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26, Report #967926
Nov 30 2012
06:52 AM
Imagination Entertainment Ltd Imagination Games Threats to kill a known civil rights activist and award winning documentary film maker Internet
I know shane yeend not from Australia but from here in the United States. He tells people how rich he is and how many people he has in court. Shane Yeend pretends to be someone special but the guy is the worst kind of loser. He tried to crack onto me at a party I was at under a year ago. He had been doing coke most of the night. He groped me and said he could have me anytime he liked and then tried to touch my crotch. When I told him to keep away from me he became violent and said that if I told anyone about this he could make sure I didn't work in this town again. Who are they going to believe you or me. What he didn't know is he and I had a mutual friend who I told. He told me that Shane Yeend claims that he's been doing some kind of deal with the Hells angels in Australia and they would do anything for him, all he had to do was ask. I knew this must be true because I read an article online where he threatened a father of two children who Shane Yeend was having an affair with this guys wife that he would send these bikies to hurt this guy. Now he owns an Australian childrens character Humphrey Bear which is meant to be pretty big in Australia. Shane Yeend now hangs around little children and is being sponsored by a Childrens hospital in Australia. I wanted to write something in support of those people in Australia who are victims of Shane Yeend because I personally dealt with his violent threats. I was searching the other day because I recognised a name of a filmmaker who made this film salute which I just saw last weekend. I couldn't believe it when Shane Yeends name popped up again. Read the article that was in the papers in Australia not long ago which you can see below. This guy is gutless and if you ever meet him get rid of him. He lies about everything. He says that hes dating misha bartan even though he is also sleeping with another girl in Australia and his partner who had a baby to him at the same time. What sort of man threatens girls, has affairs, says that if they say anything that he'll have his motorcycle friends come and sort you out. Now he's celebrated for buying a child icon. If you've ever met Shane Yeend you'll remember him. When I first spoke to him he has an actual womans voice. Like really girly. Anyway enough said. This person deserves nothing in life. Read the article I found about him recently. Humphrey Bears owner linked to kill threat THE owner of Humphrey B Bear has been accused of threatening to kill a filmmaker and setting out to destroy his career. Filmmaker Matthew Norman has lodged a $100 million statement of claim in the Victorian Supreme Court against Shane Yeend, his company Imagination Entertainment, and associate Craig Jansson and his company, Magic Sound Cave. The claim alleges Mr Jansson divulged confidential information to Mr Yeend, who then used it to threaten Mr Norman with death. It is alleged Mr Yeend set out to defame Mr Norman to shared contacts - including vital US distributors and casting agents - which resulted in the collapse of a project and the loss of Mr Normans home and livelihood. The statement of claim contains no information about the basis for the bitter feud, in which Mr Norman appears to have taken out apprehended violence orders against Mr Yeend and Mr Jansson, who have also taken out orders against Mr Norman. Mr Norman alleges Mr Yeend breached these orders by sending text messages to a third party that claim he would keep Norman busy and would buy the plaintiffs house for shit and giggles. Earlier this year, Mr Yeend headed up a syndicate that won the rights to revive Humphrey B Bear from his corporate collapse.
Entity: , Internet
27, Report #158721
Oct 03 2005
07:46 PM
Ocwen Bank RIPOFF Intentionally ruining a customers credit by fradulent means Cleveland Ohio
Recently, I came accross a client that needed help clearing their name. They had had a bankruptcy in which the loan on their previous home had been included in the bankruptcy and the home was lost during the process. The bankruptcy judge ordered the debt discharged. That is where Ocwen comes in. They bought the charged-off loan from Litton Loan Servicing and have been harrassing the clients ever sense the bankruptcy threatening them with JAIL if they dont send them payments immediately. Now they are reporting the clients as 150 days past due CURRENTLY on this loan that was discharged through a bankruptcy 3 years ago. When Ocwen was contactedm they stated that they have a right to collect on this account because its no longer in the bankruptcy and that the judges order only applied to them DURING THE BANKRUPTCY and nw they are not limited as to what they can do to these clients. After I argued with 10th customer service rep in a row, they finally transfered me to another of their bogus phone extensions. After being on hold for an hour and 36 seconds, it chimed in that their phones could not handle my call adequately and I would be disconnected. Grand total of phone time to fix their error today: 1 hour, 56 minutes. JR Colorado Springs, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
28, Report #650893
Oct 14 2010
07:36 PM
LA Fitness Wellington Scariest night of my life Wellington, Florida
