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1, Report #1396826
Aug 30 2017
04:32 PM
Indian hot springs / Idaho springs Dangerous staff and toxic waters dump hotel Idaho Springs Colorado **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
 This is a Warning for all people Indian hot springs is a dangerous dump with violent aggressive staff . I spent around 1000$ in plane fares from Los Angeles and car rental , booked myself what I was under the impression from the website an authentic getaway to a retreat at Indian Hot springs. There is nothing Indian about this place . It is run by hillbillies and thugs . I dipped in the main large pool only to run out after I developed a rash from the highlly chlorinated water . Apparently the water is highly chlorinated . there actually is no MINERAL left in any if the pools . Private baths or caves ! The caves are man made and the little metallic pools are being eaten away by decades of rust . A disasterous combination , rust and chlorine . In addition to angry perhaps Meth head maintenance guy named Matt and other general managers and staff who are just out of their minds it makes this place a very hostile enviprment . I was assulted by Matt the Meth head early Am in a private room with a small tub in it . I was partially naked with the door closed deeply emersed in a morning yoga meditation and chanting when Matt barges in yelling : you are not supposed to be in here Me: Yes I am , here is my wrist band . Matt : get out of here Me: excuse me ! No ! You are interupting my meditation please close the door Matt: get out of here as he yells louder Me: trembeling , I dont undertand !?! I have paid for two people , I am a guest , I have rented a room here and paid for two , yet it is just me and I was given a voucher stating that I can use a private bath for one hour . Go ask them upstairs they know I am here ! Matt slams the door violently By this time I am shaken trembeling and proceed to exit the bath with a towel wraped around my body Matt returns within a minute and burts trough the door this time screaming as loud as he can Matt is a middle aged man around 6 foot 3 , weights about 220 pounds . I was petrified . He stands in the doorway and repeats himself over and over shouting : get out get out get out get out NOW NOW .. He was completly hysterical out of his mind . Me: please move away from the door , as you can see I am out , you are blocking the doorway . Matt : get out of here or I am gonna make you get out Me: raising my voice and shaking all over , get out of my way! I am trying to get out Matt slams the door and yells you f*g have 5 minutes and waits outside the door . I exit and say I am going to go upstairs and tell them what you just did .. he continues to harass me this time Threatening me saying : you are tresspassing, I can do whatever I want . Trespasser trespasser.. Then follows me an inch behind me breathing on my neck repeating himself again :you are tresspassing what are you gonna do about it ? huh ? what are you gonna do about it ?? I speed up and run for my life out of the underground chambers , find some stairs and ran to the desk looking for simeone to save me !Matt is still following me ! Trembeling , I recount to everyone at the front desk what just happened . Shockingly the housekeeping women surround me and say , you weren't supposed to be there you were tresspassing , one girl mocks me and says oops oops and laughs out loud . I then speak to the general manager , he tells me for 10 minutes about all the problems they have due to mismanagement ! And says , look ! we are tiered of people using the rooms they are not suppose to . People go in the clay room all the time or private baths , this is just our policy we are tiered of it . Then points out to a man saying : see that man standing over there ?! you are lucky it wasnt him , he would have been wayyyyy tougher with you . We don't play around here . He justified Matt 's violence and said that this is how the owner wants it . We don't bullshitt . I show him my wrist band , then the girl who checked me in lies to me in defense of her minimum wage job and says you were not suppose to use the private baths! I went to call the police , but the manager said , there is nothing they can do , you can write all the reports you want or complain but you were tresspassing so you really have NO RIGHTS! I asked if they had any hotel hospitality training ? The manager said no , we just plunged in and run it as we go . I immediately checked out of my room and left the tragic place . I had a pass to use a Geo thermal cave or a private bath ! They were so sbusive and illiterate and I was so afraid because at this point the whole staff gangs up against me including Matt's wife in housekeeping . Never had I seen such degenerates in a retreat ! Do not go there . It is