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1, Report #1401376
Sep 20 2017
02:47 PM
InnerVitality by Kerri McCutcheon Kerri McCutcheon is a Fraud Toronto Ontario
Kerri McCutcheon is a shameless fraud who takes advantage of innocent people looking for guidance. She claims to be able to see the future, but in reality, her only ability is to rip people off. I waited several years for her prediction to come true and it never did. It was a complete waste of time and she only damaged me and set me back in life.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
2, Report #1398257
Sep 22 2017
03:43 PM
Inner Vitality Kerri McCutcheon Kerri McCutcheon is a Fraud Toronto Ontario
Kerri McCutcheon claims to be a spiritual healer who can speak to Angels and help people. The Holy Bible warns againts these type of spiritists, because they will defile you. That is eactly what she did to me. She gave me a bunch of confusing information, followed by a bunch of nasty insults, followed by a large bill.   She is a terrible low life and I want to warn people to stay away from her. I felt physically ill after speaking to her, and I still feel sick when I think about. She ruined what should have been the best time of my life with her nonsense advice and visions. If she has any actual power, let's see if she can have this complaint taken down.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
3, Report #428190
Feb 25 2009
01:53 AM
LAFFOON LLC Kerri O. Kelly, Kerri O'Kelly, Kerri Osharon Kelly, Kerri O. Rannir, Kerri Rannier, Kerri O. Weathering, Kerri O. Weatherington, partner to my dad Joel F. Laffoon is imbezziling money from the business and from Joel F. Laffoon SPOKANE Washington
This person Kerri O. Kelly aka: Kerri O'Kelly, Kerri Osharon Kelly, Kerri O. Rannir, Kerri Rannier, Kerri O. Weathering, Kerri O. Weatherington, and etc. Is a Known trafficker of Illicit drugs to wit: Methamphetimines and Cocaine. Also for Driving under the Influence. Kerri O. Kelly aka: all of the above is known to lure elderly men into great schemes of making money. She has lured Joel Laffoon into a realestate venture that is making no money. Has him spending money on court costs that does not relate to business. (Drug Offences stated above and attorney fees for criminal conduct). Ordering business products when the above mentioned business is making absulutelly no money since founded around August of 2007. This business is a front for her to get money from a senior citizen who hopes to get rich from it. So far she has wrecked Joels personal vehicles four times costing him over $5000.00 in damages. Had him buy a $1000.00 scooter so that she can run errands for the business. That since purchased in summer of 2008 has not been used for business purposes. Oh and did I mention the $5000.00 borrowed from a family member to start up said business that she is not liable. Needless to say that this person Kerri O. Kelly is not a trustworthy person to do business with. And that any doing with the stated business above should be taken with caution. Ask if Kerri O. Kelly is still a partner with Joel Laffoon before starting any kind of business with Laffoon LLC for she is giving said business a BAD name. earl spokane, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: SPOKANE, Washington
4, Report #215402
Oct 12 2006
10:17 AM
David McCutcheon ripoff child support evader bumm no count dead beat dad Honeybrook Pennsylvania
David richard McCutcheon is a no count dad and is a down right bad person. He owes child support for his son he left state to avoid paying it to a state where they wont expidite. I have asked him numrous time to just sign away his preantal right and hell never have to pay anything else but he wont do that either. He just dont care about no one but himself. Kelly sheaperdsville, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Honeybrook, Pennsylvania
5, Report #734900
May 30 2011
07:01 PM
Kerri Gordon scam, fraud, bad customer, Internet
kerri gordon contacted my company today raving obscenities. we have no idea why except she read some slander somewhere. without even registering with us she had already contacted the better business bureau and is threatening law suits. someone get this lady her meds...
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #196825
Jun 16 2006
09:18 PM
Kerri Green She breeds dogs and sells as registered dogs and doesn't give papers with them. She falsifys what she is selling. Wheatland Wyoming
She sells dogs as being registered and will not supply paperwork for the dogs. SHe also buys dogs and complains about them, then won't pay what she agreed to pay for them when she started to buy them. Robyn wheatland, WyomingU.S.A.