Let's get one thing straight.  I'm a morning person.  Early to bed, early to rise has always been my motto.  I'm a square, what can I say.  But then again, I guess that's just the discipline Navy SEAL training teaches you.  In fact the only thing I hate more than staying up late and sleeping in, is missing a workout.  Barring the time I overdosed on the night of my senior prom in 73' and was in a coma for 24 hours, I haven't gone a day without working out since I was 15.  So you can imagine how upset I was when I nearly missed training last Tuesday.  I usually go to the gym right after I get out of work at 5pm,  but last Tuesday I was in a pretty bad accident.  I was heading to LA Fitness in Lake Worth on my Go-Ped when a couple of spoiled-rich, punk kids ran a red light doing about 215 mph in a Mclaren F1 and plowed into me, sending me sailing approximately 3/4 of a mile.  I was pretty messed up but luckily some lawn work was going on around me and a pile of freshly raked leaves broke my fall.  I couldn't believe I was OK.  I reached in my smoking shirt collar, pulled out my dog tags and kissed them, looking up at the sky.  How many times have these things kept me safe?  I decided to go to the ER anyway just to be safe.  After waiting around for 6 hours without being seen I just got up and left.  It was then I realized what time it was....11:05pm!  LA Fitness Lake Worth is closed!  No problem, I'll just head to the Wellington location, they're open until midnight.  I got there at about 11:15 and had my workout. I usually like to train for about 4-5 hours but obviously this wasn't going to happen today.  I went at it with incredible intensity for 45 minutes and then was asked to leave by the manager as they closed up.  Myself and the remaining staff in the gym all walked out to the parking lot together and started home.  I began walking home because my Go-Ped was out of commission.  I got half way through the parking lot as the last staff members car pulled away.  Just then I realized something.  My dog tags were missing!  The accident probably weekend the chain and they must have fallen off in the gym, but it was closed now and everyone was gone.  I had to get back in though.  I wasn't about to leave here without them.  I wondered around to the back alley behind the gym.  The street lights were all off and there was an eerie calm in the air.  I was a security expert in the navy so disabling the alarm and breaking in the back of the gym was no problem.  I was opening the back alley door in about 5 minutes.  I cracked the door and peered in the dark gym.  It was weird there at night.  No treadmill noise, no weights clanking and no music.  I stepped carefully in the door and quietly started to close the door behind me.  Just then I heard a loud crash right behind me in the alley.  My heart almost thumped out of my chest, but i was embarrassed to see it was just a cat knocking over a metal garbage can full of empty lean body drink mix packets.  How ridiculous. Nobody was here.  I clearly saw with my own eyes that everyone had left and the gym was empty.  So I entered the gym and closed the back door.  I started scanning the floor in the dark for my tags.  I went from machine to machine all around the gym retracing my steps all the while feeling like someone was watching me.  For 20 minutes I couldn't find them and I definately couldn't shake the feeling that there were eyes somewhere in the darkness of the gym watching my every move.  My eyes were killing me from earlier.  I guess I had got something in them during the accident and my blurry vision wasn't helping the situation.  I decided to make my way to the men's locker room.  It was dark and I was tripping over mats and ab rollers but I made it to the locker room.  I walked in and heard what could only be described as creaking pipes.  But its the funniest thing, when your paranoid everything sounds like something.  And these pipes sounded almost like a mans voice whispering  You wanna....  But thats ridiculous.  I'm a Navy SEAL for Christ's sake.  I went to the back of the locker room and found the sinks.  It was dark but I got right up next to the mirror and peeled my lower eyelid down trying to see anything caught in it.  It was too hard to make out so I just bent over and turned on the water flushing my eyes out repeatedly.  With my head still lowered I turned off the faucet and wiped my face with my sleeve.  I picked my head up and went to reexamine my eye in the mirror.  I got right up next to the mirror, opened my eyes and......AHHHHHHHHHHH!  A 6'8, ORANGE COLORED MONSTER WAS STANDING ABOUT 1 INCH BEHIND ME WIELDING A HANDHELD BLENDER.  YOU WANT A SMOOTHIE he screamed in my ear.  He swung the blender down at my head as I dove out of the way.  I watched as the screaming blender went into the sink full of water and electrocuted the beast like Luke Skywalker at the end of Return of The Jedi. I ran out of there as fast as I could.  As I was exiting the gym I saw a gleam in the corner by the Hammer Strength bench press.  MY DOG TAGS!  They were just a few feet away.  I could grab them!  I walked back toward the machine passing the smoothie stand.  I bent over and picked them up and felt a warm calm wash over me.  But that feeling was quickly replaced by an icy chill.  I reached over my shoulder and felt a sticky ice cold goo on my neck, as the smell of bannaners and peanut butter filled the air.  Just then the beast reappeared.  YOU WANT A SMOOTHIE it screamed.  It swung at me again with the blender as I ducked out of the way.  The blender gave off a loud shriek as it got stuck in the wall behind me.  He tried to pull it out but couldn't.  I thought fast and dove over the smoothie counter.  I looked up at the ceiling and saw a huge light fixture.  I quickly started stacking up all the bannaners directly under the light fixture.  I heard a loud thump as he jumped up and landed on the top of the smoothie counter.  He stayed there, perched looking at me, as if he was trying to figure out what I was.  I looked him right in the eye and screamed HEY! SEE THAT.  LOOK AT ALL THOSE BANNANERS  His eyes darted over towards them and I think I heard him gurgle my precious.  Just as he got over the pile of bannaners I grabbed a 25 pound plate and chucked it up at the ceiling light fixture and held my breath.  The weight clipped the wire holding up the light and it came crashing down on the orange monster killing him for good. I ran out the front of the gym never looking back.  But you know something?  That night was the best workout I had in a long time.    
