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26, Report #1281460
Jan 21 2016
12:02 PM
PMC Marketing Corp. Ryan Perkins SEO, Marketing Company Las Vegas Nevada Internet
I hired PMC Marketing Corp. to work on my non-profit. Ryan told me he was going to build me a new website, I instructed him to use my existing server to host it.Ryan built the new website, but he hosted it on his server, when I asked his to migrate the site to my server, he told me he would not until I payed him for 6 months. This was not our agreement.About a week after that I hired another company to put a website on my server, they did and 3 days later Ryan deleted my non-profits facebook page, I am still trying to get Facebook to reinstate it. Ryan will not answer my calls, or emails.Beware of this guy, he will not give you access to your own accounts, he will locl you out.The new company I hired gave me access to every thing they created, every login, every password.This company is a nothing but crooks.     
Entity: Internet
27, Report #721465
Apr 24 2011
10:33 AM
Jason Lane internet marketing, email marketing Internet
Jason Lane, the same one as with all the other Rip Off reports, has also screwed me.  He is trying to sell some email marketing plan with old data and who knows what else.  Beware this person!!!!  I have sent him a letter of intent to sue on this day, April 24, 2011.  I hope that anyone reading this will also sue him in any possible way. 
Entity: , Internet
28, Report #774488
Sep 08 2011
03:21 PM Scam Marketing, Internet
Coming from a marketing agency, you need strong partners to grow, i had read about a social media website called which is supposedly a highly recommended online service, but something tells me Im falling into another Indian based basement website that's on automation.  This is the answer I received when I asked if they provide targeted facebook fans, a computer-automated message.  1. BUY NOW = 1,000 Facebook Fans: World-Wide = 79.99 2. BUY NOW = 2,000 Facebook Fans: World-Wide = 149.99 3. BUY NOW = 5,000 Facebook Fans: World-Wide = 249.99 4. BUY NOW = 10,000 Facebook Fans: World-Wide = 449.99 5. BUY NOW = 1,000 Facebook Fans: Targeted = 149.99 6. BUY NOW = 2,000 Facebook Fans: Targeted = 249.99 7. BUY NOW = 5,000 Facebook Fans: Targeted = 479.99 8. BUY NOW = 10,000 Facebook Fans: Targeted = 849.99 I thought I was clear in my email that I wanted TARGETED fans only. Anyways, stay away from this website. You can do your own search for and see it's registered to a name in India Registrant: Md Mahfuzur Rahman Too many people online get fooled by good marketing techniques and get scammed by an off-shore website, stay away, just my opinion!
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #956107
Oct 17 2012
08:53 AM Deceptive marketing Internet
Signing up for and using to help market your website (you your client's websites) was pretty easy and they seemed to be a good place to market for free. I spent hours and hours writing various articles and releases. Problem is, however, they don't tell you that they will just ban you for Content overly promotional. Why didn't they tell me that my content was too promotional before I had submitted over 15 articles in a period of a month and a half? They were all approved and published by their own review team. I had even promoted many of the articles on many social media websites...  Here is my recommendation to you... do not use to promote your's or anybody else's business. You may find that after you spend many hours writing unique content and posting it to, your hard work will just disappear into thin air. Don't get burned like I did.  The worst part is that all of my articles are no longer available online and the policies of the company do not really state what they do with removed articles... Use at your own risk... I took the risk and I will never, ever risk my time and resources with again. 
