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1, Report #1395852
Aug 26 2017
07:24 PM
James Knight AMD VR / Bafta Fake, Fake Knowledge, Untrustworthy, Scam Artist, Liar, FRAUD Los Angeles California
James Knight was referred to our VR start up via and introduction made at Siggraphy through AMD.On paper his credentials sounded as if he was just what we needed. However, we later found out his credentials are for the most part Fake. He is not a Producer, He actually knew less then our interns from AFI. He has limited knowledge of Virtual Production. He is a Parrot. He was unable to provide us with any usable assistance. We hired him to be the Virtual Production Producer on a VR Experience. He had us conned during our pre-production meetings... it was not until we were actually in production that his lack of input cost us to loss 2.5 days. We litterally fired on day 2, and replaced him, half way into day 3. He had the nerver to threaten to sue us if he did not receive his contracted pay (3 weeks). The client almost fired us. We estimate our loss at $15,000 by hiring James. If the client uses our studio again, our losses will be much higher. James is a real salesmen.. and not the good kind. He also tried to Charm his way out of trouble with his english accent, though our 2 (female ) producers... did not fall any further for his CON.
Entity: California
2, Report #1401625
Sep 21 2017
05:07 PM
James Knight BAFTA BOARD / AMD VR FRAUD Scam Artist Liar Crook Jerk Los Angeles California
James Knight is once again back to his old tricks. Several years ago he was accused of taking bribes for membership into BAFT, here in Los Angeles. I actually was unsure if this could be true, when it was discussed amongst the Los Angeles Membership.Low and behold, a fortnight ago, I attended a BAFTA (I am a member), with my girlfried. She is no yet a member. He dad's family is from Manchester. She was born in the US. She has been acting for just shy of 3 years. She does book work on a regular basis, though her credits may not  be quite there.. to be approved for membership. I do not know James well, though we do know each other.. 5+ years. After 3 Jamesons.. he said if my girlfried applied for membership. He said I could count on his vote... though it is not a lock that she will be approved, though he would speak to other board members. He said it is quit common, to help each other out in this way.He did not directly ask me for money. He is now far too smart for that. He did work into the conversation that his son attends a private school, and that it is a small school that is always in need of funding. He asked (wink wink) if we would be willing to make a donation. He did not tell us the amount, only that we could give him a check and that he would make the donation in his name (to avoid attention).We got the feeling that James was looking for upwards of $2,000.00. he went into considerable detail of the school and how it was helping his son. and how very expensive it is. and that his ex-wife is not in the position of assiting with the tutition.  
Entity: Los Angeles, California
3, Report #1327101
Sep 08 2016
04:18 PM
James Kinght works for AMD and has his own VR Company. I met him at Siggraph 2016. He was working in the AMD VR booth. He told me he has his own virtural production company that created VR content.   Our agency hired him to creat a VR demo experience (between 20-30 seconds, 360 VR in 3D). We were going to use it as a Demo for our client Audio. If they liked what we created, we were going to be awarded a 2 minute experience that Audio was going to show at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show. We paid James Knight $75.000. Six weeks after the shoot presented us the VR Demo. It was NOT in 3D, and the Stitching was so poorly done that we could see that the footage was from different cameras. He assured us he would fix this... and that he one showed us this down & dirty vision for us to only approve the creative content. Two months later,(which was 1 month later then the final delivery date he promised us), James returned and told us that he was not satisfied with the demo he created and that it would cost us an addition $75,000 to complete the job. He did not show us anything.. he just said he need the additional $75,000 and if we did not pay him he was not going to complete the job. We demanded that he give us all of the work he done up until this point. and he refused. We reported him to AMD, because he solicited our business directly from their booth at siggraph. We believed his coompany and AMD were some sort of team. They are not. AMD told us they would not get involved, and that we should seek restitution by whatever means we deemed necessary. This was not the response we expected. AMD let James Knight pretend to be an expert.. and directly get our business.. while he was clearly working on the clock for them.   AMD must be getting a kick back. James Knight does not know anything about creating VR contact. He is a AMD salesman
Entity: SANTA MONICA , California
4, Report #1158391
Jun 30 2014
06:08 AM
James Knight James Knight is ripping of people by hyping phony not working software products Internet
I've watched several sales videos of a guy called James Knight. He is having webinars or interviews with software publishers and is promoting them as an affiliate. This guy is the perfect scammer. Because of all the promises and so called 'proof' in the sales videos I've bough several products that he promoted. All of them where a total waist of money. Not working any near what they should do according to the sales videos.   This guy is just selling air to people and this has to stop!
