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1, Report #925073
Aug 09 2012
06:20 PM
IMAG TECHNOLOGies IMAG TECHNOLOGIES, EPRAV< NEAV put stop payment on check, , 3 events, failed to pay for work ,me and others WARWICK, Rhode Island
 I am freelance Audio visual tech. I worked 3 events for this company. They sent one check to get me to leave to go to next event., . While at work they put stop payment on check. Also owe me for events Georgia, colorado, and Utah,I have plenty of proof, i worked, they did not pay, total owed  between 5,000 and 6,000 $ 3 conventions  American Holistic Nurses Assoc Pantent users info group Drexel university
Entity: WARWICK, Rhode Island
2, Report #1058816
Jun 13 2013
07:36 PM
EPRAV, NEAV, New England Audio Visual, IMAG Technologies, Event Production Resources Audio Visual. Refusal to pay for services Rendered. Warwick Rhode Island
 I Managed the IEEE Globecom event in Houston TX. in December 2011 for EPRAV.  EPRAV is still to this day refusing to pay me.  They owe me over 2K!!!  Jeff Butler and Mike Hackett Have done this time and again to the Freelance Technicians they hire on a regular basis.  You would figure that on a 60K + event, the lease they could do was to pay the people whom actually made them the money, by providing their services. Instead all you get is heart ache.There is a company that has finally decided to represent all of us freelancers across the country, in an sttempt to finally get us all paid. If you are in the same situation we are in, give him a call.  He is currently representing 6 of us .(((REDACTED))) 
Entity: Warwick, Rhode Island
3, Report #1352161
Jan 26 2017
12:52 PM
EPRAV Imag Technologies , New England Audio Visual, EPRAV WARNING!!! STAY AWAY!!! THEY DO NOT PAY warwick Rhode Island
We were subcontacted through Mike Hackett to provide a full production service for the FDLI group in Washington DC, in Dec 2016. We agreed to do a $10.000 show for $5000.00 with a required deposit of 50%. Final payment was due prior to end of the show. The show was set, ran and taken down. Our company CEO personally was on site as a technical director to ensure the show ran accordingly. Prior to taking the show Mike Hackett stated that the client was a bit of a pain, but we expressed to him that we would make sure the show ran and was completed. Long story short we have not been paid and we spent way more on the event than we were paid. Unfourtantely we have been a victim of Jeff Butler & ike Hacketts bad business practices. If you have ever  experinced such a harsh and bad business etihic. Stay far far far away from these crooks. 
Entity: warwick, Rhode Island
4, Report #1267016
Nov 10 2015
11:49 AM
Net Spend Net spend Scam
I boutght his card for my daughters graduation as a gift for a $100. the card didnt work so the company cancelled it and were supposed to send  us the refund. They never did and every time we called they said it will be processed, this was more than a year ago. Last time we called they said they didn't even have the ss on the system any more.So it looks like money is gone. Please don't use them they will still your money also.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #823738
Jan 16 2012
11:39 PM
cash net or net cash fraud new york, New York
I was recently trying to get another vehicle the company ran my credit and told me I had a outstanding loan and was turned into a northern resolution outta new York this is weird cause in order to get a pay day loan I have to have a bank account which I don't I called the collection agency and the woman was very rude and gave me the run around when I mentioned contacting the federal trade commission she insisted the problem can be resolved I looked up this collection agency and it's not even in good terms with the BBB it's rating is a F after I research the cash net it had scan on the first link and every one after.
Entity: new york, New York
6, Report #213482
Sep 29 2006
11:38 PM
Net Detective Ripped Off by Net Detective Internet
Net Detectives web-site is misleading. Do not give them your credit card number. This company charged $29.00 for the standard Net Detective. I upgraded to Net Detective Plus and thought that the monthly charge would be $9.95. I received an e-mail that confirmed that my order was for $29.00 and another e-mail that confirmed my upgrade for $9.95. I did not know that they charged an additional $29.95 to my credit card. They didn't bother to e-mail me and tell me that there was another charge to my credit card. I am disputing the charges with my credit card company. Hopefully, this will be resolved. Net Detective is worthless. If you want to do a background check,this isn't the way to do it. Anita Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #485022
Aug 25 2009
06:19 AM
Scandic Net Scandic Net not paying freelancers Internet
I completed a project for Scandic Net in April 2009. After sending the files and the invoice for the project (approximately 200 euros) I have heard nothing from the company, despite severel queries via e-mail and phone.My contact person was named John Matthew, one of the Project Managers. I've tried to contact him regularly the whole summer but unsuccessfully. Their website has no other contact info than two e-mails and one phone number. 