Entity: Wheatland, Wyoming
7, Report #314691
Mar 04 2008
03:19 PM
MLG Marketing, David McCutcheon, Yvonnia Houston Internet Fraud with MLG Marketing and David McCutcheon on San Francisco California
I was also scammed by MLG Marketing by $5000. I replied to an email posting on back in January for Coca-cola particicpants. I received an email from David McCutcheo at stating they needed people to do a survey for MoneyGram and Western Union. I received a check in the mail for $5000 a few days later and the instructions in an email. I cashed the check and kept $400 as instructed. I was to then send the rest to a Yvonnia Houston in San Francisco, but split it in half and send one half via moneygram and the other via westernunin. I did this on 2/21/08. I was then to email David the confirmatins numbers, which I did. He then asked if I wanted to do another survey and I agreed. I received a second check in the mail for $5000. I thought this was suspicious. I emailed David and asked him when I would be getting the survey and he never got back to me. I deposited the second check and just left it in my account. It ended up getting returned the next day. I checked my bank account today 3/4/08 and the first check got returned so now my bank account is -$5000. Andrea New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: San Francisco, California
8, Report #309779
Apr 10 2008
07:47 PM
Kidz Treasurez, Lacey Colletti not to be trusted Niceville Florida
this 'company' stole two boxes of very nice clothes from me. Won't return phone calls or email. Its too bad dishonest people make a bad name for everyone, because I definitely won't trust anyone with a 'home' business again. This woman should have to pay to compensate everyone she stole clothes from. Amymomof2 CRESTVIEW, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Niceville, Florida
9, Report #40526
Apr 18 2007
01:44 AM
Kerri Beaudette ripoff thief Tupper Lake New York
Kerri Beaudette has theived and lied for a long time. First of all she dated a guy from france for like 2 months if that then she married him. It took only like 1 week then they were divorced. The reason for this is when he gave her money to pay the bills she didn't. Instead she pocketed the money and bought shit she didn't even need. She forged his name on checks and cashed them then lied to him about it. She wrote one out for $500 and another one out for $1,000 and went shopping with it. When her husband asked where she got all that money she told him her daughter's father gave it to her from income tax. At that time it was the summer but he believed her since he was from another country he had no idea. All i have to say is he got shit on and it wasn't right. To make matters worse all the checks she forged bounced. Since her name wasn't on the checks ( that was a smart idea! ) her husband got arrested for something he didn't do. He had no idea what was going on. well then she confessed she did it so her husband was released and had to go to court at a later time. She was then arreseted but she had to go to court. She then signed a plead bargin. But her court dates kept getting delayed or cancled. She went to court like 3 times for it and she got 2 felonies against her. But since her father is friends with the judge she got out of it. She didn't have to go to jail all she has to do is pay prostitution. But her husband has to pay half. Which i think is bullshit cause he had no idea what that stupid bitch did. If that were anyone else in Tupper Lake they would have been in jail or prison the first time they went to court. I guess it just goes to show you that you have to have some great family members to get you out of shit. The law was wrong when they granted her punishment and i think the dirty bitch deserves to go to jale. The favortysm has to stop!! Kerri Beaudette desreves to be behind bars! If you can't due the time you shoulnd do the crime. But that did do the crime but got out of the time!! Whitch is wrong in my eyes! Tu Mama New York USA Tupper Lake & Saranac Lake getting the long over due publicity it so richly deserves. CLICK HERE ..Read about all the corruption on businesses, Police & Probation Department, Sunmount Developmental Ctr., Jack Delehanty Asst. District Attorney & much more!
