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1, Report #1208440
Feb 11 2015
04:04 PM
japan partner inc, japan partner ltd, fraudulent exporter of second hand vehicles from japan Nagoya japan Internet
Japan partner claims to be a legitimate exporter of used vehicles from japan, but from my experience, It is my opinion that Japan partner is unscrupulous company that has created a notion of legitimacy in order to continue defrauding innocent buyers from overseas and get away with it. I fell victim to an online fraudulent transaction with japan partner LTD. I opt not to keep quiet about my experience, as often people defrauded keep quiet and allow these sort of companies to continue with their dishonest ways. I hope that my warning will prevent others from experiencing what I went through. I made a CIF payment to japan partner for a vehicle to be shipped to my home country back on September 2013. Before I made the payment, they promised to deliver the vehicle in less than five weeks. But once I made the payment, I waited for months but they did not deliver the vehicle. No one contacted me to explain what was going on and when I tried to follow the matter I was told that I was being nuisance. I begged them to at least refund me the money but they declined. After months of waiting, I realised that I was on the path to losing my money. They kept lying to me and many times promised to contact me and did not. I confronted the contact person and threatened to report them to Interpol and expose them through the social media. They begged me not to and promised to send the vehicle. After another endless waiting and follow-ups, they made an offer to ship the vehicle in parts for me to re-assemble, an offer I vehemently refused. To keep me off their back, they shipped me a junk of a car that failed inspection, refused entry and registration into my country. I believe that, once they realised that I was serious about exposing them, they decided to ship me this vehicle that was probably illegally rebuilt unit or even re-modelled. I have been trying to reason with them since in vain. There are many other similar cases regarding this company that have being posted in the internet. some can be found at japanpartnereview.com
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1401607
Sep 21 2017
04:07 PM
japan cars auction sites japan partner inc online fraud 497-0043 Aichi-ken, Amagun, Kanie-cho, Shinchiaki, Internet
This message is in regard to a Mercedes A160 from a fraudulent dealers in Japan called Japan Partner Inc, sold to me on January 25, 2016. The vehicle that this crooks shipped to me is not of the quality certified in by the auction sheet or by , Japan Partner Inc. The auction sheet listed the AS60 as a 3.5 which  certified at the company’s Yard in Japan at 497-0043 Aichi-ken, Amagun, Kanie-cho, Shinchiaki, Ato-higashi 80-1. I specifically contracted and paid Japan Partner Inc to conduct this basic due diligence and an inspection to verify the quality specified on the auction sheet. The company did not perform this task. As a result, I have received a car that would had been listed on the auction sheet as ‘R’ (repair) status. It will cost over $7000 thousand dollars to repair this car as it is clearly not the 3.5 represented in the sheet. Anyone who would had done a basic check by started the ignition, would had easily noted on dashboard that the transmission was stuck in “F” limp mode (or second gear). This car has serious transmission problems and will not shift out of second gear. Efforts to have to compel Japan Partner Inc to make arrangements to pay the amounts to repair the vehicle to restore it to the original quality of 3.5 it represented and certified on the auction sheet has all being in vain. I conducted a BC provincial inspection and the mechanic found several very serious problems with the vehicle. According to his report, the car was NOT a 3.5 as depicted on the auction sheet when I bid on the car. This vehicle has been grossly misrepresented by Japan Partner Inc. Japan has a reputation for integrity and honesty. I expect more from a Japanese company, but it turned out to be a fraud!!!
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1371742
May 06 2017
06:57 PM
japan partner inc, japan partner japan partner inc car dealership fraud nagoya Japan Internet
How Bad of a Problem is Japan partner Inc? Buying a car from Japan or Japan Partner for personal or business use is to anyone a major milestone. It's easy to say, buying a car will likely be one of the most expensive purchases you have ever made before. However buying online can be a risky and a daunting experience, there are far more risks involved while buying a motor vehicle online in comparison to venturing out to a face to face dealer. Needless to say, online purchase is a convenient and increasingly mainstream way to find the car of your dream, but it's also the most common media where fake or fraudulent dealerships use to con people off. As our company was to find out, you can never be too careful when you venture online to purchase motor vehicles. Scammers have mastered the art of making their activities appear legitimate by; registering a business, establishing genuine looking websites and using physical addresses in order to avoid Japanese government scrutiny. As an experienced second hand motor vehicle buyers, and with a fleet of over three hundred commercial vehicles, our company was confident that we knew all the pitfalls of online buying, but we got a rude awakening, when we got coned by Japan partner inc. Japan partner appeared genuine, and at first contact with them, sounded reliable and professional, but nothing could have being farther from the truth. As we were later to find out, Japan partner Inc is made up off a small number of cronies operating from a small