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1, Report #1396826
Aug 30 2017
04:32 PM
Indian hot springs / Idaho springs Dangerous staff and toxic waters dump hotel Idaho Springs Colorado **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
 This is a Warning for all people Indian hot springs is a dangerous dump with violent aggressive staff . I spent around 1000$ in plane fares from Los Angeles and car rental , booked myself what I was under the impression from the website an authentic getaway to a retreat at Indian Hot springs. There is nothing Indian about this place . It is run by hillbillies and thugs . I dipped in the main large pool only to run out after I developed a rash from the highlly chlorinated water . Apparently the water is highly chlorinated . there actually is no MINERAL left in any if the pools . Private baths or caves ! The caves are man made and the little metallic pools are being eaten away by decades of rust . A disasterous combination , rust and chlorine . In addition to angry perhaps Meth head maintenance guy named Matt and other general managers and staff who are just out of their minds it makes this place a very hostile enviprment . I was assulted by Matt the Meth head early Am in a private room with a small tub in it . I was partially naked with the door closed deeply emersed in a morning yoga meditation and chanting when Matt barges in yelling : you are not supposed to be in here Me: Yes I am , here is my wrist band . Matt : get out of here Me: excuse me ! No ! You are interupting my meditation please close the door Matt: get out of here as he yells louder Me: trembeling , I dont undertand !?! I have paid for two people , I am a guest , I have rented a room here and paid for two , yet it is just me and I was given a voucher stating that I can use a private bath for one hour . Go ask them upstairs they know I am here ! Matt slams the door violently By this time I am shaken trembeling and proceed to exit the bath with a towel wraped around my body Matt returns within a minute and burts trough the door this time screaming as loud as he can Matt is a middle aged man around 6 foot 3 , weights about 220 pounds . I was petrified . He stands in the doorway and repeats himself over and over shouting : get out get out get out get out NOW NOW .. He was completly hysterical out of his mind . Me: please move away from the door , as you can see I am out , you are blocking the doorway . Matt : get out of here or I am gonna make you get out Me: raising my voice and shaking all over , get out of my way! I am trying to get out Matt slams the door and yells you f*g have 5 minutes and waits outside the door . I exit and say I am going to go upstairs and tell them what you just did .. he continues to harass me this time Threatening me saying : you are tresspassing, I can do whatever I want . Trespasser trespasser.. Then follows me an inch behind me breathing on my neck repeating himself again :you are tresspassing what are you gonna do about it ? huh ? what are you gonna do about it ?? I speed up and run for my life out of the underground chambers , find some stairs and ran to the desk looking for simeone to save me !Matt is still following me ! Trembeling , I recount to everyone at the front desk what just happened . Shockingly the housekeeping women surround me and say , you weren't supposed to be there you were tresspassing , one girl mocks me and says oops oops and laughs out loud . I then speak to the general manager , he tells me for 10 minutes about all the problems they have due to mismanagement ! And says , look ! we are tiered of people using the rooms they are not suppose to . People go in the clay room all the time or private baths , this is just our policy we are tiered of it . Then points out to a man saying : see that man standing over there ?! you are lucky it wasnt him , he would have been wayyyyy tougher with you . We don't play around here . He justified Matt 's violence and said that this is how the owner wants it . We don't bullshitt . I show him my wrist band , then the girl who checked me in lies to me in defense of her minimum wage job and says you were not suppose to use the private baths! I went to call the police , but the manager said , there is nothing they can do , you can write all the reports you want or complain but you were tresspassing so you really have NO RIGHTS! I asked if they had any hotel hospitality training ? The manager said no , we just plunged in and run it as we go . I immediately checked out of my room and left the tragic place . I had a pass to use a Geo thermal cave or a private bath ! They were so sbusive and illiterate and I was so afraid because at this point the whole staff gangs up against me including Matt's wife in housekeeping . Never had I seen such degenerates in a retreat ! Do not go there . It is contrary to the images on their website It is not serene , clean , theraputic or holistic . And the only indian reference is just a picture on the wall The natives do not own or run the place . I would not be surprized if the natives were murdered and barried there while their spring was stolen by the white man . It is eerie and creepy . In fact the name should be changed to (white supremacy springs ) The rooms are worn down . I had a mouse in my room eating away at something all night long . The cave pools are in metal boxes that have rusted away . The place might collaps any day . They do not observe any safety codes and certaily do not posesses any etiquettes. I was called vulgar names behind my gack as I walked away by the females at the front desk ! It is deceiving , young cute females with soft voices check you in and the violent thugs check you out ! Taking a bath with some epsom salt and sea salt is your own home is much more luxurious and actually full of minerals ! minerals are cancelled out by chlorine .! Those waters are dead and infested with dead skin from the hundreds of visitors who , some like myself have travelled far in hopes for an authentic mineral hot springs . The manager refused to apologize for Matt 's behavior , he in fact backed up all the allegations and said this is the only way we can and have control over people tresspassing . I WAS NOT TRESSPASSING! I had paid a good sum of 160 $ to be there ! He did not refund me either , instead sadistically mocked me . Be careful ! There are many actual authentic hot springs in Colorado out in nature ! Do not pay for this dump . Do not support these lying cheating violent thugs. They are merciless and racist dirty and the whole place is a fraud .
