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1, Report #1158959
Jul 01 2014
11:30 PM
Instant Checkmate . com Instant Check mate Instant checkmate Complete RIPOFF, SCAM, scheme, does not deliver as promised Internet
Found this scam on!  Clicked on a site that popped up to check on a person who we are thinking of buying land from, figuring that would not have any funny or scammer sites connected with it, but BOOM!  There I go, from screen to screen is looks like it's diligently searching all the records in the US and court records, etc...only to find it's doing a simple precursory check of public information such as phone books and easily attainable information.  Next it says it finds important information and criminal records, etc, and makes you promise not to use this information to defame or stalk this person, then comes up with what seems like a reasonable price for a court records check, in this case just under $23.00.  Says it's sending to the email information you put in, and NEVER get an email from them!  Then, when you pay it comes up with a simple age, name, alias, general location (state, possible city), and THAT WAS IT!  Nothing else!! But it doesn't stop there.  IF you pay an additional $19 or so you will get even more information!  I didn't fall for it, I just went into paypal and opened an immediate dispute.  They DO NOT DELIVER as promised nor do they really deliver at all. Having done some CI work previously I will tell you there are reputable sites that will do background information checks including court informaton for the same price or less and in a fraction of the time, but instant checkmate is NOT REPUTABLE rather it is a farse!  DO NOT waste your money on anything through this site.  DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME or MONEY!! STAY AWAY! is a SCAM!! And you guys should really do a little vetting before allowing this type of scam onto your own site.  Can't catch them all, but judging from the amount of other reports here I feel like a dummy I did not do a ripoffreport check on them first but did not think I had to considering where I found them.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #444803
Apr 18 2009
05:04 PM
Gorayeb Seminars - Weight Loss or Stop Smoking Hypnosis - What a joke! SCAM! Rip Off! Randolph New Jersey
Hello, I attended the Gorayeb Weight Loss Hypnosis session in Portland, Maine on 4/16/09. I have 30 pounds to lose, and have already lost 60 from good, old fashion diet and exercise. However, struggling to lose this last 30, I was hoping they would teach me something I didn't already know. Boy, was I wrong or desperate? Our hypnosis guy was very cocky, attitude, a picture of health, smooth talker, great salesman, slick. I was turned off immediately. When I entered the room and signed my contract, he was very rude to everyone before and after me. Here, sign this - here's your free gift, which was a pen from another hotel which he later asked everyone to return for his evening group. Cheapskate! Hmmm, I should have turned around immediately. Being optimistic, I thought it would get better. Well, like many of the other complaints on this board, he was a smooth talker, made us all feel worthless, fat, and undesireable, but he could save the day if we would only buy his special vitamins that you just couldn't find anywhere else on the planet. As it so happened, he just might have some of these life saving vitamins available to us. Hmm. Yah, right. Fortunately, he had just enough for those who wanted them. I didn't. Heck, they cost a fortune, but jeez, they included a 3-part hypnosis CD. Oh puhleez. After an hour and half of his sales pitch about eating healthy, eliminating carbs, eating more protein, fruits, whole grains, etc (which was all good information for those who didn't know), but pushing his miracle vitamins the entire time. You need to have this vitamin and this vitamin and the kind you buy at Walmart won't work, cuz this is the right blend....blah blah blah. He even tried to sell Carb-Out stating that you could take one of these pills before eating pizza and it would nullify the results. Are you kidding me?? Lets be real. You are what you eat. The more you eat, the more you weigh. Period. He then took a break for us to buy these miracle vitamins. What stunned me, mannnnny people FLOCKED to buy them. I was speechless that other people didn't catch on to this slick fella from NJ. Yes, vitamins can be good for you, but more importantly choosing the right foods will keep you healthier. Hmmm...ok, moving on. After an hour and a half of smooth talking about his miracle vitamins and about how unhealthy and undesirable we were, he began his 30 minute hypnosis. Well, it didn't work for me. I fell asleep. Boring....zzzzz. I'm out 50 bucks, but I learned a valuable lesson. As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!! The old fashion is still true today, diet and exercise will always work. Forget hypnosis. Forget lipo. Forget all the fancy surgeries and bands. Get down to basics. Exercise, eat right, drink water. Poof. Ok, I'm done babbling, but for a highly educated, travelled woman, I feel like an idiot that I fell for this scam. I urge al of you considering this type of hypnosis to think twice. Join Weight Watchers or TOPS or some other program that works for you. Thanks for reading and good luck on your weight loss or stop smoking journey. Tina Old Orchard Beach, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Randolph, New Jersey
3, Report #1243785
Jul 23 2015
11:49 AM
Instant checkmate. Com Paid $11-12 for month unlimited search and over the course of the next week or two, they continuously ran random charges through the card I used without permission or authorization. Las Vegas NV Internet
