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26, Report #933705
Aug 28 2012
11:12 AM Scamming people non stop! Fraud Company, Internet
More complaints on Complaint (1) i went on playerauctions, have all my information that is matched correctly with my paypal, i bought 20m gp for 11.20$ but it cost 11.77$ in total, so I got 11.77$, exact amount and then verified and everything and its been stuck on verifying payment for more than an hour, and its taking a shitload of time... i think player auctions is scamming me because it wont verify everything is correct   Complaint (2) Some little shit scammed me for lol ->20M Gold(which is $16 out of his pocket and $13.22 out of mine.) After delivering the GP, I asked him to confirm the trade and he decided to dispute it instead. I had sold 40M a few minutes before this and it went extremely smooth(person ended up being an Official MM on, so I decided not to take screenshots of this next trade thinking that maybe people on PlayerAuctions were more mature, but no... some retarded little shit with terrible parents is out to steal an hours minimum wage from people's pockets.The idiot even asked me for 1M for a good review and pestered me about my merchanting methods as if delivering the GP within five minutes, getting his attention in RS without using any alert words when he wouldn't respond on PlayerAuctions and selling him the GP for the low price of $0.8/m wasn't enough. PlayerAuctions are retards. I sold 40M right before this transaction, and have a long standing good review for selling an account. When I google this dickheads e-mail( ), it lands on some disgusting web site asking for pictures of naked women. Complaint (3) I bought a game account on Dec 4, 2011 from another member of It was played up until Feb 2012 when I allowed the subscription to lapse out thus ending my current playing period. I went back on May 8, 2012 to reactivate said account but no longer had access to it, despite many attempts at regaining access through the publishers web site. After trying to contact the original owner and getting no response, I filed an account reclaim through Player Auctions website on May 9, 2012. I filled out the web form in it's entirety, answering truthfully and to the best of my knowledge. Later on that day Player Auctions changed the status of my claim to Completed. Unknown Reason without compensation. without even making any contact with me or the seller. Some hours later after that I received an email from asking for the same information again via email. At that point I relayed all the same information I filled out on the web form. I recently received an email stating they're just now trying to contact the seller, and that I should try as well, despite the fact the seller has yet to reply to any of my previous esquires. From the sellers feedback history I can surmise on my own that they did in fact regain control of the account in question. First being they're not responding, and second recent purchases point to the obvious. PA is dragging their feet and obviously have no intentions of making the payout / crediting my account. 
Entity: , Internet
27, Report #263263
Jul 26 2007
06:21 AM
Nuke Install Internet Fraud ripoff Internet
this company does php nuke install and this person xtreme do 2 installs on my site that cost 100 of dollars. the 1st one he did was ok but then he wanted to do a new install (upgrade) and i did. and i sent him 150 dollars and he got done on june 24th. then he said we watch site for 2 days for any one posting errors well i found a lot of errors on my site and i try for weeks to email him. site pm on his site and even did a pay pal return on my money with no luck. well a hacker got into my cpandel and delted my forums table which cost me 25.00 to get it restore. this guys cost me well over 500 in damage to my site and all i ask was him to return 100 of it and answer was no. i just want people to know not to go to this site and get the word out when they mess up no one see it Bill roselle, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
28, Report #275690
Sep 22 2007
09:21 AM
CHAIN MOYES internet fraud Internet
This was the email that I got first: Mr.Dennis Collins, 888 portland street, sutton-in-ashfield, nottinghan shire, ng65 4we. United Kingdom. URGENT ATTENTION NEEDED I am Dr.Dennis Collins, The personal account officer to Mr Mark Smith a very rich gold merchant who owns a multi-national company. There is an urgent issue on ground that needs your urgent attention. Mr. Mark Smith died with his entire family in an auto-crash on the 2nd of October 2001. He has a very big multi-national company in united kindom where I served as a personal accounting officer to him. After his death, I observed with patience and notice that nobody has come up as the surviving relative or next of kin to Mr. Mark Smith. Because this man was good to me when he was alive, I took it upon myself to find out why nobody has come up as his next of kin.Initially my research revealed to me that he has no surviving close relative. There is a policy here in my country, which is if nobody comes up as the relation or next of kin to the deceased within a period of five years, the money in the deceased account would be forfeited to the Government with immediate effect. I then made more findings by going to the bank and requesting to know the names of the people Mr. Mark Smith declared as the next