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1, Report #1391073
Aug 07 2017
05:07 PM
Jelena Avramovic (Gila Inc) Jelena Avram thief, liar, scam artist toronto Nationwide
Jelena Avramovic, Jelena Avram at Gila inc. don't ever do business with this scam artist. She lied about her qualifications, was unable to complete work, (((REDACTED))) all the time at work and unable to bring results. She is decietful unethicaland imoral who is manipulative and capable of anything. watch out be aware. Scam Artist! She was paid for work and dissapeared and over  charged company credit cards 
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1392404
Aug 13 2017
10:35 AM
Jelena Avramovic Yoga Soda Jelena Avram Yoga Soda Jelena Avramovic Boomerang Thang liar, decietful, manipulative, thief, fraud toronto Nationwide
Lied on her resume, about her credentials, stole money. Wasn't able to follow basic simple instructions, unable to cooperate with most people, horrible customer service, shared company information intentionally even when she knew she was not supposed to. be careful when you hire her or better yet dont 
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1174251
Sep 03 2014
05:35 PM
41 Energy/41 Marketing group, Inc It's My money and I want it NOW! Tustin California
I was an independent contractor with 41 Energy for 2 1/2 yrs. I had great success and amazing support from my superior Danny Vasquez. I had no problem with my pay checks and communication was paramount. I even obtained numerous bonuses that were paid immediately. So you ask, what is my complaint. Well I had to quit working for them in May and in July I submitted my request form to receive my holdback check of $1000.00. This is money I earned and am entitled to after fulfilling all the withdrawal requirements. Yet here I am in September with still no communication from the company.  Ive called every phone # I can find, I've sent emails to Jeff Warren as Danny Vasquez is no longer with the company. It's my money and I want it now.    
Entity: Tustin, California
4, Report #978152
Dec 05 2012
01:20 PM
Digital Launch Elis Pacheco Elis Pacheco from Digital Launch Ripped Me Off $60,000 Edgewater, New Jersey
Elis Pacheco from Dedos Marketing Group (Digital Launch) ripped me off $60,000 and refuses to pay me back the money. I entered into an agreement with him back in March, 2011 that stated that he'd market my product worldwide and have Jelena Abbou endorse it. I paid $50,000 advance and $10,000 for a commercial that never aired for a product that was never manufactured. Elis Pacheco is a big talker that never follows through with any of his promises. We communicated via email for around a year and I finally gave up early this year after getting tired of his lies and big shot attitude. There were times when he didn't even respond to my emails and others when I demanded answers to my questions and he replied by accusing me of disrespecting him. What a joke. I was the one was ripped off, lied to, and tagged around like a dog for a year so in reality, I was the one who was being disrespected. I even contacted Jelena Abbou and asked her what was happening and she brushed me off. This whole incident has made Elis Pacheco look like an untrustworthy idiot in my eyes and has ruined a great business opportunity for Jelena Abbou. At this point I am out $60,000 and highly doubt I will ever see it again.
Entity: Edgewater, New Jersey
5, Report #593968
Apr 16 2010
05:33 PM
I had been playing a .25 cent money money mad martians slot machine for 2 hours along with my friend doug peauchamp. At 5:30 am. the casino slot employees told me to back off of the slot machine for a few minutes while they opened machines and switched cash boxes. We backed up 25 feet and we waited 15 minutes for them to switch cash boxes. In the meantime a big white male sat down in front of my machine and pushed the cashout button and took my cashout ticket with 330.00 on it and left the casino. I told troy the security night manager what happened and he checked there surveillance camara tape and he said they have him on film taking my ticket but, they cannot do anything about it. I filed report # 10-0400 with troy the security manager. I went to the tribal gaming office and saw ray nejo (SLOT INSPECTOR) who told me they need 30 days to investigate the robbery and that they would contact me in 30 days to let me know their decsion on the matter. Its been 45 days and they didnt contact me. I feel this is all neglagence on their part for letting the theif sit down at my machine and rob me. I am an elderly man on a fixed income and feel that vee quiva should reimberse me $330.00 because the neglagence is on their part.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #110899
Sep 30 2004
01:29 PM
Gila County Probation Department Egrigious safety issues and working conditions Globe Arizona
Tom Hendricks Arizona Counties Insurance Pool 1905 W. Washington Bl. Suite 200 Phoenix, Arizona 85009 Aug 30, 2004 Dear Sir: My name is Donald -----. I am the Intensive Probation Surveillance Officer for the Payson Office of the Gila County Probation Department, and an employee in good standing for the past eleven years. As the Insurance Risk Management Liaison for Gila County Arizona, Please be advised that I am asserting my employee rights under Arizona Revised Statute 23-1502. I am exercising my right to bring a constructive discharge claim against my employer, the Gila County Probation Department, it's agents, department heads, and supervisors. The working conditions have become so unsafe, hostile, and intolerable, that I may be forced to resign my position and employment with Gila County. The following information is provided to make you aware of past, current, and on going egregious working conditions that affect co-workers and me. Probation Officers and I, as the field