Entity: Wellington, Florida
29, Report #791507
Oct 23 2011
09:58 PM
Select Specialty Hospital, Phoenix, Az Rachelle Kinton, LPN, FAACM, Certified CaseManager; Linda Herbert, MSSA, Lead Case Manager; Shon Tabora, Chief Nursing Officer; Sharon Anthony, CEO Select patient waits 12 hours to be examined by medical doctor after 4+ hour sesure. family booted for complaining. Phoenix, Arizona
I come today to share a story of horror I have lived the last few hours at Select Medical located within St. Josephs medical center. My domestic Partner/ wife of ten years met with a horrible accident a week or so ago. and was airlifted to Flagstaff trauma center. After a week of stabilization, she was airlifted to Select Medical Center in Phoenix. The kind folks in Flagstaff related to me that this was one of the best type of facilities for my Martha to be. Being located within St. Joes, any complications can be immediately addressed. Well yesterday, Martha's son and I had a disagreement about her care, but both noticed a marked decline in her condition. I had the nurse summon the doctor, and consulted with the doctor through his exam. I pointed out that something was wrong with her eyes, which had started to bulge out (bug eyed like) and were seemingly not responding right. He did say that he also felt this was odd. The doctor went about his business and told me that he would write a consult. Marthas son kept harping about her eyes; unfortunately, we have had differences over the years. I half listened, thinking a doctor would show up soon and lay everything to rest. Several times, for my edification, I held up two fingers and asked her how many fingers I was holding up. Something the nurses do daily. She responded each time two fingers. But there was still something strange about her eyes. Finally around 8: pm I held up three fingers, she looked and looked and finally told me it was fuzzy. I told her to rest her eyes for a minute and try again. At about 8:30 she began to weep and said everything was white and could not see. I immediately summoned the nurse and told her the doctor needed to be summoned or she needed to go to the emergency room. The doctor was called and ordered a MRI of her head. Two hours later, she was still in her room and I was told it would be an hour, or more, longer. I told them that was unacceptable. She needed to be seen immediately by a medical doctor. The charge nurse stated she could not authorize that and the doctor could not come into the hospital. I demanded to talk to the Chief Nursing Officer, Shon Tabora. I was placed on the phone with Ms.Tabora and after a conversation she asked me what I wanted her to do. I told her to either get a medical doctor to Martha's room or get her to the emergency room. She told me a doctor would be responding. 1/2 hour later still no doctor. I again demanded to have some action from the nursing staff, which incidentally had not even looked in on Martha for over two hours, and called 911 to try to get some medical attention for my wife/partner. Little did I know, community services are not allowed to respond within medical facilities to render medical attention. I couldnt remove Martha and they would not summon a doctor. WOW They DID call hospital security to have me removed. Fortunately for me, the security seemed smarter than the medical staff and a representative from St.Joes showed up and found an immediate availability in a catscan room. Granted, not a MRI but at least some sort of diagnosing would at least start. Oh before I forget, while the assigned nurse failed to even check on her for over two hours, her temp spiked over 100 degrees, which I had to discover myself by checking her temp because she felt hot. Before I go any further please read: I think you now draw some direct patterns in this corporations attitude towards the helpless they target. This is touted as an Advanced Bridge between intensive care and general recovery. They willingly target the worst cases and DO NOT HAVE A ON SITE DOCTOR, something a family assumes when they are INSIDE a hospital. In fact, tonight a birdie told me that several doctors were summoned, who as a condition of their Privilege to practice here, have contracts to respond, but declined to respond for this incident. This was supposed to make me feel better. PLEASE help me. I am told that if I remove Martha from here, it will be at my expense, and further recovery could be at my expense. We have paid good money all our lives for good insurance and taking this on financially would ruin us. I will provide you with all records you need and Martha's roommate will also relate her story as she witnessed it tonight. Robert **** on behalf of Martha **** at St. Joes This is a copy of a letter I filed with the AZ state licensing authorities the morning after the incident. A medical doctor finally examined her after 8 am the next morning, and admitted he had not read Marthas chart and was unaware of the nights activity. He spent less than five minutes with her and I have not seen him since. I have now been restricted from seeing my partner to 6 hours a day, monday-friday (thats right no church for Martha). when I am there a nurse is in and out of the room like grand central station. She was moved to a private room (no more roommate witnesses) directly across from the charge nurses station, and when I am there, the Chief Nursing Officer and the Lead case manager position themselves at the charge nurses station and glare into Marthas room. We are less than 1 month living in Arizona, Just purchased property and building our retirement home, (figured its time at 71 years old) and everything we own is still packed. We both have notarized living wills, power of attorneys, .... All packed somewhere. Select has blocked my four attempts to have a new POA notarized, knowing