Entity: , Internet
30, Report #106095
Aug 30 2004
11:22 AM
Internet Marketing Group rip-off! Lebanon Tennessee
No services for $$. Want $$ back James Lansdale, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Lebanon, Tennessee
31, Report #360024
Aug 06 2008
04:14 PM
Advanced Marketing Gr Internet Scam Internet
On July 10, 2008, Advanced Marketing Gr (stated Advanced Marketing Gr 8883653555 IL on my statement) took$22.00 from my account. I received an e-mail from advanced marketing gr ( thanking my for my on-line order and stating that my order had been shipped number included in e-mail). I have received nothing and I have tried to contact them at all the e-mail addresses given and have received no answer. Their web site address is Greengrams Lexington, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
32, Report #241255
Mar 31 2007
03:07 AM
Electronic Marketing Service (EMS) Ripoff internet marketing service scam Orem, Utah
I got a call from EMS a few months after I purchased 3 websites from Stores Onlne (SOL). I told the salesman I was not interested b/c I hadn't really started the websites and was not ready to start promoting them to get to the top of the search engines. He assured me this was o.k, actually, even better. EMS could help me build the website and then aid in marketing. With the guilt of spending $4000+ on the websites and not using them yet, I bought EMS service for $9000+. The way I understood it, they would do most of the grunt work for me. I met with Dave, my coach, every Monday. I told him my plan for the sites originally was to start online nutrition counseling, or an online diet program (I am a dietitian). I believe I also told this to the original sales guy I spoke with. I was encouraged, however, after I signed up for their service, to start dropshipping to make my money back faster. This also fits in nicely with the cookie cutter program and homework assignments I was given. I don't think my idea would have fit in nicely with their program. One of my first assignments was to come up with a list of 10 items I could dropship and then use the reverse search tool to see which would be advantages. I ended up creating a website for security cameras ? the numbers made sense, but I know NOTHING about security cameras. My Monday meeting with Dave just included homework assignments for me to build my site. I guess this was helpful as it gave me some direction and motivation?someone to answer to. The website is built. My frustration came when it was time to submit to directories and vertical portals and to trade links. This is very time consuming and tedious and I can't find a vertical portal to save my life. This is when I thought, ? This is part of getting on top of the search engine. Why am I doing all this work, and you have 9,000 to TELL me to do all this work.? I was getting behind, as at that time, I was switching jobs, studying for a credential exam and planning a wedding. I asked Dave for about a month or two off to catch up. I'm not sure how you can submit to 200+ directories and portals and trade links with other companies in one week anyway. Dave gave me the O.K, and I did SLOWLY keep adding to only directories. I e-mailed a few links to exchanged (Dave gave me an template of how to write the e-mail), but I never heard from anyone. Months went by, and I got an e-mail from my site from a potential customer. When I looked at my ?stats? page on the website, I saw the picked it up, and it was actually first on the list when someone search ?outdoor surveillance camera??or something like that. My page rank was still zero, but I was exited and motivated to get going again. I emailed Dave the exiting news and asked if we could get stared again. He wrote back with the list of February telephonic seminars (or whatever the provide) and told me to tune into those. I just think for the money I paid, I should have someone hold my hand through this a little more. When I e-mailed the EMS help desk (that was usually what Dave told me to do when I had questions) about the vertical portals, they wrote me back with some info, but I still don't think I ever found one and for $9000, can't you find one for me? I just remember hearing a bunch of times when approached my EMS ?We'll do that for you? and I feel like I did all the work myself. I know I haven't' gotten as far as I should have, and maybe in further steps they would have paid off, but I am very frustrated and now selling cameras I know nothing about, nor care about, and I have no nutrition site and not instead of wasting just $4,000 on website, I have wasted a total of about $15,000. Actually, I can't say I have wasted money on the website. I have used SOL very much. And also just e-mailed them for help, and even called. I barley used EMS. And the sites I believe I have forever were as the EMS service I paid a ton for is gone, but I wouldn't want it anyway. Not sure if there are any other consumers out there who feel like suckers for purchasing this or if I just gave up too soon, but even if I got half my money back from EMS I'd be happy. The weekly meeting did light a fire under to me to start building a website ?even thought its not what I wanted. E Glenview, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Orem, Utah
33, Report #250177
May 24 2007
03:39 PM
(EMS) Electronic Marketing Services Ripoff internet marketing service scam Orem Utah