certified Surveillance Officer, are required to make daily face to face contacts with criminally convicted felons under mandated procedures and administrative orders, with the use of issued equipment. This would include, but not be limited to, firearms, use of pool vehicles, ballistic protection vests, radio communication equipment, gloves, urinalysis testing, and urinalysis processing equipment. I can attest to the following issues as of July 6th, 2004: Unsafe working conditions: Firearms In the office, no safe procedure is provided for unloading an issued firearm for storage, maintenance, or a safety function check. Firearms are routinely unloaded and loaded in close proximity to the office, staff, and public areas. No sand barrel containment device is provided for the safe removal of live chambered ammunition. The likelihood of an accidental discharge is always present. Recommendation: Provide a sand barrel containment device. Unsafe working conditions: Firearms Recently, the issued +p 9mm ammunition was confiscated and less effective ammunition issued. The rational is that field officers are more likely to be shot with their own gun, and the less effective bullet would be less likely to penetrate the defective ballistic vest. Recommendation: Reinstate +p 9mm ammunition. Unsafe working conditions: Ballistic Vests Field certified officers are provided a ballistic vest to wear while conducting field activities, however, these vests have been deemed defective and unsafe to wear by the A.O.C. (Administration of Courts). Recommendation: All field activities should be suspended until new approved vests are provided for officer safety. Unsafe working conditions: Radio Communications. My assigned vehicle for making field contacts (Jeep Cherokee License #CB29137) has no radio communications ability because the radio has no working law enforcement and emergency frequencies, and is not properly labeled. If an emergency arises or assistance is needed, there is no ability to communicate with other agencies. This problem exists with all Probation pool vehicles because the radios have different configurations. This has been brought to the attention of management on at least three separate occasions, but no corrective action has been taken. Recommendation: The IPS vehicle should be removed from service until a working radio with a labeled frequency channel can be installed. Unsafe working conditions: Radio Communications No hand held radio units are provided for officer safety. If an emergency arises, and quick radio communications become necessary, I must get back to the vehicle to use the radio. Cell phones are provided, but often do not work in various areas of the county due to dead spots. Recommendation: Cease all field operations until hand-held radios are provided. Unsafe working conditions: Radio Communications No dispatching agreement exists between the Town of Payson Police Department and Gila County Probation. Recommendation: Since, at least 80% of the required field contacts occur within the jurisdiction of the Payson Police Department, there should be a contract to dispatch. Unsafe Working Conditions: Health Hazzard Gloves. No leather or thick vinyl gloves are issued for field search situations, such as buildings, vehicles, or persons. Only thin latex gloves, which are subject to tearing and failure, are available. These do not protect the hands from cuts or punctures from handling sharp objects such as needles, knives, broken glass, etc. Recommendation: Cease all searches until protective gloves are provided. Unsafe Working Conditions: Biological Hazzards. On a daily basis, employees are required to obtain, handle, and test urine samples from probationers. We physically handle the urine specimen, and conduct preliminary drug testing by dipping an indicator stick into the sample. If the sample is positive, the contents must be poured into another container to be sent for drug analysis testing. Again, only thin latex gloves are provided. Since the probation population has higher incidences of Aids, HIV, Hepatitis, and sexually transmitted disease, the potential of infected urine being spilled, thrown, or coming into contact with an unprotected body area is very high. Recommendation: Use a contracted lab facility for testing. Unsafe Working Conditions: Biological Hazzards. Urine sample collecting and preliminary testing is routinely performed by probation employees in the common small bathroom where we are required to shut the bathroom door with the probationer. Recommendation: Use a contracted lab facility for testing. Unsafe Working Conditions: Biological Hazzards. Open urine vials and testing materials are laying about, or placed in an open trash container, usually full to capacity. Also, the rudimentary Red bio-hazzard trash can is overflowing with soiled items falling onto the floor. Recommendation: Use a contracted lab facility for testing. Unsafe Working Conditions: Lack of Supervision No supervisors are available after 5PM, Monday through Friday, or on weekends. After hours, you must attempt to call a supervisor at their residence. Not having an on duty supervisor places the employee at risk. Recommendation: Rotate supervisors to be on duty until 10PM. AOC Issues: Supervision Inconsistencies In clear violation to A.O.C. guidelines, a non-degreed Probation Aide is assigned as the Juvenile Probation Supervisor, overseeing all aspects of the Juvenile caseload operations, supervising, and evaluating certified sworn Juvenile Probation Officers and Intensive Probation Personnel. Recommendation: Comply with State of Arizona Supreme Court requirements. Federal Issues: Violations As of July 8th, 2004, there is no posting of the FMLA, and employees have never been advised of the Family Medical Leave Act provisions, benefits, or medical certification requirements. Since posting is