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1, Report #889028
May 27 2012
12:21 PM
iuniverse iuniverse/authorhouse II got screwed over Internet, Internet
Thank you...for all the positive emails I received after filing my complaint against iuniverse/authorhouse. Keep them coming...Christopher            Iuniverse actually contacted me to resolve my issues to no avail, of course.      Again thank you so much for your support... Christopher
Entity: Internet, Internet
2, Report #456408
May 29 2009
02:08 AM
IUniverse Poor services Bloomington Indiana
I am having a lot of problems with iuniverse and its poor services. Dealing with iuniverse is, like you said, very frustrating. I have one big problem after another in my dealings with them. When I thought all my troubles were over, I was shocked to receive two test copies, which had terrible book covers. I have never seen a book with such a bad cover. The colors were all mixed up, and the text, plus cover photo were misplaced! I would have expected this kind of thing to happen in the third world, but to be honest, books published in Uganda and Bangladesh are pf a much higher quality! The worst part of dealing with iuniverse is that they are rude and unprofessional. I have written to the vice president, CEO, and many consultants about the poor covers of my books, and they have all ignored me. I have even written to the CEO/ Vice presidents of authorssolution, and author's house, but they are all silent about the issue. And as if that were not bad enough, the only guy who had the courage to reply said that this was the first time they had ever had a problem like this!!! It is obvious that what iuniverse writes on its website is miles apart from what it actually offers. I would not advise any writer to risk invest his money in iuniverse. I wonder why no one had sued it yet! As a matter of fact, each of us who has had serious problems with iuniverse should not blame anyone for our suffering, because by choosing not to take any legal action against them, we are reinforcing their unprofessional behavior. So, I suggest, lets get together and take some serious legal action, seeking for compensatory and punitive damages. Oscar **** KampalaUganda
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
3, Report #371680
Sep 10 2008
01:21 PM
IUniverse Self Publishing Company Misrepresents its Services Bloomington Indiana
Reviews of self publishing houses often give iUniverse high ratings. But that was before they were purchased by a holding company. Since then, their services have maddeningly deteriorated. The former reviews do not apply. In early 2009, iUniverse was purchased by a venture capital firm. The new holding company president immediately ordered iUniverse to move its equipment and people from Lincoln, Nebraska to Bloomington, Indiana. Over half of the highly trained staff refused to relocate. The president and CEO of iUniverse resigned. The new staff seem to be young with no experience in publishing. Because of the untrained staff, and because of the delays that resulted from the move, books are not being published in the intended time of 90 days. There is a tremendous backlog. Mine has been delayed over six months. Further, staff give you different information, cannot tell you when a problem will be resolved, and they make frequent mistakes. Their store software (where you can purchase the books) crashes frequently and contains many bad links. There does not seem to be any way to resolve problems when a staff person gives you poor service. My book at this point seems to be of professional quality (but oh, the hammering to get it to this point). Will iUniverse have problems with marketing and fulfillment? Almost certainly, as the best predictor of future performance is past. Jean Santa Fe, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
4, Report #463225
Jun 20 2009
09:31 AM
IUniverse Self Publishing Company Advertising /Deceptive Practices iuniverse.com Internet
I published a book in 1995,that still have good ratings on amazon, and other book sites. Yet, Iuniverse have pocket all the money that were proceeds from my book. Not only that they rip me off on the cost of publishing the book,by charging cost for editing mistakes that they themselves were creating and charging me to correct them. Everytime they did that they charge me almost two hundred dollars. I ended up paying double for my the publishing of my book. They have not paid me any money, from the sales of my book, according to the book sites sales have been made and favorability have been 98%, why haven't iuniverse paid me anything.. They are rip-off artist. I hope that the public will read this and stay far away from them as possible. They are no good. And should be published and made to compensate me and others for ripping us off. I want my money now. Please help. Ripoff by iuniverse publishing company Brookhaven, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: iuniverse.com, Internet
5, Report #470690
Jul 17 2009
08:07 AM
Iuniverse Careless service, low class agents, and bad decisions, make consumers suffer Nationwide
When I was thinking to put my thoughts into a book, all the poetry I had proudly written from age 17, the e- based publishers seemed my quickest outlet. I universe hooked me with their snazzy graphics and all on one package offers,my package totaling about $800.00. About a few months after the publishing, I was browsing the net and, someone had contacted me that they thought I was writing religious poetry. Confused, since I am nature and family based, I went online and found to my dismay, i universe had published another author with the same cover they gave to me. This was a graphic that they insisted would be the best one, even though, I offered the graphics services of my brother, a great artist. When I called them, I asked them to take the other author's pictures off and let me keep mine, All my tool kit had been printed with that image, the same one she had, my business cards, my book marks, my event posters, post cards: and it would be disastrous to my event planning to change all that.After a short pause on the phone she said ,sorry, we gave her (the other author) the cover one month before we assigned it to your book! It took me a good deal of anger to convince, them they would have to replace my tool kit and my cover. I was even angry enough that they paid for extra changes, when my new artwork went in. They paid to replace the cover, but told me, since my tool kit had been done by a local Kinkos and not them, the could not refund me, although they got me a new tool kit with my new cover. I lost more than six months back then and my motivation to push my book. Within the last year, in searching my account information, and I find that they have me living in Kalamazoo Michigan., according to them..and my address at registration was always in Central New York where I live and have lived all along, Where are the royalties I have been expecting? Maybe some trailer park in Kalamazoo, but not back in my pocket where they belong. If you want a trip down Fantasy lane, don't mind being insulted, and don't really want to get rewarded for your hard work and stay passionate about your individual voice, I suggest you throw your money at i universe and let them abuse you. Once they have the money, they don't care anyway. It is a never ending battle with them and you can't win-- even before the holding company took over, they were in the dumper as far as I am concerned. Diane Camillus, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1195965
Dec 17 2014
07:14 AM
iUniverse/Author House Company does not respond with full sales figures. Bloomington Indiana
