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1, Report #942600
Sep 17 2012
05:08 PM
JSP Marketing RUN! Internet
I had a phone interview at this place. During the interview I was told I would make $70,000, get paid traveling, and training for a marketing director.  I made it to the second interview. I was given a address to go to shadow a higher position person working for the company. I drove across town and made it to a Sam's Club to find a 2 woman selling car wax to members at Sam's club. It is a $100 set but members get it for $50. No one who is not a member can buy it anyways...Duh! So the lady demonstrates the value of this car wax. She then proceeds to have a interview with me at the snack bar area. She said that the job was paid $7.25/hour or commission (18 % of the sales). Whatever is higher. The hours are 6 hours a day.  I think it is a terrible sales job... Don't waste your time...
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #1003679
Jan 28 2016
09:22 AM
Captain Marketing Calabasas California
To read more reports about Captain Marketing, please click the link below:
Entity: Calabasas, California
3, Report #1055475
May 31 2013
08:41 PM
American Marketing Media Attempted Scam Internet
I Received a call from a company called American Marketing Media at 1pm this afternoon. The call came in from 303-968-3280 and had the caller ID tag of NCM.  The caller Claimed that I was responsible for $698 invoice for website marketing. I did not recognize the company name and the caller evidently did not have any of my personal information but wanted me to spell my first and last name so that they could verify a previous invoice. The caller explained that the call would be recorded and told me that the only way to remove my information from the list and website was to acknowledge that I would be charged $698 per year for marketing. At that point they could remove me from their list and website but, I would be responsible for $698. I told the caller that I thought this was a scam and I questioned why they didn't already have my name. They hung up. Do not give these guys information. They are not real bright. During one part of the call, the caller said that he was going to transfer to another cancellation manager somewhere else. At that point, I hear the guys talking in the background about the fact that I won't provide my name. I'm guessing this is two guys at the kitchen table pulling a scam.
Entity: Internet, Internet
4, Report #1097557
Jun 19 2014
06:42 AM
Entity: Select State/Province
5, Report #121756
Dec 07 2004
06:31 PM
Moonlight Marketing ripoff Internet
I went to the credit union in Richmond Indiana today to make a deposit and got a surprise. There was an electronic check presented to my account for the amount of $199.00. I know that I didn't authorized any such transaction so after leaving the bank I called them and they gave me the name of the company as Moonlight Marketing and their phone number as 877-298-6342. Upon call this company I tried to speak to someone but no matter what numbers I pushed I was always sent to voicemail. My story is not much different from the others that I have seen posted here. The check number was 0001, the amount as stated above was $199, I filed a police report, and my bank is working WITH me (thank God). I will be following up with the local authorities tomorrow. These people (Moonlight Marketing) are thieves. Plain and simple. They will get theirs in turn. I can wait.... Roger Richmond, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1295281
Mar 22 2016
02:22 PM
jermain.thomas9 internet marketing, content marketing, link building
Intially found this SEO provider via He convinced me to work with him off the site and pay him directly through pay pal in an exchange for a lower rate since charges him a fee on transactions that take place on that website. For me it was an immediate red flag, also the price seemed to good to be true but the reward was worth the risk. He had me add him on skype witht he name: jermain.thomas9    After adding him and agreeing to details of scope of work I sent him a half down pyament. He then strung me along for a couple weeks then stopped responding to my message and eventually blocked me on skype. If anyone with the skype name: jermain.thomas9 asks to do work with you. Do not - as he is a complete scam artist.  