of kin. The bank granted me my request and provided me with the list of Mr. Mark Smith's next of kin. Among this list was your name with a brief contact information about you. Since you are the only next of kin left whose status has not yet been confirmed, I then decided to send you these email to let you know that you are the only next of kin to Mr. Mark Smith left. The total money in his account is Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars(US$10,500,000.00). At this point, immediately you receive these email reply back to me with your full contact information including phone and fax numbers so that I can forward it to the bank as the only surviving next of kin to Mr. Mark Smith so that the bank can start processing the release of the funds to you before it is too late. I await your urgent response. Best Regards, dennis collins. This is the next email: FROM THE DESK OF CHAIN MOYES CHAIN MOYES CHAMBERS Phone:+447031940785 ATTN:Smith I am writing you this message based on the instruction of Dr Collins.I am Barrister chain moyes,the representing attorney to Late Mark. I have been busy trying to put together the required documents needed for this transaction and that will back your claim as the next of kin. Dr.Collins had earlier informed me that you will be getting across to me and has explain things to me also. Please be informed that all modailites has been put in place for the smooth transfer of the fund to your account upon the processing of the necessary legal documentation that will back your claim as the next of kin. I want you to bear in mind that i am a well respected person, i respect my profession and personality so i would not do anything to jeopardise the name i have worked for all my life. As a result of this, i do not involve myself in illegal activities. I want you to know that this transaction is real and authentic. As you proceed you will get to see things for yourself.Also, i strongly advice that you exercise high degree of confidentiality in this matter for security and safety reasons which i best understand. To proceed further in this transaction. I will applied you as the next of kin to the bank. I request that you give me unwavering assistance. This will ensure that when the records are shown, all probate records will have your details as next of kin clearly written in black and white. Please give me more insight into your self by telling details of your person, that is what you do for a living and your ability to handle a transaction of this magnitude. You are advise to kindly forward to this requested information so that i can begin with the processing for the release of the fund. (1) Your Full name and contact address (2) your personal Phone number (3) your occupation Upon the confirmation of this following items,i shall proceed with the preparation of the legal documents that will back your claim. Yours Sincerely, Barrister Chain Moyes Sense I received these email back in 2005 I have sent them more then $60,000.00 in the first year. I know now that it was a scam. But back then you did not here much about this so I thought it could be true. I just hope something could be done with this. James Springfield, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Sheldon,, Internet
29, Report #847241
Mar 01 2012
04:03 PM
IMVU payment fraud Internet, Internet
IMVU disabled my account (Roe) because someone else used it to buy illegal things. IMVU refunded that sutff but is not charging me $119 if i was my account back. Charging me for something i didn't even do. I find this incredibly unfair and they don't seem to care. I want my account back so badly but i cannot afford that. Please help me?
Entity: Internet, Internet
30, Report #983992
Dec 18 2012
05:50 PM
Bethea Jenner Online Fraud , Internet
This company did the same thing to my husband like as what they have done to a lot of other people. My husband only ordered two items from her but then she kept sending other items and charge his credit card even till now!!! We are so annoyed by this and have decided to file a disputes to those charges.
Entity: Internet, Internet
31, Report #1027233
Mar 11 2013
07:30 PM Credit Card Fraud Internet
I've used Microworkers twice for Twitter campaigns. First campaign: 1. Many of the workers hired did not fulfil their tasks as per required, so I rated them as 'not satisfied'. Then my campaign got stopped abruptly. Email to Microworkers went unanswered. The campaign resumed the next day, but the total number of workers rated as 'satisfied' in the end were more than I'd actually rated, which meant I was charged more than I should've been. Second campaign: 1. I ordered my gigs using credit card because they have no option to use Paypal. I then noticed that ordering another gig just required one click - no filling in of any details, no confirmation - just deducted straight away from my credit card. Seeing that it was too easy, I requested them to remove my credit card details via email. No response. 2. 2 days later, I got a message from my bank about a transaction to the value of about USD1,800 I did not make. I had to have my card replaced and will have to go through some hoops to refute this transaction with the bank. I then emailed Microworkers to have my account terminated and as always, no reply. Searched around the Net and found other who have been scammed as well. So please, do yourself a favour and stay away from the website!
