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1, Report #440275
Apr 02 2009
04:19 PM
Internal Revenue Service Unacceptable Fresno California
Filed our taxes as usual, Waited. Hold on Refund? Called the IRS directly, No help from most. Was told they would enforce levy? Tried to find out why, finally were told that all of the refunds from 1998 till now were applied to 1997 taxes they said we owe? Found records for 1997 - IRS said we never filed, so they filed for us (Single/No Dependants). All this time we had received notices in the US mail they were taking refunds for overdue student loans..(Not true). My Wife was garnished last month (Form said for Tax Year 2004?- The year one of my old employers revised my W2 and said I earned more than I did). As a result, IRS refiled for us (Single/No Dependants?). We called the IRS and complained and found out that all the garnishment wages (for 2004) went to 1997 again?? We told them we had LEGAl documents from them, it stated the tax year 2004 (ONLY), silence on their end (Had to speak to a LEAD?Supervisor). Insisted all the garnishment go toward 2004! They agreed, however said the balance for 1997 would go up?How can you justify this we asked, It is YOUR documents we have in front of us. We called again searching for old records, We were told NOW there is no records of filing for 2005! (and we had a transscript in front of us, that it in fact WAS). Something is very wrong here. They cannot even keep the story straight, Full of excuses and threatning us with more garnishment for something that we believe can NEVER be paid now. The mechanic Bakersfield, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fresno, California
2, Report #412018
Jan 14 2009
12:42 PM
Internal Revenue Service, Stimulus Payment Fraud Austin Texas
After my return from Afghanistan in December 2007, I filed an electronic federal income tax with TurboTax online. I filed single head of household with one dependent. The IRS in Austin, TX recieved my tax return with all zeros on it and didn't tell me. When I didn't get my tax refund and stimulus payment of $600, I found out what happened. TurboTax told me that thier software is linked to the IRS computers and when I claimed my dependent that a stranger had already claimed, it zeroed out my return. To clear up the fraud, the IRS told me that I had to file a paper Amended Return, which I did and got my dependent claimed and tax return money, but they refused to give me my $600 stimulus payment because they claim the law states they can only do that for the first tax return, not ANY amended return. They refuse to take into account the electronic error. I SAY THE LAW IS ON MY SIDE BECAUSE THE FIRST RETURN OF ALL ZEROS IS ILLEGAL AND CANNOT COUNT AS A TAX RETURN. (seriously, how can it?... no income is reported) Needless to say, the IRS continues to quote this law to fraud as many taxpayers as they can out of the stimulus payments. Sandy Spring, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
3, Report #371291
Sep 09 2008
01:32 PM
Internal Revenue Service ripoff artist, procrastinators, snakes con artist Holtsville New York
My name is Cheryl D. I have filed amended returns for 2001-2003 with the internal revenue service. I understand that the rules for amended returns are 3 years after the filing date or two years after the taxes are paid off. I paid off some of the tax debt in march of 2007 and the remaining balance in april of 2008 so I am within the statue. I have nothing but problems from the irs in getting my money back. They tell me i am past the statue they did not bother pulling up my account to see when the taxes were paid off. I filed may amended returns May 5 of this year now they tell me i have to appeal the decision and that could take up to six months. Why do i have to wait six months and they did not do their job in the first place. In my attemps to contact the Irs i have been on hold for at least two hours trying to get someone everytime i speak with a representative i get a diffrent story. this is a pain in the butt why can they just pay the money they owe me plus the money i paid on the balance due. When you owe them money they constantly harass you but when they owe you it is this long wait and you have to follow their rules. I want my money from the irs plus intrest from the time i filed up until the day i receive my money. I also want compensation for the wait time and having to do all this work when they should have done their jobs Pissed off taxpayer bridgeport, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Holtsville, New York
4, Report #1427508
Feb 06 2018
07:04 AM
Internal Revenue Service Legal order fee debit case unauthorized withdrawal from funds. Nationwide
Unauthorized withdrawal of funds not pertaining to an outstanding debt. Which I am not even sure if the debt is legitimate. I no longer am able to make it back and forth to work to pay for gas and living expenses.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1385563
Jul 14 2017
12:25 PM
Internal Revenue Service Lawsuit Scam IRS, Internal Revenue Services, Taxes, Lawsuit, Scam, Threats New York City Nationwide
The number 929-259-3107 calls and the automated number states that there is a fraud case against you by the IRS.  There is no way to get your number off of their calling list since it is automated.  Something to note is that the IRS will NOT contact you by phone for any reason. Their form of communication is by the United States Postal Service.  Hopefully this number can be blocked permanently.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1401716
Sep 22 2017
08:40 AM
Internal Revenue Service IRS Pretenders Leeches Jean Nevada
 To whom it may concern: I received a telephone call from supposedly Jean, Nevada and in a voice mail they left they wanted me to talk to a bogus IRS agent at telephone number 484-900-0991 in regards to a serious IRS matter. They are saying that is their last attempt to contact me before to they hand it over to the court magistrate. This is unwanted harassment, because I don't pay a federal income tax since retiring in May 2010 and haven't dealt with the real IRS since my back tax liability that I was responsible from since tax year ending December 31, 2010.