Instant checkmate. Com Paid $11-12 for month unlimited search and over the course of the next week or two, they continuously ran random charges through the card I used without permission or authorization. No information was obtained that I could not have gotten thru a white pages search. Inaccurate and minimal to no information with continuous fraudulant charges. I was unable to reach the phone number provided, it was fisconnected and overseas even though their reported address is in Las Vegas NV It was supposed to be a month unlimited background checks. Less than two weeks later, they are still running fraudulent charges thru the bank. I have only done 2 reports as the reports are worthless and contain incomplete and unupdated information. Paid a premium payment for criminal and marriage info and got neither when there should have been info present, since person is known to have criminal record and marriages. Finally had bank stop multiple payments and filed fraud complaint. Phone number given is overseas, not in Vegas, and not in service.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #734105
May 27 2011
03:57 PM
Think and Lose Hypnosis Beware! They will rip you off!! Reno, Nevada
I ordered the program; only one for the price of $39.95. A week later they sent me two, the other for $19.95. I called the company and they said to send the other one back before a certain date. I agreed. I listened to the one for about a week and decided that this was not the program for me so I went to the Post Office and sent both of them back with a note telling them that it wasn't for me and to please not charge my credit card. I only had it a week and sent it back Priority Mail with a Return Request Receipt so that I would know that they had received it. I still haven't gotten that, but when I looked at my bank account yesterday, I had been charged the $52.90 for both programs. I called the company. They told me to fax the receipt that had the weight on of the package on it. I didn't get a copy of anything with the weight on it, just a cash receipt. They will not credit my account until they get the weight, but they said they did receive one of the programs (I sent both of them back). I sent it in a flat box and the P.O. says that it would only weighed 7 ozs. Think and Lose says the two of them together weigh 16 ozs. I am waiting on a return call from a supervisor. Yeah right! That probably won't happen. I am going to keep bugging them until I get the results I want and if anyone wants to go in with me I'm going to fight this all the way!
Entity: Reno, Nevada
5, Report #213761
Oct 02 2006
10:41 AM
Gorayeb Hypnosis Seminar ripoff Rockway New Jersey
On September 21, 2006 I went to the Gorayeb Seminar to stop smoking. I read in the paper that the hypnosis was 110% Guaranteed. The ad read that in 2 hours I would stop smoking or my money back. It did not say that I would have to go to 2 more seminars that would not exsist in my area. When you register they take the ad to put your name in for the drawing for a bonus gift. Most of the time you are there the so called doctor talks about what smoking does to your body and then he proceeds to talk about certain kinds of vitamins that you should be taking. Because I have tried the ear stapling and had fell for this before I did not rebuy the vitamins (alot of the others did). There wasnt any clues about vitamins around when I went in to register or I would have know this was only another rip off to sell vitamins that do not work. It would not be a problem for me to get another article but also it would not be worth the cost to try to get my money back. I have called to find out when the next seminar will be in my area but there isnt any. When I tried to find the website for these seminars, I also found the rip-off reports..I just can not believe these people have been doing this for years and no one has stopped them. Sharon Ward, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Rockway, New Jersey
6, Report #274011
Sep 11 2007
03:07 PM
Hypnosis Insider Total ripoff and a bunch of liars! Interent
I tried the 'Hypnosis Insider' program (which I keep getting emails about). It cost $149, and had a money-back guarantee. When I downloaded the program, I was extremely disappointed in it. There were no 'great secrets', nor did it educate me any further than I already was. So, I tried to get my refund, WELL within the allotted time. I emailed them, and I mailed my complaint to them (they are in Polynesia somewhere). I never received a response, haven't gotten my money back, and am still stuck with this stupid, parochial program. Please avoid them! It's a rip-off! Debra Crestone, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #343350
Jun 23 2008
05:45 PM
Gorayeb Seminars Hypnosis Sent me to collections. Randolph New Jersey
When attending this seminar, were are told up front, Our Written Guarantee: Attend this seminar, if it isn't everything we say it is or if you are not comletely satisfied you my have a full refund up to 45 days of your seminar. At the end of the seminar, I hold them I wanted my checks back that I had paid and would give the pills back. try it just one week and you will see it does work. On the 20th of May I sent a copy of the form, for cancelation. I did as it said. Then I sent the pills back on the 25th of May and they were sent out of my town on the 27th of may. The company received then on June 3rd at 11:10 am and they were signed for. The order was 3 bottles short as my neighbor open up one of each bottle to see them. Of course I didn't expect to get them for free, and told them to take the money for these bottles from the $49.99 cash I paid for the seminair. Now today June 23, I geat a call where it has been turned into collections. I had put stop payment on the two check I had written, which cost me $50.00. But I didn't want thme to have any more of my money than they had. Rosie Burlingon, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Randolph, New Jersey