Entity: Idaho Springs , Colorado
2, Report #213692
Oct 01 2006
05:33 PM
Lifestyles HotSprings Spas Hot Tub fell apart 2 months after purchase. Got the runaround from whole company. Corporate no help either. Ripoff Utica Michigan
Purchased a hottub/spa 9-8-05 in less than two months I had a bag of parts that kept falling off of the tub. Jets, retainer rings, eyelets in the tub and the cover, and some wood piece that I don't even know what it is for. I called the place I bought the tub from which is located in Utica, Michigan. They told me it wasn't covered under the warranty, sorry about your luck. Well I think that when you pay $7500.00 for something it shouldn't just fall apart after two months not to mention I barely ever used it in those two months but anywho. I told the person on the phone that all I wanted was new parts and that I would put them on the tub myself. They stated that they could only give me parts off of a display tub in the store. Which makes me wonder how many times those parts have been swapped. I stated that I wanted new parts they stated they couldn't do that because the parts weren't covered under warranty. I asked this person what was covered under my one year warranty and he couldn't answer this question either. I finally gave in to using the display tub parts and asked if they could mail them to me because I live far away and gas is pretty expensive right! Now, I was even willing to pay for the shipping which was $2.00 by the way, they stated they couldn't do this either. Lazy or just poor customer service I don't know. Anyways I went all the way down to the store in Utica swapped out 14 pieces drove all the way home and installed them myself. After maybe 2 weeks all of these parts fell off again. Called the store they told me to bad. Called the coporate office in Fenton, Michigan got the runaround from them for a little while and they agreed to send brand new parts however I still had to pay the $2.00 shipping (I guess $2 might make or break the company) and install the parts myself. After several months I finally got the new parts in the mail. They sent the wrong parts. Now this isn't rocket science people I sent all of my parts to you send me the same parts back. Nope sent something that doesn't even look like my parts so now my parts are long gone and nobody has any idea what I am talking about. So here I am over a year later and I am paying on a hottub that is not even complete. By the way this is a Caspian tub if you were wondering. One more thing this company has stores all over Michigan if you want to know anything just e-mail me. Dan marysville, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Utica, Michigan
3, Report #466456
Jun 30 2009
01:42 PM
Called and left voice mail with biz cell phone# to return call, when Mr Curtis Called back I answered my phone as Tax-xpress this is Scott, he asked for Leslie I said this is He, ( my name is Lelsie Scott Bird) He said I'm a liar and procedded into a profanity laced tyraid. Said he wouldn't do business with a lying c__kSucker like me. Later in our discussion he told me he owned 288,00 acres and had had enough m oney to buy someone to kill little c__kSucker like me. I'm a dedicated Christian Man and was driving at the time of his call with my wife and two small children. Mr Curtis and his company need to be honest and courteous with people. I'm taking all legal action against him that is currently at my disposal. Leslie DEWAR, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Hotsprings, Arkansas
4, Report #870800
Apr 19 2012
02:29 PM
T-mart I havn't recieved my order I'm thinking I got ripped off hotsprings, Arizona
I'm getting the run around from this company, they gave me tracking numbers that go absolutely no where. I've contacted them several times, there talking to me like I'm a little kid trying to appease me, I've also asked for my money back.The add says all orders shipped within 48 hrs its going on a month I got my supplies some where else I no longer need it anyway.I feel I was deceived and I should be compensated.