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #458490
Jun 04 2009
09:27 AM
Cash Net Cash net internet ripoff Marion Internet
I was recieving phone calls and a voice mail that stated they were from a law i called back i couldnt understand there name or names because i talked to several individuals,with lots of background noise and they sounded like foriegners of india decent.said they had a case against for a loan i had and didnt pay back in which it was all false i had no loan and they couldnt tell me law firm name or when transaction took place or the dollar amount at that time.said they had a case number and had my address and ss# but in january i had id theft filed police report closed my checking acct because money was being ach withdrawn without authorization and my bank investiagted and returned my money and determined fraudelant websit address' any way my wife called back that night to get more info out of them and they said i owed them 500 and then said no 300 and said i broke federal internet banking laws for closing my checking acct number.they said this on wed. and i would be arrested on thur. at 10:00 am i called on thur. at 11:30 and said i have bank statements and contacted my lawyer and we are waiting for you because you are a ripoff company and they hung up on me.i called back and it eas busy for several minutes, finally it rang again and i said why do you keeo hanging up on me they hung up on wife the night before when she said im going to file harrassment charges against them and they said im not joking i said im not either come on over im waiting with my acct documentation and i contacted lawyer and he is waiting for you and now they said i would be arrested on friday at 11:00 and i said i thought it was today at 10:00 and it was 11:45 on thursday he said tell it at couthouse and hung up and phine number415-223-4104 has been busy for over 35 minutes A BIG RIPOFF! Jeff w marion, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #432705
Mar 10 2009
12:40 PM
Hughes Net Hughes Net Slow Satellite Access Scam Internet
For the last 4 years we had to put up with Hughes Net SLOW Satellite Access because there were no other options in our area. The Internet access is SLOW and UNRELIABLE! After hours and hours of tech support, we still couldn't fix the problem. Additional Turbo Access that was charged every month didn't help! Since I'm working mostly on the Internet, I was tired of having to wait sometimes up to 50 (fifty) minutes for a page to load. Finally, last week, Verizon DSL came to our area. When I canceled our Hughes Net Service today, because they didn't provide proper service, they charged me a $300.00 early termination fee. Beware of Hughes Net! Check out if Verizon DSL is NEW in your area! Helena Mineral, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #576519
Mar 02 2010
06:57 AM scam fraud ripoff stole my money Internet promises Search Engine Optimization and delivers nothing. Nearly 18 months in to our agreement they have not delivered on anything that they agreed to in their contract. Staff at Net-Writers changes every few weeks and it is impossible to contact any one as there is one operator who is always temporarily unable to transfer you. They then promise a call back that never comes. I have filed complaints with the FTC, BBB and both my state AG and the state AG in SD. In addition, I have initiated a chargeback through my credit card company.Net Writers is a straigh up scam. They're references don't check out and thy do business under multiple names, all with awful reputations.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #306287
Feb 05 2008
09:40 AM
Net Zero, Net Zero did it to me agian Internet
I am a victim of this scam twice now. I did sign up for the service in 2006 used it briefly, but because there are no local numbers to dial up the service and how slow it was I canceled in april 2007. I had to fight with them for the next 4 months to get them to stop billing me automated and with all the red tape one has to go through to even file a complaint about thier billing practices it is not worth the trouble. This is exactly what net zeros corprate officers inteded when they set up their little swindle. Then they start billing me agian in jan 08 and when i try to speak to a rep. to get this resolved they tell me i have been getting billed all along. This is a lie I have my bank statments to prove it too. Is there not laws agianst this, theft is theft right whether it is a penny or $30. What really frosts my britches about this is that if I choose to demand restitution it will cost me more in phone calls then the thirty dollars they stole from me. I hope there is a consumer advocate group out there with the resources to stop this from happening and put this and other thieving corporations in their place. AS FED UP AS THE REST charleston, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #170038
Jan 01 2006
06:18 PM
Net Zero Beware Net Zero Internet
I signed up for a free 30-day, but cancelled after 3 days. My credit card was charged $14.95. I jumped thru all their hoops and called customer service and was told they would send me a refund check for $14.95. Needless to say, I've never received a penny. The website makes it impossible to get an email through to the actual company. I remember when the companies on the internet were amoung the most honest in the world. Now, they all appear to be rippoff artists. Glayzer florence, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #235340
