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1, Report #1330882
Sep 30 2016
07:54 AM
Janus Options There policies are fraud Internet
They were deceptive about how bonuses work. They include your own deposits in the volume required to be able to withdraw funds. I was led to believe this was not the case. There is no ratioanl business reason that this should be the case. They are intransigent in resolving the misrepresentation that occurred. be very careful with them.  
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1351016
Jan 20 2017
04:27 PM
Janus Options Scam Scam Scam London Internet
I got ripped of my hard earned  10K by these low life forms.   They showed  balance at some point in time of  148K, but they would not let to withdraw  even $1500.  It was pretty deliverate and  and they did interact with me for quite some time, untill they understood that  I will not put anymore of my money into their scheme. My story is very similar to other stories  posted  here.  It is pretty obvious that it was a deliberate scheme and they ripped off many people  and the whole purpose  of the scheme was to ripp off people  it is not like they were regular broker  and decided to go rougue at some point in time.  NO  it was a scheme from beginning to the end.    I am wondering  why government  agencied  are  not persequiting these thiefs ? Can we collectively take legal actiion  against  them? Thanks.   
Entity: London, Internet
3, Report #1328539
Sep 16 2016
11:18 AM
Janus Options You'll never get your money back, Stole 6K from me London UK
Let me just say this, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT give these people any of your money. They will pretend to be doing everything  that they should and then they stop responding altogether. And not to mention they have the worst analysts possible. I had two separate analysts from this company turn on their version of robots (which suck BTW, <30% wins) and lose in total $5000 of my money. The first time it happened I lost around $2K because I wouldn't give the analysts more money, he then turned on my robots and within I think two hours my money was gone. Now surprisingly enough I contacted complaints and several other departments in this company and eventually got them to put $2K back in my account because the analyst screwed up. But at least I got an answer for the first... Not long after this I get a call from a different analyst with Janus (making all sorts of wild claims, including being able to give me back the $1K within a week) who convinced me to put in another $1000 into the account of my own money, big mistake. I had to bi*** at this particular individual to get him to do anything. The only time he would make trades is when I had finally bic***ed enough (over chat, no phones for these folks). Well I guess he got tired of me and stopped answering me completely after about a month. He turned on my robots again with about $3K left in there (On August 24th he had just made 3 bids totaling $3K on a week long expiry, and two of those bids were opposing bids, no way I could make both) and drained the account again down to like $50. I have sent several emails to complaints, sales, the individual analyst and no one from this company will respond. Two out of his three bids from the 24th won leaving me with around $3600 in  my account at that point. I have sent a few emails since asking them to close the account and give me back my deposits but have heard absolutely nothing in response and then this afternoon I find that he made 4 bids and took my account to 0 today. 3 bids at a grand each and one for $651. Now I'm pretty sure what they have done to me is theft. What do you think?
4, Report #1327468
Sep 10 2016
09:34 PM
Janus options Danny Ellis Scam Bogus cost me 56k London Englans Internet
 Started with a small 6200! They grew that to close to 35k. I then was asked if I could place a larger ammount with them to buy out closed positions which would liquid and able To withdraw anytime, i explained only I could do this Easton use credit cards so i drew over 45,000 from My card into my own merchant acct to wire to them!!!! They lost everything howver redeposited 150k that's what I grew to prior to the reckless Horrid trades of a junior broker whom I allready had Guarentees from Danny wouldn't touch my acct! Still I can't draw any funds and the 150 needs to be traded 30 times over 4.5m scam scam scam I hope BOA has a way to reverse the wire on the verge of a chapt13 due to there thievery !!