Entity: hotsprings, Arizona
5, Report #229055
Jan 06 2007
10:35 AM
Intelius Inc. paid a fee, got nothing in return Ripoff Belleview Washington
i was promised a telephone number i sent in a check i received nothing i emailed & snail mailed for a return of money repeatedly i was totally ignored Al hotsprings, mt 59845, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Belleview, Wa 98004, Washington
6, Report #1230826
May 22 2015
07:18 AM
Somethingsphishy He sent me 6-large angelfish CULLS JUNK for $166.00 For CULLS JUNK ripped me off Internet
i have complaint about the order he sent me 6-large pinoy blue zebra angelfish  he sent culls  junk  i paid $166.00 for culls   junk on 5/17/2015  please learn from my mistake and buy from  a  legitimate breeder      do not ever buy from somethingsphisy
Entity: Internet
7, Report #174445
Feb 02 2006
12:20 PM
Indian River Fruit, Indian River Orchard Big Rip-Off, You Never Receive Your Order Titusville Florida
I placed an order with Indian River Orchard on 12/28/05 thru the internet for some Tangelos, Oranges and Grapefruits. By mid January I did not recieved any emails from them letting me know if they shipped my order or not, nor received my order. I tried to call them to find out the status of my order but their phone is also their fax, so that did not work. I sent them an email on 1/16/06. I received an email back from Jesus Smith, Customer Service. He was sorry and mentioned that I should have received my order by now. He said he would check but in the meantime he would go agead and reship the order and that I would get it next week. Next week came and no fruit. I sent another email requesting the cancellation of the order and for them to refund my card that they charged on 12/29/05 for the order I did not received. The same person responded back and said that my order has been seatting in the DHL hub for a while and that DHL could not give him a good reason why. And that the honeybells were shipped out originally on the first honeybell truck on the 15th of January. Then he goes about saying that this is the month of honeybells and that the phones are ringing non-stop, so if I have beeen trying to call and can not get thru is because of that reason and they only have 5 incoming lines. He apologizes and he thanks me for letting him know my problem and that a customer not getting the package in a timely manner is no more acceptable to them that it is to me. But he never mentions about the cancellation of the order, so I sent him another email stating that the order needs to be cancelled if I do not have a delivery date. That was last week, I am still waiting for an answer. I try to call them this morning but I guess they still busy, so I decided to sent another email to let them know that they are Ripping me Off. I filled a report with my credit card, hopefully they will help me in getting my money back. Do not order anything from them!!! They have two different websites but they are the same company/person. They will just take your money!! Heidi FAIRFAX, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Titusville, Florida
8, Report #239027
Mar 15 2007
10:38 AM
Indian River Fruit - Indian River Gift Fruit ripoff CREDIT CARD FRAUD!! TAKES YOUR MONEY BUT NEVER DELIVERS!! Titusville Florida
More of the same story. I ordered several cases of Honeybells on 12/31/06. As of March 15, 2007 the product has not been delivered. Credit card was charged when the order was placed. Have made many attempts to call - both their 888 number and their toll number. You always get a busy on their phone numbers. On the rare occasions that I did get through, I had to make a toll call to do so. Each time, I was promised that the order would ship the following Monday. I'm still waiting. As it happens I am in the process of writing a report that will be published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution about mail order food companies, their delivery and customer service. I can guarantee you that Indian River Fruit has THE WORST rating - credit card fraud, bad customer service, no delivery, etc. Each time I do manage to get someone online, they 'promise' to get the order out the following Monday. Ain't happenin', brother. This company is NOT a member of Central Florida Better Business Bureau, and has MANY complaints filed against them. Many of the complaints are 'no response'. DO NOT DEAL with this company - they make their profit by charging people with product that is NEVER delivered, hoping YOU won't complain and have your credit card company charge back the charge. WB Acworth, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Titusville, Florida
9, Report #254076
Jun 12 2007
08:40 PM
Indian Head Ford Ripoff I was deceived and blatantly harassed by Indian Head Ford Indian Head Maryland
