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1, Report #856265
Mar 19 2012
02:52 PM
Comcast Very bad service Internet, Internet
We have been having problems with our comcast service for quite some time now, there is sound and picture disruptions during most of our programs, and we are being charged for 2 cable boxes even though we only have one, they refused to send us another box, or take the additional charge off. Upon contacting Comcast we were told that it was better than having satellite and that we had to make acceptations. We pay to much to make acceptations. I asked if someone would come out and check the service and I was told that they would not do that because it was not necessary. So after two more days of bad sound and image, we called to cancel our service and were told that they would not cancel our service because we had not tried to trouble shoot the issue. I've been trying to troubleshoot the issue for weeks! So I called back the next day and spoke to someone else, who tried to shift the blame onto me. I'm not sure what else I possibly do, but I finally was able to cancel my service. I would have tried to stay with them if they had just worked with me, but the customer service was a joke, and they were completely unwillingly to look into the problem, I wasn't going to keep paying them for crappy service.
Entity: Internet, Internet
2, Report #467114
Jul 02 2009
01:34 PM
Hughesnet Contracts and Slow Internet Service Internet
I to like everyone else have been having problems with Hughesnet service for a very long time. I have been a customer since 2005 and I would do anything to get out of contract. I finished my first 24 month contract and I get a call from customer service telling my if I upgrade my modem my speeds will be faster and like a dumbass I do it but I also had to sign a new 24 month contract. Now keep in mind there is no other high speed internet services out here. My download speeds have been around 200Kbps and my upload speeds have been around 24Kbps. Hughesnets policy is to start trouble shooting after your speeds are under 800Kbps download and 100Kbps upload. Now that's for the pro plus plan $79.99. I tried calling basic Tech support many times over a few months time and after an hour or so they exulted my case to Advanced tech support level 4 every time. Then I have to wait up to 3 days to get a call from ATS (Advanced Tech Support). ATS always thinks they have fixed the problem and my speeds will be back to normal around 1200Kbps/down and 145Kbps/up for a few hours then they are back under 200Kbps. Keeping mind Hughesnet states it offers high speed broadband internet service and According to the FCC, the term broadband now means 768Kbps, up from the previous definition of 200Kbps. So after months of speeds under 768Kbps and over of the time under 200Kbps I called Corporate office at 301-428-5500 and pressed 0 for the operator and asked for Executive Customer Care and I talked to a woman by the name of Rebecca and told her my problem with my very slow internet speeds and that I have had talk to Tech support many times and they can't fix the problem for whatever reasons. I told her that I need to be let out of my contract or I needed a refund for the services that your company promised in the contract I signed and was not getting. She placed me on hold for about 4-5 mins she came back on the line and ask if I have taken the speed test on the hughesnet website and I said yes. I have about 3 pages of speed test done and over 95% of them our under 768Kbps. After she looked up my speed test on the website she told me that she would let me out of my contract. All you out there trying to get out of your hughesnet contracts Remember that the FCC defines Broadband as 768Kbps. You signed a contract for broadband internet service and if Hughesnet is not providing you with that service they are in breach of contract and have to let you out of your contract with no penalties or face a lawsuit But you must have proof that your speeds are under the 768Kbps and the only proof that they will accept is a speed test done on their site and you can take that speed test at you must perform this test 3 times in the morning, 3 times in the afternoon and 3 times in the evening and do this for 3 days or more. I personally had 7 days worth to show them. You must have already tried to resolve this issue with ATS. Now like I said before there is no other high speed internet service around here that offer the speeds hughesnet offer well nothing over 1000Kbps. So what Hughesnet did for me is cancel my contract and came out and installed a new Dish and gave me a HN9000 modem for free. So now I have a new system at no cost to me and with no contract so I can cancel at anytime and yes the speeds are what they should be now. Now if we could just do something about customer service. If you want out of your contract because of slow speeds then this is the way. It worked for me and it will work for you. Brookglen Coalgate, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #703425
Mar 06 2011
03:31 PM
hughesnet Horrible service and support! Internet
We live out in the country so our internet service options are limited. We can get dial up, Hughes or an air card. Since the aircard limits you to 5 gigs, we opted to try Hughes. It was all just a huge waste of money. The initial cost of the equipment was around $400 plus $70 per month. I honestly don't think it's any better than dial up. I couldn't even upload a low resolution photo to facebook. I couldn't even send attached files in an e-mail. I spent countless hours on the phone getting transferred from India to Florida to God only knows where. Since the speed tests came back OK. They said I was getting the service I was paying for. I was so mad every time I got off the phone, it's a wonder I didn't have a heart attack. When I was finally so fed up I asked them to cancel the service because they could not find a problem, they charged me $310. I would have understood the fee to break the contract if I was getting good service and just wanted to switch to something else, but as I said, I couldn't even upload a picture or send an attached file. I paid the money to break the contract and got an aircard. It is so fast! You just have to monitor your usage so you don't go over. I got the verizon aircard for $50 per month and am a happy camper again. Even if your only other option is dial up, I wouldn't go with Hughes. It's really no better than dial up and a whole lot more expensive. Plus their service sucks. They really don't seem to even care. The only reason I gave it one star is because the review would not accept 0 stars.