registered garage, but by appearance they seem established, thanks to numerous fake and enhanced photos on their website. Japan partner Inc defraud online buyers in different ways Japan Partner Inc drastically clock back the mileage. Selling dodgy cut and shut cars. This are makeshift cars comprised of more than one car put together that could literally fall apart at any time. Not shipping a car after payment, or months and months delayed shipping. Featuring vehicles they don't have in stock on their website to roar in potential victims. Concealing wear and tear. Japan Partner ship different vehicle than the one paid for, usually broken or in bad condition. If you are reading this you probably have being conned or was about to be conned by this expert scammers, take our hint, don't wire your money to them, you will end up CONED! Tip: make sure to read Japan Partner review carefully to learn from other consumers experiences!!! We got coned so you don't have to!!! Avoid Japanese used cars - Japan Partner Inc are SCAMMERS
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1372072
May 08 2017
04:32 PM
japan partner inc, japan partner, Silver World Japan Cars Import & Auction Services japan partner inc fraud review nagoya, japan Internet
Japan Partner Inc. has no pride. I recently purchased a car from them and it was completely misrepresented. I received nothing but lies from them. Odometer reading in miles instead of kilometers and the car came in an un-drivable condition. Check engine light on, air bag light on. Jumvea's awards and membership are purchased, Jumvea has not even responded to emails for help, in speaking to others who have similar experiences as myself they also got no response from Jumvea and have been defrauded by Japan Partner Inc. Scam Scam!japanpartnereview.com/
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1245908
Dec 02 2015
09:42 AM
japan partner ltd japan partner inc japan partner fraund by japan japrtner ltd nagoja, Internet
I purchased a 94 850 Volvo wagon from stock at Japan Partner. I picked the car up yesterday at WWL, it at first would not start, once started huge clouds of black smoke and would not rev past 1500 RPM. The car had been poorly repainted, paint flaking off, obvious signs of collision repair to drivers side of ca (door don't fit well, huge body line distortion.) In other words a piece of junk. I had asked all the right questions before the purchase, and received affirmatives to questions such as condition, actual mileage, mechanical condition, body, any accidents, as was told point by point, no accidents, odometer has not been turned back, engine and transmission function with no problems etc, but their promises were all false. I have contacted both sales person and company with no reply, tried to Skype them and received one reply as to having received my email but then I believe they have blocked meI am not the only one this company has being dishonest to. more people have shared their experiences at japanpartnereview.com .Be forewarned, don't purchase with this company they are scammers!
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1404924
Oct 08 2017
09:50 AM
japan skyline exporters japan partner inc fraud on japan skyline exporter Internet
For those of you whom are looking to export Nissan skylines from Japan to the USA that are older than 25 years, do not be deceived that you will find this kind of cars from Japan partner inc, or that they will help you get one from Japan auctions. These fraudulent dealers deceive buyers that they have skylines in storage awaiting them to age to 25 years and that no other dealer has them. This is total bull*t, this may seem too good to be true but this is scam! Do not fall a victim to this liars.  You will simply be sending your money into a black hole and not purchasing from a real exporter.  Do not trust the pictures they put on their site or trust that they will represent you in an auction. For all you know it could be a car that doesn't exist or may belong to another exporter and they are just using the photos to generate and dupe you into sales agreements.  A common thing this crooks do is getting you to send them money and then tell you someone else bought the skyline before you did and they'll look to find you another car so you can't get your money back. There are many well established exporters in Japan who have invested a lot of time and money to do things the right way, Japan partner is not one of them. I was not careful enough when I searched for a car in Japan and sent this crooks my money, I fell short and I ended up in bad situations!
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1071956
Jul 31 2013
11:37 PM
Auto Square Co Ltd Japan Sakra Fraudulent transaction Osaka , Japan Osaka , Japan
 As the other poster on your site posted ,on 12 September 2012 I purchased a car through 'Tradeview' from Auto Square Co Ltd and after making full payment and receiving all the permits , I was informed that the car had mechanical problems and that they would source another car for me. I too offered to pay more for another vehicle or if they could provide me with an alternative vehicle , to which I was told that they could not.I also contacted Tradeview , who had then conveniently removed them from their website informing me that it is my problem. The 12 month permits are about to expire and I have tried everything , but to no joy. Attorneys in Japan will look at my case for around US $ 4000 , which is slightly less than I paid for the car and I do not have it.   The Japanese centre for legal assistance for international issues simply goes to voicemail ! Does anyone out there have any idea on how I / we can go about getting our money back ?   I have gone above and beyond trying to get a solution , but Sakra from Auto Square is clearly a crook !