Entity: Jean, Nevada
7, Report #463481
Jun 21 2009
04:55 PM
Internal Revenue Service Claimed eligibility for tax refund. Asked for personal information. Carbon-copy website. Just Said U.S.A. Internet
The email was broken up into sections which was already suspicious. The email is as follows: After the last annual calculations of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of $1,869. Please submit the tax refund request and allow us 3-9 days in order to process it. A refund can be delayed for a variety of reasons. For example submitting invalid records or applying after the deadline. To access your tax refund, please click here Best Regards, Tax Refund Deparment Internal Revenue Service © Copyright 2009, Internal Revenue Service U.S.A. All rights reserved. :After clicking it went straight to this page: cache/ Where_is_my_refund&Get_Refund An interesting URL to say the least. I clicked on several of the links on the page to see if it was legit, but it went straight back to the same page. I even clicked the 'help' link and it went straight back to wanting the personal information. Then I reserached and it has been a scam for awhile. Nice try but they should have been a little more tech savy with their webpage and email. I don't know who you can trust anymore, even when the IRS is scamming you. Oh wait, that already happens too! Just a reminder to do your research before giving out any personal information. This probably has fooled many, and will fool the internet impaired. David Berea, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1346390
Dec 29 2016
09:35 AM
The IRS are in violation of tax law passed by congress; when I was audited going back to 2013 they gave me 30 days from the date of their notice to me to respond but that notice was back dated so I only had 14 days from the actual day the notice was received, to respond.  They then sent a second notice asking me to sign away my rights under tax law for a speedy resolution of my tax issue because they did not have time to resolve that issie and needed another 18 months to review my audit. Further if I refused to give up mu rights they intended to simply ignore my answer to the audit they had no time to consider and find against me on the audit and began collection efforts and adding pentalty and interest. They advised me if I refeshed to sign away my rights my only recourse was to sue them in tax court.
Entity: AUSTIN, Texas
9, Report #499132
Sep 23 2009
09:02 AM
Internal Revenue Service - IRS Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Services - state Oklahoma City INNOCENT SPOUSE RELIEF FORM 8857 WITHDRAWL YOUR COMPLAINT IT YOU FEEL YOU COULD BE IN DANGER! Exact working from the IRS Fayetteville, Georgia
File for innocent spouse relief after attending divorce class for the second time around. A CPA spoke on night on finance after divorce and she seen a sad look and tears running down my face.  After the class was over she came over to me and ask me if she could help me and I stated a don't think you can. So i started tell my story my husband wanted a divorce because he was tryed of handling my sickness. Grand mal seizure/pal mal seizures was on dialysis during the time. I was in a comma 2005 and 2006 and 2006 the doc's gave me less than 48 hours my body was rejecting the dialysis. stayed with a family member until i could regain my strenght. When home Oct 2007 find that my husband didnt turn in 2005 return at that time i called his CPA man and he told me what i should do installment of 100.00 each to the state/fed and he would send it to me and he typed disable. Turn in innocent spouse from 8857 form ask if you have mental or physical health problems if so attach documentation such as doc bills, hops bills,doc's letters etc. Explain how you were involve I did not review the return due to my lace of understanding of the tax law and preparation of tax return. Normally my husabnad handles all financial aspects includint the tax return review in addtional i suffer from severe seizure,depression and short term emeory losss and was not in correct mental state to hanld such task(s) The advice that I got from this innocent group if you are in danager for your life site and we will disguard. I made payments unit my disable came in May 19 sixteen weeks from that time I would know if I was accept for SSI. I work for Corp for 29 1/2 yrs and my husband been self employeed.  If will take them six months and nine months to investagate. how are is it to put both we soc sec number and see who always paid there taxes. I understate my people dont turn in there returns. there no justice in our system. the interest rate 49 1/2 percent. Nice as the gov is they put a tax lien on me not my husband who made the debt now my credit is bad. My score use to be 787. I have put credit report lately. the irs doesn't about nothing but themself. Would reduced the penalty. Rude people a one day when the die they will have to answer for the uglyness,rudeness etc. Advice you waste your time with the irs because it doesn't matter what you said are need they do exact what the want to do.      