On December 4,2002 I went to Indian Head Ford to purchase a new vehicle. I was currently driving a 1996 Ford Explorer. I had purchased several vehicles before so I understood the ins and outs of buying a car. I had decide that I would get a 2000 fully loaded Ford Expedition. It wasn't a new vehicle obviously but it was in great condition and have very little mileage on it . The contract that I signed with the dealer Nanette Reed stated that the vehicle was financed by Wells Fargo. It ( the vehicle) was to be financed for a total of sixty months with a finance rate of 18.75%. Monthly payments were going to be 713.69 and to start on January 18, 2003 and end on December 18,2007. I put a down a down payment of 2,500 in addition to the trade in of my current vehicle of which I owed 10,452.73. All in all I was given great deal or so I thought. I made my first payment on January 18th, the payment was returned to me and Wells Fargo stated that they did not have any records of my vehicle. I then went back to Indian Head ford to meet with the dealer whom requested that I give her the 713.96 payment that I had made to Wells Fargo. Mrs. Reed as well as the her Manager said that I could continued to drive the vehicle and she would work out the kinks with the financier. That day they also had my wife and I sign additional paperwork. Keeping in mind at that time all paper work attached to the vehicle including MVA documents signed by the dealership stated that Wells Fargo was the lean holder. And for the entire duration of my possession of the vehicle this never changed. For months I kept going to Indian Head Ford and calling to see what was going on with the vehicle. After months of having the vehicle Mrs.Reed informed my wife and I that we could not get financed and she stated that she wanted us to pay her outright for the vehicle. We told her that we obviously didn't have that type of money on us at that time . She replied by telling us that we should take out a second mortgage on our home. I was completely disgusted and ask her to honor the original contract. I was not going to put a second mortgage on my home to pay for a truck that would never be in my name because Wells Fargo name was attached to the title as well. They (Wells Fargo) didn't want any part of the transaction because they had no ownership or proper claim to the vehicle.When I asked her if they could take the vehicle back and I would reclaim my trade in. She replied that, that was impossible because she had sold my truck the day after my trade in. For the months leading up to December Mrs. Reed continued to call and harass my wife and I. She constantly called demanding an immediate payment in the form of a 21,000 dollar check and left notes in my door.On a regular basis we exchanged heated phone calls. In December of 2003 I was involved in an accident with the vehicle . Which subsequently was placed in a auto body shop. While at the shop Indian Head ford reposed it. Mrs.Reed call repeatedly even having police officers from the Prince Georges County Police department call my home and they even left messages. After my daughter asked the two officer that call for their badge number and informed them that she was going to contact their office they never called again .When I contact the police department they said that they in no way shape or form would they ever have anything to do with the matter with that said they also informed me that it was out of their jurisdiction (as I had expected). In the end despite their harassment I opted not to purchase the vehicle and I went to the dealership to retrieve my property. I still have possession of the title which they never change over. Because of medical and personal issue I was not able to pursue the issue legally. When I did come around to getting the matter the statue of limitations had run out. However, I am still searching for various legal actions that I can take. Since then I have purchase several vehicles with no problem or complications. Even if I don't recoup any of my financial loss I can take solace in knowing that other consumers will not be deceived and harassed as I was. Robert Nanjemoy, MarylandU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Ford and Ford Dealers Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Ford and Ford Dealers
Entity: Indian Head, Maryland
10, Report #453628
May 20 2009
08:23 AM
Indian Elite , Sly Scamer ... Cinsumer Beware Nationwide Internet
The purpose of this communication is to report a cyber space related crime. On February 24, 2009 I on behalf of my company engaged the services of for the purpose of upgrading my aforementioned Zen businesses web site. This savvy scammer knew quite well that PayPal, the intermediary for the transfer of funds had a forty five day period in which bogus activity can be reported as evidenced by their responsiveness up until that time period had lapsed. Suddenly all inquiries went unanswered. Numerous attempts have been made obtain a refund but as of this writing date these requests have gone unanswered. On the scale of monetary losses I acknowledge that $250.00 is poultry and pales in comparison to the norm. Simultaneously, I implore you to recognize that this is a crime of which I am a victim of this unscrupulous company. It is my fervent belief when crimes are reported to the appropriate agencies and or individuals and they are investigated this stems further instances from occurring and ultimately limits the perpetrators from growing their schemes. Proceed with the utmost caution....their web site certainly look impressive but you will undoubtedly be disappointed by this unscrupulous business! Anonymous Jupiter, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1283761
