM
Hughes Net Hughes Net Slow Satellite Access Scam Internet
For the last 4 years we had to put up with Hughes Net SLOW Satellite Access because there were no other options in our area. The Internet access is SLOW and UNRELIABLE! After hours and hours of tech support, we still couldn't fix the problem. Additional Turbo Access that was charged every month didn't help! Since I'm working mostly on the Internet, I was tired of having to wait sometimes up to 50 (fifty) minutes for a page to load. Finally, last week, Verizon DSL came to our area. When I canceled our Hughes Net Service today, because they didn't provide proper service, they charged me a $300.00 early termination fee. Beware of Hughes Net! Check out if Verizon DSL is NEW in your area! Helena Mineral, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1124656
Feb 18 2014
09:22 PM
Hughes net Hughes net is a scam Maryland Maryland
I've had hughes net service for over four months now and have had multiple headaches over the lack of service; continuous interruption in service when a leaf flies over the dish. The service is a fraud; high price for slower than 1990 era landline modem service. I've called hughes net multiple times to find out what the issues were with my connectivity. I had hard-to-understand indian folks answer cusomer service line every time telling me that my connectivity was fine from them running a proxi diagnostic while asking me if my modem was plugged in. everytime i called i had a different story about my plan; how much memory i was allowed to use per billing cycle and the price i was paying.  i've delt with bad service in the past with a fair amount of companies over the past decades but at all times these issues have been solved with all companies. i don't see a possible good outcome with hughes net. Please google hughes net reviews and you'll find a plethora of complains about hughes net.Tell and warn all your friends to stay away from hughes net flase claims of fast internet. Anyone is better off with a lanline modem connection than with a useless hughes net service.
Entity: Maryland
3, Report #712503
Mar 31 2011
04:19 PM
Hughes Net excess Internet
I have hughes net but I feel there should not be able to cut you service down it you upload or download one thing it is satellite it doesn't cost them more it is a money deal they want you to buy token to restart you time no one else does this and  there service is high it is like 70.00 month then if you download much you will have to buy token and another thing you have to watch your bill will go up for no reason and when you call they say we will take it off and they don't and you will pay extra for months for nothig my contract is up and i'll be looking for someone new without this garbage I would not advise no one to  hughes net go with anyone else
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #325195
Apr 10 2008
07:24 PM
Hughes Net Poor Service India
Download speeds drop like a rock as the day goes on. By 9:00 PM it is slower than dialup. Tech help is worthless unless you are in India. Tech help tries to blame it Norton Antivirus. I guess Norton does not work from midnight till 8:00 AM, as that is the only time the speeds faster dialup Gary Sardis, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1079750
Aug 28 2013
08:41 AM
HUGHES NET is a COMPLETE rip off. They don't tell you, its TIMED!!!!!!   IF you use your computer alot, as most people do these days, BEWAREAfter your allotted time runs out, your done for the day!!!! until it refreshes, refills.Horrible horrible SERVICE
Entity: Select State/Province
6, Report #1300116
Apr 16 2016
08:35 PM
hughes net Hughesnet overcharging Florida
 I have been dealing with hughes net for the past year or so i have had many issues as far as service not working or working slow every time i try to cancel they kept saying they would either charge me less or give me a couple months free when i was told that my bill was going to be lowered to 35 dollars it never happened and next thing i know they charged me 96+when my bill was 54 and my bill is never the same every month so i cancel my service and they tell me i have to pay 200+to cancel this is a scam how can the government allow a company like this to operate maybe because they say they are contracted for the armed services and their service can never be interrupted if there is a class action lawsuit please let me know i have never had to argue with someone to cancel a service before a very bad company that needs to get brought down
Entity: Florida
7, Report #1365532
Apr 13 2017
02:01 PM
Hughes Net Lairs and Cheats! Louisanna
Signed up for internet service with Hughes net 25 Jan 17.  Gave me 10 gig use for normal hours and 50 gig for off hours, ( which is 2 am to 8 am).  After two weeks went through the 10 gig and was over.  Called Hughes net on 22 Feb 2017 to cancel service.  Lady on the receiving end said that i had called in time to cancel (trial period) without having to pay for equipment ($399.00).  But like a idiot I let her talk me into staying with an extended trail period to 28 March 2017. Also increase my account to 15 gigs.  (Case #102801246).  Anyway, ran through 15 gigs in two weeks also, plus service was very slow.  Called 27 March 2017 (866-347-3292) to cancel service.  Again another lady tried her best to talk me out of it, but I stuck by my decision to cancel.  (Case #10352990).  She stated that my trail period had expired on the 26th of March 2017. I corrected her and gave her the pryor case nnumber.  She stated you are correct and said they would be no fee for early termination to the contract.  Also said a box would be sent for return of equipment within 45 days. Well, this morning (3 April 2017) I check my bank account to pay my bills and found that Hughes Net had charged me four hundred dollars and removed it from my account, plus $4.95 tec support.   This company is nothing more than liars and cheats.  Unable to pay a couple of bills and provide food for my family.  I am retired military and  Social Security, live on a set income. Called and they stated that I had termenated the contract to late and sorry.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1389740