contrary to the images on their website It is not serene , clean , theraputic or holistic . And the only indian reference is just a picture on the wall The natives do not own or run the place . I would not be surprized if the natives were murdered and barried there while their spring was stolen by the white man . It is eerie and creepy . In fact the name should be changed to (white supremacy springs ) The rooms are worn down . I had a mouse in my room eating away at something all night long . The cave pools are in metal boxes that have rusted away . The place might collaps any day . They do not observe any safety codes and certaily do not posesses any etiquettes. I was called vulgar names behind my gack as I walked away by the females at the front desk ! It is deceiving , young cute females with soft voices check you in and the violent thugs check you out ! Taking a bath with some epsom salt and sea salt is your own home is much more luxurious and actually full of minerals ! minerals are cancelled out by chlorine .! Those waters are dead and infested with dead skin from the hundreds of visitors who , some like myself have travelled far in hopes for an authentic mineral hot springs . The manager refused to apologize for Matt 's behavior , he in fact backed up all the allegations and said this is the only way we can and have control over people tresspassing . I WAS NOT TRESSPASSING! I had paid a good sum of 160 $ to be there ! He did not refund me either , instead sadistically mocked me . Be careful ! There are many actual authentic hot springs in Colorado out in nature ! Do not pay for this dump . Do not support these lying cheating violent thugs. They are merciless and racist dirty and the whole place is a fraud .
Entity: Idaho Springs , Colorado
2, Report #312837
Feb 28 2008
07:26 AM
Big Dog Development - Bj Woolverton - Hot Springs Realty arson, construction problems, flips, fake mls listings Hot Springs Arkansas
Big Dog Development (BJ Woolverton, et al) is building another condo development at 117 Lookout Point in Hot Springs, AR. This are the condos that mysteriously burned to the ground in April of 2007 but, like the Phoenix, rise again. Big Dog previously built the condos down the road at 225 Lookout Point. These are the condos that had (have?) mold, fire inspectors demanding all sorts of changes, structural issues, and supposedly a leading swimming pool on a steep grade. Woolverton is involved in some lawsuits, one of which is with the ex-builder of 225 Lookout Point alleging Big Dog's quality construction has mold problems. Big Dog got a different builder for the 117 Lookout Point condos after the fire that the local fire chief said was arson. It is noteworthy that the State of Arkansas no longer puts the owners of corporations on its website per a convenient effective 2007 so names of the real players in Big Dog are no longer available to the public. The 117 Lookout Point condos have the same bogus MLS listings with fake pictures and misleading info that Woolverton used when he was selling the condos at 225 Lookout Point. They should name it Old Dog since some folks can't learn new tricks. Any potential buyers of these 117 Lookout Point condos should check with the owners of the previously built 225 Lookout Points condos and see how satisfied they are with Woolverton and his Big Dog Development. Wmw hot springs, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Hot Springs, Arkansas
3, Report #1133013
Mar 23 2014
07:55 PM
Hot springs village POA Not Men and Women of Their Word Hot springs village Arkansas
First, let me preface this report with my late Grandfather's three favorite words...In my opinion. In my opinion, the POA or several people on it are not men and women of their word. In my opinion, they lie and cover up things to cover their or someone else's A--. In my situation, I filed a divorce against my lying, soon to be ex-wife. She supposedly went to NIH for a bone marrow transplant and raised thousands of dollars for the alleged transplant in the state of Oklahoma. To my knowledge, no money was raised in Arkansas. In my opinion, admissibility rules for evidence need to evolve. Thus, I will admit texts, dates and times from a T-mobile device. Text 1. Date: November 21 Time: 6:41 A.M. Good morning babe. Hope all is well in your world. Surgery for an IV Line Placement today. Transplant starting. Miss you. Text 2. Date November 21 Time 11:42 PM Gosh. I am so sorry I startled you. I tried to call several times to let you know I was here but you didn't answer. You gotta answer the phone from me.  