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1355538
Feb 11 2017
08:47 PM
Janus Options Teraton Trading, Motion Capital LTD, RST Capital LTD, Kinetex LTD. Janus Options Binary Options Fraud - Class Action Lawsuit London janusoptions.com
I too have been a victim of fraud by Janus Options; with a very similar story. So, I can see I’m not the only one who was misled and cheated by this scumbag operation. They beg you for money, promise you that you can withdraw your profits when needed, but when you try, they always refuse with some BS system-generated e-mail! They do not answer any e-mails that you send them, nor do they respond to any voice mail msgs, that you leave them. Does this sound familiar?? My contact there was “Dan Ellis”, before the site went offline in early November. Fortunately, I was able to capture several screen shots of my account from their website to document the fraud they commit and the absolute scam of a “business “ they run.    As of Dec., 2016, I have retained an attorney in the UK (London) who specializes in these types of cases- generally referred to as “binary fraud”. I have spoken with and e-mailed them several times and my case is currently in progress as of late-December, 2016. My attorney at the Giambrone Law firm is Joanna Bailey. She has also advised me that the more people we have submitting complaints and/or cases against Janus, that the more potential leverage we all would have in obtaining a fair settlement, in hopes of getting all our funds returned to us all. Enough pressure can be applied, including freezing their bank accts. and possible criminal action to force them to return what they have stolen from all of us. So, if we all pull together, the better the odds will be. If any of you would like more information and/or to pursue a case against the thieves at Janus Options, please feel free to contact Joanna Bailey at Giambrone Legal in London: joanna.bailey@giambronelaw.com. Their Tel no. at the London office is: +44 207 183 9482. You can also call the US office in New York and they can assist you with more info: 212-745-1157. They are among the largest legal firm with offices in many countries throughout Europe and beyond; with the most experience in binary fraud cases. You can also read all about the binary fraud and how it has become a huge problem over the past few years. Virtually all of the stories are about the same as the fraud being committed by the scumbags like Dan Ellis at Janus Options. Janus Options is also affiliated with other fraud options brokers, including Teraton Trading, Motion Capital, Kinetex, and RST Captial. So, if you were defrauded by any of these scam brokers, you can pursue them legally with us as well, as part of our class action lawsuit. I hope this helps all of us get our funds back. Thank you and I welcome any comments from anyone. RC in Florida.
7, Report #1348833
Jan 10 2017
09:40 AM
Janus Options I opened an account in April 27,2016 with a deposit of $.500 ,$2,500 on 5/30 $1,000 on 77/8 with bonus balance is $62,799. Requested withdrawal but refused time after time Now web site is down. London
 I opened an account number 13**** with Janus Options on 4/27/16 with a deposit of $500. This was automatically matched with a bonus. Jeff Colvo was assigned as my analyst and he traded the $1,000 to bring my balance to $5,500. I deposited an additional $500 on 5/3/16 and $4,000 on 5/30 and $1,000 on 7/8/16 Jeff traded twice a week and soon my balance was $62,799. I applied for a withdrawal of $6,500. Which was $500. over my deposits to prove the system. My request was reviewed and promised to be paid on July 15,2016. After many requests to Jeff Colvo and to the support team I have never received an answer as to why the delay. Jeff has now moved to Axe Options and has tried to get Janus to pay but promise date after date funds were not paid. I tried calling direct and left requests for return call or e mail, no response and the same with e mail requests. Now the web site is down for maintenance and Jeff tells me he has no way of helping me.
8, Report #1326787
Sep 07 2016
09:27 AM
Janus options Opened trade account 350$ they matched got account to 10,152$ could only withdrawal 150$ then Brian Nolan stoled money put on auto trade 500$ per trade lost everything 350$ left they admitted he did and no longer works there but they won't return my calls or messages said they would give bonus an trade to get my moneyback but nothing London Michigan
 Opened trading account with Janus options received matching bonus , used auto trade and Brian Nolan account manager , got account to over 10,152 $ could only withdrawal 150$ which I received then account was put on auto trade 500$ each lost everything but 350$ . They told Brian was to blame an no longer works there an said they would give me a bonus and make trades to recover my funds now they won't answer emails or phone calls I was looking forward an excited about using some of that money are these trading company's all a scam ?
