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51, Report #62701
Jul 03 2003
03:28 PM
Ok let's face it everyone HAS to have a car , ok maybe not HAS to, but without one you almost can't do anything. I was a victim of the worst auto buying experience EVER and JD Byrider is all to blame. For starters, I was 19 when I bought my 1994 MX3 from them and at the time had very little credit. I was unaware that they were more of a buy-here pay-here dealership than an accredited auto company. I wanted to earn some credit on my own and was fed every line in the world telling me how easy it was to get credit from them and they'd help me to be able to buy a brand new car when theirs was paid off and blah blah blah.. I bought my car May 4, 2001 from their location in Fairfield, OH. The salesman and manager both acted as though they were going to do everything under the sun to help me out and this would be the best car I'd ever buy....until AFTER THE PURCHASE. I was at the dealership for pretty much the ENTIRE day because they took FOREVER to get the paperwork done. When I finally got in to sign the paperwork I was told how much my car was never before that 8400.00 for a 1994 with 100,000 miles on it. then I was told that I couldn't get approved for the loan if I didn't buy their extended service contract for 900.00. So, just to move things along, I agreed and signed all my paperwork. I had my car for 2 days and went out in the morning to start it and the car wouldn't go into gear. I called the dealership, and was told the service manager wouldn't be in today and was given the number to BEST EXTENDED WARRANTY, that handles the problems. After being redirected to I don't know how many people. I was finally told that it sounded like it was the transmission and it would have to be towed to the dealership. At who's expense? MINE of course. I waited around for 3 hours for THEIR tow truck to come pick up my car and be towed to some other dealership, not JD BYRIDER, across town. The guy from the dealership called and quoted the price to fix the car, which was 1300.00 and told me he was calling BYRIDER with the price and my car would be ready that afternoon. Ok fine. I waited around and didn't hear anything, so I called JD Byrider to find out what was going on with my car. I was told that the dealership they towed it to was charging too much for a new transmission and they were having it towed back to their lot to be worked on the next day. 6 DAYS LATER I finally get a call saying my car is done no rental car, no nothing. I get the car back and am told that before I can have it, I have to pay a 50.00 deductible out of MY POCKET can you believe that. Well, I'd had enough and refused to pay it, and eventually got the manager to give my car back. I figured everything was fine now and left. 2 weeks later, my alternator goes out and then the starter. So, I called back again, this time spoke with the service manager. He proceeds to tell me that these parts are not covered under their service contract. He said they could do the work cheaper than anyone else though. so to bring it in. I wised up to that and refused because I couldn't be without a car for another week. SO i take the car to my mechanic and spend 200.00 to have the car fixed just so I don't have to be without a vehichle. Everything is fine for about 6 months, and then I'm driving on the highway one morning on my way to work and the car decides it's going to die right there in the middle of the interstate this time I have to call AAA to come and tow my car. I call BYRIDER and tell them what is going on and come to find out from the Transmission place that I had my car towed to that I needed a new clutch AND EXHAUST system which cost me a little over 1000.00 out of pocket. When I informed JD Byrider of this, I was told that clutches werent covered under this BEST EXTENDED WARRANTY either and that I probably just needed to learn how to drive a manual car better. I WAS FURIOUS! I started contacting managers and so on and told them I would not pay another penny to them until I was reimbursed some of the money I'd spent or they took care of all the problems and paid the mechanics that had fixed my car. This went on back and forth for 2 months and I was receiving harassing phone calls EVERY DAY stating that I needed to pay them money or they were going to repo my car and screw up my credit. I argued and fought endlessley until one day while I was at work a tow truck came and towed my car back to their dealership for non-payment....without any advance notice to me. I went into the dealership and spoke with their finance manager, JAY FARNIVAL and explained the situation. in tears, hoping I would get something resolved after all I paid 7500.00 more than the car was worth plus 900 for a service contract, and then almost 3000.00 in repairs...NOTHING... He was rude and told me I needed to learn how to handle my finances better and that I wasn't going to get my car back unless I paid him 866.00 cash that day....and I was also not getting any assistance from them for all of the repairs. I was told that MAINTENANCE was part of the responsiblity of owning a car....can you believe that crap? MAINTENANCE? I had a few choice words with him....and with that he ESCORTED, yes ESCORTED me out to my car, now sitting in their impound to retrieve my belongings. I finally thought I had wipe my hands clean of JD BYRIDER. but I didn't. I starting receiving even more harrasing phone calls at home and work from CREDIT MAX, their collecter, stating they were going to garnish my wages for the monies owed on the car as well as whatever the remaining balance was after they sold the car at auction. This went on for about 3 months and I finally ended up having to change all my contact numbers and write the credit bureau explaining the situation to have the repossession removed. Now, 2 years later I still have a repo on my credit, can't get a new car, and they have officially ruined my car loan reputation all because I was sold a piece of overpriced JUNK. So if you have imperfect credit let me tell you, JD BYRIDER is NOT the answer. You're credit will only get worse because by the time you pay it off...the damn thing won't even run or you'll have gotten fed up and given it back...just like me. FURIOUS AND SCREWED OUT OF A CAR cincinnati, OhioU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on JD ByRider
Entity: Fairfield, Ohio
52, Report #92725
May 24 2004
11:38 AM
Entity: AMHERST, Ohio
53, Report #602678
May 12 2010
02:09 PM
C.N.A.C. - JD BYRIDER JD Byrider 2 cars No hope... Cincinnati, Ohio