Entity: Cape Town, Internet
8, Report #1312809
Jun 26 2016
07:03 PM
Japan Car Dealership Limited advertises as a Japanese used car dealer exporting cheap cars across the world, but this is a SCAM. If you do business with them you will LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY. They are SCAMMERS. They scammed me out of my hard earned USD26,570 in total. This happened over two months April - May 2016. I am warning you, do not do business with them. They are not even based in Japan, just check the Japanese authorities(JUMEA)and they will tell you that they do not know them. It is an organized scam team even with their scammer local dealers which maybe based in your country. I paid US$26,570 by wire transfer to their bank in the US and paypal and cash to their so called local approved dealer. When I was expecting to get my vehicle, and wanted to meet the dealer and retrieve the vehicle, they emailed me that I take their business for a playground and that they no loner need my services and I have become an inconvenience to their SCAMMING business. When I emailed Japan Car Dealership who also operates as Japan Auto Cars for my refund, they are no longer responding to my mails or calls. Now, they have removed their website but still operates on FACEBOOK. I was SCAMMED!!!!! DO LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1337111
Nov 08 2016
06:52 AM
Din Din japan partner fraud Internet
Япония партнер являются новичками , сидящие там , чтобы обдирать людей. И я могу подтвердить , что компания покупать автомобили из JAP аукционов и ветер обратно километров почти до половины и положить его на продажу на Tradecarview. Я не был в шоке , чтобы увидеть другие покупатели утверждают , что они обдирают. Я wouldnâ € ™ т рекомендовать моего врага покупать с этого сайта. Я даже слышал , что они просто делать любые снимки с других сайтов дилерских и корабля вы подобный автомобиль или даже разных цветов и thatâ € ™ s ЕСЛИ они отправляют вам автомобиль за свои деньги у ВСЕХ !!!!!!!!!! афера  афера  афера  афера  афера  афера  афера  афера  афера  афера  афера  афера  афера больше на J apanpartnereview.comTranslation: Japan partner are beginners, sitting there to rip people off. And I can confirm that the company buy cars from auctions and wind JAP kilometers back to almost half and put it up for sale on Tradecarview. I was not shocked, to see other buyers say they fleeced. I wouldnâ € ™ t recommend to my enemy to buy from this site. I even heard that they just take any pictures from other sites and dealers ship you like a car or even a variety of colors and thatâ € ™ s IF they send you a car for your money at ALL !!!! scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam more on J
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1035731
Mar 18 2013
01:06 PM
Autosquare Company Name Auto Square Co.,Ltd. Car Sale Fraud Osaka Japan
I paid for a car on 2nd November 2012 to Autosquare on tradecarview. When the time to ship came I was told the car has engine problem and that they will find another one. Autosquare was then de-registered on tradecarview temporarily. Afterwards, they were then de-registered permanently. They established a new website http://trade.autosquare.co.jp/ and re-advertised the car they told me had a problem. I wrote to them about the development but all I got was a fake explanation. I requested to pick another car from their stock on the website and top up the difference but the feedback was not positive. Through the internet I discovered that the company has obtained alot of money from other customers between November 2012 to December to whom they have not shipped cars. Kindly advise.
Entity: Osaka, Select State/Province
11, Report #706600
Mar 16 2011
06:38 AM
Auto Story Company Ltd, Japan Mr Jorik A scammer sending a cheaper older car more than 10 years and 10,000US$ cheaper Tokyo, Internet
I paid for 2006 Rav4 according to proforma invoice through bank transfer from Dar es Salaam to Auto Story company account in Japan of ammount US$ 14,500 on December 2010. Mr Jorik sent me the BL documents for 1996 Rav4 of a value of 4,500US$ on March 2011 and he no longer picks up my phone or replies my emails. The company is still advertising on tradecarview where I found them. I am surprised why dont the tradecarview take action even though i didnt use PayTrade as they recommend but he's their client and I am sure he's still ripping off other clients like me.
Entity: Tokyo, Internet
12, Report #1357777
Feb 22 2017
10:00 PM
Funni Electric Ltd. Lexmark Inkjet Printers Unreliable does not stand behind any of their products. Tokyo Japan Internet
Funni Electric based in Japan purchases brands of products and based on the seller's good will continues to manufacture these products.  They cheapen the products and without warning discontinue these products and the parts that make the products function.  I have two Lexmark inkjet printers that I now can not get any kind of service or technical assistance or ink for these machines. They have since purchased the Kodak printers line and are doing the same thing.  Other names that they sell under are: Philips and Magnavox radios and televisions, Emerson home appliances and televisions.  Many better retailers politely do not reccomend any of their products. Many reputable companies when they discontinue products or lines offer technical support and parts to keep their products working for at least 10 years.  They also send out notices to their registered owners.  The discontinuence of the Lexmark printers was announced at the end of December 2016.  No notice was sent out.  This company does not offer users any support.  Their callousness harms users and small businesses.  Cottonwood, Arizona
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1035768
Mar 18 2013
01:14 PM
Autosquare Auto Square Co.,Ltd. Car Sale Fraud Osaka, Japan
I paid for a car on 2nd November 2012 to Autosquare on tradecarview. When the time to ship came I was told the car has engine problem and that they will find another one. Autosquare was then de-registered on tradecarview temporarily. Afterwards, they were then de-registered permanently. They established a new website http://trade.autosquare.co.jp/ and re-advertised the car they told me had a problem. I wrote to them about the development but all I got was a fake explanation. I requested to pick another car from their stock on the website and top up the difference but the feedback was not positive. Through the internet I discovered that the company has obtained alot of money from other customers between November 2012 to December to whom they have not shipped cars. Kindly advise.