Entity: , Internet
32, Report #1136441
Apr 04 2014
08:26 PM
Entity: Internet
33, Report #1420503
Jan 02 2018
11:33 AM Internet fraud Internet
Ordered a nfl jersey om december 13,2017 on the fb site. Took my order and my money. Have not received my merchandise...also unable to contact them because site is unavailable. I have all my emails from the purchase and payment. But no info after that regarding shipment.
Entity: Internet
34, Report #1075868
Aug 14 2013
03:20 PM
Trialpay Fraud
I completed a offer through Trialpay by paying €10. I followed the guidelines exactly and made sure i used the Trialpay referral link. Crooks didn't pay out the credits. Here is what customer service had to say: Thanks for taking the time to submit your receipt. We've carefully checked our records with the offer partner, and unfortunately it appears that your offer completion attempt isn't listed as eligible for credit. I'm sorry that we won't be able to credit your receipt in this case.I apologize for any inconvenience, but please feel free to contact us again if we can assist further.Regards,KellyTrialPay Customer Support** Please include the following case number in all related replies: 5q5qR6EH **
Entity: Select State/Province
35, Report #213843
Oct 02 2006
04:30 PM ripoff, internet fraud, partners with internet fraud malfeasors Internet
I found these guys in my bank account when I checked it online. I called them and was told they had me subscribed to some web pages that charge money. The stories didn't sound credible. They said they wouldn't refund my money because since they had my name, address and bank account number the charges had to be legitimate. My banker called them and asked them to refund the money. The guy she spoke with gave my banker the same story, adding he would be fired if he refunded the money they'd taken. I think the way it works is this: they develop some sources within banks and companies that process bills using credit/debit card information. From these they buy our records and bill small amounts each month hoping we don't see them. If you're already using bil pay for several accounts you could miss this one for awhile, especially if you're busy and not too detail oriented. It seems they partner up with specialty web pages, escort services, adult sites and other shady enterprises. They're crooked as the river and unwilling to let go of our money even when caught red handed. I think an approach is to sue them in you local small claims court or in a calss action. I called my congress woman for help too and hoping to get an FTC point of contact to work with on this. These guys are slime! Nick Salem, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Arizona
36, Report #1017975
Feb 21 2013
10:46 AM
Dart Consulting Internet Fraud, Fraud, Stealing.Theft,Con-Artist Internet
Warning !!! This Company is a Scam !!  I regret to say I  hired these crooks to do a job for me on E-Lance. What a mistake!! They took the money and never finished the job. What a nightmare. I'm a small start up and that $1000 hit I took really hurt. Do yourself a favor avoid foreign outsourcing companies. You will regret it. 
