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1, Report #1185667
Oct 29 2014
01:26 PM
Insight Publishing Innovators Group Lies, Lies, Lies and More Lies! Sevierville Tennessee
I signed a contract with Insight Publishing in June 2012 for delivery of a project that has not been completed. The company has misrepresented the status of the project repeatedly over the last year. Further, my requests for a refund were initially ignored. I had published images of the book to my website with an anticipated available by date. The date had to be repeatedly changed because of the prolonged delays. It has been both embarrassing and frustrating. On July 24, 2014, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (Case Number 8043985). The entire complaint history is available on a website I created to make my opinion known that Insight Publsihing Sucks (  The business initially failed to respond to the Bureau's inquiry causing the case to be closed on August 21, 2014. I submitted a rebuttal and the case was reopened on August 27, 2014, when the Bureau received a response from Jeanne Wright, Marketing Specialist, indicating that the CEO David Wright had agreed to issue a full refund to me and the refund was in process. I firmly believe the only reason David Wright agreed to the refund was because I had extensive and irrefutable documentations about the repeated misrepresentations by agents of his company (one of the more telling email threads is also posted to the website).   As I read over the other complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau against the company, I felt sorry for the other people people because they likely did not have the email history to substantiate their claims. David Wright and Jeanne Baach both misrepresented material facts about this issue. I'm just grateful I kept ALL of the emails. The company is now under review by the Better Business Bureau, and I intend to update my case file monthly until I receive my promised refund.  
Entity: Sevierville, Tennessee
2, Report #1311720
Jun 16 2016
10:16 AM
Insight Publishing The Innovators GroupISNResource Speakers Bureau Insight Publishing Disappears Leaving Many In the Dark & Out Of Pocket Sevierville TN
I’m an independent business owner in Canada who has also been perceivably burned by Insight Publishing…In March of 2015 I met with my local Business Resource Center for a ‘check up’ and that’s when I was referred to Insight Publishing.  My colleague had met Jeanne Bach at an event (I believe in Toronto) where they had a booth set up.  Upon contacting them I was thrilled at the opportunity to be on my way to becoming a more recognized thought leader and published author.   Once I signed on the dotted line and they took my payment I halted my own writing project so I could focus on this one.When I paid I asked what the time line would be.    Knowing nothing about the publishing industry but understanding how timelines can shift, I accepted August 2015 as a good length of time.  At that time I was also advised to start promoting the book ASAP, so to get the word out. (Good thing I lagged behind on that one). I stumbled upon a book on my shelf at home (Speaking Of Success) a fellow colleague had been on this project back in early 2000s I believe.  No need to think anything suspicious at all of this company…here’s a book on my shelf to prove they are legit and real.In June I was contacted with the opportunity to purchase additional books at a price of $1.99 per book.  I added an additional 200.  I asked at that point how it was going, all seemed to be going full steam ahead. I started to talk up Insight to see if anyone in my network would be interested in being on a project of this nature (part of Insight’s incentive program) in hopes of adding a few extra books to my count.When mid August hit, I was contacted by Jeanne Bach again to see if I would be interested in additional books. I declined…and again asked about the project.  I was then told the project was delayed to October. No worries I thought.  October came and went…no book.  Once again contacted Jeanne asking for the update. Most likely January I was told.  A colleague who works in publishing told me these delays are normal, most like due to printing issues.  Again, No worries!Around this time, I was successful in convincing a colleague to join on a project!  What an opportunity for her to be part of something that will raise her profile…and I get 50 books.  Not bad at all.   She did some digging and found an article on RipOff Report…I dismissed it. I had an Insight book on my shelf and, let’s face it, NOT everything you read on RipOff is legit.  I know this…a former Financial Services company I worked for was cited several times…and they had  AAA rating in the industry.  DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!  And, after all, this is a company with 26 or so years of solid credibility…what could possibly go wrong?January…NO BOOK.  Insight (Jeanne) then was contacting me again to ask if I was interested in additional books. Having just paid down some debt and freeing up some room on my credit card I thought, sure!  At $1.99 put me down for 200 more!  