Aug 01 2017
02:04 PM
Hughes net Committed Fraud Nationwide
 After asking for an RMA for several months. Hughesnet committed fraud by signing my name to a new 24 month contract after installing new equipment that I said I did not want. The customer rep even said it didn't look like any previous signatures. Had to return they're equipment at my expense. And now they are saying I owe them over $400 for disconnect fees. We have not had adequate service since we got it and have tried to cancel numerous times just to be put on hold. Disconnected. And promised upgrades at no charge. Then the bill comes and extra charges are on the bill.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #235340
Feb 09 2007
04:22 PM
Hughes Net Performance Problems Huges Net Bad customer support
I upgraded to HN7000s modem in the fall of 2006. I have had nothing but problems with this system. Response time is painfully slow especially when viewing encrypted pages. I have made at least 12 calls to tech support and customer support. Three weeks ago I called in a fit of consumer rage and finally got them to correct the problem on their end. That lasted about 2 weeks and now I'm back to the same nonsense. I called them back and told them to do what ever they did to correct it the last time. They told me their records showed that they had done nothing and there was nothing further they could do for me (that's a bunch of BS). I finally got a refund for 2 months of service. I told them I was not going to pay for the service as long as it didn't perform as advertised. They then began to read to me a long legal statement that says they don't have to meet the performance they advertise. This company is simply bad and their network can not handle the traffic. I have filed consumer complaint reports with the FTC, Better Business group and Maine's State Attorney Generals office. If anyone knows of any other organisations I can file a complaint with please let me know. Paul Boothbay, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #217958
Oct 27 2006
11:26 AM
Hughes Net, Direcway Just try to discontinue service! Nationwide
I had been a customer of Hughes Net for several years, beginning when they were known as Direcway. Due to the pooooor customer service, I decided to discontinue my service and change to Wild Blue (excellent service). In order to discontinue service, one must call a phone number which is apparently unmanned. I waited on hold for over an hour on several occaisions and finally sent them an email describing my frustration. There is only one way to discontinue service, and of course, they will not answer the phone to allow you to do so. I just found out they have continued to invoice me for a year on an account they agreed was decomissioned on 10/31/05, almost exactly one year ago. Of course, they were able to cancel my account this time, even though I did not call the proper number, but only after charging me for a years service. Nor willthey refund the fees for the year when I did not use thier service. I plan to file a formal complaint with the FTC. These companies need to make the process of stopping service reasonable and fair. If you are going to use this service, you have been warned. Use Wild Blue, it's faster and has better customer service! Burt Morgantown, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #390206
Nov 11 2008
02:53 PM
Hughes Net worlds worst company Germantown Maryland
I Have had Hughes net 31 days it worked 15 days. I Have sent over 3 hours one the phone, more than 10 calls, 2 letters. Outside equipment has been repaired inside modem has been replace, each after several days of waiting. When the defective parts had to be returned or I would be charged $125 I had to pay return shipping. When I asked for a refund I was told no and that I would be charged a cancellation fee. What ever you do don't buy Hughes Net! Cheryl Perry, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Germantown, Maryland
12, Report #393383
Nov 20 2008
03:39 PM
Hughes Net there service is no good Chicago Illinois
we signed up with hughes net got there top package and after a few weeks it is real slow. i called them they had me run a few tests and said everything is ok. the guy told me it might be slower at peak times. well it is not any faster at 10 in the morning or 10 at night. they didnt say anything about peak times when we ordered there service. sometimes i think dial up is faster sometimes. my opinion it seems a lot like false advertising. im going to try to get out of there contract, if not ill pay the early termination fee. Glenn dawson, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
13, Report #397945
Dec 04 2008
04:03 PM
Hughes Net Inferior service Germantown Maryland