I published my book, Vlad Dracula, The Dragon Prince, with iUniverse in December 2004.  At first, everything went smoothly.  Sales were steady enough that I was entered into iU's STAR program.  I purchased a marketing program from them for several hundred dollars, in which they claimed that they would send e-mails to a target audience of book buyers.  I have no way of knowing what they did, but I did not generate one sale that I know of from this program.  I decided to try a more focused approach and purchased another marketing program from them for $1200, this time supposedly targeted to blogs on the subject of Dracula.  Sparing the details here. that program was a mess, and, after several e-mails back and forth, they finally refunded my money. In the meantime, my book sold well enough that it was published in Italy, Poland, China, and Viet-Nam by commercial publishers.  It carries solid 4-Star reviews on amazon in the US, and 4 1/2 Stars in the UK.  I did make one inquiry--not an accusation--regarding iU's royalty reporting to the Indiana Consumer Protection Bureau.  They (uselessly) referred the question to iU instead of doing an actual investigation into the matter.  I suppose they do not have the resources to investigate every question raised with them.  I asked the question because of my own doubts and things I saw posted on-line about iU. Recently, I asked iU for gross sales figures for my book since its publication in December 2004.  I made it clear that this was not a royalty issue, that I just needed a gross figure of sales to refer to my agent in the hopes of getting a US publisher interested.  I even said they could lump all sales--e-books, hard cover, paperback--together, so I wouldn't even be able to estimate what total royalties should have been. Well, I am now four e-mails into it with them, the last being sent by me today, 12/17/14.  The only response I received was a partial report of sales from this calendar year after my second e-mail (their on-line posting of sales are rarely, if ever, up to date), which is useless and does not answer my question. This has all raised further questions in my mind, which I intend to refer to another legal agency, one which, I hope, does investigate iU.  As I said, there are several other complaints posted on-line about iU.  Again, I am not making any allegations, just raising questions, like, Why won't iU send a meaningful response to my recent request?  Do they, in fact, report all sales and pay all royalties?  Do they keep all sales records on books published?  If not, why not? I posted before about their poor record with my book on their marketing programs.  And how, when they entered my book in their STAR Program because of its number of sales, they had the back cover description written by someone who either did not speak English as his/her first language or was just very poor at grammar. At any rate, that is my story to date.  
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
7, Report #996548
Jan 14 2013
10:55 AM
Iuniverse AuthorHouse, Other ? Betrayal, Deception, Theft of Intellectual Property, Fraud, Monetary Theft, Psychological Trauma and Pain Internet
In 2007 I had three books published via IUniverse - a company that worked with me via the Internet and phone calls - through the completion of each manuscript / book - with everything relatively easy to access via thier site up until that point.  Once sales began, however, I could no longer (it got more complex and then impossible) access any information about any of my books - not the number of sales, nothing about royalties, nothing (other than the fact that the books were still listed for sale) - period.  I would go online periodically in search of my books and found them accessible / for sale throughout the country via Iuniverse and other sites - and even in other parts of the world.  Sometimes these were new copies - sometimes they were (ahem) used (Amazon, EBay, other) copies.  All of these books / copies for which I was receiving no notice, no royalties / payment, etc.  [I did receive two small royalty checks early on, and then nothing.]  These books (published in 2007) remain on the IUniverse active status (January 2013) - and are still to be be found (for sale) at IUniverse, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, EBay and a multitude of other websites.  I am shaking with anger as I write this, as I have every time I have tried to locate a way to find out what is going on with my books, my copyright, my (I would assume) monies.  The only calls and/or emails I get (periodically) from IUniverse - and I always speak my mind when I speak to someone on the phone - are to try and sell me new products.  In fact, the latest slam was a request to make each of my three books into ebooks - to which I stated (verbally and through an email) a more than explicit no.  No.  No.  No.  Irregardless, IUniverse went on to make each one of my books - against my explicit refusal - into e-books - adding ripoff to ripoff to ripoff.  I am intested in pursuing a lawsuit - definitely.  Three books.  My heart and soul.  Where are my rights?  Where are my royalties?  Where is my human dignity to be found in any of a situation that moved way beyond exploitation a long time (but ongoing...) ago.  I would love to hear from others in regard to this matter.  I would happily pursue a lawsuit.  My heart has been broken. 
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #409185
Jan 07 2009
01:28 PM
IUniverse Publishing iUniverse didn't ask me when they priced my book, the price was too high Lincoln Nebraska
On October 31st,2007 I signed a deal with iUniverse to publish my book titled AMERICA! The Unwavering Dream ISBN: 978-0-595-47939-9. Publish the book cost me $1,117.00 that amount included 25 promotional services. (I have a copy of the contract) To my knowledge they havent used any of the services they promised. Most POD publishers I have dealt with asked me how much I want to charge for my book, iUniverse never did, they priced the hardcover and the softcover too high. Softcover $22.95, the hardcover $32.95 and the book is only 310 pages. Las time I checkd with Ingram they haven't sold any of my book. The address I have indicated is the old address before they moved to Indiana. I try to sell my book to bookstores but they nort interested buying softcover or hardcover book priced too high. Do not deal with iUniverse!!!!!!!!!! Gabe Stayton, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Lincoln, Nebraska
9, Report #707410
Mar 17 2011
04:24 PM
iUniverse I published with iUniverse and never heard anything about my book royalties or anything at all... ever.... , Internet
I published with iUniverse back in 2000 and did a 15 minute radio talk show about my book but never ever heard anything about my royalties... I have tried several attempts at trying to find out about this matter and keep getting the run around from one person to the next... It has been over ten years now and still I haven't heard anything... please help
Entity: Internet, Internet
10, Report #475422
Jul 31 2009
05:25 PM
Authorhouse / iUniverse Swindled eight thousand dollars after fruadulent contracts to publish book My El Mochito Sephardim From NM. Bloomington Indiana
I am a 75-year-old woman who has been swindled by iUniverse and Authorhouse Publishing Companies. I wrote a novel entitled, My El Mochito Sephardim from Northern New Mexico. It is written in English and peppered with the Ladino language. I wanted this novel to be in print before I die. The money-including my credit card number - was at their disposal. Each time they made a mistake I sent a corrected version and they charged me for each of their mistakes. They used a one-size fits-all technology and it is impossible with two languages. By the time the book came out, the sum totaled more than $3,000.00 and unacceptable. I don't have the complete sum because I am partially blind and need help to go over the figures. I instructed them to stop the presses and credit the sum back to my credit card. They refused and kept over $3,000.00. In December of 2008, I submitted the novel to iUniverse not knowing that they had merged with Authorhouse in 2007. In hard-sell tactics, a woman by the name of Kathi Wittkamper talked me into hiring one of their editors. She assured me that someone with knowledge of the Ladino language would edit my novel to my satisfaction or the money would be credited back to my credit card account. The letter that followed our telephone conversation is attached. The amount came to $4,800.83. Needless to say, they assigned an editor without any knowledge of the Ladino language and she treated it as Spanish, issuing suggestions. I called Ms. Wittkamper immediately and told her that the editor had no concept of the Ladino language spoken by Spanish Crypto Jews their culture or the terrains and to please credit the money back to my credit card account. They refused and kept the $4,800.83. I am asking for a federal investigation into the tactics used by Authorhouse and iUniverse. It's called White Collar Crime. Scams of this magnitude must be stopped immediately. Searching the internet I found authors warning other author of scams by these publishers. Jo **** Rio RAncho,, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