7, Report #355824
Jul 26 2008
02:28 AM
World Marketing Systems Buyer beware!! Internet
Filled in an online form requesting information on WMS online business. 5 days later received call from David promoting business. After a plausible explanation as to how this operation could work, I was advised that within minutes of making payment, I would receive an email detailing how to get started. In good faith I made payment through paypal, 2 hours later still no email. I then went online to Google, found this site with reports by others ... I also tried accessing their URL, link inactive!! .. I located a previous marketing email from them, good old OUTLOOK reported this as an invalid address when I replied to them.(Thank you Bill Gates) By now I was extremely concerned, went to my bank & blocked the eBay payment. Lo & behold, 24 hrs later I received a phone call from WMS .. wonder why? .. I recounted to the caller that their URL did not work .. he asked me what a URL was!! .. I told him that if they purported to be an online business & didn't know what a URL was ... how on earth could they offer online business operations!! With an alactrity associated only with high pressure marketing tactics, he tried to talk his way through this. After about 3 minutes of his trying to outtalk me , he eventually went quiet .. I backed off, he started another approach with strong sales pitch .. not for me .. I told him if WMS was legitimate, they should polish up their act, if not their SCAM certainly needed input from someone with more grey matter to refine the process. I wished him well, hope he had a wonderful day, and suggest I was definitely a prospect to write off. I have my money back, WMS will move on to easier pastures, but hopefully this report will assist others contemplating future dealings with WMS. Traveller RockhamptonAustralia
Entity: Internet
8, Report #465767
Jun 28 2009
01:18 PM
Online Marketing System Ripoff Internet
NO NOT do business with a company named ONLINE MARKETING SYSTEM!! Somehow their site appeared on my screen, probably through Craigslist, offering me the opportunity to buy two programs that would teach me how to make money on the Internet. All I had to do was pay $1.88 and $1.95 for shipping. Stupidly, I did that. In no time I was receiving online charges to my debit card. I finally did talk to someone at the office who said I had signed up for all these charges in the Terms and Conditions, which contained different info than the advertising pages. They charged dues of $82+ per month. They purchased several software programs, two of which I already had. The companies who sell these products had done no wrong; they didn't even have records of these purchases. They, too were being ripped off. They refused to refund anything charged to me. The only solution was to have my bank issue a new debit card with a different number. As soon as I did that, the charges stopped. Nancy Greenville, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #978329
Dec 05 2012
02:18 PM
Mindshark Marketing SEO Terrible Service Internet
This is one of the few cases when I am compelled to actually take the time to warn others. I worked with Mindshark Marketing for nearly 6 months and went through 2 different account reps, neither of which ever delivered the products that were offered and agreed upon. Once they finally got started after 2 months of payment, they did create a link-building campaign as we agreed upon - but 20-30% of the links they reported to me were broken (i.e. did not exist). These were supposed to be fixed, but never were. We had also agreed for Mindshark Marketing to write a certain # of articles for me per month - I received 2 of the 8 articles I was supposed to receive before terminating service. Part of the initial agreement was also for them to provide a professional corporate video - showcasing company and products. This has never been delivered after 6 months. At start, there were supposed to be bi-weekly phone calls with my Mindshark Marketing rep to discuss progress of campaign - over a 6 month period there were a total of 3 calls. The times were pre-set (i.e. every other Thursday, 10am). One morning, I waited over 2 hours for this call. When I emailed my rep to find out what happened, she said she had a training seminar that conflicted. No email. No phone call. Just me waiting. There are literally 1000's of SEO Marketing companies available. If you are looking to work with someone who is service-oriented, flexible to your needs and who will deliver what they say they will deliver, I would not recommend Mindshark Marketing.
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #1030369
Dec 24 2002
06:45 AM
Treehouse Marketing ripoff con artist fake ripoff Internet
The company ripped me off. I paid 19.90 for a diet patch and I have not received the product. I was trying to call them and cannot get through. I saw this consumer report that they are a rip off and feel like such a fool. I will be contacting my back, because I put the purchase through my bank card. They are a complete rip off and I am glad that I saw this before the 30 days are up and I will handle this. I am here to say, DO NOT get involved with this company! I am very upset that they have my 20 dollars, but I can live with that, but taking 200 dollars out my account, that I cannot have. Johnyia Forestville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1030370
Dec 24 2002
06:45 AM
Treehouse Marketing ripoff con artist fake ripoff Internet