required by Federal US Labor Statute, employees are not aware that the Gila County policy is less restrictive with respect to use of sick leave status. We have been told that as employees of the court, we fall under the jurisdiction of the Judicial Merit Rules and are to comply with them. Recommendation: Disclose and Post FMLA Benefits. A.O.C. Issues: Disparity of Assigned Duties A severe disparity exists in assigned duties between the Probation offices in Payson and Globe. Even though Globe and Payson have similar case loads, Globe has two Surveillance Officer positions, and Payson has only one. In Globe, one is assigned to monitor Adult Intensive Probationers, and the other is assigned to Juvenile Intensive Probationers. In Payson, one Surveillance Officer monitors both Adult Intensive Probationers, Juvenile Intensive Probationers, and Pre-Disposition Juveniles awaiting court hearings. These high risk juveniles require additional contacts. Recommendation: Assign duties comparable to Globe. Policy and Procedure Manual Issues: No Hard Copy available The long awaited policy manual has only been provided on the K drive of the network system. No hard copy of this manual has been provided to each employee. If a procedure question arises after office hours, you have no way to reference the manual for guidance. In addition, the manual is frequently changed without employees receiving timely updates. Recommendation: Provide each employee with a hard copy of the new manual, with periodic updates. Maintain a copy in the office for reference. Policy and Procedure Manual Issues: Official Mandates Administrative orders affecting all court employees working conditions, salaries, and positions are covertly implemented. Employees were compelled to sign and acknowledge new administrative orders without being given a copy of the complete disclosure prior to signing. See Administrative Order # 2003RD-0013 Adoption of Reduction and Reassignment of Personnel Policy for Gila County Superior Court Employees. Recommendation: Since these orders appear to be in direct violation of Federal Labor Law, they need to be rescinded. Policy and Procedure Manual Issues: Official Mandates Again, employees were compelled to sign and acknowledge new administrative orders without being given a copy of the full and complete disclosure prior to signing. Administrative Order #2003RD-009 The Education and Career Development of Gila County Superior Court Employees mandates employee reimbursement to the Court for training, required by the department, if employment is terminated within 180 days of training. Recommendation: Since these orders appear to be in direct violation of Federal Labor Law, they need to be rescinded. Policy and Procedure Manual Issues: Disparity of Benefits A disparity exists between Gila County Superior Court Employees and all other Gila County Employees. Compensation benefits of sick time and vacation accrual limits are vastly different. A separate and unequal class status exists for Gila County Superior Court employees as compared to all other Gila County employees, as evidenced by the conflict between the Gila County Superior Court Employees Judicial Merit System, and the Gila County Personnel Administration policies for all other Gila County employees. Recommendation: Adopt uniform Polices and Benefits. Policy and Procedure Manual Issues: Supervision Inconsistencies After being given an annual performance evaluation on 4-6-04, and after my supervisor and I signed the evaluation, days later, I was given a down rated evaluation for the same time period. The explanation was that there was a new scoring method directive from the Chief of Probation and that the original evaluation was voided. Recommendation: Rating criteria should not be implemented retroactively. Employees must be given 90 days advance notice for any changes in the rating criteria. In conclusion, it is my contention that I have endured intolerable and unsafe working conditions, policy inconsistencies, disparity in duties, and a general hostile work environment in my employment with the Gila County Probation Department. Over the years, I have addressed most of these issues which were blatantly ignored. The Gila County Superior Court Administration has knowingly allowed these conditions to continue, and are unwilling to correct them. Sincerely, Donald Cc: Hellen J. Carter, Chief Probation Officer Gila County Superior Court Honorable Robert Duber II, Presiding Judge, Gila County Ben Albright, Supervisor, Gila County Probation The Gila County Board of Supervisors Administration of Courts, Court Operations Unit (CORE) The Industrial Commission of AZ, Division of Occupational Safety and Health Donald Payson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Globe, Arizona
7, Report #840325
Feb 16 2012
01:54 PM
Amos & Gila Bretter Moving Company AKA--LICENSED TO STEAL Fair Lawn, New Jersey
After this husband and wife team stole all possessions and left my family with nothing this morally bankrupt individual told me it was a pleasure to f---k me and my family. This took place several years ago and the after effect ruined my life. Thank You Amos and Gila for all you have done to me. I hope you enjoyed all the money you obtained by auctioning off all my possessions. I wonder where all the personal things that could never be replaced went to?? If you still have them I am sure you would have contacted me about them by now. I am sure they are long gone. Hope it happens to you both someday. I will be watching and hoping that what you put me through happens ten fold to you both. I guess you can get away with this here and in your native Israel. Thanks again. Karma is a b---h as they say. WARNING TO ANYONE WHO NEEDS A MOVING COMPANY--DON'T USE THESE PEOPLE OR ANYONE OF THEIR COMPANIES AS THE NAME CHANGES OFTEN but their tactics stay the same.