11, Report #370403
Sep 06 2008
12:13 PM
IUniverse Self Publishing Company The company has changed, former reviews do not apply Bloomington Indiana
Reviews of self publishing houses often give iUniverse high ratings. But that was before they were purchased by a holding company. Since then, their services have maddeningly deteriorated. The former reviews do not apply. In early 2009, iUniverse was purchased by a venture capital firm. The new holding company president immediately ordered iUniverse to move its equipment and people from Lincoln, Nebraska to Bloomington, Indiana. Over half of the highly trained staff refused to relocate. The president and CEO of iUniverse resigned. The new staff seem to be young with no experience in publishing. Because of the untrained staff, and because of the delays that resulted from the move, books are not being published in the intended time of 90 days. There is a tremendous backlog. Mine has been delayed six months. Further, staff give you different information, cannot tell you when a problem will be resolved, and they make frequent mistakes. Their store software (where you can purchase the books) crashes frequently and contains many bad links. There does not seem to be any way to resolve problems when a staff person gives you poor service. My book at this point seems to be of professional quality (but oh, the hammering to get it to this point). Will iUniverse have problems with marketing and fulfillment? Almost certainly, as the best predictor of future performance is past. Jean Santa Fe, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
12, Report #612186
Jun 09 2010
01:19 PM
iuniverse POD company steer clear of this company if you want to get published---not unpublished!!! bloomington, Indiana
I am the author of THE OAKLAND COUNTY TRAGEDY. A book about a terrible crime of arson that claimed the lives of five children who happened to have been my neighbors for years. The purpose of the book is to expose the truth about what actually happened at that home, and the fact that an innocent man is in prison doing life for what was obviously someone else's doing. The story about the author of BETTER NOT BITTER rings eerily similar to my own nightmares with iuniverse. It was as if i were reading my very own story written by someone else! The problems first started with their severe lack of competence,and the repetitive mistakes that seem to keep on popping up despite the fact that i've already paid to have them corrected. Some of which I didn't make in the first place!  Once the book became available online (with no input from their marketing department whatsoever) I was impressed by the international online exposure that it was getting. After quite a few months worth of this type of exposure I was puzzeled by the sales reports (when their website is finally allowing me to check). They were unrealistically low, and I had my suspicions of my sales reports being fudged or not being made available at all!  They claim that they can't track the sales from other outlets such as Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc. Yet I constantly see how Amazon and others sites are getting copies of my book and then having to order more. During the end of the quarter,when authors are supposed to be able to check on the sales history of their books, their website is always conveniently down and the information is not available to them.This is a perfect opportunity for an unscrupulous company to take advantage of the authors sales and pocket the royalties. Also, I too was e-mailed by none other than mr.Eugene Hopkins that someone made alligations that there were things in the book that weren't true, and that this was the sole reason that they were going to take the book off line. Even though this company is not responsible for any of the content because they did none of the editing, they chose to let one single phone call from a person that a lot to lose from this book being made public cause them to breach their contract with me. Once he promptly removed it from the web, he became impossible to reach, and would not respond to any of my e-mails or phone calls so that I could substantiate my claims or address whatever the concern was because Eugene sure didn't tell me specifically. In my opinion these people are nothing but crooks, and we authors need to get an attorney to file a class action lawsuit against this company.   
Entity: bloomington, Indiana
13, Report #717768
Apr 15 2011
06:10 AM
iUniverse Author House - AuthorHouse - Xlibris - Bertram Capital Management - Author Solutions - Trafford Publishing - Wordclay DANGER! BEWARE! FRAUD! and let's not forget CLASS ACTION Internet
I sat in the Bada Bing today and thought about this awful situation for a long time. The corporate officers and certain employees of these entities deserve to be pictured in handcuffs on the front page of every significant newspaper in the world, and featured on American Greed, Dateline, and 60 Minutes, to name only a few.All due respect...The masterminds behind this flimflam printing operation should get no respect, no more money from the public, and significant incarceration. They know perfectly well what they're doing and what they have done to an unsuspecting public. In order to not let them get away with it, each one of you who had money stolen by iUniverse and its other incarnations needs to step up and join a class action lawsuit and not keep saying that someone else ought to do it. They are not going to go away unless you join to do something. Stop feeling powerless.(((Redacted))) CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #955342
Oct 15 2012
01:44 PM
Iuniverse has ripped me off in every area of my book. From reporting known sales and report to IRS. Internet
Iuniverse is nothing but a rip-off company. They sent an amount to the IRS that did not not match my   sales and then took 28% off of the amount that they owed me of which I did not give them permission. Second I paid to have 100,000 e-mails sent out and according to them I did not sell one book.                                                                                                                                                                                                   I also know of sales from my book that are not showing up on my iuniverse sales and royalties account. Now they want me to send them proof of sales that I know of before they give me credit.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #935241
Aug 31 2012
08:33 AM
iUniverse Self Publishing PSA: Jill Serinas Unauthorized publication of my book, will not report sales stats of book on my- myumiverse account. Internet
After paying iUniverse's editorial team (AUTHOR HOUSE) they destroyed my book in all it's form. Bad grammar, connected words and spaced apart words throughout. Their process is to (after editing) send you a internal book block. The AUTHOR is to make changes & corrections on both parties behalf. Not enough room. I demanded that they re-edit. Their charge to fix all errors...$500 and some odd dollars. After months of exhaustion I told them to go with production but DO NOT PUBLISH, I simply wanted something for my $1800. My book is now for sale on all major book retailers web site. Unauthorized.   Punitive damage is...my name as an AUTHOR is trashed, and I can never again publish under my name. Jill Serinas refuses to remove my book from sales, unless I physically write and mail them a signed letter stating to do so. To late for that, my book I later learned had been for sale for two months. How do you fight them. I eventually threatened that my ATTORNEY prefers leaving my book live in order to gather inflicting facts against them. My book is still live, but, they;ll not let me see my sales stats or royalties. Unauthorized publication 6/11/2012       