Entity: Fayetteville, Georgia
10, Report #428269
Feb 25 2009
09:55 AM
Internal Revenue Service - IRS Employees falsifying Income Tax Returns then levying and/filing liens to take property/money - fraud! Nationwide
In 2002, an IRS agent filed a fraudulent 1040A tax return with my name and social security number. That filing established a false and fraudulent debt in the amount exceeding $2,000. I filed the necessary forms for innocent spouse and injured spouse believing that my ex-wife filed the document with my signature forged. I learned in talking to an IRS employee that it was not her but an IRS employee that filed the falsified and fraudulent return. To date they have been relentless. They have used this false debt to keep my stimulus check! They are working with the State of Kansas in collecting other falsely created debts to wit: fraudulent court judgments; false calculations of child support; false collection (under the State set off program) of false debts declared owed BY PRIVATE CORPORATIONS AND BUSINESSES! Yes the state of Kansas (and others) are now collection agencies for private businesses and organizations - regardless of whether the debt is legitimate or not - THESE ACTS ARE CLEAR AND DISTINCT VIOLATIONS OF THE CONSTITUTIONS OF THESE UNITED STATES AND OF EACH AND EVERY STATE CONSTITUTION THEREOF! FURTHERMORE, THESE ACTS ARE A CLEAR AND DISTINCT VIOLATION OF THE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY STATUTES PASSED BY THE UNITED NATIONS IN 2002! NO ATTORNEY HAS BEEN FOUND THAT IS RIGHTEOUS AND JUST THAT WILL STAND UP AGAINST THESE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES AND EMPLOYEES TO STOP THESE RELENTLESS THEFTS AGAINST THE AMERICAN CITIZENS! WE SHALL KEEP YOU INFORMED ABOUT THE STATUS OF THIS ONSLAUGHT AGAINST THE CITIZENS OF THESE UNITED STATES! Ronald Westmoreland, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #282495
Nov 02 2007
06:57 AM
Internal Revenue Service They tried to make me think that I had a tax return coming to me. Internet
I called the IRS in the state where I live they told me they only send letters when a return is due to someone. This company states they were the IRS and wanted me to give them my visa or master card number so they can put the refund of $343.56 on my credit card for me. What they really want to do is drain my card from all funds on it this is also why they are asking for my ssn number as well. Don't let these people drain you of your money. I almost fell for it we are all pretty much dealing with hard times we don't need people like this to make things any worse. Ann Attleboro, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1379158
Jun 14 2017
05:09 PM
Officer Mike Watson he said hes with the internal revenue Internal Revenue hasbrouck New Jersey
I recieved a call that I didn't know and I let it go to Voice mail It said it was the internal revenue service the reason of this call is to inform you that the in ternal revene service is filling a lawsuit against you to get more informationabout this case file please call us immediately on out department number 201-365-2747. So I call it back the phone rings then disconnects and hanhs up so I try again I then get a gentlemen with an indian voice saying his name is officer Mike Watsons and he has been given this case number IRM 4527 or that may have been his id number he said that I filled my fedral taxes the wrong way not the company that does but I did and there filling a lawsuit against me. So when I asked him what Mistakes I made he said I don't have all your information in front of me. Then the phone hung up So I called back again and he says why did you hang up on me and I said I didn't I told him that I was calling the local authoritys and he said go ahead so I said I would like for you to provide the mistakes I made he couldn't give me a correct answer so he hung up again. I then call the Hasbrouck police department in which I got a very rude and disrespectful officer on the phone he said there is no officer Mike Watson and it was a scam. So please becareful everyone don't give them any information at all.                                                                                                             Veronica Columbia South Carolina
Entity: New Jersey
13, Report #1369842
Apr 26 2017
10:12 PM
14, Report #1179236
Sep 25 2014
12:22 PM
Ymax Oration Internal Revenue Cervices Impersonators Internal Revenue Cervices Impersonators scamming for money Washington DC landline Internet
A Mr. Daryl Brown, from Internal Revenue Cervices called my cell phone number insisting that I have been engaging in tax evasion and off-shore wire transfers. He provided me with a case number (IR87205) and told me that if I hang up the phone the police will arrive within 72 hours to arrest me. When asked why I have not received anything in writing from the IRS, he said that they sent me multitudes of letters and that he can prove it in court. When I insisted that I had no idea what he was talking about, Mr. Brown stated that I am then admitting to knowingly committing tax fraud and that I will be subject to being deported (I'm a US citizen!!!)Keep in mind:Mr. Daryl Brown had a thick South Asian accent - Indian or Pakistani - very unlikely for someone with such a common American name.When you call back the number from which he called there is no mention of IRS on the answering machine as that would be proof of impersonation of a government agency.If you call back and accuse them of wrong doing, they will no longer pick up your calls.The phone number he called from is 202-239-2040 - which shows up as a Ymax corporation when searched for online.The IRS does not contact individuals over the phone!!! 