I was thrilled that I now had 650 books coming to me, a co-authored project with Dr. Denis Waitley, Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield. PLUS, I was reminded my package include the ISBN, E-book, and, the most attractive thing, the newsletter that would be sent to 50,000 meeting planners world wide!  Oh, and the project had again been delayed to  Late February/early March. Excellent! Around this time I had also purchased an additional product with Dona Merritt. It was a spot in A Speakers Magazine, where I could have my 1 Page displayed.  Excellent!  Sold!  Another $399.00. Perfect!  More credit to my raised profile.   There was no follow up for Dona, no timelines, nothing.  So I waited.In March of 2016, I again was following up with Insight to find out about the book and check the timelines with Dona for the Speakers Magazine.   No reply from Jeanne. Called, no response.   Realized I had her on social media, reached out to her there, respectfully asking if she could ‘point me in a direction’ to get some answers.  She gave me David Wright’s direct email and office number (information I already had), I thanked her…that was that!  Though at the time I wanted to inquire why she left Insight after some 17 years or so with the company, I didn’t want to pry or seem nosey. People change, and move on to other opportunities. I called Insight numerous times, no answer.  Emailed David Wright, no response.  Emailed Dona Merritt…emails bounced back.   Mid April their phones were ‘offline.’  Beginning to get that queasy feeling, I emailed David and the general email delivery box. .  I was very stern with my word choice…I wanted answers!   Finally, response.  He apologized.  Said the phone number was the same one he’s had for 26 years…it’s an technical thing with AT&T.  I was told that two people had quit (presumably he was referring to Dona Merritt and Jeanne Bach) and they were prioritizing…Chris Ott was to contact me within a couple of days.  NO RESPONSE!   Emailed and called again, NO RESPONSE!  Threatened to add to this blog, RipOff Report and file a BBB Complaint unless I was contacted, updated, refunded OR sent books.  NO RESPONSE! My colleague who had also jumped on a project messaged me at that point, indicated their website was down, phones disconnected….It was like they packed up and go the *** out of Dodge!   And left everyone one with a stack of empty promises, unfulfilled contracts AND NO BOOKS!So, I’m angry, I feel let down, I’m embarrassed,  I’m humiliated and  I’m out of pocket nearly $3000, which in the grand scheme of life is not a lot of money…but when you are a solo entrepreneur, it’s stings…and I’m now second guessing anyone who comes forward asking to co-author with them.   All I want is answers OR my money back.  I don’t know what has happened to make this once legitimate company turn sour.  David Wright owes everyone answers, books and/or refunds!  I will definitely be contacting the Attorney General and filing a formal complaint.   Not sure where it will get me, but it’s worth the time to see if I can get answers, or a partial refund.For anyone reading this, DO NOT, DO NOT ENTER INTO BUSINESS WITH INSIGHT PUBLISHING (SHOULD IT EVERY RESURFACE) OR ANY OF THEIR AFFILATE COMPANIES!!!!
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1301172
Apr 22 2016
07:03 AM
Insight Publishing Publishing company makes false promises, takes your money, lies and now unreachable Sevierville Tennessee
Contacted by Insight Publishing promising to put together an anthology of authors. Book apparently already scheduled to be printed with authors lined up (e.g, Jack Canfield), just needed a few more authors to contribute. They require you to pay upfront by cheque which they say covers costs of books (you are promised 200 upon completion of project) and when challenged on this they say it's in advance to cover their upfront costs of putting book together. We had to put together interivew questions for them, we were interviwed, they put together a transcript, we proofread it (they were VERY strick about turnaround time), given a book release one-pager with picture of the cover, and we waited...and waited.... We were promised book by late fall and started emailing in early fall to see if book on track with minimal response and given new deadlines but when those new deadlines passed started pressuring for firm commitment. Person dealing with apparently fired so we were shuffled around when we called to various people, none of which called back. Finally got a hold of the owner, David, who promised to call me back within the week once he found out where we were on the project list and never did. Aren't I surprised to find two things: 1. Three weeks after that conversation with David, the phones are not working and no one is returning emails. Did they finally go bust? Disgusting.  2. On the website is a testimonial of an author in the book we were supposed to be in (either it's a lie or they forgot to put their paying customer in the book) -  Stepping Stones looks really great and professional, thank you. I believe it is important to give credit when it is due. Regards, Tumi Frazier, Author, Stepping Stones to Success  [note: Jeanne was apparently fired months ago]   Disgraceful. 