Jan 31 2016
02:50 PM
Indian Trails EXTREMELY RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL Southfield Michigan
 I am a college student and I make several trips back home. In my three years of college Indian Trails is THE WORST bus service I have ever taken. The only way I would take this bus is if it is an absolute emergency. Other than that I would never recommend. First, compared to other bus services I have taken, a round trip is expensive. The booking fee online is ridiculous. I booked my ticket two weeks before my trip, it didn't make a difference. As far as the trip goes, the isles are tight and so is the seating. My hips are touching the person's next to me as I write this. There's absolutely no room. I will say that they actually were on time, but that doesn't mean much when the particular drivers I had were RUDE. The fact that you have to print basically 4 different papers for your trip to give to the driver is nonsense, but this was my first time, I didn't know that. Other bus services allow you to show them your ticket on the phone, or they don't collect your ticket. Indian Trails does however. The drivers were disrespectful, and gave me the hardest time. I had to buy a whole new ticket just to get on the bus back home. I spent so much money on this trip just to have terrible service, a long ride with multiple stops, and jerks for drivers. This was a rip off and if there was a way to get ALL of my money back I would be very happy. So DO NOT take this bus unless you are out of options.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
12, Report #1164023
Jul 22 2014
09:53 AM
Indian DONT BUY FROM THEM!! California Internet
Do not but from these people. I too spoke with Lilly about 2 bundles of hair that was a tangled mess. Said she was unsure  if the customer service dept would accept the return & refund my money. There is no customer service, it's just a few people working there answering the phone. After hair was installed, I had tangling. Told Lilily about the bad hair & she asked to take pictures & send to them to her. I did. In the meantime I bought 2 more bundles to replace the messy tangled junk they sent me. Got totally same stylist to install these 2 new bundles & same thing, tangling. Remove by 2 stylist and re-installed & same thing defective hair. So take note, one stylist installed 2 sesperate bundles & still tangling. Second stylist installed one of the same 2 bundles again & still tangling. Bottomline this hair is garbage. Sent only the first 2 bundles back and will get my bank to reverse the charges. I dont care what says. They know that hair is not 100% human Indian Hair.  They are scam artists 
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1343641
Dec 16 2016
11:23 AM
Southwest Indian Foundation -- Avoid! incompetent, fraudulant Gallup NM
AVOID -- these people are at best incompetent and at worst a scam. As another reviewer says below, if you do a little charity research you will find that this organization is not what it seems to be. They get people to purchase overpriced goods of unknown origin thinking they are helping the Indians, when in fact the particular church group who runs it refuses to disclose their financial information, making it appear that they are hiding something. Moreover, there is an obvious level of incompetence in how the operation is run. I was an unwitting one who ordered first and learned the facts later -- a mistake I will not repeat! After waiting patiently for an order of Christmas gifts for my family that never arrived, I learned they made a mistake and delivered the order to the wrong address. I immediately alerted them to their mistake, whereupon they failed to respond to multiple phone calls and emails asking them to either correct their error or cancel and refund the order. Various phone operators, some of them surly, could not provide any resolution and variously reported that their supervisor was away, at lunch, at a meeting, or trying to get in touch. No one ever gave me a response. Finally I filed a complaint with my credit card money to rescind payment for the unfulfilled order. So much for helping the Indians. These people are in fact exploiting the Indians for financial gain, in keeping with a long tradition... throw that catalog away and avoid them at all costs!