Entity: Osaka, Select State/Province
14, Report #1424407
Jan 22 2018
07:21 AM
MANTLE ZONE LTD PHILIP IFEANYI ORJIAKO outstanding payment and unserious business partner. other other
confirm payment to a consultant and after the consulting work was done,  he did not pay the consulting fee.
Entity: other, other
15, Report #692292
Feb 08 2011
07:11 AM
Auto Story Co Ltd Mr. Jorik, Manager of Foreign Trade It is now three months since I bought a car, but I can not tell when it will be shipped from Japan to Dar es Salaam Tanzania. I suspect that I have been cheated/conned by AUTO STOREY Co Ltd. Recently, 2-1-7-407 Horinouchi, Hachiouji-s**+, Tokyo, JAPAN, Internet
Just to share what has been going on and AUTO STOREY Co Limited I Subject: Other Inquiries Mr Jorik How are you today Any updates regarding my car? Regards HamisiMessage IP Address:196.44.161.*Message Origin:TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OFAction:  You can no longer send a new message to the dealer because the dealer's service has been stopped. Please contact them directly.81-80-4372-8066  Subject: Other Inquiries Mr Jorik Thank you for the good news With all respect, can you please tell me how much time or how many days do you think is/are enough for you to complette the remaining shipment activities? Please, note that I made payments to you in November 2010, now we are going February 2011, and you are not telling when exactly the car will be shipped? By the way are you satisfied with customer care and services you are giving to me? Myself I am not, because, last time I called you by the Telephone number +81-80-3477-6431 but you did not pick my phone, and when it was picked later on, someone else was speaking and not you Please, Jorik. Try to be honest to me and the rest. Regards Hamisi Message IP Address:196.44.161.*Message Origin:TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OFAuto StoryJan/22/2011 17:21(JST)Subject: Other InquiriesIf you communicate with the seller with direct email (not using tradecarview message system), you cannot use PayTrade payment.We cannot assist any trouble without PayTrade transaction.Hello, Dear How are you today, Thank you very much for your cooperation, Regarding your inquiring Vehicle, Almost we have finished loading exporting Vehicles, could you please, give us a little bit time for finalizing this part of loading, Hope to hear from you soon, Regards and Best Wishing,Mr. Jorik, Manager of Foreign TradeAuto Story Co., Ltd192-03552-1-7-407 Horinouchi,Hachiouji-shi, Tokyo, JAPANTel: +81-80-3477-6431Fax: +81-4-2678-2535Access to whole Japan Auto AuctionsE-mail: info@auto-story.jpSkype Name: autostoryMessage IP Address:124.85.152.*Message Origin:JAPANnyhamisiJan/20/2011 17:27(JST)Subject: Inquiries about payment & shipping methods, price & conditions or etc Thank you for your responce Please, send inform me the shipment status for the for the vehicle ID504764-100627133443 2002 Nissan X-Trail On Monday 7th January, Joric gave me hope and good news that shipment process is going on and I will be informed in two days time. Now what is the status? Regards HamisiMessage IP Address:196.44.161.*Message Origin:TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OFnyhamisiJan/14/2011 18:37(JST)Subject: Other Inquiries Dear all Is there any new update regarding shipment of my vehicle? Can I get a receipt for the payment I sent to you? Regards HamisiMessage IP Address:196.44.161.*Message Origin:TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OFnyhamisiJan/09/2011 16:43(JST)Subject: Inquiries about payment & shipping methods, price & conditions or etc Dear all Thanks for the update Let me wait to hear from you Regards HamisiMessage IP Address:41.217.202.*Message Origin:TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OFAuto StoryJan/08/2011 15:03(JST)Subject: Other InquiriesIf you communicate with the seller with direct email (not using tradecarview message system), you cannot use PayTrade payment.We cannot assist any trouble without PayTrade transaction.Hello, Dear How are you today, Thank you very much for your cooperation, Regarding your inquiring Vehicle, After New Year holidays, it's taking time for loading Vehicle into the ship, We'll send to you B/L very soon, Hope to hear from you soon, Regards and Best Wishing,Mr. Jorik, Manager of Foreign TradeAuto Story Co., Ltd192-03552-1-7-407 Horinouchi,Hachiouji-shi, Tokyo, JAPANTel: +81-80-3477-6431Fax: +81-4-2678-2535Access to whole Japan Auto AuctionsE-mail: info@auto-story.jpSkype Name: autostoryMessage IP Address:111.188.14.*Message Origin:JAPANnyhamisiJan/07/2011 18:16(JST)Subject: Inquiries about payment & shipping methods, price & conditions or etc Auto Storey This is to request you to give me dates for the shipment of my car, within Seven days from today 07th Jan 2011. Failure to do that I will contact Trade Car View, whose website was used to show me the vehicle I will inform other car salers in japan, who have worked with me previously, of this episode I will go to the Embassy of Japan, and lodge my complain I will go to the Media in Dar es Salaam, to alert all public in Tanzania, East Africa and South Africa, about what has been going on between me and you and your firm for them to decide I have started to feekl that the chance of getting the car is small/slim Regards Hamisi HamisiMessage IP Address:196.43.67.