I live in a rural area and was trying to get better internet service. Upon checking I decided on Hughes Net. I had the system installed in April, 2008. It worked good for the first month. After that I began losing connection for no reason that I could determine. Not during bad weather. I would call Tech Support and usually spend at least an hour on the phone trying to get it back on following the Tech's instruction, usually without success. Once in a while it might later come back on. They would schedule a service call. I had 4 service calls scheduled within the first 6 months. The last time they told me they had to order a radio for the dish (not really sure that would work because they had changed that at a previous visit). After 2 weeks I called and they told me it had not come in. Might be another 10 days. After a month, I called Hughes again. During that month the service would come and go. They had also informed me that the warranty was up after 6 months and from then on I would have to pay $125.00 for service calls. At the rate things were going I didn't see the situation getting any better. My modem was an HNS7000 model. The service company told me they could install an upgraded model without delay but I could not get any help from Hughes. I talked to one person who told me they could upgrade at no cost but I had to go through 2 other departments and in the end they told me it would cost me another $300.00 to upgrade. I finally got so tired of dealing with these people I just told them to cancel the service. They told me they would bill me for an early cancellation fee since I cancelled before the 24 month commitment was up. I told them I did not feel that this was right since they had not provided good service. They told me there was nothing they could do about that. Since they had my billing on auto pay and I had no internet service to cancel it, they charged my account the very next day on November 18, 2008 for $256.00. I just do not think it is good business for a company to charge a cancellation fee when they do not provide the proper service. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Pat Fairmont, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Germantown, Maryland
14, Report #463924
Jun 22 2009
10:12 PM
Hughes Net Customer service is a joke Internet
System failed after found water in the feed horn, he dried it out and taped up the connectors. Next rain it failed again, had a horrible time with the raghead tech support, his accent was impossible. Finally called the tech that fixed it the first time, he sent a different tech out that emptied the feed horn again and re-taped the connectors again and smeared some roofing cement on it. So far it is working, but this is going to fail again, probably after the warranty has expired and they are going to want me to pay $125 service call to fix it again. Hughes tech support is can only understand about 25% of their words. You are on your own, If there was any alternative to hughes where I am, I would dump Hughes and pay the penalty just so I wouldn't have to deal with the raghead tech support! Silverfox somewhere, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #469918
Jul 15 2009
09:22 AM
when I signed up for this over the internet it was supposed to be free installation, I never gave anyone any permission to take money out of my checking account, well the gentleman came out and hooked me up he told e I had to pay him 125.00 I called the place that he worked for and they told me that was installation ! I was like what? ok well I called hughes net and they say that has to be paid there are no additional charges to hook it up, so I paid it I really wanted this service.. well a day goes by and the system is not working it hardly moves I mean not even at dial up speed!!!! I called to complian and I notice on my checking account hughes net took out 178.00!!!!!!!!!! I was furious because I at no time gave permission for that! I had at this time only had the service for 24 hours I was so angry I called to cancel it because they flat out LIED TO ME! they were very rude and told me I was nto getting any of my money back to forget it! and they would cancel me if I didn't like it. well I was so confused, I just wanted for this system to work at this point I mean I have had to pay 300 dollars to get it and I was expecting nothing , well I asked for corporate office and they told me they do not have one! I was like what !!!!! I have been fighting them for months payign my monthly bill just so I didn't mess up my credit, the system has hardly worked all of this time and I am sick of it!!! I cancelled it today I have not been able to use it for weeks and they even sent someone out and it still does not work! they are rude and all they want is my money they do not if you are unhappy or not, they still today told me they will charge me a 400 dollar fee for the cancelation ! I am fed up I will not stop till I get this taken care of I have paid enough for a service that is worse than dail up! to a company that does not help customers at all!!! Angelnsteve Livingston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #398800
Dec 07 2008
10:50 AM
Hughes Net rip off San Antonio Texas internet
This is the worst isp I have ever had, and I have had plenty of them. Slower than dial up, and im not kidding. I was able to get out of the contract before the 30 days were up. I really enjoyed throwing the dish onto the concrete from the roof of my house! Avoid these clowns ! Vivatvc helotes, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #437842