Entity: London , Michigan
9, Report #382484
Oct 18 2008
09:44 AM
Janus Fund >>> Denver Colorado
Years ago, Janus Fund was one of the best investment funds around. Until they got greedy and drained the assets through insider trading. I stayed in hopes the fund would be resurrected to where I could recoup at least a major part of my losses. This never happened, and when it became necessary to move these funds to a safe(r) haven in view of the recent market debacle, Janus refused to wire these assets, and delayed their transfer by a full week, causing me a substantial monetary loss. By comparison, a similar transaction with Vanguard was accomplished with full cooperation on the day of the request. And this was for a substantially greater amount. Now I'm not here to advocate for Vanguard, and in fact they have lost some of the great talent that they once had. They do, however, remain one of the best managed offerings in the market place. IMHO It isn't what they tell you about a fund that counts, it's what they do to you when you need to make changes. Dismiss the hype; there are many other choices out there, and if you are thinking of buying in at low prices, save yourself some grief and cross this one off the list. Cheated in michigan Vicksburg, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
10, Report #1324692
Aug 26 2016
06:04 AM
Janus Options Insider Hacked my account, set it on a robot trades to drain my balance company office is in UK Internet
I was contacted by Phone to invest $250 USD into Binary Options trading, Alex pressured me into investing $500 and as I was interested, I opened an account and they increased my balance by additional $500 for practice, I worked with an account manager, Sarah and we made trades that were succesful, my balance increased to $1198.00 over a few scessions of trading $15, all her trades won, but like 2 out of 15 trades. I kept asking her to tell me what signals she was looking for, as I assumed she was watching the same platform screen I was watching. She finally told me she had been trading for a long time and had software to monitor the markets and she could just tell how the market was going, I asked her to write a book and I would like to buy it or if she could tell me of others books, she really didn't give me any answer, so I started googling...   I didn't find much info for Janus Options anywhere which kind of worried me, but everything sounded legal on their website. I found that many brokers, I couldn't open trial accounts because I live in the USA, but then last week I get a phone call from Janus wondering if I wanted to upgrade my account to Platinum for an additionsl $3000 to $10,000 investment, I said no, not until I can trade effectively and make money, even a few hundred would work for me, the guy was talking so fast I couldn't understand him, but he wanted me to put at least $3000 on a credit card, and he could get me started, I said no, he hung up on me...   Then I get a mail from Sarah telling me she's leaving the company, and a new guy is put on as my account manager, Ernest Reid, I sent him a text asking about Sarah, but he never replied. I did a few trades myself and won about 50% of the times trading $10... But today I logged in to find a robot program running, trading $100 each in stock trades & currency trades, and it had stopped because my balance is below $100, I deactivated it, but it started back up more than 5 time today, and I can't turn it OFF... So I put a withdraw request in for the last $63 of my $500 deposit and reported to support, and I guess we'll see what happens, the fine print said dep + bonus x 30 = withrawl, that's like $30,000 balance...   I can take the hint, they don't want no small fish, and get out... They still stole $500 from me, I want it back, the criminals...
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1325916
Sep 01 2016
03:50 PM
JanusOptions AxeOptions Scam Broker London Internet
I joined Janus Options for months now and its a complete scam as everyone else here say. All the names are fake, the bonuses are fake, and everything else about it is fake. As people said they try and withdraw but the JanusOptions people want you to invest first. They make some good claims and offers but its just a scam to pull you in. I was later offered with AxeOptions...yeah. Its the same thing so don't even do it. The guy I had was Jeff Calvo. Again this is nothing more than a fake name. After I questioned him he continued to push for me to move to AxeOptions and claim to be easier to do withdrawals because JanusOptions doesnt allow it, per their Terms and Conditions. Yeah that was fake too because the person you talk to can unlock your account, move your funds, approve the withdrawals, and everything else in between. So just a heads up to anyone doing the research. DO NOT JOIN!!!
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1307392
May 24 2016
07:34 AM
Janus options/ Mr.John Bishop and Mr. Brian Nolan I deposited 300 dollars into an account at Janus options and after talking to Mr. John Bishop I decided I wanted my money back.Internet
 Mr Bishop replied You have to talk to my boss Mr Brian Nolan I replied I don't want to talk to your boss just give me my money back. This was the beginning of May of 2016 it is now May 24th of 2016 and I have yet to receive my money I invested in a company called Janus options, which is an online trading company. I invested some money hoping to enlarge my bank account. After talking to a man named John Bishop I opt out and told him I wasn't interested and told him to put my money back into my account. He quickly told me I would have to talk to his boss, whose name was Brian Nolan. Brian ask me to give it a try and I quickly said no they just wouldn't give me my money. That's when I knew it was a scam.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1117636
Jan 22 2014
12:19 PM
NEVER heard PAYDAYMAX, but got a threatening letter form some silly Janus Law Firm, NC trying to collect money we never borrowed. DONT BE FOOLED! They wouldn't state the issue, the amount, the dates or any details. Sounds so fishy ,huh? My lawyer said to ignore them. They just want to threaten you and some will pay on average for no wrong doing Never even lived in NC or heard of this PAYDAYMAX. Some internet reports show they are insolvent and real finacicial companies withdrew any association with them. I don't know for sure, but....the internet blogs say they are under investigation for impeoper management practices and misuse of funds. 