Yeah um...don't do it. I purchased a 2003 PT cruiser from them in 2007. Four days later the engine blew. They told me it was beyond repair so I picked a 2001 Blazer instead...that I really did not want. When I went to sign the agreement for the Blazer, there sat my PT cruiser already up for sale...Lie #1. A few months later the engine and transmission blew in my Blazer. They did not take forever but I was forced to get a rental car that was supposed to be in my original contract....Lie #2. My car was originally supposed to be a little over 10,500 and I've paid my note religiously. Now, they're saying that due to my payment being 2 days late, my previous payments have went entirely to finance charges and only $100 has been allocated toward the principal...bull crap ! Lie#3. And the list goes on... Please whatever you do don't believe the hype. I know it's cliched but I'll say it anyway. If it's too good to be true, then it probably is.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
54, Report #555647
Jan 16 2010
06:30 PM
C.N.A.C. - JD BYRIDER JD Byrider Harrassing, Overpriced!!!!!! Atlanta, Georgia
This company is just a real winner, NOT!!! Even though this part is at my own fault, they are extremely over priced on their vehicles, I am paying $12k without interest for a $4k PT Cruiser. CNAC begins calling before the payment is even due and get worse day after day. Losing my job it is not always easy to make my payment on time and they of course don't care, they get their money but they don't take that into consideration, the car note is always paid. On the day the payment is due they call me several times as well as all of my references, they will literally drive you insane. The vehicle is not all that great either, I have had it for six months. The engine oil light comes on every day, the vehicle has to be turned off and started again to turn it off. The paint is now cracking on the roof. When first cranking the engine skips so bad it feels like a horrible message while sitting in the car. If it is cold the vehicle barely cranks and then runs like pure crap for quite some time. Don't buy from this company, they will drive you insane while charging a fortune for a vehicle that is work 1/3 of what they are charging you for it and then add in the high interest! Trust me, it is so bad I am about ready to just turn the vehicle in where I never have to have them call again, my phone would be relieved not to have them calling and leaving messages every few hours!
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
55, Report #894078
Jun 07 2012
06:08 AM
JD BYrider howe ave akron ohio JD byrider should be called RENT A beater akron, Ohio
ATTention , anyone that has ever lost your job and got your car repoed, it happens , but what ever dont go to JD BYRIDER for your solution, u can go to dealers and they can help or ask a family member, I purchased a car, that was only worth about 3 grand but payed over 10 grand, at 200 bi eekly it was more than the car that got repoed, they dont tell you that the down payment is taken out weekly and they jack up payments for 2-3 months until the down payment is taken , after i got it the next week, instead of the next two weeks they called and said you owe 400 hundred its part of downpayment, then i was so broke at christmas i had no money, so my paymts all on time, then i got my phone number changed and they couldnt reach me, they came and repoed the car, thank god i wasnt working that day, and it you get payed three times in a month they take a 3rd payment, i was furious, called them up and told them phone number changed and didnt have time to call them, i told them i was going to sell it, CNAC laughed and said good luck with that, then took for oil change and firestone gives me a list of things wrong with the car thats isnt covered under the 1000 warrenty that i bought, the tie rod was going to break, the air conditioning, brake fluid, and brakes all needed repaired, are u kidding all u are doing is RENTing a car before you cant pay for it, we didnt even have food to eat due to this car, i took the car and dropped it off in parking lot and said here is my lawyers name  and im filing bankrupt, and after 7 months the amt of car didnt even do down down a cent, 22 persent interest and they dont tell you that.!!!!!!!!!DONT GO TO JD BYRIDER FOR YOUR NEXT CAR!!!!!!!!!!THEY CALL you up a day before the car payment is due and act and talk very nasty to you, oh they let you slide withthe paymt a few days if you arrange it but that about all they do.
Entity: akron, Ohio
56, Report #283022
Nov 05 2007
11:51 AM
JD Byrider JD BYRIDER/CNAC are liars and ripoffs!!! Mansfield Ohio
I have been dealing with JD BYRIDER / CNAC for less that a month now and have nothing but prolbems starting with the car we wanted they had it when we went to fill out the paper work. They said it was more than we could afford. So we thought we would check back later for something else. A couple days later they called and said they had something we'd like. We went to look and the durango we wanted was gone. So they Show us this other suv didn't really like it but if we wanted a vehicle it was our only choice. yeah we didn't have a CHOICE. They told us that that is the only thing we could afford ( the payments were the same only difference is the durango was $1000.00 more total price) so we got the vehicle they picked for us. We wanted to drop the extended warrenty they said we couldn't. So then we go pay our payment the rest of the down payment after already $1200.00 and there the durango is they lied to us it wasn't gone at all. They hid it from us. We called today because we wanted to trade for a more reliabe vehicle and better on gas. Every week we have to put about $50.00 in our SUV and that is driving around town not even everyday. They said they can't do that and if we brought it there they would take it as a repo and we will still have to pay the $12000.00 for it. We are up to date on payments. They don't want to work with us at all. They call every week and remind us of payments and we have it wrote on the calender and have the calender print out of the dates cicled of payment dates on the fridge. Were not fogeting. If it isn't a phone call to us it's friends and family or sending us stupid mail trying to get us to refer people. I would refer people not to go there. They do bad business and bug people to much. Racheal Mansfield, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Mansfield, Ohio
57, Report #264750
Aug 02 2007
07:07 AM
JD Byrider - CNAC Someone Please Sue JD Byrider ripoff Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Florida
I bought my car from the JD byrider dealership in Tallahassee, Fl. What a nightmare. When I purchased the car I was told that it was 6,000 but after financing it was 10,000. Well when I started to make payments I was told that the car was actuallt 10,000. A 2002 Chevy Malibu. I think not! I called the finance manager who was very nice and she told me that she could not tell me exactly how much interest I would pay on the car. I would need to speak with the salesperson. I told her that she is the one who finanaced me so how doesnt she know how much i owe. That was only half the battle. The car is a piece of crap. It overheated. There was a clucking noise coming from the passenger side. Not only that the intake manifold went. There has been so many problems with the car. And I yell at the mechanic asking her to do a complete diagonistic evalution so I can stop having to bring the car in every wk. They wont. They want you to miss work and drive around on a ticking bomb! I'm currently in the process of trying the trade in the vehicle to a more repittyuble company. Even if its a Hyundai! Angryandtired Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Florida
