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1, Report #1192975
Dec 03 2014
11:26 PM
IM Profit Kings Kindle Profits Product not as advertised Nationwide
The product advertised is NOT what you receive. They advertise packages of novels, 'cut and paste ready', No writing required', What I got was 5 plot outlines on a 1-2 page doc file. These DO NOT make a novel suitable for immediate publishing  on Amazon as a Kindle! See bleow:  'Within the next 7 minutes you're going to have your very own arsenal of bestselling Kindles. No Writing Skills Required - Already Written Plots You Simply Copy & Paste. Get handed INSTANT BESTSELLERS that will instantly turn into cash. No writing necessary. Get the Hottest Niches - No Research Needed. I've done all the research for you. Don't waste your time and energy guessing.' Its painfully obvious that various people from Fiverr, eLance or ODesk has been asked to create several story outlines.  A pdf tutorial advises you to go to these companies to Find your writer'! Presumeably you are expected to pay writers, anything from 10-30 + per hour, to flesh out the purchased story outlines into ful novels. No writing necessary!!!  You are told to go to ODesk, Elance etc, for graphic artists to design your covers, and proof read your 'INSTANT BESTSELLERS , cut and paste' novels! There are video tutorials on how to edit covers, without identifying the program used, photoshop maybe?  I found no covers relating to the plot outlines, unless they were the PSD, Photoshop image files! it was not stated in the advertieing blurb that you would need an expensive photoshop program to view the files. Included were several banners advertising growing tomatoes! Another well researched Amazon Kindle niche perhaps?  Save your money! I have initiated a refund request both tith 'Profit Kings', and paypal. 
2, Report #1187964
Nov 11 2014
09:33 AM
IM Profit Kings Make money selling plagiarized ebooks on Amazon Internet
I bought a digital product called Instant Kindle Profits from these guys. I was immediately taken to a page where they were offering a one-time offer to sell me ebooks that I could re-label and sell on Amazon as my own.  I then realized that these guys were teaching people plagiarism for profit. I wrote them and asked them if this wasn't the case, and if it was to please refund my $27.00 payment as I had no interest in selling plagiarized ebooks or getting in trouble with Amazon.  I received a couple of responses asking me to clarify further what I was concerned about.  I clarified my concerns and never heard another word back from them.  I tried to get a refund through PayPal and the sellers refused my request. These people are crooks and I recommend that you do not do business with them.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1250918
Aug 26 2015
05:54 AM
Tyler Ericcson Net Space Profit, Net Space Member, Marketing; Website Kings Road Other
Hello Everyone  I am trying to forworn you that Net space profit is a rip off, Do not (repeat) listen or fall for this company the download that they promise never download is a ponzi scheme and you will not hear from them or get your money. They through you off by the fraudulent company that they has nothing to do with his elaborate scheme.  I became skeptical and is trying to stop my payment. I am telling you do not believe his money back offer..
Entity: Kings Road , Other
4, Report #624007
Jul 16 2010
06:48 PM
Coach Duran Franklin-Michigan Kings Entire program is nothing but a scam and it's not non-profit Rochester Hills, Michigan
Anyone considering getting their young son on the Michigan Kings might want to reconsider.  The website advertises itself as a non-profit organization.  And, from what I have been told, they are associated with the YMCA as well, which I find hard to believe. Coach Duran Franklin and his wife/girlfriend have no clue of what they are doing.  Their little team is supposed to be a 'traveling team' but after they take your money,$500, then they hustle around trying to find a league, a gym, and your child might not even play at all.   They make sure to put the little clauses in there about how they won't discuss playing time and any type of legal jargon so that can protect themselves against getting sued, since I'm sure they are used to it. I just warn you to beware of signing up for this bogus team.  We got charged $500 to drive down to Mexican town in Detroit, pay for our OWN admission into the gymnasium, and have our son sit on the bench the whole game. Please don't consider me as just a bitter parent because my son didn't get the proper playing time.  These people don't have a clue what they are doing.  They won't call you back, I didn't find out until the day of the game where it was at.   Save your money.
