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1, Report #1398257
Sep 22 2017
03:43 PM
Inner Vitality Kerri McCutcheon Kerri McCutcheon is a Fraud Toronto Ontario
Kerri McCutcheon claims to be a spiritual healer who can speak to Angels and help people. The Holy Bible warns againts these type of spiritists, because they will defile you. That is eactly what she did to me. She gave me a bunch of confusing information, followed by a bunch of nasty insults, followed by a large bill.   She is a terrible low life and I want to warn people to stay away from her. I felt physically ill after speaking to her, and I still feel sick when I think about. She ruined what should have been the best time of my life with her nonsense advice and visions. If she has any actual power, let's see if she can have this complaint taken down.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
2, Report #1401376
Sep 20 2017
02:47 PM
InnerVitality by Kerri McCutcheon Kerri McCutcheon is a Fraud Toronto Ontario
Kerri McCutcheon is a shameless fraud who takes advantage of innocent people looking for guidance. She claims to be able to see the future, but in reality, her only ability is to rip people off. I waited several years for her prediction to come true and it never did. It was a complete waste of time and she only damaged me and set me back in life.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
3, Report #428190
Feb 25 2009
01:53 AM
LAFFOON LLC Kerri O. Kelly, Kerri O'Kelly, Kerri Osharon Kelly, Kerri O. Rannir, Kerri Rannier, Kerri O. Weathering, Kerri O. Weatherington, partner to my dad Joel F. Laffoon is imbezziling money from the business and from Joel F. Laffoon SPOKANE Washington
This person Kerri O. Kelly aka: Kerri O'Kelly, Kerri Osharon Kelly, Kerri O. Rannir, Kerri Rannier, Kerri O. Weathering, Kerri O. Weatherington, and etc. Is a Known trafficker of Illicit drugs to wit: Methamphetimines and Cocaine. Also for Driving under the Influence. Kerri O. Kelly aka: all of the above is known to lure elderly men into great schemes of making money. She has lured Joel Laffoon into a realestate venture that is making no money. Has him spending money on court costs that does not relate to business. (Drug Offences stated above and attorney fees for criminal conduct). Ordering business products when the above mentioned business is making absulutelly no money since founded around August of 2007. This business is a front for her to get money from a senior citizen who hopes to get rich from it. So far she has wrecked Joels personal vehicles four times costing him over $5000.00 in damages. Had him buy a $1000.00 scooter so that she can run errands for the business. That since purchased in summer of 2008 has not been used for business purposes. Oh and did I mention the $5000.00 borrowed from a family member to start up said business that she is not liable. Needless to say that this person Kerri O. Kelly is not a trustworthy person to do business with. And that any doing with the stated business above should be taken with caution. Ask if Kerri O. Kelly is still a partner with Joel Laffoon before starting any kind of business with Laffoon LLC for she is giving said business a BAD name. earl spokane, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: SPOKANE, Washington
4, Report #215402
Oct 12 2006
10:17 AM
David McCutcheon ripoff child support evader bumm no count dead beat dad Honeybrook Pennsylvania
David richard McCutcheon is a no count dad and is a down right bad person. He owes child support for his son he left state to avoid paying it to a state where they wont expidite. I have asked him numrous time to just sign away his preantal right and hell never have to pay anything else but he wont do that either. He just dont care about no one but himself. Kelly sheaperdsville, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Honeybrook, Pennsylvania
5, Report #734900
May 30 2011
07:01 PM
Kerri Gordon scam, fraud, bad customer, Internet
kerri gordon contacted my company today raving obscenities. we have no idea why except she read some slander somewhere. without even registering with us she had already contacted the better business bureau and is threatening law suits. someone get this lady her meds...