58, Report #1318029
Jul 20 2016
08:16 PM
JD Byrider/CNAC screwed by JD Byrider/CNAC Chandler Arizona
They sold me a 2005 Dodge Neon for $10,000 and then I find out it is only worth maybe 2500. They saw me coming. Bad credit, low income....payments which are half my income....I plan on voluntarily giving them their car back....I haven't even touched the prinipal in over a year.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
59, Report #1360302
Mar 07 2017
11:23 AM
1979 1979 Mishawaka IN
 I purchased a car from this dealership 10/2016. I put a $500 down payment and was told if I put some of my tax refund down as a deffered payment, it could lower my overall amount owed. I signed up to put $1500 of my tax refund after I filed the following year. I wound up getting my taxes offset for a previous debt owed. I spoke with the finance company, CNAC, and explained the situation. Intially, I was told it wasn't an issue and that they would hold my account until I recieved proof from the IRS that it was being taken. I am a customer that makes my payments on time, always answers or returns the calls, and kept this company informed every step of what was happening with my taxes. About 1.5 weeks after I notified the finance company of the tax situation, I recieved a call from Miss Archie (she called herself) saying that I have had the car since October and they need their $1500 from my taxes. I explained to her that they were being offset and per the other agents I spoke with I just needed to wait for the IRS to send me something. She told me they couldn't wait and I needed to go the the dealership so they could rewrite the loan without my taxes being included. I agreed but explained that since I work and my husband went to school , it would be difficult to get us both at the dealership at the same time for long. She told me she would see if we could come in separate times and call me back. She called back and said that the Mishawaka Indiana location I would be going to said no we had to be there at the same time. I got frustrated and asked to speak with a supervisor at CNAC. I spoke with a lady named Beth. She assured me that the process would only take 1 hour and to keep in contact with her with any issues. When we get to the dealership we were told that they had to completely redo the contract, including checking my credit again. This is where my problem is. I was never told I needed to have my credit rechecked. As a consumer trying to get my credit repaired, which is orginally why we ended up at this dealership at the first place, I am upset my credit needed to get an inquiry hit for something I already purchased. After 3 hours, not 1 hour as promised, we finally left. I just think everything should be explained up front, especially since the company prides itself on helping peoples credit.
Entity: Indiana
60, Report #363370
Aug 15 2008
04:09 PM
I first of all understand that there is a price for screwing up your credit. I thought I had no choice but to go to a place like JD ByRider to get a decent vehicle so I couold get to work. I was stupid and overly enthusiastic that I was even getting a car that wasnt a $500 p.o.s. They never disclosed to me the actual price of the 2003 Stratus I wanted. Just that my payments would be under $400 a month. I guess $398 is under $400. WTFE. It came with this 24000 mile/2yr warranty which I am thankful for but I had no idea I would be taking it in for work every 2 friggin weeks!!!! Before I bought it I test drove it. It pulled to thye right HARD CORE. The radio didnt work and the airbag warning light would stop coming on and off. I agreed to purchase this 86000 mile vehicle ONLY if they fixed everything. I have that agreement in writing. That was in April 2008. Today I picked it up for the 9th time..YES the 9th time for the alignment that was supposed to be done before I took it home the 1st time!!! In the mean time of the alignment, they found 3 bad wheel bearings, bad rear brakes, bad rotors and pads on the front brakes, a bad timing belt, leaking cam seals and a serious gasket seal. All of the above was replaced over the 9 visits except the alignment.I PICKED IT UP AND DROVE 45 MILES ...all the oil came out, it was smoking to point of fire, I towed it home and it dumped what was left of the oil in my parking lot...I just picked it up and started driving home..Just for the hell of it, I let go of my steering wheel and the car promptly proceeded to head directly for the ditch to the right. I am done!! The service manager never drove it, promised the alignment had been done and said come get me and take me for a ride as I think you are imagining all this. NO WAY! I am driving it til they find me...I have repeatedly talked to the manager and asked for a different car as people do make mistakes..maybe they shouldnt have bought this car..maybe its just a lemon..not really blaming them..After being insulted so more about being a girl they WILL NOT replace the car unless they absolutely cannot figure out what is wrong with it. I am done going carless. No loaner EVER..The oil leak was their fault so I did get a rental, surprise surprise..Squeaky wheels gets the oil..Now I am not going to stop squeaking until I either have a different vehicle or preferably get to hand it back to them, Kiss the $3000 I've wasted and get the hell out of this finance NIGHTMARE!! Til then, they can talk to my lawyer as soon as I can get my car payment money to him for a retainer!!I do not advise going to JD ByRider to ANYONE.. A $500 P.O.S (piece of sh**) is a Cadillac compared to the joke of a vehicle this previously wrecked and undisclosed, with a motor that now sounds like it has marbles in it or like their are munckins tap dancing in there...I AM DONE! Next step, state attorney, FTC, and private lawsuit I guess..and catch me if you can to CNAC.PEACE THE F*** OUT! Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me, FOOL ME 9 times and its just a crying shame!! Lynn Kalamazoo, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Kalamazoo, Michigan
61, Report #1303536
May 04 2016
07:05 AM
JD Byrider Tuesday. Sales rep JD Money Trap Columbus Ohio
