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1, Report #1367682
Apr 14 2017
06:20 AM
Imperial auto services Cary Internet
I bought a PCM for my f150 paid 298 dollars .L received the part took most of the day to install it and it didn't work . Truck would not even stay running. So I took it out and called imperial and told them I wanted a refund they said ok just send it back.when I received my refund they had charged me 130 dollars for returning it. Sent me a faulty product and charged me 130.00 to send it back
2, Report #1370426
Apr 29 2017
07:36 PM
Imperial Auto Services LLC,, Imperial Car Computer Exchange, Total rip off! Return policy is a rip off. CARY North Carolina
This place is a rip off. There online site states that you can return items, but it fails to state that they will charge you over half of what you pay to return an item without an explanation as to why... I paid $278.00 and was only credited back $138.00    
Entity: CARY, North Carolina
3, Report #1100768
Jun 16 2014
01:13 PM
Imperial Car Computer Exchange Imperial Auto Services, LLC Car Computer Exchange won't honor warranty or refund for non working PCM Cary North Carolina
  Purchased a PCM for my 2006 Jeep Wrangler did a lot of research for a transmission shifting issue. They said they were aware of the issue and a new programmed PCM would fix the problem. I ordered it and paid the $389 and had to send my original to them as a core. The unit arrived and I plugged it in. It worked fine for about 4 days and the same exact issue came back. I had to send it back to them on my dime. They claimed to have checked it out and replaced some parts and sent it back to me after a week. This time, I plugged it in and it would drive, but went into a safe mode and would not shift or go over 40mph. I called the tech department of and was told I had to go to a dealer and have it programmed ($120). Says right on the website that the PCM's come pre-programmed and you won't have to do this. This is coppied straight from their website. Will I need to go to the Dealer to do any programming to my computer? No. All of our computers we sell are plug and play. They are updated with the latest factory software and programmed with your car's VIN. We generally have same equipment and technology as the dealer. The transmission shift issue came back immediately after the dealer programmed. Now worse than ever. The dealer checked it out for me, replaced a couple of sensors and took the transmission pan off to inspect ($685) and could not find any other problems. I told them to replace the PCM at my cost - $900. They replaced the PCM and I have been problem free ever since. The dealer said I needed a core for the PCM to save $200 on a core charge. I called and was told by the warranty representative to give them the bad PCM. They also told me they would send the request for a refund to the refund department, which is the owner Lou, and they would get back to me. They never got back to me. I called several times and could not speak to the person who is in charge of refunds. I was only given a email address, Billing at They sent back a response that said only we will not be issuing a refund. Would not respond to any other emails. Could not speak directly to the person responsible for issuing refunds. Was told by the Tech department that they only use email for this.
Entity: Cary , North Carolina
4, Report #1124787
Feb 20 2014
11:37 AM
Imperial Auto Services / Car Computer Exchange Send you a bad part, accuse you of just testing it, will not refund Cary North Carolina
 Ordered a part with this company 11/2013.Part did not work.Sent it back, was told I would get a refund.They will not give me my money, they have part. I ordered a powertrain control module from this company in November 2013. They asked me the specifics for my vehicle, needed by them to program this part, per manufacturer requirements. I received the part, it was not compatible with my vehicle and did not work. I was told to send it back and they would check it. I sent it back and had to call for the status and they asked me if I just wanted a refund or did I want them to try to reprogram it. I opted for the refund and was told I would receive it. I have had to call a half a dozen times to find out where it is, they kept telling me they would get it processed and still nothing. I spoke to a manager yesterday and they just emailed stating that they are not actually going to issue a refund because they've accused me of just testing the part and that negates the refund guarantee,and they have the part that I paid for that did not work, as guaranteed. I now have no money and no part and this is considered satisfactory business dealings by them.