Entity: Tupper Lake, New York
10, Report #124476
Dec 27 2004
06:53 AM
Entity: Houston, Texas
11, Report #418844
Feb 01 2009
12:49 PM
Skindeep Medispa; Glenda Fodge; Kerri Stephanian; Dr. Edic Stephanian Laser Facial Gone Bad-2nd Degree Burns-Permanent Scars Rockwall Texas
In August 2007 I received my 3rd Photofacial treatment at the Skindeep Medispa in Rockwall, TX. The technician preforming the procedure was Glenda Fodge. She had also preformed the prior 2 treatments over the previous 2 months. I had no problem with the first 2 treatments. The 3rd one went bad. I had these same treatments over the previous two years from another spa with no problems what so ever. Infact the results were very good. The procedure was unusually painful and I told Glenda immediately. She said she would turn down the laser, which I assumed she did. She also commented, We want you to get your monies worth. I felt no difference at anytime even after asking her twice more to turn it down. She continued to assure me she knew what she was doing and I had nothing to worry about. Well, was that ever wrong. My face and neck were burning badly immediately after the procedure. The next morning I awoke with my entire face and neck severly swollen with hugh burn blisters. I CAN PROVIDE PHOTOS. When I called the manager Kerri Stephanian she insisted that once healed this would be the best treatment that I had ever received. I told her I was going to see my doctor and she insisted that I come to see her husband, Dr. Edic Stephanian, who is the acting doctor for this clinic. But he does not office there or is never mentioned or seen at that location. I refused of course. My doctor confirmed that I had 2nd degree burns and treated me for those. I now have permanent scars on my face and neck. They have continued to refuse to supply their medicial insurance information to me for filing and refuse to pay my doctor bill. I advise everyone to stay away from this spa. If you ever have pain during such a procedure stop immediately. They did refund my money for that one procedure after I insisted, but never offered. TB Rockwall, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Rockwall, Texas
12, Report #1366949
Apr 10 2017
03:14 PM
Kerri Sullivan Shelby Ricks, Using the legitimate company; Interclaim Worlwide Received news that there was a Class Action suit againt a fradulant Property Managment Company and we WERE GETTING REIMBURSED! Atlanta Georgia
We received a phone call that a Resort Property Management, a company that we used and learned scamed us was investigated by the Atlanta Attorney General and we were going to see redemption.  The caller knew all about our case, who decieved us, how we paid for it and how much we were owned.  They took us through the steps on how we would be reimbursed quickly.  Clearly, hearing the news that we were seeing money caused us to listen even after being burned once. As the caller, Kerrie Sullivan, stated we were owned a refund.  She verified the credit card we used and the NEXT DAY we saw the money on our card.  We couldn't beleive it, we acutally saw justice and the money returned!!!  A day later someone from Kerrie's office called, Shelby Ricks stating we owned processing fees and it was required to be paid in a cashier check.  Clearly this didn't sit right but we were already looking at a $5,400 refund on our credit card so we went along and paid the $1,600 adminstrative fee.  Four days later, I was contacted by our credit card company to let me know that the refund was reversed, no money. Yet again, Resort Property Management and their ties struck us.  This one used the name of a legimate company, when we contacted them they were very aware of fraudulant activity being done in their company's name but yet again, nothing could be done on our behalf.  If it seems to good to be true, it is. 
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
13, Report #370539
Sep 22 2008
07:06 PM
Bill & Kerri Sunbeck contacted us in June looking for a pony for their daughter. We confirmed that we had one available that would definitely suit and one that might, but would need further training. The sales price was discussed and it was immediately arranged for the Sunbecks to come try the most suitable pony. They loved the pony, who hadn't been ridden for two weeks prior to that day and yet packed their tiny daughter around, and wanted him. Despite knowing that the pony was for sale and the asking price, they said they did not have the money to buy and would we consider payments or a lease? They seemed lovely and like a great home for the pony, so we said we'd think about it. We agreed to lease the pony to Bill & Kerri Sunbeck at a reduced price. Of course, they wanted to make payments on the lease price. This should have been when we ran the other way, but the pony needed a home and they seemed incredibly nice and trustworthy so we agreed. Plus they expressed interest in taking lessons at our barn, so what was the risk? From Bill's email of June 19th, One last thing, my wife and I were impressed with you as a trainer. If we come out to pick up Riot, could we take at least one formal lesson with you. They also requested a trial period to allow them to be sure of the match and for their trainer to assess the pony. We agreed to the trial period and a lease agreement was signed on 6/25/08 and the pony collected and taken to the equestrian facility at Canyon Lake. A deposit check for the first payment was left and, not surprisingly, there were not enough funds available when it was taken to the bank on the agreed upon day. By their own account, the trial period went fabulously and they wished to keep the pony. Cash was exchanged putting the lease agreement fully into force and I then heard nothing but how wonderful the pony was, photos were sent etc. They were made aware of the pony's requirement for maintenance and that that was reflected in