In October of 2006 we purchased 3 sites from Stores Online; in December of 2006 we received a high pressure call from Electronic Marketing Service (EMS). The sales man claimed that they would work with only a few select people to put them at the forefront of internet marketing. We explained that we had no more money and yet the sales man claimed just put it on your credit card and within two months we'll have your websites generating an income to pay those cards off. We were told that EMS would help us build the website and then market the first site while we learned how to market the other sites. We were promised six months of personalized training; including 30-40 minute coaching sessions once sometimes twice a week and that we would have access to online resources on EMSs website. The three major areas of EMSs concentration would be search engine optimization, pay per click ad campaign and permission based marketing. We were also told that there was an account manager monitoring our progression and insuring that we succeeded. The way it was portrayed to us, EMS was doing most of the grunt work for us. We believed we needed help, having 3 sites and not yet able even to construct one and with the guilt of spending $4000 on the websites and not yet using them or knowing how to market them we entrusted our faith in EMS and purchased the one site promotion/optimization and coaching for $11,675 There was no real help in setting up a web site. Our coach very nice guy but did no prep, he hadn't looked at the site prior to the meeting, were useless just a reiteration of what was on the EMS and Stores Online Merchant Services sites and the candid homework assignments assigned to all members; these assignments were in to way personalized. EMS has made a lot of empty promises and portrayed themselves as an active member in the internet marketing community yet you have left us to fend for ourselves and do our own research to try and make our business succeed yet we paid EMS to do this. There is no feed back on what EMS has done for us so far, no suggestions what may be wrong or how to improve for search engines to find our site or how we can male more sales. EMS has made a lot of promises and we had very high expectations for your services yet you have not delivered. Big disappointment at a big price tag! This was a complete rip off. Kim Centereach, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Orem, Utah
34, Report #1315710
Jul 09 2016
10:11 AM
Entity: Austin, Texas
35, Report #435204
Mar 17 2009
05:59 PM
Internet Marketing Solutions - Millionaire Marketing - Leads Package Affiliate Scam Cape Coral Florida
I signed up on for a free website and leads package. I called the number listed on the website and spoke to Mike Davis who emailed me the different types of lead packages that Millionaire Marketing offers and since they were having a promotion (promotion expired March 06, 2009) on there lead packages, I decided to upgrade to the Retirement package. I called Mike Davis and he said to send a cashiers check for $1979.99 to 1217 E. Cape Coral Parkway, #100 Cape Coral, FL 33904 and make payable to Internet Marketing Solutions which I did. Mike Davis also said that I could get reimbersed $17.50 to send Express Mail. He also assured me that I would be paid half of the cost of lead packages if anyone of my affiliates upgrades and be paid $100 paid weekly via Paypal. He also said that they have been in business for about 3 years, they pay on time, and that I would be able to grow my business because of the amount of leads I would be purchasing (50,000,000 leads) and be paid by upgraded affiliates weekly via paypal. I mailed out the Express Mail enevelope on March 11, 2009 which they recieved on March 13th, 2009 and cash at there bank (my bank would not give me that info.) I called Mike Davis and verified that they recieved my cashier's check and when would I be recieving my payment via paypal and my leads, Mike said it would be Monday, March 16,2009 which I called there number and Mike said that I would recieve payment shortly and that he would have my tracking number for my leads, but he would have to call me back in 10mins., because he needed to contact his business partner Brian, Well he NEVER called back and now they are forwarding my calls to voicemail. I called and left a message that I will be reporting them to the authorities and to the Better Business Bureau and to any website that reports SCAMS. It is a Sham and Scam I wonder how many others they swindled out of there hardworking money. I am a single mother thinking I could make ours lives better, but I got SCAMMED instead. DONOT Purchase any leads package from MIKE DAVIS and the website they promote is a SCAMMMMMM Jeepers kapaa, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Cape Coral, Florida
36, Report #112675
Oct 12 2004
07:31 PM
Internet Marketing Group has my money for 3 terminals I have 1 Lebanon Tennessee
Another sucker who bought public access internet terminals w/ backlit advertising boards from IMG. Unable to find Frank Perry on the web (rebuttal original fax). Any info about getting at least SOME of the many thousands of dollars would be appreciated. Web site now times out. David Wheaton, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Lebanon, Tennessee
37, Report #1178618
Sep 23 2014
05:54 AM
Jack Hall, Online Marketing Consultant Internet Spammer Internet