Entity: Internet, Internet
4, Report #1845
Mar 29 2000
12:00 AM
Internet Service ..WorldWide Web Institute/ Internet Student Providers New Jersey Internet Student Providers/ WWWI web site fraud
I hired Internet Student Providers/World Wide Web Institute to create my company's web site in April 1999. Payment of $893 was made in full. The contract stated that the site would be up in 4 to 6 weeks. The site name and information was not registered, the was incorrectly registered. I had to register my own site. Then, instead of WWWI paying for the registration as required in the contract, I had to write a check to avoid default and loss of the domain name. Instead of correcting their errors, they chose to insult me and lie about the status. The information I provided and instructions were not followed and repeated telephone calls and e-mails did not result in any action. I spoke with no less than fifteen people to attemp to get this site operational. Finally, in October 1999 (6 months later) I insisted on a refund. No action occurred. When I finally received a refund in March 2000, it was shorted by $200 for admin fees, which was not a part of the contract. Pat arbitrarily decided that this was going to occur. I informed her that it was not in the contract, and she said she just did it because she wanted to do so. This is the type of unprofessional and unethical treatment that is provided.
Entity: S. Brunswick, New Jersey
5, Report #111677
Oct 06 2004
06:06 AM
AOL Internet Service has turned a fraudulent claim over to a collection agency in Ohio for over $100.00 against me. I purchased a Gateway computer and AOL service came free for one year with the purchase.(It was a pacage deal). I called AOL before the year was up to make sure that the service would be cancelled before the year was up because I had arranged a different internet service and did not want to be billed from two companies. AOL cancelled their service on the day we agreed on before the year was over. I never received a bill or any correspondence indicating I had an outstanding bill.(which I do not!) However, I received a called last evening from a collection agency trying to collect on a bill from AOL. I do not owe them. I do not know why they are a dishonest company but I will never use their service again. I recommend that others beware if they use their service! Nola Farmington, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
6, Report #435107
Mar 17 2009
12:54 PM Unathorized subscription to service Internet
I just received my March phone bill. It included two monthly fees for a service I didn't sign up for and had never heard of before. I called the number on my bill and they told me they would credit my account for one charge as a coursety, but not the first charge, and it would take 2 to 3 billing cycles. I talked to AT&T and they said they couldn't do anything about it. I shouldn't have to call multiple people to get AT&T to take a charge off my bill. They sent me the bill, they should fix it. Kris San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #653172
Oct 20 2010
09:32 AM
TVMAX bad customer service, slow response, Internet
TVMAX has the worst customer service. I have HAD to use them because my apartment does not allow any other cable company. Every time I call them with an issue they keep directing me from one department to the other. I have regularly had issues with my TVMAX connection. When I last called them, they blankly told me that my internet service could not be fixed for the next 10 days since they do not have anyone available.  