 Bought a car from JD $300 down and a co-signer. The car power everything stopped working. The deal was with income tax pay $500. I did not recieve taxes this year. I get a paper check so when i get off every other friday i put my check on the card. JD cancelled my card out completely because i could not pay the $500. A week later i paid it and they added more money on top of it. Then they say do a rewrite for the car paper work so i can keep paying. Instead they try to take my keys with my children with me. My co signer offered to pay the amount they kept lying and saying i was behind. But they refused and came took my car. I have been on time with all my payments i even paid the 500 something and come to find out the 500 + i paid them they kept and didnt give to corporate.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
62, Report #247871
May 09 2007
08:58 AM
JD Byrider-CNAC -Byrider Finance False reporting, incorrect reporting to credit bureu Columbus Ohio
We allowed our vehicle from JDByrider to be reposessed in January 2007, because the vehicle no longer ran and they were not going to fix it. We knew that it would go on our credit after it was sold in auction and we planned on paying the difference. As we came to find out today that they are reporting to the credit bureau that we are 90 days behind on our payments, but we have not owned or had in our posession the car since Jan.07. How can they report that we are 90 days behind on our payments when we haven't had the car? Also, they are going to put on there that the car was repoed and still owe a lump sum, so how can they put both on there at the same time? When I called them and asked , the lady on the other end of the phone asked if I was some kind of lawyer or something. I told her I was not calling to hear her sarcasm but was calling to try to understand this a bit more. Still no straight answer. Does someone out there have a solution??? Kelly Bradford, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
63, Report #75327
Mar 25 2017
03:12 PM
If the old saying a new sucker is born every minute is true then every JD Byrider MUST be some sort of delivery room for these suckers being born. I was unfortunately born (SUCKER) in 2001 at their location in Brockton Mass. Now I knew going in that they had a sleezy'esque feel about them. Perhaps even more than your average Dealership. I knew this because lets be honest they are caterring to the desprite and for the moSt part they know or assume (they) are your last hope and at that point in order to turn to them you can pretty much assume no one else will finance you, right? Well I knew being a woman and a desprite one with bad credit I was in for it and to add to that I was and still am to some degree ignorant of anything to do with a car. I came in the door doe eyed and a little to eager. They saw me a staning there with 3 kids my youngest an infant and swooned in on me. I told thm I needed a Mini van. I told them my past credit woes. We did the paper work even though I pleaded I was just looking so I see they have vurtually nothing pertaining to multi passenger cars with the exception of a Dark Blue 1995 Dodge Caravan. Now in my defense it was late at night. But even the optimist was skeptical. It looked pretty old. It had a sticker but NO PRICE?? It had well over 150,000 mls on it which was I guess understandable. It looked like a base model. So we get the keys me and the kids pile in and buckle up and we drive only around the block, everything seemed okay but what do I know? literally! So the kids were grateful to be riding it was late and I worked and again was desprite. So the took me up to the Delivery room where the magic happens. Now durring this whole night a price was never mentioned I asked a few times and was told over and over how low my payments would be. I can only fault myself I guess for not insisting of this very important deal breaking news before the joy ride. Anywho they have all the documents laid out and go on about how big a favor they are doing me by giving me a second chance and how I'd better not mess it up. Im signing the papers and then we get to the price first they give you the seemingle good news which always starts with the Segway ONLY! $179 a week Which monthly translates to a brand new car payment not a car that is over two decades old! My bad.. So I sign my life away and they explain away how great their warranty is and assure me tht they do a exstensive tune-up and check and fix everything. So I don't feel as had after that. I put down $500.00 and the car is now ONLY! $7,000 and some change. If I were to sell the car in the condition I bought it I would be lucky to get $500.00 for it. After everything was done and I was given the keys to my new lemon it was closing time. The last sales man and I drove off the lot together ONLY I didn't make it to the 3rd set of lights! The car cut off on me several times in traffic. I was soo scared, it was cold I didn't know the area I had no cell phone and I had my 4 month old infant with me. I never Prayed so intensely in my life. The car made it back to Boston where I live. That was about a 45 mnt drive (for me). I was pissed to say the least and called the very next day and reported what happened. They seemed as shocked and upst as I (of course) and I stated I want to return the car and wash my hands off it. I was already feeling like a big idiot for buying a car that old for that much and then it had a nerve to break down on the way out the dealership? ohhh NO! I was told that would be a voluntary reposession and I would not be financed again anywhere. I had no choice but to bring the car back. They could find nothing wrong with it (of course) It was one of those moments when ur scratching ur head wonderring hmm maybe it is just me? The next incident was the bald tires and the rotted bolts. I was driving on the highway and I could feel the tire wobbling I got off the highway and looked at the tires and they were not flat...not yet anyway. The bolts were soo old and rusted that some of the front ones had rotted off and my tires were not secure. I had to get towed... I got towed a lot in 2001 I had to pay to have the car towed to them they fixed the bolts at no charge. Soon after that incident about a month and a half the bald tires started peeling like Banans. Then it was a gasket, then the Transmission. There were so many trips to Brockton and soo many out of pocket cost I had no car more often than not and I was paying for something I couldn't use. I couldn't afford to keep paying for Insurance and car payments and repairs. I got behind in my Insurance not car payments and had enough I told them to come and get it again and this time keep it. In the end in they got about a $3,000 profit from a $500.00 car. Now who says the car business has a small profit margin. Perhaps you need to go checkout Jd Byrider if your an out of work sales man. However if you are NOT and you are looking for a car don't do business with JD BYRIDER. If you want a used car buy one flat out. I gaurantee you in a months time you will have paid them the market value of your car anyway. The rest of your payments are just salary and profit for them. The moral of this story is If someone is offerring you a deal and they claiming to be doing you a favor and acting as if it's because they wanna help you AND they are in the car business chances are your going to be taken advantage of. In retro spect It is soo very obvious you should be firm and you should never act out of despiration. You should have a clear price on the car BEFORE you drive it or sit down to bang out the details. I am now left with really, really bad credit No car and no recourse. My next car will be bought and paid for at the same time. foot note: if anyone decides to do business with JD please keep in mind they don't like to answer questions about the cars price and will try to distract you with other things. Pleas know the Blue book value of the car and have it checked out by a couple of mechanics first and have a thorough test drive. sincerely, Jaded Angel Dorchester, MassachusettsU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on JD ByRider