Entity: Rochester Hills, Michigan
5, Report #483535
Aug 21 2009
02:28 PM
Kings Motor Bikes Van Nuys, CA 91411 Kings motor bikes said my shipment wasnt picked up and wouldnt answer any e-mails or call from me after i tried to get it reshipped im out $400 and theyre jerks. malvern, Arkansas
I ordered a kit from king motor bikes and afer 2 months i finaly got a hold of someone and they told me my order wasnt picked up and they wouldnt re ship at all even when i offered to pay them extra for rehandling they got rude and hung up then wouldnt answer my calls or emails at all do youreself a favor go to any other site except this one im out $400. My mistake i guess for trusting the people
Entity: van nuys, California
6, Report #1107615
Dec 17 2013
09:09 AM
Kings Colony Equity Residential Kings Colony Kendall Apartments Miami Florida
Kings Colony seems very promising from a first impression stand point. Once you move in all is a nightmare!! Everything is a business in there, they towed my car within the first month for being parked in an undesignated area there is no assigned parking so what does that mean? There were no towing signs where I parked.  Furthermore there is an obscene amount of wild cats roaming the complex over 15 I would say. The cats urinate and defecate all over the place, the stench is terrible!! To add salt to the wound, there is a huge pile of trash right outside of the garbage compacter which happens to be at the entrance of the complex. The pools are regularly dirty. They have a clean up of staff which is obnoxiously loud in the mornings. They have a ridiculous 10% late and are very unforgiving about it. When they are pretty much untimely about all of the obscenties I have aforementioned. Kings Colony in Kendall is bad news, stay away from this place!
Entity: Miami, Florida
7, Report #1338254
Nov 15 2016
11:18 AM
Kings Appliance Fraud Dundas Ontario
Mike Sutton sold me a Maytag Neptune via Kijji, I set it up and got a LR message. Called him many many many times to come and fix it. Nothing, this company is fraudulent DO NOT BUY ANYTHING off them. Con artists.
Entity: Dundas, Ontario
8, Report #1310142
Jun 07 2016
07:44 PM
  I was promised a puppy for $450. I wired the money I was contacted by the seller that he register the puppy in my name and have them shipped to me. I later received an email from a fake shipping company that said I needed to send $850 to ensure the puppy for shipping if not the puppy would be quarantined and I would be prosecuted for animal abandonment and abuse. When I contacted the company they barely spoke English and had no other employees. When I contacted the seller he begged me to send him the money . The whole thing was a scam to get more money out of me. Do not trust Kings
9, Report #1284374
Feb 16 2016
02:00 PM
Kings Realty kings realty kings realty propoerty manager Brandon Florida
Oh wow cant beleive I not check on these crazy persons before our family and me rented our place. It easy to see how insane people feel when they have employees of king realty making there lives so tough. to be safe I always pay the rents with money order from a bank, not a cheap one, but from a real bank like Bank of America. 3 months in a row i'm told I know pay my rent on time or at all. One day a guy show up from the company or says he is from company, and says i need to move becuase rent not paid. My son is smart and tricky and when he heard this guy making me threats he goes to his truck and take picture of license plate. he also seen his wallet on the seat and took picture of his drivers lincense because he is yelling at me so loud. The guy name is Peter C Edwards Florida drivers license number (((REDACTED)))and he lives in tampa florida. why doesnt they try and have a good business and friendly manners to people living their? no one lives for free we pay and people talk nad yell to me late at night and on sunday when people can here them that we dont pay our rent when we do always pay it. 
Entity: Brandon, Florida
10, Report #1322113
Aug 12 2016
07:58 AM
Kings Auction & Appraisal Kings Auction Household Content Adjuster Kings auction nightmare salina Kansas
Worst experience I have had at an auction.  First it was a 100 degees outside and I entered the building it must have been 90 degrees or more.  They had to small window air conditioners trying to cool this large building that had no insulation.  One of the ac units was blowing hot air. The items being offer on 8/11/16 was plain junk and the auctioneer kept saying he could not believe people were not paying more. According to those who have been there before this is usually whay it is like since they moved to this site. There was no concession stand just some stuff pushed in a corner but know one around so you could not even get a cold drink.  The lighting system was bad to very bad.  There was only one small door to get in or out which probably in itself is in violation of city codes.  There was a overhead door but they piled tables against it.  We left after about 15 minutes of this torture and we will not be back or will we recomend this place to anyone else.