8, Report #1311729
Jun 16 2016
10:39 AM
I bought 50 UPC codes to INSTANTUPCCODES.COM per $35.00  Then sent me an spreadsheet with 50 numbers but when i verify the codes , the owner is not my company , it is another company located in houston. I call INSTANT UPC CODES and no answer. I sent an email and no answer. I call the other company owner of the UPC codes that i though are mine and a Lady said that they dont know anything about upc codes (very weird). DONT BUY ANYTHING ON THIS SITE  WWW.INSTANTUPCCODES.COM TOTAL FRAUD. GO BETTER DIRECTLY WITH GS1 THE COMPANY THAT HAS THE PATENT TO SELL UPC CODES IN USA  ( A LEGAL COMPANY)
Entity: SUNRISE, Florida
9, Report #140856
Apr 28 2005
06:55 PM
Baltimore County Stop Smoking Hypnosis Clinic No rescheduling, no refunds, does not care about attendees ripoff Baltimore Maryland
On the evening of March 10, 2005, I attended a group hypnosis session being conducted by James White at: Baltimore County Stop Smoking Hypnosis Clinic 8910 Harford Road Baltimore, MD 21234 (410) 661-1111 Shortly after the session began, the gentleman sitting next to me began snoring loudly. Mr. White went to the gentleman and moved his reclining chair to an upright position stating that he could not recline. As the session progressed to listening to a pre-recorded tape, and the hypnotist absent from the room, the snoring became louder. I tapped the gentleman on his chest on two occasions to quiet the snoring because it was disrupting my ability to focus on the hypnosis session. Before the session was halfway over, I left the room to speak to the hypnotist regarding rescheduling because of the distraction. Mr. White condescendingly told me that he would not allow me to reschedule the first session and to choose between: returning to my seat; returning at a later date to attend the second of the two part sessions, without the benefit of rescheduling the first session; attending a private one-on-one session, without any credit for the money already paid; or to leave the premises. I asked Mr. White why he was being disrespectful in his words and tone. He repeated the ultimatums adding that the disruption caused by the loud snoring would have no effect on my ability to be hypnotized. Returning to the room to have the session distracted by loud snoring was not an acceptable option. I told him that he needed to reschedule the first session or issue a refund. To which he replied that no one has ever successfully disputed a credit card payment as he escorted me out of the door. To counter that claim that loud snoring will not disrupt a hypnosis session, I am quoting text taken from the Baltimore County Stop Smoking Hypnosis Clinic website at CAN I BE HYPNOTIZED? Yes, you can be... if, it is the right time... in the right atmosphere... We have a stimulus-free room We give you the very best opportunity to relax fully by helping you be as comfortable as possible. Mr. White could have asked Mr. Snorer to leave, offering him a refund, because he was being disruptive to the attendees. Mr. White could have allowed me to reschedule the first session at a later date because Mr. Snorer was disrupting my ability to be hypnotized. Mr. White could have offered me a refund for not delivering a stimulus-free room, helping the attendees to be as comfortable as possible, and not offering the right atmosphere for me to be hypnotized. Mr. White's policy of not offering to reschedule or refund fees to clients who are being distracted by other attendees shows poor judgment, a lack of ethics, poor customer service, and plain old fashioned greed. I was not dissatisfied with the service being provided. I was unable to use the service because of distractions beyond my control. He was right about MasterCard. I attempted to cancel payment becuase of the distractions and my inability to reschedule. MasterCard sided with the clinic and refuses to issue a debit. Their process consisted of sending a form letter to the vendor stating Client did not receive services. The vendor reponded with Client chose to leave voluntarily. End of case. I tried once again to reason with Mr. White on 4/28/2005 on the phone. I requested to reschedule the first session or receive a refund. He told me that I could attend the second session or a private session. Once again, refusing to reschedule or reimburse for the first session. He stated that he can not just kick out the snorer and refund his money. He never issues refunds. Buyer beware. If you go to Baltimore County Stop Smoking Hypnosis Clinic, and you are distracted by other attendees, they will no ask the disruptive person to leave, they will not allow you to reschedule and you will not be able to get a refund. Steve Severna Park, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
10, Report #611037
Jun 07 2010
06:46 AM
Gorayeb Hypnosis Seminar Need to return product for 100% refund per ad Internet, New Jersey
Attended Gorayeb weight loss hypnosis seminar.  Purchased vitamins, but unable to use.  They are not real clear as to where to send product for a full 100% refund per their ad.  I have been trying to contact them and my letters have been returned.  I live on a fixed income and want my money back.  I had to seek medical treatment as a result of using the product.  I just want my money back as promised.