Entity: BROCKTON, Massachusetts
64, Report #157374
Sep 16 2005
09:52 PM
JD Byrider ripoff, fraudulent, deceptive practices, unethical, loan sharks, nasty attitudes. Louisville Kentucky
I purchased a 98 Pontiac Transport Van less than a year ago. I went into the dealership at 10:00 that morning and did not leave until 9:45 pm that night. I was so exhausted and tired of dealing with the sales person, I just ask him to give me my money back and let me leave. That did not happen. I ended up buying the Van, and paying more for it and giving them some deffered payments that never went toward the purchase price. Very bad mistake. Two weeks later the transmission went out. The company did pay for it and went rather smooth, though I did have to pay for my own rental car. Then shortly there after the thermostate went out then the water pump, then the alternator. I can't even begin to describe the electrical problems I have had. They promised me to put the missing seats in the van. I went to go get them and they did not have the seats. There were a list of things that needed to be fixed in the beginning of the deal that they did not have time to fix with out keeping the van for two weeks with out giving me a loaner or nothing. I wanted to take the car back and they began to go nuts calling my 83 year old granmother, my mother, father, friends nieghbors, my job and discussed my personal finances with them. I was very upset, so I told them to come repo the van, they did then put me on a cure program where they said they forgave all the past debt where I refused to pay because the van was not operatble. They then told me if I would make my payments on time they would fix my van. I did what they ask and plus gave them 800 dollars. Long story short my van is sitting in the parking lot of my complex broke down for two months and will not run. I am so very very frustrated as now they are threatening to garnish my wages, calling everyone and sending certified letters to my job, and not to me. I have talked to them so much it does no good. During this whole thing Michelle Smith is a finance manager there and has said things to me like loser I don't have any problem paying my bills all sorts of things. I finally lost with them and told them to come get the .... van They are charging me 9,554.00 for a van that is worth ,1,800 and that is if it runs well. I do not know what to do. It is a complete nightmare. I am a professional that got into a tight situation and needed a vehicle fast so I could work. Someone please this has to stop. This is wrong what they are doing, if we had done these things we would be in jail. Anne Louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
65, Report #126322
Jan 07 2005
11:38 AM
JD Byrider, CNAC has an employee, Becky, that keeps harassing us. Ripoff! Toledo Ohio
My husband and I have major harrassment issues with Becky at the Central Ave office in Toledo, Ohio. At first everything was going smoothly with the payment end of the bargain. Now, Becky is claiming that we are always late with our payments, which in fact we have been on time. I walk my payment in since I only work a few miles away from them. When she mailed us our report of monies left and days late...everytime we have a 6 day lat to a 14 day late. We are trying so hard to fix our credit report and this is going to stop us being able to move up north. I am sick of repeated phone calls and threats of picking up the vehicle that I am thinking of doing a lawsuit. I am a teacher... so I am educated...do not use harrassment tactics with me. I pay my bills on time (bad credit readings from medical bills when deathly ill and student loans) There has to be a major issue with this woman b/c when I walk the payments in... there is not a single word said to me... and she knows who I am. Becky waits to you are at home, calls and threatens you, calls your family and work numbers and threaten them about me. This has to stop! Louann Tecumseh, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Toledo, Ohio
66, Report #122529
Dec 12 2004
10:19 PM
JD Byrider - CNAC ripoff Columbia South Carolina
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
67, Report #129504
Feb 16 2005
07:04 PM
CNAC - JD Byrider ripoff dishonest fraudulent overcharge crooks ignorant idiots lemons uncooperative Alliance Ohio
The biggest mistake of our lives was to get a car (actually, TWO cars) from JD Byrider. We were living on a very low income, with limited credit (not BAD credit, unestablished credit) and had tried several car lots with no luck. We had been walking everywhere for the previous 6 months, and it just wasn't working out. It took them 5 hours to get us financed, and by then, we were about to walk out the door. We should have. We viewed several cars that day, including a 1993 Ford Escort wagon with over 300,000 miles on it. Of course, we turned that down. What we did take was 1991 Grand Am with 102,000 miles. It ran fine for the test drive. Of course, they charged us $6500 plus the standard (for those crooks) 24.99% interest rate. And they deferred the down payment, with interest, and added interest to their mandatory junk warranty. The very next day, the car broke down. We spoke with them on the phone, and they agreed to pay the towing charge for the 30 miles, and fixed it free of charge. Two days later, we picked it up. On the way home, it broke down. So we called them again. They had a bit of an attitude that time, insisting that the car was fine, but agreed to fix it again. See, they claimed it was just the water pump, which they kept replacing. Anyway, they fixed it again. It broke again. Thats the third time. Now we were pissed. We demanded a rental car, which they refused, until we told them they could take their peice of junk and shove it. We got a rental, and they finally fixed the alternator(ie the real problem)at a local dealership, on our insistence. They were rather nasty about all this, but we forced them to deal with us, which we found, is how you must treat them. Over time, the car was alright, we had it for about a year, made all of our payments early, drove it in