Entity: Sevierville, Tennessee
4, Report #1312869
Jun 22 2016
11:53 AM
Insight Publishing David Wright Ripped off by David. After multiple requests no reply paid for book publishing but never received my product Tn
I signed up for their book publishing, did my interview for the book and paid. The company then disappered with no responses and no books sent to me.
5, Report #1329242
Sep 20 2016
03:33 PM
Insight Publishing , ISN Works , Jeanne Baach, Dona Merritt, Jules Corrado I paid $2000 for a book to be published in which they disregarded me and the project. Sevierville, Tennessee
 I responded to Insight Publishing to get a 96 page book edited and published. I also responded to be involved in their speakers engagement marketing. I paid $2000 for both, in which absolutely zero services were performed. They have not responded to my outreach to them since I paid them. It seems they have all their phone numbers disconnected and have not responded to emails.
Entity: Sevierville,, Tennessee
6, Report #432800
Mar 10 2009
08:52 PM
Insight Publishing, Innovators Group, International Speakers Network Breach of Contract, Poor Communication, Falsifying Documents, Rip-Off, Scam, Excuses Sevierville Tennessee
I signed a contract and paid $3800.00 via credit card for a book project in JAN 08. Within days of the contract expiring, I received my books. The front cover was not the cover I approved. I never signed a Cover Proof. Their version is a fraudulent copy. Ask for the original. The contract stated I would recive blue line proofs. I never received those, and asked for them as recently as DEC 08. Had I gotten proofs as specified in the contract, my cover would have been correct. Since I did not get proofs, my cover is not correct. Additionally, the unique ISBN number is was promised, is the same unique ISBN number given to at least one other author in the project. I tried to resolve this several times via phone and email. When I sent a confirming email stipulating terms agreed to on a phone call, a rude, condescending reply was sent by David Wright. Mr. Wright said he didn't use proofs anymore because they were expensive and inefficient. Too bad his contract states otherwise. The project contracts have recently been revised eliminating the blue line proof language. Ripped off by insight publishing Sevierville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Sevierville, Tennessee
7, Report #1202625
Jan 19 2015
07:27 AM
Insight Publishing, a Division of the Innovators Group, Inc. David Wright, Jeanne Bach, Dona Merritt 5 years ago I contracted with this company to publish my chapter contribution in a book. To date they have delivered nothing despite repeated requests for action or a refund. Sevierville Tennessee
It has been years since I contracted with Insight Publishing in good faith to publish Leadership: Helping Others to Succeed. To date it has not delivered on their contractual obligations. I have requested multiple refunds of my fees and cancelation of my participation in the project effective immediately.  Upon researching this firm I have discovered that this company has a history of similar conduct and lack of performanc to what I am experiencing. 5 years to publish a book is beyond ridiculous and clearly wreaks of suspicious practices. I know I am not the only one out there and would love to connect with others who have experienced the same situation with these disreputable folks. LisaLos Angeles, California 
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1304577
May 09 2016
02:53 PM
International Speakers Network, Innovators Group, Insight Publishing, Did not fulfill on their promise, took my money, now unreachable by phone or email Sevierville Tennessee
They promised to send my One Sheet to 5000 companies in the US and Canada that they claimed were businesses that all used their services in the past and then they were to send me the list with contact info so I could follow up. They sent me the list, and upon following up, there were only companies in California and Texas, 80% or more had 5 or fewer employees (which means they never used trainers or speakers within their company), and several emails I sent bounced back and phone numbers were disconnected.  The one business I did reach claimed they hadn't received my One Sheet and had never heard of ISN. 
Entity: Sevierville, Tennessee
9, Report #762530
Sep 19 2011
08:06 AM
Insight Publishing ISN, David Wright SCAMMED, DECEIVED AND RIPPED-OFF Sevierville, Tennessee
Insight Publishing and its president David Wright are not only unethical, they are downright illegal!  They are masters at marketing the idea that you can appear with the likes of Dr. Stephen Covey and other superstars on the cover of books they publish.  I fell for the scam.  I acted with good faith and trust relying upon the company's representations and paid $3,800. Now, to my shock, I received legal notice from a Utah-based law firm representing Dr. Stephen Covey that The Innovators Group, d/b/a Insight Publishing Company, has no right to use Dr. Covey's name and likeness.  Insight Publishing was and is without any legal authority to use Dr. Covey's name and likeness. David Wright and his company knowingly deceived me and continue to lure others to fall for the scam.  Insight Publishing and its president David Wright know full well that they are doing and continue to do it.  BEWARE!!!