Entity: Fair Lawn, New Jersey
8, Report #206607
Dec 14 2008
08:12 AM
Gila River Casino ripoff Chandler Arizona
It has been a while since I won this jackpot and I am not sure I can even do anything about this now. However it doesn't hurt to ask. But about 4 years ago I won a jackpot of $7,500.00 and they threw me out of the casino. Because I didn't have my ID with me. Is it too late to act? I have a great deal more info but I'm not a good typer. I am looking for a lawyer that will do this on a contingency basis. Brian Avondale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
9, Report #1212358
Mar 14 2015
01:24 PM
Campus 41, Campus Enterprises,  SRI Campus Enterprise, Inc, Student Relations, Inc. Del Ray Beach, Florida
Misrepresentation/ Inappropriate Language/ Overheard Yelling at Employee on Phone/ Overtalking to Create Appearance of Authority/ They Do Not Show Their Faces.I had the displeasure of wasting a bit of time that could have been used more wisely for my career search.The following is an email I sent to someone who works at this fraudulent company, calling herself Janine O'Hara.  Mind you, the names given are not not necessarily real names.  I have spoken to Janine O'Hara, Mike Martoe, Lewis Victor... and a guy who claims to be in collections who used the name Mike Lewis.  To top that off, if you call one of their company aliases Student Relations at this number:(800)424-8900, and it happens to go to voicemail, you will receive a voice that calls himself K.C. Victor. The people at this company regularly check this website, fearing new entries. Please, do not think I am lying if they decide to change that voice-mail message after reading this.  They try to cover their tracks.  They will attempt to rebut what I am displaying of their company.  I have no threats to offer them nor any grudge (since I did not put any time into their requested work.  I will respond to their rebuttals, as an inconvenience to me, but also as a convenience to readers.  Thankfully, I only invested enough time in them to thoroughly research them and receive their non-explanatory packet of materials.  I have no vendetta. I am only doing this to save innocent people looking for jobs that are real, not scams, and do pay real money.Before reading the email I have to provide, please visit: Janine, Between Mike Martoe acting like a bull dog over the phone, Lewis calling my dad Buckwheat preceding my dad telling him that he is not me, Lewis asking my dad if he is my Daddy, your company going by several different names, someone who claimed to be in collections calling himself Mike Lewis, me hearing Mike yell on the phone (perhaps to an employee) that he will have someone from security escort him into a school, Mike saying that what Lewis said to my dad sounds strange while on the Better Business Bureau website I read Mike has apologized for Lewis' way of talking in other instances, the Better Business Bureau awarding your company with an F rating with too many similar complaints and several unresolved ones, getting an answering machine that says, This is K.C. Victor.  Please leave a message, leaving me confused about who Lewis is (I read, on the BBB site, that according to Mike, he is a hiring consultant and does not directly work for the company), being told by Lewis that Mike is in shipping when I am pretty sure you told me Mike and Lewis are the two heads of the company, being told by you and Lewis that health benefits are paid in full while Mike says it depends what health plan I choose and may be 40% to 60% paid for Blue Cross Options while you and Lewis specifically mention Blue Cross Blue Shields (paid in full)...... let's just say I see way too many red flags with (Campus 41/ Campus Enterprise/ SRI Campus Enterprise, Inc./ Student Relations, Inc.) to move forward with your company. At this point, it's way beyond just perceiving that one person filed multiple complaints about your company on I have absolutely no room in my life for deception, ambiguity, lies, being talked over as if I owe Mike 95% of the conversation with almost never a moment for him to hear what I have to say, offering trust to people who offer nothing to back up their claims, nor giving people like Mike 150% of my effort and trust when he does not reciprocate it with patience nor proof of anything I have been told, nor do I have time to waste on orientations from people who speak like this person called Lewis Victor. Should he call me tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM or at any time on any day, the phone will meet the receiver swiftly. Good day.(800) 424-8900
Entity: Del Ray Beach, Florida
10, Report #1147842
Jun 02 2014
03:30 PM
Gila Corporation Now ID comes up Unknown This company keeps calling my number relentlesly EVERY DAY sometimes several times. WTF!? New York is 516 Internet
This company has a computer calling me EVERY DAY! and I will not or ever will hold while they are deciding to speak to me in person. WTF!? GusElizabeth, In.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1218308
Mar 26 2015
09:26 AM
Campus 41, Student Relations Inc., American Youth Corp. Lewis Victor, Janine O'Hara S C A M Delray Beach Florida
My experience is similar to the other Rip-Off Report from February 2015. I started with this organization as an independent consultant selling advertising. I wasted 2-3 days of my time with this organization and nearly ruined my reputation. Nothing semd right about these people from the beginning. Their concept is to create a Folder with the school logo and colors along with advertisements. And the folders have some info about Drug & Alcohol Prevention Education. I was working in the field selling advertising for a school folder, when I found out that these folders had not been sent out in the past. One advertiser told me that.  Campus 41 had given me some leads that were 4-5 years old. But their folders looked real. Campus 41 had sent me a copy of a contract they had with the school. It was signed by the school nurse, an RN and dated for 2005 (10 years ago). When I asked Campus 41 to see a new updates current contract, they told me to keep on selling and they would work on i. I said I would not sell any more Ads until I knew the folders would be delivered. That is when they starting harrassing me.  I received numerous emails and multiple phone calls at my residence at 8-9pm and 7:15-7:30am. they even texted me they're #  a few times. When I tried to reach this person, I spoke to another school employee who said that the school does not allow them to hand out these folders. The next day I spoke with the RN whose name was on the contract. She said that in 2005, she mistakenly signed for a delivery from UPS for a few boxes. When she signed that accpeting delivery, that effectively made this a contract.  She also said that three years later, this school found out that what Campus 41 or American Youth Corp had done was illegal. The funny thing is that this company uses multiple different phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Janine OHara has multiple titles from manager, to HR Director to Ph.D. even! Lewis Victor talks to people on the phone like their dog meat.   STAY AWAY !