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1185676
Oct 29 2014
01:55 PM
James G.H. Knight James Knight / DIgital Artists Agency SCAMMER / SCAM ARTIST CULVER CITY California
Digital Artists Agency has hired James Knight. James G.H. Knight as their Production Manager. James is up to the same old tricks.. he is a SCAM ARTIST. He lies are smooth. Though he is a scoundral. He claims to have a tremendous amount of VFX experience, which infact is nothing but LIES. He worked for Giant Studios and claimed he was the VES Motion Capture on Avatar. If you watch the end credits on an AVATAR DVD, the proof is there to be seen. He changed his IMDB credit after he was FIRED by Candice Algers the owner of Giant Studios. He then opened up Knight Vision Motion Capture Studios on the back lot of Universal Studios. After number lawsutis from vendors (Game On in Montrael and Warner Brother's), along with lawsutis filed by numerous employes). He was forced to close the business. The California Department of Labor can verify the complaints and lawsuits. He was reproted to the IRS and there are numerous active investigations currently taking place. James tried to change his stripes by re-booting his company as BLUSTREAK Media. Same location as Knight Vision, same phone number. Even the very same DEMO REEL that he STOLE form Giant Studios. He shows work that was NEVER done by Knight Vision, BluStreak and now Digital Artists Agency. Giant Studios did the work, James was not responsible for ANY of the actual Motion Capturea / Virtual Camera Work / or Animation that Giant Studios did. James assumes that since he worked there he can take credit for Giants accomplishments. Look at his DEMO and call GIANT STUDIOS or any of the Clients for them to verify James is a FRAUD. James and Knight Vision Studios were FIRED on THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN and KICKED OFF THE BACK LOT. Call Image Works or Sony directly. Janes and his company were also KICKED OFF Ralight Studios's Lot in Hollywood. Call Raligh and Verify. There are numerous complaints about James on this site as well as others. He lied about his credentials when he applied for member ship at the VES and BAFTA. Do youselves a favour and read about James online in other complaints. If you think he is a nice bloke, speak to his EX-WIFE!!
Entity: CULVER CITY, California
6, Report #1084724
Jun 19 2014
05:27 PM
Knight Vision Studios James Knight Knight Vision Studios is WORTHLESS RIP OFF Universal City California
Knight Vision Studios was hired by a 3rd Party Gaming company for a Warner Brother's Batman Arkham City. Knight Vision motion capture data was unaceptable. Their marker placement was incorrect, their facial and finger capture data was unusable. They were unable to Solve/Clean the data that was acceptable for our team. They did not use Calcium or Blade to solve the data. They used a solver of their own, which was horrible. They were contacted to retarget the data. That was never done. They did not have anyonye on staff to do the motion editing. The were caught trying to hire a 3rd party company to do the retargeting, which violated the NDA that they signed. James Knight continued to LIE to us. We fired Knight Vision 6 weeks into the job. The 3rd party company was fired as well for bringing Knight Vision on board.  We verified with Giant Studios that Knight Vision never worked on Avatar, King Kong or Reel Steel as their REEL shows. They also did not work on Hit Man. James tried to back peddle on this by saying people that he hired had worked on them. This is FALSE AND MISLEADING. Giant Studios also confirmed James was not the Motion Capture Produce on Avitar and in online interviews claim. He was a scheduling co-ordinator.   We Lost TIME AND MONEY on this Project. We compled to Universal Studios, since Knight Vision is a tenant renting space at UVS1.   I am astonished that BAFTA, AMPAS  the VES would have him as a member. Everything his says is embellished and stretching of the tructh    
Entity: Universal City, California
7, Report #1090185
Oct 07 2013
04:37 PM
James G.H. Knight / Knight Vison Mocap Con-Artist / Liar/ Scam Artist Universal City California
 James Knight is a CON MAN. He will steal your ASSESTS. He takes other peoples work ans claims it is his work.Look at his demo reel: It is filled with Clips from Giant Studios NOT KNIGHT VISION: King Kong, Avatar, Reel SteelCall Lightstorm, Giant Studios or Dream Works. They will verify Knight Vision never worked on their movies. Knight Vison was not even in business when this projects were done. James Knight worked for Giant Studios as an office manager. He stole their data and claims it is his. He can't even run Motion Builder or Maya, though he says he is a motion capture supervior and producer in all of his online interviews.Call the IRS and get a full report on Knight Vision Studios and how James scammed his employees out or their wages!James was KICKED off the Raleigh Studios lot for not paying his bills. Call Raleigh and Verify. Call the Best Practices Lab at Raleigh Studios and Verify. He LIED to get into BAFTA, AMPAS and THE VES! He WAS NOT A MOTION CAPTURE SUPVISOR OR PRODUCER AT GIANT STUDIOS!  