 Beware of Jack Hall, if this is even his real name. He loves to spam other people's clients in the hopes of scoring that client for himself. It is people like this that give everyone in this industry a bad name. If he was real business owner, he would be going out and advertising for business instead of spamming. Beware of Jack Hall.   Your Name (required)Jack Hall Your Email (required) SubjectYour had some HTML and CSS validation errors Phone Number860-581-4976 . Your MessageHi, Hope you are well, I was just looking at your website doing a bit of evening surfing and noticed that your website had some HTML and CSS validation errors. I have been doing web Development for more than a decade now and thought I could help you fix these errors or lend a hand on any other website updates or general web help you may need. I provide services for virtually all types of website programming; -Updating current sites-Building a new website design-Building websites or ecommerce projects-Optimizing site for Google, Bing and Yahoo we have Team dedicated team of 33 professionals, with 10 Years experience building customized websites. Give me a call at 860-581-4976 . Note:- Please let me know your phone number And Skype if you want to discuss more, I look forward to your mail. Best regards, Jack Hall, Online Marketing Consultant
Entity: Internet
38, Report #591288
Apr 09 2010
08:53 AM
Vacation Property Marketing Very Satisfied, Very Happy! Internet
I own 10 timeshare weeks.  I was COMPLETELY satisfied with the services that Vacation Property Marketing provided to me.  I listed 4 of my 10 weeks and ALL of them were rented in 30 to 45 days exactly for my asking price! I'm confused as to the comments on this site from disgruntled customers. Perhaps those of you with negative comments were asking too much for your rentals or perhaps you wanted a shorter return (less than 30 days) for your unit to rent. I can tell the general public this; have realistic expectations and Vacation Property Marketing will provide results! Completely Satisfied, Florida
Entity: , Internet
39, Report #772670
Sep 03 2011
09:23 AM
Acorn Marketing complete failure to achieve stated out come Internet
We were told to expect about one sales per hour of calling, we purchsed 100 hours, not one sale was made or lead generated. Our product cost's $20.  no communication was made and after several calls we finally recieved a list of calls made that went to voice mail.  Call me for mre information before dealing with this outfit.  A complete waste of $2400 and a lot of time.
Entity: , Internet
40, Report #436214
Mar 21 2009
07:57 AM
InterGlobe Marketing Inc. Google Adwords and Search Marketing Scam Beaverton Oregon
*NOTICE..!! this ripoff has nothing to do with Google search engine - many rip-off businesses use the Google name to fool consumers. =========================================== I'm a realtor & my company's website lists agents phone numbers. I got a call from InterGlobe Marketing Inc. last week and stating they are from Google. The sales agents told me they can list my website on the first page of google when someone search xyz area homes for sale. When I asked for the details they need a setup fees ($124) from me and a monthly fees ($79/month). I told them that I have used Google before and I don't have to pay any fixed fees to advertise and its pay per click. The agent started going on and on about what they can do for me even after i told them several times that I'm not interested. I sent an eMail about InterGlobe Marketing Inc. to Google and asked a rep to contact me. Google responded to me stating that they are getting several complaints about InterGlobe Marketing Inc. scamming customers saying that they are from Google and taking thier credit card numbers on the phone. If you get a call from InterGlobe Marketing or someone stating thay they are from Google, Please call Google at 1-866-246-6453 report to them that InterGlobe scammed you. InterGlobe Marketing phone number shows they are from Portland, Oregon. Google has no affiliation or relationship with InterGlobe Marketing, InterGlobe Marketing is just a bunch of scammers trying to rip you off. David Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Beaverton, Oregon
41, Report #1069032
Jul 22 2013
10:54 AM
Kayzoe Marketing Kayzoe SEO Company, Kayzoe Marketing Consultants, Andrei Buiciuc Scam Company, Extorsion, Bellevue Washington
This business, I can't even call it a business is just a way of scamming people out of their money by playing you with fancy words and fake dreams, He will tell you everything that you want to hear will get your money promise you that will provide you great service and BAM Surprise, You will not see nor your money back nor services that you paid for in the first place, that's not all he'll use the so called 3rd party Extorsion he works with some Indian guys that play the SCAM, After you pay him you will wait for days or weeks to get any signs from him, when you want to schedule an appointment with him to see the results something comes up, and this happens everytime,mean while he will ask you for more money to pay for his employees. If you give them more money you lost more money, If you don't give them more money they will 'Threaten' with his lawyers and also has ALL YOUR business details, access to your domain and will rip you off. If you put your foot on the ground and say enough the Indian guys will take your website down and ask you to pay Andrei his money other wise they'll hold your business down. When you try to get in contact with him to find out what's going on he will accuse you of harassment and he'll try to get a restraining order against you so you won't be able to get your money back.    