Entity: NM
14, Report #786567
Oct 09 2011
06:33 AM
Lana's Red Lion Pub, Inc - Indian Rocks Beach Florida The Red Lion, Indian Rocks Beach, The Lion Indian Rocks Beach OVER CHARGED, CREDIT CARD FRAUD, DANGEROUS PLACE, STAY AWAY!!! Indian Rocks Beach , Florida
Stay away from Lana's Red Lion a.ka. The Red Lion Indian Rocks Beach, Fl.  Bartender name, Rebecca Schneider, consistanly overcharged me for items I did not order and my credit card account on another occasion.  The last visit, she indicated I had a tab, when in fact I had been paying by cash since I arrived, my visit was for approximately 1 hour.  When I politely told her I did not have a tab, she insisted that I pay.  I asked to speak to a manager, when I did she grabbed my drink out of my hand.  Unfortunately, the 20 bucks that I handed her for one $3.00 drink was gone.  She pocketed the money and told me to leave!  When I turned around I had about 5 drunk 20-25 year olds looking at me.  One decides to grab me by the hair, so I called the Police.  As they noticed I was calling the police, they grabbed the main assualting person and drove him off.  This place is so corrupt, they refused to give me my money back, as the bartender, Rebecca lied to the Police and said I did not pay, there is no cameras or surveillance in the place - so they basically all do as they please.  I got RIPPED OFF, ASSAULTED, and to all who ever even consider this place, just keep walking down the beach and save yourself a few dollars, and don't get ripped off nor assualted!!  The racoon eyed manager, even had the nerve to tell me and my family / children to not come back!!  Unbelievable.  This is no way to run a place.  Bad, bad and I want my money back, and an apology.  I was not drinking alcohol, not drunk nor causing a scene.  This place is full of transient people with some locals that think they are in the wild wild west!
Entity: Indian Rocks Beach, Florida
15, Report #250379
May 25 2007
12:30 PM
Celebrity Resorts At Indian Shores Ripoff Extra Fees to cover their mistakes Indian Shores Florida
I was also charged a one time special fee of $1000 - which I paid. And am not able to trade or sell it. I have no idea what is going on with Celebrity Resorts at Indian Shores but I want to be out from under this disaster. Leslie Grapevine, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Indian Shores, Florida
16, Report #1080109
Aug 29 2013
10:04 AM
Meineke in Indian Land SC 160.00 for a wheel alignment to adjust camber Indian Land South Carolina
Was so happy when this new Meineke open up but found out they are a scam and ripoff artist. When my wife brought her SUV in for a wheel alignment for 59.99, they settled on 49.99 and when they took the SUV in for about 15 minutes, and they told her the camber needed to be adjusted for 90.00 more on top of 49.99. The total amount would be almost 160.00 with tax. She asked what part will be replace and they said none, that 90.00 will cover the extra hour adjustment work. Wheel alignment consist of camber, toe, caster so what is these bozos trying to pull? I went to Good Year down the road and they did it for 50.00 with no complaints and now truck runs perfect. I heard bad things about Midas and Meineke but never use them and I figured since this is a new Meineke store it might be different. Boy, were we wrong and lucky my wife did not had enough cash on her for Meineke. Whew!!!