Entity: , Internet
37, Report #187251
Apr 18 2006
11:42 AM
Aol Fraud Department ripoff Internet
i have been being bill for payments i have made already.. i am paid up until june and i am still being charge monthly.. i have tried to call the fraud department, but i am on hold of 45 mins. to and hour and no one ever picks up... also i canceled my backup files and and some music thing i didn,t order. i have been complaining to them for about 3 months with no change.. they keep saying i just cancled it and the charge is from last month..i don't know what to do anymore.. i realize i need help with this. i am sick of being ripped off.. we are seinors. and can't really aford all these charges.. thank you for any help you can give me.. Diana las vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
38, Report #628049
Jul 31 2010
02:20 PM, Internet
any transactions that a made true this it is fraud ,made at a big scale ,pretending a police auction ect ,but in acuality they colect bunch off crap from the garbages or >>>>>>> they sale feamarket crap ????? at supper infated ,auctions price  please be very awer of thes copany ,
Entity: , Internet
39, Report #192094
May 18 2006
07:44 AM
MyWebWholesaler ripoff Internet ripoff me $7660.00. I placed an order with mywebwholesaler for Xbox360 on Feb 03 2006. I paid them with bank wire transfer as they asked at Feb 03 2006. My transaction amount is $7660.00. I have invoice from them. The invoice number is 6894. Also I have bank wire transfer form. I waited 2 month still haven't received any items. They told me will ship out in two weeks. I waited 3 weeks then called them. This time they said would in another two weeks. I called them again at March 20, 2006. They said if they can't ship out in two weeks they will refund me my money. So I called them again on April 6, 2006. They told me they don't have money to refund to me. Now they closed their web and didn't answer phone anymore. Lei , ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
40, Report #969939
Nov 15 2012
07:25 PM Fraud Internet, Internet
I wanted you to know that I have been having a terrible time recovering my money, after illegally took 120.80 out of my checking account.   My husband and daughter had to unexpectedly drive to New Orleans.  When there, they decided to get a room instead of turning around and driving back.  However, they changed their minds and cancelled their hotel reservation with and LaQuinta an hour later.  When they tried to call and cancel the reservation, the ongoing run-around began.  First, they were told that they had to have the confirmation number that was emailed to them.  My daughter told them that they were traveling and did not have access to a computer.  Once they drove back to the Memphis area, my daughter continued to check her email for several days, and never received a confirmation email.  During that time, took over 120. out of my checking account.  I called and told them that we needed our refund, and were told that LaQuinta charged them and would not give the money back, but offered me a fifty dollar coupon to use on a hotel within the next year (and they didn't even send the coupon).  Therefore, I called the LaQuinta manager, who said that they never billed for any money.  I then called back and confronted their dishonesty.  I was told that they could not reach the LaQuinta manager, but I could call back the next day.   I continued to call and was given multiple callous individuals that gave me the run-around, until finally a girl named Katie called La Quinta and confirmed that I should not have been billed.  However, she said that she could not refund my money because my husband's credit card number was wrong (though they had successfully used the number, that they had stored, to take/steal 120.80 out of our checking account).  I continued to insist that my money get refunded and she said she would pass it on to the accounting department and I would receive the refund in less than a week.  Tonight, after staying on hold for a very long time, AGAIN, I received another rude employee who tried to give me the run-around and said that my information was not correct, in order for him to speak to, I asked for another supervisor.  The supervisor confirmed that her notes said LaQuinta never charged for the room, but said the credit card number was incorrect, again.  I asked her to call my husband to verify the debit card number (which they had used to take 120.80 out of my account in the first place).  She did and said I would need to wait another week before it was in my account.  To which I replied, that I would keep checking, and would contact the TV station, as well as her corporate office, with details of this miserable experience.   The woman lacked concern for the challenges I faced to recover the money stolen by
Entity: , Internet
41, Report #1047828
May 01 2013
08:41 PM
criminal fraud Internet
I have been searching for an emergency online, short term loan to take care of a pressing emergency.  I checked my banking records to discover an unauthorized debit of $29.95 from available through <>.  I tried to call; but, got no answer; and, I left a message.  Then I wrote them an E-mail.  A woman named Luca wrote back and said that becauise I had, ...given them my banking information, I had authorized... this charge.  She would give no further explanation except as I responded to this company, their responses became increasingly arrogant and self-contradicting.  At no time despite many direct requests did they producwe any writing wherein the authorization had occurred.  They then denied that it had ever existed, to which I produced a copy of the debit.  They then said they had cancelled my membership and no more charges would occur (to an account that had never existed).  In short they are liars and thieves and should be brought to criminal justice.  They have evaded every attempt I have made refusing to give a direct or honest answer to anything.  This has been going on for several days.  I await a fraud dispute form from my bank, E*TRADE Financial, as I pursue other avenues.  The Internet is a powerful tool both to pervert as these scoundrels do and also to seek redress.  For example, I found this web site.  I hope this will help others to avoid this outfit. I have no evidence that they even got thier banking information from me.  They could well have highjacked another firms network and stolen it.Rspectfully,Jeremy of Honolulu
Entity: Internet, Internet
42, Report #1238822
Jun 29 2015
10:35 PM
Cedarfinance Internet
 I joined this platform one year before. I.lost almost 23000.I asked refund they are not have my refund.My manager Kim vargas said me to open new account. I deposited 1650 and trade and make my account 10009. I made my withdrawal request before 25 days. I am not getting any payment from .they are no one fraud... Cheaters scammers. If I contact support they said contact accounts. I emailed contacts 40 times no response . I achieved all bonus requirements.ready to withdraw but that guys not give my's,worst platform...I need,my money or I want to sue this company...don't put any money in cedar finance.I promised,they are fraud..