Entity: Sevierville, Tennessee
10, Report #1082474
Sep 07 2013
06:06 AM
Insight Visa Insight Credit Card Doesn't work Internet
I Purchased and activated an Insight Visa prepaid debit card to pay for my gym membership because I did not want to give the gym my checking account information. The only time it worked was for the initial payment. Since then I have successfully loaded money onto the card so that the gym payment could be processed but when I logged on to look at my account history I see over 50 $1.00 fees for declined payment to the gym. I attempted to contact the customer service which they charge you $1.00 if you want to actually speak to a representative and after the lady asked me for my card number I was disconnected. I log on and of course my card was charged the $1.00 fee when nothing was resolved. I will not continue to call and pay to be disconnected and I will not be adding anymore money to this card. It has a date with the shredder.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1317728
Jul 19 2016
11:17 AM
Insight Global Do not contract with Insight Global Phonix Nationwide
I was contacted by Insight Global because they found my resume on line.  They immediatly started with how much I was willing to work for. Not even asking my qualifications.  I had 3 phone interviews and 2 in person interviews. on the day of the final interview Insight Global called 4 times to verify: that I remembered the interview, again for the address, aganin to find out where I was (Not kidding), and finally on how the interview went.  The cleint said they would let Insight Global know by the end of day.  I called and emailed Insight Global several times and on the third day they finally called me back.  They were making sure the selected canidated didn't fall through and keeping me on the line for back up.  The way they do buisness is unprofessional, rude, and slimmie.  I feel dirty being being drug through the mud by them.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #216321
Oct 17 2006
08:38 PM
Insight Communications ripoff Springfield Illinois
We know what you are dealing with a untrained customer service plus reps that come door to door trying to even get you to come to there unfriendly company or trying to get you to upgrade & if they have to they will pretend that you agree to the upgrade. I live in the Springfield, Illinois area & we also have insight & they are the most rude unqualified people you will want to meet. We got so fed up with a cable & internet bill supposed to be $70 a month due to a special but we did not pay $70 a month we paid $200 a month & one time we paid two weeks later $176 bill came in the mail. I informed there customer service we paid a $260 bill & i'm not due till next month & anyway I also talked to several of there supervisors & they are just impossible to deal with. They sound like a broken record. Plus they turned off our service without warning or a notice. My wife wants to get this service reastablished but if I do so it's gonna cost almost $300 to get it reastablished but when I ask why they say maybe this won't be the case. IF you come in & talk to one of our service tech's our problem is Insight is the only cable company we can go to in Springfield & they know it & they will charge whatever they like. They are supposed to be regulated by the government but hey remember it's election year start writing letters to your congressmen & representatives & ask them to regulate & enforce the regulation to these money hungry companies. Micheal springfield, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Springfield, Illinois
13, Report #766663
Aug 18 2011
07:56 AM
Insight Global Churning and Burning College Grads Internet
As someone who worked for Insight Global for over a year, I can say there are a few pro's and plenty of con's about this company- both for internal employees and the contractors that employ.  I'll make this short and sweet: For internal employees: The above accounts of a typical work day are accurate: in not a minute after 7:00am (showing up at 7:01 more than once can and will get you fired, regardless of traffic, etc.).  Aside from bathroom brakes, you are required to have the phone glued to your ear while you smile and dial.  If you want work environment flexibility, this is not the company for you.  If you want a coffee or a snack between 7-5, besides lunch, you can only do so if an Account Manager on the road picks it up for you on the way back from a meeting.  You have to be comfortable having someone stand over your shoulder while you pound the phones all day, and be prepared to have your performance micromanaged down to every little detail.  You report out on every dial and every conversation multiple times everyday, multiple times every week, etc.   For contractors: If you get hired, the company is reliable when it comes to payment.  As long as you fill out and submit your timesheet and expense sheet on time, you will get paid quickly.  Note that you will not receive benefits and that if you get into a job and want something else, Insight Global will not look out for your best interests and try to find you something else.  Perhaps once in the 12+ months I worked there did I ever see an Account Manager or Recruiter that was willing to go to bat for a contractor that was performing well and wanted a raise.  A raise for a contractor means a reduction in spread for Insight Global, and the only time I saw that happen was when the contractor threatened to quit if it didn't.  You will be nickled and dimed during hourly rate negotiations, regardless of your qualifications.  When you receive a call from a recruiter from Insight Global, 9 times out of 10 you are merely a stat on a call sheet for a college grad trying to hit his numbers.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #1418942
Dec 23 2017
08:00 PM
Game-insight Blocked my game inappropriately Internet
My account was blocked because they claimed I changed my time and date settings which I have no clue on how to change on my device. I have touched anything on my device for time and date. I want all the money I spent returned to me. If I can’t play I shouldn’t have to pay!