*Message Origin:TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OFnyhamisiJan/06/2011 19:33(JST)Subject: Inquiries about payment & shipping methods, price & conditions or etc Mr Jorik Thanks for your e-mail I have three questions 1. Please can you tell me why this one has taken too long? 2. Can you please be specific by telling the date? Earlier I was told 22nd December 2010, then you told me 28th December 2010, now you are saying that It's started booking place form the ship, I'll be inform the status of shipping date, very soon Why there has been contradictions of statements from the same person and same office? Mr Jorik, can you put yourself into my position. What message/information can you come up with? Please. please. please. I need credible and specific information from you Regards Hamisi What do you mean by Message IP Address:196.43.67.*Message Origin:TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OFAuto StoryJan/06/2011 18:53(JST)Subject: Other InquiriesIf you communicate with the seller with direct email (not using tradecarview message system), you cannot use PayTrade payment.We cannot assist any trouble without PayTrade transaction.Hello, Dear How are you today, Thank you very much for your cooperation, Regarding your inquiring Vehicle, It's started booking place form the ship, we'll inform to you status of shipping date, very soon, Hope to hear from you soon, Regards and Best Wishing,Mr. Jorik, Manager of Foreign TradeAuto Story Co., Ltd192-03552-1-7-407 Horinouchi,Hachiouji-shi, Tokyo, JAPANTel: +81-80-3477-6431Fax: +81-4-2678-2535Access to whole Japan Auto AuctionsE-mail: info@auto-story.jpSkype Name: autostoryMessage IP Address:219.160.119.*Message Origin:JAPANDisplaying 10 of 25 message. View entire thread
Entity: 2-1-7-407 Horinouchi, Hachiouji-shi, Tokyo, JAPAN, Internet
16, Report #217615
Oct 25 2006
12:23 PM
Man-Tech Industries Co., LTD Total FRAUD: Purports a job opening as a Manager; DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS CLOWN Ripoff Tung Pao JapanInternet
This guy is a complete joker. I got an email from him(somehow) about how I could get a job as a Regional Manager for this company. The company susposedly manufactures R/C products and custom applications. It was right up my alley of interest, however, it is a total FRAUD. I replied to the email and had to send a resume for the telephone interview. When this guy finally called....it was a cell phone with a terrible connection. He had a HEAVY english/middle eastern accent....the website claimed they were in CHINA....now, I've noticed he has changed it to JAPAN. He told me he was president of the company and that one of his parents was Chinese. I asked him to speak chinese and he wouldn't.....claiming that, I would understand him. LOL!!! My wife is Asian and I know some Tagalog, Chinese AND Japanese...and a few other languages. I may not be an expert but I know how to understand the basics. I finally hung up on the guy cause his background noise was annoying me....it acted like he didn't care to be on the phone with me....he was involved with doing something else. He called again a few days later...so I gave him another chance to prove himself. I asked, Where are you at right now? He would say that he was away from the office. I asked for his office phone # and he didn't want to give it to me. It was easier for him to use his cell phone #....and he wouldn't give me that # either. So I asked again...,Where are you at, in the world, right now? He would answer...stating that it didn't matter where he was at. I told him he didn't sound like he was from China...and he said that it wasn't important what I sound like. Obiviously, you can see that this guy is a TRUE RIP-OFF. Some people will get rolled over by this guy...but not me...and if you're reading this, you won't either. Brian Bridgeport, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Tung Pao, Japan
17, Report #1093025
Oct 19 2013
05:54 AM
Autosquare Co;Ltd ADDRESS: Kumata 7-12-13, Higashi Sumiyoshi, Osaka, 546-0002 JAPANTel:+81-6-4301-9797 Fax:+81-6-4301 CAR PAID FOR BUT NOT DELIVERED osaka OSAKA JAPAN
  I paid for a Toyota RAV 4 which was under Autosquare co;Ltd of Japan in November 2012  through tradecarview web site. The Car was not delivered as per plan, they gave me an explaination that the car had a engine problem and another car was to be provided in replacement to the one i paid for. Up to now they have not delivered the car and communication has been bad as they do not reply to my mails and the contact person by the name of Sakra, has left the company. The rest of the persons who answer the phone once i call do not know english and refer the matter to the company owner who does not understand english as well. At one stage i paid a fee and engaged the Japan Arbitrators in Osaka who also failed to make these people ship or refund my money back. The arbitrators really tried but these crooks stopped also responding to the arbitrators request to settle this matter in time and amicably.  