Entity: Cary, North Carolina
5, Report #81023
Feb 19 2004
03:23 PM
Imperial Benifits ripoff Nationwide
Today i received a phone call from Dincent Pretel telling me that i was approved for a credit card of $2,500 credit limit with no service fees or interest. All i would have to pay is $279.00 to acctavate it and this would be a one time only payment which would be withdrawn from my savings account. Which all this sounded good to me almost to good to be true. So my fiance and i said ok. Then i hung up with him and 2 seconds latter a Andra Miller called to ask me some more questions, which they said i could only say yes or no to the questions. At the end of the call a recording came on and told me i would receive my package and card 30 days after the money was withdrawn from account, and gave me a tracking number, then the call was disconned. With the call being disconned i stared to feel like i might of been coned. So i called my bank and explaned this to them and i could put a stop payment on this for a fee of $8.00, she also told me to call the better business bureau and to look up the site on the internet. I called the better business bureau and told them what had happened and she told me it was also a con. Then i preceded to look up Imperial benifits on the internet and this rip off report came up. I thought i should let other people know what had happened to me so this wouldn't happen to anyone else. Elizabeth MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #36796
Dec 02 2002
01:32 PM
imperial consumer ripoff Columbus Internet
Sometime around the end of October, i received a phone call.I asked if this was the company that i filled out my application to for a credit card and they said yes.He told me that they loss my information and that they needed it again.So i gave them my info then two months later I found out that it was not the company that i filled out the application for.they stole money out the account and lied saying that they were a different company.This was right befor i got a joint account, which huntington gave me a credit card application and it was not for imperial consumer. Shakeena Columbus, Ohio
Entity: Internet
7, Report #795760
Nov 07 2011
10:26 AM
Imperial Merchant Services Edward Grant Switch to start precessing credit card using Imperial Merchant Service, When I recieve my equipment nothing is what was promise, Call and spoke to my sale rep. Edward Grant and Then his supervisor Ste New York, New York
Sitting in the office one day doing normal paper work. got a phone call from Edward Grant from Imperial Merchants Service to wanting to talk to me about accepting credit card at a discount rate, he asked me to fax him my last statement from my current processor and i agre to do that. it took him about a day to get back wiyh me and he said good news i can save you about $100.00 per month and he fax me all the rate that he will be offering. everything look good agree to sign and join imperial merchant service. i told edward that i would like a high speed processing equipment and he said no problem. about one week later i recieve my equipment got everything hook up and working, I notice the processing was really slow so i call edward and let him know, he told me it was a high speed machine, i the turn around and call tech support to find out why the processing was so slow, they told me i do not have a high speed processor, i then call edward back and let him know what tech told me after our talk about 15 minutes later his boss Steve contact me and ask what is going on, i then began to explain what was happening and he told me he will handle this from know on and he will send out a new high speed processor, i did recieve the new precessor a couple days later, got it hooked up whent to run my first debit transection only to find out it is not set up to take debit, made a phone call to steve he said he will get right on it, its been over two weeks and i still cannot process debit. on top of all of this they lock you in a 48 months lease term on the equipment and the merchant service. to anyone who is considering switching to Imperial Merchant Service be aware they are a scam and a ripoff, be aware of Ewdard Grant, he is the head ripoff of the company, promiss he can never keep. know i am paying for a machine and a merchant  fee on a montly basis and i cannot even use it, once again be aware and stay away from Imperial Merchant Service, the wrold leading in credit card processing ripoff.
Entity: New York, New York
8, Report #1235863
Jun 15 2015
08:01 PM
Imperial Auto of Manassas Imperial Auto Highline Dishonest and Defective Used Car Dealership: IMPERIAL AUTO OF MANASSAS STEER CLEAR!!! Manassas Virginia