15, Report #932880
Aug 26 2012
05:48 PM
Insight Communications Insight Cable Insight Cable Customer Service is Terrible Louisville, Kentucky
I started having issues with Insight Communications cable service on Friday 7/24 and waited a day to see if the problem would resolve itself but it only got worse.  Channels cutting out, error codes and heavy pixelization on all 3 digital boxes in the house. Plus there was serious degradation to the internet service which was supposed to be 50mb per sec yet we would max out on speed tests between the high teens and the low 40s. I called the insight cable customer service 24/7 # on Saturday 7/25 and was pleased that they could send someone out on Sunday morning even though we had to miss church.  They never showed.  The appointment was to be between 8am & 10am. I called the customer service # again and they said that someone would be out later that afternoon. Again, they never showed.  I called a third time on Sunday evening and after being on hold for over 20 minutes I was lied to saying they had called a few minutes prior and left a message stating that I would have to reschedule.  I have a call log on my phone and that call was never placed.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and was hung up on.   I highly recommend that anyone in Louisville look elsewher for premium TV content.   
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
16, Report #432802
Oct 09 2009
01:29 PM
Insight Publishing, Innovators Group, International Speakers Network BBB Response to their lies! Dishonest, ripoff, scam, rude, breach of contract Sevierville Tennessee
1. My contract stipulated a blue line proof not a proof sheet. I asked for a blue line proof in an email dated 18 DEC 08. If I had been told at that point that there was no blue line proof, there would've been enough time to make corrections and prevent this issue. 2. When you magnify the faxed (to me from them) copy of the alledged Cover Proof it appears doctored. If there is only one proof sheet, then why does mine say Cover Proof? Ask to see original faxes sent from me on 1 OCT 08. Ask to see emails to/from Brittany Stewart and me also dated 1 OCT 08. Those are kept on their server, as told to me by Jeanne Baach...unless that's another lie. 3. In an email dated 3 FEB 09 from Jeanne Baach, Senior Marketing Director, she states The ISBN # you have is an exclusive ISBN # on the back cover as that is what you requested...We had previously discussed this. I agree with Mr. Wright that I never paid for an exclusive ISBN, yet to solve the issue of different ISBN # on my cover and on the inside of the book, Ms. Baach lied to me. Another example of their failing to admit to a mistake. 4. I only received an electronic copy of the book cover via email on 27 JAN 09. The reason, I gave an alternate email, one the company never used before. The email address they had on file for me, and the one used to communicate with me throughout the book project was my KY Department of Education account with Madison County Schools. This account does not allow files as large as theirs (8 Mb) to be received. Therefore, as I state, I never received a copy of the book cover, only my cover picture with my approved title, Dr. Kevin F. Hub. 5. If I've had this much trouble with one project, why would I consider doing further business with them, especially any business that requires money sent to them upfront? 6. The contract was not completed as stated. I never received via overnight delivery any blue line proofs. Regardless of their new, improved and more efficient system (says CEO D Wright) of working with authors, it was not as stated in my contract. New contracts (posted on their website as samples) no longer include the language of blue line proofs. 7. Verbatim from my contract dated, signed and accepted on 17 JAN 08 ITEM EIGHT: BLUE LINE PROOFS - First Party will overnight Second Party the blue line proofs from the printer once we receive. The cost will be $30.00, which will be charged to the Second Party's payment information on file. First Party will include a pre-paid overnight envelope for return inside the package. This is to ensure accuracy and MUST be sent back by Second Party with a signature within 48 HOURS of receiving. A representative from First Party's company will contact you the day of mailing on where to overnight the proofs. 8. My email on 18 DEC 08 indicates my attention to the detail of the contract and concern that I had missed something and would delay the project. I received no response from that email. 9. In addition to the language concerning blue line proofs in the contract, it's also mentioned in the Welcome and important information memo sent to new publishing clients by aforementioned Jeanne Baach. Ripped off by insight publishing Sevierville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Sevierville, Tennessee
17, Report #470050
Jul 15 2009
01:50 PM
INSIGHT COMMUNICATIONS rotten customer service & price gouging Louisville Kentucky