Entity: Delray Beach, Florida
12, Report #177550
Feb 22 2006
03:36 PM
MVI Marketing, Mini Vacations Inc. 41 ripoff Caribbean cruise Tampa Florida
I sent a check for $158 for a 2 night Caribbean cruise with Mini Vacations on September 1st 2005. In response to my request I received a letter dated October 10th, 2005 stating the following: ...unfortunately due to the current volatile situation with cruise lines removing ships from their fleets and re-accommodating passengers on different ships due to the hurricanes, we are unable to fulfill your date requested. The letter went on to list my options for reimbursement. I promply returned my request for reimbursement and have not had any response (it has been about 4 months). Recently, I have tried to contact them by phone and have had no success. Unfortunately, that is when I found information about Mini Vactions on this site. Even though I am not losing as much money as others have, it is still a pretty significant peice of my budget and it is an all around aweful thing to pull on so many people. I have everything documented (including a copy of my check to Mini Vacations), but it looks as though nothing is going to come of this. I guess as consumers all we can do is spread the word. Nichole Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.'');
Entity: Tampa, Florida
13, Report #1224659
Apr 24 2015
10:41 PM
Campus Enterprise, Inc Campus American Youth Group, American Youth Group, Sports Report International, National Campus Professionals, Campus 41 Don't rep this company if you VALUE your reputation! Delray Beach Florida
I should have done more upfront investigation.  On the surface this 1099 sounds like a great position for a good cause.  You are seeling ads to local merchants to pay for the publication of a drug and alcohol prevention folder that is distrubuted to the high schools for use by students free of charge.  You are told to respresent this as a service that will be used at registration, parent/teacher conferences, etc.  Sounds good, right?  Until the first time you go to a merchant who wants to verify with the school that this is legit.  That's what happened to me.  See, you are told NOT to contact the schools directly.  They have an inside sales team that take of that.  Well, that kind of makes sense too.  Although I thought it would be nice to know that contact as well.  Once I stopped at a merchant who asked who our contact was at the school, I called the office and was given a name.  The merchant called the school and asked for the person who was listed as a Vice Principal.  That person was no longer there.  Okay.  That happens, people move on.  We got the new Vice Principal's name, and left him a message.  He hasn't called back, so I went to the school.  He wasn't in and neither was the Principal, so I spoke with a guidance counselor who thought the folders were a great idea, but said the Vice Principal would have to approve the donation of the folders.  I rc'd a message from her today that the school doesn't want them.  I thought that strange, but okay, maybe next year.  The problem was I had already sold a couple ads in the school's folder.  When I called Campus Enterprise to see if I could get the merchant's money refunded I was told No.  We've done our part & we will ship the folders whether they distribute them or not.  Well, that's not the way I want to do business.  You are basically telling me to mispresent the distribution aspects of sale to participating merchants.  I am NOT okay with that.  When I told Lewis Victor of Campus Enterprises, I would not sell further ads for this school he basically said No worries, we have another rep who is selling in that area anyway.  This, after telling you when you sign on that you have a protected territory.  On the company's behalf, the contracts do state This Authority to Distribute shall automatically renew until cancelled in writing by either party.  But personally, I don't want to misrepresent the distribution when the school is saying they don't want them and the person who signed the contract isn't even there any longer.  Although it's a tax deductible ad, and a good cause, if they are going to just sit on a shelf and I know it I will not tell the merchants differently.  It will be interesting to see if I get paid for my efforts to date.  I hope I do, so I can pay the 2 merchants back who purchased ads in a folder that will not be distributed in Pacific Grove High School as far as I know.  I would have been happy to continue working on the school, but the flippant attitude of Lewis Victor was very dismaying.  This sentence can be found on their ad for sales reps We've been in business for over 37 years due to the philosophy in which we do business; honesty, ethics, customer service and our belief that Student Athletics are important. We do this in a way where the schools, communities, students & our firm all win!  I would vehemently disagree. I would have no problem selling ads for folders where I know the schools are distributing them, but this attitude Lewis Victor espouses is abhorreent to my personal ethics and I think if you value your reputation in the community you sell in, you would feel the same way.  Very disappointed.