Entity: Universal City, California
8, Report #1084716
Jun 19 2014
05:27 PM
James Knigt and his Knight Vision Studios is a TOTAL SCAM. They take you money and can't deliver the motion capture data.   I hired them for a music video shoot when they were located at Raliegh Studios / Best Practices Lab. On day 2 one of our dancers was injured, when a mocap camera fell from an over head rail (10ft). The dancer fell into a c-stand. They broke their left wrist and had had a 4 inch cut in their scalp that needed stiches. They were taken by ambulance to Cedars Sinai. The EMS bill was $2,200, The emergence room bill was $3,700.00. Our company's workemens comp covered their wages. Knight Vision Lied on the contract they gave us. They charged us $250.00 per day for insurance, though the DID NOT HAVE INSURANCE.  Raleigh Studios said James rented the stage and it was up to Knight Vision to provide insurance. Knight Vision was not a partner with Knight Vision.   We finished the shoot with another dancer. James delived the data 3 weeks Late. The Data was JUNK! It was not sovled or retargeted. It was WORTHLESS. James said he would fix it. We got the fixed data 1 week later and it was WORTHLESS.  We did not pay the balance owed to Knight Vision. We sued Knight Vision for deposit we paid, as well as the EMS Bill and Hospital Bill, Orthopedic Surgeons Bill and Physical Therapists Bill.   JAMES Filed Chapter 11. RALEIGH STUDIOS KICKED JAMES AND HIS KNIGHT VISION COMPANY OUT OF  THE BPL AND THEY WERE KICKED OFF/ and BANNED FROM ALL RALEIGH STUDIOS. **Knight Vision set up shop at Universal.   THE are NOTHING BUT SCAMMERS.      
9, Report #1342048
Dec 08 2016
06:42 AM
Entity: Virginia
10, Report #1165124
Jul 26 2014
07:50 AM
James Knight, James Knight Marketing Did not refund me as promised and is rehashing old product over and over again calling it new. Internet
I just want to state that I have come to the conclusion that james knight is a fraudulent person. I have purchased a product from him called link rocket, didn't want it, asked for a refund, as permitted and never got one despite my three attempts. Then come to find out that he keeps rehashing the same product over and over calling it cpa secrets and has the audacity to call it new. And he has a guy by the name of todd gross on his crappy video who  claims to be his friend but turns out he's an actor.Anyways, I advise you not to buy anything from james knight. He is not a scrupulous person and ALL his stuff is garbage.  