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #755270
Jul 19 2011
12:45 PM
Vitality Smile Lucky Brite Ripoff! , Internet
This was advertised that it would whiten teeth at a very low cost.  They wanted you to get a sample of the product.  Nowhere, or at least not real available does it say what the cost really is.  I noticed my bank accound had two deductions totalling about $200.00.  I emailed both companies and told them I wanted the product returned and needed an address.  No address was given just an e mail saying that no refunds and that if I was not satisfied, I needed to tell them within 10 days.  The small tubes of toothpaste are not worth it.  This was False Advertising and the company should not be able to continue.
Entity: Internet, Internet
7, Report #820885
Jan 10 2012
07:46 PM
New Vitality Scam Farmington, New York
Warning:  Stay Away From New VitalityBottom Line:  This company cannot be trusted.  It's not just being sent a product I did not want and being charged, I've had to waste a lot of time calling them and then being frustrated because they don't really seem to hear what I'm saying.  I'm now exploring other options with my credit card company.    Very little cooperation from the customer service person I spoke with.  I am wondering if I will be reimbursed...that remains to be seen.  I am also left wondering if I will receive more of this unwanted product in another three months. I feel like they are trying to take advantage of me, and I'm damn unhappy about it.
Entity: Farmington, New York
8, Report #719443
Apr 19 2011
10:43 AM
New Vitality Vitamin Scam Internet
My wife already cancelled her order three months ago. The shipment stopped coming but they still keep on billing us. Tried calling their customer service several times and was put on hold...waited for an hour but still nothing, the only thing I hear are their stupid advertisements -  I've finally stopped calling them. I have to change my credit card number to keep this company from charging me again. How can they feed their family with money coming from fraudulent business transactions? Beware of this company, I'll be reporting them too on BBB.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #728603
May 12 2011
03:20 PM
Vitality smile tooth whitener rip off Internet
Vitality smile offers a free trial for 10 days including shipping time. So, when you receive the gel whitener you are already a few days into the trial.After trying the gel I discovered my teethe were turning ray which looked worse tha the light yellow they were. I called the company and the woman asked if I wanted to return the product. I told her I could just discard i or return it, it did not matter to me. She said ok, so you will not be returning the prodyuct and I will cancel the membership.Next thing I notice $78.00 was billed to my account. By this time of course the 10 day trial was done. The company refuses to refund me despite I have offered to return the unused product. The woman on the telephone did not inform me that I would be charged $78.00 if I did not return the product. So, now I will need to go to the attorney general to complain and seek refund. I do not recommend this product or company at all.
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #209117
Sep 01 2006
09:39 PM
I ORDERED A THREE MONTH COLAN CLEANSE FOR MY PARENTS AND MYSELF WHICH COST HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS ALL TOGETHER AND ALL IT DID WAS MAKE US REALLY CONSTIPATED AND SICK. THATS NOT ALL THEY KEEP TAKING A $49.95 SERVICE CHARGE OUT OF MY CHECKING ACCOUNT USING MY DEBIT NUMBER. I ONLY ORDERED THIS COLAN CLEANSE ONE TIME FROM THEM AND PRETTY SOON I WILL HAVE PAID TWICE FOR A PRODUCT THAT DOES NOT WORK!!! Sandra BRYANT, ArkansasU.S.A. EDitor's Suggestions on how to get your money back! HERE IS WHAT RIP-OFF REPORT SUGGESTS YOU DO: Go to your bank within 60 days of the charge, or as soon as you know about the charge, don't delay, and tell them that there has been fraudulent activity within your account. Explain that you wish to file a dispute, and demand that they assist you in accordance with Federal Regulation E. According to the majority of victims interviewed by Rip-off Report, those who immediately called their banks to dispute the charges did not get very far. Many victims got the following responses from their banks: we could not do anything for you or you waited too long; it hasbeenmore than 60 days. If the bank is says that you have waited too long, explain to them how you called their 800 number as soon as the charges were found, and were told by the bank that nothing could be done. Remind the bank that they failed to assist youproperly at the 800 #, and instead, provided you with an inadequate explanation of your right to dispute. Tell the bank that it's their fault time has expired, and since they gave you the wrong info to begin with, they will just have to dealwith it,take the loss and reverse the charges. Tell them the truth; this was unauthorized and your account was NOT to be charged! Keep emphasizing how you never authorized anything! Direct them to the hundreds of victims reports that were filed on Rip-off And if you're at the bank, walk them over to their computer and make them go to this site! If you are on the phone with them, tell them you will wait while they access this site! Either way, be persistent! DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! Let them know nicely, that you were advised to Report them (the Bank) and this situation to the Banking Commission in your state. Since each state has a different name for the agency/controller over banks, find that name before you call or get to the bank so you can throw it in their face. The more knowledgeable you appear to be, the further you will get. And just continue to demand the Federal Regulation E form! The bank CAN, MUST and WILL reverse the charge! But, you must be persistent; ask to speak to the supervisor or the area manager for all the branches in the state. Let the bank personnel know you are meeting with the media later in the day, that you would much rather they do the right thing (as most other banks have) by looking at the complaints and immediately reversing the chargetruth. If you have to, be loud (but nice) in front of other customers. If you are just calling by phone, the above tactics still worshould k. The bank can easily faxor mail toyou the Federal Regulation E dispute form.