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1327268
Sep 09 2016
02:26 PM Predatory Service Miami Florida
This company appears to lay in wait for the unsuspecting consumer looking to interact with the IRS (and I suppose, other governmental agencies).  I am not an internet engineer, so I do not know how they do it, but type in SS4 (which is the form you file with IRS to obtain an EIN) into a search engine and they pop up.  I did receive what I paid for (overpaid for as I could have gotten the same thing for free from IRS directly) but my point is that I did not realize I wasn't dealing with IRS.  In fact, their site appears to pass you through directly to IRS. Their site also provided an opportunity (for a $49 premium) to expedite the transaction immediately.  Luckily, that did not interest me.  But guess what? The EIN was returned nearly instantly anyway!  Again, these guys appear predatory from everything I saw.  Anyway, I asked for a refund but was refused, and was told that their site clearly states that they are not the IRS and that the service can be received at no charge.  Yes, I went and checked and the initial page and the last page you click through are the only place you see this and I suppose it satisfies some requirement.  But here's my point: no where do these people present themselves as a value-add alternative to dealing with IRS directly. If someone could tell me what value these guys provided, I might be mollified, but I do not think there is value to talk about, so they don't.  Instead, they are a venus flytrap waiting for the less-tnan-suspicious to trip and fall into their trap.Calling all class-action lawyers and interested AGs!
Entity: Internet
16, Report #15516
Mar 01 2002
12:00 AM
i.r.s. simply voluntary, ripoff to everyone
taxes are illegal everyone should file 1040 x forms for tax compensation due to tax increase conspiracies created by the c.f.r, i.r.s., and the feds theres nothing in the constitution that states that taxes are mandatory,it simply states voluntary.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #13957
Feb 12 2002
12:00 AM
Household Bank Settlement ? HAHA
I filed my taxes last year in 2000 through H&R Block. I qualified for the refund anticipation loan or as they call it RAL. Something happened along the way and I recieved a duplicate check being in the army i'm in the field alot and my wife has access to our account she deposited the check not knowing we had allready been paid. Time went by and they sent us a bill. I looked into it and we honestly owed them $ 514.00 by the time we went to pay them though Household Bank sent us to Collections through Account Solutions Group and offered to settle for 70% or $370 dollars of course we paid them. Now here it is 3 months later and Household Bank is saying I still owe them $124.03. I've got all the reciepts saying the debt is paid in full but Household Bank denies it and put it on my credit report. Which I didn't find out about until I went to file for my 2001 tax return. Now my wife and I can't get our 2001 tax return back because they have a hold on it and a untrue remark in our credit report.