its price. We then start to receive emails that the trainer is claiming the pony is unsound. Of course he says he saw this one day during the trial but not the next, so he didn't bring it up. As we know the pony and felt he was more than adequately sound for the job, we advised that they give him bute and continue with light exercise. They had a knowledgable friend assess the pony and agree and so they proceeded as advised. When the trainer still felt the pony was not sound, a vet was brought in for assessment. His opinion was that the pony shouldn't be ridden. With us, the pony was showing and doing well on minimal maintenance, so we of course wanted our vet's opinion. The Sunbecks expressed their wish to be able to continue with the pony and agreed that he should return home for an assessment and exam. At this time, no refund was discusse, offered or inferred. As a gesture of good will, we offered another pony towards the purchase of which these funds could be applied should they wish to return the lease pony for good. We delivered this 5 year old, paint pony mare (which their daughter had used for a lesson on 28th June, 2008) to the Canyon Lake Equestrian Center on 26th July, 2008 to be tried while we waited for a vet's opinion on our pony, who returned home with us. In our extensive conversations that day, the Sunbecks expressed their wish to continue with the pony should he simply require further maintenance or if the surgery mentioned by their vet be necessary. They also again expressed their unhappiness with their current trainer due to advice that wasn't entirely true. Our vet's opinon was that the pony was fit for the purpose leased (crossrails/short stirrup) but that further maintenance (that is considered routine for many sport horses and ponies) would be a good plan. William (Bill) expressed both verbally when we collected the pony and in writing that such maintenance would not be an issue and that if surgery were required, they loved the pony enough to proceed. Surgery was therefore discussed with my vet (who discouraged it) and that information passed on to the Sunbecks. At no point did we represent verbally or in writing that we would refund their down payment on the lease, an arrangement that is in no way provided for in the lease agreement. We stand by the fact that the first pony was accepted sound and returned to us as lame. During this time, the Sunbecks waffled betweeen wanting to return the paint pony and wanting to extend their trial. We offered two other, possibly more suitable ponies. Again, only an exchange was offered. Several unacceptable offers were made such as a free lease or a drastically lowered price with them unable to make payment until some future date (again). If we would not accept their ridiculous offers, they expected a refund against the pony they or their agents caused to go lame. Again, no offers of such a refund were ever offered with no provision made for such in the lease agreement signed on 25th June, 2008. Instead, the agreement clearly states that once the trial period is over and payment made, there is no right of refund and the Lesser accepts all responsibility for injury or loss. They have now had our pony mare since 26th July, 2008, wasting a considerable amount of our time. Calls and emails have frequently been unreturned when need for payment has been brought up. We accepted a reduced offer but with payment required by Friday, 5th September 2008 instead of Thursday, 25th September 2008 as offered or we would have to collect the pony. While a refund of the lease payment made on the first pony is in no way owed or due, at this time we even offered to refund that payment less our costs for delivering and collecting our pony as well as the deposit to hold her. The Sunbecks seem to be of the erroneous opinion that they can dictate the price and terms that we must accept to sell a pony that we own. We then found that the pony had been removed from the Canyon Lake Equestrian Center, where we had delivered her to the Sunbecks. It was discovered that they were representing themselves as the pony's owner and, knowing money was owed, keeping her locked in a stable (having told the owner of the new facility that someone at the Canyon Lake Equestrian Center claimed the pony as their own). Attempts to contact the Sunbecks were again ignored and therefore arrangements to collect the pony at 4pm on Thursday, 4th September 2008 were made. The owner of the facility contacted Kerri Sunbeck, who assured the owner that she would contact me immediately. Instead, William and Kerri choose to move the pony in an attempt to conceal it which at this time is being treated as theft with the necessary legal steps being taken. We stand ready and willing to enter into mediation to resolve this issue as laid out in clause 16 of the lease agreement. We still believe that the Sunbecks are good, honest people at heart and have faith that this matter can be resolve in a manner acceptable to all involved. But until then, I would not respond to their numerous adverts looking for a hunter pony to lease/lease to buy (several using photos of my pony!). This is a prime example of why you should involve your instructor/trainer in shopping for a horse and why you should (almost) never let a horse or pony go out on trial. Relevant clauses of the agreement: 3. RETURN: Lessee shall have the right to return the Horse to Lessor at any time, for any reason during the first four (4) days of the lease with no penalties incurred. Lessee agrees to pay any and all costs incurred for the upkeep and transport of the Horse during this period. 