Entity: Bellevue, Washington
42, Report #1231787
May 27 2015
05:34 PM
Velocity Marketing Software E-Mail Marketing Company Chicago Illinois
Velocity Marketing Software LLC It’s True They Can’t Deliver What They Promise…… I’m with an Affiliate Marketing Company in business for over 8 years. We have a client looking for additional leads in the financial sector. The Sale Manager said at Velocity they specialize in financial leads and promised a 5 to 8% open rate with their e-mail list.  So we went ahead and purchased in full a 3 million mail out campaign.  We also paid extra for the company to design the actual e-mail campaign using their design team. Not going to get into the rigmarole of the company how un-professional they were including the CEO. The first run of 3M we received 0 leads and less than a 1/8% open rate which is way below standard in the industry.  Then the excuses from the sales manager were flying around, he said to be patient as it takes time to cycle through. After two weeks and not receiving 1 lead.  My company started requesting their money back. Velocity decided to re-run the campaign again with another 3M and again not one result except for a list they provided us with fake e-mail addresses that don’t exist.  So my company requested Velocity to refund half the money that we paid (I guess only fair) and their response was see you later. Think about it…. how can you be an e-mail company send out 6 MILLION e-mails if they really did, and your client didn’t even receive 1 LEAD REALLY!!!!! Something is really wrong and I believe that they are a bunch of liars.  Not a truthful company and won’t recommend this company to anyone.  For all you non-believers we run parallel e-mail campaigns with other e-mailers on the same program and receive leads. Bottom-line (Buyer Beware Don’t Do Business With This Company) For all you non-believers we run parallel e-mail campaigns with other e-mailers on the same program and receive leads. Bottom-line (Buyer Beware Don’t Do Business With This Company)
43, Report #1164470
Jul 23 2014
03:56 PM
GLF Marketing GLF Marketing is owned by 29prime - Etangelo - and owes me $1,795.00 Irvine California
    There are a lot of calls going around asking to update your google business listing. A lot of these are from GLF Marketing. As well as the Hi, we're from Google Law Firm/Construction Agency/(insert name here related to your business. They all want to show you a 10 minute demo on how they can put you on the first page of google... for like $199 a month. I called the 1-800 number listed for them and asked to be taken off their calling list, and it worked for me. You might try it. Here is a message written by an ex-employee of this solicitor: I just wanted to say that...I recently got offered a job with Google Law Firm...I thought it was a legit business, and I have made over 600 calls in a two day period.  After 2 days of working there, I feel like the work I am doing is a scam...I just get the run around from my boss when I ask him what the end result of this is.  And we aren't selling anything on the call, what we are saying is that we want to set up a free 10 min. demo for you to see how your firm can be placed on the front page of google whenever a potential client wants to find you by a your speciality, without knowing your name or where you are located....but...if you decide to keep it, it costs you $199/mo.  to keep the service..there are no contracts or per click fees, or cancellation fees involved....that is what they are telling us to tell you anyways....I don't know what the end result is..because I am not the IT person that handles it...I am just an appointment setter for these people....I was excited when I got the job, because I was a stay at home mom with 2 kids...I needed a job to keep a roof over our heads, the pay was better than minimum wage and the hours fit into the kids' school schedule...and it was a REALLY relaxed atmosphere...dress code was...just no holes...simple enough.  