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #493842
Sep 12 2009
09:56 AM
IUniverse Self Publishing Company - iUniverse, Inc., a Delaware corporation Cancelled my contract after publishing, removed my book from internet, kept my money, never paid royalties, misrepresented their abilities, scam Bloomington , Indiana
I published my book, Better Not Bitter, with iUniverse.  They were incompetent from the start and clearly a scam.  They're there to take your money and deliver nothing. You can never reach your PSA, no one answers the phone, the services promised are embarrassingly poor.  I bought the Premier Pro package which promises one on one author support.  After numerous time-wasting edits of their own mistakes which were delaying publication and their inability for weeks to photoshop a simple photograph for my cover, my partner--a home repair and remodeler! -- bought a software package that creates book covers.  He had a completed cover by end of day!  iUniverse should be embarrassed by the first two covers they offered as finished work.  A 10th-grade graphics student could've done better.   I know several people ordered my book online yet I have never received my royalties or an accounting.  Not even since they, iUniverse, cancelled my contract without my permission.  On August 10, 2009, Eugene Hopkins (Client Services) informed me that someone who identified himself as my ex-husband wanted the book pulled because he said it was libelous.  On that day I was promised an accounting of the purported libelous statements so that I could rebut them.  They have never been produced.  Curiously, the Premier Pro package offered editorial evaluation yet iUniverse didn't find my book libelous after two evaluations by their professional editors.  No libel lawsuit has been filed against my book by anyone.   iUniverse immediately removed my book from publication and availability.  All it took was someone calling up and saying they wanted a book removed and iUniverse did so!  iUniverse sent me a letter saying that per [my] written request they've cancelled my contract.  An attorney requested a corrected letter from iUniverse stating that I did not cancel the contract.  Eugene Hopkins promised one would be issued.  It's been 4 weeks and no letter.  They refuse to refund my money for publishing yet they've taken my book offline.  In effect they took my money, published a few books, removed my book and kept all my money. Breach of contract, misrepresentation, incompetence, fraud, lies, runaround, bullying tactics - that's what you get with iUniverse.        
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
17, Report #849232
Mar 05 2012
09:03 PM
Iuniverse Author Solutions Inc. I have proof that Iuniverse doesn't report royalties correctly, and that they are going to rip you off and take there time by redirecting your phone calls, misinforming you of tech issues etc. Please Internet
Iuniverse is a complete rip off, and will not pay you for your royalties on books sold.  They do not account for all book sales, and I have documentation of their miss representation. Please beware and get involved with a class action lawsuit. If you have sold books, they will give you a run-around, be rude and make you talk to customer support over seas. Pamela Hawkins is supposed to be the customer support supervisor in the USA, however will not be of any support.Please look for a class action suit.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #955853
Oct 16 2012
04:31 PM
Xlibris is the biggest fraud of a company that I ever had the misfortune to engage. In the past nine months, I have been shuffled between Author Services Representatives all promising that my books would be published soon. My first ASR Cherry Bates left the company, and no one even notified me until two weeks after the fact. The next ARS Gregory Ellis failed to return my phone calls. I was then assigned Glenn Bryce who did not return my e-mails or calls for some time. I was simultaneously told that he had left the company and was out on leave!  When Mr. Bryce did acknowledge my e-mails and eventually call me, he told me that the pdf file to my first novel had been lost and that we should go ahead and publish my second novel first. I was unhappy about this but agreed. In the meantime I sent a copy of my first novel to Mr. Bryce with corrections that I wanted made. I assumed that since Xlibris had lost my file for the e-book, they could at least make some changes gratis. The e-book was created, but some idiot wiped out all the italics from the manuscript, italics that were there for a reason. After several attempts, I thought the Xlibris technicians had got it correct, but I was wrong. However, Xlibris posted the e-book on their website and secondary sellers websites. I asked it to be removed, but it wasnt. I was eventually assigned Ken Barnes as an Author Services Representative who promised me that all the changes to my first e-book would be made. He also assured me that the corrections that I asked to be made gratis to my second novel would be honored due to all the trouble I had encountered. I had already paid $250.00 for post-productions corrections, which involved some minor punctuation and the use of the correct book cover, so I was happy about that. When Xlibris technicians created the e-book for my second novel, a flawless product could not be created without mistakes being made. I again asked for some minor changes to be made gratis considering the work had to be done any how to correct Xlibris mistakes!  I sent letters of complaint to Xlibris managers Raymond Chin, Michelle Postrano and Elaine Jerome-Headley, but nothing was ever done. Neither Mr. Chin nor Ms. Postrano could even acknowledge my e-mails.  At this point I was given a rash of grief that I had to pay another $125.00 to get these corrections implemented. This was the straw that broke my camels back! I canceled my business with Xlibris and sent out signed Letters of Intent to the appropriate Xlibris managers with a carbon copy to everyone I had dealt with in the past nine months. Rey August sent me an e-mail stating that my account was cancelled. Then a week and a half later Matt Evers called me and said that it was his understanding that I wanted to cancel my account! I went ballistic. This was just another example of Xlibris incompetence!   I should also add that one of my book packages (I paid for four books to be published) included single item accessoriesbookmarks, posters, business cards, and postcards. After sending detailed notes and pictures regarding the font and pitch size for the text and the book cover I wanted used for each product, it took Xlibris technicians six tries to finally get it right. Each time a new version of the items arrived, it looked like my instructions were completely ignored, and the techs did whatever they bloody well wanted! The 50 SEO clicks that I received in my first book package were used when the incorrect version of the e-book was published, and Xlibris refused to give me another 50 SEO clicks to replace them. All in all, it has been an expensive and frustrating nightmare working with Xlibris. Although I lost a good amount of money, the thing that angers me most is the time I lost from my life dealing with these incompetent, lying b*stards. I discovered too late that I'm not the only one who has encountered problems. There was a lawsuit against Xlibris in early 2012 by the State of Indiana where the company headquarters is located (Bloomington). Obviously, the problems with Xlibris are far-reaching and go way beyond the customer service department in Cebu, Philippines.  After reading all the consumer complaints about authors not receiving their royalties, should either of these books had been published, I doubt I would have seen a dime in royalties. Bottom line: Do not deal with Xlibris no matter how much you want to be published! BTW, Xlibris also operates under the name iUniverse.