Entity: Delray Beach, Florida
14, Report #1153001
Jun 08 2014
05:54 AM
C.S.E.A of Gila County Az.Dept.of Economic security.Globe az Tommy Thompson R.E.C.A Downwinders once in a lifetime payment from United States Justice Dept. for cancer Globe Arizona
I was dignosed with breast cancer in December 2009,I was fifty at the time.There is an attorney in this town that handles the downwinders radiation exposure compensary payment from the United states Justice Department in Wash.D.C. this payment is distibuted to some recipients that meet a certain criteria called the grey areas in the state of Arizona. This is because a test sight in Nevada in the early fifties activated an atomic bomb and the winds blew radiation down some parts of az and a few other states. The payment is $50,000.00. Mr Thompson handed my payment over to my case worker,she in turn cashed it and  my attorney gave me the remainder in a check from his  firms trust which took ten days to clear. I did two rounds of chemo that year but stopped opting for Tamoxefen the one pill a day for 5 years.I had to pay for my own testing Onco-type two testing to see if i qualified, my insurance would not pay for it,due to the new experiment stage,there were not enough success rates to apply that testing to me.I had to borrow on the settlement. After the few months that it took to get well after my Mastectomy the rest of that year, it dawned on me that i signed my government check for $50,000.00. I called the attorney and told him how did they know I was recieving that payment I stated that our confidentiality was breeched and that i wanted the $1000.00 back that i paid him. He does these filings for the POOR CANCER patients for a thousand dollars out of their payments.Some attorneys who taught this procedure to him,told me they were upset with him because he has kept the royalty all to himself,not letting any other attorney reap a bit of gain,this attorney knew the father of my children and did this as a favor to him, I wrote to Ariz. lawyers assoc. the A.B.A  and they found no wrong doing, There was deciet, because when he called me in TUcson Az. where I was recuperating for six months,said I have some bad news,AZ DEPT. Of child support intercepted your check,my reply was ,oh well' I guess what is done is done. U.S.J.D od D.C., said not true. I then asked him for my file and a copy of  the check and he gave me a bogus one and gave me a number to a mail room in Wash.D.C. I told him that he gave me the remainder out of his firms trust and he denied it. I took a copy of that check before I cashed it. My case worker told me handing me the notice a year later that she could do whatever she wanted to get my support to the CP. She was very hostile and I have been fuming over this.The county I live in is very corrupt and has all  or every other employee with first generation relatives either married or some close kin working in the court house here in Globe az. I have all of what I am saying proof of this. I can't find a civil attorney to represent me because I am near poverty level, I have did the math on this ARREARS and state owed arrears they claim I have. There is a big overpayment of at least up to $20,000.00. I now have custody of the last son whose father threw him out because of a $30,000.00 accusation of theft. My son has been mentally abused as has my other two boys now 22,a & 24.... My son who has been accused of this theft admits to upgarading his computer, and telivision said his father kept him prisoner,to school and back, he is not blameless but that amount of money was an overexaggeration. I have insisted that he pay his father back till he is 18 at 100.00 a month once he starts working.My son will be 17 in july and has never worked,but this summer will try...My son came home with a week-end duffle bag with all he owned ,and two pairs of old shoes. the father bought new retinas with the good ol' boy intercept from me. there is so much more to say..Now why am I feeling like I have been ripped off. Now that i am on the receiving  end of child support i am no longer allowed to speak tp the Phoenix automated system because gila County is a operating county with no state assistance although the DOR intercepts are made. I asked DCEA to send me the tally of all payments made. They are rung up by a debt collector who is not trained in CPA and has made a mistake of payiny the CP my due he owed before getting good ol boy custody.And the debt collector is not subject to admit human error. So  i don't know,My cancer is back on the other breast.Now carcinomas are in my liver and in my uterus...I guess i die and leave my children with the embarrasment and let the county bury me...I am about to loose my house too,I say a gunney sack and throw me out in the desert and let the Ravens mice and buzzards have at it,since everyone else in this life of 53 years has, Thanks for letting me vent,because thats all it is..GOD first,, GOD BLESS THOSE WHO GET HELP AND DAMNATION TO THOSE WHO SICKEN THE SOUL. ANNA M. 
Entity: Globe, Arizona
15, Report #1015627
Feb 19 2013
07:19 AM
Cindy Renee vOlk aka aria Giovanni Cindy Renee volk aka aria giovanni Cyberstalker con fraud porn wannabe failed model Internet
Cindy Renee volk aka wannabe fat porn actressAria giovanni has been linked to cyberstalking Models and musicians that she is jealous of Cindy is linked to Tina nguy aka christina safai Friends of christinas cousin and has been working With them to add sites of people that she wants To pull down to her level.. Just because Cindy aka Aria Giovanni is a failed model and aged in the face and ugly In the face and overweight doesn't mean she has the Right to try to pull others Down to her level..that are better people than her
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #1089244
Oct 03 2013