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #954925
Oct 14 2012
06:52 PM
Centurylink Embarq Exploitation, Cheap Service, Internet
This company has taken advantage of the lack of Service Providers for my area, and they are blatant thieves. My family pays for 10Mbps service and rarely gets above 5Mbps, as I type it's actually 600kbps. Because they are one of the FEW ISP's in my area, they bundle their Internet with phone service. You CANNOT get one without the other. They also feel entitled to charge more and more for it because hey, who are we gonna switch to? They keep other ISPs at bay! They keep service providers like Verizon away because they know the second another ISP moves into the territory, EVERYONE will switch. Instead of defending their territory by satisfying their customers, they've become tyrants by overcharging us for low quality and pissing and moaning to the powers-that-be about how Verizon is monopolizing the market and they'll go out of business if other companies move in. The many times I have contacted Customer Support, they write off the poor 'service' (if you can even call it that) as peak usage and that it's normal for the connection to slow down. I'm sorry, but if you can't deliver the service I pay for, regardless of when I wish to use it, then you shouldn't be charging me for it. I don't pay for 10Mbps download speed to get 600kbps, that's not how it works.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #228317
Jan 02 2007
01:53 PM
Peoplepc cannot cancel service Wisconsin Internet
They will not allow me to cancel my account. I've been on hold for 47 minutes. Every few minutes they come on and tell me their system isn't working ... they'll cancel my service when their system is back up ... but they can't give me a confirmation number now. In other words, trust me! My wife has tried several times to get them to cancel the account - all to no avail.It's almost to the point that we'll have to cancel her credit card. Don't EVER use this company!!! Jeff chandler, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #287235
Nov 27 2007
07:08 PM
PeoplePC Very Difficult To Cancel Service Internet
I called People PC to cancel service back in October, there was a phone recording saying that I had to call back to cancel service because they were having technical difficulties. I called back and the same recording is still on the phone but I decided to stay on the line just in case I could get a hold of someone. I first spoke with Miguel who was so difficult and it was only after I got really insistent that he agreed to cancel my service. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was put on hold for 15 minutes and they never came back to the phone. I called back and asked to speak with a supervisor right off the bat and was given the runaround by Gabe. This guy was also very difficult when I asked to be credited back for the charge that had just come out of my account in November, just three days before I called. I hadn't utilized the service in a month, so felt it was a fair request. I was given the bogus line that when you get service with peoplepc, you are getting a membership, not internet service, this is a total scam. I am hoping that my service will actually be cancelled and am a little concerned after the other reports that I have read on this site. I encourage anyone looking for an internet provider NOT to go with peoplepc, the service is very poor and the customer service is awful! Nancy Splendora, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1111262
Dec 28 2013
11:33 AM Bad customer service internet
I encountered a glitch in their system right away. There is no phone support just text and email. The text was ignored. In time  I succeeded in getting a response by emails that that left the problem unsolved.  The underlying attitude from support was I don't care if our product is faulty- we have your money. I don't think customer satisfacton is even on their radar. I thought I would not need support and lowest price is best. Wrong!
Entity: Internet
12, Report #973310
Nov 25 2012
12:39 AM
comcast Poor Customer Service, Internet
I am a comcast customer for my own home internet, cable, and phone needs, for which I pay over $200/mo.  I am seriously reconsidering your services for my home after seeing your lackluster performance at my apartment building, as explained in the remainder of my letter.   Although I do not have a Service Agreement with Comcast for my 12 unit apartment building, most all of the tenants there do.  One of the tenants was not getting the speed he had been promised so he had a tech come out on two separate occasions and they came to the conclusion that more Comcast lines into the building were necessary, but the owners permission was needed. Thinking that I, as the owner of 2915 34th Street in Sacramento, CA,  should take responsibility for the servicing of this, I took a day off work and made an appointment for a tech to meet me there at 10 am Weds.  I gave the CSR on the phone my cell phone number and asked that the tech call that number rather than my tenants' number.      Now it's 12:30 on Weds, no tech, no call, and my tenant rolls up and tells me that Comcast called his phone (not mine) at 10 am and cancelled the appointment. The two of us called Comcast and asked them that since I took the day off work, spent a couple hours waiting, and drove 30 minutes to get there, if they could still send a tech out that day.  We were promised that a tech would come before 4 pm (Ticket #834751 on Nov. 21, 2012)  I waited.  At 4:30, no tech, no call.  I called Comcast and it was strange.  She would not acknowledge or deny my Ticket #, but she repeatedly ignored whatever I said about my missed second appointment and just told me that Comcast had cancelled my first appointment that morning.  Just like our second appointment had never happened.  Now it has been 6 1/2 hours of waiting in a parking lot for me, not wanting to miss them.  She assured me that she would then send out another tech that would call me in 15 minutes.  One hour later, no tech, no call.  I call back and she ignores me when I tell her that I was waiting for a third time.  Finally she admits to me that she has no record of it, just the first appointment cancelled that morning, and that the techs are now done for the day.  It is now 6 pm.      I took the day off work (non paid), drove one hour, and waited 8 hours in an apartment building parking lot for nothing.  Combined the tenants pay Comcast $400 - $500 per month and Comcast could care less.  I feel completely disrespected and lied to, tired of being on the phone for close to 2 hours with numerous CSR's from Comcast that do not even seem to be connected to the company. One gentleman could find no information for 20 minutes when the next woman that I spoke with pulls it up in 30 seconds.  I was repeatedly ignored when I asked why no one showed up both times when promised.  I guess their policy is that when asked a real question, just do not answer.  No one to pay the consequences because no one cares.  Sadly, just ineptness and dishonesty.     I have no choice but to make another appointment for my tenants' sake.   All those tenants really care about it.  Two already dropped it for dish.  I wish your employees just cared a fraction about any of this.  