The company ripped me off. I paid 19.90 for a diet patch and I have not received the product. I was trying to call them and cannot get through. I saw this consumer report that they are a rip off and feel like such a fool. I will be contacting my back, because I put the purchase through my bank card. They are a complete rip off and I am glad that I saw this before the 30 days are up and I will handle this. I am here to say, DO NOT get involved with this company! I am very upset that they have my 20 dollars, but I can live with that, but taking 200 dollars out my account, that I cannot have. Johnyia Forestville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1030371
Dec 24 2002
06:45 AM
Treehouse Marketing ripoff con artist fake ripoff Internet
The company ripped me off. I paid 19.90 for a diet patch and I have not received the product. I was trying to call them and cannot get through. I saw this consumer report that they are a rip off and feel like such a fool. I will be contacting my back, because I put the purchase through my bank card. They are a complete rip off and I am glad that I saw this before the 30 days are up and I will handle this. I am here to say, DO NOT get involved with this company! I am very upset that they have my 20 dollars, but I can live with that, but taking 200 dollars out my account, that I cannot have. Johnyia Forestville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #967620
Nov 10 2012
11:55 PM
TNT Marketing Inc. Clowns in Idaho Internet
TNT Marketing Inc.of Pocatello, ID.  Wow, I will let their own words tell the story. I didn't make this up but can't stop laughing every time I see it. I am cetainly glad to see someone with a self proclaimed 177 IQ really using it to be a scammy MLM marketing goofball in Pocatello. Honestly folks, you can't make this stuff up. Just read below but don't drink anything while reading as whatever it is will be coming out your nose. Description:Marketing, Coordinating multiple online lead generations for clients, Finding more ways to obtain leads through internet and databases. I own every database available and have over 3.5 million emails of people and businesses. Looking forward to make your business GO TO THE MOON AND BEYOND Hometown:Pocatello Poughkeepsie Likes:Love helping people make more money. Very Money oriented. Love watching it grow and most hobbies are money related. Love Real Estate, love finding good deals at auctions, love to find cars at half price etc. Dislikes:Angry people or anyone in a bad mood on a daily basis. I avoid this like the plague when I can't make someone laugh I think they are doomed...Like to tell jokes and get people in a good state of mind laughter heals all pain. Hobbies:Making money for me making money for my clients making money on my money. Please see likes. Strengths:Typical A type personality with creativity. I am intelligent and I absolutely love white boarding and brain storming. I really love coming up with winning solutions. No challenge can ever get past me. Weaknesses:Listening. I listen to people too long. I am about results not ego. Wish more people were like this. Unfortunately have to put up with egos why I don't work with large companies any more. Definately patience. Wish could wave a magic wand and give folks intelligence. God gave me an IQ of 177 and ADD to keep me humble. I work until something is done. One time worked 97 hours straight. Thank God for ADD LOL. Goals:To become infamous for helping businesses. I have helped well over 250 businesses succeed in their adventures. Want to become the Dan Kennedy type. I am to a point I can make miracles out of cow dung however want to be able to do it in hours instead of days, days instead of weeks, weeks instead of years. I consider myself quick at what I do, however, I would like to really pound out stuff much more quickly. I would like to delegate at least 50% more. I have programmers, design folks, and 2 assistants yet I want to train people more to take more responsibility so I can help more people.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #1253153
Sep 12 2015
12:08 PM
15, Report #1366738
Apr 09 2017
09:47 AM
Swell Marketing money back guarantee Internet
This company started very professional with their proposal. They seemed very knowledgeable and responsive, until they got your money. No reports were sent, no responses. My traffic actually decreased and eveytime I would send an email they would take for ever to respond and then send me some bogus material that meant nothing. I had a 6 month contract with them. by the 4th month, they didn't even respond. 6K later and I got nothing! Biggest scammers. Do not sign with them.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #155516
Aug 30 2005
03:12 PM
Internet Marketing Training - Internet Marketing Center VP Clint Sanderson Free Brunch Seattle Washington
Thank you RipOffReport for all your help-whenever I get anything in the mail or online that looks too good to be true, I always check with you first. The reason I am posting this is due to a letter from Internet Marketing Training today offering a free 8 hour seminar, brunch and organizer. When I could not find any information about them here or other internet searches, I did some research and found out the company actualy offering this seminar is - which has numerous compaints (309)on this site. This makes me think they are trying to hide their name due to a bad reputation. I have nothing to say about the seminar or the practices but anyone planning to attend should also check out the complaints here searching for It seems they have the seminars to sell their website packages and many people are not happy. Julie Mount Vernon, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