5. Lessee shall have the option to return the horse to Lessor prior to the end of the lease term, provided, however, all lease fees hereunder are fully paid up and current through th etime the horse is returned to Lessor. No refund of the lease fee or any costs incurred to Lessee under this agreement shall be due or made. 11. RISK OF LOSS AND INSURANCE: A. Lessee assumes all risk of loss or injury to said horse, expect to the extent causes by an act of Lessor's agent, contractors, or employees. The Lessor shall not be held responsible for loss, damage, injury, claim, demand, cost adn expense (including legal expense) arising out of or connected with the use, stabling or actions for the leased animal whether under controal and supervision of the lessee or not. The Lessor will not be responsible for any accident or injury to any person or animal who comes in contact with the above named animal, during the term of this lease. B. Lessee shall at her/his own expense maintain in full force and effect during the term of this Lease policy or policies of mortality and loss of use infurance written by an insurance carrier acceptable to Lessor. A binder of said insurance shall be provided to Lessor prior to Lessee taking delivery of the horse; and a copy of the said policy must be mailed, registered mail, to Lessor within a month of Lessee's taking delivery of the horse. 13. DEFAULT: Upon material breach of this agreemtn by one party, the other party may terminate same; provided, however, notice of said material breach is sent certified mail to the party in breach setting forth said breach. No refund of the lease fee, all or in part, is due at any time. Susie San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Canyon Lake, California
14, Report #572596
Feb 21 2010
06:13 AM
Joshua Consulting Jan Kolodziej. Kerri McAdams. Michelle MoneyGram Mysteryshopper at Walmart Dallas, Internet
A company had a posting online for an opportunity to make money doing mystery shopping. Since I had done mystery shopping at a call center it seemed like a legitimate job offer and a way to make some extra money on the side. The assignement was to cash money orders and go to an assigned store and purchase something. For my first assignment I was asked go to a Walmart and buy at least 30 dollars worth of merchandise. I was then supposed to transfer any remaining money via money gram(after taking a considerably large amount for myself..150) and report about various aspects of customer service(how long it took, knowledgability of the employees, patience of employees, cleanliness of the store, etc). After a few weeks I received an email saying that they were sending money orders for me to complete the assignment. When I clicked on the details for the email's sender I noticed that it wasn't from a corporate email adress like you would expect but was from a personal email adress from the UK( Which is odd because Joshua Consulting is located in Atlanta,GA. A week or so later an overnight delivery envelope is on my door and there are two money orders both worth 850.20. There was an email I received during the day that said I was to complete the assignment within 24 hours. I began to be really uncomfortable with the idea of walking around walmart with 1700 dollars in my pocket since I feel like I'm going to get robbed anytime I'm remotely close to a walmart. Because of my concern, I sent an email asking if I was supposed to cash both. Since it was saturday, I exepected to not hear anything back till monday and reasoned that this would buy me a few days to figure things out. Oddly enough, even though it was a Saturday I received an email back within an hour. The money orders themselves look authentic. What concerns me is that the money orders themsleves are from an individual in Indiana and the company is in GA and the person sending me an email is in the UK. What makes the legitimacy of this even more questionable is the fact that the email I received on friday asked me to send the remaining money via moneygram not to Joshua Consulting but to an individual (Kelli McAdams) in a completely different state from the individual who sent the money orders in the first place. I looked online for situations like mine and after a while I found out that people had been taken advantage of before.     the following is the actual text that was sent to me. I just got words from Fedex that payment will be delivered today.Tracking number for the payment package is 871593744460 Below are the details you will be needing to complete your assignment at any Walmart location of your choice. * Convert money order to cash,then you can proceed with the evaluation. * Deduct your service charge for this assignment ($150) *Proceed to any Walmart location of choice with the cash. * Make a purchase of any product of choice to the tune of $30. * Request to utilise Money Gram money transfer service system with whatever amount you have left after deduction of your service fee,and purchase fee. * On the Money Gram form, you will write your name as sender of the money * Receiver will be KELLI MCADAMS * Receiver city will be SEATTLE * Receiver state will be WASHINGTON * Receiver zip code 98122 * You will inturn email me a scanned copy of your purchase receipts,and Money Gram receipt. * In a case where you do not have access to a scanner,you will email me the exact amount sent after deduction of Money Gram money transfer service charges,and also email the REFERENCE number, which is the 8 digit code number on the Money Gram Receipt,and also what product(s)was purchased and the cost of each. * You will be require also to email detailed report how long it took you to get services done.(purchases and Money Gram) * Ambience/Outlook of the Shop/Outlet * Smartness of the attendant(s) * Customer service professionalism * Reaction of personnel under pressure * Information that you think would be helpful * Your comments and impressions. * Rudeness and agents inefficiency to customers. * High Transfer charge. * Late opening and closing Hours. You are expected to email your report within 24hrs . As soon as the assignment has been completed,you will be receiving payment for another assignment asap.