I even brought my daughter back to work with me on my first day....bc it was her half day of the school week and have to sitter available for her yet.  But after working one day....I didn't want to go back...I just feel like I am part of the scam and I don't want to be a part of it...but in order to get back on State help legitimately until I can find a REAL job...I have to stick it out until either I get fired for not scheduling enough appointments per day or the state says I can   The 1-800# for this company if you want to tell someone off is the following Google Law Firm Marketing 1-800-480-6121.  Their website is; FYI, what seems like we are just hanging up on you when you are answering the phone has an explanation....We are on a headset on an auto dialer...but the dialog box that says WHO we are calling sometimes does not show up until after you have answered the phone...and sometimes, more often than not, there is NO dial tone on OUR end to hear that someone has even picked up the phone.  I just want to express that I NEVER hung up on anyone or EVER was rude to anyone when I called and I ALWAYS took ppl off the call list if I was asked to.  Even though the boss was not happy with me...I still did it...bc if it were me and I got the same call like 10 times in a day...I would be very pissed off too.  I don't know what the number is that I am calling from when I am there, but there are 3 of us at this office and then the boss as well.  The boss isn't even working under his legal name...if that tells you anything right there!  Plus apparently there is another office in Portland, OR that has many more employees working there.  I work at the Vancouver, WA office.  I apologize for this scamming company...and hopefully something can be done about it soon.  I think I am just going to quit before I get state approval, I cannot justify working for a scammer one more minute of my life.  I am NOT that kind of person....I AM better than this.  I don't want to go back on STATE help, but I have to do what I have to do, to keep a roof over me and my children's heads.  Good luck with getting these b*****ds shut down before they rob anymore of you of your time and money and their employees of their pride and dignity.  Also, another FYI, residential numbers are able to be put on a no call list...but commercial/businesses are NOT....your business is NOT protected from solicitors!!!
Entity: Irvine, California
44, Report #1116334
Jan 17 2014
12:36 PM
Reachlocal Internet Marketing Denver Colorado
Sold a SEO marketing package, which was supposed to include organic.  It was only a PPC campaign, same as google offers.  Theirs was much more expensive and they used their own proxy servers which kept my organic SEO low.  Shortly after I started, the sales rep was fired, but nobody would talk about it....., the support was great, but it was not the product  I was told I bought. To add insult to injury I was overcharged for a 3rd party chat tool.  Regardless, I completed the 6 month contract.The Sales Manager knew I was very unhappy.  We discussed a buyout of my contract. It was not cost effective.   He knew I wanted out.  At the end of the 6 months, he renewed me for another month, charging my credit card.  I demanded a refund, He then fell off the face of the earth and somebody else replied to the emails directed to him, and offered me a fraction of my money back.  The reason for the small refund was no 30 day notice.  So...  There you have it.KEEP AWAY FROM THESE GUYS.  I DID GET BUSINESS FROM THEIR EFFORTS, BUT AT GREAT EXPENSE and A FORK IN THE EYE AT THE END ! 