Mar 26 2009
09:13 AM
Hughes Net Technical Support is horrible Germantown Maryland
4 months ago I ordered Hughes Net satellite internet and have had nothing but trouble from the start. Installation took over 10 days. The original installer was 4 hours late and then told me he could not install the dish on the roof. So I installed a metal pole in my yard. I then called to reschedule installation and they wanted to send the original installer which I said NO. So they sent another installer and when he showed he told me that the pole was not necessary and the dish could have been installed on the roof. Initially I thought that the installation went well but come to find out later one of the cables at the dish had a crushed wire. So I was probably running off only 1 cable. And the wire in the second cable was corroded. The satellite connection seemed to work well the first 2 weeks but after that it was horrible. I would get dropped communication errors. This happened not only trying to access the internet but also getting to my emails. I have satellite TV so I know how the weather will affect signal. Everytime I called tech support the first words out of their mouth is what is the weather like. Their tech support technicians always seemed like they were reading out of a manual. Many times talking to the techs, they would always place me on hold like they were holding another conversation. And after having several calls with tech support the system never did perform any better. One night I lost signal and could not gain access to the internet. The weather was OK. I reset the modem thinking that would help and didn't. I called Tech Support and spent at least 30 minutes to no avail. Then tech support forwarded me to advance tech support to no avail. I asked for a supervisor and after being on hold for 5 minutes was told the supervisor was not available. After 15 minutes I just gave up and then called back. When I called back the different tech support told me that they had a system failure on their end and was surprised the original tech didn't know this bit of information. I also had numerous amounts of downtime with no credit to my bill. When I called customer service for credit they said they would do so but in checking my charges, I would never see credit. As I am unemployed, I was trying to access a restricted website to gain employment. I received errors that the website was not available. I spent 30 minutes with the webmaster of the website I was trying to access to ensure I had the correct settings. I tried to access the website through my desktop and laptop to no avail. So I took my laptop and gained wireless access to another router and gained access right away. I had a backup desktop and could not access the website. So after all of this work, the only problem was with Hughes net. I called Hughes tech support and the tech tried to convince me it was my computer or the website. I was forwarded to advanced tech. I finally convinced the advance tech it was Hughes issue and he finally agreed. The tech placed me on hold and when he returned he said he would turn this issue over to the engineers. I was told the Engineers would get back to me in 2-3 days. After 4 days I heard nothing and called back to Tech support. This issue was never turned over to the engineers. I called customer service to discuss this issue and they were not aware. The customer service rep said the Hughes system was down and could not access my account. I said I wanted to talk to a supervisor. The rep returned and said the supervisor was not available and would call me back in 2-3 days. I told her it was unacceptable. Then my phone conversation was disconnected. Later I called back to customer service and told them I wanted to discontinue my service. I was told that I had to pay a $400 disconnect fee along with sending back the equipment at my expense. I told by the customer rep that based on their inability to service me with good quality service that I would not pay the $400 disconnect fee. In the meantime I have ordered and connected to cable internet with no trouble at all. No interrupt in service. Installation was quick and smooth. I do not have trouble accessing any of the websites that I had trouble with Hughes net. Now I have to figure out how I am going to get Hughes to take back their lousy equipment and discontinue their customer/tech support. I will probably be filing a report with the local and national better business bureau against Hughes net. Please do yourself a favor and do not consider Hughes net for you internet needs. Gary Harvard, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Germantown, Maryland
18, Report #363614
Aug 16 2008
12:51 PM
Hughes Net Lies about speed Germantown Maryland
I live in a rural area. Before having HughesNet installed, we asked if that would be a problem. We were told as long as we had a view of the southern sky it would be no problem. We asked the installer when he came if the view was ok and he said yes. This service has NEVER been fast in any way, shape or form. Most times it is as slow or slower than Dial-Up. Trying to talk to Technical support is a waste. The people are hard to understand and just seem to run you through all sorts of tests with no solution. It was $400 to have this system installed and to me it was a waste of money. The advertisement on TV is, in my opinion, false advertising. I know several people in my area that are having the same problem. We are now checking around for another provider. I will even go back to Dial-up if need be. My advice: Do NOT get Hughes Net. Alan Camptonville, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Germantown, Maryland