Imperial Auto8710 Kincheloe DriveManassas, Virginia 20110(703) 368-7777I purchased a 2006 BMW X5 4.8is from your dealership located at 8710 Kincheloe Drive Manassas, Virginia on Monday June 1, 2015. I am requesting reimbursement for my enormous repair cost that I have incurred and continue to incur since purchasing this vehicle. I bought the vehicle based on the integrity of the dealership.On Tuesday June 2, 2015, I took this vehicle to a BMW dealership in Silver Spring, MD and had my vehicle checked out not just for MD State Inspection items but overall well being of the vehicle (I have attached the MD State Inspection results and the cost estimate provided to me).  According to BMW it would cost me upwards of $12, 000 dollars to just repair the items to pass inspection.The items identified as issues during this visit to a repair shop were listed as:AlignmentRight Rear and Right Front Rims are bentNew tiresLower ball joints for thrust rod need replacing (2x)All rotors are rustedLeft Front Daytime Running Light outRear Defroster Button MissingDrive side mirror housing damagedVehicle Burning OilBoth valve cover gaskets/upper timing chain cover/snowman gasket leaking oilLeft inner CV Boot tornTotal Repair over $12,000.00On Tuesday June 2, 2015 after receiving the estimate of vehicle repairs and cost from BMW I called Imperial Auto and spoke with Jason (Identified as the General Manager). I discussed with him the issues that were discovered with the vehicle and he asked that I forward the inspection failure document to him so he and his service manager could review. Jason stated after the review they would get back to me with what they would be willing to help me out with regarding the issues with the vehicle and the cost.On Tuesday June 2, 2015 at approximately 5:30pm after not receiving a call back from Jason as promised I called Imperial Auto back again and spoke with Jason and he stated his service manager would be in the dealership in 45 minutes and he would call me as soon as he arrived to discuss the issues with my vehicle.My vehicle was returned to me after inspection by BMW on Wednesday June 3, 2015. On Thursday June 4, 2015 I took the vehicle to Ormsby Auto located in Rockville MD.Since I had not heard back from Imperial Auto as they promised and this is my only vehicle I had to come up with and pay $3,070.00 to repair the required items to pass MD State Inspection and get the vehicle into safe operational mode.The following items were identified (Document of repairs also attached) as essential to pass MD State Inspection and the overall functioning of the vehicle in a safe manner so that I could drive it.Both front axles replacedBoth Front Brake Discs replacedBoth rear brake rotorsRight rear engine mountBoth valve cover gasket setsReplace bulb for daytime running lightThe vehicle remained with Ormsby Auto until Monday June 8, 2015 to perform the repairs required.On Wednesday June 10, 2015 I had to take the vehicle back to Ormsby Auto due to knocking sounds coming from the vehicle, exhaust smoke emanating from the rear of the vehicle, the tie pressure light remaining in an ON status and although he windshield fluid was filled in the vehicle the error message is ON and remained on.On Wednesday June 10, 2015 I was required to leave the vehicle so that additional diagnostic could be done.On Thursday June 11, 2015 I was advised by Ormsby Auto that, I will send the estimate upon receipt and pick up of the vehicle today (6/11/2015):Right Front Struts needs replacingTPMS sensors (2X) need replacingCrank Case Ventilation Connecting Lines/Pipes need replacing.These additional repairs are estimated to cost me an additional $3,000-$4,000 dollars to get the vehicle in running order. I paid $10,072 in cash for a vehicle that I already had to spend $3,000 for essential repairs and this cost does not include what I will need to pay for taxes, tags etc.. and now I am looking at another $4,000 in repairs.Raphael and Bobby both advised me when I was purchasing the vehicle that if there were any issues that come up with the vehicle to let them know and they would assist me. I was repeatedly told that we are a family business and we have no problem assisting when there are issues with one of our vehicles.On Monday June 8, 2015, I reached out to Imperial Auto for the 3rd time as it had been 1 week since I purchased the vehicle. I was forwarded to the sales representative Raphael. I spoke with him about the issues with the vehicle and what went on with Jason and he advised in his words, “When you purchase a care we don’t just say oh well Ms. D. purchased a car and now we are done with her”. He assured me that he would share the information with the owners and see what they could do and he would give me a call back. As of this writing of this letter Thursday June 11, 2015 I have not heard from anyone from Imperial Auto.