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #889155
Jul 02 2012
06:23 PM
iUniverse Lack of accurate sales data resulting in low royalty payments and lackluster sales status/programs Internet
iUniverse has been ripping me off since I published my book in 2007.  They have failed to, or intentionally have not, accurately tracked my online and in-store (Barnes & Noble) book sales. Their Star Program requires a certain amount of retail books to be sold, which I am certain I have met, yet they continue to tell me that I am not eligible yet. Based on my calculations alone I have near double the sales they are reporting.  Their web site is antequated and usually months behind in sales tracking. I constantly get the run-around on my numerous email and phone inquiries, yet they constantly hound me (with phone calls from foriegners I can hardly understand) to pay them to promote my first book... and, they want me to publish my second book with them!!! I understand that they are a business... but they put the author third or fourth wanting them to seel their own books or pay them big bucks for little return. Stay clear!
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #1202793
Jan 19 2015
04:55 PM
AuthorHouse AuthorSolutions, iUniverse In violation of RICO laws for racketeering in the USA Bloomington Indiana
This company presented as a wonderful asset for the first half of my experience: hard working minions in the Philipines, most likely being paid nothing and working 14 hours a day.  It then progressed to total rip off: Pressure to sell me books while telling me I would get only a few hardcovers and soft covers.  Telling me I was getting a HUGE discount on additional books.  Then shipping me more books than I have space for (and they're still coming). Misrepresentation, gross fraud: telling me I was chosen because my book was so unique, so wonderful, to be reviewed in the sixth (LAST SLOT AVAILABLE) review of books for Reader's Digest a worldwide publication. I then discovered that Reader's Digest filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and stopped all publication except for North America; also, the only review of books is done by a freelancer and includes only books on the NY Times best seller list, or famous published authors.  This is called FRAUD and, in the United States of America, deliberately representing a service which is NOT actually available, and taking or soliciting money for that service, is called RACKETEERING and is punishable under the Federal RICO law.  
Entity: Internet
21, Report #672744
Dec 17 2010
02:21 PM
AuthorHouse Iuniverse AuthorHouse is a money-laundering scam that was found guilty of fraud in a US Court Bloomington, Indiana
AuthorHouse formerly 1st Books, is a notorious vanity publisher. This company is a bogus scam and was found guilty by a US circuit judge in 2006 of committing fraud. Do not give this company your money, they have appalling distribution, inept management, fraudulent accounting practices, bad customer service and, as the Publishers Weekly article shows below, AuthorHouse is completely corrupt and fraudulent. The US Goverment needs to close down the AuthorHouse SCAM immediately. ***************************************************************Publishers Weekly Article: AuthorHouse Ordered to Pay Up by Claire Kirch, PW Daily 8/8/2006The Kansas district judge presiding over the defamation lawsuit brought by romance writer Rebecca Brandewyne against AuthorHouse ordered Friday that the POD subsidy publisher pay Brandewyne $200, 000 in punitive damages. Brandewynes co-plaintiffs in the suit, her parents, also were awarded punitive damages of $20, 000 each.This past May, a Wichita jury found AuthorHouse guilty of publishing a book, Paperback Poison, in November 2003 by Brandewynes ex-husband that libeled her. The jury awarded Brandewyne $230, 000 in actual damages (PW Daily, May 16).In his 14-page decision, Judge Jeff Goering asserted that AuthorHouse acted towards the plaintiffs with wanton conduct, in publishing Paperback Poison, despite the fact that Gary Brock, the books author, had informed AuthorHouse during contract negotiations that iUniverse had rejected the manuscript on the grounds of possible libelous content. **************************************************************** Unfortunately, I learnt too late that AuthorHouse is toxic, and one of the nastiest scams I've dealt with in my life.My hell with Authorhouse started on 24 May 2010 through a misleading website called findyourpublisher.com, which is a bogus fraud site funnelling unsuspecting authors towards AuthorHouse and their partner scams. My first mistake - I gave them my contact details. I was conned into paying them around $1000 to publish my first book which I was told would be available at Amazon. The result was a shoddy, poorly produced crappy book which no reader would waste their time with. The book is still not available at Amazon or anywhere - I just get excuses. Authorhouse is a scam, and they have stolen my dollars and succeeded in rubbishing of my work, that has left me deflated and completely disillusioned.AuthorHouse should change their name to AuthorScam. These fraudsters have turned fraud into an artform, and it's time for government agencies to start taking a look at AuthorHouse and their partner companies, iUniverse, Trafford and Xlibris.If you're a writer reading this: this is your wake up call. AUTHORHOUSE IS A SCAM. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.Close Down. Flush them down the toilet, AuthorHouse is truly excrement. 