Entity: osaka, Select State/Province
18, Report #1111210
Mar 10 2014
02:52 PM
Mario Gomez Lozada, Fluencie.com, Avanze Software Labs Pte. Ltd. SCL Got Scammed By Mario Gomez Lozada of Fluencie.com and Avanze Software Labs Pte. Ltd. Singapore/ Japan Singapore,Japan
SCL Got Scammed By Fluencie.com and Avanze Software Labs Pte. Ltd.   Mario Gomez Lozada of Fluencie.com (Parent company name is Avanze Software Labs Pte. Ltd. registered in Singapore) contacted SCL through a reputed freelancing site and awarded a project worth $ 1000 related to content writing. When the project were completed successfully s per project specifications, payment was released through escrow. Our bad luck we thought the client is very genuine.   Second time, this scammer named Mario Gomez Lozada contacted SCL directly and said he wants to deal directly for projects. Since the first experience with him was positive and everything went smooth, even mangers at SCL agreed to deal with him directly. This time again payment was released promptly. (He baited us) So now Mario was part of regular clients of SCL and third time too when the project was completed, payment was made promptly.   Real scam started when Mario Gomez Lozada ordered project worth $ 6000+ the fourth time. He said he is in Japan (His Japanese IP is provided to authorities) This project again was about Content writing, SEO and other internet marketing activities. Now when this was done and SCL asked for payment as part of normal procedure, he very genuinely stated that he lacks funds and that as soon as he has funds he will make the payment. This continued till three months and then his tone changed and he started using abusive language too (wow, he owes us money and showing us temper too). Since he was an old client, SCL was patient with him thinking that his problem is genuine one. In spite of repeated reminders and discussions nothing positive came out and he has not paid single penny out of $6000 till date.   The fact is that if he lacked money why he placed the work order in the first place. His excuses that his business is not running fine are all false and the Truth is that his business is running very good and he is intentionally scamming SCL. This scam company www.Fluencie.com has used all the work which was delivered to them by SCL. His malicious intentions were clear when on December 26 he openly and shamelessly refused to pay and even blocked SCL owner’s id in Skype. SCL even offered him to pay in small chunks but Mario Gomez Lozada shamelessly refused to pay at all.   The company was left with no option but to file Legal complaint. This is what has been done. Anyone who works with Mario Gomez Lozada or his companies like Fluencie.com or the parent company i.e. Avanze Software Labs Pte. Ltd. must beware of his scam techniques.   All evidences of communication and work delivery are present.
Entity: Singapore/ Japan, Select State/Province
19, Report #267560
Sep 21 2010
05:46 PM
John E. Cereso, Managing Partner, Nevada Law Group, LTD. Breached Legal Obligation Ripoff Henderson Nevada
I retained the above mentioned attorney with the expectation that his firm would represent me in obtaining joint legal custody of my son. I was originally scheduled to appear in court on Friday, July 13, 2007. On Thursday, July 12, 2007, Mr. Schneider, a partner in the firm, contacted me by phone to inform me that the court had rescheduled the court date to Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 10:30 a.m. On Tuesday, August 7, 2007, I contacted the firm by phone to re-confirm the court date and that Mr. Schneider would be in attendance because I had been previously advised that he would be handling my case, although Mr. Cereso was originally retained to do so. I also asked the member of the staff who answered the phone to update my file with the correct contact information in case either attorney might need to contact me for any reason. On Thursday, August 9, 2007, I arrived at Family Court in Las Vegas, Nevada at 10:00 a.m. At approximately 10:15, I began to get anxious because Mr. Schneider had not arrived. I called the office and was immediately placed on hold. The bailiff started to call people into the courtroom at approximately 10:20, so I asked a friend who had accompanied me to court to stay on the phone and find out where Mr. Schneider was. When the employee came back on the line, he proceeded to tell my friend that the attorney was on his way. My friend asked how long it would be before he arrived, to which the employee replied he did not know. My friend asked who would be coming and was told that, It was not certain because the firm employed several attorneys but that it would probably be Louis or Aaron. At approximately 10:45, a gentleman walked into the courtroom and told the bailiff that he was standing in for the attorney who was supposed to represent me. The bailiff showed him who I was and he asked me to step outside with him. This attorney, who was heretofore unknown by me, explained that he was not a member of the Nevada Law Group staff. He had gotten a call from Mr. Schneider earlier that morning and was asked to step in because Mr. Schneider had suddenly taken ill. Since this attorney was completely unfamiliar with my case, he asked me to give him the specifics and advised me that he would argue to the best of his ability, if necessary. He also advised me that he would have handled the situation differently and that it would be wise of me to request a refund because no one from Nevada Law Group notified me of the situation or showed up to represent me. As of Monday, August 13, 2007 I had yet to receive a phone call from any representative of the Nevada Law Group advising me of what transpired on Thursday, August 9. No one attempted to apologize for causing me an enormous amount of worry, stress and inconvenience. No one contacted me to find out what occurred in court or to speak with me regarding what the next step in the process should be. This is definitely not the type of treatment I expected to receive. The entire situation was handled in an unprofessional