Entity: salina, Kansas
11, Report #977063
Dec 02 2012
09:25 PM
Alicia Sliver Productions Inc. Venassa Wilson Deceptive and partially dishonest Rancho Cucamotga, California
I was offered a lot of money like $1200 for a two day shoot. I went in started out and did whatever they wanted. I worked hard even though I was very tired and hungry. Kenny Wilson the photographer got good footage of me but he said my last video was not well done and told me he would reshoot it but never did. I was there for a long time working for Kenny who asked me for my drug history or something weird. Later after that I didn't even get any money for the partial day shoot. The next day I just got $100. Kenny wouldn't invite me back to shoot even though I agreed to bring more clothes to the shoot and redo the last shoot. I was even told to fill out a contract to sign over my work to Venassa Wilson. She should have given me my hard work and the amount of payment I deserve for my hard work. She even lied to my booking agent saying I didn't follow directions well. That's. Of true I just needed some time to memorize my directions. I know my mistakes and I fix them by doing a reshoot which I didn't even get a chance to do. I was decieved and I want my work copy and the money I deserve.
Entity: Rancho Cucamotga, California
12, Report #511582
Oct 19 2009
11:08 AM
Craigslist Kings Are Crooks Sacramento, California
This company are crooks. They took my payment and their services did not work and they don't tell you before you order that you need dial up to make the crap work. Who uses dial up? Also, they never answer the phone or return emails. If you don't want to lose money, stay away from them. Their e-book is a bunch of lies.
Entity: Sacramento, California
13, Report #369976
Sep 05 2008
04:08 AM
Kings Mazda Lemons for sale Cincinnati Ohio
On Aug 21 2008 I purchased a preowned Nissan Xterra from kings mazda. When I purchased I had the company lift the car so that i could examine it from every angle. upon the first glance everything was fine save three issues, a ball joint, a CV boot, and a heat shield. All of these issues were easy enough and i saw no issue with resolving this. However i noticed that on my manual transmission the stick was what i felt abnormally shaky. I inquired about this problem on multiple occasions in order to reassure myself that it was okay. the dealership sales manager salesman and service tech all assured me that trucks have that issue. Only having driven standard on small cars I felt this made sense. The dealership later tried to convince me that since i was comfortable I should not worry about a warranty. This being my first purchase without the help of another I stupidly agreed. Three days later third gear went out. I contacted the dealership and the attempted on many counts to convince me to wait. After finally getting the car in and diagnosed they told me it wouold be a new transmission andd would cost me from 2k to 4k dollars. later they agreed to charge me only for parts, I agreed to this bbut then they immediatly put the labor back on the bill totalling me to 2k for the work. Now they are unwilling to communicate, are telling me i need more work on the car and are trying to add parts and deny my right to recover the original transmission. Lemons for sale from a dealership with no heart morals and who would prefer to think themselves predators not salesmen Tim cincinnati, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
14, Report #600169
May 04 2010
06:13 PM
Reality Kings We Live Together Adult Content website Internet
In October 2009 I signed but for a 3 day trial period with Reality Kings which stated that if not cancelled would bill me monthly $39.95. I cancelled immediately but despite me cancelling I was still charged each month my PAY-INT.COM. I had no idea who PAY-INT.COM were and did not relate it to reality kings as I thought i had cancelled. As I was out of the UK for 5 months I was not able to find out who PAY-INT.COM were until I returned. I then discovered that it was reality Kings and my subscription had not been cancelled.I contacted them via email and was told that I needed to call the US in order to get this resolved. I told them that I would not do this as it would cost me more money to call the US from the UK. After many emails to them and replies that were designed to make me give up they agreed to give me 2 refunds of $39.95 with no explanation. When i explained that they took 7 months from me and that 2 months isnt enough they were back to telling me call this US number. I am still owed 5 months of unauthorised withdrawls from my account which they are clearly trying to avoid giving back to me.