Entity: GREENVILLE, North Carolina
14, Report #786409
Oct 18 2011
07:19 PM
Abhijit Sarkar Janus Capital Group Scammer Swindler Thief Ponzi Scheme Fake Executive Denver, Colorado
If anyone has been a victim of this criminal please contact me using this website Abhijit Sarkar is a scammer and a swindler. He works for Janus Capital in Colorado as a low level analyst but he tells everyone that he is actually a banker and a fund manager for the firm. He also maintains that he has his own investment firm overseas. All lies! This is how he works: he claims to have inside tips on technology companies that his firm is investing on. At the beginning he persuades his victims to give him small sums of cash and he provides a fake return based on a classical ponzi or pyramid scheme. Once the victims are blinded with the fake returns they of course give him larger amounts. At that point he is unable to provide any returns thus he comes out with every excuse on the book to avoid paying his victims back.  He is tremendously careful about not leaving a trail. Everything is cash only and conversations are always in person. My daughter lost 15K to this crook. They were in a relationship for a few months and he charmed his way into her heart and her bank account. For reasons beyond my understanding my daughter doesnt want to press charges but I know that there are other victims out there. I contacted the companys main office but they ignored me. The authorities dont want to get involved without my daughters testimony. I guess this is what we have become. A society that protects swindlers that are in a position to embezzle hard earned money from innocent women If anyone has been a victim of this criminal please contact me using this website or contact the Denver Police Department
Entity: Denver, Colorado
16, Report #1300258
Apr 30 2016
01:03 PM
Janus Options Binary Option Broker.... They do not deliver on winning payouts beyond your initial depost, Completely FRAUDULANT!! The company will ignore you and is completely unreachable. London UK
This binary options broker absolutely will not deliver on their trade earning withdrawals beyond the amount that is initially deposited.  Stay away from them, you won't profit a dime in the end no matter what your bankroll amounts to!  I waited several weeks for them to deliver my winning earnings, and at first they barely replied to my e-mails with evasive answers to stall and buy time.  Then after patiently waiting, the suddenly just stopped communicating at all..  All that was refunded back to me was my initial deposit, and nothing beyond that.   I was owed $5,092.00 of true trade earnings, which I will likely never see.  I just want to prevent someone else from making the same mistake of trusting this fraudster broker... They are a new broker, so I should have known.  Do yourself a huge favor and stay away from them! 
Entity: Internet
17, Report #937838
Sep 07 2012
04:33 AM
GuideMeSingapore.com Janus Corporate Solutions Pte. Ltd Supplied blacklisted N.Director - Ministry of Manpower- MOM Singapore, Internet
Guidemesingapore - Nominee Director Blacklisted by Ministry of Manpower- MOM Hi all,  I was hoping someone could recommend a good and cost-effective lawyer.  I incorporated a SG company last year using a firm called Janus which runs a website called guidemesingapore.com.  Long story short, we used their Nominee Resident Director Service and applied for a Employment Pass twice. We were rejected both times by MOM.  Upon further investigation, it turns out that Janus had provided us with a faulty Nominee Resident Director that was blacklisted by MOM for violating the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA).  We're now in a dispute over fees and they've bought in a lawyer. I would also like to get one to represent me. If anyone can make a recommendation, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. This is very bad for Janus corporate or better known as   Guidmesingapore.com  All N directors who are blacklisted by Singapore Ministry of Manpower will get all application for employment passes rejected and no amount of appeal can get it approved. 