Entity: Manassas, Virginia
9, Report #115706
Nov 02 2004
03:03 AM
Imperial Consumer Services ripoff Nationwide
i sent away for a credit repair kit , actualy to try an rebuild my credit but once i got it and saw what it was i wanted a refund but they said that i had to send them a statement from 3 banks that i got denied for credit Maryann east windsor, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #37650
Dec 09 2002
02:18 PM
Imperial consumer services ripoff business miami Florida
on monday morning at 8:30 i received a phone call from a company they call it Imperia consumer services and i start telling the lady i don't want to open an account and i don't know were did she get my phone number or my name and i hung up the phone on here 20 time and she kept calling and in the end i give her the account number and since then i never had a chance to talk to the and the only way that want to talk is to take them to the court and after 2 months still didn't receive any thing and that was one of my worest day on my life tony 12/07/02 tony oak park, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: miami, Florida
11, Report #37093
Dec 04 2002
08:42 AM
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #43220
Jan 29 2003
06:55 AM
Imperial Consumer Services ripoff Scam Unfair ripoff Connecticut
I received a phone call from a Glenda Adams with Imperial Consumer Services. What they had to offered was great I pay $259.00 and I would receive a Visa with a credit line of $2500.00 being that I am a single mom and I live check to check. I had a few extra dollars in the bank and deciede this would be good for me. I would be able to get the kids the couple extra toys for Christmas. Needless to say this never happened I am out $259.00 which is a lot of money to me and everytime I call the # that I was given I get a different story on my card. I have never ever been ripped off like this before. I always thought I was to smart for a scam but needless to say this is a lesson that I have learned. It is January 29, 2003 and the call took place on 12/6/02 I guess I will never see the card. I am hpwever determined to get my money back not sure how but I will. Debbie Fairfield, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Connecticut
13, Report #1249803
Aug 20 2015
01:27 PM
Imperial Capital Cars BEWARE - RIPOFF IMPERIAL CAPITAL CARS Hollywood Florida
On Wednesday, July 29 2015 a sale person named Mike left a voice mail on my phone indicating that he had good news, he found a vehicle that fits my budget. With great excitement, I contacted Mike and he organized a driver to pick me up at my apartment. I had a friend in town and she decided to come with me at Imperial Capital Cars. When we got there, I met Mike in his office. I brought me to ONE car, which he claims that it's the best fit because my credit was bad and the monthly payments were excellent. It was an used 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor, I am a woman who knew nothing about cars. All I knew I wanted a car that is in good condition, and fits my budget because I work 4:00 am shift everyday and most times either a friend or taxi takes me to work. I decided to end that on Thursday, July 30, 2015 by buying my own car at Imperial Capital Cars. Mike seemed like a really nice man. I was convinced that he was going to satisfied my needs, and that's what business does for its customers. I asked him is there any other vehicles, he said with my credit, the vehicles will be very pricey, I wanted a vehicle so badly, I knew my credit was no good. So, I understood exactly what he was talking about. Before I purchased the vehicle I asked him if the vehicle was in good condition and he said YES. I took his word, oh bouy, BIG MISTAKE. I paid $1000 down, I finance the car with New City Funding thru Imperial Capital Cars. The car was $3985.70 cash price according to the contract, with a monthly payment of $216.22. I was charge a 26.75% (very high interest rate but again I understood because of my credit, I was happy that I was getting a car and fits my budget)interest charge with a total payments of $5189.28. Along with my insurance and monthly payments I was paying less than $400, and for me, that was perfect. He further told me before I drive the car home the bank wanted an interview with me, which I thought was very impressive. There, the bank contacted me and asked me a few questions about the vehicle and the contract. That day July 30, 2015 I drove home the 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor, very good interior, but I realized that car mirrors were giving a blurry reflection, I contacted Mike immediately and he said he will order some and call me to come and pick them up by Monday, August 03, 2015. The very next day, Friday July, 31 2015 I tried to start the car, it wouldn't start. So, I got a friend to check it, he discovered that the car needed a battery. Additionally, I was pulled over by the police because I had no brakes light. I also realized that a service engine soon came on the dash board. I was very disappointed, again I contacted Mike about the battery and the brakes light, he said to bring the car he will replace the battery and the light. I went the same day but when I got there, I was told there was no more battery, I asked him to purchased a battery because I needed the car to go to work the next day. He said the company (that is Imperial Capital Cars)has a particular company that does refurbished battery and he is not buying a new battery for me, I would have to wait until they received the new order for the refurbished battery. Also, he had no light to replace the ones I had. I needed my car because I bought it for the sole purpose to take me to work, so, I bought a new battery and lights at Auto Zone for the car. After I replaced the battery and lights, I paid attention to anything that seems unusual on my car. I thought my problems were over. But, it was just the beginning of my nightmare. The car started to give a bumpy ride and weird noises when I am driving. I'm not stupid, I knew something was with the car. So I took the car by a mechanic shop, the mechanic took the car on a test drive and immediately told me that the transmission is going bad and that the wheels on the vehicle is not the wheels for the vehicle. I was mad and very upset, however I kept my calm and contacted Mike again.  On Thursday, August 6, 2015 I return the car to Imperial Capital Cars, I spoke with Mike and I told him that I needed a full refund of my money because I was sold a lemon. He said I can not get my money back and that he was going to fix the problem. On Thursday, August 16, 2015 I got a call from Mike who said I should come back for the car because he fixed the problem. On the day I picked the car up and drove it to my mechanic. The mechanic drove the car and did a diagnosis test and said the transmission problem is still there.   Now, I don't have a car and yet I still don't have my down payment, because they would not give me back anything from my down payment.   