every month because they would not give us a payment book, and the hell if we were gonna trust them to properly credit it. Now, towards the end of the year, the car started overheating, and smelled very strange. We had a mechanic look at it, and it was determined that the wires were literally melting, and that the car was a fire hazard. JD Byrider didn't care. The warranty was up and that was that. The Alliance JD Byrider is owned by Courtesy Kia of Alliance, and the deal was, that after 6 months we would be able to trade up into one of their brand new vehicles. HA! We tried at 6 months, they couldn't help us. We tried again at 12 months, and though they were glad to let us sit there for 2-3 hours, they still wouldn't finance us. So we had no choice, it was either fix the whole electrical system (costing thousands of dollars) or trade in the car for another JD Byrider lemon. We chose the latter. After another 5 hours of finance work, we were approved for another car. This time, we got a 1992 Chevy Lumina, for over $7000. We made our payments early, like good little troopers, and had no immediate problems, except having to buy it new tires immediately. Two months later, JD Byrider had a talk with my fiance. It turns out that our previous car did indeed catch on fire, giving the new owner 2nd degree burns over 70% of his body. He sued, of course. Anyway, after having this car for about 10 months, it started leaking oil profusely (it had been leaking about a quart every 3 months anyway). It seems that leaks had sprung out of every gasket. Odd, wouldn't you say? We contacted JD Byrider several times. It wasn't their problem. So we kept dumping in oil (it got to the point of dumping in 4 quarts EVERY TIME we drove ANYWHERE). Eventually, the motor blew, and we made a decision. We had already paid $2,000 for a car worth only $600 (kelly blue book value) in prime condition. We would NOT pay another $5,000. So, with help from family, we bought a car straight out from a private owner, and voluntarily returned the Lumina to JD Byrider. They held my fiance against his will for 40 minutes with threats and told him he couldn't turn in the car. They went so far as to chase him out the door, still griping, with the keys in their hand, trying to get him to take them back. But we drove away, honking and waving, with his brother driving us to our waiting new car. Now they plan to auction off the car, and will supposedly put that amount towards our balance. They have added $800 in fees, which we plan to contest, and we are planning on filing bankruptcy against their ridiculous loan. The point is, if places like this were REALLY out to help people, there would be leniency, lower payments, and lower finance rates. They aren't concerned about taking a chance on people with bad credit, they make it HARDER for people with bad credit to get better credit. They will not negotiate any parts of any contracts or payment agreements. JD BYRIDER: YOU SUCK If they want to do us a favor, they can go out of business and stop scamming decent people. Raymond Boardman, OhioU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on JD ByRider
Entity: Alliance, Ohio
68, Report #126130
Jan 06 2005
01:30 PM
Jd Byrider ripoff! They are jerks and extremely rude! Indianapolis Indiana
In 2002 my husband and I went to jd byrider to get a car. We had the car two weeks and had problems with it. I paid my sales tax and down payment and got my title for the car and got my plates. They were supposed to send us a payment book and we were to have 45 days until our first payment was due. I called them to see where my payment book was and they told me I was late on my payments. I had the car for only 3 weeks at this point. I went to the store with my mom to get things for thanksgiving and come back and my car was gone. I called them and they said if I brought up $500 I could get my car back. So i went up there and they would not give me the car. They said that I didnt pay the sales tax and down payment when I did and had my plates on the car. They told me that the references that I gave them which were all family did not exist that I lied to them and these people did not know me. I asked my family and they said they never received calls from JD Byrider. My husband went up to talk to them and they through him off the property and said they were going to call the police on him. we left and they got the car. They are inconsiderate jerks and I would never go back to them. Melissa shelbyville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
69, Report #149123
Jul 09 2005
05:30 PM
CNAC, JD Byrider Ripoff artists, dishonest, RUDE, unfair Indianapolis Indiana
I was finally able to get a lease through a reputable finance company and was going to suprise my wife. When I called and told her we were going to pick up our brand new car, she informed me that she had just made a payment over the phone a couple of hours ago. I thought, no problem, I will just give them a call and ask them to reverse the charges, problem solved. So I thought. I told the rep that I was currently in the middle of leasing a new car and my wife had mistakenly made a payment earlier. As soon as I mentioned that I would like to have them return my money, the representative I was speaking with got all defensive and informed me that he could not reverse the charges. I asked why, and he informed me that a payment was due that day and it did not matter that the car was being paid off by the dealership I was leasing from, and just flat out refused to discuss it any further. I feel that I should get my money back, simply because the car was being paid off by the dealer, so there is actually nothing to be paying on. Michael Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
70, Report #145710
Jun 10 2005
12:19 PM
JD Byrider Total Ripoff-Over Charging For Vechicle Bedford Ohio
I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I leased a 1993 Dodge Shadow from JD Byrider in September of 2001 and I was making bi-weekly payments (every 2 weeks) of 150.00. I currently owe 4,500.00 on the car, but I feel that the 5,000.00 that I've already paid has more than covered the cost due to that fact its constantly in need of repairs. I checked the blue book value for the car and came up to only 2,035.00 in mint condition. I've recently discovered that the orginal moter had be replaced and right after we signed for it we had to make some repairs--this pretty much kills the mint condition standing. Early last year I experienced instances in which the just die in the middle of the street. I was almost hit once. The belts constantly pop-off and I've had had to repair several times, but to no avail. Because this is the only transportation my family has and because I go to school off campus, me must continously fix the car. I honestly believe that I've paid more in repairs than paying for the actual car itself. As of right now, the car isn't running without stopping and the belt feel off again. I must replace the muffler, tire rod, and what ever the problem is with the belts and whatever is causing the car to stop. I understand that when you sign a contract that it is leagally binding, but I think is obsurd to pay 9,000.00 for a car that is barely worth 2,000.00 especially when it constantly breaks down. Angela Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