In my opinion, the salient issue of the text is the time signature, which is 16 hours appx. I know Ford Contours are fast cars, but the last time I checked, they weren't Gulfstream 4 business jets. This time signature, in addition to the absence of a loving, doting Mother at the infancy of a complex procedure like a bone marrow transplant had me taken aback. I asked her to leave that evening when she startled me, and I don't regret it. The POA comes into play with her text of November 22. Time: 1:53 PM No Subject-Octagonal sticker on the window. The new ones are red.   She is definitely referring to a gate entry sticker issued by the POA #44927. This allowed her vehicle access through the security gate. After a very difficult decision to file for divorce prior to one full year of marriage, she explained to me that she didn't want anything from me-except for her things to be moved back to Oklahoma, which I thought was fair. I recently found out that she wants to use my house which I purchased years earlier as a single male as a marital asset. Of course, I went to the POA and asked when, how and where the sticker was issued. And after I received what, in my opinion, was a blow off by Mr. Moran and another lady, I requested the information to be sent to me by a lady in the back office. She said they were backed up, and she would send me the info in a couple weeks. Needless to say, I never got it. Any Lawyers out their itching to work on contingency?
Entity: Hot springs village, Arkansas
4, Report #780277
Sep 23 2011
06:28 AM
Waffle House Bad Managment!!!! Hot Springs, Arkansas
I was at Waffle House in Hot Springs Arkansas (the one by the race track). It was spotless!!! but that is the only thing i can say about it. The srevers were so on edge and the cooks were too. I was horrified by thier manager. She was talking to the poeple like they were children. I felt so sorry for them. All they were doing is asking for things they needed like pies: coffee; meats, ect... This is not the frist time that I have been in that Waffle House and seen this.  I have already written a letter to waffle house about this. They have not fixed this. so I have have become a regular at xxxx (((REDACTED))) instead.   sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Hot Springs, Arkansas
5, Report #222472
Nov 27 2006
04:41 PM
Red Lobster UPSET EX EMPLOYEE Hot Springs Arkansas
Who ever said that life was fair? This is one of the hardest things for a child to learn growing up. The worst is how we are reminded constantly of how things are not fair and how; unfortunately, they will never be that way.I have worked for red lobster for 3 years. The best way to define myself is a person of character. I have learned to always play the cards that I am dealt in life. I have also become a true believer in karma. Life is quite nice as long as you do not constantly complain. You must also think of the best and most certainly never do anything that will come back to haunt you. However, today I must complain. I must be heard. If not to help myself, but to relieve myself of some of the tension I have built up over the day. I was terminated today for the most unfair reason possible. Yesterday, I worked a double shift. I usually only work Sunday nights, but I had to save some extra cash for the holidays. It was around 730-745 (I am not positive of the exact moment). I was sharing a large party (11 people) with a fellow employee. I had to make change for my table. The woman had given me a 100 dollar bill. I had the change in my wallet. I pulled it out and made my change. I walked over to the table and gave my guest her change. I immediately realized that I had left my wallet in the computer station inside the drink station alley. But as we all know, it was no longer there. I was robbed by a fellow employee. They stole my credit cards, my check book, my cash, and the worst of it; they stole my bank from Red Lobster. I searched everywhere trying to find my wallet. I offered to pay the managers the money to Red Lobster. They would not allow me to. I called the cops and waited a good two hours after my shift trying to do anything to help find the stolen money. It did not work. My manager, was so upset. Some of the fellow employees were also upset and they grouped together to give me 64. I offered to pay that to red lobster as well. Needless to say, that was also refused. I was told by my general manager today that I could no longer have a cash handling position but I could work in another area of Red Lobster. I have been working there for three years, never any mistakes. I am a certified trainer. I use to close cash almost every evening before I transferred. I would translate at the meeting for the kitchen crew. I was even a part of the safety committee. Granted it has been a while since I have really participated, because I am going to school for accounting. I can only work one day a week due to the intensity of my coursework. I love working for Red Lobster. I never complain about my job. I do not ever gossip and I am a dedicated person. I understand that I am rambling, but it is difficult for