Entity: Indian Land, South Carolina
17, Report #1390000
Aug 02 2017
03:31 PM
Entity: INDIAN TRAIL, North Carolina
18, Report #1233000
Jun 02 2015
01:28 PM
Psychic Spiritualist indian astrologer pandit:shiva 647-407-3282****SCAM ALERT FRAUD BEWARE ****please read  be aware of the Indian so-called spiritual healer I went to see this Indian reader for help in my love life they said I had a curse upon me and if I did not give them $10,000 not only would I lose my husband this person said my life is in danger. The curse and bad luck is so strong that I would die FROM CANCER I was emotional right when I walked in there and when I walked out I was even worse like an idiot I gave this person my money I gave them $10,000 they said that it was needed to remove this curse they then told me to come back tomorrow as they would return the money they would just need to do a ritual upon it I woke up the next morning expecting a phone call no return call I called them several times when I went there they was gone there was no car there nobody there whatsoever the number was totally disconnected I did my research and it turns out these Indian psychic are all from London England they scam so many people there they now set their sights to Toronto Canada the police weren't very interested in helping me as they said it is an issue for small claims court it turns out I did more research and they do this all the time they gather enough money and then move locations going by different names in different aliases they also disguise themselves with different Hair Color hairstyles and names, I went searching for them and I did find them at a different place with a different name and a different business name they then pretended they did not speak English and also pretended that they did not know me I'm now trying to take them to small claims court please avoid at all costs they are not real psychic they are not real spiritualist they are scam artist,This person trick me into thinking my life was in danger that I'm going to die that I'm physically going to die this is what all of these Indian readers are doing also I have hired a private investigator to follow this person who took my money it turns out many of the Indian readers are friends or our family as they visit each other very often they are all connected in this please be careful do not at any circumstance go to them they're fake there Fraud they are scam artist.****PLEASE CALL POLICE IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU!****This person trick me into thinking my life was in danger that I'm going to die that I'm physically going to die this is what all of these Indian readers are doing also I have hired a private investigator to follow this person who took my money it turns out many of the Indian readers are friends or our family as they visit each other very often they are all connected in this please be careful do not at any circumstance go to them they're fake there Fraud they are scam artist also there are reports of these indian psychics making women drink something or eat something and then touching them inappropriate this has not happened to me but a read many reports of this is very similar to date rape****BE CAREFUL AND IF ANYTHING REPORT THIS TO THE POLICE ASAP**** THEY ARE NOT LISTED ON GOOGLE BECAUSE THEY MOVE LOCATIONS SO MUCH****Psychic Spiritualist indian astrologer pandit:shiva 647-407-3282 JAI BAJARANGBALI INDIAN ASTROLOGER 647-624-9790PANDIT KRISHNA 6476202572Indian famous Astrologer, psychic, pandit YOGI...647-768-7633PANDIT GANESH WORLD FAMOUS, INDIAN ASTROLOGER & PSYCHIC (647 741 0400)PANDIT SEETHRAM PANDIT DASSJI PANDIT DEVI PRA FAKE INDIAN SCAM FRAUD PSYCHIC  
Entity: toronto, Ontario
19, Report #432945
Mar 11 2009
07:19 AM
Indian Herbal Medicine shpd 1 of 2 ord took money Internet
Placed 2 orders Feb 12, 09. Received a USPS confirmation # on 2/17/09. Contacted company on 2/25 web site states company is located in New York, thought package should have arrived. Company responded that they located the orders and shipped them on 2/26. I received one of the 2 orders, and since have made 2 inquests as to where the larger of the 2 orders is. No more communications have been received from the company and the phone number on the web site is invalid. Order number not received is #5031, cost $135.87 taken from my account. 5 items on order, 2 of which are for multiple quatities. My inquiry ticket number with them is 6b6a0o7b6W4E8p. This was my 3rd inquiry. Miriam TAPPAN, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #644748
Sep 27 2010
06:45 AM
Indian Institute Of Business Management & Studies iibms iibms Internet
IIBMS Programs give unparalled exposure to contemporary knowledge which is all the more essential in the fast changing dynamic business spectrum in the country. IIBMS Programs are profession specific - the way management programs are required to be. The programs are flexible, innovative and much less expensive than the traditional, old patterned and long term programs of other institutions. IIBMS Programs are professionally managed with emphasis on liberal and modular exam pattern enhancing managerial skills. The course material provided by IIBMS is periodically upgraded as per industry requirements. IIBMS also offers DEC approved Govt. Recognized Courses from MIT School Of Distance Education, Pune. IIBMS offers self-learning courses along with web support system for attending to and solving queries. We aim to provide the student with opportunity to apply and integrate skills and knowledge developed through studies.
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21, Report #710151
Mar 25 2011
10:50 AM
Tati and Company failure to pay employee Indian Land, South Carolina
I can atest to the reports of lies concerning orders for clients of Tati and Company.  It is not only the clients who get ripped off, but employees.  I terminated my employment with the company owing me several paychecks.  I am still waiting on that money, and will probably continue to wait. 