17, Report #735157
May 31 2011
01:52 PM
Skyline Marketing, Skyline Internet Marketing & Media, Overpromise, No Deliver! Internet
These guys do not do at all what they say they will.  I have been working with them for months to try and remedy the lack of service that was provided.  There product is simple.  They provide google placement by making your webpage more relevant.  What they actually do is pretty weak and should be avoided.  I hired them for SEO work and to improve the placement on Google listings.  It took me a while to realize what they had done.  Not only is the work crappy, they used a phone number that is not mine and forward the calls to one that is mine.  I am not sure why they do this other than to control the flow of calls.  The problem is it makes your business look fragmeneted.  Check out an example of their work. (((link redacted))) This is not my website that I hired them to drive traffic to. The following link is: (((link redacted))) You will notice the one that they created has two phone numbers on it.  If you dial either of them it will work, but I did not ask for this.  I imagine that they could easily build a flow of traffic at my expense, and then take it and sell it to someone else if they desired to.  I can not fathom all of the underhanded things they could do if they had a mind to.  In building the site, they have not done 20% of what they promised.  I am not sure why I got such crappy service, but they were supposed to optimize each divvision of my business as a seperate listing.  The above link is all of the work that i can see that they have done.  Although Nick is a pretty nice guy, he tells you a lot of things that will happen and none of them get done.  If you call him to discuss, you will get screened and avoided.  I would stay far from this company.  They will not take a lot of money from you ($200-300 set up) but you will waste a lot of forgone business in waiting for them to deliver something you will never get.CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Temecula, CA 92590, Internet
18, Report #1378580
Jun 12 2017
10:22 AM
Advisor Internet Marketing Advisor Internet Marketing is a RIPOFF!!! Cortaro Arizona
This company is a total RIPOFF!  I am a financial advisor and was looking for help with internet marketing.  I heard of Advisor Internet Marketing and checked out there website.  They looked legit and talked a good game. Boy, did they pull the wool over my eyes! I was told that they would build me an internet sales funnel so I could attract clients and it was a Done For You service.  Of course since they are in an industry that is highly regulated they advertising in the funnel needs to pass compliance. I asked what would happen if this funel does not pass compliance and I could not use it.  They told me no problem we'll give your a refund so there is no risk on your part!   Well, after the funnel was submitted to compliance it came back NOT APPROVED!  Nt only was it NOT APPROVED, it also had wording in the sale copy that triggered requiring filing a FINRA letter which would cost serveral hundred more dollars.....this after already spending $3,000 for the funnel. But it get sworse.   My compliance department said that this material does not even meet GENERAL CONTENT STANDARDS set forth by FINRA.  FINRA is the regulating bodyfor brokerage firms in the United States. So I was basicallt sold a bill of goods and have been totally ripped off.  Again, I was told this was a turn key marketing funnel that was plug and play.  Clearly it is not turn key in that it does not even meet General COntent Standards set forth by FINRA. When I called for a refund thay hid behind their 30 Day Money Back guarantee.  The problem is that this funnel, due to it's comlexity, took 45 days just to get it thru compleance.   So this 30 day guaratee is 30 days by design.....just long enough so they can rip you off! 
Entity: Cortaro, Arizona
19, Report #137684
Apr 05 2005
04:27 PM
Freedom Marketing ripoff Chicago Illinois
Sent in my money order on Feb.12,2005 was supposed to recieve package within 24 hours of recieving on rush order.Still have heard nothing and e-mail address keeps coming up a failure. There is no phone number where to reach them just this e-mail address that is no good. Conne Gibsonton, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
20, Report #108163
Sep 13 2004
01:01 PM
RPM Marketing ripoff Orlando Florida
Kiosk Owner with Two Terminals loses business due to RPM Marketing Another case of cloak and dagger with trying to start up a business with this company. It was like out of a spy novel. First we went to their seminar and bought one terminal equipped with advertising features. Product and service and set-up included in purchase price. We secured our own location set up the equipment and bought a second machine in hopes of getting the advertising going. Throughout we always had a problem with service. There was no customer service or advertising support as promised in the contract. We secured a second location and set up the next machine. Still no advertising support with the graphics and downloads which were the heart of the business and still no customer service. The company then started their own manufacturing and would not supply our terminals with the advertising support. Thus we could not install the ads which were the revenue stream. The locations were up and we were paying rent and telephone and dsl expenses. The company was then investigated by the government shut down and we had to close our terminals. We have two brand new Teleasy terminals not in service. Our expenses were between $40,000 and $50,000 plus attorneys fees so far. There is no recourse with this company as of right now as it is currently under investigation. We would like to be informed of further legal actions. Thank you. Carl Longwood, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