Entity: Hollywood, Florida
14, Report #1362881
Mar 20 2017
01:32 PM
Imperial Auto Stafford Breach of Contract! No accountability! Fixing their mistakes! Stafford Virginia
On December 8, 2016 I purchased a 2011 Chevy Traverse from Imperial Auto.  The car had a known catalytic converter problem which was supposed to be repaired properly prior to purchase, it was not.   Mr. Williams, the salesman, acknowledged that car WAS NOT repaired correctly, and wrote into my contract that the car WOULD BE repaired by them, at no cost.  We contacted both Mr. Williams and Brittany, the general manager, to make arrangements for the repair, PER THEIR CONTRACT! After two weeks of going back and forth with both Mr. Williams and Brittany, we were finally given a definitive NO on Imperial Auto making the repairs to my vehicle, despite I have it in writing. I am now contacting my lawyers, and will have to sue them for the cost of the repairs.
Entity: Stafford, Virginia
15, Report #77667
Jan 21 2004
02:26 PM
Imperial Benefits ripoff Champlain New York
Called me and offered me a $3,000 master card for $279. They took my money out of my account, and all I got was a bunch of papers. An application for more info from me to take more money from my account. I mailed all paperwork back, they said they would give me a refund Decemb er 12, Non yet 1-21-04 Virginia St. Augustine, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Champlain, New York
16, Report #76755
Jan 10 2004
03:30 PM
Imperial Benefits ripoff Champlain New York
This company called me claiming I had applied for a credit card through them and told me I was approved. The thing is I don't remember ever applying to them. Nora Lyons, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Champlain, New York
17, Report #80559
Feb 15 2004
10:22 PM
Imperial Benefit ripoff, scam, don't trust Internet
Imperial Bebefit called me one day with this great creditcard offer. so i said ok and they charged me $279. its been weeks and i have not recieved anything from, nor have i been able to reach them at the phone number they gave me. its like they are a ghost. they f**ked me for $279 that i thought was going to help my credit rating. what kind of people take money from people who can barely aford to pay their bills in the first place? if these people call you. thell them they are full of shit and hang up the phone. dont let them foul you like they did me and many other people who couldn't aford it in the first place. Ian ?, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #79308
Feb 05 2004
10:11 AM
Imperial Benefits ripoff Champlain New York
Imperial benefits got me also, they called my cell phone, of course I thought it was to good to be true, but the cells person convinced me,I gave them my acct. information, and after that I got calls from so many other people, so I finally asked for a number again, and he told me to hold he didn't have the 1-800 number with him, and he hung up, i tryed to re-dial the number, but they never answer, then I got another sales person who called later, and I told her that 4 other people called with the same pitch, and asked her was this some type of scam, and that i wanted to cancel the card, she of course hung up on me also. Stacy 31404, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Champlain, New Mexico
19, Report #87189
Apr 09 2004
10:44 AM
Imperial Benefits ripoff New York Wisconsin
In Janurary I recieved a call from a lady named Jessica. She asked me if I was interested in recieving a creditcard with the limit of $3,000 to help get my credit back in order, and start the new year off on the right foot. She told me there was a fee. It's not like I've never heard of that before. Sometimes creditcards do have a fee to get them. I thought to myself well I would pay any day $279.00 to get $3,000. I was planning on moving that next month, I had a phone bill that I was going to throw on there, pay my parking tickets off, and fix my car so that I would be able to use cash I had saved up for my apartment. Now that I have never recieved the creditcard. My phone is cut off, I lost my job because my car didn't get fixed, my license is suspended because of my parking tickets never being paid, and now I'm s.o.l. I call everyday, and it's the same guy telling me it's on it's way. I finally just said give me my money back. So they told me a refund will be back in my account within 10 days. I called yesterday he said it would be there today. Guess what, it's not. I called today and due to the Easter holiday, no one is available. This SUCKS. Tiffany Sussex, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: New York, Wisconsin
20, Report #84858
Mar 22 2004
11:45 AM
Imperial Benefit ripoff! Champlain New York
i also was ripoff by imperial benefits someone called me and claimed that I was approved for a mastercard and when i found out the truth about the card i asked for a refund and i was told the the money would be drafted back into my account but it never was and i called ever week and speak to the same person. Chantella cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Champlian, New York