Feb 09 2007
04:22 PM
Hughes Net Performance Problems Huges Net Bad customer support
I upgraded to HN7000s modem in the fall of 2006. I have had nothing but problems with this system. Response time is painfully slow especially when viewing encrypted pages. I have made at least 12 calls to tech support and customer support. Three weeks ago I called in a fit of consumer rage and finally got them to correct the problem on their end. That lasted about 2 weeks and now I'm back to the same nonsense. I called them back and told them to do what ever they did to correct it the last time. They told me their records showed that they had done nothing and there was nothing further they could do for me (that's a bunch of BS). I finally got a refund for 2 months of service. I told them I was not going to pay for the service as long as it didn't perform as advertised. They then began to read to me a long legal statement that says they don't have to meet the performance they advertise. This company is simply bad and their network can not handle the traffic. I have filed consumer complaint reports with the FTC, Better Business group and Maine's State Attorney Generals office. If anyone knows of any other organisations I can file a complaint with please let me know. Paul Boothbay, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #219303
Nov 06 2006
12:14 PM
Value-Net Value-Net Darvon Capsules at $46.29 Ripoff California
I suffer from Migrain Headaches. I saw an add on the internet for Darvon Capsules, #100 for $46.29. I decided to order it via electronic check. The company provided me with an invoice # as well as an order #. They also stated I should receive my product in 5-7 business days. After NOT receiving it in 4 weeks. I contacted my bank. And found out the check in fact did go through. I requested a copy of who the company was cashed to. Now I have to go inside my bank to further dispute it & get the funds back. I tried to contact the same web site of which I ordered the product..... but the web page is No longer available. So now I will be contacting the police and/or FBI to finalize this disgusting matter. Shaeffer Broomall, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1020179
Feb 25 2013
06:10 PM
Net talk Net talk duo Nice tec support , Internet
I got this in November and it worked until a couple days ago.. I called and waited on my cell phone for two hours and then got this lady. She did not anwser the phone but yet I heard talking and laughing in the background after 5 mins. of screaming in the phone she finally anwsered she told me because my light was not on at all that I hold to be transfered to a tec. I told her that I did not want to stay on the phone since I had been on the phone for two hours already. She told me that she had a tec on the other lline and just to hold on one more min. then she put me on hold. I was transfered and placed on the call waiting 10 in line after about an half hour they hung up on me. DO NOT BUY THIS... oh and by the way I did send 3 emails that asked for help and have not gotten a responce since its been a week.
Entity: Internet, Internet
16, Report #1002590
Jan 24 2013
11:51 AM
Net Zero Net Zero is a complete fraud Internet
I bought a 4 g internet plug from Net Zero, after seeing their ads on TV. I was told that I would get a strong signal. I plugged it up and got red lights flashing, which was suppose to turn green. NOT!!! I left it on over nite, still nothing! Call service support, told them what it was doing. Called me back after 3 days and said I was getting strong signal. Then said tower was 4 miles away!!! No I am not getting any signal!!! Called support again, this time I was told to go outside and use computer in yard. What! What! No I will not go outside to use computer!!!!.I paid $24.99 for piece to fit into usb on computer. then I paid $19.95 shipping and handling, which now they do not want to refund!!! and the monthly charge of $8.99 which was prorated. What they are doing is ripping people off!
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #1124656
Feb 18 2014
09:22 PM
Hughes net Hughes net is a scam Maryland Maryland
I've had hughes net service for over four months now and have had multiple headaches over the lack of service; continuous interruption in service when a leaf flies over the dish. The service is a fraud; high price for slower than 1990 era landline modem service. I've called hughes net multiple times to find out what the issues were with my connectivity. I had hard-to-understand indian folks answer cusomer service line every time telling me that my connectivity was fine from them running a proxi diagnostic while asking me if my modem was plugged in. everytime i called i had a different story about my plan; how much memory i was allowed to use per billing cycle and the price i was paying.  i've delt with bad service in the past with a fair amount of companies over the past decades but at all times these issues have been solved with all companies. i don't see a possible good outcome with hughes net. Please google hughes net reviews and you'll find a plethora of complains about hughes net.Tell and warn all your friends to stay away from hughes net flase claims of fast internet. Anyone is better off with a lanline modem connection than with a useless hughes net service.