I sent the following complaint to Insight Communications customer service dept and several company officers 7/15/09. It's not my first experience with unfair practices, price gouging and rotten service, certainly won't be my last, but I'm usually much more passive about it, just try to become more cautious. But I'm not taking this one lying down. I've had enough. I have received some of the worst customer service from Insight I've ever received. Bad enough, and unacceptable enough that I feel as though it's worth my valuable and unavailable time and energy to pursue. I contacted Insight 7/8 to report transfer of service because I was moving 7/11, requested that service be activated. I was told by an employee that service would need to be activated on site, an appt was made for 14:30-17:30 on 7/11. I received a call from Insight on either 7/9 or 7/10 to confirm my appt. On 7/11 at 17:30 I called Insight to get an eta. I was told by a VERY RUDE rep that he was running late, she rescheduled my appt for 20:00 that evening. Not only was my original appt not kept, but I had to contact Insight, Insight did not contact me. Then, the new 20:00 appt was not kept, and Insight did not contact me. I called Insight last night at 19:00, asked the rep to describe to me the activity showing on my acct, before I mentioned the problems. I wanted to find out if your system actually showed this activity. Both activation appts were showing on my acct, and both no-shows were showing on my acct, still no one contacted me. I received an apology from the rep I spoke to last night, and a reschedule for 7/16, but nothing else, after I said I've never been so dissatisfied with service. An apology is NOT customer service, it's a beginning to customer service. You don't hesitate to shut off service if my payment is late, but you don't exist when I need the smallest thing out of the ordinary. And, your rates are twice as high as they should be. You're charging me $68 a month for TV. $68 a month for TV. It's wrong, it's just wrong, no grey area about it. $68 a month to be able to sit on my couch for a little while after work and unwind. $68 a month to watch TV. Not clean my house, make dinner, and drive me to work, just TV. No internet, no phone, just TV. This morning, I received a call from Insight to confirm the 7/16 appt. I told the young man that all my cable connections seem to be working well, to cancel the 7/16 appt. But, I also took the opportunity to tell him about the rotten customer service I've received. He said Ok, I'll cancel your appt. That was it, he said nothing else. I said I'm not surprised that you have nothing else to say, but you should care because I'm working with my landlord to allow me to switch to Direct TV. Not only is your customer service the worst I've ever experienced with cable TV, but your rates are twice as high as they should be. He said Ma'am, I'm just doing my job, confirming appointments. I said No, your job is also customer service. He hung up on me. I wear many hats in my work, one of which is customer service. If I treat my customers the way Insight has treated me (not to mention the rudeness and indifference) not only would I lose my customers, but my job and my business, as well. I want someone who actually cares about their job, their reputation, acknowledging the fact that their job is provided by their customers, to call me, on my time. I am available after 18:00. You are charging me twice or more what your television service is worth, and I'm not getting my money's worth. I want you to back up your claims for excellent service and excellent customer service. Again, an apology is not customer service, it's just the beginning. And, in the meantime, the least you could do is take that outrageous amount of money you are charging me, and others, and use it to pay for employee training. And, my message to your employees: There are thousands of people out of work. If you don't like your job, if you aren't capable of doing it, give the job to someone who wants and needs it. Karen louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
18, Report #651506
Oct 15 2010
05:38 PM
Insight Globa global is running scam operation chicago, Internet
I am former Motorola Contract employee, My Contract agency was Insight Global I recently resign from my job few month ago,  Because it was brought to my attention by former Motorola Supervisor, insight global is running scam operation, let me explain you in detail how It works.  Scene Motorola only works directly with Kelly services and Insight Global is (sub-contractor) for Kelly services. Insight Global representatives visits to Motorola and meets with Manufacturing Mangers & Test Department Managers on lunch meeting in elegant restaurants, tab is picked up by IG obviously.  They would haggle pay rates directly with Managers and supervisors and bypass Kelly services and low-ball contractors with paying them around $14-$16 per hours and in some cases they would try to cut pay in middle of their contract, , when  other contract vendors are paying well over $18-20 per hour.  If information that was provided to me is correct, someone one from IG or MOT is pocketing money.  I also have notice 70% of contractors are working here in Schaumburg MFG facility in Test Department are from IG.  I just went it to bring this to someone attention, I cant not see Contract agency or someone from the company taking advantage of current economy situation and disrespecting someone and experience. Note, above information was provided to me by anonymous source who was former Motorola Supervisor. I also would like to be stay anonymous, I am still waiting for my last pay check from IG.  