21, Report #600152
May 04 2010
06:08 PM
Imperial Debt Settlement SCAM!!! FRAUD!!! Internet
Somebody call me offering me a program to get out of debt a few months ago. They told me all I needed to do was to sign an agreement and they will take care of my credit cards. They didn't tell me that they were going to charge me like $4000 USD up front in the monthly payments and that my creditors would be calling me all the time. I was making the payments every month thinking something was getting done but they collected most of it to their fees. My accounts go to collection, they haven't done anything, my banks say they do not settle with that company. I wanted to get a refund but in the agreement says I can't get a refund. I didn't review the agreement very well because Spanish is my first language. They tricked me into thinking they were going to help me but they didn't! They took advantage of my situation! I called them and tried to speak with a Spanish representative but nobody is never available. They didn't return my calls. I finally cancel the agreement, lost about $2000 and my accounts have late fees. BAD COMPANY IS A SCAM AND A FRAUD!!!!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
22, Report #88863
Apr 24 2004
09:13 PM
Imperial Benefit ripoff Champlain New York
I was called by a lady that sounded African American and her name Patricia Smith. She had called me and told me about their offer of a credit card with the amount of $3,000.00 on it. Then she had explained all these great deals and offers along with it. She then said that there is a $279.00 fee. So I gave her my checking account number and all for them to withdraw it from my account. She then said that there would be a packet in the mail and that I would have to fill out some forms and send it back in order to get my card. So the packet came in the mail and nothing came in the mail with in the 10 days they said it would be here in the mail. So I called, called and called over and over again and again. Nothing came in the mail. So I called them and they said that in order to get my refund back I would have to send back the entire packet. So before sending back the entire packet I copied everything and put it on a cd. Nothing still came in the mail. I am still waiting for my $279.00 refund. You know, even when I call to complain it's the same Jack ass that keeps answering the phone. Don't fall for this scam. They really suck! Hina Waipahu, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Champlain, New York
23, Report #89022
Apr 26 2004
01:01 PM
Imperial Benefits ripoff Champlain new york
In November of 2003 we got a phone call from Imperial Benefits. They asked us if we wanted a credit card with a $3000 limit for $279. So we of course gave them our checking account number and they took out the money and told us we would get the credit card in 30 days. Well we waited and it never came so we called and they apologized and said there would be an application in the mail. Well that never came so we called again and told them we wanted our money back they said they would have it direct deposited all $279 by 4-2-04. Well that never happened so we called again and they said that they couldnt refund our money its been to long, so we told them to send us a credit card. Well they never sent us anything so we called and wanted to speak to a manager, they put us on hold for over an hour and the number isnt toll free but then they would hang up on us about the time they closed. Well I called back again and they said it would be direct deposited again on 4-23-04 but that never happened. So I called and they are supposed to check on it but they were very rude. I am gonna keep trying. I even told the better business bureau. Tomas mt. Vernon, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Champlain, New York
24, Report #99238
Jul 16 2004
02:27 PM
Imperial Benefits ripoff Champlin New York
i was called and offered a credit card limit of 3000 dollars and for a simple fee of 279 dollars while i payed that out of my savings account and received a packard say ing i needed to pay another 40.00 dollars to receive my card well i sent back the package and never got a call or anything i lost their number but found it now but the number is nto in service any more Lisa appleton, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Champlin, New York
25, Report #1140587
Apr 21 2014
06:32 PM
imperial Services SpliSeal, Promerican I paid promptly for a SlpiSeal tool $104 and haven't received a thing 2 months later. Mayville Internet
I purchased a Spliseal kit for $104 and hadn't received it in a few weeks, I emailed them and asked where it was and Steve emailed back stating that they were putting them together and should ship in a couple of days. Now its been a month and a half later and still no product. I have email them a few more times with no response. this place is a SCAM! I will never do business with these ***** again!
Entity: Internet

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