and discourteous fashion. Not to mention the fact that a member of the staff deliberately gave me inaccurate information by implying that the attorney who stood in was a member of the Nevada Law Group staff. At this point, I felt the opportunity for me to obtain joint legal custody of my son would be seriously jeopardized if I continued to retain Nevada Law Group as my legal representation. I made the decision to retain the services of a more competent attorney. So, after waiting four days with no contact from the Nevada Law Group, I visited their office on Monday, August 13 with the intention of presenting a letter which stated my grievance and requested that a refund be issued as expeditiously as possible. When I entered the offices, there was no one seated at the reception desk to greet clients and I waited for approximately ten minutes before I was even acknowledged. After I initiated contact with a member of the staff, who had walked past me several times, I was finally asked if I had been helped. I replied that I had not but that I wished to speak with my attorney, Mr. John E. Cereso. I was told that he was on the phone but he would be with me shortly. After waiting a few more minutes, Mr. Cereso greeted me and asked me to step into his office. I proceeded to explain my reason for visiting him, which has been described in detail above. Mr. Cereso's response was that there was no possible way that I would be receiving a refund. I explained to him that he did not meet his contractual obligation to me by failing to keep me apprised of the status of my case. Furthermore, he breached his legal obligation by failing to ensure that an attorney employed by his firm, who was well versed in the particulars of my case, would be available to represent me in court. Mr. Cereso's reply was, I was really doing you a favor by taking your lousy $1500 in the first place. I was utterly shocked that he would respond to my concerns so tactlessly. At that point, I felt that he couldn't have cared less about my case. It was also apparent to me that his law firm's only concern was to make a quick buck without consideration for its clients. In addition to all of this, he attempted to blame his business partner and stated that several occurrences such as this had resulted in his taking action to dissolve their partnership. What Mr. Cereso fails to realize is that personal issues he has with his business partner, should not affect how efficiently and competently his firm represents the best interests of its clients. I would just like to warn people who are dealing with this law firm, or have contemplated allowing them to represent you, to think twice! Mike N. Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Nissan
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
20, Report #1426180
Jan 30 2018
11:57 AM
Idemtsu Kozan LTD They hired me as a partner (collector), I signed a contract and now total silence after 2 weeks of work.
I signed their contract as an agent (collector), they sent me an invoice from a customer in Canada who had an outstanding balance on his bill, and after doing this work Idemtsu does not answer my emails? Wondering if they are real or a misrepresentation?
21, Report #392718
Nov 19 2008
07:19 AM
Japan Auto Direct Disorganized, don't provide proper documentation Tokyo Japan
Deal with Japan Auto Direct at your own risk. I bought a Nissan Skyline GTR in March 2008 via Japan Auto Direct who acted as my auction agent. After the sale they never provided me with a proper invoice, just an email with an amount on it which I had to pay or lose my deposit. Despite my repeated requests for proper documentation detailing the actual auction cost of the car, plus their costs, etc, they never responded, or pretended not to understand what I was asking for. For all I know they might have doubled the actual cost of the car and invoiced me a fraudulent amount. Then my vehicle was damaged while in their yard or while being delivered to my shipping agent in Japan and they didn't have the courtesy to tell me about it. Guess they thought why should they take responsibility when they could get away with it. I see this company is pursuing an aggressive internet presence and I feel compelled to add this warning to people who may be expecting excellent service to go with the big talk. All in all, I would not recommend them when I have had the pleasure of dealing with other honorable, trustworthy car dealers in Japan who prioritize customer service and don't treat us like sh*t. R R JohannesburgSouth Africa
Entity: Tokyo, Japan
22, Report #238787
Mar 11 2007
09:57 AM
JAPAN, GOVERNMENT OF CRUEL SLAUGHTER OF DOLPHINS AND WHALES FOR MEAT Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Chiyoda-ku, Prime Minister Of Japan, Mr. Shinzo Abe Tokyo JAPAN
JAPAN is employing the use of CRUEL and INHUMANE treatment in the capture and slaughter of wild dolphins and whales. VIDEO: http://www.glumbert.com/media/dolphin Images of bloody red water clearly illustrate that Japan has little respect for the world's oceans and for the conservation of the marine resources Japan claims to support. PLEASE SIGN PETITION: http://www.petitiononline.com/golfinho/ Corralling the dolphins into bays, then making them suffer a long and painful death by spears, hooks, and drowning is an inhumane and DISGRACEFUL way of fishing. It has been reported that this meat is sometimes relabeled as something else that might find its way on our dinnerplates. Why do some American consumers continue to purchase fish, electronics and vehicles from a country that apparently lacks respect for life??? Joyce Windham, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Tokyo, Japan, Worldwide, Internet
23, Report #817112
Jan 03 2012
06:22 AM
Japan Mercantile Exchange Cold Calling Boiler Room ScamScamScam Internet