Entity: Maryland
18, Report #1393781
Aug 18 2017
12:34 PM
 Ok Am i alone with this company.. I receive a email from The Guy Name Is Paul Anderson..HE TELLS ME I HAVE A WARRANT OUT FOR MY ARREST..HE ALSO SAID I WILL BE PAYING MORE THAN $5000.00 IF I DONT MAKE A PAYMENT .. I HAVE 3 PAYMENT OPTIONS MONEY GRAM
Entity: Internet
19, Report #74944
Dec 13 2003
09:13 PM
Net Zero overdrafting account ripoff Internet
billed me twice causing my account to be over drawn $90.00 and wont refund the money M canyon, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #127067
Jan 12 2005
01:20 PM
Net ripoff Internet
I found this web site to be ridiculous and a fraud. It was a wild goose chase to search for nothing. Jessica ephrata, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #109625
Sep 22 2004
01:38 PM
Net Zero ripoff INTERNET USA
When I moved to Tennessee about a year ago, I was desparate for internet service, I had heard good things about netzero, so decided to give it a try. I obtained a CD and went online. I got the platinum by the way, not the free service... At first, all was well, connection seemed to be good, although I did not like the idea of not being able to actually see my connection speed. Over time, things went slower and slower, then the ads came for just 5.00 more a month you can have HIGH SPEED. omg! I noticed while using it, if I did not click on the ads that would pop up, I would be disconnected. This was quite a nuisance. I attempted to discontinue my service, to no avail, they said as long as I was using it, I was, in effect, keeping their service and wishing to pay, thing is, I was NOT using their service...or so I thought. There is some sort of spy or adware that is installed along with the software to run NetZero, I cannot find it in my registry to get rid of it, but I know it's there, because every time I type something in the address bar, it acts as though it's opening the page, but instead, a NET ZERO page comes up!!! Unless I shut down and restart, I cannot visit the page I tried to view. I found a solution, at least to the rip-off part, I cancelled the bank account that they were stealing from, leaving them with no money from me. Hope they starve... now if I could only find a way to get rid of this cursed add on that seems to be infecting my computer, I would be happy. Mark Altus, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #13109
Feb 20 2002
12:00 AM
Net Detective Sucks
I bought the software and had the same problems at first it didn't dowload correctly and then when I did finally appear all it was, was a bunch of websites that I had already found through the FREEEEEE search engines. I called and told them this and that I was not satisfied, they said they would e-mail me a refund form (which they did) I filled it out and sent it and never was refunded. I e-mailed them several times and never got a response. Totall RIP OFFFFFF. Shawndale Celina, Ohio
Entity: Deland, Florida
23, Report #15075
Feb 25 2002
12:00 AM
net detective ripoff
Entity: nationwide
24, Report #451723
May 14 2009
04:32 AM
I was told by netspend one day out of the blue after loading over two thousand dollars on my card that their bank Meta Bank had closed my acct. because of so called irregular spending!! First its their choice to close my acct. for whatever reason thats fine with me, Whats not fine with me is all the ill-Leagals that I'm sure they have working the phones 4 them telling me some crap about i can't get my money back 4 up to 20 days!!!!! Last i checked if u are closing a persons acct. 4 whatever reason u need to refund back any monies owed to that person within a timely manner. Phil RANDALLSTOWN, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
25, Report #458671
Jun 04 2009
03:30 PM
Cash Net scam Nationwide Internet
i got a call today from a compnay they didnt state there name but they said i was gonna go to jail for a defaluted loan..i have proof that i have been paying in this loan through cashnet...they guy demanded money or he was gonna call the police...i looked up the num 714-845-0766 and it came up as a scam..then googled it and it came up one here as a scam too...i called cashnet and even said it was a there anything else i can still scared to death..the last time they called me i told the i have talked to cashnet and i was contacting the sheriffs office..and they actually hung up on i guess or hopefully guess they can i make for sure they really stop...thank you Queenb killeen, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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