Entity: chicago, Internet
19, Report #706592
Mar 16 2011
06:18 AM
Insight Global : an accurate experience Chicago, Illinois
I wanted to state an accurate account on the Company, Insight Global.  I'm a firm believer in honesty and I wanted to give another interpretation of the organization. I have been working for the company for the last 3 years.  To put that in perspective, that's normally 2years longer than the majority of any college graduate, stays with their company right out of school.  It's because the company takes so much pride with who they hire to be a part of what we are doing in our industry. I've read quite a few of these blogs throughouth the years, even before I interviewed, and I'm shocked how so many people can have such an unfortunate experience.  The truth is, it is what you make of it.  It entails a lot of hard work that will never end, but that's why the opportunity is far more greater, than what other companies can offer.  We take pride with what we do.  We find people jobs in a market where a lot of people need them, if the consultants/contractors, think that is something easy to do, the reality is, it is not.  We are in a very competitive market but I promise, we want nothing but the best experiences for our Clients and Consultants.  It's about making both as happy as possible- so we can be. If you are thinking about interviewing for the company for the full-time internal position, what I say to you is, interview for yourself.  I did, even after reading all of these blogs and I have found a career with people who care about my success.  Is it hard work? Absolutely, but it's a place you can truly in-grain yourself into and create your own destiny with the training behind it.  If you are a consultant, give us a try before taking the word of an unfortunate experience of someone else.  We'll do all we can to help.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
20, Report #1115326
Jan 14 2014
07:25 AM
Insight Global Slimey, unprofessional WPB Florida
Extremely unprofessional and immature people. I worked for them and found the job low paying, the reps unethical and immature. I had two interviews and my first day of work--she was supposed to be there with me all three times--but never showed once. She was nice as pie--that is, until I quit. Then wow! What a scathing email I got when I put in my notice, I'd never work for them again, blah, blah. Funny thing? I'd worked out my entire contract and gave notice! She said she needed future notice. Why? Time to replace me of course with one of their consultants. When I quit, I'm sure she lost a lot of money. I found out I was working $11/hour below the LOWEST I should take anywhere in the country. Of course they're mad at me for moving on! The rep probably lost a hefty commission when I quit--hence her overreaction. Listen. Multiple consulting firms usually work with a company. My recommendation? Look around a little on and submit your resume through the other guys.  
Entity: WPB, Florida
21, Report #1177860
Sep 19 2014
08:48 AM
Insight Global - for Contractors in Payment delays Austin Texas
I work as an IT contractor for Insight Global. We work in Austin, and my training group was told that we would be paid every Friday, with a one week delay. This Friday, two weeks into training, we are informed that checks are delayed and will not be available for another week due to mailing delays from Atlanta, GA. We were also informed that this one week delay will be constant; so if you expect weekly checks expect a two week delay rather than one, and even payment on the next Friday is not guaranteed. Do not trust Insight Global to pay you on time, or correctly, or to have Direct Depost set up smoothly. Beware if you are living paycheck to paycheck or on a budget.
Entity: Austin, Texas
22, Report #1136604
Apr 05 2014
02:43 PM
Insight Making the Less Fortunate more Unfortunate Burmingham Internet
This company is designed to rob from the poor, or those who are unable to get a bank account.  It allows consumers to have their paycheck, social security benefits, or any other type of benefits deposited onto the card to be used as a credit and/or debit card, or pay a fee to manually load money of their locations. First, if you do not have direct deposit, they charge a fee to load money onto the card.  Then each time you use the card as debit you are charged a $2 fee, and each time as credit a $1 fee, up to a $3 fee for over the phone transactions.  Even if you call to talk to a live agent, there is a $1 fee.  You will find your hard earned money dwindle away very fast, all going to this co.   This is a way of keeping the poor suppressed and robbing them of all they have worked for while this company's pockets get fat.  People would have to be insane to use their services.  You will pay hefty.  Avoid this, and any other prepaid visa/debit cards of this sort at all costs.  