Entity: FARMINGDALE, New York
11, Report #1092790
Oct 25 2013
10:49 AM
Super Beta Prostate / New Vitality overpriced snake oil California
The main ingredient, Beta Sitosterol is claimed by this company to be good for mens prostate problems. Many other companys make Beta Sitosterol but New Vitality is the only company that claims it works for prostate problems. All the other manufacturers just claim it is good for high cholesterol. So these are false claims otherwise the other manufacturers would be making the same claims and they don't. How about value? You can buy Beta Sitosterol in 120mg tablets from The Vitamin Shoppe, you may have one of these vitamin chain stores in your city, and a bottle of 200 120mg tablets will cost you only $12.  The Super Beta Prostate will cost you $150 for the same amount of Beta Sitosterol.  Major consumer rip off going on here! False claims AND outrageous prices.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1188952
Nov 14 2014
04:58 PM
New Vitality Refuse You Loose Farmingdale New York
I was contacted by a New Vitality telemarketer informing me of a NEW lower price for the product I was using and wanted to know if I wanted to renew my order.  I said yes.  My orginal order was for a 3 month supply and the bill should have been around $63.  While checking on the balance of my debit card I noticed a extremely lower balance than I expected and went on line to see what was wrong.  New Vitality had charged my account for $263.60 which turns out to be for a 12 month supply at the regular rate.   I contacted customer service at New Vitality to cancel the order and was told to late it had already been sent and to return the order for refund.  New Vitality issued preshipment info on Oct. 14, it arrived at my post office on Oct. 15 and I refused the order on Oct. 16, 2014 and order was returned to New Vitality.  This is of record in the USPS tracking site.   After 2 weeks contacted company about my refund.  They stated they had not received the product back and check back in a week.  Contacted them 9 days later demanding my refund.  Was asked if I had a tracking number from them which I did not.  Asked for a supervisor and none was a vailable.  Called back today 11/14 and was told that they still had not received the package.  That if they had issued a tracking number they could tell where it was and that they checked the USPS site and it was still at my post office. (LIE)  Also, since it had been 30 days I was not eligible for a partial or full refund.   So the position of New Vitality is you have their permission to return anything (in the form of a taracking number they issue).  If we can delay you in getting a refund we will and not get anything baecause you didn't do it within 30 days.  If you can't prove they received it back then you have it or the USPS has it and its my problem.  You refuse you loose.