Entity: Internet, New Jersey
11, Report #932118
Aug 24 2012
01:27 PM
Lucas West Hypnosis sessions Ripped me off for 1000 dollars, Internet
Lucas West hypnosis sessions is a SCAM. Beware. The guy does not deliver what he promises. This guy sold me 10 of his hypnotherapy sessions for 1000$. After 5 sessions I was getting no results that he promised he can deliver. He stopped responding to my emails and skype chat messages. I asked for half of my money back and he has yet to respond. It's been a month now. HOW TO SPOT HIM: he promotes himself as LUCAS WEST, LUCAS J WEST, Lucas West hypnosis sessions, Advancement Technologies, inquiries at worlddominationfund . com is his payment address. Don't Let it be you.
Entity: Floral Park, NY 11001, Internet
12, Report #1183584
Oct 18 2014
08:05 AM
The Power of Conversational Hypnosis Igor Ledochowski SCAM! Paid $200 and Got No Product and No Response Seattle Internet
Purchased the product for $197, was supposed to get instant access, but cannot download the product. None of the download links are working. Right clicking and choosing save link as does not work and clicking on the actual download link goes to this page:, and then the It says the web page is not available. I have emailed them twice, called them and submitted a support ticket. No response at all. when I call the number it's just an automated recording. When I spend $200 on a product I expect the download to work and if it doesn't, I should at least to be able to get a hold of someone right away.  Also, I tried it on several other computers with different IP address and got same error so it's on their end. They must be getting other complaints. This totally reeks of a scam!  Stay away! Luckily I purchased through Clickbank so it's easy for me to get a refund, but still, I took the day off yesterday so I could buy this product and study it all day. Anyway, if you're looking for a similar product Google (((competitor's name redacted))). I bought it yesterday and it is Awesome
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1216302
Mar 17 2015
10:30 AM
master hypnosis/igor/leslie refused to send back 6.95 shipping refund Internet
 they refused to pay for shipping cd back 6.95. i was willing to send cd back but will not pay to return if i have to pay for the shipping. i will be the loser not them.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #601018
Aug 26 2010
01:00 PM , Bradley Thompson , WCCL Network , bogus hypnosis, artists, con-man Bradley Thompson , scumbag, Internet is an online web site that markets hypnosis products. They are scumbags that will guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. Don't believe it!!! The hypnosis is pure crap. It has no basis in any school of hypnotherapy (e.g. Ericksonian, NLP, Time-Line etc.)...that said, when I attempted to download the product, I was informed that it was divided into four parts and that I would have to wait at least one week for each section of the download. Meaning that I they wait until 30 days have passed before delivering all of the download. They do this in order to prevent charge backs to your credit/debit card. When I requested a refund, I received a message from Angela <> , stating we do not issue refunds for 12 months.  Aside from the fact that these degenerates have no concept of hypnosis (e.g. the first part of the download tells you that a spot between the ass and reproductive organs is the center of a person's psychic energy), they are pure scam artists and should be avoided. I have utilized hypnosis in the past with great results. Unfortunately, and the WCCL Network are scumbags that took my money and laughed at me when I requested a refund. Caveat Emptor!!!