full well she will be removed as soon as it is. Martha has very good insurance and they are paying select through the nose for Marthas care. Without the POA, no one can hire an attorney to represent Martha. Since the incident, Select has keeps Martha heavily sedated so they can justify not granting her own request for an attorney. These people are pure evil!!! Our church ladies have gone to visit and select has denied she is even there, sending them away. She is in isolation, worse than a convicted criminal. The church ladies have witnessed her asking the staff to contact me and summon me to the room, and they have not once called me. Every right anyone thinks they have in this country is left outside the door when you file a complaint against them. I will not be silenced; I will fight till my death to bring this abuse and dictatorship to justice. Not just for me, not just for Martha; for the rights of all. To Be Continued:
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
30, Report #976264
Dec 01 2012
12:28 AM
Susanne Jill Petty Jill Petty Susanne Jill Petty is a rip-off real estate broker who swindled me out of $900,000. Los Angeles, California
Susanne Jill Petty is a rip-off real estate broker who swindled me out of $900,000. Susanne Jill Petty claims she is an ethical broker, but this is far from the truth.  I wanted to buy a home in Cold Water Canyon. Susanne Jill Petty found a home, which she said was a good deal for 900K.  The house had been on the market for a while and it looked good.  When I bought the house, there were problems, which Jill Petty failed to disclose.  For example bad plumbing, four leaks on the roof and an electrical system, which needed replacement.  I learned after investigation Susanne Jill Petty had knowledge of the condition of the house.  She bragged to friends about how she was able to sell that lemon house for a good price.   In addition to the maintenance problems I learned a husband and wife had committed suicide in the house in 2009 and that fact was never disclosed to us when we made our offer.  Although we never experienced moving objects or doors, which mysteriously closed, there were extreme changes in the house temperature.  We continued to feel cold spots and the cold spots tended to move around.  Small items including keys and cell phones would be missing for several hours and then turn up in odd places. During the early hours of the morning we heard someone walking in the attic over our head, but no one was there.  When Susanne Jill Petty was confronted with the way she handled our transaction, she believed our experience to be a funny joke.   Stay away from Susanne Jill Petty.  We are taking her to court to attempt to recover our money.  Weve moved out of the house and it is vacant until we can dispose of this property.  Susanne Jill Petty needs to be stopped. Real estate brokers like her shouldnt be allowed to sell to the public.   
Entity: Los Angeles, California
31, Report #337623
Jul 16 2012
12:15 AM
Deborah Washburn - AIM MAIL CENTERS STORE #10 Man Hating Verbally Abusive and Dishonest Sebastopol California
I have had a post office box at the AIM MAIL CENTERS (Center No. 10) for several years now. However, recently when dropping in to send a fax, I was accosted, in-front of a witness, by a one Debroah Washburn, franchisee, whom handed me a red letter claiming I owe AIM MAIL CENTERS $100.00 for a postal box that I had been paying for semi-annually.Deborah Washburn, an admitted lesbian, proceeded to inform me that she gave this alleged bill to my sister, whom has traumatic brain injury (TBI), a couple of weeks prior to her vicious attack upon me. When I responded to Deborah Washburn, of AIM MAIL CENTERS NO. 10, by stating that my sister does not know, she has traumatic brain injury (TBI), which Deborah Washburn was/is fully aware. Deborah Washburn, store francisee for AIM MAIL CENTERS, began to verbally assult me by telling me, infront of witnesses to get f***ed, called me a mother f***er, and kicked me out of the Mail Center, closed my mail box, and now refuses to forward my mail. I, that very same day, phoned the corporate office of AIM MAIL CENTERS, Inc., in Irvine, California and was informed by a one Tim McAlevey, franchisee coach for AIM MAIL CENTERS Inc., that their franchisee's can do whatever they want, treat customers however they want, and don't have to have a logical reason to accost, abuse, publicly humiliate, or kick-out long standing customers.To date this issue has not been solved as Deborah Wasburn, and her business coach, Tim McAlevey, at AIM MAIL CENTERS Inc., in Irvine, Califorina, claim they can treat customers like sh*t and to bad if we don't like it. Not to mention threatening to destroy one's U.S. Mail if one does not pick it up, while at the same time refusing to allow the kicked out customer to pick up their mail. BEWARE of any and all AIM MAIL CENTERS.Pete Sebastopol, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Sebastopol, California
32, Report #676440
Sep 20 2012
04:07 PM
asplundh tree service this company was hired by aepohio to trim trees alon beeham run rd. the key word being trim branches willow grove, Ohio
the company in question was hired by aep of ohio to trim branches on trees that were to close to the power lines inmy yard i had a beautiful tree that provided shade on both sides now i have only left a tree that only grew on one side .what was done by this company is a disgrace i could have hired a three year old and told them what needed to be done and it would have been done in a more professional manner.if the word butcher means anything to you that pretty much epxlains how i feel what was done by a supposed expert tree service.i have pictures both ways prior to the trimming and the disgraceful aftermath so much for the enviroment.