Entity: internet, Internet
15, Report #890999
May 31 2012
08:56 AM
Kings Creek Plantation Unfair practices towards Owners!!! Internet
Kings Creek Plantation treat their customers as if they really dont want repeat business or word of mouth advertising. I have an every other year contract with Kings Creek. The first year we owed we did not pay the maintenance fees on time (due in Feb paid in April).They told us that they would waive the suspension this time. I was asked if I understood and I said I did. We did not use the time (no available dates) so we had to bank it with Interval International. This cost us a fee to renew in addition to the fees tacked on from late maintenance fees. My husband was overseas and this year money was tight.  I had no money until I could get his taxes filed; so we were late paying this year as well.  Kings Creek sent us to a collection agency (Meridian) they contracted with to collect fees from its members.   We were sent to collections April 30th 2012 and we paid Meridian May 8th 2012. Our maintenance fees were originally $535.00 due Feb. after about 3 months we owed $850.00 to the collection company. They agreed to take off 50.00 bucks if I paid the amount in full and did not do payments. I really thought these rates were not fair to owners that are only a few months late. I agree we should have to pay for being late but should we be charged an astronomical amount because they negotiated fees for profit. Never the less I called after two weeks to see if we could use our Yellow Time and found that suspension means we are not able to use our time even when the fees are paid. Translation your time is TAKEN AND IT CANNOT BE USED FOR THAT YEAR!!!!    I spoke with a lady that told me we had lost the time and I asked why and she stated we were given a waiver the first year and this was there policy. My question to her what happens to our time and she stated that it is sold or reused.  So my thoughts I understand making someone whole; however I cant understand why we are paying for time that the company benefits from and they have maintenance fee money as well. We own with other timeshare companies and decided not to upgrade and instead purchase with King Creek because it was the best and better than the rest (so they said)!  I asked to speak with her supervisor and she basically said the girl was new and did not know what she was talking about. The supervisor also asked me why if we were concerned about losing our time we did not pay our fees on time. My response I dont think people just sit on their money and just dont pay on time if they have money to pay. We did not have it at the time; but we made good on our debt. After that dumb A** question she still said it was nothing she could do. My advice is to take the payment plan if you cannot afford to pay on time and nickel and dime them to the next year. They would have never gotten my lump sum of 800.00 bucks if I completely understood what their interpretation of suspension means. This resort is not that great the cottages are old, run down and dirty!!! The rules are one-sided and the folks that work there are rude and powerless. The extra fees collected could be used to get some new furniture and provide more time for folks to utilize the resort. This timeshare investment was a waste of time and money.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #911896
Jul 14 2012
06:22 AM
360 Kings Slow and dishonest odenton, Maryland
I took in a PS3 for repair. It took weeks to get a response. When I finally got a response, the kid Adrian said it was unrepairable. I went to get it and took it to another repair shop. The tech there said a part had removed. I had never opened it before submitting it to 360 Kings. I took it back to 360 kings to wait even more weeks for Adrian to order a part. He finally replaced my machine with a model that had less features (half the usb slots and not backwards-compatible). He made it a point to let me know that he was doing me a favor because the model I initially submitted was worth a lot on ebay and that he was taking a loss. The replacement that he gave me broke after 1 day of use. I've since got a suitable replacement from elsewhere. This is not a call for resolution, just a heads up to other consumers in my area. Find a different repair shop.
Entity: odenton, Maryland
17, Report #54617
Apr 26 2003
04:54 PM
Laptop Kings ripoff consumer fraud ripoff Glendale & Pasedena California
Laptop Kings accepts orders for laptops and they do not send the product do not refund the money. As of April 26 2003 they have disconnected their phones, their fax and email. Ann Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Glendale, California
18, Report #341766
Jun 18 2008
05:30 PM
During the final nogotiations and picking up the truck there were two things that the salesman told me would be taken care, that I did not even ask for, but were brought up to me. The deal called for the truck to be exactly 11995, but to save the paperwork, Lee said that they would write up the invoice at 12K and he would throw in the $5 dollars to complete the deal, that did not happen. The second part was that after I told him my travel plans which included flying to Loiusville and then renting a car to drive to Cincinatti, he spoke up and said that depending on the cost of the rental car, they would pick upthe tab, I told him the car would be $48.44 and he asked the other person that was in the room if they could do that, and it was agreed they would do it as a verbal agreement. this did not happen either. I had actually forgotten about it until my son and I were in KY driving home, so I told my son I would just callthe salesman on Monday (yesterday) I did call and Lee told me that that deal had gone by the wayside $53.44, is not a lot of money, but it is the principle of the verbal agreement that really does not set well with me. All I am asking if for the sleman to honor what I was told. I hope that you will be able to stop this from going to the next level, as I will take it to the owners if need be, and for what, $53.44, again honor and ethics. Thank you for your attention to this. Russell xxxxxx SALINA, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: CINCINATTI, Ohio
19, Report #1105655
Dec 09 2013
04:01 PM
The Christmas Kings Bah Humbug! Corona California
Since I have a two story house I didn't want to chance hurting myself while trying to hang Christmas lights.  I called The Christmas Kings as they seemed to be professionals at hanging lights.  I scheduled a time and told them that no one would be home but that I would leave a check for them.  I came home only to find out that the lights were not hung.  I called and spoke with a manager and he indicated that they will not hang the lights with out power.  I found this to be odd as the old company which hung the lights did so without having access to power.I fogot to mention that the installer lost my check that I left and I had to pay for stop payment of the check.  The manager did split the cost of the stop payment of the check.  I then set up a new time for installation and made sure an extension cord was available for the power.  The manager assured me that an installer would be out this Friday to install the lights.  I came home to find out that the lights were not installed again.  I called and spoke with a lady who immediately called the manager.  He did not want to speak with me.  The lady told me the lights would be installed Monday.  I checked my email and recieved two emails from the company.  One indicated intallation by Monday and the other was Tuesday.To say the least I am not happy with The Christams Kings.  They are full of empty promises and have poor customer service.  I would rather hire a kid who really needs the money to hang the lights.