12:40 PM AOL Canada Inc. Headquarters:99 Spadina Avenue Suite 200 Toronto, OntarioM5V 3P8 Phone: (41 Unjustifiably Discrediting my Legitimate Business Toronto Ontario Canada is badmouthing legitimate businesses, ruthlessly, and unsrupulously.This company (website) has caused serious damage to my legitimate business with false accuations and absolute slander.  Although the poster never did support his claims with any evidence but hear say from a past Rip Off Report (also with no evidence for the person named and brought recently to the Rip Off Report's attention) and there is no evidence whatsoever for this person employed by this company (Great Cars and Trucks), James Stewart, was targeted with his buisines ( by this uscrupulous website, and a thread that has lasted over a year now, touting false accusations. In an attempt to respond, James Stewart replied with evidence that he was being unjustifiably attacked, however, although other Reporting Sites saw the light and removed such slander at's request, flatly refused to remove the slanderous thread, and even made fun of how much dis-service they were doing to this innocent company which has had: -No complaints in almost 2 years with the BBB-No accusations labeled against it for wrong doing-Has gone out of it's way to make sure that everything has been upfront, legal, and legitimate. This website is a harm to legitimate businesses, and I will hereby target the thread in question:
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
17, Report #311885
Feb 25 2008
02:49 PM
DISH Network Satellite TV Crooked as a snake Pasadena California
This company has attempted to back down on just about every agreement in our contract. I bought the regular (low priced package) with local stations added. I also bought the internet connection. When the installers left, the Premium Package which I was to receive for 3 months free of charge was not activated. It took 2 weeks to finally get it started. When I got my first bill I was charged for this package. I called and complained. I also noted that the application for a $100 rebate which I had been told would be included in my first bill was not included. I did not use the internet connection during this time as it is on my laptop which I rarely use (it worked when the installers were here). Second month, billed again for the Premium Package, called DISH again, credit was issued to my account. No application for rebate. Third month, billed again for the Premium Package, called DISH again, credit was issued to my account. No application for rebate. This time I pushed for an application. After three tries in which I was hung up on, told that I did not qualify twice, I was finally given an internet address to print out a form. No refund as yet. Today I found out that the NFL network which was part of my package has been removed from the low-priced offering and upgraded to premium status. I was cut off from it when then cut off the Premium Package. Talk about bait and switch! This outfit seems to be able to get away with anything they can dream up in the way of trying to fleece customers. If you are persistent enough they will finally admit their mistakes in the billing mode, but there is no telling what they might do in the way of increasing costs to unsuspecting customers caught in the bait and switch. Isn't this called fraud? Let's get together and raise some hell about them. Oh yeah, today I used the laptop and found out that although I could connect to the internet, I cannot send of receive e-mails... Mesmo Gila, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Pasadena, California
18, Report #1363713
May 15 2017
12:21 PM
G C services Jerry Stockman Harassment Gila Bend Arizona
 This collection agency is now calling personal contacts of mine, without permission by my personal contact or my self. He calls 2 or 3 times a day.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #372303
Sep 12 2008
11:28 AM
All World, , Reliable Resources Inc. Scammed me out of $40 Internet
This web site posts peer to peer loan requests for people unable to get them through conventional means due to credit blemishes. Out of desperation, I paid the $40 fee and submitted my loan request. It was never posted on their web site and all e-mail have been either ignored of returned. I feel like a fool. Peppermint Dayton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #30137
Sep 16 2002
12:29 PM
ILD TELESERVICES INC ripoff overcharge on operator assisted phone calls ripoff business from hell Internet
I received my phone bill from when my husband was out of town with my son. He called me three times collect not knowing which operator service he was using. BIG MISTAKE... For 30 minutes of phone calls my total long distance bill was $98.62. It shows I talked on three separate occasions for 5, 5, and 20 minutes consecutively. The 5 minute calls cost me $20.95 with an additional fee of approximately $5.00 each. These additional fees were tacked on at a different time and date than the calls. The 20 minute call cost me $39.70. This cannot be legal... TAMARA ONALASKA, Wisconsin
Entity: Internet
21, Report #103653
Aug 14 2004
01:54 PM
Integretel, Inc. 40$ charge on my regular phone bill Internet
Integretel bills me 40$ for a 900 number call made over my dial-up internet phone line. Apparently, if you hit certain internet sites, a phone dialer program downloads covertly, installs on your computer, then makes a call back to the mother ship to trigger the bill. Pretty sneaky. So I called Integretel at 800-736-7500, and told them that I had no idea what was going on, and didn't authorize any downloads, and I'm not paying it. After about 5 minutes of arguing, using the word scam and virus and other threatening words, and then listening to them repeat the same BS explanation over and over, Cody says since you're disputing the charge, they'll remove it. Removing the charge may take up to 2 billing cycles - we'll see. But I wanted to let other folks know that if you call and argue, seems like they'll probably remove the charge. Worked for me. I'm sure they know they don't have much of a leg to stand on with this sneaky crap. Keith Downingtown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #2936
Aug 15 2000
12:00 AM
Just Brakes #41, 3217 Harwood Road, Bedford, TX 76021, Proud to Rip You Off