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1326837
Sep 07 2016
12:00 PM
Insight prepaid cards No customer service Alabama Nationwide
 Every time I have a problem with my prepaid card I call the customer service number to only get an answering service! It's completely impossible to talk to a real person! I've tried every number I could find and it's still the same Bullshit! I'm tired of having constant issues with this card and there's no way to resolve anything because there's no way to talk to someone! People beware of this rip off card! It should be against the law to have a prepaid card like this! No matter what you do make sure you stay away from this company and its terrible service!
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1232989
Jun 02 2015
01:04 PM
Insight Global THEY ARE LIARS!!!!! St. Louis Missouri
I first was contacted by the Vienna, Virginia office in February. The job they said I was perfect for involved more IT, than Project Management. I told the recruiter I was not experienced in IT and that I did not think this would be a good fit for me or the client. She assured me it would. After numerous phone calls, a phone interview and emails, I was finally able to meet with the client in person for a face to face interview. This happened only after I made the initiative to call him on his cell phone because I could not get an answer from the gal I was dealing with. The client told me to call him if I needed to ask him anything. I was getting the runaround from the recruiter and was fed up. Actually I was dealing with two people. The “recruiter” and her “supervisor.” They were both inexperienced, unprofessional and basically told you what you wanted to hear. After the client contacted Insight Global to setup the interview time and place, I went on the face to face interview and it went well. The Insight Global recruiter told me I am the forerunner for this position and basically I had it. I was informed that the client wanted to do another phone interview only this phone interview would involve me speaking directly with the client’s client which was the VA Hospital in the St. Louis area. The Insight Global gal sent me all the information in an email along with the conference call number. So after preparing for hours on what questions I was going to ask the VA and doing research on them, I dialed in the number. It was the wrong number!!! I had to call the client on his cell phone and explain the situation. The Insight Global recruiter also told me I was going to be interviewing with the VA. This was not true. I was meeting with another associate of the clients and basically was asked all questions pertaining to IT. I knew then this was a big waste of my time for the past month of dealing with this company. Not only did they provide me with inaccurate information, they lied to me. I was then contacted a few weeks later from a recruiter out of the St. Louis office. I was reluctant to deal with them, but they assured me this was a “perfect fit” again. Of course I fell for their BS….again. After meeting with their client and interviewing, I was dealing again with two people, the recruiter and supervisor. A young guy and gal who talked so fast it was as if they were jacked up on speeders. I was told for a fact I had the job. Not only was I anticipating working for their client, but I turned down two other job offers because of what this young kid told me. I was emailing, calling and leaving messages trying to get a start date and finally after two weeks, the Insight Global recruiter called me and said there was some miscommunication. Yeah, there was. His miscommunication and flat out lies!!! He gave me the runaround and told me three different versions of why their client decided not to hire me and they were trying to find me something else. I told him DO NOT EVER, EVER contact me again and to take my name out of their database. This company and the young unprofessional kids they having working for them are a complete joke!! I have worked for many staffing agencies and this one is horrible to say the least! I have never met such a group of liars. Not only did I waste another month of my life with them, it was a total of two months I wasted thinking I had positions with them and I didn't. I turned down job offers because of their lies they told me. I am a single mother who has no income currently coming in and I am anxious to get back to work. I thought I had this job and I did not. To lie and do this to another person is inexcusable and unethical. After reading all the back comments about this company, I am grateful now I did not go work for these charlatans.
Entity: St. Louis , Missouri
25, Report #1334346
Oct 21 2016
10:02 AM
Insight Prepaid card Stole my money!!! Nationwide
 Insight charged me decline fees when the whole amount plus extra was available. They have money pending for wirhdrawal and the store shows declined! I loaded 350 when i called to check bal. It said 337 due to past declined transactions that were never made. I call the number and no one answers unless you wait an 8hr shift for someone to pick up. They have received over 40 dollars of my money pocketed by them with the excuse of fees. Im currently on hold going on 45min waiting to see where my money went!! Dont trust them.. They scam and lie!!!
Entity: Nationwide

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