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1156933
Jun 23 2014
05:03 PM
James Knight / Ble-Streak Media Knight Vision Motion Capture Studios Scam Artist Back in Business Beware Universal City California
 James Knight the SCAM ARTIST is back in business under the name Blu-Steak Media.It is a re-boot of Knight Vision Motion Capture Studios. Same telephone number and the same address.His website is showing a work reel of work James never did. (Read previous: James Knight, Knight Vision Motion Capture Studios Reports on this website. FACTS That Can Be Verified:-James was forced to shut down Knight Vision. He was Sued numerous times:-IRS Active Investigations: Failure to Pay Tax and Failure to Withold: 213-576-3009-Giant Studios Terminated him. Call: Candice Algers or Matthew Madden: Read Previous Posts-James never was a Motion Capture Supervisor or Producer for Giant: He is using Giants Reel and claiming he did the motion capture. He worked in the office. He handled phone calls and work schedules.-James was not the Motion Capture Supervisor or Producer on Avatar: Verify with Giant Studos or Lightstorm Ent.-James was sued for not paying his employees: Verify with the California Department of Labor.-James was thrown out of Raleigh Studios, Sony and Warner Brothers. Call and Verify(Read Previous Posts).BEWARE HE IS A SCAM ARTIST WITH A NEW COMPANY
Entity: Select State/Province
12, Report #1080938
Sep 01 2013
02:38 PM
James Knight and his Knight Vision Stuidios Motion Capture are nothing more then Scam Artists! We misktakenly were taken in by their BS.. though I think part of the reason was that they are located at UVS1 at Universal. James lead us to believe his company and Universal UVS1 partners. We hired them and fired them as soon as they began delivering our video game data. The data was wanky, misplaced markers, their clean up of the data was unexceptable, no retageting. They delivered WORTHLESS UNUSABLE DATA. All James could give us was a BS SONG AND DANCE. We complained to UVS1 and Unviersal only to find out that Knight Vision Studios is not a partner with Universal. They are only tenants.  We are suing James and Knight Vision in Los Angeles Superior Court.  While preparing for litigation we have learned that Knight Vision Studios has not worked on Avitar, King Kong, Reel Steel, Hit Man or Batman-There Reel says they have... A TOTAL LIE. AUTO DESK has confirmed Knight Vision or James Knight do not have a licence for Motion Builder or Maya. We have learned they do not even own he motion caputre system they are using. James plays the BRIT card and that is how he drew me in via BAFTA. Another LIE- He says he is form London. We have confirmed he has lived in the United States since was a 10 year old boy. A US citizen to boot. He acts if he just got arrived, with his made up accent. He said he was from Surrey. Happened that is where I grew up for 30 years. His accent is all over the place a Liverpool-Leeds mix. Not Surrey. When I tried to talk to him about Surrey.. HE KNEW NOTHING. Just as you would expect from a person who has not been lived there for 35 years. We found even his Tweeter account is a lie. Says he is a Brit and is happy to be here!!!  He grew up her for godsakes.   Follow our lawsuit. Better yet, support us in court. hounsfield @hounsfield JAMES KNIGHT  - Virtual Production guy working on features, TV and Games.  Super Dad. Brit in LA. Glad to be here.             Los Angeles           
Entity: Universal City, California
13, Report #1086751
Jun 18 2014
10:58 AM
 James Knight and his KNIGHT VISION STUDIOS are nothing more then THIEFS! CROOKS! LIARS! SCAM ARTIST I hired James (Knight Vision Studio) to do a 30 Second Television Commercial MoCap Spot. The 3 day shoot was done at Raleigh Studios, sound stage 6. James said he would should the mocap with 60 cameras, and track 3 actors in the mocap volume with props. On the day of the shoot, James only had 16 cameras on set. He first told us that was by design. As soon as we began tacking the 3 actors, we saw the data was 100% Gargbage. Instead of tracking at 120 frames per second, James was tracking at 40 frames per second. His Data was WORTHLESS! He suggested shooting each actor seperately and stiching them together in MAYA! At that point I knew he was nothing mor then a FRAUD. He told us he was the Motion Caputure Supervisior on AVATAR or almost 5 years. I knew he was trying to SCAM Me. That was not a solution. A actualy mocap supervisor would have known that. We brought in the Best Practices Laboratory at Raleigh. This is where Knight Vision is located at Raleigh. James contiuned to lie by saying he could fix everything in Maya. Raleigh studios sent in a vfx supervisor on lot within  20 minutes, James was told to issue us a 100% refund. He did. That was a 50% deposit of the total cost of the Job. Raleigh executives came into sound stage 6 and told the owner David, of the BPL, that James Knight and Knight Vision Studios were no longer allowed on the Lot. While we packed up our, so did James. What we also found out the 16 mocap cameras were not owned by Knight Vision Studios. They were the property of the Best Practical Laboratory.   We completed the shoot at another studio 1 week later, which cost us a 10% performance penalty. James is a SNAKE OIL SALESMEN. HE DOES NOT OWN A MOCAP SYSTEM. HE DID NOT WORK AS A MOTION CAPTURE SUPERVISIOR OR PRODUCER ON AVATAR (as he says or interviews that are online). GIANT STUDIOS AND LIGHT STORM WILL VERIFY THIS. HIS DEMO REEL IS FILLED WITH JOBS THAT KNIGHT VISION NEVER WORKED ON OR WAS FIRED FROM. GIANT STUIOS WILL VERIFY THIS AND SO WILL WARNER BROTHERS. James Knight is FRAUD. He has been kicked out of Raligh Studios, Marvel Studios, Warner Brothers Studios, Fox Studios and Sony Studios. ALL can be Verified by each studio.   He is a SCAMMER: He lies about his experience, and then goes out and tries to hires independent contractors to complete the job.