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #682615
Mar 08 2011
10:59 AM
Gorayeb Hypnosis Rip off! Claim to help but is a scam to sell vitamins! Randolph, New Jersey
Let the buyer beware! Gorayeb Hypnosis claims to help you quit smoking/loose weight with their seminars in various locations around the U.S. This is nothing more than a cover to sell you vitamins with a company they are hooked up with! The seminars cost about $50, however, you must give them the money up front, and after listening to an hour of how to cleanse the body and make it healthier, they switch to how great these vitamins are & how you can get them NOW for pkgs. of $300-$400 !!!! And then, you can also pay another $75 for their set of 3 cd's to help encourage you. Do not fall for this crap!
Entity: Randolph, New Jersey
16, Report #1103740
Dec 03 2013
07:49 AM
Cash Flow Kit,,, securec CASH FLOW KIT IS A SCAM!!!!! Internet
Cash Flow Kit is a scam. I signed up for it and after waiting, I realized that they did not send me any information on how to access or log into the site. I only found out the website by seeing another posting on the Ripoffreport website. I found out it was Once on the site, I couldn't log in, so I clicked on 'Have trouble loggin in?. It then gives you the option of a chat person or sending an email. Well, the chat person option wasn't available, so I sent an email and stated that I wanted a refund and that I wasn't sent access to the site. I later received an email stating the site location and my id/pw. Well it was a different website - . I tried my id/pw on both sites and nothing happened, no error message or anything. I then foolishly read the terms and conditions from the 1st site i used to sign-up which was On the terms and conditions it states you can request a refund within 3 days of signing up but only after you have logged into the site. Well, there is the catch, I couldn't log into the site and I didn't have a way of contacting anyone except via email. Since their original email response stated that weren't opened except from Monday-Friday, I called them on Monday because it was 1 minute before midnight when I received my 1st response from them which made it Saturday. I looked at my bank account on Monday and learned the customer support website was and the customer support phone number was (866) 622-2769. After talking to the rep, he told me there was nothing they could do since it was after 3 days. The 2nd time I talked to the rep, they even hung up on me. I also asked the rep if this was a one time charge and they said yes. Well, I learned from my bank it was a re-occurring charge. Thankfully I was able to stop further charges. I also asked for my id/pw again and the website address. As expected it didn't work. The rep also stated that they were sending me an email with the site, id/pw information included. I asked the rep to stay on the line while I checked my email and you guessed it, I didn't receive anything. Although, I'm the stupid one in this equation, I ask that you please take my advice and stay away from this program because it is a scam. At this point, I want my money back!!!
Entity: Internet
17, Report #437974
Sep 04 2010
08:01 AM And I ordered 5 mp3's downloads and I only received 3 - but also these 3 were impossible to download as they take many hours and near the end break the connection. I wrote them on and they responded that I should download a faster internet DAP download software, which I did but it was the exact same problem! They never responded to my inquiries and my request for a refund. Internet
I ordered 5 mp3's downloads and I only received 3 - but also these 3 were impossible to download as they take many hours and near the end break the connection. I wrote them on and they responded that I should download a faster internet DAP download software, which I did but it was the exact same problem! They never responded to my inquiries (other than to give the DAP advice) and my request for a refund. Hateripoffartist Winchester, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #760707
Aug 04 2011
07:42 AM
Dr. White at Baltimore County Stop Smoking Hypnosis Clinic IF YOU WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE YOU ARE WORTHLESS THAN THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! Baltimore, Maryland
Dr. White is extremely rude. He cussed at me on the phone and hung up on me on more than one occasion. On behalf of my father, I called a week prior to his appointment to tell the clinic he was was in the hospital due to immediate surgery and couldn't make it, but would like to stay registered for the next session. He was very cold to me and told me his secretary would call me back to tell me when the next session would be (you'd think most people would have sympathy and tell you they were sorry to hear someone was in the hospital). A few days go by and I do not hear from the secretary so I call back. Again Dr. White is rude and seemed just plain annoyed that I called again. He said 'I already spoke to you!'. I explained no one ever called me. He said someone would. I did not hear from anyone then two weeks later, but I get a call that the session is the following day. With my dad still in the hospital, I call and explain no one ever call to tell me when the next session was and that my dad couldn't attend. Dr. White says 'Holy s*it! bye!', then slams the phone down. As I was stunned that a business professional would speak to me this way, I asked my boyfriend to call and explain the situation and just ask that I either get refunded or told when the next session is. Dr. White then hangs up on him! We just give up... Dr. White insulted me and wasted my time terribly.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