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #969287
Nov 14 2012
05:12 PM
Hughesnet Deceptive advertising, Deceptive service Internet
I live in an area that has no internet service, I have been left with but one choice, Hughesnet. I was told by the company, the television and all the advertising that this company does, tell people this is a high speed internet service. This is so wrong, this service is almost if not equal to dial up service. The speed is highly slow. Absolutely horrible. Pages take forever to start, load and download. The company has told myself this writer as well as other persons in this area they are very fast as other high speed internet services. Again this is no where near the truth. The company also failed to inform myself and all my neighbors they are limited to 250 megabytes  of data before they start charging you more and billing you more. Forcing you to purchase tokens to continue to surf the net. The television ads on TV are false and outright lies and need to be stopped for false advertising, mis-representing the truth and deceiving the public about a service that does not exist. Even the representatives who installed the service in some of the installations in the area homes have said they are forced to deal with the false indications about the data limits when installing the service.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #1202553
Jan 18 2015
03:54 PM
Hughes Internet HughesNet, Internet
huhhes net gen4, Tried to make me repurchase all of the equipment I bought from them claiming your equipment is out of date 60-90 days from purchase. Even though my equipment isn't broken
Entity: Internet
15, Report #823460
Jan 16 2012
12:24 PM
Clear deceptive contract Internet, Internet
I signed up for Clear internet on Oct. 7, 2011 when I moved.  I was very careful to make sure I was signing up for a month to month plan because I did not want to get caught in a contract.  I opted to lease the wireless modem rather than buy it.  I found the service was just too slow for watching youtube or netflix much less uploading or downloading large video files, which I need to do for work sometimes, so I decided to cancel on Jan. 16 2012 after I got a cable modem.  Clear told me that I was in a two year contract and that I would have to pay a $106 cancelation fee.  I said that was incorrect because I had a month to month contract.  They said that they had the real contract and that it was in fact a two year contract because I was leasing the modem.  On their website, my account information was listed as temporarily unavailable so I could not read the contract myself.  The bottom line is that I was very thorough when I signed up to make sure there was no 2 year contract and to early termination fee, yet somehow I got suckered into one and had to pay the fee.  I don't have screenshots of the the website on the day I purchased and they changed the website and the offeres since then so I can't go back and prove exactly what they had on that day, but it obviously was deceptive since I was very hawkish when I signed up and I could not avoid this trap.  Also, their service is too slow for much of anything so don't bother getting them. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
16, Report #872629
Apr 23 2012
03:28 PM
EarthLink Cancellation Fee - Internet, Internet
I signed up for EarthLink when I moved into my new home.  After further review, I realized that the service I signed up for was dial-up and not DSL service. I used the chat funtion on EarthLink's website to confirm that my service was Dial-Up and after the online rep confirmed that the service was Dial-Up, I told him to cancel my account. A few weeks later, I received a bill for 14.95 because my trial period was over. I phoned the customer service number and explained that I had cancelled my service already and I was not going to pay $14.95 for service I am not using. I was informed that not only did I have to pay the $14.95, but I also have to pay another $14.95 for a cancellation fee. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told the same.  I asked to speak with his supervisor and he said there are no more supervisors above him.  He gave me a fax number (404) 287-1036 and said to fax my compaint to that number. I am upset for 2 reasons. 1)  I cancelled service with the chat feature on their website. 2)  When I signed up on the phone, there was never any mention of a early cancellation fee. I don't mind paying for service if I forgot to cancel after the free trial, but I am certainly not going to pay for a early termination fee! Garbage company
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #1379187
Jun 14 2017
07:33 PM
Excede internet
 Excede internet charged my bank account 289 dollars with no notice or explanation almost two months after service was terminated and all equipment was returned. First three people I talked to claimed the modem and cable were not returned. Then their story turned to termination fees I've never received any notice or bill stating I was going to get charged or what the charges are allegedly for.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1114716
Jan 11 2014
06:29 AM
PeoplePC Internet Service Provider Atlanta Georgia