Entity: Denver, Colorado
45, Report #1166018
Jul 30 2014
06:54 AM
Kelly Giacco Marketing scam Internet
I am writing this report in disgust as I was scammed by someone called Kelly Giacco. If you have come across Kelly then you might be familiar that she has a website called is offering false services to people and lies to people on Skype. She comes across as an Expert when in fact she is falsely getting people to sign up to her MLM scheme. Please do not do business with her as she will encourage you to give you her email and then pitch you MLM schemes.Avoid Kelly Giacco at all costs. Thanks
Entity: Internet
46, Report #1282002
Jan 24 2016
08:03 AM
Yodle Internet Marketing Nationwide
Sales rep outright lied about the amount of traffic coming from my area - claimed 400+ searches for, specifically, masonry work. Not possible since the area has a population of about 2000, low permit issues so far this year. Told the sales person the numbers can't be real, that her boss is lying to her. Decided to try the service anyway, with lower expectations, because I had been thinking of expanding my part-time workload. Got two calls for $100 repair jobs from 200 miles away. modified my area to nearby only and got spam phone calls only. $1200/6 months for these results.
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #1076703
Aug 17 2013
02:43 PM
synaptic marketing & viper marketing They charged my bank account $97 each every month and I can't get hold of them to stop it. Internet
These companies have been billing me for $97 each and every month. I don't know how to stop this and I don't know who gave them my bank information or how they obtained it. This is money I need desparatley because I have been scammed by other companies . I was trying to start an online business to make extra income and now I am totally in debt! The companies I have been dealing with change their name every three months or so and they are all connected, operating as a whole. Does anyone have information?
Entity: Internet
48, Report #518983
Nov 03 2009
01:51 PM
SECURED MARKETING Christine - Christina - Secured Marketing Took Money NO-CONTACT - No SERVICE!!Non performance Internet
We purchased what we thought was a system where by Secured Marketing operators would call clients from a list that we were required to purchase from them.  Any leads that would be beneficial to us would be passed on to us.  If that lead ended in a sale we were to pay them $100.00 after the sale closed. On September 22, 2009 they required that we fax a check to them.  As of today November 3, 2009 we still have yet to recieve any lists.  We have contacted them via e-mail as well as over the phone.  The only person we are able to talk to is Christina, who can't say if she is the owner or not.  She will not give a refund, and is aware of her rating with the Better Business Bureau of an F! She has not returned any phone calls or e-mails.  We asked for a refund or we will contact our attorney ASAP.  She still claims that she will research this and get back to us.  I hardly think that will happen after reading about all her other complaints!
Entity: Internet, Internet
49, Report #336820
Jun 03 2008
03:11 PM
Automated Marketing Solutions Very hard to unsubscribe from service Toronto Internet
Once you finally get set up with them(should have been my first clue) if you need to unsubscribe from their service you have to call them first so they can tell you to fax a written copy of your resignation. I did this in March 2008. April I was billed again. I called and they said they had no record of my fax in March. I again sent in my fax, verified that they had received it and thought it was taken care of. Lo and behold in May I again am billed, again called, again told that they never received fax even though I had verified receipt(Oh that person does not work here anymore). Now I just got a call from them again because their charges were billed back and they want to know why. Gee I don't know, maybe because your customer service is bad and you are trying to rip people off with your systems. Craig Overland Park, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
50, Report #619297
Jul 01 2010
07:25 PM
OSEO Marketing, LLC seo ripoff, seo scam, annoying seo sales person Internet need to shape up! I too had the pleasure of speaking to one of their sales representatives and I felt like I was in a boxing match and I was losing.  This guy was relentless, he didnt even let me talk, and it was like talking to Speedy Gonzalez.  I had no other choice but to listen because I am not a rude person to cut people off or to hang up the phone! I own a plumbing company in Las Vegas and business has been tough, so from time to time we use Google Adwords to get leads that will hopefully convert into jobs.  So when I got a call from I was willing to spend some time listening to their proposition for SEO.  I do get calls from time to time from other companies as well and I usually brush them off, but this time I decided to pay a little more attention and maybe even find out what it would cost to do SEO for my company website.  Boy was I surprised by tactics. I got zero information from them, it felt like I was getting my arm twisted off by the pressure sales tactics they apply.  Thank god I didnt do business with this company because it sounds like the only thing that they are interested in is MONEY and didnt care at all about my business.
Entity: , Internet

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