19, Report #567445
Feb 23 2010
09:45 AM
Ontario Hypnosis Centre your money and more importantly your time. Dr??Georgina Cannon Make's her own rules... taking $$ from the poor and keeping for herself, Internet your money and more importantly your time.Doctor of Metaphysical Counselling???? WHAT THE fu**!!!!I have sat in on part of her training, could not get my money my opinion this lady is great at marketing herself and all about the $$$$  but I wouldnt let her hypnotise a dog.Very top down teaching, she thinks she knows it all I dont care what you have learned in the past you can leave it at the door this is the worst training I have ever had in my 10 years of studying hypnosis.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario M5, Internet
20, Report #1379828
Jun 18 2017
07:05 PM
Las Vegas hypnosis center Kevin Cole Kevin Cole is a fraud. He states 100 percent guarantee but doesn't help you with any problems. Please don't give him your money Las vegas Nevada
 Kevin Cole at Las Vegas hynpnosis center is a fraud, please beware. Las Vegas hypnosis center is said to provide services such as quit smoking, weight loss, chronic pain, phobias etc etc. my wife and I acquired to Las Vegas hypnosis center: Kevin Cole for my wife's chronic pain of internal cystis, and for both of us to quit smoking. We choose Las Vegas hypnosis center/Kevin Cole because he has a 100% guarantee for help and chronic pain. When Kevin Cole called us one night after acquiring him from the web he gave us his spill that we qualify for help and demanded a deposit. Desperate because my wife is in chronic pain and there is no cure for illness we gladly gave Kevin Cole our deposit of 100. 00 dollars. He said because we are a couple we are getting a bargain of only 495.00 each opposed to the original quote of 695.00. Right there that should have been a red flag about false advertisement but because I want my wife to find relief with her pain we decided to get help from Las Vegas hypnosis center of Las Vegas/ Kevin Cole. Right after we gave him our credit card I formation he schedule us right away, like the following day, which we appreciated because of my wife's pain. Upon meeting Kevin we find him to not be knowledgeable in hypnosis and his speech and vocabulary to be all over the place and my wife was very uncomfrontable with him, but because she wants me to feel better she went along with it despite her better judgement. During his so called hypnosis session he didn't hypnotize either of us and we noticed he was struggling during the session to get us to our unconisciense state of mind. Feeling despaired and at a loss right after the session we called Kevin Cole for a refund and he returned our call with a voicemail stating. how can you do this to another human being, this was just your intinal visit,.!! My wife felt so lost and decided to try to make an follow up appointment with Las Vegas hypnosis center knowing that it was going to be a total catastrophe with Kevin Cole. Kevin, then scheduled my wife for a follow up visit and I didn't want to see his face nor be at his presence since my first visit that I waited at the gas station aposed to his virtual office with only certificates of knowing hypnosis but no college degree, because I truly wanted to see if he could help my wife with her pain since Las Vegas hypnosis center offers an 100% Service guarantee . After my wife's visit with Kevin Cole she stated that he said he would refunded my portion of the money because I don't want to deal with him anymore knowing he is a fraud, but Kevin Cole never followed through with refunding any of our monies back. My wife then texted him for our money back and we have several messages stating that he doesn't offer an 100% guarantee and because WE got a bargain Price HE DOESNT DO REFUNDS!! He even went as far to say let me make myself clear... lol.. Anyways, I just want other people to not fall victim of Las Vegas hypnosis center/ Kevin Cole like we did. My wife tried to make an follow up appointment with him because she felt so bad about me wasting my money on his hoax but he then replied that it would be two weeks out. Oh my god, we are talking about a place or establishment that takes your money right away and once they have your money you can not make a follow up appointment with them. I felt that he was just pushing my wife away because he knew he couldn't help either of us and we stated it many times that we weren't confrontable with him and nothing that Las Vegas hypnosis center says they'll DO, is done at all. It's really sad that a person knows your in despair and needs help and they take advantage of your vulnerability because they want to scam you out of your hard earn money. Like I've stated prior please don't fall victim like we did, they took our money right away, and then brushes us off for any further help like they promise you. All he does is send you utube vidoes. It's so sad that his has happen to me. I hope my bank will help me out with this situation because what Las Vegas hypnosis center promises you or Kevin Cole it doesn't happen because they are a scam or shall I say Kevin Cole who has a little virtual office and it's so tiny. I'm really upset that this has happen to us and I hope I can help others from this type of people.