me to understand that a person with such a degree of ethics as me can be terminated, while another individual (a thief) can continue working. I do know that my bank was my responsibility, but does one mistake define an individuals being. I was always dedicated in hopes that once I get my first accounting job, I would be able to have an extraordinary resume as a great multitasker, and a very hard worker. Being as upset as I am, I called my regional manager. Not only did he agree with my general manager, he also terminated me. I understand a zero tolerance policy however there has been 4 wallets stolen from work over the past three months. These individuals were given an option. Does this not constitute some type of action? Mistakes happen everyday, but my mistake cost me my job. When I worked in NLR I remember a time when the management was under cash of 1000 plus of minus some. I also recall that they were only written up. May I ask, since there is a zero tolerance policy, why they were not terminated? I realize it's a different circumstance. But aren't all circumstances different. I am the one calling the police, the credit card companies, changing my bank account, and losing my job. I do not believe I have much more that could possibly be said. I understand to you, whomever you may be, I am only words written so passionately on a computer. I cannot prove my ethics or my dedication, but I do know that without a second regard I have been labeled. I have been punished for a crime that another individual committed. And with no other intention than to let it be know that ethically people do still exist. However today this is the person that is dismissed. I know in a corporation the ultimate goal is to make the share holders happy and I also know that reducing some of there revenues they are not, but I was an asset to Red Lobster. Never any complaints and always honest. I hope that I have left a lasting impression and that the real felon will be not only caught, but in catching them, that I will be cleared and my record clean, and my fellow coworkers will know the mistake that was made today. Secretly written Hot Springs, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Hot Springs, Arkansas
6, Report #1188742
Nov 13 2014
02:54 PM
benjamin franklin plumbing at Hot Springs Arkansas excessive charges Hot Springs Arkansas
 In my opinion, don't use Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Co. I did and this is what they did and I have the bill to prove it: I needed a fill valve (or column) replaced in the toilet tank. It cost less than $11.00 at Sutherlands on albert pike. they charged me 49.00 to come here. Then wanted me to pay a service call and part for a total of $ 228.00 for all of it including the 4900. I said no so still had to pay 49.00 for him to come here. my neighbor put it in for 11.00. Jarrell Plumbing, I later found out, would have fixed it for $65.00 plus the cost of the part, I will call Jarrell Plumbing next time I need a plumber.  I should have looked om the internet before calling anyone.
Entity: Hot Springs, Arkansas
7, Report #436486
Mar 22 2009
10:48 AM
Proflowers terrible scam Hot Springs California
I called my credit card company today and found out that I have been billed for the last 7 months regularly for $14.95 I just found out that the company billing me is Proflowers I did send flowers for my daughter's anniversary but only once - of course they simply continued billing me automatically the 6 consecutive months for half a year already beware, these people are not to be trusted I am furious now Rin56 Holland, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Hot Springs, California
8, Report #173994
Jan 30 2006
08:19 PM
Bank Of America ripoff Desert Hot Springs California
I had just moved to California of 2004 and went to get an account with BoA, when I got started they told me I had a bad account on Check Systems. I couldn't believe what they said so they got the info and turns out someone else had used my ss#. So they had me get proof of it being mine. I got all the proof and even went to the local Police Station to file a report. The bank did nothing other than bypass Check Systems and allow me an account then the Police have yet to do anything here. I have just recently filed again with the bank to clear it so I'm waiting to se what happens. And yes I did all the credit bureau places already its just BoA thats taking their time. but I'm writing this cause we had a check card and used it to buy my girlfriends daughter a excercise thing. Well turns out the company also charged other stuff to the card. I notified BoA immediately and to this day I still had to pay money cause they screwed me over. They put the money back into my account, then denied my claim then I filed again they did same thing for 3 months. They finally got the companies