21, Report #38673
Dec 18 2002
07:45 PM
Treehouse Marketing ripoff scam fraud Orem Utah
Unauthorized payment taken off my check card by employee other than the person who had sold product to me because he is NO LONGER THERE!!! ..... I was contacted by phone October 18,2002 by a gentleman named JOSH about the breast enlargement pills.I was told that there was two ways I could purchase this product I could pay 219.85 up front or I could pay 19.90 and then if I was satisfied I could pay the 199.95. I did authorize them to take the 19.90 ,but no more. I was also told that I would see results in two weeks, BUT if I wasn't satisfied that there would be SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS on how to send this product back long with a paper showing how much I still owed. I also told Josh that I wasn't sure I could afford it, he told me I would have plenty of time to get my money together. I still wasn't sure I wanted to do this but he kept telling me all I would have to do was return the product following the instruction in the box. When I recieved my product there was NO papers of any type in the box. I didn't think nothing about it, thinking that maybe the papers would come in the US MAIL. Still nothing until I receive my bank statment along with NSF statement on 12-18-02. They had taken 199.95 out of my account on 12-05-02 without my authorization and before my 37 days was up. They have screwed my checking account up right here at Christmas. My husband called them to ask why they had done this and was never able to get passed a recording until he got mad and just push different buttons and a man came on the line named Scott. He told us that he would have to find the tape of my sales call to see if we were telling the truth about what had happened, and he would call us back in 1 hr. I called back in 10min. just to see what was going on and he had gone to lunch. I then waited and call back 1 hr. later and finally got him back on the phone and he told me that he cannot find the sales tape and that the gentleman Josh that sold this product to me had QUIT a while back. I then got tranfered to customer service to see if they can help me. A very non-caring,ill,hateful,young lady named Felica came on the phone, I began to tell her what had transpired and all she could say was my 37 days to return the product was up. I told her that I was willing to send the product back, but had been waiting for those SPECIAL INSTRUCTION and she said she didn't care because my time was up. I told her I was aware of that but if I had known that all I had to do was send it back she would have got it the 1st of NOVEMBER. My family is having a hardship now thanks to these people because my husband is disabled and I also have two sickly children, we make ends meet with his funds with little to nothing left. This is another reason why I wanted to send the product back along with that it was a fraudulent product. So we had to take what little money we had saved to buy our 3 girls Christmas clothes with and put it in the bank to keep other checks from bouncing. Melissa Trenton, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Orem, Utah
22, Report #346381
Jul 01 2008
01:56 PM
Strategic Marketing Scam Scottsdale Arizona
Strategic Marketing scamed me for $998.00! Darren M Paulson is one of the scammers cell # (((Redacted)))Meredith Hall is a co scammer cell # (((Redacted))). They claim they have an office and that number is 480-306-6190. If anyone else is a victim please call Scottsdale Police at 480-312-2716 and report it. Also turn them into the FBI/IC3 @ www.IC3.gove. Stephen Beloit, WisconsinU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
23, Report #740123
Jun 13 2011
11:04 AM
ROI Marketing ROI SCAM, SCAM, SCAM Jacksonville, Florida
These guys pass themselves off as providers of leads for financial planners. They told me they market to investors who are looking for a second opinion and are unhappy with their advisor. I took the bait for $200 on 100 leads- 40 were disconnects, 20 hung up on me, 20 said NO Never filled out a survey, 10 wrong numbers, 10 never answered for weeks. I only took a flyer for $200, but don't bother. They promised to credit me for disconnects or wrong numbers. Bullshit. Now they won't call me back. Should have known better.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
24, Report #208654
Aug 30 2006
11:20 AM
Successful Marketing Stategies ripoff Phoenix Arizona
This company is a total scam rip off site. I have bought into this business for several hundred dollars and have not gotten what was promised no leads no search engines was to get over 300 and got 0. I sent a fax letter asking to be removed and for my money back. I was told No No No!! No refunds even though less than 30 days as contract explains. I would NOT recomend any one to waist their tim or money on this business it is a rip off big timeIt is a total internet fraud business. James f Polson, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
25, Report #1286690
Feb 10 2016
02:04 PM
Gilleard Marketing not happy, and will not recomend them
My experience with was not good and i will NOT recomend them to anyone

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