71, Report #160309
Oct 11 2005
10:15 AM
JD Byrider overcharging me for a purple lemon, 1998 chevy cavalier. Columbus Ohio
I had went to JD Byrider in March of 2005 because I couldn't find anyother car company to help me get into a car. Not because I had bad credit, but I had none. So I turned to JD Byrider to help me. So I made an attemt to go to Columbus before I had to go to work. We arrived up there on the corner of Refugee and Hamilton Road in Canal Winchester. I went in the office and they had me talk to Jerry about getting into a car. First off I had a trade in, and Jerry said that they weren't taking any trade-ins at that time. So he told me that there was a car lot accross the street that bought cars, and they always send their customers over there and they buy their cars so the customr can get their downpayment. So he told me to go over and see how much the guy at the other car lot would offer. So I left there and went across the street to the other car lot to see how much he would give me for my trade in. The male told me he would only give me 200.00 for my trade in. So I refused the trade in. Went back over to JD Byrider and they wouldn't take no downpayment lower than 500.00. So I left and went home. By that time, I was going to wait until I got paid to even attempt to come up with a downpayment. Then was actually thinking of just trying somewhere else. Well when payday came, I had gotten a call from Jerry at JD Byrider and he said that they would take a 300.00 downpayment. So I took most of the money from my check that week and still had to go to a check cashing place for a hundred dollar advance to make up for the 300.00 that I needed. I went up to JD Byrider with my 300.00 along with the things I needed, like 10 personal references with phone numbers and addresses. By time I did get up there they already had my car picked out for me. It was a 1998 chevy cavalier with 89,000 miles on it. We test drove it and I thought it ran fine and didnt have any problems. Went inside to talk about the rest with Jerry. The lot price of the car was 9,995. And we discussed what the monthly payment for my car would be. He told me it would be 147.62 bi-weekly. He didn't tell me about any deferred payments until that moment. I had to make 2/200.00 payments within a month. If I was even one day late on making one of them deffered payments, he said they would repo my car. After we had discussed all of that, he sent a financial rep out to talk to me because he was the one that would determine wether I could get my car and wether he thought I could afford it. Some of the questions he asked was wether I smoked, how much and which brand, how much my rent was a month, how much clothes I bought for both me and my son, how much laundry detergent I used and what brand, amongst other questions, that I thought weren't ligitimate in getting into a car. Finally Jerry had all the paper work ready and we went into a room where they had audio and stereo equipment set up. They had to record and voice record the signing of the contracts. After singing they had to make sure that i had insurance on the car before i left the lot. Now I am stuck here with a car that has bad motor mounts, I had already replaced the rubber insert ontop the motor, fixed the water pump, the alternator, and now i have to fix crank shaft censor. my warranty is up now. It covered for 18,000 miles or 18 months which ever came sooner. When it was warrantied, i called to have them fix my car because another censor had gone bad and they had a couple week waiting list. Working to support my family I couldnt drop my car off because i had to work, so i asked them if they had any type of rental cars available. And they said no and gave me this number for a rental car company. So everytime something went wrong, i fixed the car myself instead of having to rely on them. well the only thing i have to say to others is that i would not recommend anyone to get a car from them. They aren't worth the hassel and the vehicles are not worth the prices. I am paying 13,000 dollars for a 1998 Chevy Cavalier. And it was not worth the price, but now i am stuck with it. Chrystal Junction City, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
72, Report #159448
Oct 04 2005
02:20 PM
JD Byrider - CNAC Rip off at it's finest Louisville Kentucky
My experience goes like this: I was young, bad credit, son had just had heart surgery, etc. I went to JD Byrider and they had me fill out some information for a credit check. They told me they couldn't quote the price or let me test drive until this was done. A day or two later I received a phone call stating that I had been approved for a bank loan on one of the newer cars. I drove my beat up little car on the lot (where it died.) My dad and my infant son were in the car behind me. My father left me and my son and went back to Indiana. After waiting forever, the salesman told me that the bank loan, in fact, didn't go through. He told me I still qualified for a car. It was late and he told me I had to hurry and pick out a car. The car I picked out, I was unable to test drive, because they were getting ready to close. I asked if it had been wrecked and they stated no. I asked them if I could come back the next day and pick a car. They told me to go ahead and sign for this car and they would honor me bringing it back the next day. I tried to bring the car back (which, in fact, had been wrecked) and they told me I drove off the lot, so it was mine and they weren't taking it back. I turned in the keys and told them I wasn't taking it. They told me I would have to take this other car in order for them not to press charges and ruin my credit completely. Once again, I was not given a choice. I took the car. The back door wouldn't open, the back windows wouldn't roll down, the radiator hose was leaking, etc. etc. It was a mess! Needless to say, I paid thousands on this car worth about 200 dollars. I was about 2k short on payoff when I said I wasn't going to do it anymore. I had it towed back to the lot. (At this point I hadn't driven it except the first couple of months after I bought it because it kept breaking down.)I handed the keys back and told them to shove it. Didn't hear anything out of them until May, when I received a paper from my employment place stating they were garnishing my wages for OVER and almost DOUBLE the 2k I owed when I turned it in. I never received court documents. Recently, we were attempting to buy a house and I received a call from my mortgage broker asking me about my business relationship with CNAC and JD Byrider. I said I had no current business. She informed me the company has been checking my credit every 1-2 months. This has been going on for a couple of years. Needless to say, I hope the company goes UNDER. I hope those that are behind this know what it feels like to not be able to buy groceries, etc. because they have to pay out a VILLAIN! I am now in the process of paying about 12k on a 92 Geo Prism that ran for approx 3 miles after I drove it off the lot. Thanks JD Byrider and CNAC! Crystal Mt Washington, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