Entity: Farmingdale, New York
13, Report #1049675
May 09 2013
03:41 PM
New Vitality Be sure and cancel EARLY Famingdale New York
 If you order anything from this company and you don't like it be sure and cancel well before the end of their 30 money back guarantee. They will ship you a new bottle BEFORE that time expires and ding your credit card with large shipping and hanling fees; in addition their fine print states that they will also charge you $3.00 more for restocking. I suspect this is how they make some of their money. Shipping and handling fees along with the $3.00 is about what the product is worth, IMO. They will ship you a new bottle well before the end of your 30 trial period and then gouge you to return the item that you did not want. This is no way to run a reputable company. If you call the company to request a full refund they will tell you to return the item, but they will charge you the S&H fees and $3.00 restocking fee. If you try to get all of your money back it might fall on deaf ears, initially. Your best way to get ALL of  your money back is to file a complaint and dispute the charges with your credit card company and put a block on all future charges from this company. Return the unopened packages marked refused/return to sender. Don't pay for return shipping. Then call the company and insist upon a full refund. They may tell you no again, keep calling then ask for a supervisor or the President. Most likelky you will get neither but ask. Then tell the person that took the call that you know it is not their fault but you will be filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau and on Ripoffreport. This should resolve the issue and most likley they will issue a one time 100% money back guarantee including all S&H fees and the $3.00 fee. Sad really that it takes this much effort just to get your money back but sometimes you just have to fight for your rights. A good company that offers excellent service and returns money promplty will have a much better reputation. I am perplexed why companies still operate this way. Is it really worth ticking people off for $3.00 and $7.00 S&H fees?  If they would treat people better they wouldn't have to spend so much money on advertising and word of mouth would spread about how great they are but no they alienate all potential return customers for a measly $10.00.  
Entity: Famingdale, New York
14, Report #1017684
Feb 20 2013
07:34 PM
New Vitality Ripoff, criminal, theft, unauthorized, internet Internet
I called for a FREE SAMPLE of Night Skin from New Vitality. First they tried to charge me $10 + postage, I said no, FREE samples are FREE. So we got that. Then I paid postage. Then the lady on the phone tried to get me to sign up for an auto account where they would charge me and send the product. I said NO NO NO NO NO repeatedly. I told her a free sample is just that. I wanted to try it first, then see how it worked. I signed up for no offers, and didn't even HINT that I wanted auto ship. I just kept saying no each time she tried to get me hooked. And she really tried. I got the sample of product, the plunger was not even in the bottle, and I can't get the product out to try it. So I don't know if it works. There was no membership paperwork with the sample or number to call. The bottle has a number to call for reorders or another for nonexistent customer service. So I check my account daily. I was fraudulently charged $56 for an order I did not place. I did not sign up for anything in the first place, so there was nothing to cancel. In the morning, I will go to the bank and put a hold on that payment. I tried to call several times, but all I got was a recording. If I get any more charges I will sue this company for fraud. If they think I won't, they are seriously mistaken. Looks like a ripoff company all across the board. Everyone that's been ripped off by them needs to stand up and fight back. I will not tolerate this kind of theft. You have been warned.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #109038
Sep 18 2004
04:15 PM
Vitality XR - Doctors Wellness Center Vitality XR made me SICK! ripoff Internet
Vitality XR made me SICK! I bought it after reading about it on the internet and upon taking the first dose I got very sick. I was vomiting and felt very dizzy. The effects didn't wear off for hours! Stay away from this product... Stan Provo, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #423468
Feb 12 2009
03:08 PM
New Vitality New Vitality Uses Tired Old Tricks Farmingdale New York