Entity: Internet
43, Report #1399344
Sep 11 2017
05:24 PM
Tapjoyads Internet
  These SCHMUCKS are exactly that. They owe me close to 45,ooo diamonds and ignore me. When I'm on the app, Design Home, they have a place for you to tap if you're missing diamonds. HAHA! THEY HAVE IT RIGGED! IT DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO CHOOSE YOUR OFFER THAT YOU'VE BEEN RIPPED OFF! My report is about these apps: Holllar=36,394 diamonds, Bingo Hero=145 diamonds, Recipes/ Sweet and Taste=145 diamonds. I've sent a copy of my Hollar invoice and they have yet to respond!
Entity: Internet
44, Report #1341340
Dec 04 2016
08:26 PM
Teradata deceptively Internet
Teradata has been displaying a Facebook advertisement offering a $10 Amazon gift card to anyone who takes their online survey.   Although the survey was taken, the reward has not been delivered despite repeated attempts to contact them. .  This is fraud - false advertising and email harvesting at it's worst.   Do not trust this company!
Entity: Internet
45, Report #1373815
May 17 2017
02:13 PM Scam Internet
 Calling2home charge me without my authorization, they stored my ccard info and charged me, i called BBB and found outthe aye scam they are doing scams with different websites names: https:/ They are not FCC authorized , they are scam based in Mexico
Entity: Internet
46, Report #1386989
Jul 20 2017
03:00 PM
Gladiacoin Internet
 I invested my bitcoins in this company and they ripped me off. They promised to double my bitcoins in 3 months. They imposed a 15% administration fee which was not established from the beginning and in the end just shut down the website and ran away with my bitcoins. Lots of people invested and didn't even get their initial investment back.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #379320
Oct 08 2008
10:20 AM
I cancelled my dial-up service with PeoplePC in March of 2008 due to frequent disconnects while online. As an apology the Customer Service Rep. said I would receive 90 days of free e-mail service and my account was terminated. It has been brought to my attention that for the past 8 months PeoplePC was in fact charging me $1.95/month for e-mail service on a cancelled account !! I contacted them today (10/08/2008) and was told they would not refund the charges. Why would I pay for an e-mail account when I receive free e-mail accounts from AOL, YAHOO, and MSN? PeoplePC has defrauded me of $15.60. Bill DAYTON, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
48, Report #546511
Dec 28 2009
08:16 PM
Turnkey Internet Solutions Online Fraud Internet
I have a similar story as many of the rest of you. I paid over $2000 for internet advertsing back in May of 2009. I have over 60,000 hits on my counter and only one commission check for $1.24 for something I myself bought. When I complained about a month ago I was also given similar excuses and was told that I would get some post cards which I still have not gotten. Total ripoff artist got to me.
Entity: , Internet
49, Report #29723
Sep 11 2002
10:21 AM ripoff consumer rip-off fraud internet Internet
This company has refused to remove my name from its mailing list and are taking $4.99 per month out of my checking account, and will not discontinue after numerious requests Timothy Detroit, Michigan
Entity: Internet
50, Report #215111
Oct 10 2006
05:11 PM ripoff fraud theft Internet
Total rip-off. Beware! They charge to search a free site and you cannot contact them to cancel, despite the fact they say you can. The are constantly having server errors. Avoid. Anne Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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