Entity: Select State/Province
14, Report #1078209
Sep 02 2013
11:47 AM
Knight Vision Studios KnightVision StudiosKnight Vision MocapKnightVision Mocap James G.H. Knight (Knight Vision Studios) FRAUD, SCAM ARTIST, LAIR universal city California
Knight Vison Studios rips off their employees!  I was a former employee at Giant Studios. I had worked with James Knight there. He and Scott Owen hired to work for them at Knight Vision Studios. I worked there for about 8 weeks. I was paid for the first two weeks, The next week James said he could not meet payroll for anyone  (cash flow problems because of his divorce). He said he would make it up us the following week. He ASSURED us he would make payroll the following week. He did not... or the week after that. I had no choice but to quit. He NEVER paid me. I went to file unemployement and could not get it, because James listed me as an independent contractor... which I was NOT.   I went to H&R at Universal only to find out they said he did not work for them. He was only renting space at their UVS1 stage. I also found out he did not even own the motion capture system he was using. He ended up being uncollectable. I also fould out he has been investigated by California Labor Dept. for not paying other employees.  Knight Vision is just SMOKE AND MIRRORS! James was never a Motion Capture Supervisor or Producer at GIANT. He just scheduled us for work. Candice Alger and Matt Madden were the only mocap supervisors or mocap producers. He must have lied to the VES, BAFTA and AMPAS. There is no way they let a scheduler join.  
Entity: universal city, California
15, Report #1083757
Jun 23 2014
09:43 AM
 JAMES KNIGHT and his partner Scott Owen are nothing but CROOKS! THEIFS! SCAM ARTISTS! RIP-OFF ARTISTS.On Jan 8, we were scheduled to do a 2 day mocap shoot at UVS1 (Universal Studios Virtual Stage), for the Grammy's: Called WE ARE MUSIC. The total cost of the shoot was $61,000. That was to include 2 days of stage rental. full body, face and finger capture, (1 actor), scanning, rig set up, 200 seconds of clean/retargeted data: delivered in Maya, with 1 character rig baked on and 2 days of Kraft Services for 15 people. James and Scott were given a 50% deposit the balance to be paid upon final delivery.WE WERE SCAMMED! On Jan 8 we arrived at the studio. Scott and and 1 employee were there. James did not arrive until around 1pm. They told us several employees called in sick (Another Lie). I was told that we would be able to start when James arrived. (Another Lie). James spent the next 45 minutes calling people to come in and help.. What he was really doing was trying to get people in to actually run the motion capture system becasue he and Scott counld not. They coulld not even calibrate their own volume. I got into an argument with James. He said he was going to give us a discount on the clean up, but he had to charge us the stage rental because he had to pay it Universal. He only rents the space from Universal. He DOES NOT EVEN OWN THE MOCAP SYSTEM! IT IS NOT HIS! HE CANT EVEN RUN IT!  He had told us he was the Motion Capture Producer on Avitar when we came in to tour the facility. He gave me a link to an article where he is quoted as saying this as well. http://www.cgchannel.com/2012/01/interview-avatar-mocap-producer-james-knight/. HE IS A SCAM ARTIST. This article is nothing but LIES.  We waited until 3:45pm. At that point I told James we cancelling this job and I want a refund immediately. By the way Kraft Services, which we paid for..NEVER arrived.Long Story Short: We never received a refund. We have sued Knight Vision and James Knight for the entire cost, plus damages and attorney fees. Los Angeles Superior Court: Judge NudellI spoke to Candice Alger the Owner of Giant Studios and she confirmed Jame's published intervew was full of non-truths he was not a Motion Capture Producer or Supervisior at Giant, and he did not build their company/ Knight Vision Studios / James Knight / Scott Owen/ are SCAMMERS. 1).100% LIE About their work Experience2). Not Partners with Universal Studios3) Do Not Own Their motion capture system and can not run it themselves.4). They DID NOT work on Avitar, King Kong, Reel Steel, Spiderman CALL GIANT STUDIOS AND CALL SONY STUDIOS TO VERIFY BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE!  