to pay back the amount but,the bank credited me money and left it sit for a month.I asked if my account was right and if had been resolved.They said yes its all taken care of. W ell it wasnt I used my card a couple times and all of a sudden I'm overdrawn again the bank took money back out and said they denied my claim again. Well, I filed again and after faxing the info 4 times and lots of calls they finally got part of it done. Yet they claimed I still owed 158.00 in overdrawn money. so instead of dealing with the losers anymore I paid the money and closed my account and will never deal with that bank again. Richard desert hot springs, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Desert Hot Springs, California
9, Report #1015682
Feb 17 2013
08:54 AM
Gregg Orr Gregg Orr Rip off Hot Springs, Arkansas
Bought a New Corolla from Orr. They danced me around about how somoene was looking at this car and told me that they would supply better customer service than the other dealers. I bought the car and then saw that the car was missing a hub cap. I informed them before taking the car off the lot and they said they would get me one. Not only did they not get me one they made me wait over an hour in the lobby while the sales men and sales manager did a  circle jerk in the back office playing videos that you could see them laughing and goofing off with. They were rude and pushed as if they had the only cars anyone one would want. I will never buy from them again. Riser Nissan was much better when I then did my next buy there. I called and complained about the hub cap and an hour wait to be informed that they had to order it. Then a month later when I called several times and no hubcap was told that they will take one off another car and wait to get the replacement in. They said they would meet me and give me the cap when I waited over an hour and then was told they could not spar anyone to drive out to deliver the cap. I had to go in and pick it up. I am sure they thought it was a way to keep me from asking for service. The Toyota is a great car no problems with it. But Orr is crap. I scrapped the logo off my car and replaced it with another logo of my liking. Gregg Orr is crap all the way around.
Entity: Hot Springs, Arkansas
10, Report #1282896
Jan 28 2016
10:05 AM
Lawson's Place Kiss your deposit goodbye! Hot Springs Arkansas
If I had only read some of the reviews prior to moving in ... I would have rented somewhere else. I lived at Lawson's Place for over three years.  Although the rent was a bit high (higher than what was posted on the Web site), I liked the location (close to my work), the neighborhood was safe & quiet, and the pool was clean and open from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekends.  As others have stated, I began getting notes on my door regularly, most advising routine matters like they would be changing the air filters, changing the batteries on the smoke detectors, or performing routine inspections.  It was after multiple inspection notices that I asked the property manager what they were inspecting; she said she liked the cleanliness of my apartment and wanted to show it to potential renters.  Pool time began to diminish, opening a week or two after Memorial Day and closing well before Labor Day.  When asked, the property manager said she was having problems with a renter not following the rules, so she had no option but to close the pool.  I guess it was easier to punish all the residents than to simply ban the offender from using the pool.  She accused my son of dropping his cigarette butts in the street near her apartment, although she had never actually seen it.  When I had a week-end house guest break a corner of the bathroom vanity top, I immediately reported it and she charged $301 to replace it ~ which was outrageous.  Things began to get worse the longer I lived there - we had to change our own filters, replace our own smoke detector batteries (not easy for an old lady with no ladder), the back exit was closed so all traffic had to enter/exit one spot, the pool would be locked because it looked cloudy this morning before I left town, etc. etc. After providing her 30-days' written notice that I was moving, she initially refused to pro-rate the rent although she had no problem pro-rating when I moved in.  I spent the final day cleaning and even swept out the garage.  I rolled the trash can to the curb, turned in my key, provided a forwarding address ... and I'm still waiting for my deposit, 3+ months later. In short, the apartments are great ... the property manager is the problem.  I think it is policy for them to keep your deposit regardless of the property's condition when you move.  It should be noted that I received a full deposit refund ($1200) from the last place I lived in Hot Springs, so I know I'm not a bad renter.    