73, Report #74583
Dec 09 2003
03:48 PM
JD Byrider - CNAC It's a rip-off DON'T DO IT Milwaukee Wisconsin
I've read quite a few of these rip-off reports and I concur... JD Byrider is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Now it is a given that people buying a car from this company have had or currently have some credit issues, myself included, but to be blantantly misled is wrong. I bought a 1991 Chevy Lumina Minivan in 2001. It only had 66,000 miles on it and appeared to be in good condition. I did test drive it and it did seem at that time to ride ok. Fast forward to December 2003. To date I have replaced the transmission, the heater core, the alternator, the starter, the battery terminals, the brakes (front & back), the water pump and the radiator. This has all occurred in a 9 month span and to make things interesting, the engine went out on it back in October. I contacted JD Byrider who gave me the run around. I asked them how I could accelerate/reduce my pay out because I only had 3,000 left on it to pay. I spoke to 4 different people who gave me 4 different answers. I was finally told that they couldn't make that decision because they sold my account to another company. When I asked the name, address, telephone number and name of the account rep, I got nothing. I was told that I couldn't deal with him directly, but that the Byrider rep would email the new company rep and pass my information along. This process took a month with me calling back daily to find out what was going on. I have never missed a payment. I have not stopped paying on the vehicle yet, even though I can't drive it. I finally went to the Better Business Bureau with my complaint and proof! all of a sudden I was sent a letter from Byrider giving me the name, address and telephone number of the company who bought the loan. To make a long story short, the company is EMCC in New York and the offer they gave me was: I pay another $1000 in payments, pay them $1,000 up front and surrender the car for them to resell at auction. They were serious and that is why I still have my car. I can get an engine put in for $2,000 and still have my car. If I pay them $2,000 AND give up my car, what do I have? One last thing, I was mailing my payments in anywhere from 1 to 3 days BEFORE the payment was due and you know what they are doing? They are holding the payments an extra day or two which applies more of your payment to their interest and less to your principal amount. This usually is only a few dollars, but it is still wrong. I caught them doing this on 3 separate occasions and again I went to the BBB with a complaint. Within 2 weeks I got another letter from Byrider saying that the amount they collected (due to the unreasonable holding of my check for 2 days after my payment was due) was reversed out of their interest amount and applied to the principal amount. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS, CHECK YOUR BALANCES EVERY MONTH!! For those of you who needed a car, I understand why you bought it here, but if you care about your friends, family members or co-workers who may be in the same boat, steer them clear of JD Byrider. D. Milwaukee, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
74, Report #80928
Feb 18 2004
10:58 PM
JD Byrider ripoff, liars, harassment, makes consumers go broke Milwaukee Wisconsin
We purchased a 1995 Oldsmobile Royal from JD Byrider about a year ago. Since then we have had nothing but problems. The interest rates are high. They over price their vehicles. The harass you on the phone at home, cellular, and work. About 6 monthes after purchase we have had to replace the motor, transmission, brakes, and shocks. We have put so much money into the car. The extended warrenty we paid 500.00 for was not honored and we are at our wits end. We heard there was a class action lawsuit against them. We would like to know more about how we can join into it. We need to do something otherwise we will be in debt forever. Our credit is going bad. The pay dates they promised us they dont go by. We are being charged late fees all the time. This company is doing this to everyone. CNAC is the financing company involved also. I encourage anyone and everyone to NEVER do business with them. We learned the hard way. Amy Sheboygan Falls, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
75, Report #66768
Sep 10 2003
12:13 PM
JD Byrider ripoff, dishonest, negligent. Does not deliver what they promise. Sells unsafe vehicles. Amherst Ohio
I am ashamed to say that I was duped by these people. I bought an Intrepid from them eight months ago. Since then I have had so much trouble with them trying to get them to repair the problems that I have had. The Cruise control comes on all by itself and then the engine dies. Then the turnsignals and the blower for the heater and the airconditioner does not work. The front end shimmies so badly that when I try to stop I fear the wheel will come off or worse. I spoke to them Monday 9/11/03 and was then told by the manager of CNAC that the problem would be taken care of and that she would see to it that the service department would call me. They did in fact call and promise that they would take care of it on the following Monday 9/18/03 and that I would be given a loaner. They called me today 9/13/03 and informed me that they were not going to be able to furnish me with a loaner. Without a loaner how am I supposed to get the money to pay their outrageous monthly payments on this piece of junk? The man from the service department apologized and said he couldn't help me. So here I am scared to death to drive this car because it is totally unsafe. I fear for my life every time I have to drive this car I've nearly had 7, yes seven accidents due to this vehicle. I need to find out who I can talk to about joining in on some sort of a class action lawsuit against these people before they kill someone with their unsafe vehicles they sell. All I can say is buyer BEWARE of JD Byrider they get you when you are in dire need and they know that you really need a car. I WILL NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE AGAIN. As for other people who are thinking of buying from them I only have one word RUN. Thank you for the chance to put this statement on your site. Joy Elyria, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Amherst, Ohio

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