Entity: willow grove, Ohio
33, Report #691596
Feb 24 2012
10:19 AM
International Oddities False Advertisement Torrance, California
A week ago i purchased The Wizard Smoke From International Oddities and it said  International Oddities, your High Quality direct source invites you to Light up Your Life(with this all natural smoking delight).  So i spent over 45$ on the product and when i recieved the product, i smoked over 6 joints in less than an hour with no kind of effect. So i asked them politely could i get my money back or exchange the product for another because i was dissappointed in the product and the told me.... As clearly stated in the headline of our current advertising, there are no refunds or returns due to the unique and rare nature of our products - all sales are final - for further information please refer to the terms and conditions of the website.... So basically they ripped me out 55$ for stuff you find on the ground with stems...I would have had a better buzz smoking a black n mild
Entity: Torrance, California
34, Report #881634
Mar 10 2013
10:05 PM
Best Window Tint - Tustin Ca. Harry Nelson Damaged Windows - Cheap Offbrand Chinese Window Tint - Stole Personal Items from Home Tustin, California
I hired Best Window Tinting in Tustin California.  I recieved a flyer in the email and they appeared to be igh a higher end residential window tinting company.  I also discovered they also tinted vehcles and apparently do large commercial tint jobs on large buildings.  My wife and I hired them to tint our home and cars.  They were very professional and courteous on the telephone.  They assured me they were licensed and bonded and insured and the installers have competed background checks and are the best in the business.  Boy what a lie!  The installers showed up in a beat up pick-up truck wearing Best Window Tint shirts.  From the looks of them they had obviously done some serious time in prison and were covered in gang tattoos, but I was at work and my wife had taken time off work - so we let them do the job.  They quickly began working.  My wife was busy on the computer and phone most of the time and when she checked on them they appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic - probably Heroin - but since the job was almost done - we let them complete it - to get them out of our Home!  I got home and discovered the tint had bubbles and pits and they had scratced several windows, doors and walls in our home.  They used the guest bathroom and we discovered Heroin Baloons in the trash and other drug related residue and trash! We called and spoke to Harry, who is the owner to complain.  He sounded loded on drugs and said - Mexicans all do heroin get over it bitch! I was appalled and also decided to let them know I found cheap chinese labels from window tint in our trash - not the expensive premium 3M tint we ordered! He said you are a liar and hung up!  I later discovered several items were missing from our home including - a diamond ring, camera and some of my wives dirty undergarments that were in the laundry hamper!  DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY - THEY ARE LIARS - CRIMINALS - AND PLAIN NASTY! A friend of mine is in Law Enforcement and discovered that Mike and Harry (the owners) are known drug addicts and associated with organized crime and have been sued multiple times! Stay away from these dirtbags! We are suing and will update!
Entity: Tustin, California
35, Report #939840
Sep 12 2012
11:40 AM
LG corporation declared their product un repairable so they could not honor their warranty , Internet
I bought an LG refrigerator from a Best Buy store (20 cu ft, with a bottom freezer).  the rubber stripping on the freezer door did not seal well along the top, allowing air to enter and freeze into ice in the freezer.  Two times I called LG to get it fixed under the warranty.. and two times they came out, changing the stripping, but finally heating it with a hairdryer (mine), which made the strip softer and allowed it to seal better (eliminating the opening along the edge).  but after a time the problem re appeared (mind you, over the course of several months).  on the 3rd time they came out, the repair person declared it couldnt be fixed, and left.   I called LG and they said they didn't make that model anymore.  they referred me back to Best Buy with this offer.  get another refrig and they would maybe pay half the difference (within reason) of what I paid for my refrig and the new one. Well, i couldn't find a comparable model of any brand (with the features in my refrig and fit the space in my home).  All they would offer then was to pay me back what I paid for the refrig, leaving me with no refrigerator.   Despite numerous pleadings to just give me some new rubber door strips so I could fix the problem, they refused and would do nothing more to settle this.  So, i'm left with their refrig which still leaks air into the freezer.   LG couldnt care less.
Entity: Internet, Internet
36, Report #1179978
Sep 29 2014
03:08 PM
Cadillac King Thieves, Liars, Scammers and Fraud Llano California
The people (and I use the term people very loosly) are simply thieves. They are in business and have a phone number in order to steal money from your credit card. The business Cadillac King came up when I searched for Cadillac parts on the internet.The joker that answered the phone told me that they had the part that I needed. I told him I would call him back if I wanted to order it. The same person called me back the same day asking if I was going to purchase the part. I told him yes, at a later date. The next day he called me back again asking if I wanted to purchase the part. I said yes and gave him my credit card number. I saw that the card was run within minutes.2 months later (as of 9/29/2014) I am still trying to either get the part or have my money refunded. It turns out that they NEVER had the part. The guy on the phone just swears at me when I call trying to get my money back. He is a foul mouthed p**** that just runs credit card numbers and NEVER even tries to supply the part.  It is hard to believe that this place is allowed to operate. 