19, Report #654880
Oct 25 2010
10:43 AM
Hughes Net internet ordering scam Chicago, Internet
I ordered Hughes Net Internet service on line through the website.  They had two choices to choose from.  We chose to rent the equipment for 9.99 a month, w/free installation, basic service, 99.00 up front charge( which would be rebated) our first month bill should have been appro. 188.97 + tax on our credit card. Instead 511.17 came out of our account.  When calling the invoice # we were talking to folks in India.  Could hardly understand most of them.  They wanted a confirmation # which of course was never sent to our e-mail address and were told basically  tough.  They said we pushed the Buy the equipment button with 199.99 installation fee.  199.99 purchase the equipment w/another 199.00 coming out next month and no rebates.   Plus our 79.99 basic service fee. plus tax to = 511.17.  They couldnt provide proof that they sent us a confirmation although they wanted us to provide proof to them that that's what we purchased.  The manager hung up on me.  I was on the phone with 5 different people.  They wouldn't give me the cancellation # to cancel and then when I did find out the # (on my own) it was going to be 199.00 to cancel even within 30 days.  However the bright side of the matter is that I researched and called numerous #'s trying to find out an American corporate number and finally got in touch with an american who listened to me and spoke to her manager.  We should be getting a credit back of 322.20 - tax.  If this  goes through without any hitches I will let you  know.  For future reference never order online.  Talk to an individual who can verify what you are ordering and send you a hardcopy not a confirmation on your e-mail.  (you may not recieve it).  Also, if you do order hughes net do not call the number on the invoice you will be in INDIA (18663473292).  Call this # in America 1-866-293-8949).  They on the other hand were wonderful to work with and I would recommend Hughes Net Corporate America to anyone.  If this changes I will let you know.  It's time to stop outsourcing jobs and keep them in America so we can at  least get decent service.  
Entity: Chicago, Internet
20, Report #778199
Sep 18 2011
11:15 AM
Hughes Net DISHONEST & FRAUDULENT internet, Colorado
Customer Service is Terrible !!! THERE ARE MANY HIDDEN FEE'S !! Don't believe anything that you are told when signing up for Hughes Net. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING. THEY LIE TO YOU ABOUT PRICES, SERVICES AND YOUR COMMITMENT REQUIREMENTS!!!!The Installers are rude and tried to get more money at installation. The rebates are fraudulent. You never receive them.The rebate come from a separate company and Hughes Net states that they have nothing whatsoever to do with the rebates.They make up an excuse that you don't qualify for some reason.YOUR BILL ENDS UP TO BE WELL OVER $100.00 PER MONTH FOR 24 MONTHS !! A DISHONEST AND FRAUDULENT COMPANY !!MUCH BETTER SATELLITE SERVICES AVAILABLE. FIND SOMEONE ELSE..NOT HUGHES NET !!!
Entity: internet, Colorado
21, Report #876370
Apr 30 2012
09:02 PM
Hughes Net cappy service Challenge, California
I sign up with hughe net for my computer. they lied the service stinks. can't down load any thing.
Entity: Challenge, California
22, Report #884935
May 18 2012
11:53 PM
Hughes Net Sorry, Sorry Sorry Gaithersburg, Maryland
Sorry, Sorry, Sorry is all they can say when you call to get somthing taken care of. All I can say is they have the sorriest internet service in the country. I was told by a service tech that they will slow down the speed to dial up speed from 4pm to 1am, they only allow you to download so much and cut you off unless you buy tokens to allow more downlaod allowance, if you go over the allowance you will be slowed down for the next 24 hours. none of this is told to you when you sign up for thier services. If you have to call for help you will talk to someone in India that does not understand a flippen word of english, they dont know when to shut thier mouth and listen to the problems you are having. They will blame the trouble on your computer and not thier equipment. If they have to schedule a service tech to come out the actual problem will not be told to the service tech the problem will be blown out of proportion or backwards. You will be charged from hughes net for a service call as well as the company they call to do the service for you. It will take anywhere from 3 to 5 days to get help. If your going to use these people for service the contractors they use do not bring the right tools to get everything set right and they guess at the right set up, and then you get charged to get it corrected. They tell you that you will have the best of everything when you use them but the truth is you get the best of everything if you stay away from them. I have had what they call service for about 1 year and have had to call them for help at least 8 times because it is such a lousy connection. By the way if you ask to talk with someone at the corprate office you will be told that tey do not have tha number to contact them and you have to write a lettr to get your problem taken care of. That tells you right there that the customer is not imortant to this company.  