Entity: Dallas, Internet
15, Report #1371063
May 03 2017
10:37 AM
Radix skin care Internet
 I bought a free trial of Radix eye cream that was a suggested post on Facebook. All I had to pay was shipping, while going through checkout a face cream was added that I was unable to remove, but as it was only an extra couple of dollars for shipping I completed my trial. Once I recieved confirmation emails I searched them for terms of the trial to make sure it was not an auto ship, but the only information in the email was my order and how much I had paid for shipping. No links to terms and conditions or anything. 2 weeks later there were one $89 charge taken from my account. I called the customer service # and spoke to a nice woman who tried very hard, offering me up to a 75%discount on future deliveries. I declined and she cancelled both prouducts. I recieved 2 emails stating that any ongoing or future charges had been cancelled. 2 days later another $89 charge was takem from my account, from the wording of the email I had figured that my account would not be charged anything further. The person I spoke with this call was awful. She laughed at me and spome over everuthing I said. When I asked to speak with a supervisor she laughed and said there wasn't one. When I pressed to speak with someone else she informed me i could call back and hold for a different operator but that was my only option. I continued to explain that everything had been cancelled days before and I should not have been charged and to ask for either a supervisor or a voicemail. I was continually laughed at and spoke over the whole conversation. Once off the phone I sent an email to the administrator explaining my problem and how the phone call was handled. The next day I recieved an email back stating that according to their records they had recently contacted me and had resolved my account. If I had any further problems to call the same number back that I had called the night before. No one had contacted me and my account was not resolved. I sent a reply email asking why I would call the same number back and that nothing had been resolved. I gave them my phone number and said I would be happy to get a call from a supervisor to speak about this. I have not recieved a reaponse. I later went online and found customer service reviews for this company. Everyone had strikingly similar experiences of not being aware that this was an auto renewal and being laughed at and told there were no supervisors or managers available when customer service was called.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1411590
Nov 13 2017
07:35 AM
Adams County Cps Kerri Pedritt Reana and many others including my lawyer Laura Lochli They removed my children over assumptions and NOTHING MORE and my children are now being abused mentally, Physically, emotionally, since adams county removed my babys and they have DONE NOTHING BUT HURT MY CHILDREN FROM DAY ONE Aurora Colorado
My children were taken on April 6th of this yr by aurora pd. And contacted cps in adams county in the time cps has had them my 11 yr old was molested and they did nothing even when i told cps about my daughter being in the home of a accused child molester. Also my 17 yr old and 15 yr old have ran away from my mothers house where they were moved to in may. My children continue to to the cps worker about the abuse they endure from my mother and CPS DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT. I have so much more to explain from the very start my childrens and my right were broke over and over. The lawyer the courts ha e gave me has done NOTHING BUT SUSH ME IN COURT AND MAKE THINGS WORSE FOR MEshe never told me my rights and wanted me to accept the charges that adams county charged me with without even reading the paperwork first. There is so much that cps has done wrong and now my babys will and are not the same. Aurora pd charged me with neglect and when i went to court that charge went from neglect to two counts of child abuse one a felony causing bodily injury and the other not causing bodily injury which is a mist. THERES SO MUCH MORE. PLEASE HELP MY CHILDREN AND I.