Entity: Hot Springs, Arkansas
11, Report #1357638
Feb 22 2017
11:30 AM
Entity: Hot Springs , Arkansas
12, Report #1377377
Jun 06 2017
09:15 AM
Anayeli Zavala, Reggie Bickford Scammer Deceiptful Desert Hot Springs California
This person Anayeli Zavala uses her position with the city of Desert Hot Springs to scam investors.  I invested in buying a home in Desert Hot Springs along with my girlfriend but I was denied the purchase due to zoning nad permit issues.  IT turned out that Anayeli and her boyfriend picked up the property months later for nearly half the price.  Ironically after investigations, the property is still zoned and the permit issue was still a problem which would prevent a buyer to purchase it.The Bickfords and Zavala are tied to unscrupulous dealings which allows them to purchase dozens of properties in the city.  It's not only unfair but probably not legal.As a matter of curiosity I made a bid that was way over the asking price of a property but I was declined.  I later found out that the Bickfords bought the property for a fraction of my bid.  I want people to know that this kind of corruption needs to be addressed so that fairness to the public is kept fair and honest.I will never buy a home in Desert Hot Springs!
Entity: Desert Hot Springs, California
13, Report #1417886
Dec 19 2017
10:18 AM dba Store None receipt of Order. Hot Springs National Park Arkansas
Made a purchase on 24 November 2017.  Confirmation of Order # 24.  Billed my credit card.   I have requested an order status or tracking 3 times. company will not respond.
Entity: Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas
14, Report #1030394
Sep 07 2004
10:20 AM
Executive Hotel rip-off! Poor service, under-staffed, being run on a low budget. Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia
What a disappointment. The hotel cost as much as a 5 star hotel, but is very misleading. I was told that it is owned by a convicted man with terrorist ties. This would actually explain alot. It is being run by the family and very understaffed. The restaurant has incredible slow service, no liquor license, and average food. It is hard to get things up to your room or even replenishment of toiletries. I witnessed angry consumers several times when I was at the front desk that were upset about various things. I had ordered a package that included meals. What they don't tell you is there is a limit on the vouchers and you will most likely have to pay more, unless you just want a sandwich. It seems as if they are having financial trouble and running the hotel as if it is going out of business. Jack Paramus, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia
15, Report #1030395
Sep 07 2004
10:20 AM
Executive Hotel rip-off! Poor service, under-staffed, being run on a low budget. Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia
What a disappointment. The hotel cost as much as a 5 star hotel, but is very misleading. I was told that it is owned by a convicted man with terrorist ties. This would actually explain alot. It is being run by the family and very understaffed. The restaurant has incredible slow service, no liquor license, and average food. It is hard to get things up to your room or even replenishment of toiletries. I witnessed angry consumers several times when I was at the front desk that were upset about various things. I had ordered a package that included meals. What they don't tell you is there is a limit on the vouchers and you will most likely have to pay more, unless you just want a sandwich. It seems as if they are having financial trouble and running the hotel as if it is going out of business. Jack Paramus, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia
16, Report #1030396
Sep 07 2004
10:20 AM
Executive Hotel rip-off! Poor service, under-staffed, being run on a low budget. Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia
What a disappointment. The hotel cost as much as a 5 star hotel, but is very misleading. I was told that it is owned by a convicted man with terrorist ties. This would actually explain alot. It is being run by the family and very understaffed. The restaurant has incredible slow service, no liquor license, and average food. It is hard to get things up to your room or even replenishment of toiletries. I witnessed angry consumers several times when I was at the front desk that were upset about various things. I had ordered a package that included meals. What they don't tell you is there is a limit on the vouchers and you will most likely have to pay more, unless you just want a sandwich. It seems as if they are having financial trouble and running the hotel as if it is going out of business. Jack Paramus, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia
17, Report #346140
Jun 30 2008
09:02 PM
Rex Curtis free fish Hot Springs Arkansas
rex curtis has taken my money and never delivered the fish he promised. buy one get one free is a scam. watch out. Joe chattanooga, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Hot Springs, Arkansas
18, Report #414885
Jan 22 2009
12:41 PM Very Bad Customer Service Desert Hot Springs California
I placed an order online December 22, 2008 with I first called to ask them a question 2 times and the second time I asked if I could place the order with him instead of online. He very rudely replied no. The order was placed and the payment was processed on December 23, 2008. I received an email receipt for the payment and the order. I never received the purse or a notification of shipping from I left at least 5 voicemail messages on their phone and 4 emails. I never received a reply. I contacted an attorney to write a letter by email and they never received a reply. I contacted the Safe Shopping Network and they were the only ones who were able to get through by phone to a month later. finally called and said someone had called me back and that I should have received an email notification that the item was out of stock! I never received any phone call or an email. At this point, I just wanted my money back. The staff member for never apologized and was very rude regarding the entire situation. Do not order from unless you would like your money to be held hostage for a month or better yet never get it back. Anonymous Gulfport, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Desert Hot Springs, California
19, Report #574170
Feb 24 2010
07:36 AM scam ripoff fraud Hot Springs, Arkansas
I had a large collection of home videos on VHS format and I brought them to Earl. He charged me $800 dollars for the work which was never done. I called and called and only got his machine. I am out my money and all my videos. This guy is a big scammerWhen I finally did get him on the phone he was completly rude to me and told me basicly to go screw myself. I am not a young person and I cannot afford to fight him. I am very depressed over this. I hope others that read this understand what they are dealing withEarl Thurston also runs and there is a lot about him scamming people with this also. 
Entity: Hot Springs, Arkansas
20, Report #938241
Sep 07 2012
08:45 PM
Sunbay Resort Scam, ripoff, lies, fraud Hot Springs, Arkansas
Sunbay Resort is a scam, rip off, fraud, and they lied.  this resort has frauded my husband and I into buying a timeshare from them.  Which is worth nothing, that means zero dollars.  They said it is worth money and that we could sell it and make a profit or rent it and make money.  The salesman said that he has six and yes you heard right 6 properties or six different timeshares that he bought and rents out.  He said that we need to buy more to do the same.  This company is nothing more than a scam artist.  They are making millions on top of millions of dollars by scamming people.  I wish that there could be something done about this. 
Entity: Hot Springs, Arkansas
21, Report #1148929
May 22 2014
01:54 PM
Knights Inn Overcharged and Filtly Hot Springs Arkansas
Price when booked online is $15 higher when you get there and you van not cancel because they will charge you anyway. Rooms were disgusting and included dirty washcloths and stained towels and sheetsPaid $10 extra per room for bteakfast and it was cold gravy and cold cofferCable was in and outAir conditioner did not workComplained three times
Entity: Hot Springs, Arkansas
22, Report #155266
Aug 28 2005
11:19 AM
Hot Springs Volunteer Ambulance Service Refuses to give Iraq Vet Job back, then gives it back but not at level he was when deployed Hot Springs South Dakota
This Ambulance Service has a Paramedic that has been deployed to Iraq not once but twice. The first time he left and came back there was NO problem at all in giving him his job back. Now that he is back from the second deployment and there is a different executive board they are refusing to reinstate him at the same level that he was when he left. He has been brought back in as a Basic and not allowed to practice his Paramedic skills. This is only after months of fighting just to get back to work as a Basic. The board is betraying the entire service by keeping things from the membership and lying about things. They are holding meetings without having a quorum. The crew cheif is very rude to everyone and is killing the spirit of many EMT's who will NO longer run under him. The entire board needs to be taken off the service not just off the board. They are destroying what the service was put into place to do, care for the community. GL Hot Springs, South DakotaU.S.A.