Entity: Las vegas, Nevada
21, Report #286342
Dec 12 2007
06:55 PM bogus offer from shrek 3rd & snapfish... no one is a loser my EYE! Internet Nationwide
When you try to order your free prints the site (so far) is unable to recognize the winning code. Big waste of time to order everything just to find out your offer is invalid. Robin Metolius, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
22, Report #1352028
Jan 25 2017
06:46 PM
Raleigh Hypnosis Lori Yanik Beware Raleigh, North Carolina
 I contacted this business a few times to find out about both smoking and weight loss hypnosis. I heard back from the owner who seemed to be multitasking at the time she repeatedly asked me the same questions. I got a strange vibe over the phone from her it was almost like she was on something. This is my first expensive with hypnosis, but at the recommendation of a friend I decided to try it. When I asked the woman if she was ok or if I should call back she had a really rude tone and I decided to hang up. A few seconds later she called back! I didn't answer. After looking up this owner I found several sites where she's mentioned. Some of them seem to be mentioning a slew of personal problems she has and her son who is a registered sex offender. I am not sure that this is the kind of holistic healing I was looking for. I did try contacting another hypnotist in Cary, NC and I had two cancelled appointments so I think I will just try the gym and nicorette for awhile longer.
23, Report #1145734
May 11 2014
09:00 AM
Instant Checkmate Instant Checkmate is a FRAUD Internet
I read the description on their website and it didn't seem that fat fetched so I bit on it. When I paid my money, I joined and did my search. I found NOTHING that I couldn't find from a free public records search, I was a little pissed. I called and demanded a full refund stating my reasons. The operator told me that the level I purchased had limited search features. When I read to her exactly what the ad stated she got quite, got her manager and then offered me a full refund. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE IT'S ANOTHER INTERNET RIP OFF   
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1055735
Jun 02 2013
10:20 AM
instant checkmate Instant ripoff Internet
This scam artist site  claims to provide latest information about individual -  to begin with the address provided is 10  and 12 years ago -  no record of DUI and arrrest.absoulte ripoffMani.   Omaha,  Nebraska
Entity: Internet, Internet
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Aug 26 2015
04:35 PM
Instant Checkmate Instant Checkmate Experience La Quinta California
I clicked on the Instant Checkmate Yahoo advertisement that offered free search information on people.  So the first point is that the service is not free. After reviewing their website, I clicked out, seeing that the process was set up to provide nothing but a means to take your money - it was not free. A window came up offering the previous $15.99 service - now a $1 trial for five days. I decided, okay, I'll try it for a day.  They wanted a credit card to do the $1 and we all know what happens when you give your credit card number.  It takes an act of Congress to get them to stop charging you, if you can ever get in contact with the right person to get the cancellation to take place. Fortunately, Bank of America has a credit card service called Shop Safe that let's you create temporary credit cards for an exact limited amount.  You set the amount and it's good for 60 days.  So I did a Shop Safe temp card for $5.00. And wouldn't you know it.  As soon as I signed up for the $1 and asked to see the report that took 10 minutes to be created, they wanted another $1.99 to download it using the excuse that it was a PDF charge.  Okay, another $1.99 to see how much of a scam this was going to be. So now, my one time fee of $1.99 was made.  I instantly received a notice from BofA that the charge came thorugh. Now - that was completed, but after 20 minutes, still no download, no PDF, but a window did keep coming up asking me if I wanted the upgraded report for only $19.99.  So finally I clicked yes.  The wheel started to turn, five minutes, ten minutes, 20 minutes.  Nothing ever happened, except that BofA advised me that a charge of $19.99 came through but was not honored because it exceeded the limit on the temp card. I decided to do a search of ripoffs and scams on Instant Checkmate and came across the Rip-Off report.  I read through many of the complaints - especially interested in how cancellations were handled by the company.  The rip-off reports by other people said that it was difficult to initiate cancellation and they never answered their phones. So I went to the website, logged in and looked up the phone number to their customer service.  I immediately called and within 30 seconds, a man named Veda came on the line.  I told him I wanted to do a cancellation and he immediately took care of it.  I expect and believe that the account is now eliminated, but we will see in the next few days if they try to charge me again for the $19.99 upgraded report. Throughout the entire process, I did not receive any reports and nothing was downloaded, including the pdf that they charged me to receive.

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