Entity: New Castle, Delaware
18, Report #1831
Mar 28 2000
12:00 AM
IRS gives away Tax Refund
I have a daughter born in 1973 whom i paid child support for up to the time she moved in with me. Prior to that time her mother and she moved from Arkansas to California. There was a dispute with the California child support inforcement people. We went to court in Arkansas and I won the court decision and I did not owe any more support to the State of Calif. In 1998, under some new law, the IRS gave California over $950.00 of my tax return without asking. I have a court document proving I didn't owe the money. The IRS said to contact California for the refund, but, California said they had the money and didn't care what Arkansas courts said. I was told getting a lawyer would cost twice what i would get back. I contacted my state Representative but she could not do anything. Is there anything else I can do.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #456943
May 30 2009
05:31 PM RIPPED ME OFF!FRAUD! Internet
I recently purchased a window activation key for my windows vista home basic. Once i made the purchase i decided to read up on the web site. I found a forum stating others have been ripped off as well and i looked in my account on to find they charged me 2 times already. I called wamu and they said there is nothing they can do right now(No wonder they went under). I am very upset to fall for the fraud and have lost $100. Its not much but i am a hard working student. I have a full time job and am attending college. I need the 100 i lost for next semester and now i am upset. Please contact me and help me get the $100 back. Thank you Jacobr Corona, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #414808
Jan 22 2009
09:51 AM
GoogleTree GoogleTree theft Austin Internet
*NOTICE..!! this ripoff has nothing to do with Google search engine - many rip-off businesses use the Google name to fool consumers. =========================================== I found this 'company' on Facebook and foolishly signed up for a trial info package that was to be delivered in 7-10 business days. I was charged $71.00 after not cancelling within 5 business days. I was not aware of the $71.00 charge - it was not mentioned when I signed up for the $3-5 trial package (I can't remember the amount and of course the site has disappeared). I never received the trial package. I was told I could use the 'website' during the 'trial period'. I browsed the site and there was little or nothing there. Absolutely useless. I called 'customer service' and of course they put me off and would not refund my $71.00. Of course, there was no physical location to complain to or I'd file a suit with a Department of Consumer Affairs or the Attorney Generals Office in whichever state they reside in. More internet theft. I'm very disappointed in Facebook for letting thieves like GoogleTree advertise on their site. BUYER BEWARE! Danny Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #948399
Sep 29 2012
10:02 AM
Tax Results Scam Internet
I hired Tax Results in July to deal with a substanital debt I owed the IRS for back taxes.  I paid them $4,000 and they deducted other $1,000 from my account without my knowledge and consent.  I notified my bank and they credited me back $1,000.   I have faxed them several letters requesting information regarding any contact they have had with the IRS and what the status is with setting up a payment plan.  They never responded and I am concerned the IRS may garnish my paycheck.  I therefore called the IRS last week to find out what negotiations they have had with Tax Results and they said they have never been contacted by them! I only received 2 telephone messages from the enrolled agent allegedly handling my case, Jafar Clemons.  He can barely speak English.  Their VP, Brad Patrick, sent me an email that Clemons had made many phone calls to me which is not true and my cell phone will confirm only 2 messages were left to which I responded via email.   I plan on suing them in small claims court here in Los Angeles to obtain my $4,000.   
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #332303
May 13 2008
09:59 PM
i contact the internal evenue service concern the stimulus payment. when i spoke with in agent they told me that me and my spouse stimulus payment will be applied to a debit that i suppost to owe irs for tax year 2000. i never received a notice saying i owe internal revenue service.if the stimulus payment was sent out to help us why is the irs taking it on back taxes.i thank it was just to help them. they also told me hat they will take money out of my social security check that i receive for my daugther. it not enother for us to live out of. what can we do about this. Margell HOPE, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: MEMPHIS, Tennessee
23, Report #274330
Jul 16 2012
01:00 AM
USA Credit Scam Internet Internet
Ok so just like everyone else on here, I also got ripped off by this company. I contacted my bank, filed a frad dispute, and then descovered a few phone numbers that I could call...for USA Credit. You can call 1-888-570-9823, but chances are you wont get through. Also you can call 1-800-634-6730...I got through with them. They told me that they would cancel my account and refund me all my money minus the 35 dollar applacation fee. I told them NO!!!! I want all of my money and If i dont get it I will contact my back and make a frad dispute, which I already had done. So I got put on hold and then she told me she would refund all my money, but asked if I was still going to make a claim with my bank? I told her have to lie!!! So she told me I would get my money back within 3-5 days after it clears. So I called my back back to get some input and they told me to keep my dispute open with the back and whoever gives me my money back first would cancel out the other one!!!I hope this helps out anyone else that got f***ed over!!!!Mirbrink Sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1005140
Jan 29 2013
07:41 AM Scam Internet
The following website tries to make you believe that is the real website to refer a friend for h and r block they require a lot of important info non relevant to the promotion even your empl Id # there crazy that's how they can steal your refund BEWARE: following website is the correct one they only require: Language, form of communication (email,facebook, & twitter) very simple and right for the promotion that address is: anything that looks suspicious it can stop bad threats from happening.
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #1278301
May 06 2016
11:37 PM
AMGEN TAX EVASION Thousand Oaks Nationwide
 From 2001 till present AMGEN has paid illegal bribes to hospitals and physicians. They have illegally deducted these bribes in violation of US TAX CODE . As such AMGEN owes $18.45 billion in unpaid federal taxes not including penalties and interest. A whistle blower claim ( 7623b) has been filed with the IRS about this information. To date no response. AMGEN also has $30 billion in offshore accounts so as to evade paying taxes.
Entity: Nationwide

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