Just Brakes #41 3217 Harwood Road Bedford, TX 76021 (817) 267-8306 I go in to Just Brakes expecting a good deal at $99.88 and leave after paying $842.00. I have a 97 GMC Savana Van with only 57k miles on it. I used to work as a mechanic and was good at brakes, but I was going out of town and needed them done quickly. My wife calls Just Brakes in the morning to set up an appointment. She asked them how they can do it so cheap. Ma'm that is all we do is brakes. I pull up, walk in and ask for Charles. He says, 'I heard your brakes when you pulled in, they sound bad'. I ask him about the price and before we get through talking business, a mechanic gets my keys and immediately pulls my van in and pulls off all four wheels. Then I find out if I want 'premium' brake pads that is $50 more, so we are up to $150 for a brake job. I told Charles I had replaced the brake pads and had the rotors turned about 10k miles ago but they already need replacing again. I had a lot of brake dust on the wheels so I must have gotten some bad brake pads. He said no, your calipers need rebuilding, that's another $65 per wheel. So we are up to almost $300 as the mechanic is using a micrometer on my rotors to check for wear. Charles says we can tell if the calipers are bad if the pads have worn unevenly. I walked out to the shop and checked the old brake pads and the calipers were not leaking and the pads were worn down but evenly. The mechanic shouts out that 'there are burn marks on the right rotor'. Charles looks at me and smiles, 'those are $159 a piece, if we can find some, plus hardware'. I asked what hardware was and he did not give me an explainable answer. I asked Charles why they are so expensive and he said because they are ABS and pointed to a cable behind the brake flange. 'I will try to turn the rotors and get those burn marks out, but I only have .024 (24 thousandths of an inch) to work with. They will be unsafe at that point and will be throw-aways but I will call you if I think you need new rotors.' I complain that it is ridiculous to cost so much for a brake job and Charles starts to brag about how much he has made so far; he charged someone over $750 earlier in the day, 'but he needed shocks and struts'. He charged another $300 and another $400, so I was supposed to feel better now that I was not the only one who had to pay so much. So I leave with the total up to $600. I pulled into their shop at 4:30. I left to go home and at 5:30 he calls me and says yes I need new rotors. He said that would mean I needed new bearings and seals too, that was another $100 dollars. I am steaming now. I know he is playing me for everything he can. I knew that if one legitimately needed new rotors, one would want new bearings too. He said he would call when it was ready. He called at 7:00pm. My van had only been in their shop for 2.5 hours but supposedly had all four wheels with new brake pads, rear wheel drums turned and adjusted, rebuilt the front calipers, packed four front wheel bearings, flushed and cleaned, and bled out my brakes lines, turned the old front rotors but had to install new rotors instead and road tested. I would like to know how they did all that. There were only two mechanics and Charles who was only the manager. While I was dropping off my van, I noticed they were working on at least 4 other cars. I know from being a mechanic that a job like that would have taken at least 6 hours. So I doubt they did all the work they claimed. When I picked up the van, the bottom line was over $842. And he told me all about their 'very good warranty'. Here is where the insulting part comes in. I put my foot on my brakes and the pedal goes nearly to the floor before I feel any resistance. I go get Charles and ask him why is that. He said it was because of the ABS brakes. 'The brake pedal should go down like that until it lines up with the gas pedal before they will work. If you push harder than that, you override the ABS brake system.' 'You need to drive it for a while so the brakes will set.' I looked him in the eye and told him to get out of my van. I feel I was overcharged for work that was not performed. The van continues to have a soft pedal and am taking it to another shop to make sure the brakes are safe. I want a complete refund from them so I can take my van somewhere else to get it fixed. My choice is going to be my GMC dealership and since they will have my van all day, my cost of inconvenience is $400. Please help me get my money back.
Entity: Bedford, Texas
23, Report #346631
Jul 02 2008
06:56 AM
OZL 6/41 Lottery Scam Seattle Washington
I Received a letter from OZ Lotto 6/41 indicating that I have won a prize of $425,000.00 in a recent lotto drawing. They included a check for $3,895.00 to offset expenses involved in this claim. I knew from the start that this was bogus, I called the phone number listed on the heading of the letter and it wanted to direct me to the claims department. The letter indicated that I was to contact one of the two claims agents with a phone number of 206-331-4694. I work in the field of Law and did not proceed any further except to advise the Postal Investigators in my area of the scam. Ellen j Central Square, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
24, Report #647181
Oct 03 2010
03:54 PM
Magic Movers & Storage Amos & Gila Bretter HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE YOU STOLEN FROM AND RIPPED OFF RECENTLY?? Fair Lawn, New Jersey
How many individuals have you destroyed by your illegal business practices recently I wonder?? I truly hope one day you pull the same scam you are known for and instead of going to the New Jersey Commission in Trenton(which is an utter waste of time & energy) other measures are undertaken by said individuals against your company. You have utterly destroyed lives by the actions you had undertaken and could have cared less as to the individuals you have hurt to never again be the same. Maybe one day Magic Moving & Storage will be no more and the principals in this business will fade into the gutter that you belong in. Thanks for the memories. You will never be forgotten.
Entity: Fair Lawn, New Jersey
25, Report #1118716
Apr 16 2014
11:28 AM
Liberty Credit Restoration Services Emanuel Gila Shwartz Credit Restoration Rip Off Uniondale New York
I'm going to keep this simple and short....I was looking for credit restoration services. I had one company in mind, but unfortunately ran into Mr. Emanuel with Liberty Credit Restoration Services before going with the other company (he talked me out of it) 0_o  I'm usually up on my game, but I sent the $500 (the additional $700 was to be paid after completion) to him via Paypal (paid to Gila Shwartz), gave him a copy of my DL and SS card. Never heard back from him again until I emailed him asking for refund since NOTHING had been done on my credit report. He said he never received my SS card, I forwarded him the email with the scanned copy and asked You never received this? Well here it is AGAIN. I still havent heard from Emanuel. I have emailed, texted, no avail. Its been over 3 months now and I'm finally decideing to file him as a RIPOFF. STAY AWAY from ANY credit restoration individuals/companies in the Uniondale area(516 area code).
Entity: Uniondale, New York

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