Entity: Hot Springs, South Dakota
23, Report #310163
Feb 19 2008
02:28 PM
Hot Springs Realty Company, Garland County Title Company, BJ Woolverton Fake Ownership, Bogus Preliminary Title, Fake Exclusive Right to Sell Hot Springs Arkansas
We were looking to buy rental income property in Hot Springs Arkansas. A realtor friend told us of a rental income condo owned by BJ Woolverton, her boss and then owner and principal broker of Hot Springs Realty Company. In meeting Woolverton, he told us that he owned the condo, it had been rented for a year at $1200/mo, had its own boat slip, and he wanted $137,000. We told our agent (Woolverton's employee) to offer $130,000 which he accepted. Turns out all Woolverton owned was an exclusive right to sell (3 days earlier) with the true owners. He then gave the real owners a $500 deposit to buy the condo for $120,000 but conveniently neglected to mention this to us. Woolverton then opened escrow with Garland County Title on 8 December and we opened, unknown to us, a second escrow on 12 December for our purchase. When we asked the Title Company about Woolverton, they told us he was 'rock solid' and they gave us a preliminary title stating Woolvertons' fee simple ownership. One problem. The prelim title is dated 13 December and Woolverton didn't close his escrow until days later. But this fake title kept us in the dark as to what was really going on. Oh, I forgot to mention. There never were any renters, no rental of the condo, no right to sell the boat slip, and so on. At the Escrow closing, we were told that the County was tardy in its record keeping and that's why Woolverton's name was not on the records. All of this right in front of Carol Sikorski of Garland County Title. It is noteworthy that Ms. Sikorski does all of Woolverton's escrow work and now we know why. We complained to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission which is comprised mainly of real estate professionals. Despite their bias, even they had to find this crook guilty of something (misrepresentation). Then the Commission really THREW THE PAGE AT HIM. His sentence? 12 hours of ethics school. Given the lawsuit by American Home against ERA Rushing realty, our experiences, and the purchasers of other condos with all manner of defects, this is the wild west (east?) of real estate and Woolverton is Jesse James. The above didn't begin to cover all of Woolvertons' shenanigans such as backdated documents, forgeries, fake disclosures, etc. All of this for another time. Thanks. Wmw hot springs, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Hot Springs, Arkansas
24, Report #1272174
Dec 04 2015
10:04 PM
Hot Springs Law Firm - Hot Springs Lawyer, Hot Springs Attorney, Hot Springs Law Offices Hot Springs Lawyers failed to pay their bill for website services on an Arkansas Attroneys website. We sent bills for months and would get a reply that the check would be out soon and never showed up. After 8 months of sending bills and making phone calls, we have resorted to calling them out for not paying their bills. Hot Springs Arkansas
Our company built a website and performed internet marketing services for the Hot Springs Law Firm. After sending bills for months, we started making phone calls to recover our money for hard work and time spent to improve the search visibilty of their Hot Springs Attorneys website. After 8 months of calls, texts, messages and chasing our money - we were left holding the bill for this group of lawyers in Hot Springs Arkansas.
Entity: Hot Springs, Arkansas
25, Report #1222998
Apr 16 2015
10:59 PM
In May 2009 my wife and I recived a call on my cell phone. Inviting us to a sale presentation of time share like sales. We were talked into buying one week to be used during ten years. We first had to pay for it because we did not have the money to travel. It took us about three year to pay for this scam. The people behind this ripoff also use a hard money bill collector. If the payment was not maid on time we would get harrassed. We paid it off and checked if the timeshare company was still in operation. I was able to get a hold of someone in customer service. We decided to wait some time before we made an exchange. Last year when my daughter was off to college we tried calling, emailing and no one responded. I made repodts to the BBB in Las Vegas and Fresno. The could not get ahold of anyone. I provided them with the addresses of the principals. I was told by multiple people that Bicford and co. were very well connected with organized crime and to becareful of Mike Bicford and Dean Gray. I could go one. I do not want any share of Paradise. I just want my money, plus interest chared, along with accrued interest along with pain and suffering.
Entity: Desert Hot Springs, California

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