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
22, Report #386690
Oct 31 2008
11:35 AM
IUniverse, Inc./Eugene HopkinsiUniverse, Inc./Eugene Hopkins/Liesl Schapker Breach of Contract, Undue Delays and Mental Anguish Bloomington Indiana
I signed up with iUniverse Publishing last 8th of July 2008 to get my manuscript get edited, and published professionally, affordably, and fast(per Get Published! Professionally, Affordably, Fast - a book written by Ms. Susan Driscoll, Author, President and CEOof iUniverse). My manuscript was submitted and accepted by iUniverse, Inc. after payment of the required fee and was assigned two personnel by the name of Liesl Shapker, my appointed Publishing Services Associated and Amy He, my appointed Publishing Consultant. I was informed that my manuscript would have to go through several stages, under 4 different authors, one author responsible for correcting grammar and spelling, one author responsible for ensuring it is in the right format, etc. After over 3 months has passed, I kept sending emails to Liesl Schapker on the status of my book. Then about the first week of Oct. 2008, I received a telephone call from one Eugene Hopskins that he was cancelling my contract with iUniverse and get the money I paid for, be refunded. According to Eugene Hopkins, ( He is the client services manager per Liesl Schapker) my manuscript was not the kind of story they would publish. I asked him why it took him over 3 months to decide and tell me that. Eugene was apologetic and said, I'm sorry. As per several e-mails from my assigned PSA, Liesl Schapker, the amount of $899.00 will be refunded. I have checked my bank for electronic transfer but there was no record of any transaction coming from iUniverse Publisher. iUniverse wasted my time for over 3 months and delayed my going over to another able and capable publishing company. It was a mental anguish for me to wait over 3 months and to be told that my manuscript was not the kind of story they wanted to publish. At this time, I want my refund of $899.00 back ASAP. Bill San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
23, Report #352416
Jul 22 2008
12:39 PM
Bookwhirl - BookWhirl.com Empty Promises Big Dollars Fitchburg Wisconsin
To the list of Writer's Rip Offs, please allow me to add a new company called Bookwhirl.com, that is so blatently, baldly a rip off that it is heartbreaking. I feel terrible for the thousands of wannabe writers who could get sucked into their tide. What they promise is so stupid that it hurts: they will market your book to the standard millions of email addresses that now come stacked onto computer disks. You get a market of millions for real bucks several thousand dollars. That none of these addresses are actual book buyers who have any interest in your book is evident. I feel sorry for the kind of suckers who'll end up ripped off by these people. Perry Brass, author of the IPPY Award winning novel Carnal Sacraments. Perrybrass Bronx, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Fitchburg, Wisconsin
24, Report #536336
Nov 15 2011
12:59 PM
Perission Entertainment Harry T. Kean Jr., Harry Keane, Harry Keane Jr, HK, hkproducer@yahoo.com, hkproducer@hotmail.com, hkproducer@gmail.com Perission Entertainment (Harry Keane) Did not produce The Bible Game Lawrence, Fremont, IMAGINEX, Wegener, Bill Richardson, Texas
Investor Beware ! The phone number to contact never picks up. The Bible Game listed on other christain websites our out of stock and posted way before the request for investors and before Perission or Nu Vista Studios existed on the web.  The book has not sold well for some reason and is not stocked well on the sale websites.  Can be found on Amazon or E-bay but there is little know of the original author.  It is similar to a business plan example produced by CBNET a caribbean small business supporter. You may be told when you arrive at the warehouse that the game is out of stock and please return.  When you return the office will be closed. Beware of  this scam and do not provide money without a lawyer's review of documents or to secure a copy. Perission Entertainment of www.perission.com did not produce The Bible Game as indicated on the web site. If you are an investor I suggest contact the above name to verify the conditions the Game was acquired and if there are any pending suits to prevent the sale. This is the link of a post for The Bible Game in 2004 The game was acquired by Harry Keane that, I believe, should be investigated. The origin comes from   Lawrence, Fremont, IMAGINEX, Wegener, Bill IMAGINEX is the publisher of the board game originating in England. The ISBN number has a starting digit of 0 which indicates it was published in in an english speaking country. The game has and ISBN number containing 10 digits.  This means it was produced prior to 2007.  Around the time Harry was scamming his Italian fine dining resturant in Plano.   This site explains the ISBN number http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Standard_Book_Number Perform a Google search on the ISBN numbers alone and see what you find: New Testiment Version   ISBN: 0975362011 Old Testiment Version    ISBN: 0975362003 If you are an investor I suggest that you contact the above name to verify the conditions the Game was acquired and if there are any pending suits to prevent the sale. This is the link of a post for The Bible Game in 2004 http://www.chegg.com/details/bible-game-new-testament-the-bible-game-new-testament/0975362011/
Entity: Richardson, Texas
25, Report #104646
Jan 17 2012
09:29 AM
Publish America - House Of Publishing Rip-Off Misleading and Deceptive Trade Practices Frederick Maryland
Publish America Quotes: Each day, an average 12 times a PublishAmerica author is invited to do a book signing or another in - store event at a bookstore or a library. An average 250 times each day, a bookstore calls or logs on to order a Publish America title. Of all the brick-and-mortar bookstores, Barnes and Noble is our largest customer. Borders/Waldenbooks and Books-A-Million are second and third. I spoke to Marcella Smith who is the Director of Operations at the Barnes and Noble New York Small Press Department. (All purchases through B&N must go threw her office.) She informed me that no Publish America book has ever been allowed purchase through her department and because of the lack of editing, poor cover design, lack of industry standard binding and pricing, PA books will never be allowed for shelf placement. They are only available online. Readers need to know that 80% (According to Writers Digest) or more of books purchased are by viewing them on the shelves. Evidentiary information rebutting PA claim: Publish America Standard New Author Contract Paragraph 17: Sales promotion, advertising and publicity shall be at the Publisher's election and discretions to the extent, scope and character thereof and in all matters pertaining thereto. The author agrees to actively participate in promoting the sales o the said literary work in his home town area and elsewhere, by making himself available to media interviews, book readings and/or signings, and other public sales promotional appearances. Publish America's marketing consists of sending 100 form letters to your family and friends. It's marketing department is structured to provide necessary information to other authors so that they can have their MSS and sell to their families. PA never sends out a press release about your book, never advertises. Author's pay to advertise their products. Authors pay for all marketing, mail-outs, radio promotion, etc. Authors pay - not the publishing company. Publish America Quotes: PublishAmerica is NOT in any way a POD, vanity press, or subsidy publisher, and has nothing in common with them. Obviously, our authors are also not being self-published. In the most commonly used context, POD indicates Publish On Demand, or vanity publishing. Vanity publishers charge for their services. Some charge a few hundred dollars, others a thousand or more. We are not in that league, in any way, shape or fashion. Evidentiary information rebutting PA claim: Authors Believe that there is no evidence of what is considered a Traditional Publishing company or what is considered a Print on Demand or POD company. I