Like others before me, I responded to a radio advertising pitch by non other than the respected Thom Hartmann for a New Vitality Product. I called the toll-free number to make a trial order, unknowing that I would subsequently be Auto Billed for orders I did not authorize. After receiving a second order I did not authorize, I called the company to insist that future orders would not be authorized and to cease sending them. I called two weeks afterward to verify that I was removed from their customer lists. Two orders were sent months later. I sent them back at my own expense, informed my credit card company, filled out the dispute papers, and once again called NV to reiterate I had refused their business months earlier. My credit card company informs me that the refund for those two orders were made, less the shipping charges of $7.90 per order, which New Vitality Company policy does not refund. Despite the orders being unauthorized, returned at my expense, they want to retain the shipping charges, which on return cost me a total of $2.56, for both. The so-called customer care people who answer their telephones are another piece of work. They are obviously trained to filter out any hint of complaint, to insist on their authority and power over the customer, and to extract any possible funds under any false pretenses they can invent to cover their costs. The company and their employees are despicable con artists and they will go wild with your credit card number given the opportunity. Mr. gl Charlottesville, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Farmingdale, New York
17, Report #775365
Sep 11 2011
06:17 AM
New Vitality Ageless Male New Vitality insider knoweledge newark, Nationwide
I work for a call center who takes calls for New Vitality. Of course I will not name the call center I work for as they are the source of my paycheck. After all, one has to make a living to take care of their family and my call center also takes calls for much better companies and causes. However, every time I get a call for a new vitality product, I die a little inside. Know this, we are all reading from a scripted system from which we are not allowed to deviate. So I ask that you do not blame the person you speak with on the phone when ordering. We are DIRECTED to offer what is called continuity on all New Vitality products. However, the language is very ambiguous and though legal, often tricks people into agreeing to the monthly shipments and charges. Weather you know it or not, those of you who have been charged without your authorization have in fact, authorized these charges. Because of the nature of the language that is used in these phone calls, many people don't actually understand what they are agreeing to by saying OK. So my advice to you is to PAY ATTENTION to what the communicator is telling you!!! I personally hate the business model that New Vitality has in place. Primarily because while it is technically legal, it is FAR from ETHICAL. I am currently pleading with my supervisors to be taken off of these calls as it is a direct violation of my morals. But understand, I have a family, I have bills, I have things I have to pay for in order to live as do all of my colleagues. So please don't put the blame on the communicator. We all work for a contracted telemarketing company, we DO NOT work directly for New Vitality. We have a script that we MUST follow in order to keep our jobs. I absolutely hate New Vitality for their business practices and I only hope this can reach enough people to where we no longer have to take these soul sucking calls. 
Entity: newark, Nationwide
18, Report #701764
Mar 02 2011
12:49 PM
 I saw the sneaky advertising for a free sample of Vitality Smile and Lucky Brite. I was very happy For the price of $1.95 (Lucky Brite ) & $3.95 (Vitality Smile) for shipping and handling only, I thought it was a dream come true. WHAT they don't tell you at any time is that in 10 days from when you place your order they charge you an additional FEE. The 10 DAY TRIAL BEGINS AS SOON AS YOU ORDER PRODUCT SO IF YOU ORDER FRIDAY EVEN. THEY DON'T SHIP SAT. OR SUNDAY SO YOU HAVE ALREADY LOST 3 OF THE 10 DAYS. THEY SHIP ON MONDAY PRODUCT ARRIVES IN 5 DAYS NOW YOU HAVE 2 DAYS BEFORE THEY DEBIT your ACCOUNT FOR FULL MONTH SUPPLY. They don't give time for their product to fully work like they claim and they still charge you. I guess that is what you could call it.  No notice that this money was coming out of my account, just all of the sudden there were two charges $78.00 and $119.00.  I pulled all of the paperwork that they sent (an invoice for each) and looked and did not find anything to show why they charged me more.  There is no number to contact them at all. Not only are you stuck with the $78.00 and $119.00 charge, you are also charged $19.95 each when returned unopened. Didn't even have time to try it. Looks like a scam to me. Very deceiving!!! Beware of this misleading free trial offer. What they don't advertise as clearly is that they will continue to charge your credit card if you do not cancel whiting 10 days of placing the order-- so your free trial actually costs $119.00 + $78.00 dollars. What you purchased was a membership and they pretend to charge you every month $78.00 & $119.00. Sneaky!!! They are not willing to do anything for those of us who missed the $119 charge, if not returned within 10 days of order placement. Lucky Brite pens and Vitality Smile must be owned by the same company and if you order both for the trial fee of $1.99 each, you are stuck with the $ 78.00 fee for the one and $119.00 for the other $200.00   Don’t do it you will be stuck with it, however I tried to dispute it on my CC. It does not work anyway!!! Beware Ashamed on the US Government that allows scams like this to happen to the American people. The money that they so willingly took was money to pay my bills and keep electricity, gas and water on.  I am a non professional single mother with a growing girl to feed and take care of.  I thought it would be great to fix my teeth with these companies.