Entity: Corona, California
20, Report #983376
Dec 17 2012
02:57 PM
Hip Hop Kings SCAM!!! Internet
I ordered a product from this company that costs 12.99 plus the shipping fee of 5.00 totaling 17.99 taking out of my account however the product was never received. When I tried to contact the company by phone I got a recording telling me to leave a message online and would be replied back to within a couple days. I have left 2 online messages now without any response from the company. I did further research on the company and found out they are just scamming people.
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #1027093
Mar 11 2013
03:31 PM
One kings lane False advertising, Internet
I feel completely cheated. I ordered an area rug described as 100 percent wool. What I actually got was a very cheap polyester and cotton rug that was so overpriced it is unbelievable. I could have gotten this in big lots or Home Depot and not paid $600. Their web site claims I am saving $500. Really? An 8x10 polyester rug that looks like junk was selling somewhere else for $1100? I would never have purchased this if seen in a store. It is worth about $100 if that. I cannot report on the return process yet, but I assume I will be out the shipping costs at a minimum. I would advise others to be very cautious of these deals. I will unsubscribe from their emails so I won't be tempted again.
Entity: Internet, Internet
22, Report #977918
Dec 04 2012
01:25 PM
Kings Toyota Insurance Rip-off Cincinnati, Ohio
On a Saturday in  July, my wife took her Toyota Highlander to Kings Toyota for some routine service.  When she dropped off her car, the service representative asked if she would like a free rental car, which she accepted.  After driving less than 15 miles, it sat in our driveway until we were notified that her car was ready and instructed to just leave the car in front of the service bays.  She did so and retrieved her keys from the rental car representative. On Monday around 3:00 PM were were contacted by the rental car manager regarding damage to the car which we had no knowledge of.  The damage could have occured anytime over the intervening time, and probably did.  Regardless,  the rental car manager said he was gong to file a claim, and we were responsible. On December 4th, their representative/adjuster filed the claim with our insurance company.  It appears since we have no photos or evidence, according to our insurance company, we are responsible, regardless of the truth. In my opinion, the ethics of this organization is certainly in doubt, as they will simply take your money regardless of the facts.  Buyer Beware!!
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
23, Report #1329875
Sep 24 2016
10:37 AM
Clash of Kings Game rip-off Internet
 Spent a lot of money on this game and they rip you off when you upgrade....said i didn't when I did and even after I sent picture proof....they still gave me the run around that I didn't....frequent FREQQUENT crash problems that are never compensated....locked out of game for 17 hours during critical war times of game and never compensated for the game crash for every player I play with along with countless other game errors that they never have fixed....its a joke and not a reputable game
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1348021
Jan 06 2017
09:59 AM
Kings Creek Plantation False promises. Salesman deception.
My husband and I were sold an upgrated timeshare with Kings Creek Plantaton located in Williamsburg, Virginia sold by the sales person by the name of Ira. Ira made promises that we would be able to to rent the property with a businessman he knew personally that was looking to rent from Kings Creek and the rental price would be enough to pay for the price of the purchase. Ira returned one phone call in which he stated we need to get our owner's card with our owner's number before he could put this into action. Upon receiving our card Ira did not return any phone calls.  At first we thought it was because he stated that he would be getting married and was on his honey moon. But calls were never returned. Ira represented Kings Creek with false promises, only to get a sale, a very ecpensive sale.      
25, Report #112635
Oct 12 2004
03:56 PM
Kings Way Associates - Bernam And Thorpe Group Kings Way Associates Ruins Your Life Norman Oklahoma
This company promised they would overnight the money. It has been two weeks. I depended on this money to pay for rent and now I have no place to live because of this. I would have found other ways to get the money, but depended on this money to help with my financial situation. I don't know how the people at this company can live with themselves at night. What goes around, comes around and I hope it comes around hard. I am in the process of finding a lawyer and will sue for what ever I can. If anyone else would like to join me, let me know. Nicole Scottsdale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Norman, Oklahoma

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