Entity: Universal City, California
16, Report #1094154
Jun 26 2014
05:53 PM
Knight Vision Studios James Knight Scam Universal City California
I worked for James for awhile at KVS, about a week after working for him, he started to have finanacial problem and could not pay us, we kept on waiting and realized the money is rolling deeper and deeper, 2 of their financial guy both quit the company, they would not return any phone call when asking when to get paid, they would not pay for any late fees nor wiring money, the video that he puts up on his page is bogus, KnightVision Studio did not work on any of these movies, James used to work for Giant Studios and those are all Giant studios titles, he hires people that worked on those titles and claim them to be their company working titles which is a FRAUD, he affiliation with BAFTA and VES are all bogus cause he basically had no experience when working on avatar besides making sure the shots are delivered on time. Be careful ! 
Entity: Universal City, California
17, Report #1082740
Jun 24 2014
11:19 AM
 I normally would not post our business online. but I came accross several posting about James Knight and his Knight Vision motion capture studio. If these reports help someone else from being ripped off, and taken in by this SCAMMERS and FAKESTERS  then it is worth the post.  We were referred to K.V by an EX Giant Studios worker.  We hired them for a Grammy's project.  James told us this was withing their Wheel House. He showed us a ton of Avitar mocap and said this would be a Giggle and Shits project.   He and and Scott insisted on a 50% deposit to book the gig. James said the shoot would take 1 day, and our data would be delivered in MAYA in 4 days. Sounded resonable. IT WAS A TOTAL BULL #*$# LIE.  On the day of the shoot, call time was 7:00am.  James was NO WHERE to be found. He did not answer his phone, texts or emails. At 1:00p.m James arrived. He said he was in divorce court.  By this we had been with 3 of his employees for 5 hours, who gave us an EAR FULL of the SCAMS James has pulled on other producers. I immediately pulled James asided and asked if there was any truth to the stories. He denied them... though he fired 2 of the employes on the spot. There was a brief embarrassing shoutin match. (Fired employees said they were owed wages for a long time). Now it was just James, Scott and 1 employee. The employees said they could not do the shoot on their own. JAMES ans Scott could not help run the mocap. James gave me a total BS story that the system just underwent a softeware update over the weekend and he was not familar with it yet. He spent the next hour hiding in his office calling people to come it to help him. NO ONE CAME! James and Scott told us we would have to reschedule for the following day and they would give us a 20% discount on the stage rental and a $2.00 per frame discount on the data. I did not accept the offer. We had a TIGHT DEADLINE and now we lost a day. I was able to book another mocap vendor for the following afternoon and we completed the gig on deadline.   To this day have NEVER received our 50% Downpayment! The Check is in the Mail James told us serveral times. MORE BS LIES. Finally we went to Universal for a refund. They refused. They have nothing to do with them. They just rent an office. We tried suing Knight Vision Studios and James Knight. They filed bankruptcy protection! WE got nothing-ZERO 
Entity: Universal City, California
18, Report #1157137
Jun 24 2014
12:50 PM
BluStreak Media James Knight / Knight Vision Studios FRAUD SCAM ARTISTS Universal City California
 James Knight is back in business under the new name BluStreak Media. The phone number and location are the same as Knight Vision Studios   James is a SCAM ARTIST and FRAUD. Read all the postings about him on this site. LET'S STICK TO VERIFIABLE FACTS -His demo reel is a Fraud. James is showing work that Giant Studios did. He had nothing to do with the actual production or planning of the work. He was only an employee of Giant Studios. Reel Steel, King Kong and Avatar were Giant Studios jobs not BluSteak. James was fired by Giant for listing himself on the credits of Avatar as the Motion Capture Supervisor. On IMDB he changed it to Performance Capture Project Manager.. what a joke. All he did on Avatar for 3 and a half years was to schedule call times for mocap actors, and a handfull of giant mocap operators. He had nothing to do with running the mocap. Watch the end credits on an Avatar DVD, and you will see how James listed himself.. which led to his firing. Call Candice or Matt at Giant Studios. 310-839-1999. You can also call Lightstorm Ent. to also verify.   James was kicked out of Sony, Raleigh Studios and Warner Bros. He and Knight Vision Studios. James has numcerous lawsuits filed against him and Knight Vision Sudios. That forced him out of business. He did not pay his employees or taxes. Verify with the IRS (Failur to Pay Tanx and Failure to With hold Tax) 213-576-3009. Also Verify with the California Department of Industrial Relations: 213-620-6330   He was fired by Warner Bros. and sued on the project Batman Arkham.. and he is showing the footage on his reel. Verify with Warner Bros. and Game On. in Montrael. Read about the BAFTA complaints against him. He lied on his applications to both BAFTA and The VES.   BEWARE OF THIS SCAM ARTIST   JUST INVESTIGATE FOR YOURSELF.. A FEW PHONE CALLS AND YOU WILL BE POSTING BEWARE NOTICES ABOUT HIM.