Entity: Llano, California
37, Report #308182
Mar 13 2008
02:41 PM,,,, This company writes their own review charts to sell their products and they fail to deliver their product Alhambra Internet
Want to get ripped off? Look no further. Today is your lucky day. Imagination.VG who was known previously as Imagination.WS, & will take your money. That's right they will overcharge you, design the worst designs in the world and outsource your work to some stranger in a third world country., their resume writing business is another review chart created by this company to fool individuals. Beware They will steal your money. If you want quality designs check out, or You can find better people and lower prices Terry Danvers, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Internet
38, Report #286061
Nov 27 2007
05:30 AM / / / They stole my money and they fool me with the perception they were the best even though they owned the review chart Alhamba California
Beware of Imagination.WS Imagination.WS is run by the same people as THEOUS who are criminals. These are the same people that use review charts to sell their products. As a purchaser of their grant service product that guaranteed me a winning grant, which I never even gotten and I was forced to pay by check which prevented me from filing a chargeback, I am filing a complaint with the state and the other agencies. Everything at Imagination.WS is stolen work. Even look at the testimonials. Look at this one: With a week to go to the opening of our new store we realized our logo was old fashioned, amateurish and needing a revamp. Imagination was amazing - within 3 days we had a modern, fresh logo we loved. Not only that, the website they made for us is really breath taking. Now we are earning not only double but also more because people also bought from us through our website! Very well organized I may say!!! - Susan Y., Watertown, South Dakota That testimonial was found on this page: With a week to go to the opening of our new store we realized our logo was old fashioned, amateurish and needing a revamp. Elogo were amazing - within 3 days we had a modern, fresh logo we loved. Their quick turnaround time was unbelievable. Nothing was too much trouble - even when we asked for a few amendments. Their pricing is true value for money. Fantastic service all around - we definitely recommend them! We hope to add a shopping cart to our website some time in a few months (once we've recovered!). We'll definitely approach you when we're ready. Many thanks. elissa - Tuatara Tales This company will rob you. Do not trust them or their own review chart ( They also own, and many others. They made their own chart saying they are run by the Chicago Academy of Arts. That is NOT true. They know of no website. They are running a deceptive business. Barry las vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Alhamba, California
39, Report #996540
Jan 14 2013
02:13 PM
Shanda Lancaster Posts Terrible Remarks About Judge Yohn, shandakr, mentally deranged, incompetent, horrible, unbelievable, disrepectful, disgusting Dickson, Tennessee
Shanda Lancaster making horrid statements and jokes in bad bad taste against Judge Yohn of Pennsylvania. Perhaps the best of evidence. She is shown (as one of 4 defendants) making fun of the plaintiffs and the judge on the case. add_username_here Oh Stop!! Feb 25, 2012 The facts are Diane started a baseless lawsuit for a vendetta for being banned from SingSnap. She lied through her teeth there and every where. Her fake hubby is a flaming homo, has to be to *** men. She and her homo fake hubby is wasting everyone's time and money. She will lose he will lose. And true justice will prevail. Diane is nothing but a bitter old woman who is hoping to by CouponDropDown>get money to sit on her lazy *** and blame the entire world that the man she loves is *** and won't marry her. She is ugly on the outside and the inside to put these people through a case that has no merit. I hope she gets what she has coming to her. Which is a great big ZERO. Her life is a great big ZERO and her fake hubby is as ugly as she is. And her video was hysterical. Who the *** wants to see a woman like her prancing around in a thong? Maybe Bob wears her thongs when she doesn't know it. Boo hoo Diane and Bob. LMAO MORE FROM SHANDA.... Well Feb 25, 2012 It was Diane who ran her mouth about her wonderful Bob!! He obviously prefers men over the likes of that ***. Bob this, Bob that, yet she never boasted about his immoral sexual behaviors. She proclaims to be a Christian yet she lives in sin and lives with a man who has sex with men. How sick is that? Real men do not *** with other men unless they are by CouponDropDown>homosexuals. I suppose she is his cover for his secret life. How the *** can she live with a man who does other men? It makes me want to puke. But she makes me want to puke too. Bony *** *** that she is. REGARDING JUDGE YOHN.... Hey Bob Feb 25, 2012 How often do you bob by the way? LMAO I thought this was oh so appropriate for the situation. You may luck out and get a *** judge who will not only sympathize with you but want to try you :zzz Did you hear about the two homosexual judges? They tried each other. :grin :grin :p Oh don't let it get you down Bob we understand if Diane can't blow you the way you like it THEN SHANDA PANICKED AND TRIED TO GET THE OWNER OF THE ORIGINAL REPORT TO REMOVE HER Homosexual COMMENTS ABOUT JUDGE YOHN. Get This Removed Feb 26, 2012 To the Original Poster of this thread: From the Pissed Consumer FAQ's 5. Q: What happens if I misrepresented the facts in a prior posting (posted false information)? A: Users should be advised that PissedConsumer does not endorse the posting of false information. If you have made a false posting on our website previously and wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter outlining the details below: Notarized letter must include the following: A statement that you are the user who posted the information that you now seek to remove; A statement that the information previously posted by you was incorrect at the time it was posted; Your full name, mailing address, email address and signature; The URL (Address) of the subject post as it appears on; The statement I declare under penalty of perjury that the information provided in this request is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Legible notary stamp (please make sure we can read commission or id number) Please send all the documents to our mailing address that you can find on Contact Us Page. Please also notify us via form located on the same page. PissedConsumer will review submitted documents and make determination. Such review may take up to 2 weeks. THE LINK TO THE ORIGINAL REPORT
Entity: Dickson, Tennessee
40, Report #138663
May 11 2005
05:28 PM
Morgan Stanley DW Termination Fee When Closing Choice Account Ripoff Oakland California