Entity: Raffles Quay, Singapore 048581, Internet
18, Report #1137268
Apr 08 2014
02:10 PM
vault options Binary options Scammers Internet
January 7th 2014, I received an invitation to watch a video on binary options by one of those so called gurus on the internet. After watching the video, I was instructed to open an account with Vault Options brokerage firm. I immediately opened an account with the company and as a newbie to binary option trading or any trading, one of their representatives called me right away and told me her name was Michelle and was my senior account executive and would be helping me trade and promised  heaven and earth regarding my account and how much money I was gonna make with her.  I will confess here that I did not read the Terms of Agreement which was my fault and relied 100% on what she told me.  She was so convincing however because as soon as I funded my account, she started trading with me and turned my $250.00 deposit to $1500.00 just after 3 trades the same day. As soon as we reached that milestone however, she started pressuring me for additional deposit into my account in order for her to continue trading with me.  She wanted me to deposit $1750.00 to bring my account to $2000.00. I wandered why additional deposit was necessary when we were doing just fine with the balance in my account. I told her as soon as I receive the funds in my account, I would turn around and redeposit the profits in order to bring my account up to the $2000.00 she requested.  At this point she had already advised me to take a 100% sign up bonus.  I later found out after going back and reading the Terms of Agreement that by taking the bonus, I could not withdraw any funds from my account until I have traded 30 times my initial deposit plus bonus. It meant I could not even withdraw my own money from my accont until I have traded $15000.00. Michelle came back the next day and advised me that her supervisor said she could not help me any longer unless I made additional deposit to bring my account to $2000.00.  At this point I have already read and understood every single letter in the Terms of Agreement and realized the company was out to con me out of my $250.00 hard earned dollars.  Knowing I did not do my due deligence before signing up with them, I decided to learn how to trade and in a few days, was trading by myself. I made a decision right then to live by every letter of the agreement that  I signed.  Furhermore, I gathered from the Terms of Agreement I could not withdraw any funds from my acoount for 30 days from my last deposit. To cut a long story short, I went to work, traded on my own and brought my account to a whopping $6000.00 in less than 30 days. During which time I traded more than $17,000,00 far more than the 30 times called for in the agreement. Convinced I have fulfilled my obligations under the Agreement, I requested a $4000.00 withdrawal from my account. At first the request was cancelled and when I asked the reason why, I was told that I could only request $250.00 on my mastercard because that was how my deposit was made and to request the rest by wire tranfer. At this point I have already provided them all the identification verification documents as required in the Agreement.  This went on for about 2 weeks back and forth. Finally after two weeks of pressure from me, my initial $250.00 deposit was returned to my account. This happened in mid February and since then I have not been able to withdraw a single penny from my account. Each withdrawal request was cancelled for one reason or the other.   The last communication I had wias with one of their reps who said she was a supervisor in the accounting deparment.  At this point, she told me I could not withdraw any of the funds in my account until I have again traded 4 times my profit.  It meant she wanted me to trade $16,000.00 before I could withdraw  any of the funds in my account at this point my balance had dropped to $4000.00. Please note nothing in the Agreement states that you have to trade 4 times your profits.  When I threatened to go to the authorities, she hung up the phone. Vault Options is nothing but a scam and I wander why they are allowed to defraud Americans.     
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1391525
Aug 09 2017
11:33 AM
Lehman Auto World PJ Auto Wholesale, Ralph Cespedes, fraud, dishonest, untruthful, insincere, false, untrustworthy, unscrupulous, unprincipled, two-faced, Janus-faced, duplicitous, double-dealing, underhanded, crafty, cunning, sly, scheming, calculating, treacherous,sneaky Miami Florida
  I called Lehman Van Sales per Auto trader ad on January 22, 2016 looking for a 15 passenger Van to accommodatemy Charity efforls and also suitable for disabilites and wheelchair lifts. I called 888-219-5089 from Auto trader ad and spoke to Mike. Mike said, We have one on lhe lot and referred me to their salesman Ralph. I arranged with Ralph to go see the Van at Lehman Sales, located at 20950 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL on January 23, 2016. I was accompanied by my roommale. We have pictures of the Van on Lehman property as well as face book post on this day.  We were greeted at Lehman by a person supposedly representing Ralph Cespedes named Geanco, Ralph was not present. After many long hours of driving around etc.,(see diary) We entered into an office in the Lehman building that was Ralph's office. The transaction took place on Lehman properly and I was deceived and miss lead with information re: the sale of this Van. PJ Auto Wholesale was never mentioned until I filed out sales paper work. This Van was owned by Lehman and had been leased to different companies over the years. I know that there were known catastrophic mechanical defects with this Vehicle at the time of the sale. I believe this was conspiracy to sell this Van to an innocent victim. This vehicle should have gone for Scrap metal, as the problems have been ongoing since the day of Purchase January 23, 2016, to present day the Van is not running at all. There was no I didn't even make it back to West Palm Beach wilhout having major mechanical problems and engine light on. The Dealer Mr Cesdpedes only made one attempt to repair the Vehicle and never again followed through with repairs. I have a very detailed diary and photographs of all actions and events as weel as over 8,000.00 in repairs on a 5,000.00 Van and several thousand in losses to our Non Profit Charity due to this Vehicle. I have contacted every governmanet agency including: Attorney General, Department of Highway Safety, Department of Agriculture, BBB, Miami Dade Consumer protection,FLDOT, Federal Trade Commission, Ford, etc.  Not one of these agencies was able to help me recover anything, no justice or no offer of a vehicle that worked or any damages whats so ever and most with little to no compassion. Come to find out that Auto Dealers have absolutely no Agency that regulates them or gives them any laws to follow that protects the consumer or buyers, this is absolutely insane !  