Entity: Aurora, Colorado
17, Report #338655
Jun 12 2008
06:33 PM
Renaissance Dress Unresponsive Internet Internet
I ordered some things from After sending several emails, I have heard nothing on whether or not my order will be fulfilled. I ordered a few weeks ago and the only email I received was a receipt with my order number. My event is this Friday and I have heard nothing from them. No emails, no phone calls, nothing :( I'm really disappointed because all they have in their contact information is an email address that they don't even check!!! They could have the courtesy of emailing me back. So at this point, I have nothing to wear and my event is in 5 more days :( I'm hoping someone from there will contact me if I post since they did for the other girl that complained about this site. HELP! Kerri Parkville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #822432
Jul 11 2012
10:04 PM
Scott Saddel Asap Motors Apollo Engines, These are the crooks of crooks only god can take care of these criminals, they sell motors from junkyards in the houston area and say they are rebuilt Houston, Texas
This Company Asap motors has been ripping hard working people out there money for years, the owner brian and scott with the help of theyre employees made thousands of dollars by lying to vournable customers, their motors are bought from houston area junkyards and some japanese have been sold they did rebuild motor at times but it has been mainly junkyard motors and explained by the Texas Attorney General who has sued them. Scott Saddel is the scum of the earth he is a criminal and only god can punish him he reopened another business Apollo Engines where he has continued to ripoff customers he was located at the same location at 6442 Cunningham and now he has moved to 3105 Jensen Apollo Engines once again ripped off many customers and changed its name to J & S Used Engines now who is being runned the same way... Scott Saddel Is no where to be found but I was there late December and found out he is running from the law and man angry customers, His workers are still there and they deny him being involved, but they cover up for each other Scott Saddel is now at 1225 Sawyer st. Houston Tx 77007 at Johnny Franks Auto parts its and abandoned building but he is running his business from there!!! BEWARE PLEASE CAN SOMEONE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS CROOK!!!!!
Entity: Houston, Texas
19, Report #314043
Mar 02 2008
03:22 PM
David Mc Cutcheon, MLG Marketing, LLC David Mc Cutcheon & Yvonnia Houston of MLG Marketing, LLC are FRAUD! They are using Craiglist, Hotmail & Net Zero to lure participants into surveys that result in the loss of $5,000.00. Both David Mc Cutcheon & Yvonnia Houston are guilty of committing CRIMES of WIRE FRAUD. I know first hand, as I was a victim and lost funds to be used for my wedding this August. San Francisco California
David Mc Cutcheon and Yvonnia Houston of MLG Marketing, LLC are using Craigslist, Hotmail & Net Zero to lure participants into employment to take surveys that result in the loss of $5,000.00. They advertise that they have been hired by Western Union and MoneyGram to conduct surveys on associate performance and accessibility of services. Both David Mc Cutcheon & Yvonnia Houston are guilty of committing CRIMES of WIRE FRAUD. hI know first hand, as I was a victim and lost funds to be used for my wedding this August. Michael New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: San Francisco, California
20, Report #158331
Sep 26 2005
07:46 AM
Silver Crest Loans - Joesph Marson - Kerri White, Michael Weir, Sandra Bowen ripoff, scam artists, fake loans, fraudulent loans Philidelphia Pennsylvania
I was in debt really bad and needed money somehow quick. So I had gotten on the internet looking. To my despair no one would offer me a loan. Now I do have good credit but I had gotten really behind in bills and rent then a few days later i recieved a call from a loan agency named silvercrest loans. I discovered that I was approved for 10,000.00 up to 300,000.00 but a collateral payment of 25% would have to be put down. I said I didn't need enough to buy a house. I just needed a personal loan. Me and my wife had talked about it and we came up with the idea to get enough to consolidate all of our bills into one payment and maybe have a little left over to enjoy so we asked for the 10,000.00. Everything was going great. I was so amazed I was approved and would finally be getting out of debt with this loan. So we sent the 2500.00 in for the collateral payment. It cost me 129.00 to send it western union to new york, new york where it would be picked up by a courier. So the money was supposed to be put into the bank within 48 hours. So it was a weekend and we knew it would have to be at least monday before the bank would process it. By tuesday it wasn't there. Well low and behold about that time I got a call saying that I needed another 1200.00 for the insurance on the loan. I thought holy crap, these people are draining me but I need 10,000.00 more than 1200.00. So I told them I was unable to come up with 1200.00. So he replied I'll have to speak with my supervisor. How much can you put down on the insurance? I said the most I would be able to do was 800.00. So he called me back about 20 minutes later saying that the lender would agree to pay. So I sent in the 800.00 hoping that this would all work out for the best. Well it's been a week now and still no money. So now I'm filing this report to say if you see this don't do it. I know I'll probably never get my money back but if I at least help out some one before they are scammed then the scam artists won't get it Richard fountain, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
21, Report #735141
May 31 2011
01:10 PM
Global Solutions LLC Kerri Parks .... Brian Parks Took time off from work for a one hour private internet/phone interview, Internet
Replied to an add posted on by company confidential. After a few days received an email I was a candidate and identified themmselves as Global Resources. After several very professional emails back and forth with Kerri Parks an interview date was established and I was asked to expect an hour or so in front of the computer. They asked for private uninterupted time so I took an afternoon off work to interview. The interview time was noon today with Brian Parks, I emailed Kerri Parks at 1:00pm inquiring about the interview. Here it is 3:30pm and no contact nor return email has been made. After reading about this company I am thankful they did not contact me and I only lost a half day of pay!