strongly disagree. There are many sources for information on this issue. One for example is found through the hyperlink below. http://www.sfwa.org/beware/printondemand.html Furthermore, I received an email from Publish America where they claimed to be a POD company. A Vice President at Barnes and Noble wrote us a letter recently, saying, We very much believe in print-on-demand (POD) technology as a cost-effective tool available for publishers to extend the range of their title offerings to Barnes & Noble... We believe that POD represents an opportunity to increase the range of titles we offer... We will continue to stock every title that you publish, which enables us to rapidly replenish our stores... Again, these titles are available only online. Publish America Quotes: The only area where the acronym POD comes in sight, is the printing stage of a book. Among printers, POD means print-on-demand, a digital technology that enables the printer to manufacture a book one at a time. This is in contrast with the offset technology that, by definition, must produce at least hundreds of copies of a book at a time at a minimum, but preferably thousands, to justify the expense of running the press. Evidentiary information rebutting PA claim: Publish America uses Lightning Source as the sole printer for their product. They do not use offset technology. You can confirm this by contacting http://www.lightningsource.com/. Publish America is listed as one of their customers. Publish America also has a company called http://www.authorsmarket.net/, which is labeled itself a POD company and sends new authors to its only publishing POD company on record: Publish America. By their own admission, they are in fact a POD Company. Dear Author, We have much good news to share. Publish America Quotes: PublishAmerica continues to grow faster than any other traditional publisher, and today we are apparently the most popular publisher among new authors. More than 50 new authors contact us every day, hoping to join you as a PublishAmerica author. That's more than 12,000 hopefuls per year. At least 80 percent of them never make it to the published author status, because they don't pass our acquisitions process, but that does not seem to discourage anyone from submitting their work to us in ever growing, and frankly astonishing, numbers. We read every single submission before we accept or refuse. Evidentiary information rebutting PA claim: With a staff of less than one dozen how does PA read each and every manuscript? How many books would each of them have to read on a daily basis? How many acquisition editors are there? (2 or 3?) So let's put this into perspective. 2 or 3 editors at a reading rate of 50 novels a day or 12,000 per year. This means that the aquisition editors read an average of 16 novels per day. I don't know about you, but I am a graduate of Evelyn Woods and even I cannot read that fast. Publish America Quotes: PublishAmerica is a traditional, royalty paying publisher. We are strongly opposed to charging fees, ever. There's no catch, no hidden surprises. We even pay small advances to indicate our principle. The author is never, ever, under any obligation to pull their wallet to make any purchase whatsoever. We don't want their money. We want their book. All expenses involved with acquiring, producing, manufacturing, and publishing a book, and marketing it to the industry's wholesale and distribution channels for full availability through all bookstores at home and abroad are underwritten by PublishAmerica solely. This is one of our main claims to fame, and one that we are very proud of. Evidentiary information rebutting PA claim: Publish America pays authors a principal amount of $1.00 advance for signing a non standard 7-year contract. 8% of the first 2,000 copies sold. 10% of 8,000 copies sold and 12.5% of 10,000 copies or more sold. (It's been rumored that the average author sales per product is generally 100 books sold.) I have heard a story of one gal who had a contract with KROGER opening and potential sales errupting. She'd sold over 1,000 copies and PA dropped her immediately, before the negotiations could be finalized. You can read her posts at: Mindsight! Author's pay no up front fees, but are encouraged through emails to purchase two products called Publicize your Book and Guerilla Marketing. They are asked to follow the instructions of those products, which specify much needed cash to promote a POD book. Furthermore, in an email sent by PA, they urge you to purchase their book. They do not charge you upfront fees but make it understood that unless you invest your own money into marketing, your book would fail. From the PA e-mail: Dear Author, There are books about marketing, about guerrilla marketing, about how to promote yourself, and about how to promote books, but there is no book about how to promote a published author. Those of you who regularly visit our Author Message Board may have noticed that over the course of the years many hundreds of authors have shared probably thousands of very useful tips, experiences, suggestions, and innovative ideas. Publish America Quotes: No publisher guarantees book sales to bookstores. Major chain bookstores have no policy against stocking non-returnable books. Actually, Barnes and Noble has quadrupled the number of books they order from Publish America during the past year and we sell to them directly each and every day. Thousands, each and every month, of PublishAmerica books are sold in bookstores. Hundreds of bookstores across the nation stock our books. Bookstores will generally stock a book that they think will sell, regardless of whether it is returnable or not, and regardless of whether it is printed on digital or offset presses. Evidentiary information rebutting PA claim: I challenge any person to go into any Barnes and Noble bookseller across the country and find an in-stock copy of a Publish America book. Dear Ms Easton, Thank you for your interest in having a signing at the Tattered Cover. I have looked at your web site and see that your novel is published by PUBLISH AMERICA a print-on-demand company. Unfortunately we do not do signings for print-on-demand books because of the problems inherent in that format. I will add your book to our system so that customers will be able to order it. Thank you again for your interest. Margaret Maupin Purchasing Manager Tattered Cover. Dear Rebecca, Thank you for the information about your new book, Trophy Abyss. I have looked your book up in our computer system and although the ISBN does come up, it is not defined in our database and is therefore deemed non-returnable. Do you know if the book has been submitted to our Small Press Department in New York? If not, it will need to be sent in for their review and they will determine if it is something we will place in our stores. It is at that point in time that we can discuss a possible signing. Jessie Aschbrenner, Author Relations Manager Barnes & Noble Rebecca -- I received your letter this morning inquiring into book signing events at the Borders stores in Colorado. Unfortunately, we do not host author events with print-on-demand titles where the product is non-returnable to the publisher (Publish America). Thank you for your interest in Borders, and good luck with your books.Best regards, Greg Near Area Marketing Manager, Borders Group Inc. Publish America Quotes: All authors are treated equally here. Evidentiary information rebutting PA claim: Authors who complain about editing or any part of the PA process are banned, slandered in e-mails and released. This is common business practice. Just check writer's forums to gather all kinds of posts that are directly from PA executives. According to Dave Kuzminski, d.l.kuzminski@att.net there are two sets of releases for Publish America and there is no basis for judgment on who gets which release, signifying that not all authors are treated equally. Some are released because they sell too much and some because of various reasons. One only need to read writer's forum boards to understand that at best, PA deals with its authors very volotile and abusive. Publish America Quotes: Each day, an average 65 new authors who are looking to find a book publishing company ask us to publish their book. We review not only the quality but also the genre of their work. PublishAmerica specializes in books about, for, or by people who confront a challenge in life, and who are determined to overcome it, real or imagined, fiction or nonfiction. Like all serious book-publishing companies we have to be picky as we can only accept the works that meet our requirements in both areas. Evidentiary information rebutting PA claim: Kevin sent a mss to PA but what I did was take 30 pages and cut and paste it over and over and over till it was about a three hundred page book. And now I just wanted to say....they sent me a contract for it. Source: Kevin Yarbrough at ayky@charter.net Dear Mr. Andrews: As this is an important piece of email regarding your book, please read it completely from start to finish. I am happy to inform you that PublishAmerica has decided to give Eli Smith and The Purple Pony the chance it deserves. An email will follow this one with the sample contract attached for your review. If you do not receive the email with the attached sample contract in twenty-four hours, please contact me, so I can resend the document via another method. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the contract and to guide you through the contract negotiations phase. Please note that once you have requested that we send the official contract, we cannot further amend the contract. Upon receiving your e-mail in acceptance with the terms, we will forward the final contract documents to you via regular mail for your signature. Along with your e-mail acceptance please include your legal name, current address, telephone number and title of work as you would like it to appear on the final contract. The main terms of the contract are that we will pay you climbing royalties starting at 8%, you retain the copyright, and we will begin production on the book within 365 days of the date we receive the signed contract. A symbolic $1 advance underlines that all financial risk is carried by the Publisher, as we firmly believe it should be. Once the signed contract has been processed in our offices, you will be contacted by our Production department regarding the next step for your book in the publishing process. After both parties have signed the contract, you will be contacted by our production department with a list of questions and suggestions. Please feel free to e-mail any concerns or questions dealing with the terms of the contract to meg@publishamerica.com. Also, please visit our web site at www.PublishAmerica.com. Welcome to PublishAmerica, and congratulations on what promises to be an exciting time ahead. Sincerely, Meg Phillips Acquisitions Editor PublishAmerica Publish America Quotes: Unique among all traditional book-publishing companies, PublishAmerica counts more than 8000 happy authors. Each day, an average 5 of them ask us to also accept their next work, 25 second-book authors per week, 100 per month. By any standard, this is an amazingly high number of return authors, unseen in the rest of the book publishing company industry. Evidentiary information rebutting PA claim: Check out These Sites to be Aware of that false fact. http://www.mindsightseries.com/cgi-bin/discus/discus.cgi http://p197.ezboard.com/fabsolutewritefrm11 http://www.anotherealm.com/prededitors/pebp.htm http://www.writers.net Publish America Quotes: We assign an editor who goes through the text line by line. Let's put this in perspective. We don't touch style issues, we don't edit the author's voice, tone, or delivery. We edit for spelling, mechanics, grammar, typos, and trust us, that's a vital and time consuming job. Together, our editing staff makes more than 35,000 (!) corrections, each day, to the books they work on that day. We then send a book back to the author, up to three times, to ensure that it looks exactly as the author wants it to look. We assign a graphic designer who comes up with a unique cover design. They communicate with the authors, to hear their suggestions and ideas, so that they can be incorporated into the design. All of that takes time, and we believe that the authors WANT it to take time. After all, this is their life's work. They want it to be treated accordingly. They want time control, they want quality over hurry. We assure them both. Evidentiary information rebutting PA claim: Publish America Standard New Author Contract Paragraph 13: The publisher shall furnish the Author with an electronic page proof of the work which conforms to the completed manuscript as submitted by the author. The author agrees to return such proof to the publisher with his (grammar and/or spelling and/or typo and/or non-substantial editing) corrections within (15) days of the receipt thereof by him. The cost of alterations in the page proof required by the author other than corrections of the Publisher's errors, in excess of 15% of the original cost of composition shall be charged against the earnings of the Author under this agreement Publish America Quotes: PublishAmerica is only interested in a book's publishing rights. We don't want any other rights, unless an author insists that we carry them on his/her behalf. Movie rights, audio rights, TV rights, merchandising rights, the copyright, they all remain the author's. We are a BOOK publisher, the only way we earn our money is by selling books, and we're very good at that. Everything else can be done better by others. Our contracts expire after seven years, unlike the life term that most other traditional publishers require. Maybe that's one of the reasons why our contracts seem to be particularly liked by lawyers: we count a few hundred attorneys among our authors. Evidentiary information rebutting PA claim: Publish America Standard New Author Contract Paragraph 20: Author hereby agrees that the Publisher shall have the exclusive right for the duration of this agreement to negotiate for the sale, lease, license, or other disposition of the said literary work in the motion picture, dramatic, radio, television, and/or all other fields Publish America's profit from the sale to any of above listed entities50%. Publish America Released my novel (via Paragraph 24 of the contract which states: 24. When in the judgement of the Publisher, the public demand for the work is no longer sufficient to warrant its continued manufacture, the Publisher may discontinue further manufacture and destroy any or all plates, books, sheets and electronic files without any liability in connection therewith to the Author. However, the Publisher agrees to notify the Author of such decision in writing, and will offer to transfer to the Author the work and its rights in the copyrights thereon, the plates (if any), the bound copies and sheet stock (if any) on the following terms F.O.B. point of shipment: the plates, at their value for old metal, the engravings (to be used only in the work) at one-half (1/2) their original cost, the bound stock at one-half (1/2) the list price, and the sheet stock at the cost of gathering, folding, sewing and preparing for shipment, all without royalties. In the latter event, unless the Author shall, within 30 days, accept said offer and pay the amount set forth in said writing, the Publisher may dispose of the work, copyrights, plates, books, sheets and other property without further liability for royalties or otherwise.) Then I received a letter specifying Publishing Relationship has been Terminated. Then for two months PA continued to sell several copies of my product on their web site and obtain profits. I have not to date seen royalties or profit from those sales. In a letter I sent via certified mail to the Support Team about this issue, they sent the response: (After writing your office initally PA eliminated the novel from their site, but continue to place it in their catalog for sale through online booksellers.) Ms. Easton, Please address future correspondence to support@publishamerica.com. Future letters addressed to individuals within the company will not be considered. We ignore all of your demands and deadlines. We will consider your request at our next review meeting, to be held at our pleasure, probably within the next month or so. Rebecca Higlands Ranch, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland

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