Entity: Indian Land, South Carolina
22, Report #175321
Feb 08 2006
11:33 AM
Indian River Gift Fruit ripoff do not receive fruit Titusville Florida
My fiance ordered fruit 11 Jan 06 and her oranges are still no where to be found. After hearing the problem she was having, I decided to check to see if anyone else has had the same problem. The exact email that Heidi received in her complaint is the one my fiance received-word for word with the fruit being held up by DHL with no good reason. When asked for a tracking number, no response was given. Another shipment she was told would go out the next day by UPS or USPS. After about 10 days of no receipt of fruit from the reshipment, my fiance finally got someone on the line 1 Feb 06, remeber it is honeybell season so the place is so busy picking fruit they can't answer the phones. The lady she talked to told her that shipments didn't go out until Thursday and we should get it earlier next week-not the first this was heard. When asked for UPS tracking number, the lady at the other end of the phone said it will be shipped USPS Today is 4 weeks since initial order placed with no receipt of fruit. Anyone looking to purchase fruit from Florida, do yourself a favor and do not go through this company. HALES Fruit, on the otherhand which is also located in FL, has been used in past with great service and timely delivery. D louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Titusville, Florida
23, Report #238373
Mar 06 2007
10:21 AM
Indian River Fruit You never receive your Fruit Titusville Florida
I ordered a fruit basket for my parents for Christmas on December 17, 2006. When I talked to the customer service person (Eric)he assured me that it would definately be delivered in time for Christmas. I called my parents on Christmas day to ask them how they liked their gift. They said they NEVER received a fruit basket. I then contacted Indian river and asked them. They said they were sorry for the mix up but that they would re-ship the basket right away. Again, no basket after 3 weeks. I then contacted them again in February. I asked if I could have a tracking number to find out what happened to my parents gift basket. I was told that they have no way of tracking their orders but said they would re-ship again. I then asked when it should be received. I was told by mid March I told them that, that was unacceptable and that I wanted a refund of my purchase and that I would take my business elsewhere. As of March 6, 2007 I have not received a refund my parents never received their Christmas gift and Indian River Fruit Customer Service seems as if they could care less if either happened. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Jerome Saint Cloud, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Titusville, Florida
24, Report #150581
Jul 20 2005
02:35 PM
Indian Creek Express This company is a total RIP OFF! Watch Out!! Carr Colorado
I worked for this Company for less then a month. When I quit I returned their Truck to their yard cleaned better then when I got it. When I quit the owner Donnie Jefferson and his Wife April witheld my paychecks for a couple of weeks, knowing I have a large family to care for. When I did finally receive my checks from them, They Took all kinds of money out of my pay for things they never even gave me, Like a Fire Extinguisher, the physical they had to pay for, and a cleaning fee for the CLEAN truck I returned to them. Not only that But they pay their employees a very low rate of .27 cents per mile, while charging the companys they work for a FORTUNE!! This Company is a joke!!! They also lie about people so they wont be able to get other jobs if you quit them. It is pretty bad that the guys that work for them, and have for a while tell you not to tell them if you quit, or they will make it hard on you! They weren't lieing about that! Stay away from INDIAN CREEK EXPRESS, LLC. (Trucking company) Tony pine bluffs, WyomingU.S.A.
Entity: Carr, Colorado
25, Report #1105955
Apr 09 2014
09:59 AM
Southwest Indian Foundation Refund Problem Gallup New Mexico
I Bought a gift for a friend and had them ship it to her. The item was sized wrong so she returned the gift for a refund or credit. The item was returned and accepted by the retailer. I know this because of the tracking and proof of delivery provided by UPS. I waited over a month and did not hear from the retailer. Both of us tried contacting the retailer several times and finally got a response saying they did not get the returned item. I responded with the UPS proof of delivery and got a reply with a refund confirmation for $12 on a $129 item. No explanation was given about the difference. I sent another email protesting the $12 refund and have not heard back from them. My credit card has not been credited with any amount. I contacted my bank and filed a dispute.
Entity: Gallup, New Mexico

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