Were you called by this company and offered an investment that sounded too good to be true?  Well that is because it IS too good to be true.http://jmex.jp/ is a SCAM site the sole purpose of which is to steal your money.Their modus operandi is to cold call investors to participate in a fantastic opportunity. Then they will get you to send your hard earned money to an offshore account. Once they have your money you will never see one cent of it back.Everything about them is bogus. Their addresses are fake. The phone numbers redirect to cell phones in Thailand. Their bank accounts normally end up in the Philippines or Malaysia.Their websites are clones and the names of the people you are dealing with are fake as well.Their website was last created on 29/Jan/2011 and is due to expire on 29/Jan/2012It appears they basically have just started and also dont plan to be in business for very long.For your sake do not deal with this unlicensed, unregistered fly by night company. You WILL lose money. As everybody before you has.If you have been approached do NOT give them any money. If you have already given them money do NOT give them any more.Full information about these crooks is on http://jmex.biz.ly/
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #1145922
May 12 2014
12:30 PM
Someone Pretending to be recruiter for HCR Manorcare Ltd Money Hungry Scammers Seeking individuals to send money for Employment Software Jacksonville, Florida and Tokyo, Japan Internet
 I have been unemployed and seeking emplyment via resume postings online, I even have a posting on caljobs website which is for the state of california. I was contacted in the early hours of the morning via text message by a man named Ben Harry phone number is a Florida Based number and is 754-999-8701, he stated that he reviewed my resume via caljobs and worked for HCR Manorcare Ltd, and was forwarding it to the hiring manager Sharon Taylor. He then stated that if I was interested to contact sharon via yahoo messanger which I proceeded to do so. Sharon then gave me a rundown of the company which she seemed to copy and paste right off of HCR Manorcares Website. She then informed me ans did what seemed to be an interview and stated that all of this was being done online because the company was building a headquaters office in california and wanted people to be trained before the move was made. They provided me with 2 addresses 8087 Normandy Blvd Jacksonville, Fl 32221 and also 4-6-10 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8088 Japan. She asked questions about previous employment and then asked for a address. What they are then doing is stating that they need you to start a one week training with a pay of $25/hr and also it moves up to $35/hr once training is competed this is when I knew for a fact that this was a scammer looking for either information or money, they tell you that you need to buy this software via a company that they have been working with for years and that your money will surely be reimbursed in full via a check they will send to you which of course will be a bad check. Once that message came in I contacted HCR Manorcare directly and spoke with a recruiter in then in fact told me this was a scam and has been going on for a while now and if I could report it to ic3.com which I did infact do. While speaking to them I continued to get messages from Sharon and once I was done I came back and informed her that I figured her out and reported her. The last 2 messages received from this recruiter were excuse my french a****** and b****** which I have screen shots of the whole conversation as well as text messages. People be aware and make sure that you cover all your bases do not deal with these people and always be sure to apply directly with companys you wish to work for. This company im sure has gotten a hold of plenty of peoples hard earned dollars or maybe even borrowed for this software just so they can get a job. These people unfortunately seem to be targeting the states unemployment population as they are getting in contact with people who have their resumes posted on websites that they are required to have them on. People Please Remember the old saying if it sounds to good to be true it most likely is.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1184816
Oct 24 2014
05:22 PM
RAKUTEN Japan, Chiba Fraudulant Business, Fraudulant USPS Tracking Number, Passing the Buck on sellers Chiba, Japan Internet
 Against my gut instinct, I decided to order merchandise (relatively hard to find) From Rakuten Inc. in Japan. Nevertheless, I ordered in good faith. After all, I have lived in Japan and found most people to be honorable. 1. Item picture was taken from a mass image file. 2. Bad communication skills from Customer Service. 3. Fake USPS Tracking number, which links to an immitation USPS page. After about a month of trying to get delivery status, firing off emails, I finally recieved a U.S. Post Office tracking report, it seemed as if my merchadise had arrived in the U.S. weeks ago, spent 1 day in United States, in transit, I supposedly was not home for it to be delivered to, then was shipped back to Japan that very day, and arrived back where it had originated, and arrived there the next day. That's one heck of an express round trip. Even Air Force One dosen't move that fast. Things were smelling very fishy. The package never entered the U.S. come to find out, and I doubt it was ever dispatched. I confronted Rakuten on this, more stonewalling ensued, so off to the bank to kill the card and attempt a charge-back. That was a week ago. Now I'm getting phone calls of broken English asking about my bank card. I've heard excuses ranging from the shop is at fault and we will wait for shop to contact you. This is called passing the buck, it is also called Bravo Sierra in military circles. If you outsource you are also in connivance with those who are engaged in wrongdoing. I don't expect this company to make good on anything, except for continuing to try conning people. I do expect to grab the attention of future consumers and warning them. Search Buy.com, which is the name Rakuten used to travel under until things got to hot. Note they have also just bought Ebates.com and will no doubt continue bilking people. Thus always to scam artists.
Entity: Internet

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