In January 2005, when my broker left to go to another firm, I closed my brokerage account with Morgan Stanley and they socked me with a $1194 Choice Account Termination Fee. The Choice account is one in which, instead of commissions for individual stock trades, they charge the client a flat fee of about 1.25% a year. This $1194 Termination Fee represents the brokerage charges that I would have incurred for the fraction of the year before I closed the account if I had a regular commission account and not a flat-fee account. Neither my broker not anyone else in the firm every warned me about this Termination Fee and the new broker they temporarily assigned me never heard of it either. The Choice Termination Fee is buried in the fine print on p. 6 of Morgan's 13-page Client Services Agreement. Had they advised me about this outrageous fee when I signed up or when I started to close the account, I could have taken steps to avoid it, such as closing the account on an anniversary. When I complained to the branch manager about this fee, she sent me a copy of the agreement I signed, highlighting the fine-print termination fee. David San Francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Oakland, California
41, Report #160307
Oct 12 2005
02:14 AM
Jason Malone Story telling to avoid paying his debts. Jason was to do repairs to the truck, rip-off! Tupper Lake New York
Beware if you're from Tupper Lake and in the market for a used vehicle..Back in August 2004 I tried to purchase a truck from Jason Malone, I gave him $1200 for a 4x4, Jason was to do repairs to the truck, then I was to pick it up 4 days later, only to find out he had wrecked the truck and it was now junk. Jason told me he would give me back my money, but because he spent it, he would not have it for a week, So thinking he was a friend and honest (which I found out otherwise) I agreed. Well that week passed, as well as 56 other weeks and I did not recieve any money. Well I tried in every way to collect, with the only results being lie after lie, I even told Jason I would accept the small sum of $50 a week till I was paid, which never happened. I was told every thing that he was trying to get the money from his employer (Leroys Auto sales) to him and his girlfriend were breaking up and she took all his money, (and of course when I spoke to his x-girlfriend she knew nothing of him owing me money, and that she did know I wasn't the only one he owed), he told me lies that he had a $600 fine to pay or he'd go to jail, well I listened to his lies as long as I could, and finally even though I hated the idea, I took Jason Malone to small claims court, and let me tell you that was a joke and a pack of new lies. On our first court date he didnt show, the second court date he pulled a Micheal Jackson and said he hurt his back and had to go to the doctors, the third date he didnt show again and I was awarded my claim, well Jason went in and talked to the judge and got a fourth court date, and guess what.....Of course he didnt show, well seeing how this was going I was awarded my claim again and this time it sticks, now Jason has told everyone he won the courts decision. And he had called the police on me for throwing rocks at his car, well when the police came to speak to me, the officer informed me that Jason told him that I was mad because I lost, well I showed the Judgement to the officer, after our short time of laughing he informed me that Jason is known on town for being a liar. ( I wish I knew this before I befriended him ) well to cap this all off, Jason Malone owes me $1200 and with the freedom of information act anyone can check this out..Its filed in Tupper Lake Small claims # 05030047.....and I will be going after his wages and property until I am paid in full, with intrest of course.......So beware, he not only will try and steal your money, but he will also tell you every lie under the sun....well Jason I told you to your face, that I wasnt going to just let it go, and if you paid me the $50 a week I offered you, I wouldnt of had to take this route, and I would of been paid off by now, but you wanted to play this game.....well check mate. John Tupper Lake, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Tupper Lake, New York
42, Report #61102
Jul 04 2003
12:02 AM
United Card Services deceptive slow prossessing ripoff Buffalo New York
Entity: Buffalo, New York
43, Report #440846
Feb 19 2013
05:42 AM
Bose Corp Will Not Return Money:: Framingham Massachusetts
In December of 2007 we purchased a cd player from the home office in Ma. When it arrived it did not have the adapter that would connect to the Bose radio that we already had. They were taking an X amount of money from the credit card each mo. for payments. We called them and informed them of the problem and were told that an adapter would be send to us asap. That was over a year ago and nothing came. We then boxed the system up an mailed it back to Bose and was told that we would be refunded, they received the system and we were told that they did. Now that has been over 6 months ago. We have heard absolutely nothing from them. We have called and sent letters. This place claims they are a high end performance company when the are just as bad as all of the other online companies that give no results. Avoid them, take it from us we learned our lesson the hard way. Godfather Salem, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Framingham, Massachusetts
44, Report #831323
Jan 30 2012
05:28 PM
Expedia Unpublished Rate Buyer Beware!! Internet, North Carolina
Expedia Unpublished Rate Buyer Beware!! Today (01/30/2012) I booked an night in Savannah Ga in the Historic District for a Four Star Hotel. Once it was booked I am notified that the hotel will be The Westin Savannah Harbor Resort & Spa which by any stretch of the imagination is not located in the historic district, it is located across the river .8 of a mile by water. I immediately called Expedia, I was told that since it was a unpublished rate hotel basiclly tough Sh*t!! I asked to speak with a supervisor and was offered a future $50 credit. I called my bank to reverse charges and was told that a claim would have to be filed and it could take upto 90 days for it to be settled. I accepted the $50 credit and once I have used it I will never use Expedia again. My experience in the past 10 years with Expedia has been good, but the customer service seems to have been outsourced.
Entity: Internet, North Carolina
45, Report #694765
Feb 12 2011
09:44 PM
extremelove gary williams /wayne griffin a liar and a cheat flatrock , North Carolina
this guy has a report on him  already i want to stop him. he claims he does high ceremonial magick.a lie he did not do shit i wrote him for a refund he said in two weeks i would see results them he said he.then he was  going out of town for holidays then it was he was doing a piolt in new york.then he got snowed in. he is a fake and a phony dont give him your money.