Ever since switching to DSL internet through my local phone company, I've been trying to get PeoplePC to cancel my internet service over the past two years. I was getting charged their monthly fee that was going at that time. I had used my bank's VISA debit card to pay for the service. My bank switched to MasterCard debit card which I did not update my payment information to my new card but still was getting charged each month. I contacted my bank to see if they could stop PeoplePC from charging my accout and was told the only way I could do anything was to call PeoplePC and each time the service representative wanted me to continue with my PeoplePC subscription, was to say No repeatedly that I wasn't interested, eventually the person at PeoplePC gave in and told me they would cancel my service starting with the next month. My bank also told me to get a reference number from PeoplePc, which I got, so if PeoplePC tried charging my bank account, my bank would have proof to take action against PeoplePC and block them from charging my bank account, which will go on forever. I'm hoping this will solve the situation with PeoplePC.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
19, Report #116495
Nov 06 2004
04:02 PM
AOL Ripoff Bank fraud Internet
I had downloaded a free virsion of aol internet. It stated if I did not want to continue my membership to contact aol before my free trial was up. (note I had given aol a banking acount # from an account that was made just incase aol tried to refuse my choice to cancel) I contacted an aol rep through the proper chanels to cancel my membership. The operator refused to accept the words I do not want your services They said they would extend my services for 3 more months for free. I said I didn't want them. I was then passed to what was supose to be a superviser. No one answered the phone. I waited a short while and called again I was given the same run around and routed to a phone that was not answered. When I finally called several times and asked to cancel they offered me more months I refused and wanted to cancel. Again I was given a do not take no responce and was routed to the same no answer line. That was over 7 months ago. I had went to my bank and put a block on any attemp from aol to withdraw from my account. I just recieved 11/6/04 a statment from my bank that I was overdrawn from my account and there was a charge of $23.90 from aol and $25. for overdraw fee. I was furious I called aol and they said they didn't even have my bank account number. But they some how had gotten my credit card number. Now I am even more upset. I asked the rep to speek to a supervisor. (BIG MISTAKE) I was routed to the infamous never answer phone. If there is anyone taking action with a law suit please contact me. I will be glad to give any and all information stating how they committed bank fraud and stole money from my account. I now have to cancel my credit card and change bank accounts at my cost just to prevent aol from steeling from me. Timothy Farmington, MissouriU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #391717
Nov 16 2008
03:33 AM
MagicJack overcharging, some revenge Internet Internet
I started catching on to MJ when they offered me a chance to bribe them to send my unit right away. I didn't, and they sent it right away anyway. I got the service because I wanted to do outgoing FAXes and that's enabled by the actual phone-wire connection on MJ. I think it's working. Other than that, I leave the magicjack disconnected from my USB, only very rarely hooking it up when needed. That way it doesn't mess up my system or booting-up. As for overcharging, I am blessed with having the wonderful credit-card service from Citi where for each charge you execute you first get a random-generated Virtual Number from Citi, to which you can attach an expiration date and a maximum amount. Your real card number is never involved. B of A has a similar srvice. (Great for subscribing to things, as they can't auto-renew you later with that Virtual number.) Already suspecting MJ's procedures, I capped the charge at exactly what they said I was going to be charged, $46.90, and now MJ is saying that my credit card is no good. Obviously, they are trying to charge a higher amount, and won't be able to. How satisfying. I note that the 24/7 conversation buttons are a fake, and they are careful not to display an email contact address, so I can't even tell them to charge the right amount if they want ANY money. If they cancel me -- tough -- no loss to me! Hooray! Pablum Encino, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #602239
May 11 2010
06:54 PM netword senior engineer Internet
They have made a proposal to install T1 line to provide complete service with the installation. The service man came, and reported to us it was done. We found out they did not finish the construction job, and did not bring the line to our office which is located on 2nd floor of a building. They just left the connection box on 1st floor access point, and left us, and told us it was completed. On the day of the activation, our engineer found it was not completed even though it was reported it was complete. We complained to the company, and they told us they were not responsible to bring the line to a second floor of a building. What kind of company it is that they don't even bring it to the second floor. They told us they could send their engineer again to complete the work , but the appointment will be one month later. We had to find a telephone vendor to perform the extension of the line to our office because we could not wait. A while later, we received a bill, and it was a surprise. They started to charge the monthly service fee from the day of the first construction day that they did not complete. They just recorded as the construction complete, and started to charge. We complained, but they just kept transferring the line till it was too long to wait. Finally, we gave up because it was just too time consuming. We are going to change the T1 line provide as soon as this contract is over. This company has the skill of ripoff, and leave the customer alone. Watch out. !! Stay away from  
Entity: Internet, Internet
22, Report #338898
Jun 10 2008
11:59 AM
Kensoft.Net Unethical practices/ attempted blackmail Internet Internet