Entity: Miami, Florida
20, Report #334015
May 21 2008
01:22 PM
Options Talent Another Options Talent Victim Nationwide
I was approached by a scout for options talent back in 2002-2003. I went to a meeting and then signed up the the compnay once they took my measeurements and additional information. I was advised that this company worked with other major Modeling Agencies (i.e Ford, Elite etc.). Since I always wanted to model, my retired grandmother paid for my membership. Then a few months later, I was called by Options Talent who said I was picked to go to a Club Med Cancun, Mexico trip for a Talent Search where well know judges and Modeling Agencies would be - at that point I went through an interview process over the phone and was then picked to go to Cancun. However, I had to pay for the entire trip. Nothing ever came of that trip and upon my retunr to NY I decided that I no longer wanted to be an active member of the TALENT AGENCY. I started to research the compnay back then and I saw there were complaints about the company. I feel heartbroken because as earlier mentioned my retired grandmother is the one that paid for everything. I just want her to get her money back. Ebonie Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1179380
Sep 26 2014
06:16 AM
Amber Options Amber Options Ignores withdrawal requests. Gibraltar Internet
I opened an account with Amber Options as required to try out Richsrd Morrison's Get rich in seconds Auto trading bot. This proved to be toally useless, so I disabled it. I traded on my own and increased my balance from $2000 to about $6000. At this stage Kacem Cha encouraged me to deposit $10,000 to obtain more benefits and trading signals. The signals, Asset Signals ended up losing more than winning and I lost more than $3000. At the end of June 2014, I needed money, so I applied to withdraw $5000. I was given $1300 deposited back to my Card account and asked for Bank details to wire the rest. I sent these, and have heard nothing since. I have sent sent MANY emails and contacted support, but have had NO response. I have since requested to withdraw the balance of my account, but still NO response. I have attempted to contact them by telephone, but am just left waiting. It is now the end of September. I have been waiting 3 months to withdraw MY OWN money, but no response.  
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1044247
Apr 18 2013
09:11 AM
Options Credit Don Antle Options Credit Crumbles Internet
Canada's Option Credit has been selling illegal Debt Management Licensees mostly in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia for over 2 years using Kijiji, Craigslist and other local marketing websites. Scambusters is pleased to report that this fraud is crumbling! The local Better Business Bureau has posted a F rating for the Options Credit  and the company has been forced to suspended its illegal Licensee program. Local regulatory authorities and disgruntled former Licensees are mounting legal actions. If you have been victimized by this fraud please contact the local Better Business Bureau, Consumer Protection BC, the Canadian Association of Independent Credit Counselling Agencies (CAICCA), or your local police department. Scamming can be stopped!
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #1130636
Mar 14 2014
07:27 AM
United options Binary options New York Internet
I signed with this  so called binary option firm and deposited $500 into my account. Few days later I had a broker contacted me with a New York number Asking me to invest $1000  and he will double my investments. He told me would teach me how to read charts and guaranteed my investment. I told him I didn't have $1000, but he could send me some trading materials. I then started to trade like $5, $25, $50 and noticed I was winnig almost all of them. I could believe it, because it felt like some one was manipulating to charts to generate winning  trades. It continued until I reached almost $1000.That's when  I got a call from the broker, which I ignored. He called about 3 times and I ignored  them all. When I back into my account and started trading. Every trade I made was a loss until the whole $1000 was gone. After that my credit card account had transaction of fraud from China. It's then it occurred to me that I had been scammed by this guy at united options. He manupilating the software to generate the desired results. He wanted me to send him more money and when I didn't he uses his software to steal my $500. These people are scammers and we need to get rid of them from off the internet before they scam more people.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1368289
Apr 18 2017
10:27 AM
Omega Options Omega Options Rip Off London Internet
I was looking for a safe have to learn investing. They charge $50 per month with no return. This was never discussed and is not in their TOS. I asked for a refund of my intial investment...emails are no longer functioning and constant delays in refund.    Do not invest with these guys. They are a complete scam. I'll still with my Merrill Lynch advisor. 
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1373664
May 17 2017
06:02 AM
Omega Options Binary options scam Liverpool, UK Internet
 Omega Options abruptly shutdown 5/15/17 @ 2:30 pm EDT. Website says experiencing technical difficulties and they are working g to fix. Reply from their finance group on 5/16/17 says change in regulations prevents them from offering their services any further. So much for fixing website. The phones disconnected. This company is a binary options SCAM.
Entity: Internet

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