Entity: Universal City, California
19, Report #1171470
Aug 21 2014
05:08 PM
Blustreak Media JAMES KNIGHT FRAUD CON ARTISTS Universal City California
 James Knight is infact back in business under a new company name BLUSTREAK MEDIA. His previous company was Knight Vision Motion Capture Studios. Blustreak Media fradulently claims they did the motion capture on AVATAR, KING KONG, REAL STEEL, SPIDERMAN, TIN TIN as well as numerous video games and commercials. This is NOT TRUE. All of the work they they show in their Demo Reel is the work of Giant Studios. Just because James was an employee of Giant Studios at the time when Giant Studios did this work, James cannto claim it as his own nor Blustreak's.  They have stolen footage from Giant Studios. Giant Studios is not their partner, and they do not have anything to do with Blusteak Media. They are just EX-Employees!! Can you imgaine what would happen if every Ex-Employee from WETA, ILM, DISNEY, PIXAR, SONY, WARNER BROS. UNIVERSAL decided to steal footage and start up their own companies claiming the work is theirs... just because they were once employed by these companies and worked in some capacity on films their employers were contracted to work on.   They are scammers! Call them out on their Scam. Ask Mr. Knight why he and his company Knight Vision Motion Capture Studios were run out of business. Go Daddy is not selling their Domain Name. Mr. Knight and his new partner's may have changed their spots... but at the end of the day.. they are the same ole SCAMMERS!    
Entity: Select State/Province
20, Report #95371
Jun 17 2004
10:42 PM
Knight Credit Service, Jaime Acosta, James Metz, Marty McArthur RIP OFF ARTISTS Fayetteville North Carolina
About one year ago we entered into an contract with Knight Credit Services and it has been nothing but trouble ever since. They claimed that they would reduce our interest rates on our credit cards and pay our payments for us. Jaime Acosta and his staff continually lied to us when our bills were not being paid on time. We ended up with late fees in the hundreds of dollars, and several hundred dollars in bounced checks to our creditors and a constant hassle. Before we started with Knight we had perfect credit and now our credit score is shot. After talking to many people it has become apparent that Knight has scammed so many people in Fayetteville and lord knows where else. The Fayetteville Police Department is presently taking reports of fraud about Knight Credit Service. The Federal Trade Commission will act on a class action suit if enough people complain. The Attorney Generals Office will investigate if enough people complain. Something needs to be done!!!!!!! If you are reading this and have problems with this rip off company you need to report them to the following: Internal Revenue Service 483-2587 (report fraud) Federal Trade Commission 1 877-382-4357 (consumer matters) Attorney Generals Office in Raleigh 919-716-6000 or 6400 or 6780 (business misconduct) Better Business Bureau 800-558-3122 (unsatisfactory rating) Police Dept in Fayetteville 433-1529 (file a criminal report of fraud) L. V. Fayetteville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Fayetteville, NC, North Carolina
21, Report #36728
Dec 01 2002
08:02 PM
alfred knight aka james kiah ripoff con artist stolen identity from social security rip-off Wanted felon from virginia and Georgia Baraboo Wisconsin
stolen identity from social security,used to obtain time share real estate license, drivers license, social security card... bank accounts, credit. Wanted felon from virginia and Georgia under James Kiah. Numerous wi warrants out for arrest under both names.local law enforcement agencies will not arrest after several tips as to illegal identity and drug deals. driving without a license. Harrassing child and mothe of child he has no legal tie to. has not paid any state or federal income taxes holly lake delton, Wisconsin
Entity: Baraboo, Wisconsin
22, Report #1359411
Mar 02 2017
04:41 PM
knight transportation TRUE KNIGHT USA KNIGHT USA
23, Report #1172501
Aug 26 2014
04:26 PM
BluStreak Media Egbert Oostburg / James Knight FRAUDSTERS / SCAM ARTIISTS / CON MEN / Universal City California