I had an account with Kensoft.Net. I had paid for a year and when the year was up I asked them to cancel my account as I did not like their customer support. Customer support was by email only and every problem/request/issue took at least one or more weeks of frustrating emails from me to get the problem resolved. They did not cancel my account - claimed they never received my request via their online form and tried to charge me for a full year again. Luckily the card they had on file had expired otherwise they would have charged me automatically. When I refused to pay, they then said they would charge me for only a month. When I again refused to pay (the account was only open for four days past the final day), they then stated they would charge me the four days that the account had gone past due. I paid that. I then asked them to transfer over the domains they had purchased for me as part of my yearly subscription. I had also purchased other domains directly through them. They claimed they couldn't do that as they had no control over it. When I stated that I bought the domains through them, they again stated that they did not handle the domains and they weren't registered with them They claimed The domains listed below are not registered with us, or at least not under our control. please perform a whois on those domains and check who is the administrator of those domains. When I checked on Whois, the domains clearly stated that the domains were registered through Kensoft.Net (direct from Whosis: Registered through: Kensoft.Net). It finally took over two weeks of frustrating emailing for them to finally give me the name of the domain reseller they bought the domains through. All they had to do was give me that information in the first place instead of playing all of their little games. I called the domain controller that had my domains and that was when I found out that although I had paid for the kept it in their name. When I contacted again demanded that turn over the domain to me, that I had proof I paid for the domain and that they should have registered it in my namenot theirs, said I was not respectful enough and that I and that they would not transfer it over to me until I paid them in full for a year. To quote them: 'you have crossed the lines a lot, and we still kept our respect to you, but due to this continuous disrespect, the management decided to deny you access to {domain in dispute}, now if you want it anymore you will have to close your previous balance. we didn't want to do so, but you kept your disrespect and attacks. you should have not pushed this issue too far. we with all the respect to you, you kept cursing and accusing of things I asked them to show me one instance where I had kept cursing and accusing of things. Their reply was (and again I quote): Its not one instance, its in a lot of instances, below are some, this is not a way to contact someone who respected you although you were leaving them: instead of being jerks , So stop playing innocent, STOP PLAYING THIS STUPID GAMES I am still wondering where the cursing and accusations are. Finally after I went to the company they are resellers through and complained and threatened with my attorney...they released the domain back to me. I want to warn people to stay away from They are unethical (not placing domains you purchase in your name but keeping them in their name - trying to blackmail you by making you pay for a complete year to get it changed to your name - not cancelling your account and trying to charge you for a year without authorization). Completely unprofessional and unethical company...shouldn't be in business. There are many other ISPs out there that are much better and actually have customer support. Beth Jamul, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #979999
Dec 09 2012
09:50 PM
I have had service with Hughesnet for 3 1/2 years. I pay a little over $80 per month. The service is the worst. It is hard to understand the people on the other end of the line when calling customer service (because the customer service people are usually located in another country.) I have called multiple times about the slow download/upload speeds. They advertise high speed internet, but in reality, it is just as slow as dial-up and a RIPOFF! If I had any other choice of internet, I would NOT have service through Hughesnet. In fact, I just bought a portable hotspot and it works quite well, and I will most likely cancel my contract with Hughesnet soon. Please people, don't waste your money!!
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #1192286
Dec 01 2014
12:42 PM
HughesNet Hughes Network Internet Provider Internet
HughesNet is an extremely unprofessional business with the worst policies and customer service.  Total rip-off company.   They don't executed what is promised.  Internet doens't work when we do have data.  And we run out of data within 2 weeks.  And we pay an arm and a leg for it!! Atrocious cancelation fees.  Their customer service are scripted monkeys that say the same thing over and over again.  
Entity: Internet
25, Report #992848
Jan 07 2013
03:09 PM
Hughesnet bait and switch , Internet
Hughesnet advertises $39.95 Power package.  In telephone conversations with sales reps. they do not mention the the monthly price goes to $59.99 after 3 months.  In web ads, the $39.95 is followed by a small plus sign keyed to the fourth or fifth para of small print which discloses the 50% increase in monthly cost.  Also, if inquiring about $39.95 package, sales reps. will steer you to the Power package.  They will not disclose that the federal government supports a Recovery Act package for rural areas unless specifically asked.
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