Entity: Jackson, NJ 08527, Internet
19, Report #858107
Mar 22 2012
08:59 PM
New Vitality NAC Marketing New Vitality Ageless Male Super Beta Prostate Farmingdale, New York
First of all this company is by far the biggest scam of them all, take it from an employee who needs to get everything off his/her chest. First when you hear the term Risk Free, that is a marketing term to make you call in. Risk free does not mean ABSOLUTELY FREE, it means you have to pay for the product first and then you have thirty(30) days to decide whether or not you want to continue with the product. If you want to return the product for a full product refund you will NOT get it, they will try to charge you a restocking fee and they will make you pay for your postage to send it back therefore it isn't worth the time and such to do so. You can always keep saying NO and then eventually they will give it to you for FREE, just pay for the shipping and handling which is $6.99 or $8.99 if you live in Canada. Now when it comes to other products that you hear on the recordings when you are put on hold or when you first call in, do not mention them, if you do mention them they will charge you a higher price for the product. If you do not mention them they count as a cross sell for us and they will charge you a much less significant charge to the order. The reason why they do this is because they run bi-weekly contests which we can win SPIFF anywhere from $100-$1300 depending on your numbers for that commission period. Second of which, we do have a Customer Service department which holds a bunch of employees but there is VERY high call volume so it does take a little bit of patience, if you ask to speak to a Supervisor in the sales department they will not do anything for you, they actually mock you while you go on and on about how they dont answer your phone calls, every single on of them: Steve Foley, Manny Sanchez, Rafia Ali and Sal Camera. If you want to get threw to anyone dont get on the Preferred Customer Program, because you will never get out of it, years later they will still send you products and charge your credit card. The promotions are bullsh*t, they just double everything to make it sounds better but in the end its all the same pricing just a bulker quantity for you to keep track of in your house. Dont give them your phone number because they will call you through our Promotions, department NON-STOP! The pay is sh*t and they treat you like work slaves in there, you only get ten minutes of DND time which can be taken throughout your 9 hour work day, to smoke, go to the bathroom so on and so forth. Since I am helping everyone other there on a consumer basis, I hope that all of you can take our job to heart and just let us get through what we have to do on the phone. No one likes reading the scripts to you and the so called Promotions. Just let us read the script and then say NO! That is all you have to do. Another thing weve been doing this for over 18 years so everyone can stop saying that we are going out of business because we are not, I wish because this company is a total scam but who cares I guess right.
Entity: Farmingdale, New York
20, Report #988649
Dec 29 2012
02:13 PM
After reading pretty much all the complaints written about the company New Vitality, I see, as I'm sure the other complainants/readers have seen, that there are two common complaints being addressed here. The first, and seemingly most important, is the reoccurring credit card charges being applied to credit cards after the order/account was cancelled. As this wasn't my greatest concern, it did take a month (and the cost of one bottle) to cancel. My greatest concern was that the product did not work as advertised. As I mentioned above, I've read almost all of the complaints and New Vitality's form letter type response. And it occurred to me that nowhere in their (New Vitality) answer and all but a few reporters complaint was it mentioned that the product didn't work. I know, I get it, the product didn't work so we asked for our money back or we cancelled all future orders. But, bottom line, the product was crap, it did not work. Whether it was the prostate or testosterone health product, neither worked and was advertised as doing just that. We bought the product wanting to believe it worked, and when it didn't, we were (or at least I was) embarrassed or ashamed that we were scammed. I found this website only for the stupid reason I was going to buy another product manufactured by New Vitality, but thought it wise that I google it and research it first. Lo' and behold I came across this site and found I wasn't the only dissatisfied customer out there. I don't usually reply or write to websites such as this, but I find it important now to expose these grifters for what they are.  