Entity: flatrock, North Carolina
46, Report #862103
Apr 01 2012
09:10 AM
AARp Medicare Complete UnitedHealthCareUnknown LIED Internet
I purchased AARP United Health Care-Medicare Complete With a Delux Rider. I did this because the agent said I would have 100 % coverage. Not some coverage not most coverage but 100 % coverage. That was a lie. The first time I went to the dentist I got socked with a big bill. They only paid a small portion of the bill. AARP MEDICARE UNITED HEALTH CARE COMPLETE miss-led me and just lied.
Entity: , Internet
47, Report #208697
Jan 29 2013
06:47 PM
Valtellina Automobili ripoff Drives customers cars for personal use everyday including taking customers cars home after work Creates false repairs Sausalito California
Rico Tenni is the Swiss/Italian owner of Valtellina. He is also an unbelievable racist againt colored and espescially Jews. He stands in front of his shop and just cuses at passer by's racial comments. It's amazing nobady has done anything to him by now. As for the shop itself, he charges $140.00 an hour but his jobs take 3 times longer (billable hours) to his clients. Furthermore, his tactics are as follows, you take the car there, while your speaking to him regarding your problem, he starts takes off parts. By the time you finish telling him the problem,he has dismantled and crippled your car. You are now stuck paying him $140.00(the highest I've seen)and more hours than normal for the job. And at the end, once your vehicle is serviced, he doesn't notify you, he drives your car for several days around and calls it test drives. Shahnam san francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Sausalito, California
48, Report #225797
Jan 06 2007
12:38 PM
Millwood ripoff Worst job ever they employ so many illeagal aliens it not funny and take money from you every year Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania
This company is one of the worst i have ever worked at. They take money and benifits from you every couple of months and expect you to give money to the poor Dominicans so they have a life! I cant even provide for my own family, let alone every one else! You see, i started there in April of 2005, and they havnt gavin us any new ideas or dental or vison benifits yet. Oh yea did i say no more overtime too! You see, they have 80% mexicans working for them, and thouse people dont care about benifits or wages. All they care about is sending money to mexio! Thats why Millwood Inc likes it that way, so they can be as cheap asses as they can. They also claim to be a RELIGOUS COMPANY. That couldnt be farther from the truth. They employ supervisors that are doing drugs on the property. The managers know that they are, and still let them work there with no consequences. This is a fact! Why? BECASE I FUCKIN TOLD THEM ABOUT IT! And of course, evil allways gets its way, and they asshole management and the drugys all rule the place and the very fiew good people and me will have to deal with it untill we find new employment. OH YEA! They know about the illegals too! Because they find out that their ssi number is no good! and tell them to go get a new one!!!!!!!! This is also fact, Because i heard them say it!!!!!! SO THEY CAN NOT SAY THEY DO NOT KNOW THAT THEY ARE NOT LEGAL! DO NOT WORK FOR THESE PEOPLE! THEY ARE ONLY IN IT FOR THEIR SELF!!!!!! THEY DONT GIVE A RATS A** ABOUT THE EMPLOYEE!! George shermansdale, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
49, Report #239782
Mar 22 2011
11:53 AM
Cash Arrives 365 CASH ADVANCE 365 ripoff California
Entity: California
50, Report #290039
Dec 29 2007
03:35 AM
smcorp -specailty Merchandise Corporation violated there own contract,suppose to be charged 1 a month,didn't recieve package until I had to call in for it after 16 days, I was suppose to pay 39.95 for each month on the 8 so they kept charging me 2 or 3 times amonth. Simi Valley California
First I called SMCORP a man sounded very friendly but to friendly. He asked me if I had a bank account I had replied no I don't. He asked me does anyone have a bank account I said yes, my mother does. So he asked me a few more questions. And he told me that I would have to wait for 9 to 15 days until I would see my package. And then he made a comment to me (don't call me any earlier until you see your package. I replied okay. Keep in mind I ave this guy my mothers banking information. I waited for 16 days just to make sure my package never game I called SMCORP back that day or he following day, which ever day I know that it was ASAP! I spoked to to exactly 4 people that day. Each of them telling me that they could not find my name in the system. My mom was on the other end of the phone while I was making some of these calls and also listening near by. So they asked me to resign up I replied okay. So this time my mom gave them her debit card to use this time. My package arrived in 4 to 5 days because that's how long it takes for a debit card. Got my package then all of of a sudden they hit you with all kinds of charges coming from here and there. I am telling them I don't have the money to pay for an website. So I was getting stressed out about all this new money that kept being asked for again and again. Then keep in mind we have a buisness coach. He kept trying to tell me to stay in smc as again I said okay. My business coach said he would have another way I could make money in order to pay for my emerchant website. Or to send a money gram of 290 dollars. I didn't do that. So I called a few times to tell them I was canceling. I called the first time on October 23, 2007 didn't receive my package but then they told me they didn't have my name in the system but two days later on my mom bank account on October 25, 2007 they charged it on my mothers bank account. I asked them why did they do that. A women replied well maam That is because you signed up for it on October 23,2007. And they took out 39.95 that same day October 25, 2007. Finally I took my smc kit to the post office November the 27,2007, Now I skip the second time I called in for the package the second time which was November 8, 2007. I returned my package to the post office November 27, 2007. It got to Fontana California December 5, 2007. I have my receipts and all for prove. Now I am trying to get a refund and they are telling me I only get back 24.95. Philomena Chipley, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Simi Valley, California

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