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #733833
May 27 2011
12:03 AM
BEWARE OF THE KEANE ORGANIZATION.  Caller is offering to retrieve due monies from untold institution and requested for 20% of untold amount.  After initial offer, caller asked for additional information including any wills left by deceased.  Caller then stated that she is sending involved financial information and a contract for signature.  Needless to say, information was not divulged to the Keane Organization.  However, caller is still sending info and contract.  Currently awaiting package. My Action:  Cease and desist all further contact with the Keane Organization.  Create report on Ripoff Report.  
Entity: WAYNE, Pennsylvania
23, Report #961576
Oct 29 2012
11:57 AM
Secured Bankers Mortgage Companye Kathy Sloane, Timothy Lassen, Jason Smith, Kerri Fink BIGGEST SCAMMERS EVER!!!! Internet
I had been applying for loans and thought this company to be legit. As with others they said I needed to provide 3 months worth of payments to go in a trust fund in case I defaulted on the loan. Kathy Sloane, Timothy Lassen, Jason Smith, Kerri Fink (person money wired to) & a lady named Sandra are whom I dealt with. I was told that I had to buy the insurance on my loan because the private lender required it of me. I was later told that all fees were not paid in full because the funds needed to be in Canadian dollars and I had to pay $300 processing fee. On Oct 23 of this year I did not see my loan in my account so I called. They said the private lender had backed out of the loan but they had found another lender who would lend me $15,000 ($5,000 more than what the supposed first lender was going to lend me) and all I had to do was pay another $500 processing fee!!! I am outraged by this and have reported this company and all persons I've dealt with to the authorities including FBI, Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, Department of Corporations, my local police department, and many more. I was told I would receive a full refund including wiring fees but that is yet to happen!!! Do NOT fall for this SCAM!!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #1172227
Aug 25 2014
02:48 PM Rose Kerri add 2255 kuhio avesuite #1710 finding out its a scam from others. honolulu hawaii Internet
i have been paying vacation breeze every month since march 2013, and everytime i try to use it =, it never has the hotels or the right states or cities i want to go. i am now finding out that it might be a scam. please help me get to the bottom of this? ralston read, Spokane WA
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1197098
Dec 22 2014
01:31 PM
Property Source Inc Kerri Ledbetter Unlawful advertising property without authority and/or authority of legal chain of title title. use impostor laws Greensboro North Carolina
Without cause an un authoritized person filed a nojn judicial foreclosure on my home of 22 years, which I thought was with BB&T mortgage, but CFPB discovery fact BB&T did not exsist until August 2013.  This is a secuerities fraud mortgage issue.These certaain people mistakenly think that a fraud file of authority becomes legal after other filings depending on the chain of corruption; nevertheless, ncgs 45 has no enacting clause and is without authority.  Thomas & Gail Cxxxxx are the only legal and lawful owners of xxx (((REDACTED))) Burlington, North Carolina.  This is a Bertie Madoff mirror case stealing property / assets from other owners and then using it to pay its debt or tax libilities.  Using other non parties that will do anything for a dollar.  This is a cover up by certain attorneys still facing proscution from their actions with the FDIC and others to unsafe and unsound banking proactices in filing non judicial foreclosures in state and federal courts.     Any such action was and is without our knowledge and without our consent. This is private property and we have contested this non judicial scheme from the begining, protecting and reservating all our rights under the laws of the land and the laws of God. We deny any default on our part and challege any business for or not for profit to sue us with a legal complaint in a competent court with complaint and a summon.I invite any and all to provide its authority to act on any issues concerning my property.  This business namedProperty Source Inc is unknown to us, an impostor, and acting without our consent.  Respectfully, Gail C (T)336-xxx-xxxxDecember 23, 2014  
Entity: Greensboro, Internet

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