Entity: Gaithersburg, Maryland
23, Report #307182
Feb 07 2008
08:46 PM
Hughes Net Internet Slow Slow Slow Nationwide
I have been fighting with Hughes Net for 3 years. In the past few months there service has gone from bad to the worst. I spent 5 days calling the so call techs. Finally the Hughes Net highest level said at the present time this is the best I can expect. I asked for a supervisor and even after telling him I would end my service he so sorry but in peak hrs this is it. They have over sold their bandwidths and we the customers are the ones suffering. Here is a copy of their speed test. If they call this good lord help me if I go over the fair access. Also we cannot send e-mails with a small picture and it took 3 hours to down load a 6 meg movie from my kids. February 6th, 06:12PM - 94/14 kbps. February 5th, 07:01PM - 90/21 kbps February 5th, 05:49PM - 97/17 kbps February 5th, 05:52AM - 1159/109 kbps February 4th, 06:03PM - 106/16 kbps February 4th, 06:37AM - 1169/184 kbps February 4th, 05:56AM - 1109/121 kbps February 3rd, 10:23PM - 92/23 kbps February 3rd, 10:04PM - 106/22 kbps February 3rd, 08:17AM - 928/148 kbps February 2nd, 07:27PM - 114/55 kbps February 2nd, 04:31PM - 108/30 kbps February 2nd, 04:28PM - 94/25 kbps February 2nd, 04:25PM - 105/31 kbps February 2nd, 02:52PM - 858/79 kbps February 2nd, 02:51PM - 914/119 kbps February 2nd, 11:30AM - 654/26 kbps February 2nd, 08:56AM - 795/36 kbps February 1st, 09:14PM - 107/48 kbps February 1st, 06:03PM - 97/22 kbps February 1st, 05:09AM - 1078/106 kbps January 31st, 07:37PM - 100/24 kbps January 31st, 06:10PM - 106/39 kbps January 31st, 05:45PM - 97/90 kbps January 31st, 03:22PM - 959/38 kbps January 31st, 05:03AM - 1161/195 kbps January 30th, 10:00PM - 110/29 kbps January 30th, 09:57PM - 113/20 kbps January 30th, 09:22PM - 103/27 kbps January 30th, 09:14PM - 100/37 kbps January 30th, 08:36PM - 92/17 kbps January 30th, 08:32PM - 105/7 kbps January 30th, 06:40PM - 105/24 kbps January 30th, 06:24PM - 97/16 kbps January 30th, 06:17PM - 87/11 kbps January 29th, 09:39PM - 98/34 kbps January 29th, 09:37PM - 98/37 kbps January 28th, 10:30PM - 94/36 kbps January 27th, 07:50AM - 1147/194 kbps January 26th, 11:35PM - 114/42 kbps Jack Rogersville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1020755
Feb 26 2013
08:21 PM
Hughes Net Lied about the service they provide Internet
I was told by the Hughes Net sales person that the plan I was asking about would allow remote access to my computers and cameras. I asked several times and the salesman said I would not have any problem on this plan. He did not offer any other plan. Well after the install I cannot remotely access. Come to find out Hughes Net does not allow it with the Gen 4 service. After talking to customer service they tell me that I would have to go to a business plan. I said no that I was lied to and wanted to cancel the service before the 30 day trial was over.  I was told that I would not get $200 of my $435 dollar payment back for installation. Then I was told I would have to disassemble the dish and send it back before I would get the $235 back. On top of that they advertise 10mb download speeds. The best I ever got was 5mb. Stay away from this company even if it means no internet service!
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #1173941
Sep 02 2014
02:50 PM
Hughes Net is Slow, Slow, Slow Nationwide
I regret that I did not research Hughes Net internet service before having it installed in May.  It is horrible!!  It is slow, and we lose service anytime clouds are overhead.  I missed the 30 day free cancellation window, so now I am paying $300 to get out of our contract.  It is worth it.  I have never gone online to write a review for a service provider before.  I felt that I needed to in this case to warn others.  Do not get Hughes Net.
Entity: Nationwide

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