 Beware 2 Con Artists have just joined forces to RIP OFF production companies.James Knight is back at it again. Now under a new company name (same location) BluStreak Media. His partner in the fraud is Egbert Oostburg. James previous company was called Knight Vision Motion Capture Studios. He shut down his company in the middle of the Knight. He owed employees money (read previous rip off reports), he owed producers / production companies money. He was being sued by numerous companies and individual's... and he tried to seek bankruptcy protection when his wife divorced (he was not only a cheat in business, he was a cheating husband). He ripped off Giant Studios Demo footage and claimed it to be Knight Vision Studios.  James and Egbert are doing the same thing...they are using Giant Studios Demo Reel as their own. BLuStreak was not even in business when any footage on their Demo Reel was created. James and Egbert DID NOT create the Footage, They Stole it. James and Egbert were NEVER Motion Capture Supervisors. Infact SONY fired James from Spiderman and Waner Brothers Sued him. Don't be fooled by their slick image and good personalities. James wrote the book on How to Feed someone a line... and get them to swallow it hook, line and sinker!!Egbert wrote.. How to Con a Con!The tow of them could sell icecubes to eskimos!!Do your self a favour, don't just read all the Rip Off Reports about them. MAKE A FEW PHONE CALLS! Call all the companies on their Demo Reel... at the very least.
Entity: Universal City, California
24, Report #1038432
Mar 27 2013
08:13 AM
Jody Allard Jody Knight, James Johnson, Euphrasie, jsj, LiveJournal, Craigslist, Internet Relay Chat, IRC Beware, Seattle, Washington
Beware of selling or giving any animals to a Seattle/Woodinville woman named Jody Allard, a.k.a. Jody Knight. She goes by the online nickname Euphrasie. Allard often attains animals on Craiglist and other online groups, gets bored within a couple of months, and dumps them a couple of months later.  Victims have included dogs, cats, chickens and at least one rabbit. Allard and her sometime-babydaddy, James Johnson, have dumped an estimated 20 animals over the past few years, including a dog and two kittens recently. Allard's seven kids are told that the animals went to the doctor. If you recently sold Allard an English Bulldog (pictured below), know that this dog's fate probably won't be good. Allard has been reported to local animal control at least twice in the past year for animal neglect, and to CPS for child neglect. Both Johnson and Allard frequent the blogging website Live Journal and the  Seattle section of the Internet Relay Chat service (IRC #seattle).  Johnson's online nicknames include jsj and Monty Burns. Johnson has worked for Microsoft on and off; Allard is on disability. She looks for new animals on CL when her check deposits. Beware of them both.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
25, Report #1226388
May 02 2015
10:45 AM
Blustreak Media James Knight Fraud / Con-Artist / Scam Artist / Scammer / Cheat / Liar Universal City California
 Blustreak Media is a complete Sham! James Knight is the CEO. He is a known con man amongst the visual effects community. He has been FIRED from Every Visual Effects Company he has been employeed by. He opened up his own motion capture company called Knight Vision Motion Capture Company was went bankrupt due to litigation... from clients and employees. He stole IP from previous employers and claimed it to be his own work, or his companies. His has risen up from the ashes and reinvented himself. Instead of calling himself a Motion Capture Supevisor and having an motion capture company, he now calls himself a Virtual Production Surpervisor/Producer and that is what he claims Blustreak Media does. This is False. Once again, he and his company Blustreak Media and showing work that was not done by James or his company. It is stolen IP. Just call the companies of the work he shows. Most of whom have already sued him. Speak to his previous employees, they are easy to find.. they are all still in the business. Check court records on the litigation that has been filed against him. Check with  Raleigh Studios, Warner Bros. and Sony.   This is nothing personal, though if you happen to know his ex-wife....she will give you an earfull about James. I can not stress enough.. do your due diligence.
Entity: Universal City, California

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