Entity: Farmingdale, New York
21, Report #196825
Jun 16 2006
09:18 PM
Kerri Green She breeds dogs and sells as registered dogs and doesn't give papers with them. She falsifys what she is selling. Wheatland Wyoming
She sells dogs as being registered and will not supply paperwork for the dogs. SHe also buys dogs and complains about them, then won't pay what she agreed to pay for them when she started to buy them. Robyn wheatland, WyomingU.S.A.
Entity: Wheatland, Wyoming
22, Report #314691
Mar 04 2008
03:19 PM
MLG Marketing, David McCutcheon, Yvonnia Houston Internet Fraud with MLG Marketing and David McCutcheon on San Francisco California
I was also scammed by MLG Marketing by $5000. I replied to an email posting on back in January for Coca-cola particicpants. I received an email from David McCutcheo at stating they needed people to do a survey for MoneyGram and Western Union. I received a check in the mail for $5000 a few days later and the instructions in an email. I cashed the check and kept $400 as instructed. I was to then send the rest to a Yvonnia Houston in San Francisco, but split it in half and send one half via moneygram and the other via westernunin. I did this on 2/21/08. I was then to email David the confirmatins numbers, which I did. He then asked if I wanted to do another survey and I agreed. I received a second check in the mail for $5000. I thought this was suspicious. I emailed David and asked him when I would be getting the survey and he never got back to me. I deposited the second check and just left it in my account. It ended up getting returned the next day. I checked my bank account today 3/4/08 and the first check got returned so now my bank account is -$5000. Andrea New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: San Francisco, California
23, Report #520456
Nov 06 2009
08:59 AM
Vitality Skate Shop The BIG Run-Around Store Internet
I ordered a skate deck for my son on May 31, 2009. By the end of June, it still hadn't arrived, so I emailed the customer service dept and got a response that there had been a death in the family and that the order would be filled shortly. After not hearing back afetr that, I called the 276-728-2622 number provided on line. There never seemed to be anyone there to take calls. After leaving several messages over a period of 2-3 weeks, I finally got a hold of someone who said that they would follow up through UPS, blaming the UPS drivers of often swiping the items. I have left messages, spoken to a receptionist who claims that the clerk handling orders was out sick. I spoke to the Big Guy, as he called himself, and he said if I didn't hear back from him, to call him back. Well, it is November and there is a message on their answering machine saying that it is September 11, 2009 and they are currently down due to internet problems... If anyone knows how to get the actual website address again so it can be reported to the Better Business Bureau, I'd like to get it and file a formal report against them. These a$$holes should be stopped.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #482381
Aug 19 2009
11:33 AM
Vitality Skate Shop Where are my wheels?!?! Internet
I was look online for a set of wheels i really wanted and luckly i saw them on the vitality skate shop website. So i placed my order and waited for 2 weeks and nothing came. So i called and asked where my wheels were and she said that something had happened on the day of my order and my order was stalled so i had to reorder them. Now its been 3 weeks and still no wheels! I just want my money back!
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #470448
Jul 16 2009
01:44 PM
New Vitality Sent cocoa without my permission Farmington Farmingdale New York
Listened to their spiel about CocoPure Chocolate Tea and agreed to try it. I specifically said only one jar. Apparently they said I must cancel the order within thirty days or I would be put on automatic mailing. I made it clear to the girl that I only wanted to try it and if I liked it I would order more. After thirty days another one came and I was billed $32.00 for it. I called them right away and was told too bad, I didn't call within the thirty day period so it's my though luck. Very rude people. I called my credit union and they filed a beef right away for me. If the stuff was any good I would have ordered another one, but it was crap. Did absolutely nothing for me except take $37.00 from my wallet. I told them I would send it back but they refused to pay the postage. I mailed it anyhow but that cost me $12.32. Just hope no one else gets scammed from these jerks selling snake oil. Jake Jake Goose Cree, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Farmingdale, New York

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